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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, all quiet right now, but just a matter of hours, the parkway will be packed with people, all with hopes of catching a glimpse of pope francis as the excitement is building. pope francis is set to arrive in philadelphia in just about four and a half hours. meantime stage is set for this historic event, looking right now at the pop's chair that chair that pope francis will wear for events on the ben franklin parkway. meantime the holy father is likely resting after a full day of events yesterday in new york city ending his day by celebrating mass at thousands of madison square garden. packed schedule. it is the saturday, september 26th i'm's quarter von tiehl. our nicole brewer will be live from the ben franklin parkway
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for special coverage of the pope's visit. she will join news our next hours. lets bring you up to date with traffic and weather. lots to talk about in both departments kyla and meisha. >> good morning. >> where do i even begin in the world of traffic with all of the closures. the it is feeling weird. it is like sunnies setting. >> yes; it is kind of fun seeing you my friend. now kyla, it sound like it will be fairly nice outside, right. >> we will deal with clouds. today will be the wind. it will start picking up. you will feel it walking out of the door in the afternoon. it will be very breezy. that means it will feel cooler, then the temperatures, right that wind will help kick that to feel lower. so let's talk about today where we are going to have the pope in town and he will have a celebration mass at 10:30. we can see peaks of sun, we have cloud rowing in and festival of the families tonight 70 for you a at 7:00 p.m. we will get into sunday and we have cool temperatures again. the breezy conditions again
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and then in the afternoon, we do have to look out for a few little showers. i will tell you we are looking better then it was yesterday but our low pressure system the two south is causing the trouble and that is tracking towards the north. the as this thing starts to move towards us you can see mol else, sunday at 4:00 p.m. bringing that easterly flow where it brings a shower and more coming in object monday, so, that is the problem, and that is the thing that i think you have to take an umbrella with you on sunday, just in casement to day included which limited sun. the wind picking up. sunday, cloudy and cool day and we have an afternoon shower possible. current temperatures right now 64 degrees in philadelphia 65 atlantic city. forty-eight in mount pocono. high of 75 in philadelphia. seventy-one at the shore. we have coastal flood advisories tonight. we will talk about that in your seven day forecast because coast can bear the brunt of this. meisha, i'm thinking you should have a a sign that says closed and drop the mike. >> stay away from center sit
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the eye. i feel like i can say that over and over a lot of people are doing good and heeding our warnings. this is a look at i-95 southbound and here we go ramp to the vine is closed by barricade. we will see a lot of this. you are used to seeing this right now. as of last night at 10:00 p.m. off ramps from i-95 to broad street, vine, washington avenue and callowhill were closed throughout the weekend. we will see as i said a lot of that picture every where we look. here's entrance to the ben franklin bridge, this is also closed, so no longer able to get on to the ben franklin bridge. we will talk with this little come up in 15 minutes the traffic becomes and this is what you want to know. we will talk was that in five glimpse. in two and a half hours pope will board a plan bound for philadelphia we have a look at his itinerary right now. 9:30 a a.m. pope francis arrives at philadelphia international airport. then an hour later he will celebrate mass at basilica of
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the saints peter and paul. at 1:15 the pope will arrives at saint charles seminary and give that important address in front of the thousands outside independent mall. and tonight at 7:30 a big concert is planned for the pope, he will be part of the festival of the families, and then the the pope will make his closing remarks at 8:35. and we have been talking about this for months, now and the the pope's arrival just hours away. we have you covered from all angles. we have cameras all over the place here. live look right now at ben franklin parkway this morning and empty but just you wait that will all change. meanwhile, the stage is set for pope francis, again that look at the the stage and parkway and papal chair, pope francis will sit in. this is what it looked like during preparations outside yesterday, look at that, high tech our high powered camera can zoom in, from three-quarters of a mile away, i love that detail. a and here's a look at the camera with a special high powered lens giving us a a terrific view from even pretty far away. and can't forget about chopper
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three, looking up over independent hall, landmark is back crop of the pope's immigration speech. we have you cover. stage is set for tonight the's festival of the families, mark wahlberg hosts and a receipt the a franklin sings, philadelphia's finest will will be on patrol. our coverage of the pope in philadelphia continues right now with "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live on the ben franklin parkway and empty now but just you wait, good morning. >> reporter: i want to say what an honor to be out here. this is a moment to remember. and, where it is jump will bow tron after jumbo tron all leading up to that papal stage. just in a few hours, this area will look completely different, it will be filled with those waiting the arrival of the pope to the basilica and then later to independent hall, and from there he will join a parade. later this evening as we mentioned the festival of the families will begin with the
