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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: good evening, ukee, long with the visitors expected to the city world meeting of families has registered over 17,500 people for this event. they represent those from over 100 countries making this the largest the world meeting of families event. >> one, two, three... first pope john paul, ii created the event in 1994. and then, brazil, and then philippines. then spain, mexico. >> now world meeting of families, philadelphia 2015 is officially opened. >> reporter: this massive pilgrimage is culmination of over three years of planning. >> we come together this week to affirm family as the cornerstone of our society and to strengthen its sacred bond. >> reporter: the pennsylvania convention center filled with songs, as philadelphia was designated as city of firsts. >> so it is appropriate and
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fitting that we are the first american city, to ever host the world meeting of familiar list. >> reporter: joined by philadelphia archbishop charles chaput and italian archbishop vincento pauleo, he displayed a few unique gifts. >> it is a people frag for people pope. >> reporter: excitement and joy over four day experience was clear along with the motto for days ahead. >> love is our mission, family full a live. >> reporter: speaking of families, and diverse crowds expected, we wanted to know what exactly does the catholic church define as family? i asked that question, got a very interesting answer and we will have more on that coming up at 6:00. reporting live from the pennsylvania convention center i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you at 6:00 thanks very much. students in philadelphia are beginning a long weekend partially thanks to the papal visit. the break has left some parents scrambling for child
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care. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live outside school district headquarters to explain, rahel. >> reporter: jessica, those parents and child care concerns because some parents may be working, some students are out of school but the school district of philadelphia told me today that ultimately the decision to close was made out of traffic concerns and hopefully that decision convenient for parents and staff. it was practically speaking more like friday for students in the philadelphia school district. the districts are now closed through tuesday morning. wednesday is the yom kippur, thursday, friday, monday it is off for the papal visit. the school district says street closures prompted the decision. >> our big challenge is to get our students and our staff into schools. >> reporter: some private schools like west philly's children's community school are partially opened but they tell me about half of the students won't be showing up. students like little adrian
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who will be staying in delaware. >> safety and whatnot is our top concern but for a lot of people there is contingency plans to depend on people that don't work. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia at charter school keystone academy classes are on, administrators tell me traffic disruptions shouldn't affect most of their pair who live in the neighborhood. >> i think about the length of time, you know, how we have long days and you have to stay home and you have to make up days. >> reporter: between holidays and now papal visit, the school district says students will have only been in class 11 days this month. >> it the is just an unusual september for us. >> reporter: school officials say students enjoyed the days off now because by october, it is back to the books. >> just get ready, it will be a full month of school. >> reporter: and the school district tells me that they had already planned to take friday off that was built in the calendar but for other two days they are now taking off
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they tell me one day is coming from the professional development day that was set for later in the year, another coming from spring break. reporting live at school district headquarters, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thanks very much. papal park nothing camden is off to a slow start. city made 8500 spaces available, you have to pay in advance and officials say so far about 200 spaces have been reserved. from the waterfront you can take a ferry, train or walk ben franklin bridge to get to the papal event. now following his washington d.c. stop, pope francis then heads to new york city and our david spunt will be live in the big apple starting thursday. when pope francis arrived here in philadelphia we will bring you all of the big moment of his historic trip. we will have live coverage of all weekend long right here on cbs-3. and all eyes are on the weather forecast for this weekend's papal events. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck tracking the possibility, possibility of papal precipitation, how does it look, kate.
