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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  September 24, 2015 11:50pm-12:53am EDT

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by cbs sports division clear. >> odell beckham jr. career began 15 games ago with 14 touchdown that is most of any
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wide receiver in the national football league. in that span. helped the giants to the first win there. are no after we saw kickoff to week number three on thursday night football. rich with steve, marshall, curt and michael. odell beckham jr. got it done when giants target him tonight. >> yeah. we talked about it. we knew this was such a big stage. this is just a stage that eli seems to show off on. he brought his pocket with him. odell beckham jr. made the star of the team. he was the star. they played when he needed to make plays. he also got help from his supporting cast we talked a lot about that. in order for him to continue to make plays like this all year, other people were going to have to step up and help support the star. reuben randall did that. but he is definitely the star right thereof new york giants. >> let's give credit where
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credit is due on defensive side. defensive coordinator without robert ayers and jpp, our playing against leading rushing team in the national football league. we held them to what, 26 yards rushing until that last play. alfred morris was 19 yards, that was your pick. talking about matt jones rookie only 38 yards. that defense did great job took them. >> offensive ly a clean pocket for eli manning. a clean sheet for the offensive line. >> no sacks on eli manning. his offensive line they juggle some guys. left tackle ereck flowers is out. move guys around to get the job done. washington redskins got after the st. louis rams and miami dolphins. eli was -- he was clean. offensive line did great job. >> did he. talked how eli stepped up on the
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big stage. been exactly opposite for kirk cousins. waiting for him to step up make those big plays, he had couple of opportunities in this game early on that one there, he was beat, had chance for touchdown another one here. you have to find ways to make those plays in the big moments when you are starting in the national football league. >> odell beckham jr. is going to join the mazda postgame show at metlife where we find jim nantz and phil simms. >> we're still rolling over that. >> they committed three turnovers tonight, giants didn't. you heard coach. they got out what they do best running the football. 6 yards rushing to the last play. >> phil: well, lot of things.
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they made so many mistakes they much sloppy, didn't look motivated, you have to be ready to go. we thought they would just by listening to them and talking about it. that was the big thing. jim, they run the football. but this league no matter who you are running the football there's going to be three or four games you have to win by throwing it. they had those chances. kurt warner was talking about them, i thought he missed three or four throws that were really important in the first half. that could have changed the team around. >> jim: next week, baltimore at pittsburgh of course ravens have their home opener sunday coming home at 0-2 going against cincinnati team. they got another divisional game coming up next thursday against the steelers who will have lavian bell in the lynn up to take on st. louis. always intense battle. >> phil: it is. of course, i'm excited to go watch that offense for pittsburgh steelers, just what they do and how wide open. we're going for two points all the time. that's going to be fun.
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great scene in pittsburgh. i know that rivalry, we know, that it is true, don't have to hype it they truly don't like each other from top to bottom of those organizations. which makes it fun. >> jim: nothing makes you happier when there's lot of animosity in the air. look forward to sharing it with you next week. that's wrap from here in new jersey where the giants have won it come up next on cbs your local news except on the west coast don't miss late show with steven colbert followed by late late show with james corden on cbs. for more football the mazda postgame show will continue on nfl network. for phil and tracy and mike this is jim nantz saying so long from the meadowlands. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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♪ >> right now on "eyewitness news", we're just a little more than one day away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia. this is a live look it's a the ben franklin parkway. it is quite now, but soon it will be filled with thousands of faithful hoping to catch a
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glimpse of the holy father. pope francis is spending the night in new york city and earlier he led evening prayers at saint patrick's cathedral. pope francis arrived in new york after a history-making trip to our nation's capitol. good evening, thanks for staying up late with us, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. crowds lined fifth avenue in manhattan hoping to see the pontiff if only for a second much the pope is now three days into his historic tour of the united states. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more now from outside saint patrick's cathedral in new york. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, pope francis is probably asleep right now it's been reported he goes to bed about 9:00 o'clock and wakes up early. he has a busy today and he had busy day he started before a joint metering of congress and he finished here in new york before 2500 people here at the historic saint patrick's cathedral. pope francis was also smiles when he landed at the airport in new york thursday evening after two day trip to washington. he met with children from around the city. >> it was the most precious
