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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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morning. kyla, we are hoping this rain gets out of here. >> it is all up to you, in your hand. >> no pressure at all. >> last night i was watching as they lit up the stage. i live right next to where this a all happened. they lit up the stage and playing sound, testing the sound system. they were playing michael jackson. >> man done ace coming to town if you just missed that, we were talking about madonna coming to town. >> yeah, man. >> good stuff. >> take ate way, girl. >> lets talk weather. it is a beautiful day to day. we have some trouble this weekend. we are looking good. exactly, lets look at our temperatures. we are at 60 in philadelphia. forty-eight in allentown and mount pocono. forty-nine in millville. fifty-five in wildwood. fifty-three at atlantic city. wind is nice and calm out of the north/north east this morning. the wind will not be a problem today. we will look live at storm scan three. this is where we have the problem. we are clear where we are. looking to the south we see this disturbance off the carolina coastline and that is slowly but surely going to be trucking toward the north up
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the coast. how far it gets with that rain, it is a big question. that is what we are keeping an eye on. eighty-one abe sunshine. beautiful friday in the 07's we will see some clouds from that system to the south of us and saturday again cloudy and breezy and high up to 74 degrees. it is sunday that i'm mess concerned about, folks. we will talk seven day forecast, we will look at the models, how each one is seeing this event play out, just to show you what our chances are. i'm crossing my fingers, meisha. >> you know, we have to savior these 80's because we know this will not be long lived. thanks, kyla. good morning to all of you at home as well. this is where we had our first accident, 42 freeway northbound at creek road. that far right lane and center lane was block. that is now been since cleared. you can see steady flow, a lot of headlights, already, still early, we will see levels build in the construction. now that we have an accident cleared that is good news. blue route northbound, looking good here as well, everyone traveling around at posted speeds.
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very similar story on the ben franklin bridge for those coming into center city. looking g that far right lane, moving in the westbound direction. we are enjoying the nice open space, on the ben franklin bridge westbound. eastbound we have lost that far right lane and switch. that will not cause too many problems. that doesn't in the morning. construction on 295 northbound and southbound ram tops warwick road are closed. all lanes are block until 6:00 . and also pope closures, this weekend, just make note, i will back out so you can read this, septa buses are detoured around the parkway and ben franklin parkway, logan swinger will to art museum, kelly drive and spring garden will be affect. i will update you all morning long. nicole, over to you. it is crunch time. pope francis a arrives in two days. >> crews are working around the clock to get everything ready. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from the parkway with information you will need to know if you are going to see the pope, good
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morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. city is prepping for 1 million people to flock out here to the parkway, many with their eyes trained up the the parkway at what will be the main stage all the way down here and thousands are set to be the at independent hall on saturday and as the setup ramps up we are learning what will not aloud. the final touches are now falling into place on the ben franklin parkway, from a above, the main stage, it is looking less like a frame and more fully done. barricade are still going up a along the parkway which is now closed to traffic from the art museum to 20th street. marathon preps are in high gear in olde city, at independent hall, chopper three overhead with the preview of the stage, the the pep will take on saturday. he is set to address a crowd of thousands including topics of faith and immigration. we now know 18 items are on the leave at home list which includes, drones, selfie sticks, non-service guide animal, weapon, ammunition,
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and, of course, much more, we caught up with two visitors who have the right idea, lets take a listen. >> bring the puncho and see through bag and hope for the best. >> backpacks, see through backpacks, so we can bring a sandwich and just water i think and that is it. >> reporter: of course, to get where we are right now this weekend you will stand in very long lines very likely. so leave those other things at home to move through very swiftly. we have a list of these things at our web site at cbs we are live on the parkway, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile septa is making plans to help drivers who plan to take regional rails to see the pope. >> 20,000 people are expected to take the train at paoli station in chester county to attend papal events. the keep in mind 20,000 people, there are only 600 parking spaces. septa's encouraging pilgrims to get a ride to the station.