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free concert hosted by mark wahlberg and featuring andre bocelli, a aretha franklin, the the fray and many more. for security this has within quite the the under taking as we all well know. as we enter through general admittens so what we just can will be exactly what any other guest without a ticket will do. it was a pretty thorough search of our bags by secret service, home land security and tsa agents. earlier commissioner ramsey included us in on what it took to prepare for hours a head. >> well, we will have a considerable compliment of people down here, but we have a lot of people out in the neighborhoods patrolling because we have to have balance, i mean this is a major event but we still have have a city to manage. so we will have an awful lot of cops just on regular patrol. we canceled days off, so we have everyone working. >> reporter: now again, anyone out in the past few hours have seen those officers, national
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guard members on all corners but take a look at this over here. these are people who are huddled out there, in the elements, and they are camping out waiting for the a arrival of the pope francis. when we first walked up here i really did not think we would see anybody but it turns out i mean i can probably count three dozen people on all of these corners. it is not just national guard members but everything seems very secure. people are obviously very trusting. this is a very loving event. everybody seems to be in good spirits. the once again it will be a absolutely filled. they are making sure they get a good spot and we have a good one right here, erika, now back to you. >> you have to wake up early to get got seats. we will check in with you later this morning. now pope francis is getting ready to leave new york this morning and since he rises early at 4:00 a.m. he is presumably awake. the last night the holy father celebrated mass at madison square garden with a estimated 18,000 people. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt it was there.
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>> reporter: pope francis asked thousands of worshipers at madison square garden to remember immigrants, the the poor, and home less in new york city. the pope's theme, living in the big city is not always easy. >> big cities are a reminder of the hid even business for them in our world, with the diversity of cultures, traditions, and historical experiences. >> reporter: on his way to mass he paraded through central park in the pope mobile in front of the 80,000 people. >> just kept screaming poppa, poppa a. >> once in the lifetime thing i just don't know what to say i have goose bumps. >> reporter: pope addressed the general assembly at united nations a and met the with 9/11 victim family members but perhaps moment that made him light up the most was meeting with student of our lady queen of angels school in harlem. he posed with pictures with
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students before walking inn side. >> reporter: as pope wrapped up the trip the focus started to shift toward philadelphia we found one woman who is considering making the trip after seeing the pope, in new york. i have a friend that lives there and he has been telling me that they have been preparing for this, you know, for months and months and months and that everybody is really excited. >> reporter: david spun t for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" he is almost here. as meisha mentioned earlier final road closures are in effect right now. highways and bridges closed at 10:00 p.m. that includes ben franklin bridge, i-76 east from the blue route to i-95 that is closed and westbound from i-95 to route one. and with just hours until the the pope's arrival security is tight in philadelphia a. many center city streets are just block off as officials prepare for massive crowds this weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter
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diana a rocco has details now from center city. >> reporter: center city is lock down, metal detectors are at the most secured perimeters and barricade blocking vehicle traffic. out of towners are pouring in and ready for pontiff's visit this group of more than 100 came all the way from phoenix. >> we're really excited, but really exciting for me, i visited the pope a couple times already. >> reporter: national guardmen are a at their post at nearly every corner with tighter security here then in new york and then d.c. we asked the governor if the extensive measures will be keeping away the the faithful. >> the other cities didn't have the open events that we have here, and that is a balancing act. you cannot just throw things opened and you have to do some planning. >> reporter: the governor will greet the pope when he land and be in attendance the at his masses. >> the proof is in the pudding but we have done everything we can to make this as safe and pleasant within for people who
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are here. >> reporter: volunteers ann cummings and others say the measure are well worth it. >> we need the security. you don't know what is around the corn are. >> watching it on tv, in washington and new york they get you more excited. >> reporter: expected crowds or not the street vendors are cashing in selling memorabilia and even a selfie with pope francis. >> reporter: how much have you done. >> a hundred at $5. >> reporter: i take a selfie. >> yes. >> reporter: thinks selling at $5 a pop. >> yeah. >> reporter: city says there is in telling how many people will show up here this weekend, they will have a better idea come manor tuesday morning but they say whatever the the number, they are prepared. in center city, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will there been when the pope land in philadelphia later on this morning. our live coverage continues at 9:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3. we will have have coverage of the pope's event throughout the weekend, and streaming live, and at cbs
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and this weekend you have an opportunity to be an eyewitness to history and we want to see your photos. connect with us on social media. be shourd to use the the hashtag cbs philly pope. we can't to see them. still ahead, a surprise announcement from the dalai lama and yes is canceling his trip to philadelphia next month. also ahead stephen colbert has a high pre file guest on the late show. >> you spoke to the u.n. today, after the the pope, did you get a chance to say hi to his holiness. >> no. >> even you can't get tickets, wow. >> stephen colbert can find a way to make a noble prize winner laugh, right. hear from malala yousafzai coming up next. our coverage of the pope francis to philadelphia continues, when we come back we will look behind the scenes of the saint charles seminary where the holy faller will sleep and rest in between his events.