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moment of my life. >> reporter: holy father board add helicopter and landed in manhattan thousands packed fifth avenue to get a close look of the pope on his way to saint patrick's cathedral. the 78-year-old greeted governor andrew cuomo and others before heading inside for vespers. evening prayer. ♪ >> reporter: after the service governor cuomo told "eyewitness news" that philadelphia is in for a treat this weekend. >> with all the expectations the reality was even better. there is an energy that comes off this man where you know you're in the presence of greatness. >> reporter: others waited for hours after were special guests who stood on the cathedral ste steps. >> i'm jewish so my husband is catholic so which was you it was actually kind of different for me to be there, but it was very inspirational. >> reporter: pope francis known to be a man of sim miss is the got into the papal fiat not a fancy limousine. he'll spend the night at a homerun by the archdiocese but
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he has busy day tomorrow and his followers weren't wait to see what's in store. >> for a man in his 70s i'd love to have his allergy when i get there one day. i hope he gets a good night's rest. >> reporter: the pope will address the general assembly of the united nations. he held to ground zero and visit school children in harlem and end his day with a mass in front of 20,000 people at madison square garden. i'll be here tomorrow covering every angle. reporting in new york, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> before head to go new york pope francis made history in our nation's capitol he became the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of congress. he received a standing ovation on capitol hill. did he not shy away from hot button issues. he called on a blown of the death penalty and defended the sanctity of life on immigration francis called for greater understanding of those who come to the u.s. looking for a better life. >> we must not be taken a back
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by the numbers but rather view them as persons seeing their faces and listening to their stories. >> reporter: after his speech pope francis finish his day in washington greeting parishioners at a local church. he also met with the homeless and charity workers. meanwhile, here in philadelphia, preparations for the pope's visit are being finalized with major security measures in place the excitement is building. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco takes look at all the action happening in center city. >> reporter: a night before the eve of the pope's arrival and hundreds flocked to the basilica to place a prayer in the grotto where he'll celebrate saturday morning mass. >> it's beautiful. it's very exciting. people are praying for each other. it's wonderful. >> amazing to see so many prayers go up and so many here to help each other prayer. >> reporter: the city seemed
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quiet. many heading out before final security barricades were in place. secret service could be seen moving in and homeland security already stationed along the parkway. water and generator lined the streets. like many colleen and her daughter from havertown took an evening ride in to see what they won't be able to get close to this weekend. >> this is a once in a lifetime and for the city it's just gre great. >> reporter: where are you going to be this weekend? >> watching it on tv probably. >> reporter: while some businesses have closed others are embracing the moment. the franklin fountain will be serving pope francis' flavor for the weekend a caramelized banana sunday created especially for the pope's dinner by request of the chef at saint charles borromeo seminary. in the mold of the seminary itself a collectors item from 194. >> the serving the pope is the most hum link incredible experience of our confection nary career. >> reporter: while residents
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did seem to leave the city early on thursday, we did see an influx of people coming in for the weekend and ready to see hope francis. in center city, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> now let's get to some very important information for drivers and those who will be in the city. right now, the secure perimeter and secure vehicle perimeter are in effect. take look at this map. no cars are allowed in the area shaded in red and dark gray. only residents, business owners and authorized personnel will be permitted into that red area. tomorrow morning at 6:00, metal detectors will be operating for anyone traveling into the secure perimeter from 20th street to 12th street. and then tomorrow morning at 8:00, the authorized vehicle routes begin. there will be no vehicle access on the roads highlighted in orange. the medical community also getting ready for the expected surge of people. today they set up first eight and medical tents across the city. there will be 13 tents in total.