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>> i like that papal precipitation. good news is things are trending dryer with this afternoon's model runs then what we saw this morning. we still will be dealing with the impact of the storm off shore, the question is, how close does that rain get? in the meantime this evening we are looking at a cloudy sky, feeling cool, looking at storm scan three and you can see cloud that have invaded our area but clear skies to the west and those clear skies will move in later on tonight. temperatures are below average. seventy-one at the airport. sixty-nine in allentown. sixty-eight in reading. it will be right around 07 for start of the yom kippur at sundown at 6:58 and for all of those observing yom kippur this year i hope you have a very meaningful day. sunday spoiler, that is big question. high pressure overhead, to the south of it, a stubborn coastal low and high weakens and allow that storm further north, we have a chance for showers and or steadier rain. as i said latest runs of all of our mod else that we tend to look at are coming in further south with the rain which would be good news, still will cool, breezy day but steady rain could miss us
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to the south. i will have more on the chance for rain and also news about a warm up, for start of the fall tomorrow, that is all coming up when i join you inside, back to you. >> fall is tomorrow, kate, thanks very much. stay on top of the forecast with the cbs philly weather app available right now, down load it on itunes and google play. new 59:00 disturbing results from one of the largest studies of its kind. it is shedding light on campus sex assaults at dozens of universities including the university of pennsylvania. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is on campus right now with the details, steve. >> reporter: ukee, big news on campus. take a a look at the student newspaper, these headlines just part of the conversation being held here, we asked how this is affecting student life and what the university is doing about it. one in three. >> to feel fear in a place where you are supposed to feel the most safe is unsettling. >> reporter: students responding, a new survey released this week by the
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university of pennsylvania, says that one out of every three under graduate females say they have been touched, harassed, or far worse. >> as scary as i thought it could have been me if i was a little more careful. >> reporter: survey released by the american association of universities is touted as one of the largest of its kind, more than 150,000 students, were polled, and 27 major universities. at penn 27 percent have of female under grads reported some form of sexual assault, one in five students on campus, said that they had no idea where to turn for help. >> i have a lot of, you know, friend here at penn that think that one in three of them could experience an assault like that, it really, again, is unbelievable. >> reporter: officials called the finings deeply disturbing. we asked the university to respond in they sent us a statement saying we have long held that any harassment or assault on our campus is absolutely unacceptable. the the climate survey we
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undertook just how great a problem we will confront. we will do everything in our power to counter act this climate and we call upon all members of our community to do their parts as well. officials with the university say that just to begin addressing this problem, they will hold a sweeping series of meetings, with all cultural groups and clubs, all sports teams, and, of course, all fraternities and sorority is here on campus. live from university city, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right steve, thanks very much. the ncaa will end its monitoring of the penn state's athletic program at the end of the year. this that is two years early. penn state agreed to monitoring in 2012 after the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse scandal highlighted its shortcomings in the operations. the independent monitor say penn state has fully complied and has gone well beyond the the athletic inn telling grit commitment. saving money on college, parents can start doing it now even before your student picks
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a school to attend. three on your side next. young boy swimming in the ocean comes face-to-face with the shark, and an attack that sent him to the hospital. and stay safe on the rails this weekend, what septa wants you to know about when you you travel to philadelphia, to see the pope. ♪ >> also, playing for the pope, chester county marching bandies tuning up for a concert of a lifetime. hear more when we come right back. padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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a young boy is recovering after surviving a shark attack in waste deep water in florida. twelve year-old josh bitnor says he want to be an author so he can write about his fight this week when the 4-foot long shark. it wasn't until it was over that he realized he was face-to-face with the deadly predator. another person was also bitten not far away on the same day. both are expected to be okay. take a look at this a concrete house is still standing in california avenue a forest fire rolled through, devastating the neighborhood. he and his son return home to find their home still standing after the so-called, valley fire, rolled through.
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there was some damage but house should be back to normal in the next few weeks. other families were not so lucky. our coverage of the count down to pope francis visit to philadelphia continues now, and officials say that there is no credible threat against the pope but they do remain concerned about so-called lone wolf attacks. coastguard is patrolling the delaware river and ready to restrict boat traffic. officers will screen boats during the pope's visit. >> we will have this area shut down. we will have coastguard vessels here. we will screen vessels, intercept them, escort them through once we determined they have been safe. >> secret service agents will be watching closely when the pope mingles with the crowds like he does with the vatican. safety is in the mind of the septa officials as they prior to transport mass toes various papal events throughout the city. >> as paul curtis from kyw news radio reports, the transit agency is asking riders to be patient. >> reporter: with ridership expected to double saturday and triple on sunday septa
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will be dispatching shock troops to handle the crowds. some 2,000 employees will be available to answer questions, and make sure that platforms don't become overcrowded. >> we can fit about a thousand people per train so that is what we will get on the platform that board trains. so there will be cueing areas all over the system where you can cue to wait for the trains so we are not overcrowding the the platforms. >> reporter: if concoursees become overcrowded lines will be moved outside to the street. he a says biggest challenge will be after sunday's papal mass. >> at the end of the event all those people will want to go home at the same time. we're asking folks to please be patient because all of the people that took us eight hours to get in we cannot get you home in the first hour. it will take just as many hours to get you home as dit to get the new. >> reporter: sound daunting but pilgrims we have encountered at jefferson station were not deterred. >> i don't mind because it is a once in a lifetime occurrence, so i'm's looking forward to it. >> we're from l.a. we're used to big crowds. we should be okay.
