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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, it is thursday, september 24th, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we have a look at how volunteers are helping red cross for the papal visit coming up. jan carabao has that great story for you. adorable video, why the the oregon zoo, my goodness, is saying for those cougar cubs. >> they look fake. >> my gosh. >> their little faces. >> stop it. >> well, we could just watch that for the the next hour and a half. >> yes. >> so cute. >> yes. >> we could watch forever but let's move on, ladies.
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>> yes. >> so cute. >> it the is looking good. 5:30. still early, nicole. we have an accident that cleared out of the way, right a away, no overnight construction other than within place in a couple minutes but looking good, kyla. weather is looking good. >> weather today is fantastic. the only wish is that we could bottle this up and keep it. i will say for weekend but what i want to say is keep it for entire winter until next april, may, i don't know. it will be gorgeous out there. beautiful day. the little trouble toward weekend but plenty of sunshine, warm and lovely, highs near 81 degrees and a clear nice too. in the bad at all. taking a live look at center city, 60 degrees, wind north west at about 6 miles per hour so not bad. storm scan three shows we are off to the races with a beautiful day to day. the here's where trouble is, located to the south, we have a disturbance off the coast of the carolina that is expect to track north. that is why we could see
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cloudy skies and showers throughout the weekend. we have a low pressure system to the the south of us and it will start tracking to the north. problem is as we get to saturday we will see cloud from this. you can see it getting awfully close to philadelphia the question is will it bump high enough for showers on sunday or give us a break. we are keeping an eye on that very closely. today beautiful 81 degrees as a height. seventy-six for your friday. we will see included rolling in the afternoon. the breezy as we get into a saturday too. it will be a little more chillier and breezy and cloudy eras we head toward weekend. sunday is trouble take we could see problems. the it is all about the traffic. everybody is talking about it, meisha. >> they sure are and with good reason. it will be busy. i don't know, it could have been me but i saw a halo around the top of your head, good morning everyone it is still early. here's the vine, looking great here. we are starting to see volume levels build ever so slight
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thely but nothing to be worried b15 before girard everyone traveling around at posted speeds. volume levels are start to go build around cottman, 41 freeway in the north bound direction. looking good here. our freeway friend pulled off to the shoulder not causing any slow downs. too early for. that certainly volume levels as they do starting on 42 freeway and then we have construction. 295 southbound and north bound, ram tops warwick road are closed. all lanes blocked until 6:00 a.m. i will let you know when they clear l me back out of the way so you can get this. this is septa station closures when pope is in town starting tonight at 10:00 p.m., regional rail, alternate, jefferson or 30th, for market frankford, your alternate will be 13th, second, or ninth, broad street line, alternate is walnut, locust and trolley alternate will be 13th street. lots to tell but. ill a's remind you throughout the morning, nicole, over to you. our time 5:33. in business news this morning it is beginning to look like christmas. >> oh, no.
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>> in one major retailer. >> every year it gets earlier and earlier. just more and more frustrating. money watch's jill wagner joins us. we don't want to talk about that but we are hearing investors are expected to learn more about interest rates. the is there more to learn about this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and erika. federal chair janet yellin gives a speech on inflation and machine try policy. markets are looking for a clue that the fed could raise interest rates. fed held off earlier this month. analyst still expect a rate hike likely this year. yesterday another down day for the market, dow jones fell 50, nasdaq down four. volkswagen shares jumped 6 percent after the the company's ceo martin, stepped down. he took full responsibility for emissions rigging scandal but insists he did in the necessity about it. the the auto maker admitted to rigging 11 million diesel vehicles to pass emission tests. the board will meet tomorrow to discuss a new ceo.
