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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning, okay, if you don't have to drive into the city, just don't. it is a traffic nightmare this morning in philadelphia. many roads shutdown overnight, hours ahead of schedule, just a monumental mess out there right now. >> i can a test to. that will hey, even before pope francis arrives here in philadelphia, you've got busy day ahead in new york with the pontiff has scheduled in the big a.m. >> i good morning, it is friday, september 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> what a way into work. >> for everyone in the building. >> just putting out there. giving you warning now. all nicole brewer. thankfully, meisha is their guide us through the roadways this morning, good morning. >> i am. good morning, nicole, it is teamwork, isn't it? we're all going to get together through this one way or another, that's right. good morning, everyone, yep,
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the traffic, i'll have all of the updates coming up, and they're all changing as i speak. so it will be an interesting morning, kyla. >> if you made it to work today, you have got my respect. it was not easy. and i live right by the parkway, so little jog this morning. okay, so let's talk about what is happening. we going to see the weather change pretty drastically today. we'll see clouds, breezy conditions make their way n i'll break down the papal event forecast, and talk about the coastal low that is tracking up the coast. live look at it right now, you can see, that's where it is located off the carolina coast heading toward us. what that means if you're at the shore, gusty wind to up 30 miles per hour, beach errosion, rough surf even possible coastal flooding. you will get the worse of it, for those of us here in philadelphia, breezy conditions saturday, much cooler high of 74, and rain chance on sunday, with a high of 72 degrees. so let's talk about the weather today. you will see little sun peaking out this morning, but will give way to clouds. see the temperatures staying little cooler. i say comfy commute there at
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9:00 a.m. i can't promise you on the traffic, folks, but we will tell you that the weather will be just fine. take a look at future weather. as you can see, low starts churning up little closer to us, there is saturday, 3:00 p.m., cloudy skies, rain to the south, but it is a concern on sunday that we could see touch of that coming our way. and again, it is not really showing up on the models just to show you that it is to go egg back and forth about what's going to happen with this. so i'll track this forward for you in the seven day forecast, talk a little built more about it, i wish we had better one, i wish people didn't have to wore bit cool air, possibly rain, but i think being prepared is probably the way to go. >> you're right. just be prepared. we're in the fall now. we know weather em. >> can make a play in all of. >> this let's just, you know, just get right into it, shall we? here is a lock at the ben franklin bridge, beautiful view. i can tell this closes down tonight, at 10:00 p.m. yes, you can, it is going to be walkable, pedestrians are able to cross, but at 10:00 p.m. the ben franklin bridge will be closed, also here is a live look outside of
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the schuylkill at spring garden leading from the schuylkill to the parkway. you can see this is just example of the type of closures you'll be seeing with the barricade across the road, a loft crews outside, there will be police officers block ago lot of the entrances, on ramps, all of that. so overall i think a note from me will be avoid center city if you k there will be detours, and road closures, the ramps on the vine are closed, from today until monday. also, here is a look at the vine eastbound, closed on the ramp to the ben franklin parkway, again, this is just a good indicator whatever things will looking like, update throughout the morning, and plenty more to come. nicole, erika, back to you. >> as america a mentioned, road closures for the pope's advice rid in effect in part of center city, hours earlier than of us expected. >> caught me by surprise. justin finch on the move getting a feel for what it will be like for morning commuters. justin, not easy one? >> erika, nicole, good morning, we're right on buttonwood and broad. we head south on broad. show you what we've seen all morning here, which is hard to see at first, roads look
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clear, certain distance, and you see things casino of change. just down broad here see the flashing light. that's all of the -- let me punch it up for you here. we have the city hall there, the set up there already underway, barricades are, there as well. if you are driving in this area, we've seen, too, side road closures, as well, you may see a police officer, closing off that road, but doing so, in a personal car. that might be a surprise. but chances are, if that road is blocked, it is being blocked by an official so you need to respect it. we're getting closer now to broad as the light allow us here. you can see not many people are out in their cars, not many drivers, many understanded wag they're up against here. as we get closer there you can kind of see the police officers are out, barricades up, also yellow tape there, as well. i'm looking at the vine to my right. you can't go there. we'll make a left here i believe on vine and show you