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>> reporter: septa will be posting notices at stations where trains will not be stopping, along with signs throughout the system telling riders where to park, walk, and where to line up this plan is as a result of the lesson septa learned from the crowds that overwhelmed the system after phillies victory parade in 2008. at this point septa has sold 117,000 papal visit rail passes, far short of the 350,000 passes it printed but still more than enough to make it a very busy weekend ahead. at jefferson station, i'm paul curtis, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the pope's visit to philadelphia could mean a delivery delay in the new iphone 6s, the smart phones are supposed to be delivered friday for preorders, but ups said it will not make deliveries in ten zip code within the so-called traffic box between thursday and saturday. the web site for apple store near 16th and walnut reports special hours on friday, being 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. families with college
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students are already navigating the cost of tuition and textbooks for fall semester and it is not always easy. >> parents of the high school students can take steps to ease burden even before choosing a school to attend. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan is here to explaining good information. >> the early bird catches the warm. when it comes to financing college more research do you ahead of time, the better. families of students already on campus aren't only ones who should be thinking about and talking about college financial aid. >> have a conversation. be opened. you know, be truthful and honest about what is realistic, what you want to do, what your hearties set on but do it early and realistic bit and make decisions as a family. >> reporter: mary morris of the college savings fun days say it is never too early to have those types of conversations, even though parents may feel that they want to protect their children from family finances, the conversation doesn't necessarily have to include a household part numbers but can
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touch on some broader issues. >> think about what you want to do when you come out of college and how much money you are likely to make and let that be your guide on how much debt maybe you are willing to take on. >> reporter: high school juniors and seniors read in the specifics of federal and private loans especially the terms of repayment. >> a lot of students don't understand what they are getting themselves in for and it is a long term commitment. so be careful. >> reporter: that research can be crossed off checklist before a student even makes a final commitment to eye school, so a family can move past where to get funding and turn the focus, and planning, on how to pay it back. >> you have to be honest bit. >> exactly. >> you might as well have these conversations now rather than this kid graduating from college with $200,000 in debt. >> yes, thanks. >> good heads up. thanks, buddy. >> meet the role goodies kate bilo is here and it is fall, feeling like fall. >> yes, very timely. >> it is last day of summer with you feels like fall got a
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jump on us. we will go back to summer weather tomorrow in time for the start of fall. >> of course. >> and that will stay for a couple days and then back into this pattern for pope weekend. the question is, will it rain? um-hmm. >> that is question on my mind. >> yes. >> it is on our mind. >> everybody, yes indeed. >> will we need pontiff punch os, and that is still up in the air. we have the chance for rain. it is on sunday. we have a slight chance for showers, maybe stray one friday or saturday but sunday is day to watch. i will keep you posted on that threat for rain. we will talk bit all week long. coming up we will show you why rain may invade sunday. first lets look outside and start off here looking pretty glummy at the beach patrol headquarters in margate. also at bottom of the screen you can see weather watchers observation scrolling there. you can see what it is like in your neighborhood. sun tried to peak out at times today but in margate, in center city philadelphia as well, it ended up being a cloudy day, clouds end up winning this battle. storm scan three shows where