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the one you see here bite altar on the parkway is expected to be the busiest. the pop up hospital has advanced live support equipment and in addition to these tents there are also five hospitals within the zone. pilgrims already in town for the world meeting of families cannot wait for the chance to see pope francis this weekend. today was day three of the gatheringathering at the pennsya convention center. catholics are attending lectures covering family issues like raising children, taking care of aging parents, dealing with finances and even divorce. today the focus was on intimacy. >> talking about who we are and what it means to be a man and what means to be a woman. and i think really being able to open that dialogue of just being able to really embrace who we were made to be because we'll be able to set the world on fear. >> many pilgrims have traveled very long distances to be in the presence of pope francis this weekend. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of this historic event. david spunt once again will be in new york with the pope
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haven't live reports from the day tomorrow and we'll bring you live coverage all weekend long of all the major events during the pontiff's television and streaming live online at less than two days away from the pope's arrival and we are continuing to watch a storm system that could bring us some rain. meteorologist kate bilo has updated information about this weekend's forecast. kate, this is just coming in to you. >> this is indeed jess a the good thing about us going on late after the game the newest gfs model has just come out and really doesn't have anything new for us. a bit wet but later sunday night. so this is the storm that's going to be an impact maker for us as we head into the weakener lot of rain just streaming into the deep south. south carolina and over toward the atlanta area where they're getting soak at the moment. so this is the storm that's going to be lifting up the coast as we head into the weekend. so starting on saturday, you'll really feel that breeze pick up. in fact even tomorrow afternoon the wind will pick up a bit as we get this pressure gradient between the high to the north and the low to the south and then just starting to brush the
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area late in the day sunday. i do want to stress the week send not a complete wash out. i think we'll see even a few peeks of sunshine especially on saturday but it will be breezy, it will be cool and again that chance for rain. let's talk about your friday morning when you wake up, later this morning, 65 degrees at 7am. 9:00 a.m. some sunshine breezy at 68 and then the clouds start to roll in in fact i'll show you this on future weather as we head into the afternoon friday the clouds really increase. they'll stick around during much of the day then saturday notice 8:00 a.m. saturday seeing some break in the clouds and maybe a little bit of sunshine. but as we said into sunday evening that we will see the chance for little bit of rain to come in i'll have more on that in just a moment. in the meantime a comfy night temperature in the low 60s right now and cooler air on the way through the weekend as well your full forecast coming up in just a bit. for now ukee back over to you. >> kate, see you shortly thank you. now a story scene first on three last night. a grieving family is pleading for justice while authorities are looking into the death of a man in wheelchair in wilmington. our natasha brown reports.
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>> reporter: make shift memorial illuminates the scene where 28 yeared jeremy mcdole lost his life. wilmington police were call to the 1800 block of tulip street wednesday afternoon. responding to a call of a man with a gun and self inflicted gunshot wound. >> put your hands up! >> th in this video you see officers surrounding the wheelchair bound mcdole. continuously asking him to drop the gun and put your hands up. then you hear a rapid succession of gunfire. >> watch the video. they shot my son so much. he's in a wheelchair. he fell out of the chair on the ground. >> victim's mother has seen the video and demanding answers saying the video never shows her son with a gun. >> when the officers engaged him they were able to see that he had a weapon and information prior to them getting there was that he had inflicted injury upon himself with a handgun. >> reporter: the city's mayor and other officials held a news conference vowing to launch a
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full scale investigation into this police involved shooting. while family members continue to grieve their loved one at this vigil. >> that's my friend and it needs to be some justification going on around here. >> reporter: four officers involve in the shooting investigation have been placed on administrative duty pending the out come of this case. meantime family members are now asking phrased federal investigation as well. at the wilmington police department, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". tonight philadelphia police are investigate a stabbing that left one man dead in center city. police say a 47-year-old man was killed as he walked to work on broad and cherry streets thursday morning. the man's department at the at the has not been row he is looed investigators are hoping surveillance video will help them identify a suspect. chaos in the streets after a charter bus and a ride the ducks boat collides. >> tonight the question, what went wrong? what we're learning about the victims in this crash. we'll have details for you coming up. also ahead, this is team work in act. why for one local group of
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children a new playground means more than just a fun time. also this. a hockey legend and broad street bully bernie parent reveals a secret he's been living with since his days on the flyers. >> i didn't feel right. >> i'm health reporter stephanie stahl. why he was embarrassed and how he fixed it next. >> the eagles are far from perfect but they are against the jets. up next why a trip to the meadowlands may be what the doctor ordered. that's coming up in sports. >> and coming up in tonight after "eyewitness news" it's the late toe show with stephen colbert. welcomes mariah shriver, author andrew sullivan, comedian jim gaff any began and archbishop thomas we for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this.