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the dalai lama has canceled his trip to philadelphia and other stops in the u.s. set for next month. the tibet buddhist leader was supposed to receive the liberty medal at the national constitution center but doctors are advising him to rest. the the dalai lama is 80. this week he was at mayo clinic for what was describe as a checkup. the national constitution center issued this statement, our thoughts and prayers are with the dalai lama as he recovers his strength. we look forward to honor his holiness contributions to the world peace and individual freedom at liberty medal ceremony on october 26th. we are working to arrange for him to accept the a award in absence a a through a representative. a limited number of free public ticket will be available thursday morning at ten. meanwhile noble peace prize winner malala yousafzai took her cause for advocating for education on late night tv. she was in fork for pope's speech at the u.n. and last night on the late show with stephen colbert she said
5:17 am
education is a right for all. >> it has been joining this moment to say that education is the right of every child, every child in the east, west, poor or rich, it is a very basic hugh map rights given to every child. >> in 202 yousafzai was shot in the head by taliban in pack exton for campaigning for girls education. 5:17. and oh, we are all excited pope ace arriving in a few hours. and it is cloudy out, right. >> we do have have clouds out there already. we are dealing with that throughout the day-to-day, tomorrow things get more dicey and we have the chance of rain. but i have been keeping an eye on the models and i have to tell you it is getting a little bit better we will take anything. >> a little bit better, later in the day that would help too because we have a big papal mass going on, sunday afternoon. so lets get to it. one of the things we will talk about today breezy conditions. we will get wind kicking up as we have high a and low pressure squeezing in closer to each other.
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that gives us a wind gradient more kick there saturday high of 75, breezy conditions, sunday 73. we will have clouds out there. we could see a scant afternoon shower or two. for today let's focus on the celebration of the mass at the 10:30 a.m. 68 degrees. the it will feel chillier then. that festival of families kicking off at the 7:00, and cooler then we were yesterday. taking a look at live storm scan three we will see included cover out there. that is an indication what is coming toward us. this is our low pressure system we have been keeping an eye on for past few days and it has track into virginia now. you don't see a lot of orange and red. that is good. we are talking more lighter rain and not severe storms or anything that is too terrible as far as kicking up any dangerous weather but certainly wind and rain in the very pleasant to be outside. let track this with future weather and start to see how this plays out. this is saturday night. we have cloudy skies. we should stay dry. sunday though notice an
5:19 am
easterly flow. it is pushing toward the shore and that is what could trigger a a few showers. there is 3:00 p.m. sunday as we move in we will see that moisture rolling in and then by monday have afternoon looking at rain too. so, that is the problem, that is why i think you have to take umbrella with you if you are going out sunday, heading down to the papal mass. so, looking at 4:00 p.m., 72 degrees, wind north east at the zero to 15 ape we have a shower chance in the 60's into the evening. i think people will be walking and out and about not having a chance to go back home and maybe get your weather gear. just have have it with you and be ready, for it. breezy and a rain chance this weekend we have to look out for shore because gusty wind up to 30 miles an hour, rough is your, if minor coastal flooding possible. we have a companies advisory from 6:00 p.m. until moon on sunday. high tied at 6:42 p.m. that is what you want to keep an eye out for. we have a full moon. that helps you get tied going and temperatures right now 64
5:20 am
in philadelphia. if you go down the shore in the mid to upper 60's from barnegat light to cape may. looking at wind not too bad they are starting to pick up, he we will see that throughout the day-to-day just be prepared. hour by hour will show cloudy skies with us and mid 70's. so not too bad out there. today a high of 75 degrees, we will be breezy, on and off conditions, and then 59 degrees for our forecast for tonight as we are cool, cloudy. seven day forecast shows once we get past weekend we will warm up. meisha, how are road looking. >> roads are looking obviously nice and quiet, mostly closed. so they would, right, naturally. here's the vine completely closed down just law enforcement the out there you can see flashing lights, parkway, everything is looking quiet, closed down, kind of cool coming in the city. it felt like i was in the hollywood movie, law enforcement every where, it is neat. we are looking at the traffic box around center city. you can drive inside this
