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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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pope francis addresses our nation, in our nation's capitol. and he's greeted by adoring crowds during his first-ever visit, to the united states. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. pat ciarrocchi on special
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assignment. pope francis is just charming crowds in washington, the first stop on his visit to the u.s. his trip culminates with a mass on the ben franklin parkway, right here in philadelphia, this sunday. correspondent don champion joins us now live in washington, d.c., been up since very early this morning with the story of francis' first morning on us soil. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, erika, the ceremony on the white house, the south lawn of the white house, was meant to be a grand welcome for the pope, and boy, was it grand. the pope wasted no time weighing in on some very relevant and tough issues. a joyous crowd welcomed pope francis to the white house this morning, during his first official visit to the u.s. speaking in english, the argentinian born francis said he was grateful for the warm reception. >> i'm happy to be a guest in
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this country which was vastly built of families. >> the pope's remarks went beyond pleasantry, to address america's improving relations with cuba. he also called for americans to reject unjust discrimination, and to protect religious liberty. but the centerpiece of his speech was dedicated to climate change. >> i'm finding courage that you are proposing an initiative for reduce in air pollution. >> president obama said pope francis said a profound moral example. >> you shake our conscious from slumber and give us confidence that we can come together in humility and service. >> among the crowd in washington to see the pope, bob massey, who brought his family from salt lake city. >> this is really spiritually a chance in a lifetime.
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>> after a late morning parade, the pope will celebrate mass this afternoon and advice ate seminary. >> and during the papal parade, which just ends add few minutes ago, the pope did stop to kiss two babies along the way, it is worth mentioning that whole the -- while l pope is mosh comfortable speaking english, it is very clear, the vatican did say that the pope has been practicing his english in the months before his arrival here in america. >> you can tell. he sounded terrific. now, here in philadelphia, security already getting underway with fences going up. how was security in d.c.? >> it is a very height ends, and very thick blanket of security here, in washington, d.c., this afternoon, as the parade was going on just few minute ago, you can almost see the headaches forming, and the agents who were protecting the pope. we do know a lot of the people who line the parade route there were screened before they were allowed into the area. a lot of road closures that remain here in place, in
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washington, d.c., through the rest of this time here. so, definitely expect security there in philadelphia to get much higher as the time of arriving there gets much closer. >> we're gearing up for t don champion in washington, d.c., thank you very much. talked about the pope meeting the crow on the stief washington, d.c., pope leading what the house, riding in the pope mobile, just moments ago, he greeted thousands of people along a parade route to saint matthew cathedral, mother church of the archdioces in washington, will take in prayer with bishops across the united state. preparations meanwhile in philadelphia streets continue ahead of the pope's arrival here saturday. early this morning, crews began putting up concrete barriers around saint charles borromayo seminary on city avenue. traffic in that area will be affected until next week. the seminary is where pope francis will be staying during his visit to the city.
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and, this is catching a lot of folks off guard. the philadelphia parking thought continues to tow more cars ahead of the papal visit. in old city tow trucks started removing cars illegally parked in security zones, between third and 12th street. residents can purchase parking plaque adder will allow them to park in designated garages t also gives residents until tomorrow to move their cars. >> day who of the world meeting of families in full swing this noon, want to get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff, joins us day two, how is it going, al next. >> going really really well. seeing flags, seeing cultural garb from all over the world, faces of families cure bus this new city, first time in the united state, here in the birth place of freedom. the city of brotherly love, ancesterly affection, as we are hearing over and over again. now, the second keynote session of the four day event has just wrapped up, here at the convention center. i think inside that far roomy
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saw at least 3,000 people, probably a lot more. that featured cardinal robert saram, among the cardinals elected pope francis, plenty more to do, as hundreds more brouse exhibits from all over the world. speaking of which, we met a family who traveled from worth reich owe with powerful story and very sick little boy. his mom lisa told me her son sebastian was born with a heart condition, and has outlived doctors expectations by years. she says she brought him here because her prayers have been answered. >> have you come back to give thanks for that? >> yes, i come to say thank you. >> likely what pope john paul ii, when he created the eventer in 1992. reporting live from the pennsylvania convention center, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> touching story. count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the papal