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employees will be giving out water and snacks to those standing in what is expected to be very long lines. >> looking at a a approximate turnaround of approximately every half an hour we will be moving about a thousand people, give or take. >> big catholic block party. we're all in the same boat. maybe some extra blessings will be sent our way, send them to paoli. we could use it. >> now, if you drive don't park at nearby businesses or your car will be towed. >> to stay on top of any traffic issued the city of philadelphia has unveiled a text alert system for use during world meeting of families and papal visit. sign up by texting papal visit all one word to 888777. you will also get information on wet ther and possibly mergecy information. and tune into cbs-3 tonight for our papal special. ukee washington and jessica dean will be live on the ben franklin parkway as city puts finishes touches on the the papal visit.
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pat ciarrocchi will explore the pope's history with those who know him the best, that is all happening tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. for the first time in history pope francis will bring his message to congress today. >> 50,000 people are expected to gather on the capitol ground. cbs correspondent don champion joins us live from washington with all those details for us, don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. lawmakers on capitol hill has agreed to put aside their religious and political differences at least for today but if yesterday is any indication the pope won't ab fray to weigh in on tough issues even before a tough crowd. >> reporter: pope francis will take his message to a divided capitol hill today, in the the first ever, papal address before a joint meeting of congress. >> i hope to offer word of encouragement to those who guide the nation's future. >> reporter: while the vatican
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has kept a tight lid on what he will say the holy father is expect to talk about immigration. five-year old sophie cruz handed a letter to pope francis hoping wow deliver her plea to lawmakers to day. >> they deserve with living with dignity. >> reporter: on wednesday, francis made an unplanned visit to the little sisters of the the poor a religious order suing the federal government over birth control mandate in president obama's affordable care act. >> climate change is a problem. >> reporter: it is likely he will bring us climate change another controversial issue. democratic senator patrick leahy says francis is the perfect pope to address congress. >> whether you are catholic, non-catholic, believers, non-believers, he reaches out to everybody and he makes it very clear that if you believe in humanity then you have to believe in all humanity.
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>> reporter: now, at least one republican congressman paul cozair says he plans to ban his protest. he by the way is catholic, accused the pope of acting like a pop leftist politician. tough talk never end on capitol hill. >> we necessity pope francis is a busy guy. do you know what is on his a agenda for today, don. >> pope francis style after his address to congress he will head to a catholic charities event where he will break bread with home less people. he will take an hours flight up north to new york city on a american airlines 777 that has been named shepherd one and will take part in the prayer service tonight in st. patrick's cathedral in man hat on. pretty busy day. >> yes. >> nice ring to it. >> thanks, don. while he was at the white house pope francis, check this out he met obama's dogs sonny
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and bow. >> they shared this photo of the event. he is popular pope with people and dogs too. >> yes. >> terrific. >> well, pontiff heads to new york city later today. final security preparations are now underway, making security plan even more complicated though, the pope will be in the big apple at the same time as 170 head of state. they are gathering for united nations general assembly. nypd says it has more than 6,000 officers a assigned to the pope and u.n. not to mention other resources. new this morning, two men are rushed to the hospital after an argument turns violent in philadelphia investigators tell us they got into an altercation near 67th and ogontz around 1:00 a.m. one man pick up a two-by-four hitting the another man when that man pulled out a knife stabbing the other four times. the stabbing victim is in extremely critical condition. victim with a head injury is in stable condition.
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in word yet if police plan to file any charges. meanwhile police are investigating a homicide in the overbrook park neighborhood. it happened around 7:30 last night in the 7600 block of cherwood road. a 41 year-old man was shot in the chest in the rear driveway. thirty lease rush the the victim to penn presbyterian medical center and pronounced dead on arrival. 5:10 right now, republican candidates converged to south carolina as donald trump continues to make headlines. we have new details in campaign 2016, just ahead. a car crashes through a wall and into a store but this was no accident, see more of this crime caught on camera. do you remember that massive governmental data breach this year? it turns out hackers got a lot more than we were first told, we have that information for you when we come right back.
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south carolina is latest focal point of campaign 2016. several republicans are campaigning in that state. as andrew spencer is reporting, donald trump is promising specifics on policy. >> reporter: donald trump goes on the offensive taking shots at pretty much everybody. >> marco rubio as an example, he has no money, zero.
