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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 23, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ >> right now at 11:00, taking shape. progress is being made along the ben franklin parkway ahead of the pope's visit to philadelphia. just a few days the pontiff will arrive in the city for an event that will go down in history. and tonight the pope is in our nation's capitol. the holy father arrived in washington, d.c. to cheers and excitement. it is the first time he's ever set foot on u.s. soil. good evening, i'm jessica
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dean. >> i'm ukee washington. as this historic visit begins to unfold, there is a excitement and goodwill but also a bit of controversy over the declaration of a saint. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones joins us now in washington with more on that and the pope's visit day in america. todd, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. pope francis made no formal remark after he touched down but still for the faithful and the curious, there was a connection. for catholic this was a moment for the spirit for all americans it was a moment in history. greeted by president obama and the first family along with vice-president joe biden, his wife and two granddaughters, pope francis waived to an according crowd. >> he praised god and all of us praised god and he's famous. and why won't somebody want to come see the pope? >> it was very exciting. experience to remember. i couldn't even believe he
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waived. i was just like so surprised and shock. and it's just going to be a day to remember. >> reporter: francis was driven away in fiat not a limousine. emphasizing his preference for modesty. spectators waited highway overpass hoping to catch glimpse of the motorcade. >> he's a people's pope. he's just not a catholic pope. he's the people's pope. >> reporter: but the pope's historic trip won't be all fanfare. on wednesday the first latin american pope will celebrate a mass of canonization for spanish missionary juniper row serra. he was the architect of california catholic mission system. many native americans believe serra is more sinner than saint. >> we have no record that serra beat inn yank much the record is clear he believed corporal punish many was inn spencable. >> margie wints the teacher fired from walled drop mercy caddy will be among toes at the white house for ceremony welcoming to the pope to the us. she was let go from the private
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catholic school she was in same sex marriage. >> i would ask him to listen to our stories of faith and to, um, you know, listen with heart of the shepherds and with the mind set of hopefully including us more in the church. >> reporter: and tomorrow we will be hearing from pope francis in english as he speaks from the white house. reporting live tonight in washington, d.c., todd quinones, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. todd thank you so much for that. here at home the excitement continues. continues to build for the pope's visit. thousands pilgrims are rifle arriving in philadelphia for the beginning of the world meeting of families. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is at the convention center right now. david, for one family and i remember it so well it's a journey months in the making. >> reporter: ukee, it's quite a trip. i'll get to that in a second this place was packed just a few hours ago. thousands from around the world but i met that one familiarly from bun notice heiress
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argentina who started their journey in a van if you can believe it six months ago. out of thousands of attend the world meeting of families noel, her husband and their four kids stan out. not because they share a home city with pope francis but because they started their trip to philadelphia in this 1980 volkswagen van back in march. >> we're so grateful for being here and so happy for being able to make it so far. >> reporter: she and her husband alfredo quit their jobs, drained their savings and traveled through south america into mexico before reaching the united states about three week ago. we caught them catching the train after a long day at the world meeting of families. the family began following the teachings of then cardinal hour yea bergoglio several years ago back in argentina. >> we always imagine you can be drinking coffee with him. so we love him. he inspire us a lot. >> reporter: we first caught up with the familiar until april