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visit. look for live reports from todd quinones from washington dc later today and dave spunt up in new york with the pope later this week. when pope francis arrives here in philadelphia, this weekend, be an eyewitness to history. as "eyewitness news" bridges you live continuing coverage, both on air and on line on our website n other news this noon, double shooting turns deadly in philadelphia's city's kensington neighborhood. chopper three over the scene on the 1800 block of monmouth street. police say arriving officers rushed the victims, 19 year old woman and 21 year old man to temple hospital. we have just learned that male victim has died at this time, no arrests have been made. >> this noon baseball fans remembering one of the sports most enduring icons. hall of famer yogi berra passed away at a nursing home in north jersey. van eat a shows us how yogi made hit mark in baseball and
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beyond. >> yogi berra had a way with words like few others. >> it is not over until it is over. >> they are known as yogiisms, copied by millions, even presidents. >> it isn't over until it is over. >> we may be lost but we're making good time. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >> and while berra's whitt and wisdom brought smiles to many off the field, there was nothing comical about his hall of fame baseball career, playing for the legendary new york yankees, berra key member of bronx bombers teams that won the world series ten time during his 19 year career. >> but yogi connects, and it is another homer. >> berra known as a ferocious bat their would hit at any pitch because 15 time all-star. >> no earring, no tatoo, no standing at home plate watching the ball. just a great unlikely superstar. >> unlike most star players,
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berra became even more popular after his playing career. he used his arsenal of yogiisms to sell products and make money. >> you don't sit at first place serving miller lite. nobody comes here any more. >> oh? >> it is too crowded. >> he even helped new york city rebound after 9/11. >> who in the heck is this guy? >> yogi berra rare combination of world last athlete, lovable personality, just happened to leave an enduring mark on the english language. cbs news. >> coming up on "eyewitness news", the donald on the late show. the discussion was a mix of funny and serious topics. we have the highlight for you coming up after the break.
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>> in our continuing coverage it noon, look at this, thousands line the parade route, pope francis arrives in the pope mobile there, waving and gesturing to huge crowds, in washington, d.c. pope francis is making that first stop of his three city tour of the united states. tomorrow, it is new york, and this weekend, pope francis makes his way here to philadelphia. >> can't wait for that. >> meanwhile, presidential candidate donald trump made his first appearance on the late show with stephen colbert last night. it was funny, just right out of the gate. take a listen here to trump's walk out song.
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>> who is got the money, right? trump and colbert discussed wide range of topic including trump's more controversial pro polls alleges, builds ago wall between the us and mexico. >> you said that mexico will pay for this. >> that's correct. >> how do you, i know part of the deal, all of that, how do you get the mexicans to do it? let's do little role playing. you're you, i'm the president of mexico. you call me up. ready? (speaking mexican). >> trump and colbert also talked about the recent iran deal as well as trump's constant supply of comedic material for colbert and other comedians, he thanked him for being in the race. >> still ahead this noon, on "eyewitness news", the philadelphia job market report, we have details on the jobs that are paying the most money these days. don't miss
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within the half hour pope francis arrived at washington dc saint matthew cathedral, very busy day for the 78 year old, we'll have much more on pope francis' first visit to the u.s. coming up tonight at 5:00. we can't speak for dc but here in philly the weather is just beautiful. >> gorgeous, you see the pictures there, what a nice day for his first visit to the united states. >> off to a great start. >> i would love to keep that for the weekends, for philadelphia, we've got some stuff to talk b start off where we are today. it is gorgeous out, there and boy oh, boy, as you step outside you might say really, first day of fall? doesn't feel like t working our way up to high of 08 degrees, this is live look right now, ben franklin parkway, this is at logan circle, looking west, right, so you know all of the action, a lot of it, will be down at the end of the parkway, but look how pretty it is there, just beautiful look today.
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and fall is officially underway, as of 4:21 this morning, everybody, that's when we hit our autumnal equinox. while feeling summer like, it is officially fall, beautiful as we take live look at kutztown, look at this, everybody's out there playing soccer, 07 degrees, blue skies, you can't ask for better than that. little winnie out there, about 12-mile per hour winds. and those are coming out of the north and the east. and that's causing a little bit after problem down the shore, with rip current, so we'll get to that in just a moment. current temperatures, 73 degrees in philadelphia, 70 in reading, about 71 in millville atlantic city coming in at 75 degrees. taking a look at the shore little cooler in ocean city sitting at 68 right now. but we did talk about the breeze, that's coming in, that's helping to kick off unfortunately, a rip countries being, a high risk today, all of the wind kinds i have driving into the shore. be careful if you're down there. taking a look at storm scan3, nice and clear, i mean, the beautiful blue skies that you're seeing, do have little trouble to the south. it is a disturbance off the carolina coastline, and it will play into our forecast as we head toward the weekend.