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how far we can get, which as you can see, just not very. the vine east is open but as you can see here, you have to plan your routes here, the way things are going, it is kind of touch and g you may go certain route, the road might be open or it may not be open. but i would say today if you don't really have to go into center city, it may be smart to avoid t there are no cars here now, we're already seeing closures, imagine, when we have cars come out here, more people come out here, what casino of hiccups you might encounter. stay with cbs-3, consult your apps, plan your route accordingly, even on the buses, i also wonder how those are tied up. so, many questions this morning, working on getting you answers, live, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, pack your patients. >> no kidding. such a mess out there, thanks. >> meanwhile the medical community getting ready for the seconded surge of people. they set up first aid and medical tent across the city, 13 total tent, the one you see on your screen by the alter is
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expected to be the busiest. the pop up hospital has life support equipment, in addition to these tents, there are also five hospitals within the zone. >> happening today, pope francis will push the need for peace when he addresses the united nations general assembly. >> after landing in new york the holy father led evening vest ers at can't patrick's cathedrals, acknowledged the clergy sexual abuse scandels, thanked american nuns for their strength, courage and service. new york governor andrew cuomo tells eye was news philadelphia is in for a treat this week end. >> with all of the expectations the reality was even better. there is an energy that comes off this man where you know you're in the presence of greatness. >> the pope left st. patrick's cathedral in a fiat surrounded by security and suv's and police cruisers. later today he will hold a mass at med son square garden, take part in a service at the 9/11 memorial. take part in a processional through central park, and
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visit harlem. >> but before heading to new york pope francis made history in our nation's capitol when he became the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of congress. pope francis received a standing ovation on capitol hill. and during his speech, he didn't shy away from hot button issues. pope francis called on a global abolition of the death penalty, also defended the sanctity of life. on immigration francis called for greater understanding of those who come to the u.s. looking for a better life. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of this historic event. "eyewitness news" is live in new york following the pope's visit. we'll bring you live coverage all weekend long of the major event during the pontiff's visit right here on tv and also streaming live at in other news this morning, deadly police involved shoot something under investigation in wilmington, delaware. candlelight vigil held for jeremy motorcycle dole, shot and killed wednesday afternoon. >> this video first obtained by "eyewitness news" shows officers opening fire after ordering mc-dole in a wheelchair to drop his gun.
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>> video, they shot my son so much, he's wheelchair, he fell out of the chair on the grounds. >> police say the deadly encounter happened when they respond today a call about an arm man who had hot himself. as standard procedure, the four officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. we have some new information this morning, about the deadly crash in seattle involving a ride the ducks boat both and a charter bus. we've now learned that four people killed in the accident were international student. they were on the bus head today college orientation. at least eight others were critically injured in the crash which happened on a bridge over a lake. the cause of the crash is under investigation. pennsylvania's attorney general, kathleen kane; making plans to seek a second term in hopes her suspension gets lifted but kane tells the associated press she doesn't think she will be eligible to run next year if her law license remains suspended. the high court placed her on temporary suspension monday,
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fighting allegations of perjury obstruction of justice. 4:38. much more to cover. pope francis gave very special blessing before his mass at st. patrick cathedral last night. what the blessing meant to the little girl in the wheelchair. >> what's the forecast looking like upon the pontiff's arrival until will the fateful who plan to stay stay dry? >> reminder if you don't need to be in philadelphia, maybe just best to stay away. looking right now at the roads, a lot of closures out, there just traffic night mayor. we have these closures in place over the city, ahead of schedule. this is hours ahead of schedule. caught a lot of people by surprise. live all morning long on the roads. meisha is keeping her eye on them for you. details comi
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>> example of compassion, during evening prayers at st.