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on skype a few weeks after their journey began. they clocked about 14,000 miles and, yes, that van broke down a few times on the way. >> it's a great van. it's like our fifth child. she's francisca like a person for us and for the kids. >> reporter: the family spent most of the day meeting new friends from other parts of the world. they'll be in town every day until pope francis celebrates mass in front of an expected crowd of more than a million. 12-year-old kala says that is easily worth six months on the road. >> i love pope francis because he's argentinean and first pope that i really understand. >> reporter: 14,000 miles in that family still has a ton of energy and we couldn't see that van tonight it's out of commission for few days before they head back to argentina. world meeting of families kicks off day two tomorrow. another big crowd expected and the family expects to be on the
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parkway for the big papal mass coming up on sunday. we're live at the convention center, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, we welcome them to philadelphia, david, thank you. tonight the philadelphia parking authority continues to tow more cars ahead of the papal visit. "eyewitness news" in old city where tow truck operators are busy. starting tonight at 6:00 they began removing cars illegally parked in security zones between 12th street and third street. residents can purchase a parking placard that will allow them to park in a garage. the placard also gives them until thursday to move their cars. and as more and more security measures kick in across the city businesses throughout philadelphia are making last minute preparations for pilgrims who are flocking to the area. "eyewitness news" reporter greg arg u.s. is live in center city with that part of our coverage. greg? >> reporter: jessica, good evening. every single night we see the city of philadelphia transform just little bit more in fact we're win the secure perimeter and 9-foot security fences have
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gone up all throughout the area. tonight we spoke with business owners on both sides of the secure perimeter about what they're doing right now to prepare for the crowds. isaia rivers started working at the corner deli on spring garden in 22nd street two weeks ago. essentially all he's done is stock the shop's food and drink supply for the crowds since the store is within the secure perimeter. >> between beer and water, those the top two. >> three more days. >> starting tomorrow the owner says deliveries will be tough. but he's ready. >> i'm going to try my best to serve all the people from out of town. >> reporter: normally there are five people working here on weekend but normally pope francis isn't around the corner. >> i will be sleeping right upstairs. thanks to my landlord they let me have a vacant property -- vacant apartment for this weekend. >> reporter: further south, it's a calmer scene. rival brothers coffee shop the
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24th and lombard is making it clear their doors will stay open, too. >> i think it's the right atmosphere people are going to need coffee regardless of what's going on. maybe even more so. a little bit on crazy weekend report roar sin the coffee is roasted in house, co owner jonathan adams isn't worried about deliveries. >> we'll keep thing as even keeled and as regular as possible. >> reporter: but both shop owners say they're prepared for anything. >> if we've got to line out the door great i'll turn the music up and try to make drinks fast faster. >> for a deli owner, this will be one of the biggest moments of my life. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia says those business owners can still have deliveries from 12 midnight through 4am both saturday morning and sunday morning but the owners we spoke with they're prepared, they're stocked, they're ready they're not going to need any more deliveries. reporting live here in center city, greg are a goes, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks so much. and stay with "eyewitness news" for step of the papal visit. todd quinones will continue his live reports from washington,
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d.c. tomorrow. our reporter david superintendent will be with the pope in new york city later this week. and then when pope francis arrives here in philadelphia, this weekend, be an eyewitness to history as "eyewitness news" brings you live continuing coverage on air and online at website and we are hoping the weather cooperates this weekend with all of the outdoor events happening for the pope's visit. meteorologist kate bilo closely watching a system that could possibly bring us some rain. kate what's the latest? >> ukee, all eyes on the weekend forecast. rest assure my eyes are train on the weekend forecast as well but he still have the chance for rain on sunday. now, as of right now, not a guarantee. but you want to plan for wet weather at least just in case. have a plan and if it ends up being dry, then it's a bonus for us but you can see outside right now nothing going on here clouds are dissipating i want to draw your attention to this little area of precipitation off the coastally carolinas. we'll be watching this the next few days. it lifts up the coastline and bring the threat for rain as we head through the weekend.