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that is why we see rain chances starting to ramp up as we get particularly into saturday and sunday, so today, great thursday, great friday. looking pretty good, too. by the time we get to saturday evening into sunday that's whether we could have some problems, right now high pressure in control, it means blue skies and gorgeous, but notice that low pressure system starting to creep in there, that's thursday at about 1:00 p.m. brink the clouds into friday, start to see the precipitation getting close to us, working our way toward the weekend. that is why we could have little bit of problem for the weather for the papal weekend. friday sunshine turning to clouds, by saturday, the breeze is going to be kicking up, it will be cool, and then sunday, that's when we have a chance of showers that i would love to knock out of there, i'm crossing my fingers that this will stay little further to the south for us, and not cause us problems, but, something to keep an eye on as we head toward the weekends. today beautiful, sunny, warm fall start, high of 80 degrees, to kick off fall. i hope that's a precursor of maybe how the went letter go, right? tonight clear, comfortable, low of about 57 degrees.
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if you take a look at your seven day forecast, this is where things start to get interestingment going get back into more fall like temperatures as we head into friday, clouds start to show up. here is saturday, sunday, papal visit, sunday is the one we have to keep an eye on, notice we do start to keep temperatures into the 70s monday. however, by the time of tuesday next week, another 08 degrees day. while fall has officially arrived, temperatures not necessarily going to dive into that fall like feeling right away. but i got it tell you, erika, if you can get outside today, boy you got to do it. >> it is gorgeous out there. just not one to be missed. take your lunch outside. >> i know you're dining alfresco today. >> i am. >> thank you. >> time to check your philadelphia job market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us with information which jobs are paying more these days. >> competition warms up, starting salaries, professional occupies cents are expected to increase average of 4.1% in 2016.
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according to the staffing consultant is he robert haft, the technology sector is projected to see the greatest pay gains next year, base salaries rising average of a .3%. the pokes seeing highest shrine is highest wireless engineers. project their starting salaries to rise 9.7% in the coming year. and that's a big jump considering that here in the philadelphia area, the broader category of network architect earned a mean annual wage of nearly $104,000 last year. unlike many other high paying technical jobs, moss computer architect require just bachelor's degree, in a computer related field. i'm jill schlessinger,
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>> coming up later today from guns to knives to numb chucks, the rather surprising item tsa agent found at the airport, all right. when pope francis landed in the u.s. yesterday, he didn't ride off in a fancy limo. he was pick up in a modest fiat. the pontiff even made sure the windows were rolled down so co-wave not crowd. correspondent bill plant has a look now at how popes travel. >> for centuries popes were carried on the shoulders of
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the faith full full. pope paul the sixth claying that the swaying motion made him seasick. it was pius the 11th who added motorized vehicles to the papal fleet. in 1930 mercedes benz gave him a convertible limousine. lincoln tonight mental was used for the first papal visit to the u.s. in 1965. but after the assassination attempt on pope john paul ii in 1981, everything changed. andreas member of the swiss guard which protect the pope. the immediate reaction was to close, they put the armored vehicle, and the pope mobile and everything. >> pope john paul didn't care for the name pope mobile. he thought it un dignified. but soon, where ever the pope went, he would find a pope mobile. and popes have often taken the security measures. pope francis has called the pope mobile a glass sardine can.
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>> security for the pope needs to optimize his security, while not hindering his ministry. if you don't let the pope do his ministry, he is not the pope any more. >> so the pope mobile francis will use on this trip is much like the one he used in he can quid or earlier this year, specially built jeep wrangler, open and un armored. and that might keep security officials up at night, but not the pope. he told an interviewer, it is true that anything could happen, but he added, let's face it, at my age, i don't have much to lose. bill plant, cbs news, washington. >> such a sense of humor, and really act to connect with those that have come out to see him. always leaning out, waiving, just wants to connect heart-to-heart. >> people are so excited just to be in his presence. love it see the smiles on the faces, he's bringing joy to a lot of people being here. >> and every baby we see kissed you know you will be hearing about it the rest of your life. >> of course the pope arriving here in philadelphia on saturday, we want to see all
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of your great pictures from the papal visit. you know thousand do that? here we go. when you take your picture, post it to facebook, twitter or instagram, use this hashtag cbs philly pope. we can find it on line and show them off on air. we opportunity see what you see, we want to see your experience this weekend, easy to remember, cbs philly pope, boom, we got it, that's this weekend, folks. thank you for joining us for "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika von tiehl. >> for kyla, all of us, thank you for joining us, always on the young and the restless is coming up next
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