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patrick's cathedral in new york last night, he reached out to the young girl in a wheelchair. >> oh, my god. it was amazing, just to get an actual blessing from him, was just so amazing. >> the young girl's visit moved by her brief moment with pope francis, during what he is known for, having the heart-to-heart moments with those coming to see him. >> we saw so much that far in d.c., he was making his way through the crowd. i think it got a lot of people excited for his visit here to philadelphia, homing they'll have that one-on-one time. fee it happens here. >> getting into philadelphia this morning, no treat, but at least the forecast looks good today. >> we are okay. it will get progressively okay, but it was okay, and i think all of the excitement, right? it will be worth it, that's what we have to focus on. >> deep breath everyone, not easy getting around today, but it will be okay weather wise, clouds will increase getting through today. that will gives indication of low pressure system to the south that will be moving n so
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let's get right to it. today some early sun, increasing clouds, cooler temperatures, highs in the mid 70s today. and the breeze will be picking up. so just prepare yourself here also start to see the sunshine diminish, clouds increasing, and again, big difference, right, between 80 degrees weather and 70s today. now, when we talk about this system that's coming, the shore will really get the impact. gusty winds this weekend, beach errosion, rough surf even possible coastal flooding coming your way. that's coming in this weekend. lets that's talk about where we are. temperatures in the 50's, 60s. sixty-one new castle, millville about 63, little cooler in doylestown, 68, and bensalem coming in at 61. coastal low will cause the trouble will be heading up toward us, we do have blocking high there right now, but as it moves further north, we get the greater threat for rain. we also will see wind, current winds speeds not bad out of the northeast, ten, 11 miles per hour, places like dover, wildwood, will pick up, as the low gets closer to us, that will bring the wind and yes
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even owe tently the rain. sun to clouds going through the day today. saturday, breezy, start to see the high get bumped out the way, staying in the 70s, and there is the rain chance sunday, because as you can see low pressure system getting close. stays to the south. i don't think deluge of rain but have shower chances in there also on monday. so just be prepared for that if you are going to be out and about this weekend doing a lot of walking because of the papal visit so. we going to look at sunday that papal mass, cool, breezy, rain chance, and again, you can see, temperatures there about 4:00 about 71 degrees, again friday, sun to clouds saturday, cool to breezy, sunday, certainly a rain chance coming our way. ' we get into the papal itinerary saturday, cloudy, cool, into sunday, that's when we can see the chance of rain coming our way. but today everybody, not bad. 76 degrees early sun, increasing clouds, into tonight see low of about 59 degrees. mostly cloud, comfortable,
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quick look, 70s are with us next week when we start to pull the temperatures back up about tuesday. >> kyla, thank you. well the eagles will put a surprising record on the line this sunday at the meadowlands. the birds have never lost a regular season game to the jet. they're nine and zero. the most wins by the way by team that's undefeated against a single opponent. now the eagles of course, are struggling little bit. so last year's nfl rushing champion demarco murray, first defending champion to have 11-yard or fewer in his first two games since a guy named douglass hole played back in the 30's on the chicago cardinals, not great tight toll hold. murray though may not play against the jets thanks to hamstring injury. which means the eagles fans will see more brian matthews and darren sproles. coach chip kelly says matthews is a good back up, and can step in any time for murray. >> ryan and demarco are similarity players. so, you know, you can do similar type things with them, if you had a different type of back, backing up, or being the number two guy, and it is a
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difference, you know, one of the reasons we really had ryan in here. >> there you go. thursday night football, right here on cbs-3, that's eli manning going for beckham, and 30-yard touchdown, popular player in fantasy this year, the giants first win of the season, beat the redskins 32 to 21, talking baseball now, phillies play the nationals tonight in washington, and last night, new phillie pitcher alec asher put himself in the conversation for next season n south philadelphia. asher came over and nicole hamels trade. coming into last night's game against the marlins, his era was over nine, but last night he went seven innings, struck out four, allowed only one run. now the bad news? the run wasn't enough to beat the struggling phils. phils lose it one to nothing. >> 4:46. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", roads in philadelphia shutdown hours ahead of schedule, causing big headache for drivers. life look at the roads this morning, we are following the latest all morning long on the road closures, that's in our
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area shall meisha will get you around them coming up. >> first though, here's look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. we'll be back.
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>> major road closures have started to take effect, many before they were spilled to go into effect. take from those of us who negotiate the closures overnight, interesting getting into work. avoid the city truly if you can until after the papal advice. >> i good heads up there. also, pope francis still has one more day in new york, the pontiff will address the united nations general assembly morning. yesterday the pontiff led evening vest terse at st. patrick's cathedral. acknowledged the sexual abuse scandal, thanked the nuns for their courage, service, following year's long vatican crackdown. >> big changes are coming to the camden waterfront. check out rendering hereof new $1 billion complex, this is going to be built along the
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waterfront by liberty property trust. this development, which will sit next to the aquarium, and the ben franklin bridge, will feature offices, apartments, and retail spaces. two of the proposed buildings as you can see quite tall. told they'll offer beautiful views of the philadelphia skyline. so really trying to revitalize that area. >> i love that idea, and gorgeous view. >> and close to the aquarium. >> that's wonderful. 4:50, time for check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the stock he can changes. markets fell for another day. investors i'm sure are keeping their eyes on things this morning, what do you think they're watching? >> in of if history is a guide, pope visiting philadelphia could put those in a buying mood. we'll see what happens today, invest letters also likely react to a speech by fed chair janell yelin. she said she wants to raise interest rate by the ends of the year. next meet something in october. the fed could also raise rates in december.