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it is a sign summer is really over. macy's, started to put up christmas decorations in years past the retailer is men for its lab break displays, this year consulting group predict holiday sales will jump 4 percent from last year mostly because of on line shopping. erika and nicole. >> that is not even octobery don't want to be a scrooge but i don't need to see christmas trees, or believe signs, you know, before the month of november. >> call me a scrooge. >> i don't think that is scroogey, i'm with you. >> too soon. >> thanks very much. we are switching gears and talking about the the pope. we do want to remind before you we get to jan carabao. >> yes. >> to tweet us using this hashtag right here just in case it wasn't clear, cbs philly pope. >> yes. >> so be sure to let us know. >> get your pictures right on the air here? red cross by the way talking
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about papal visit inn and volunteers there will be available in case someone should run into trouble. >> they have hundreds of volunteers and "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has an update from them from the red cross here in center city. good morning. >> hey, jan. >> good morning. 600 volunteers from all across the the country will be arriving here in philadelphia a today, help the red credits through the papal visit. they will stay a across the the street, through the the entire weekend. they have a plan in mace for whatever happens this weekend. they want you to have a plan in place as well. if you are coming down to center city. that way you can keep your family safe and just as important keep your family together. hope base for red cross in philadelphia is already hopping, and activity here, will only get busier. about 600 volunteers will check in today at 23rd and chestnut street location and prior to day through the the papal visit. some are driving as far away
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as detroit to take part. >> we have volunteers who said i will get in the car and i will drive myself there because it is important for red cross to be responding. >> reporter: the red cross will be two main road this weekend, medical assistance and family reunification. in fact, toll free help line went active overnight to assist visitors who separated from their loved ones navigating philly. >> if you are lost, separate from the family call that number we will have have a team of paper there to reunite you with the family. >> reporter: best betties to have a plan before you step foot in center city. >> there will be two just in this box right here. >> reporter: that is red cross family reunification centers. red cross locations throughout philadelphia that you can set as a family meeting point. despite efforts to improve cell phone reliability around the festival ground the red cross says you need a backup plan in case your phone loses services. >> pick one up as a rallying point. you good tote that parade, say listen, go to this location we will meet you there at the
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that place. >> reporter: of course, you can always ask a police officer for help they will bring you to the nearest center for assistance. >> if you need help cat red cross we're ready and willing. >> reporter: and here that is toll free number the red cross wants everyone in your family to have, take a a good look, (855)259-2114. if you get separated call that number and the red cross will help. now we have that number as well as a full list as family reunification center in the city on our web site, please take a look at that, that web site is cbs just have a plan be prepared. we're reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> big thank to you all of the volunteers in town to help. the the knotted grotto at basilica of saints peter and paul has been a popular place for tourist and the the faithful ahead of the pope's visit. offer night several people were there to write down their
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intentions on pieces of paper. >> just an experience to see the potential, potential opportunity. >> it is bought full. i love all of the ribbons and all of the prayers, and welcoming the pope. >> the grotto will be up throughout the even of the papal visit. >> beautiful scene to walk by there. when it comes to googling about pope francis a philadelphia suburb is second to none. google says most searches about the holy father came from bala cynwyd at least on wednesday, washington tc and three of its suburbs, rounded out top five. saint guess university is on the other side at city line avenue and saint charles seminar any wynnewood is just down the street. >> i think it is wonderful. a lot of people are interested, and good feeling for many, many people and that is great. >> perhaps much of the interest is because the pope is spending the weekend at saint charles seminary, we know he is an early sleeper, he goes to bed at ten and
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maybe wakes up before you, he is up at 4:00 in the morning, nicole. >> pope francis, if you are awake, good morning. big name celebrities in town ahead of the pope's visit. >> mark wahlberg is hosting world meeting of families festival on the parkway. he was spotted yesterday working out at philadelphia sporting club at the bellevue and queen of soul aretha franklin herself a arrived yesterday morning. she told our sister station kyw news radio that singing for the holy father will be the highlight of perfect career. >> i am just thrilled, thrilled, and truly honored, i am going to be almost semi retiring next year and what a way to retire. >> what a way to do it. >> if you see a celebrity in town for the papal visit or on the parkway or maybe at home watching history unfold we do want to hear from you, tweet us at cws philly hashtag cbs philly pope. pope francis will be traveling to new york city later today and among his stops pontiff will visit 120
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year-old catholic school in east harlem. two dozen, third and fourth graders, will get to meet the pope. how exciting for these kid n preparation the students were challenged to follow the pope's footsteps to show how they can help recycle and save the the environment. the children are very excited for that are chance to meet the pope. >> i could not sleep but i was still so happy. >> i was in my house saying yes, yes, i will meet the pope, this is so a nation. >> reporter: our lady queen of angel's survey immigrant community in east harlem. its principal says that is why the the pope chose it. so exciting for those children. of course, count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the papal visit look for live reports, from our david spunt who will be with the pope in new york city. we will brave you live coverage of every event during the pope a's stay here in philadelphia, this weekend. pope francis's trip to america is really a blessing for one california bakery.