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>> new information tonight about this deadly crash in seattle involving a ride the ducks boat and a charter bus. we've now learned that the four people killed in the accident were international students who were on the bus and headed to college orientation. at least eight other others were critically injured in that crash which happened on bridge over a
12:15 am
lake. the cause of the crash is under investigation. texas football coach accused of of ordering his players to writ referee resign. matt breed was an assistant coach at john j. high school in san antonio. he admitted ordering two of his players to hit the ref to make him pay for alleged racist comments and calls. the players were suspended and are now attending an alternative high school. a flyers legend has em bar afghanistan problem shared by many men and turned cosmetic procedure to look and feel better. on the cbs3 health watch tonight health reporter stephanie story has his story and more of the growing number of men partaking in the treatment. >> at the age of 70 bernie parent finally likes the way his chest looks. >> i always felt funny taking my shirt off going to the beach and whatever the situation, and i've been feeling that way for long time. >> bernie who proudly wears his
12:16 am
two stanley cup rings had gynecomastia enlarged male breasts back in the '70's he was embarrassed about his chest. >> i just didn't feel right. >> man boobs. they need a manssiere to wear. >> cherry hill police sake surgeon steve davis whose heard all the negative comments has a non surgical solution. >> this chamber is what gets really really cold. >> cold sculpting an f definitely a approved treatment that dissolves fat, a non invasive alternative to liposuction traditionally used for spot fat reduction on bellies and thighs it. >> doesn't look right. it's more track tiff if i get rid of it. >> dave who lives in wildwood crest is getting the treatment. >> if there's an easy way to get rid of that, why not? >> during the procedure, fat is sucked into the applicator. the cold temperature is targeted to fat which is destroyed while the surrounding skin and tissue aren't affected. >> how does this feel? does it hurt? >> not now when it first went on it felt a little uncomfortable. >> reporter: both sides can be
12:17 am
done at the same time. it takes an hour for the procedure and a couple of months to see the final results. here are some before and after comparisons from dr. davis. >> what happens to the fat? where does it go? >> the fat actually gets dissolved by your body. >> cool sculpting is the quintessential non invasive body sculpting technique. >> reporter: what's bernie says has him feeling fine about taking off his shirt now. dr. davis says he's still healing after two treatments and will probably see more of a reduction. >> it's a beautiful thing? >> beautiful thing. life is good. >> here are his reports so far. >> best thing i've ever done for my body. really turn out good. >> when you look at yourself in the mirror now -- >> i say hello, baby. (laughter). >> reporter: millions of men have gynecomastia caused by age, weight, steroids and even some over the counter indigestion medications. cool sculpting that can cause numbness costs about $1,500 per session. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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tolls night volunteers come together to give students something they have never had before a play ground. antonio charter school in north philadelphia more than 200 volunteers gathered to build this play ground. community groups, sixers players and even nuns in town for the papal visit. the students had been using a classroom as their gym. that is a welcomed change. that's beautiful. >> nicely done. >> beautiful day out there to be building a play ground. >> oh yeah. >> i know we're hoping they'll be able to use it and people will stay dry this weekend but we'll see. >> too bad we couldn't keep this weather in town. >> i know. >> seems like the storm targeting us just in time for this big papal visit and it does look like most the weekend will be dry. that's what i'll leave with. that's got news. but we do is it still have the chance for little bit of rain especially later on sunday. the big world meeting of families papal mass is sunday afternoon and that does look like it could get a bit wet. it's not going to be a washout. doesn't look like as of now even with the latest information that just came in. let's take a look. we'll take you our parkway cam
12:19 am
again. getting prepped for major weekend here in philadelphia. parkway looking good all lit up tonight. no problems out there on logan circle for now and the weather is quiet and you know it will be pretty quiet through the weekend as well. we're thinking about it earlier today and even on day like today when it's warm and it's sunny a lot of people doing that long walk some people walking miles it gets a little hot, overwhelming in the sun sheen so the cloud cover will actually help it will keep us cooler and calm through the weekend. let's take look at storm scan3. no problems out there. a few clouds starting to drift in and those clouds will thicken as we get into the day tomorrow. all thanks to this storm. looking at it all day long the center of the low just off the coast of south carl. spinning a lot of moisture back into the deep south and this will make a slow progression to the north as we go through the next couple of days and eventually reach us by sunday. so your temperatures right now across the region not quite as cool as last night but we're seeing low 60s in doylestown and bensalem also in millville, new castle at 65 degrees right now. future weather this is our latest run of our in house model
12:20 am