5:21 am
green box you see outlining it but you cannot get back in once you drive out of it. starting at 6:00 a.m. metal detectors will go into effect at independent hall, this area right here as well as art museum, center city area this area in red. then after 6:00 p.m. tonight the secure perimeter around independent hall right here, and, end. metal detectors will go away. these are the list of the major road closures until monday the vine street expressway, the schuylkill from the blue route to i-95, to schuylkill westbound from i-95 to route one. ben franklin bridge, kelly drive, you can read these and then new jersey closures 676 and admiral wilson boulevard you are also affect there city avenue closure lancaster avenue to belmont avenue today 10:00 to 10:00. sunday 7:00 a a in m to late afternoon. of course, just hours to go until the pope touches down on our roads and begins a week even pack full of activity but what about where he sleeps and rest in between events.
5:22 am
cbs news reporter don champion joins us live from our sky deck right here at cbs-3 to tell us about pope francis guest quarters. don, great to have you, welcome to philadelphia. >> reporter: good morning,er contact seminary where pope is staying is one of the oldest in the the country, the director there tells me that he and his staff have been preparing for this moment for more than i agree, and nothing has been left to chance. at the saint charles borromeo seminary light bulbs have been change and many walls fresh a coat of paint. this is where pope francis will be staying, in philadelphia. >> it is incredible, wonderful moment. >> reporter: bishop timothy senior is in charge of the preparations for the pope's arrival. everything including the pope's diet has been taken into account. a group of sisters who usually care for philadelphia's archbishop will prepare the pope's meals. >> our focus is making sure that his needs are met, that
5:23 am
he has the opportunity to get some downtime, to have his meals. >> reporter: pictures near main entrance show this isn't the first visit by a pope. pope john paul the second was here in 1979, bishop senior was a young seminarian and met the pope that day. >> you hold a special place in my thoughts. >> trans formed and as list of the transcendence dimension to what i was aspiring to be namely and a catholic priest. >> reporter: an experience he has shared with young seminarian was saint charles. pope francis will host a meeting with bishops from around the world here in saint martin's chapel. and it will be a very powerful experience, for all of the young seminary students of saint charles, all will be taking part in activities this weekend during the pope's stay
5:24 am
there in philadelphia. very much up in close to the pope as bishop senior put it to me it will be a life changing opportunity for them erika. >> absolutely. we are hearing that the director of saint charles says pope's visit is coming at an interesting time for the seminary, why is that. >> reporter: he said it is a moment of great momentum at the seminary, the the director tells me they have seen a big spike, at the seminary and he hopes this visit much like for him in 1979 with pope john paul the visit he hopes francis is the visit for these young seminarians to solidify their faith. >> special time. don champion here in philadelphia, we will see you late they're morning. thank you. we will be rig
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is there still much more to come on cbs-3, it is crunch time to get in the final details into place. pope will be arriving in a matter of hours and our alexandria hoff
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good morning, pope francis is waking up in insuring this morning before heading here, to philadelphia, we have more on yesterday's events and the beautiful mass held at madison square garden last night. in just a few hours, of course, ben franklin parkway will be packed with people and the faithful come from all over to see pope francis, it will look very different in just a few hours. and a bucks county family is just one day away from an extraordinary opportunity, the role they will play during tomorrow's papal mass. good morning, i'm erika ron tiehl. i want to check with kyla and we'd love to welcome the pope with sunshine and more cloudy day. >> it is cloudy, and windy, that is what you will feel but
5:31 am
i think people are so excited, energy is so great in the city, i was walking around in center city yesterday afternoon and evening, people don't care about the weather. they are here to see the pope. lets make sure you take what you need with you when you walk out the door. currently right now in center city 64 degrees. wind north east at 9 miles an her. we will see wind ramp up. it is high are down the the shore 12 to 13 miles an her but everybody will see that part pick up. this is a low pressure system giving us the blues with the cloudy skies and potential for a few showers just to the south of us now and we do expect breezy conditions, we should stay dry, high of 75, on sunday, about 73 degrees and then again looking out for that p.m. shower. lets look at the the next few days, we are going to have this rainy, weather sticking with us sunday right into monday. temperatures there 75 saturday. seventy-three sunday. we will pull up on machine but won't kick this pattern as we