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the the airline chartering the flights in the u.s. has chosen rustic crackers as a perfect snack for the pope while he jet sets to washington, new york and then to philadelphia rustic bakery and cafe was busy making hand crafted crackers last week but workers got the most unusual phone call. >> they came running in the office we got chosen for the the pope, so very exciting day. >> it was probably a prank call. they shipped out that are sour dough cracker and rose marie crustini. imagine getting that phone call. >> that sound delicious by the way. >> rose man rye crustini. also a remind are our papal special airs tonight at 7:00 on cbs-3. join ukee washington and jessica dean live on the parkway as the city prepares for the pope. also our pat ciarrocchi will explore the pope's history with those who knew him well, that is tonight at 7:00 p.m. right here on cb s3.
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how irish weekend ace expected in wildwood. can't forget about that. you know friend are often co-workers sometimes but these ups delivery drivers share another special one. if you need inspiration for your morning run, this is it hear from a 100 year-old man who is setting track and field record. >> look at him go. >> just amazing.
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the clock preparations for papal visit are kicking up into high gear. a lot of folks out right now. workers set up rack is a long the perimeter of the parkway overnight. just two days until the pope arrives right here in philadelphia. in washington today pope francis will deliver the first ever papal address to a joint meeting of congress. holy father is expect to dress climate change and immigration. francis leaves for new york this afternoon. septa's encouraging those riding rails to the papal events this week toned get ride to the train station first, don't drive, because parking is there are limited. employees will be giving out the water and snacks to those standing in long lines which is great the because 20,000 people are expected to use the paoli line. >> thank goodness for snacks. >> and water. >> organizers say papal visit is impaneling north wildwood irish festival too. >> many police and fire fighters have to work this weekend. twenty-fourth annual festival kicking off anyway as scheduled running through sunday but because of the papal visit the police and
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fire fight and drums had to canceled their performance at the festival. organizers say the event will go on as usual and big crowds are expected anyway. let's hope they have a nice day, nice weekend, kyla, we are hoping that rain just head south. >> i know, it is tough. we will get to that in a few moments. let get to the eyewitness whither watcher. let's start with the cooler observations. 41 degrees where eileen is in gilbertsville, pa. she has got some relatively clear skies. she says each morning is cooler and cooler and she loves this season. you know what, that is a a good way to i am breeze it. i will head closer to philadelphia, in cherry hill, 54 degrees where lynn is, and we will say good morning to you, lynn. she says hey, officially cold, she has to close the the window when she got out from underneath the blankets. it is a bit of the different feeling but it is the time we are supposed to feel it. we are heading to fall, fall feeling. and 80's. we will the not be feeling fall will today but you can
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see 07's across the the next few days they are on its heels. they are currently at 63 degrees in philadelphia 48 in allentown. and down the shore, 62 barnegat light, 54 in cape may, and just a head up for those living down the shore, there is a high rip current risk today and it is nice, heading down to the beach, make sure you are aware. we have stronger wind. it is gusty. live look at storm scan three shows we are nice and clear but we were mentioning we have some trouble heading our way this weekend. here's why. it is this disturbance, that is right down to the south, off of the carolina coastline right now and that is expected to travel up the coast and that is the problem, folks, that will bring clouds and potentially also some rain on sunday toward us. the right new we are dealing with high pressure. in the bad at all. as we get into friday we will see sun turning to clouds and then saturday we will get breezy, cloudy and sunday we could see shower chances a as this start to push up the coast. it is getting close. will it give us a break and
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staying further south. i'm hoping so. saturday 74 and breezy. sunday we could see a shower in there. today though gorgeous. 81 degrees. beautiful tonight. nice and clear. low of 59. looking at our seven day forecast you can see it is not bad. we will feel fall like today with you we will feel fall like as we head in the weekend. however, on the other side of this i see another 80-degree day which my friend meisha with like very much, because she loves the 80's. >> yes, i do you don't even know. i have a permanent grin every time you say. that good morning everyone. happy thursday to you. road are looking nice, that is a really nice, addition to the good news in terms of the weather and traffic. ninety-five south, near the airport, we have a steady flow. we are building as we push toward the 6:00 o'clock hour when we see levels build. blue route southbound at ridge pike also looking good. steady flow. everyone still traveling at that area at posted speeds and quick look at the platt bridge, to and from the airport looking good there. you can see how dark it is.