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>> hillary who has become very schrill. >> candidates offer few specifics. >> i will put a tax plan in, next week that will be very long on policy and will be a great plan with a major reductions in taxes to the middle class. >> reporter: this week several republican candidates, emerged, carli fiorina three events there, wrap up her trips to south caroline, jeb bush traveled there too today after taking a break from the campaign trail wednesday to attend the pope's mass in washington. meanwhile ben carson cannot getaway from questions from muslims specifically his comment on sun take that no u.s. president should be one. >> anybody, and that includes, any religion, lives according to american values and principals and is willing to put our constitution above their reledge us idealology is acceptable to me.
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>> reporter: carson claims in the wake of his comments, donations are coming insofar it is hard for his campaign to keep up with. andrew spencer, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". your time is 5:15. the as you mentioned earlier sunday's forecast could have some rain just in time for the papal mass. the last thing you want to hear. kyla joins us from the weather center where we are keeping our fingers cross that had rain stays to the south, right. >> we need heavily assistance on that because unfortunately right now we could see a few showers on. that lets start off with a look at that papal forecast. you can see as we look at where we will be for the papal forecast, it will be pretty nice out right now, we're looking good as we take a look at the parkway. they are looking west on the parkway so that is from logan circle down so all of the action will be heading right down that way and it is looking good today but as we get towards the weekend saturday we are expecting breezy conditions, cloud, high of 74. sunday a high of 72. so, and the the shower possibility. this is what the two models are looking at. we are looking at different
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mod tolls see what will happen. low to the south and thinks the european model and the the way this one sees is is the the high stays stronger keeping with us the clear skies stronger low is depressed and rain stays to the south. i like that one. but as we look at gfs model there that is le pressure system tracking up the coast, it sees things differently. it sees coastal low as being stronger, our high pressure slipping east and then showers making it up further north. that is where we could see some problems. while today we are looking good, friday we're looking good, saturday we will see a rain chance from these clouds, and then by sunday you can see it is a 40 percent rain chance. today we don't have that problem. we have sunshine, we have beautiful weather, looking at our hour by hour forecast. we are working our way up to 81 degrees. another stellar day like yesterday. i think it the is fall starting off this way, not bad. more warmth for fall day number two. papal forecast, that is the the problem, because we have that weekend rain threat. so that is where our issues
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will be. today beautiful 60 degrees right now in philadelphia, 55 in wildwood. check out allentown at 48 degrees. they are feeling the chill. we will zoo zoom out and see 60's across new york city right down to washington. high pressure in control. if you are heading the road we should have in problem today. a as far as weather is concern. i cannot promise you anything on any of the traffic closures. thinks our problem looking live at storm scan three. this is what is set to be tracking towards us, and that is certainly what we will keep an eye on as we head toward the weekend. for papal visit, visit friday sun to cloud, sat the day cool and breezy. right now sunday a shower chance in there too. today we have a high of 81, sunny and beautiful out there clear and comfortable with the low of 59 and our seven day forecast shows you that we will head back to the 07's starting friday and it gets cloudy for weekend but we will warm up next week. we will warm up again next week, yeah, even 70's, that is not bad, kyla, good morning, happy thursday to you if you
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are just waking up with us. things are looking good. we have an accident earlier on 42 freeway north bound that has been since cleared. here's a live look at i-95 and cottman moving in the southbound direction. taillights around s curve in center city. you can see headlights and taillights this morning. still evident that it might be a busy morning. we are seeing same thing here at roosevelt boulevard moving southbound, trying to make your way toward that schuylkill. looking at the schuylkill expressway right around westbound at city avenue we are looking good there but we are starting to see volume levels build ever so slightly. then on the schuylkill eastbound at girard looking great here. everyone traveling at posted speed. in the too much happening there. then some pope closures you should necessity b mass transit, septa a stations that will be closing at 0:00 p.m. let me back out, regional rail line, suburban station, market frankford line, 15th and fifth street, broad street line, at city hall, trolleys, 15th, eastbound and westbound, directions and of course i will have more road closures
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and i will have those in the the next 15 minutes. erika, back over to you. meisha, thank you. governmental officials say massive data breach is much worse then we first thought. we know hackers were able to get their hand on the date base of government employees fingerprints. that means criminals could check on specific peoples security clearances. officials say china is the number one suspect behind the hack. a car crashes into a gun store but this was in accident, police say thieves used that car to break in the store to steel guns. after the crash surveillance video shows three men coming out of the car, in hooded sweat shirts and masks. thieves work quickly stealing more than two dozen firearms. >> they knew that they could drive-in here, and they knew that there wasn't anything structure that would harm them, obviously driving in. >> police say car used in that theft was reported stolen a few days before the burglary. they took 25 guns worth more than five you this dollars.