5:32 am
head to the beginning of the next week. it is a blocking pattern. we have high pressure and low pressure keeping each other going and while they do that we will get windy conditions and chance of the shower. i'm happy to say, meisha sunday shower looks like a light shower. it doesn't look like a heavy deluge that with help people going out there. >> but bring the umbrella on sunday. >> these moms will bring their babies. >> yes, stay away. >> live look outside blue route southbound ramp to the eastbound schuylkill, you cannot get on to the schuylkill expressway. so overall volume as i look in the cameras they are looking good. a lot of people are heating warnings on the area to stay away from which is good and here's septa map, this is showing, which stations are opened including a few trolley lines and as a reminder make sure you bring those pope pass toes board on the running light, this weekend, you will need those. also here's some septa information, septa regional rails expect delays with heavier volume levels of fewer
5:33 am
running lines. bus services that you will be seeing you will have detours and suspectses so check your local schedules. route 15 trolleys shuttle busing, route ten suspended and many other changes. so check your schedule. i will have a new jersey checklist in about 15 minutes, erika, over to you. and when meisha is not on get details on the road closures during papal visit on our web site at cbs you can find complete coverage of the pope's historic visit. pope francis is expect to leave new york's kennedy airport in a few hours heading here. last night he wrapped up his trip to the big apple by celebrating mass in front of the estimated 18,000 people at madison square garden. the pope asked the faithful to pray for him. leader of the catholic church praised big cities but he urged worship tours remember immigrants, the the poor, the home less, and senior citizens they have been forgotten there. >> in big cities bee neat the
5:34 am
noise of traffic, beneath wrapped face of change, so many faces go unnoticed because they have no right to be there, no right to be part of the city. >> a jubilant parade through central park drew 80,000 people. earlier the pope offered comfort to families of the 9/11 victims during a visit at ground zero. he warned world leaders about the the destruction of the environment and prepped for a world free of nuclear weapons. from new york, his next stop, right here philadelphia for philadelphia's finest it is all hand on deck. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us on the parkway where stage is set and in the just for the pope either, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. we are at 20th near logan square where even though the sun has not come up, it is
5:35 am
still active out here. they are dressing up the visuals on the jumbo tron it is row after row of these screens leading up to that papal stage where after pope francis arrives and head to the basilica and then to independent mall there will be that free concert hosted by mark wahlberg, feature andre bocelli, aretha frankly, the fray, and many more. you mentioned security. if you have been anywhere around the city there have been patrol on every corner. we have national guard, police officers, it has been very, very large under taking. we entered through a jena mything security checkpoint. anyone without a ticket will be doing. it is a a thorough search, it is home land security, secret service, tsa agents. didn't take up a a lot of time but it is very early. once again, even though it is early we have been seeing a lot of activity out here. something i didn't quite expect people camping out. i'm seeing people on the corner. we have talk to the family. i hate to kind of infringe on
5:36 am
somebody's privacy but these people look like they are getting ready for bed. we have people camped out. i spoke tat family from peru they came all the way here and they will try to get some sleep tonight. i don't know if that will happen when you have news reports offer than corner but everyone is in great spirits, very excited to be here. for right now we will send it back to you. >> see you late they're morning. thank you. mayor michael nutter is excited about the pope coming to philadelphia he stopped by the the "eyewitness news" broadcast booth and he met with many people around the world who are enjoying our city. >> if you are out on the street folks are having a ball out there. they are very excited. i was out first thing this morning. people were commenting on how beautiful philadelphia is. i met people from other parts of the philadelphia, people from halfway around the world. people are very, very excited about this. folks are coming down and egg enjoying all that this special moment will be. >> we're excited to have you.