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so last for the investors to digest today, erika, nicole. >> a lot going on in the big apple. a lot going on here in philadelphia, the pope's vessel, wait over for apple's newest iphone, again, the apple here in center city, what can you tell us about this, though? >> yes, well, people are already lining up for the iphone 6s and 6s plus, analysts are expecting about 30 million new phones, will fly off the shelves around the world this first weekend. the iphone was first released in 2007. it is apple's best selling device ever. now, of course, in new york and philadelphia, we could be waiting a little bit longer for that new phone, because the pope's visit is causing some delays in ups deliveries. so, it could be early next week before certain areas of both cities see that phone, erika, nicole. >> have little patience. the pope is in town. >> probably want to wait to go into center city anyway. thanks, jill. coming up after the break, another check on weather and
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traffic. we'll be right
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>> 4:54 right now, by tarp the biggest problem we're seeing this morning just the roads out there, closures all across center city, much earlier than expected hearing 10:00 p.m. tonight, but then waking up trying to drive to work and seeing. >> this live look from mobile three, as we're driving through the city here, somebody seeing the road closures, nope, got to go some other way. meisha starting out the traffic mess for us this morning, and really word to the wise, if you don't have to be here in center city, don't come. >> don't go. you took the words right out of my mouth, that's what i was going to say, avoid center city if you consideration detours, road closures, ramps on the vine are closed all of this good stuff. now here is a look at the ben franklin bridge. now, we all know that this used to be construction, the far right lane had opened, but i will let you know now that the far right lane is now closed because they are
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setting up a chain link fence, for pedestrians, so coming into philly the far right lane on the ben franklin bridge is now closed. starting tonight at 10:00 p.m. the ben franklin bridge will be closed altogether, besides other than for the walkers. for the pedestrians. here's a look at the vine, you can see, you are closed at the ben franklin parkway, that off ramp to the ben franklin parkway is closed what you will be looking at. let me just back all the way out of the way here, vine expressway ramp closures, these are in effect right now. the closures that are starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight, to monday, are right here, the vine street expressway, east and westbound, the schuylkill the eastbound direction from the blue route to 95, the schuylkill, roosevelt boulevard, ben franklin bridge, martin luther king drive, the vine, and admiral wilson. now i'll have more about mass transit coming up in about 15 minute, so stay right where you are. so ladies, it will be casino of like i can tell you weather, weather, just skip over you, let me keep talking. >> weather is okay this morning, we're going to look at the weekend. but this morning we're doing okay, just deep breaths,
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everybody, deep breaths. it is okay. it will be a fun event. we just have to get a little settled with all of the closures, 56 degrees currently taking a live look at center city, wind out of the northeast, start to see wind ramp up today. current temperatures, 55 mount pocono, 58 atlantic city, about 60 in wilmington, live look at storm scan3, shows some of the clouds moving in right now, to the south, that's a big concern, will bring weather our way, could be problem for the weekend. all take about that when we come back in just a few moments. >> coming up in the next hour, health scare on stage for federal reserve chair, janet yelin. then as we've been telling you all morning long, traffic already a mess in philadelphia. another live look from mobile three, roadblock set up ahead of schedule again, if you thought it would be easy to get into the city, we have what you need to know next. >> think again. also before the pope arrives here, he'll spend a day in new york, live report in the big apple. back again at the top of the hour.
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>> good morning, just waking up and planning to come into philadelphia today, oh, get ready for some traffic tie ups. road closures began early, caught a lot of folks by surprise, already, just a mess out there. our justin finch is cruising the streets for us, live in mobile three, giving us a look coming up. >> live look from the parkway right now, where preparations are underway, the pope will spend part of saturday and sunday here in philadelphia, just in case you didn't get the member glow in case. also before he gets to philadelphia, pope francis is wrapping up his trip to new york city. this is video from late last night. the holy father left st. patrick's cathedral. >> good morning, today is friday, september 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer, of course history today as pope
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francis will address more than 100 world leaders at the united nation. >> just the first event on the pope's jam packed schedule, danielle nottingham joins us live in new york to tell us more about it, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and that schedule includes a mass with about 20,000 people at madison square garden, pope francis will spend about 40 hours here in new york sit when it is all said and done, and he will begin the day as the fourth pope to address the united nations. the vatican flag will be raised for the first time outside the united nations headquarters this morning. ahead of pope francis' address to the general assembly. world leaders, including president obama, are set to adopt a series every goals to be achieved by 2030. including ending poverty and combating climate change. in his remarks to congress thursday morning, francis spoke forcefully on those issues, while also calling attention to immigration. >> we must not be taken a back


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