called the rpm model. what it's going to show you this is one of our drier solutions. so this is not gospel here but this is what could happen on a good scenario the storm lifts to the north watch what happens saturday afternoon a few clouds increase but the rain on this particular model misses us to the south and even sunday a few showers try to creep in few more clouds but the worst of it stays to the south. with high pressure to the north and that low, we are going to get a strong gusty wind will set up you can definitely bet on it being a breezy weekend of the ooh even tomorrow evening winds gusting over 20 miles an hour in the city. saturday in the afternoon winds 22 miles an hour at 2:00 p.m. over 30 miles per hour down the shore. so it does turn a bit windy through the weekend. a look at our comparison two different mode models as far asw much rain could fall through monday evening. much of this could be shifted into the overnight hours sunday night. the gfs with a half inch of rain european model lower. less than .2. and the good news even on wettest scenario which is the gfs the one i was talking about that just came out the latest
12:21 am
run it looks very very similar to earlier runs where the rain does start to creep in but it's mostly after the pope is wheels up and out of here sunday evening. so by 7:00 o'clock sunday even our wettest solution only less than a tenth of an inch here of rain in philadelphia. that's good news. the rain comes in steadier through the overnight hours. so as of right now, it does not look like it's going to be a big deal for us as far as rain is concerned. let's break it down as far as the events are concerned. saturday 10:30 a.m. celebration of mass clouds and some breaks of sun in the bad at all. 68 degrees. 7:00 p.m. for the festival of families looks good as well on sunday 9:30 it's just cloudy and breezy. a bit cool at 67. 4:00 p.m. that's when we've got to watch for a few showers or light rain creeping in but again the further we get tour the weekend the door it looks the chance for rain creeping in especially at that time. bring the rain gear but definitely doesn't look like it's going to be instead steady driving rain through the mass. few clouds comfortable, 60 for your friday sunshine early in the day and then those clouds will thicken through the afternoon and your "eyewitness
12:22 am
weather" seven day forecast, well, notice it's cooler and cloudy through the weekend but it's comfortable. we've got that gusty breeze, temperatures in the low 70s. then next week right back to the weather we had today near 80 monday and back to pat 80 by tuesday. eat side of this weekend looks great. just the weekend that's a problem. we'll figure a way out though. >> we will. kate thanks. >> time for your thursday/friday morning sports. >> yeah, right. that time of night. demarco murray status for sunday is uncertain but his start to the season is historic. historically bad. quite a long time since the nfl has seen something like this. we'll break it all down next in sports.
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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a subaru. >> the season is two weeks old. you've seen the bad and the ugly but this sunday we could see the good. why, because the eagles have never lost to the jets in the regular season. nine and zero mark the most wins by a team that is undefeated against a single opponent in the nfl. demarco murray has had miserable start. unfair to call him out specifically because the offensive line play assure huge role in his success or lack thereof but the numbers alarming he's the first reigning rushing champion to have 11 yards or fewer in his first two games since doug russell in 1936. i know you guys remember that. let's look at some other things that happened that year. franklin d. roosevelt was leck to do his second term he went on to serve two more. whoever dam opened. jesse owe once won four gold medals at the olympic in berlin and ppa would be proud. in 1936, the first parking meter was invented hash tag parking
12:27 am
wars. good i covered all of that. (laughter). >> eagles play the jets on sunday demarco may be park on the bench with a bad hamstring he's listed as questionable. more love for backups ryan matthews and corrine sproles. chip kelly was asked about his back field without murray. >> always have to have depth at running back and that was always the plan for us. so, you know, we got a tremendous confidence in ryan and also in darrin sproles if demarco can't go but i'm not -- we're not putting anything on anything now. we'll see how does he tomorrow and saturday. he won't go today and we'll see how does he tomorrow and saturday to make determination whether he'll play on sunday. >> more nfc east loving for you thursday night football from the meadowlands eli manning going deep to o'dell beckham, jr. giants pick up their first win of the season 32-21 your final. final countdown 10 games left in the phillies season while cities like new york, chic shock and st. louis are talking playoffs, we're just hoping the phils can
12:28 am
go six and four and avoid losing a hundred games. the phils with some good pitc pitching from alec asher they came the marlins. rookie he came over in that cole hamels trade going seven innings allowing three hits, punching out four. asher came zero-four with an era over nine. only hit he gave up -- or one of the hits was to jt and it was a triple to right. brought in the only run of the game. phillies lose one to zero. asher falls to zero-five. high school game from texas kid lines up for an extra point and it's good. but take a look at this view. you can see exactly what happened. ball goes off the official's dome bees knocks his hat off goes off the up right and in. right there. >> point. >> that's just the way you draw it up. >> i like how the ref just kind of walk it off. >> he took it like a champ. >> i can watch that over and over again. >> that's called smart in the
12:29 am
morning. >> thank you buddy.