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the site of the super bowl 50 and new stadium in the nfl is called a safety risk. >> we will tell you issues pilots are having with levi stadium coming up. two students accused of purposely targeting a referee at this foot the ballgame learn their fate. we will have an update for you coming
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eagles say hamstring injury could keep demarco murray out of sunday's game with the jets. bird listed murray as questionable and canceled his meeting after the the injury yesterday. murray was nfl's leading rusher with the cowboys but he struggled in his first two games in eagles green. murray struggles are just part of the problem with the eagles so far this season. sam bradford threw two interceptions last week and this sunday bird played the jets whose defense has ten take aways this season. coach kelly says jets defense is swarming, and opportunistic. >> they are doing a great job taking ball away whether from
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strip, fumbles or interceptions, it is a combination from all of them. per been doing a really good job. but they are talented at all three levels of the defensive side of the ball. >> thursday night football game this week will be a special interest to eagles fans, nfc showdown between giants and redskins. nfl thursday night football getting underway at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. to baseball fightin phillies take on the marlins again in miami fight to go avoid their first 100 loss season in more than a half century. last night marlins beat phillies four-three in 11 innings. marlins, steve gordon drove in the game winner with a double to the right. phillies have the worst record in baseball with 95 losses so far, and ten games left in the season. and new york yankees pitcher makes their policy catcher and baseball icon, yogi berra last night at yankee stadium there were highlights from his spectacular baseball career on the scoreboard and fans, players paid silent tribute.
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berra died yesterday at the age of 90. funeral arrangements for berra have in the yet been announced. five credit are 25 right now. two texas high school football players who attack a referee earl they're month learned their punishment. school officials announced they will spend 75 days in an alternative school and that is not all, an assistant coach who reportedly admitted to ordering the hit could be disciplined and the football season cancel. new on the flip side of the sports, something positive here, a true act of good sport man ship in texas. defensive tackle marconni paul ran in the official but what happens have afterward, he goes back and helps the player back on his feet. at that moment someone snapped this picture going viral on social media. >> i thought about it, when i turned back around and i ran and pick him backup. >> doing the right thing. >> his football coach says he isn't surprised by the act of
5:26 am
of kindness. the official was in the the seriously hurt. such a different situation where the guys in the middle of the scrim, knocking him down and then goes right back to pick him up. >> isn't that nice to see. >> in the heat of the moment. you want to get down there, and get the ball. >> but he did the right thing. >> f a aa has received numerous complaints about the 49ers new stadium. have you heard about this. pilots trying to land at san jose international airport say bright lights from levi stadium scoreboards are blinding at night calling it a safety has air. for their part 49ers say they were unaware of the issues. levi stadium hoped last year and will house super bowl 50. probably want to get that resolved. >> yes. >> this reminder, cbs-3 is home for super bowl 50, the big game is scheduled for sunday february 7th, 2016. all right. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" a look at a school pope francis will be visiting this week, jan. >> reporter: 600 red cross volunteers are expected to ride here in philadelphia,
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from all across the country, today, they've got a plan in place and red cross says you need a plan as well. coming up what you need to do heading down to center city this weekend. >> jan, thanks. woman waiting in line to buy coffee with her daughter becomes a victims of bullying but no one expect her to do what she did next. we will tell you coming up. i'm keeping an eye on the weather which is looking fantastic today but we have got some troubles this weekend we will talk papal visit forecast when we come right back. kyla, meisha has latest road closures and detours for papal visit and your morning commute when we come right back, stay with us.
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good morning, it is thursday, september 24th, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we have a look at how volunteers are helping red cross for the papal visit coming up. jan carabao has that great story for you. adorable video, why the the oregon zoo, my goodness, is saying for those cougar cubs. >> they look fake. >> my gosh. >> their little faces. >> stop it. >> well, we could just watch that for the the next hour and a half. >> yes. >> so cute. >> yes. >> we could watch forever but let's move on,


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