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cloud cover is. all of the clouds in place but clear skies behind it, over harrisburg, williamsport we are starting to see clearing. overnight clouds will dissipate and we have had sunshine on the way for tomorrow. so if only it could stick around for the weekend. temperatures right now well below average. we are looking at 60's allentown trenton and reading. you can see north east wind is keeping it cool. seventy-one in philadelphia. all across northeast it is ol cool side. we are warming up. the pittsburgh up to 75. cleveland at 71. wind are lighter there so things are improving just off to the west and we will continue to see that improvement as we go through the rest of the afternoon, and into the day tomorrow. what we have to watch out for thinks stubborn storm system that will be off the eastern seaboard as we head toward end of the week and into the weekend. now high pressure will move not to the the north. it will be a strong high over new england thursday, friday and into the weekend. that could suppress rain to the south but it the depend on how strong this high gets and how far north this low gets. if the low moves further north these band of rain could impact the the a area and most
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likely time for that to happen would be on sunday. now fall officially begins tomorrow morning 4:21 a.m. tomorrow ace great day. we have 0 percent chance of rain, and also thursday then just that 10 percent chance friday and saturday but much better chance on sunday. overnight gradual clearing, pretty comfortable. 59 degrees. for your wednesday mostly sunny, warm start to fall. eighty is your daytime high. nice weather thursday as well, we will get low 80's wednesday and thursday and then that system gets close enough that clouds will invade on friday. that will keep it cooler. the here's a sneak peak at the the weekend here. seventy-four on saturday. nice day. a lot of outdoor activities. saturday not a problem. sunday is day we have a chance for showers. is there a small chance of steady rain. >> as of right now it looks like. >> better chance it will stay dry then a complete wash out but we will continue to watch that and keep you posted. >> thanks, kate. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" how to get a star bucks coffee, quicker. plus it is one of the most anticipated new shows of the
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fall season, we will talk to the stars of the limitless which premiers tonight, right here on cbs-3, don. also guys, jet will face a banged up eagles defense i will tell you who is out in the meadow land and the phils decide who had will lead them on the field next season. details coming up next in sports.
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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short term deal but i like it. >> yes. >> i like it. >> yes. >> i do. >> big fan. big fan. >> we will see what happens. >> phillies hope it works out. meet the new boss, same as the old boss, phillies yanked interim tag from pete mack can an title naming him manager with the 2015 with the club option for 17. after ryne sandberg resigned in late june mccann on took over and his record is 30-46 since that time. he has been interim manager three times with the pirates in 2005. red in 07. phillies this season.
5:25 pm
fightins to have win seven out of their last 12 games to avoid losing one hundred for the first time in 54 years. they play marlins tonight in miami. the good news is that the eagles defense only gave up one touchdown to dallas. the bad news is that two of their starting linebackers were injured in the loss. michael kendricks is nursing a bad hamstring, but has not been ruled out important sunday's game with the two-zero jets. however kiko alonzo may have a partially torn acl, he made it back this year after suffering a season ending acl tear with the bills. chip kelly traded lesean mccoy toably alonzo to philadelphia billy davis explains how it went down. >> every play, popping up, running back to the huddle like he always does. we seen nothing wrong. that is just one of those things. how it happened, i really don't. you have to ask kiko, he just felt discomfort in there at some point. there wasn't one glare play, there was nothing. >> just sound like a freak
5:26 pm
accident. also defensive lineman cedric thornton broke his hand so defense having some injury issues, and that is not a good thing. >> last thing they need. >> the the jets are no joke. >> no, they played really well. >> thanks, appreciate it. pope francis is on american soil for first time ever. >> we are live in washington d.c. for beginning of the top story, todd? jessica, pope francis touches down here in our nation's capitol now question is, can he touch the hearts and mind of the power elite here. i'll have a live report coming up next. a long journey of healing lead a wounded police officer and family to philadelphia international airport and meeting with the pope. and coming up new a at 6:00 o'clock a south jersey child is earning some high praise tonight, how this third grader, came to the aid a of the neighbor in