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with the pope coming, yeah, first septa closures tonight at 10:00 p.m., i will back out of the way, your regional rail alternate is jefferson or 30th. market frankford alternate 13th, second or ninth, broad street alternate walnut, locust, trolley alternate 13th street, and i know that is a lot but i will update you all morning long, nicole over to you you. three orphan cuter cubs are making progress under the watchful eye of oregon. >> this is just too much. they were discovered abandoned in washington just last week. check this out. >> that is right. >> experts say those ten day old cubs would not have have survived in the wild but vets are now bottle feeding them every four hours. oregon zoo keepers are placing cubs with other zoos as soon as those little cubs are healthy enough but ten days old, come on. >> their little face. >> and cuddles, feeding, just too much. >> yes. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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except one in florida is true brown. >> two ups drivers joe clemens and knoll have been best friend for 25 years. after delivering thousands of packages, the biggest delivery was to each other. joe gave knoll a kidney. >> i wish i would have done it sooner, i really do, but i finally got around to getting tested.
5:54 am
>> real kidney failure. >> when you hear those word it is like what, really. he said i went and got tested and i'm a match to give you a kidney. it shocked me. >> wow. >> now coincidently, clemens wife joey also donated a kidney saving her best friend's life years ago. >> wow. >> between the two of them what a couple. >> what a great friendship too. >> one guy first action i wish i would have done it sooner. >> i necessity. >> so wonderful. >> also this is a great story, california track star is putting other athletes to shane. >> those past his half too. don is a hundred years old. >> never know it. >> no. >> he just set five world record, that is six at his events in senior track. he have missed on the pole vault because his home does not have anything to practice. don says he just likes to win. >> i like to do it when i have been competing with you for last 20 years and i'm getting sick have of looking at your back.
5:55 am
>> getting sick of looking at his back. he have raced a hundred meters 30 years younger and paced the finish line and the shattered the world record for his age group by more than three seconds. that is a lot. >> that is a lot of times. >> he is a hundred years old. >> in amazing shape. >> look at this. >> michigan mom buying coffee hears a ear full of insults directed at her. >> instead of getting in than a argument she pay is it for buying mean customers their morning cup of joe. diana was with her toddler waiting in the line at local coffee shop for cappuchino. a a as she waited two men with middle-aged women started whispering about her. >> look at her hair, you know, it is nasty looking and roots are coming through, she's a whale, the whale needs to eat. >> who says that. >> goodness gracious. >> she said insults stung. she lost 177-pound. now women, complete strangers, were unaware of her previous
5:56 am
weight. and also una aware of manners. she just wanted to set a better example by paying it forward rather than impulse of lashing out at that duo. what she says is that. >> what a struggle to for her daughter. >> yeah. >> you want to say something. >> good for her. >> go with the high road. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" another historic day for pope francis in america as he delivers the first ever papal address to a joint meeting of congress. we are live in washington d.c. with the preview. if you plan to head to the benjamin fran lynn parkway when he sees the pope, we have some health tips for you to make sure you stay safe. you have to be warm and take care of your health. we will be right back.
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good morning, pope francis has another busy day here in america, first we will make history on capitol hill and then later on in new york city. he was out late last night greeting face full before turning in for the night. and pope will arrive in philadelphia in just two days and preparations on the parkway, we are live with a look at what you need to bring to papal event. hopefully it won't rain
6:00 am
when pope is in town but we are tracking a chance of rain on sunday and i know, kyla, we have our fingers crossed here looking at storm scan three. >> yes, clearly. >> of course, pope francis continues to make history during his visit here, it is thursday, september 24th, good morning, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. pontiff becomes first leader of the catholic church to ever address a joint meeting of congress. cbs correspondent don champion joins us now down in washington with the details for us, good morning. >> good morning, erika and nicole. for the most part lawmakers on capitol hill have have agreed to hear the pope out today but if yesterday is any indication the pope won't be afraid to weigh in on tough issues even before this tough crowd. pope francis will take his message to a divided capitol hill today, in the first ever papal address before a joint meeting of congress. >>


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