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sunday is our best threat. so high pressure starts to move away, this could end up being a sunday spoiler. it will bring cool breezy pattern in as well and at leave the chance for few showers on sunday. in the meantime right now skies are clearing. temperatures in the 50s to the north and west. 67 in philadelphia. got a great start to fall tomorrow. i'll tell you more about that and we'll have the full papal visit forecast coming up. in just a few minutes. ukee. >> kate, thank you. an important warning tonight for eagles fans. beware of fake tickets online. bin bensalem township police are searching for miss man caught on surveillance camera at packs casino that is where investigators say he sold someone two counterfeit eagles/cowboys for sick hun doctor dollars. they were advertised on craigslist. if you recognize the suspect please contact the police. tonight republican presidential candidate donald trump visits the new late tow with stephen colbert. ♪ >> the always outspoken trump is the headlining guest ton night's show. we know the two will speak about
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immigration, the iran deal and there's one question trump refuses to answer. see what it is interview that's bound to be entertaining. dope miss donald trump on the late with stephen colbert tonight at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" there's nothing like the excitement of getting new puppy jessica and i both know that. do you know where the dog actually came from. the i-team digs deeper. >> new jersey woman is told her new dog most likely won't live past three years old. >> i was devastated. i was so angry. >> reporter: she says the pet store sold her a sick dog. a new law aims to protect customers like her but is the law working? i'm investigative reporter charlotte huffman witness i-team exclusive coming up. >> also tonight an eight-year-old boy hailed a hero. how he came to the rescue of one local woman in need. and to sing or not to sing? the legal fight over one of the most popular songs in the world finally comes to an end. we'll have the story when
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"eyewitness news" continues.
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>> a third grader is being called a hero tonight after he came to the rescue of an elderly woman in vineland cumberland county. >> a few days agree tie nurse marilyn slipped on the wet sidewalk while retrieving her trash cans. in pain and unable to move she called out for help. a group of high school students passed without noticing her. but half hour later, eight-year-old robert elliot came to her aid. >> he said what's wrong? i said i fell and i can't get up. can you get somebody to help me? >> should i just, um, leave her or not? so in my mind my heart said to not leave her. >> my man. robert ran to get help and marilyn was okay. the next day she went to dorand elementary school to let classmates know about this young good samaritan, good deed. new fallout oh night for volkswagen as the company admitted cheating u.s. emissions
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tests in diesel vehicles. the justice department is launching a criminal investigation. the company admits 11 million of its diesel vw and audi vehicles contain software that evades emission controls. far more than the 482,000 identified by the epa. the ceo has apologized as the company stock plumets. the crisis has already caused volkswagen $26 billion in market value. you may be asking how much is that cute puppy in the pet store window? but what you shall be asking is, where did it come from? a new law in new jersey aims to help you figure that out. but as the i-team charlotte huffman found it doesn't seem to be workin working. >> reporter: jamie thought alice from paps pup in waretown last year. she paid eight hun doctor dollars and the store guaranteed her that alice was in good health and said the dog does not exhibit any sign of defect which is congenital but -- >> when i brought her home, she had so many different issues. >> reporter: just days after
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buying alice a vet found her unfit for sale because she had intestinal parasites. tape worms and worse of all a severe stage of a congenital who are disease common in rotweile rotweilers. >> the vet told her alice would most likely live less than three years. >> i was devastated. i was so and agree. >> reporter: still jamie decided to give alice a chance at life. even if it was a short one filled with prescriptions and routine trips to the cardiologist at almost 500 bucks a pop. >> i wanted to make sure it wasn't from puppy mills. no, she's are legitimate breeders. >> reporter: but u.s. da officials tell the i-team alice's breeder was not licens licensed. selling dogs from unlicensed breeders in new jersey wasn't illegal then, but it is now. >> we hear so many horror stories about people purchasing animals. >> reporter: new jersey state senator james hose apple sponsor the pet purchase protect act which says stores can only sell dogs from licensed breeders.