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i'm ukee washington and here's what is happening. the years of planning is over and now it is show time. world meeting of families officially opens with the ribbon cutting ceremony at the pennsylvania convention center. archbishop chaput and mayor michael nutter were on hand for the opening festivities. philadelphia public schools are closed through monday, thanks in part, to the papal visit but not all city students are getting a break. the doors will be opened at keystone charter school in tacony, administrators say they expect traffic disruptions and they shouldn't affect their student body. septa is gearing up for huge crowd, on its regional rail line this weekend, 2,000 employees will be available a, to help answer questions to make sure that the platform do not become overcrowded, kate? and the papal visit forecast, latest information we have, calls for partly
5:31 pm
sunny conditions on friday, saturday we will see a little bit of sun but cool day and breezy as well. not bad for standing outside. sunday day to watch shower chance and even forecast for steadier rain and just as good a chance that it stays dry. it is an evolving forecast. we will have have your full seven day in a few minutes, jessica. kate, thank you. now at 5:30 new video of pope francis in the you had. look at the pontiff arriving at vatican embassy where he will stay during his visit to washington d.c. pope stepped out of the small fiat and made his way inside but in the before ago coming the crowd outside that witnessed his arrival. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live on capitol hill with more on the d.c. leg of the pontiff's american journey, todd? >> reporter: and jessica, for catholics, this is really a moment about their spirit, perhaps a chance to strengthen, or reconnect to their faith. for all americans, this is a moment in history.
5:32 pm
with chants from the crowd of francis, pope francis, pope francis arrived for the first time in his life to the united states. he was greeted by president barack obama and his family as well as vice-president joe biden, his wife and two granddaughters. pope francis is said to be leading a revolution of normalcy, during his three city tour in the u.s., he is expect to do the work of the pastor and stress the idea that the future of humanity, passes through the family. on tarmac today at joint base andrews was archbishop joseph curtis, president of the united states conference of the catholic bishops. the recently we had a chance to talk to the archbishop and we asked him about the the tone pope francis will set here during the trip. >> our holy father keeps saying jesus loves me, i love jesus, and i cannot love people. i cannot reach out to people. he has a capacity, i think, to cut through a lot of the
5:33 pm
layers of formality, and to be himself. >> reporter: after a private seven minute meeting with president obama and his family, pope francis got in an italian fiat as a show of his humbleness and as a motorcade including a secret services court drove away the 78 year-old made sure windows were down so he could wave good bye to the cheering crowd. and pope francis has no public events, this evening. he will rest, following his, four day trip to cuba reporting live from washington d.c., todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right todd, thanks very much. and the pope will be very busy tomorrow, at 9:15 in the morning he will be welcomed at the white house, and then he will have a private meeting with the president. then at 11:30 he will lead a prayer at saint matthews cathedral. 4:15 he will hold canonization mass, first ever on u.s. soil. spanish version of the famous love sculpture was unveiled today outside the art
5:34 pm
museum. amor is spanish for love and that display is not far from where the pope's alter is currently being built. the ain m theor and love scum seven tour were made by robert indiana. tomorrow marks seven years since philadelphia police officers richard bows was wounded in a shoot-out that killed his partner sergeant patrick mcdonald. now long painful recovery for bows, his wife and three children have have taken a blessed turn. the as our walt hunter reports, they will be on the tarmac at philadelphia international airport chosen to be among the first to greet pope francis as he arrived. >> god had a bigger plan and was not ready for me that day. >> reporter: on that terrible day in september of 2008, officer ricky bows was critically wounded, his partner sergeant patrick mcdonald killed, but now seven years later, almost to the very day, officer bows, his wife and three children, will be on the tarmac, a among the first to greet the pope. >> he is still here and, you know, we have him and we're blessed over and over again.