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here's the story worth staying up late for. >> all right. feast your eyes on this. yes. this. oregon zoo taking care of three very cute cubs. they're just learning how to get around at 10 days old. a little wobbly. once they're able to survive on their own they'll move on to new
12:32 am
home. two females and one male have spotted coats, baby blue eyes and some surprisingly big voices. they'll also probably be surprisingly big. >> yes, they will. >> not too far from now. we'll be right back. grrr!
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once again thanks for staying up late for us. for don, kate and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is neck. >> have a good night
12:36 am
oh, oh, oh! hey captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: whooo! (cheers and applause) thank you very much! yeah! whooo! welcome to the show, everybody! thank you. sit down, everybody. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen stephen!
12:37 am
(cheers and applause) >> stephen: i have to say, you may not even know this but that is very fitting that you are chanting my name because you are joining me for a very special episode of the late show with, i'm your very special host stephen colbert. and folk, pope francis is in america. can you feel it! can you feel it? (cheers and applause) there is-- there is certain electricity in the air and the nation's 70 million catholics have the kind of excitement we we usually don't have unless we asking forgiveness for it afterwards. (laughter) and tonight, and tonight our entire show is dedicated to pope francis's historic visit to the usa. it's an hour-long so it might be the shortest catholic service you'll ever sit through. (laughter) and-- (applause) >> yes, i did deed i
12:38 am
remember those. >> stephen: with united facials also in town traffic sin tense in new york. to get here tonight i left home on december 19th. (laughter) >> stephen: but it was worth it, folks t is with all the humility that the pope has shown that i say we've got a great show for you tonight. first up, i have a generous bouquet of american catholic andrew sullivan, maria shriver and jim gaffigan will be hear tonight. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: yeah. you definitely picked the wrong day to advertise on my show "schwartzman's all natural-matzoh" then i talk with the archbishop thomas whenski, i'll ask if anyone has asked to build a ark yet. that is the heavenly beast of jon batiste an stay human, say hi, everybody. (cheers and applause)
12:39 am
>> hello, everybody. yes, indeed. >> stephen: but before we go on to the show, one more thing, facebook went down briefly today which means that for several minutes all across the country, something got done. (applause) tonight, i welcome jim gaffigan, maria shriver, andrew sullivan, archbishop thomas wenski. the ymca jerusalem youth chorus, featuring jon batiste and stay human and now it's time for the late show with stephen
12:40 am
colbert! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thanks, everybody, thank you, jon batiste. thank you, joe. thank you, jon. thank you. folks, i am, i am excited, no, more than that, i am blessed that you are all here for our special pope show. we're going to pope it up. we have been getting ready for this for a month. in fact we made a special pope show opening am jim, the popening. >> tour defrancis, a new pope, i heart ny holy c, humblefest to 16. -- 2016. >> i think that's kind of cool. but now that he's here and i see how modest the pope is being i realize i need something a little less
12:41 am
flashy. so let's try something else here. okay. welcome. (applause) that's my kind of incense. now for those of you who are unfamiliar with cathol sim, first of all, enjoy an eternity in limbo. secretary, i second you might be saying to yourself what's all the fuss about, after all isn't the pope just an ol guy in a dress who says he talks to god. there was a guy like on on my train this morning. well, let's take a moment right now to explore what makes the holy father so holy fascinating in tonight's the dope on the
12:42 am
pope. the pope is the leader of the catholic church and the head of state for vatican city. it is my favorite autonomous enclave within a major city, right after the dallas airport chilis 2. his holiness is known by pain names, il papa, bishop of rome, vicar of christ, supreme pontiff and on world of warcraft, athrog the death hammer. (laughter) the papacy itself got its start 2,000 years ago when jesus told his apostle who was then called simon, quote, simon bar jonah, thoughu art pet are and upon this rock i will build my church, and that is how the apostle simon became peter "the rock" have son. because peter was hired by jesus himself. each of his successors has a direct link to god. it's one of the pain benefits to being a pope along with comprehensive dental and infallibility which is only when the pope