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we went undercover inside pat's peps cherry hill store. >> what's your name. >> pat. >> pat told us he only gets his dogs from licensed breeders. but that's not the case with this dog. >> this is gus and he's three months old. we got him from pat' pups in july. >> reporter: rose edwards paid pat $900. >> as a consumer, i'm going to trust him that he is from a licensed breeder. >> reporter: gus' paper work would make you think he came from quell creek kennels which is usda licensed but we found quell creek kennels is just a broker. gus actually came from an unlicensed breeder located in am machine country side of ohio. i-team uncovered documents that indicate the ohio breeder illegally sold gus to the broker which transported gus from ohio to new jersey where he was sold to the pet store and eventually to edwards. >> he seems okay now but you never know. >> reporter: we just have a
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couple of simple questions. can we step outside and talk to you. >> no. come on. >> reporter: are you getting your dogs from licensed breeders? >> can't you just answer? >> animal activist say pet stores use brokers to hide the fact that they're selling cheap dogs purchased from puppy mills. the purchase purchase protect acts requires stores to put breeder and broker license numbers on the outside of cages or face a $500 violation. but at both pat's pup stores in waretown and in cherry hill, license numbers were nowhere to be found. >> a law is only as good as the enforcement of it. >> i can't make excuses or explanations for what other people don't do. but i know this. we passed the law. it's on the books. it will be enforced or someone will have to pay for the consequences of not doing their job. >> reporter: well the division of consumer affairs is responsible for enforcing the
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law, but has not yet issued a single violation. as for pat's pups and quail creek kennels or requests for comment remain unanswered. the breeder in ohio, however, did return our calls. he admits he sold the litter of dogs illegally and says he won't be doing that again. >> wow! stay on top of that for us. thank you charlotte. that was something. >> no problem. >> thanks charlotte. we told you it was coming and tonight it is in place. a spanish version of the famous love skull which are was unveil outside the art museum today. am more is span their for love and the display is where near where the pope's altar being built. >> kate joins us now with our weather and hopefully we will love what's coming our way weather wise hopefully. >> we're going to love tomorrow. >> okay. >> and thursday. >> yes. >> friday and saturday, look okay. >> where you going with this. >> sunday is the day we got to watch. >> okay. >> because there is going to be the chance for some rain and sunday is a big day. >> huge.
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>> a lot of outdoor events on saturday i think the forecast will be great but sunday looking a little iffy as of right now. let's get right into it talk little bit about what to expect as we head into the weekend. of course, a big weekend not only for people that live here in the city but so many people coming from out of town for the big papal visit. take look outside and see what's happening right now. we'll take you out to our roof cam. skycam3 looking fantastic and any of those out of visits coming in few days early boy our city will be brilliant over the next couple of days wednesday, thursday, lots of sunshine, really comfortable conditions. but you know there always has to be little bit of an asterisk and we'll talk about that. this is the storm a little system right now just bringing light rain to the coastal carl lines nass outerbanks here we'll have to watch the position of this over the next several days. as we head into the weekend. let's go back to near term right now temperatures are dropping in doylestown 59 degrees on our live neighborhood network. 62 in bensalem. 65 right now in millville. but as we head into our wednesday, autumn begins on a nice warm note. temperatures in the 80s. mostly sunny. just a beautiful wednesday for
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us. thursday looking great as well once again in the low 80s and mostly sunny as that high pressure system really hangs on but watch this little system it will start to creep up the coast. friday we're talking about limited sunshine temperatures will head back to the 70s. and that's where they'll stay into the weekend. what's to expect for your wednesday, though. fall officially begins tomorrow morning 4:21 a.m. very warm first day of the season. highs near 80. the sunshine finally returning after a few gray days today and yesterday. overnight tonight we're down into the 50s again in the city. 59 degrees with gradual cleari clearing. those clouds moving out as we speak. tomorrow morning if you send the kids off to the bus stop send them in the hoodie but have the t-shirt underneath in the afternoon 80 degrees and that goes for us heading out to work as well light jacket maybe in the morning, by afternoon you will not want it. here's a look at our latest computer models latest information showing potential system into the weekend. this high will start to move away and allow the system to move up the coast. saturday lot of clouds overhead. then on sunday very very close call. this is noon on sunday.