5:35 pm
>> just so humbling, i don't believe at all we even deserve this a little bit. >> reporter: those who saw the incredible faith, love, strength shared by these family members during their long, painful healing, believe that they are the the perfect choice. >> some days were rough, and i just turned to god and said god, give me strength, give us all of the strength to get us through this. >> reporter: surprise announcement that they would greet the pope coming as the family prayed together at sunday mass, two weeks ago. >> we weren't looking to hold the line of how do we greet the the pope because we don't know. >> i'm just glad to meet you. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> i will a say a prayer for everyone who is sick and suffering because i'm not sick and suffering. >> reporter: it won't be just their hearts overflowing as they greet the pope, their pockets will be bulging as well with personal items that they have gathered from their friend, including the family
5:36 pm
of the the late sergeant. we have been asking them for roseriors mass card and we will keep them on our person. once we are blessed, then that means they have a papal blessing. >> whatever fit in our pockets. >> reporter: finally the bows family told me if they have the chance, in their word, they will pass the pope to bless quote the peace makers, those who lead their families, and risk their lives for others, they are the true heroes. live from the sat center, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that will be quite a moment, thanks very much. pope francis arrives in philadelphia this weekend, we will have live coverage on cbs-3. from the time he land until the time he heads back to the vatican we will bring you big moments of this historic trip. as we continue tonight great news for those who are waiting in line for just who have your star bucks. coming up how you can get your coffee quicker, all you need is your smart phone. plus a huge price hike for
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life saving pills, one company boost the cost by 5500 percent. just ahead why ceo is standing by this controversial change we will be right
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want your star bucks but hate waiting in line? well, you guessed it, is there an app for. that star bucks is expanding it mobile order and pay service nationwide. ate allows customers to place order on their mobile device before they get to the store. the app also allows to you locate stores, get an estimated wait time and prepay. star bucks will launch service last december in port land, oregon. now it is time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has information on what jobs are
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paying more these days. >> reporter: there is good news for some workers as competition heat up, to lure talent, starting salaries at professional occupations are expected to increase an average of 4.1 percent in 2016. according to staffing consultancy robert taft the technology sector is projected to receive the greatest pay gains next year with base salaries rising an average of 5.3 percent the physicians seeing wireless networking engineers. researchers project their starting will salaries to rise 9.7 percent in the coming year and that is a big jump considering here in the philadelphia area the the broader category of network architects earned a mean annual wage of $104,000 last year. unlike many other high paying technical jobs most computer networks architects requires a batch already degrees in the compute are-related field. i'm jill schlesinger for
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flames shoot through the roof of the delaware county business overnight, this is "eyewitness news" video from teaching sterling, officials say building on the 1100 block of chester avenue in yeadon was already fully engulfed when they were called out at 3:15. there were no injuries,
5:45 pm
despite partial roof collapse there. authorities are now local into whether that fire was intentionally set. and after a $600 scam, authorities are warning eagles fans about counterfeit tickets on line. bensalem township police are searching for this man, caught on surveillance camera at parx casino where investigators say he sold someone two eagles/cowboys ticket for $600. tickets were advertised on craigs list and, well, they turned out to be fake. if you recognize this suspect, call police. trending now, just in time for world rhino day, take a look at this little by, the the rhino calf made his debut at a zoo near london. it the is just fourth of the kind born in captivity worldwide over the last year. less than 3,000 are believed to remain, in the wild. how about that. >> so cute. >> like a little toy. >> it looks pretend. >> well, new drama limitless premiers tonight on cbs-3. look out for philadelphia's
5:46 pm
own bradley cooper. >> why, why would you help me. >> let's just say i need somebody in the position that you say will be qualified to fill, for one thing, the the conversation is here, and now and no where else. >> the tv show is based on the feature film that follows the character brian finch as his life takes an unexpect turn. after taking a mysterious pill he find he has extraordinary brain powers and now fbi want him to work with him. jake mcdormand and others told us how the show draws from the film. >> it is an extension of the world that you saw in the film. >> kind of the sequel. >> a little bit. >> yeah. >> i mean it is so cool. >> rather than follow-up, sort of like a follow through. >> really enjoyed the film. looking forward to this. catch series premiere of limitless tonight at ten, followed by cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. that is one of the fun things about fall, all of the new tv shows, favorites
5:47 pm