12:43 am
is speaking ex cathedra or from the seat of st. peter, but if are you just hanging out casually and the pope says the godfather iii is a worthy conclusion to the triology, feel free to call bull. and while this pope seems like a pretty solid dude, the popes of the past have been a bit of a mixed bag. there were the three popes of avignon, the borgias who loved their orgies, the pitt call female pope joan and the brief but hilarious reign of pope ralph. skipping ahead, skipping ahead to the -- century one of the most transform difficult popes was pope john 23 shown here in the with the cape with da fur. john the 23rd eversaw the dramatic reforms of the 2nd vatican council or as it is more kponly known vatican 2 the fast and the an city
12:44 am
national. john the 23rd is the role model of pope francis who as we taped it is touching down at new york's kennedy airport, assuming he made it through security. the flowing robe and religious head gear are tsa bail. of course tomorrow is the big event, a mass at madison square garden. it's going to be unforgetable when his holiness dunks off a trampoline. he could be-- he could be the first pope ever to pull off a 3 of 0 tomahawk baptism-- but shebang. but his holiness started his day in our nation's capitol where he became the first pontiff to address a joint session of congress. >> the people of israel. >> stephen: i have to clear suping really quickly,
12:45 am
catholics do not speak in tongues. that was just his accent. and while there were things the pope said today that both sides of the aisle approved or disapproved of, there was one moment that brought the whole congress together. >> let us remember the golden rule. do unto others as you-- (applause) >> stephen: whooo! who! yeah! do unto others, yeah! -- i'm sure that's the enof the saying. moving on! something congress can live by. and after the speech, he had lunch with the homeless instead of the leaders of congress, possibly cuz he wanted to eat with people who were less likely to beg him for donations. and-- (cheers and applause)
12:46 am
folks, i think that is so refreshing. even though pope francis is a huge celebrity now, he's staying true to his humble nature. he is eschewing any kblits glilingts and glamor not coming on the tv shows, but i want you to know the door is always open, and should the mood strike you i'm ready for you here in the ed sullivan. i still have, i still have, i still have the humble-- the popechair. (applause) you will not find a humbleer popechair. and if you can't make it, i understand, you're a busy guy. but i want you to know i'm going to be pretty mad if i see you getting day drunk with hoda and kathy lee. stick around. we have a celebrity pope panel you're not going to want to miss.
12:47 am
>> the late show with stephen colbert sponsored by warner brother's pictures "the intern" in theaters everywhere tomorrow.
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>> stephen: hey, everybody. absolutely beautiful. welcome back, everybody, we
12:51 am
return you now to tonight's special pope-isode already in progress. longer than i thought. welcome, frank. now in addition to his vast humility one of the reasons the pope is so popular is he decried the rise of what is called a throw away culture, that compares the excesses of capital imto the dung of the devil. and do not underestimate the devil's dung. the only food they have in hell is doority owes loco crunch wrap. it's an inspiring message of shunning material possessions which americans can now honor by buying crap. >> the official papal visit merchandise store is now open here in the lobby of the aramark tower. prices range from $5 for a pope medallion do $70 for the pullovers, and crystal
12:52 am
rosary bead force $200. many local businesses are coming up with clever ways to cash in on all things pope related. >> pope fan sis pictures, t-shirts, coffee mugs, mass cards and even pope francis cologne for 30 dollars. >> stephen: yes, pope francis cologne because what is more forbidden than smelling like a 78-year-old kel i batman. (laughter) hmmmm-- celibate man. oh. (applause) some of the official papal merch include plates, jewelry, and this postcard size tray of fine porcelain with real gold rim featuring a tweet from pope francis. yes, a tweet from the pope. this will go great with my dinner plate of mother theresa's duckface snapchat. but-- (laughter) there's also the


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