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with the chance for a little bit of rain this could shift a little further south out to sea all depends how strong that high is and how close that system gets so it is still a bit up in the air but as of right now looks mostly cloudy and breezy on saturday. then the chance for showers creeps into the forecast on sunday. the "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast a great start to fall. we're in the low 80s wednesday and thursday. friday few more clouds take us back to normal. mid 70s then more clouds and a cool breeze on saturday. of course sunday is the day to watch. at worst it rains. at best, it's cloudy, cool and breezy and in the low 70s but we will take that. >> we don't want the rain. >> your eyes will be on it. kate, thanks so much. >> time to talk sports with don bell. >> talking about a big time gig. pete gets a promotion and the phils will snap a six game losing streak. and why live won't get any easier for the eagles offense. sports coming
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return of the mack. phillies have dropped the interim tag from pete mackanin's title making him the manager.
2:31 am
one year deal with the team with the option for 2017. team option. after ryne sandberg resigned in late june mackanin took over and his record heading into tonight was 30-frick. he's been interim manager three times but this is his first shot as the main man. mccann nan didn't have to think long about taking the job. >> he asked me if i would accept the contract and i said well, let me thing about it, yes. you know, it's a an honor and i'm so brought full for ruben a a am marrow to put me in this spot that enable this for the players playing hard for me and andy mc phail to have confidence in him. >> phils in my many me. have to win seven of their last 12 games to avoid losing 100 for the season. freddie galvis single up the settle drives in two. fightin' phils top of the fourth. ash she going deep right field. he had two jacks in the game. not a whole lot of fans there miami. 11 on the season.
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phils break a six-game losing streak. mccann nan gets his first win as the full-time manager. six-two your final score. now the birds are broken not only did they lose to dallas but they also lost two inside linebackers. key company alonso has partially torn acl and he is out. michael kendricks is nursing a bad hamstring and may miss sunday's game against the jets and speaking of green the eagles have never lost to them. this team is legit this year. they forced 10 turnovers in two games and they've added some play makers on offense like wide receiver brandon marshall. >> refers can put the ball to and quarterback managing the game really well for them. so this isn't the jets you saw last year. this is a team that's well coached, they have a plan. they he can cute well. >> all right. so preseason hockey from south philly. dave hacks stole making his home debut flyers hosting the rangers third period flyers on the power
2:33 am
plane. shaken, lighting the lamp scored twice. the flyers beat the broadway blue shirts five-three. >> it's hockey season. >> let's go flyers! >> it's on. >> that may be louder if the eagles continue to play this way. hello, let's turn it
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jewish people across our region are marking yom kippur the day of atonement it started at sundown. i don't mean kipp can is the last and most important of the holy days which began on rosh is a hannah. it ends tomorrow night. legal battle over a famous song has come to an end. judge has ruled music company does not own the copyright to happy birthday to you song. >> the judge ruled the copyright originally filed in 1935 granted only the rights to specific arrangement of the tune. not the actual song itself. so the big winners in this entertainment companies who have paid 2 million a year in royalty payments to use the song for
2:36 am
years and yours. the rest of us, we can just keep singing. >> some of us better than
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>> that's going to do it for us. for don, kate and our entire team.
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i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with donald trump. paid advertisement for m&r real estate. have you ever wanted to flip houses like the pros you see on tv? are you tired of working endless hours for little pay? are you stressed out over car notes, mortgage payments, and credit-card debt? well, here's your opportunity to break free. the cast of the hit house-flipping reality show "reinas de realty" are bringing a free house-flipping live event to your area now. you've seen them on television buying and selling real estate, and now these internationally recognized kings of house flipping are giving you the opportunity to see how to make huge amounts of money flipping houses. they've been featured in numerous media outlets and have become one of america's top house-flipping families. call the number at the bottom of your screen and register now for the opportunity to learn how you can flip houses in your area now. learn how you can get access to the same strategies and techniques that they use to build wealth, get out of debt, and make tremendous amounts of money. when you register for the li


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