return. cozy up with a blanket. >> on a tonight like tonight grilled cheese for din are and tomato soup, watch our new shows. doesn't that sound great. >> yes. >> and we cannot have it on the couch, we will be here. >> yes. >> absolutely, you should. it is that kind of the night. we will warm you again tomorrow. fall begins tomorrow but it will be warmest day of the week. >> here it comes judge funny how that works out. >> we have news about the papal visit. we have lots to talk b speaking of the papal visit look at this new awesome camera on parkway cam. thinks a live look, of course, at the parkway, and, well, it is looking pretty quiet right now. everything is block off, inner drive, par years out there right now but notice how glummy, it is quiet right new but in a couple days that parkway, all those streets will be completely pack with people, waiting to get a glimpse of the pope francis, and hopefully we will have more sunshine, when that happens but lets take a look
5:48 pm
at at witness weather watchers. they have sent us photos showing a gray day. we will start with ed connor he sent thus shot of the play ground right there he said one of the areas near tennis courts. good place to walk or run. what a good day to get some exercise if you like to run outside. not too hot. certainly not too humid. not a lot of sunshine either. walter sent thus great shot of the canadian geese coming in for a land to go day on my walk. the beautiful picture there quick look at a few temperatures from our eyewitness weather watchers. just 69 at steve schwartz house in bensalem. willingboro, new jersey kenneth at 66. peter furron in lawrenceville 70 degrees. ed connor in chesterfield is at 70 as well. very cool temperatures well below average for this time of the year. you can see how gray? lets look at how it looks outside in the neighborhood network camera. foggy, glummy evening at the delaware beach es. rehoboth beach 68 degrees. look at that wind north east at 22 miles an hour. that is a brisk, chilly wind
5:49 pm
off water and chilly as well at palmyra cove nature park. the we are seeing a few brakes over center city philadelphia a but a glummy afternoon as boats go by along the river. peak at storm scan three shows cloud dissipating and they will dissipate overnight. we will step under this big cloud bank as cool air comes in. but warmer air is moving our way and how high pressure builds in throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures right now across the the a area we saw weather watchers this map looking similar in the upper 60's and 07's in the region which is well below average thanks to the northeast win. mostly cloudy day today but warm start to fall. high pressure starts to build in on your wednesday. we will ease up on that northeast wind and beautiful day, highs back to the lower 80's, sunny and fantastic. that sticks around for thursday, temps in the upper 70's and lower 80's with high pressure still in control on thursday. we have that watch this area of moisture to the south, it will get stuck under southern part of the ridge of high
5:50 pm
pressure and it will sit there for a couple days edging ever closer. it depend on how strong this high is and how far north that storm gets that will determine our forecast for papal vice it this weekend. for wednesday, fall begins at 42:00 16789 warm first day with highs near 80 and sun will return after a couple cloudy days. overnight, 59 degrees, gradual clearing, comfortable, tomorrow mostly sunny, 80 degrees. lets break it down as we head through the the weekend. watch out for some clouds. celebration of the mass saturday morning at 10:30, festival of families at 7:00 p.m. sixty-seven on sunday. and watch for those showers later sunday, later sunday that is our best shop to pick up, wet weather. the the eyewitness weather seven day forecast beautiful for next several days, more clouds, moving in on friday, and then cool breeze saturday and that chance for a little bit of wet weather come this sunday. we will fine tune that forecast, as we head through the rest of the week. ukee, back over to you. kate, thanks very much. cbs-3 healthwatch sky
5:51 pm
rocketing drug prices for one life saving drug the cost of the month's supply has gone up an astounding $63,000. >> health reporter, stephanie stahl is here with more on is what being called price gouging. >> that is katie. >> reporter: 36,000 dollars. unbelievable. this drug has been around for over 60 years and almost overnight the the drug price went up dramatically when the company that makes it was sold. dura primaries used to treat an infection caused by a parasite, it effects those with compromised immune systems like aids and cancer patients. new owner of the company that makes the drug has increased the price by 5,000 percent. >> the the drug was unprofitable at the former price. so now the company selling it would be losing money. at this price it is reasonable profit not excessive at all. >> reporter: when they raised the price of daraprim, to $750 per tablet last month the annual cost of the treatment for patients rose from about 1,130, to $63,000. >> i can see how it the looks
5:52 pm
greedy but there is a lot of properties to it. this is a disease where there hasn't been one pharmaceutical company. >> reporter: many in the medical community are criticizing the price hike. >> it is predatory practice, it nice pope eighth and we have to take a stand. patients shouldn't be taxed and charged for future research and development. patients should pay for the drug that they are getting a and what they need in a situation that they are in. >> reporter: experts say there are not good alternative for daraprim, so some patients could be stuck. medicaid and certain hospitals will be able to get the drug at a much cheaper rate but private insurers, medicare and hospitalized patients will have to pay closer to that list price. i also want to tell you that this ceo that you saw, some people are calling him now the most hated man, in america. >> wow. >> a little bit of an attitude going on. >> yes. >> really. >> if you need medicine and you cannot afford it. >> that is exactly right.
5:53 pm
>> stephanie, thank you. once in a lifetime experience, for some area musicians. >> ♪ >> a chester county high school band will get to play for the pope on saturday but you will get to hear the selection that they will perform, right after the break. we will be right back.
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5:56 pm
welcoming a pope to town, it isn't easy and it certainly requires some great music.
5:57 pm
>> that it does, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao introduces all of you to a local high school marching band who will be playing, for the the pope. >> ♪ >> reporter: move over rocky, in just a couple days this will be the pope's theme song, and bishop shanahan high school marching band from downingtown will provide the sound track. >> ♪ >> mostly everyone is just so pumped up, the excitement is so, you can feel it every where. >> reporter: these 84 high schoolers are busy practicing for a moment that will last a lifetime this weekend as pope francis steps off his plane in philadelphia, their performance and this melody will be the first thing that the holy father hears. >> fly him out from rocky to uplifting, get your heart going type of song. >> reporter: their hearts will be beating a mile a minute, they have prepared 14 songs for pope francis and play from the time his plane pulls up to the red carpet until he leaves
5:58 pm
for center city. line up features oh, to joy by beethoven one of the pope's favorite composers and number of popular tunes. >> it will be awesome, being able to play for such an important world leader, really excited. >> this is a once in a lifetime experience. i can't believe we were chosen for this. >> reporter: group has been preparing since summer and will take advantage of the every chance this week to practice even when school isn't in obsession but band director chuck keithing said they are ready and he cannot wait to stand by and watch. >> i'm glad i can take it all in myself. >> i'm's hoping we all do a good job and i'm sure we will. >> reporter: from bishop had shanahan to the tarmac these kids will welcome the pope to the philadelphia when he land at 9:30 saturday morning. we wish them luck n downingtown jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". might be difficult watching the music and, take a glance to see the pope.
5:59 pm
>> yes that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a historic arrival pope francis is in washington d.c. tonight kicking off his first ever u.s. visit. we will have a live report from the nation's capitol. here in philadelphia the world meeting of families is underway as we gear up for the pope's trip to the city of brotherly love ape sisterly affection, kate? and a chance for rain for pope's visit, coming up, we will have the latest information on how weekend looks and we will tell you when these cloud will get out of here as we start fall tomorrow. trying to retrieve your trash can this elderly south jersey woman takes a fall and is left helpless on the ground. fortunately good samaritans come in all shapes and sizes. i'm cleve bryan. we will introduce to you a third grade shore came to her rescue. the pope hassed, the pope
6:00 pm
has touched down in washington d.c. as he begins a six day u.s. trip, the pontiff's first ever trip to america. here in philadelphia, ribbon was cut officially opening the world meeting of families, which is of course the pope's final stop, this coming weekend. pilgrims around the world has come with the historic event in mind. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will have more on the beginning of the world meeting of families in just a moment but first tonight, the united states welcomes pope francis. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones traveled to the nation's capitol for pontiff's arrival and he joins us live now from washington d.c., todd. >> reporter: jessica, it was a historic moment, for all americans, and for the catholics it was a moment of pride and faith. stepping out, at 4:00 p.m. eastern time pope francis was greeted, chanting pope,


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