5:37 am
mayor nutter says he can't wait to formally welcome pope francis later this morning. when papal mass unfold on sunday a bucks county family will be part of this getting far closer to the holy father then most. natasha a brown has their story. >> reporter: they are an ordinary family of about to embark on a extraordinary opportunity. >> it is quite an honor for our family to present the gift. >> reporter: the devout catholic family will represent sane andrews by presenting the the gift by historic mass led by pope francis on the ben franklin parkway. huge crowd are expected to flood the year to celebrate mass, and no one is more excited about being in the presence of the pontiff, more than this family. >> monsignor had called bob and asked him if we would take up the gifts at the papal mass at saint andrews parish. >> when you bring gifts up at mass you are really representing a all of the lives of the people who are attending has. we want to present the gift of our lives, of the things that
5:38 am
we do, for others. >> reporter: claire, will be helping is the chance of the lifetime, after being a faithful servant of the catholic church her entire life. >> i am so thrilled i feel like i have been flying in air. i don't feel like i was down here. >> reporter: is there still a shroud of secrecy surrounding details of the mass. >> we do not know any details at this point. we're still in the dark. >> the family is just an absolute fine example of the people who practice their faith, very sincerely devoutly, and regularly as well. so, to me as a pastor that is a wonderful gift to have people like that. >> reporter: this family like so many around the world embraced pope francis humility and loving spirit with open arms. >> i like that he is such an advocate for the poor. it is just a loving man. >> reporter: if they can ask him to do one thing, it would be this. >> bless us all, bless the the country. >> reporter: natasha a brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". while many in
5:39 am
philadelphia, are hoping to get a glimpse of the pope others opted to get out of the town. business was brisk along the ocean city boardwalk yesterday even though the sun was hiding, pretty breezy. many went down to the shore for what some are calling a pope vacation. we spotted, a windsurfer taking advantage of the warm water, in late september. brave soul there we spoke to one couple from warminster said they traveled because they were afraid of grid lock in our town. >> we are on a pope vacation, whatever, we're fleeing philadelphia i had a's love to see the pope but he is a nervous nellie so we're leaving. >> i'm doing this for a mental health break because this is my yearly thing. >> reporter: while the shore cannot promise sunshine and beach weather, many we spoke with said there is still plenty to sianni do. and unlike the city no security checkpoints, park where ever you want, right. when it comes to philadelphia a and pope francis is there in shortage of papal souvenirs floating around. did you see these yet?
5:40 am
philadelphia has not shied away from creating marketing around the papal visit as well. there are coins, cut out and pope bobble head. the listen to this they are the number one selling bobble head on amazon. and many restaurants and bars in philadelphia, they are also getting excited about this, mcgillian's old ale house is offering a pope special. they are selling a popeini for papal weekend just one of the many ways to, mark the weekend right here in philadelphia. it is 5:40. coming up, surprising resignation on capitol hill. >> reporter: shake up in washington as the the the house speaker calls it quits, i'm's craig boswell on capitol hill with his reasons and his reaction. also a ahead, even the the first lady helped her husband look his best. we will have have more from last night's state dinner, check that out. check out his bow tie. president of the china more on this coming up. as we go to break a beautiful look here at the chair that the pope will sit
5:41 am
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suave professionals works as well as salon brands. also available in skincare. suave. back on "eyewitness news" and a live look at ben franklin parkway all cleared right now. that will change though. last minute work is underway. later on today that area will be filled with people who have come to see pope francis. he will spent part of his weekend in that very spot, right there.
5:44 am
5:43. in other news this noon it is described as a seismic shift on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner is stepping down and leaving congress. as craig boswell reports it comes during an intense funding battle that has divided lawmakers in the same party. >> reporter: choking back tears house speaker john boehner says he is resigning for the right reasons at the right time. the boehner has faced strong opposition from conservatives who claim he was not fighting hard enough to defun planned parenthood even though doing so could risk a government shut down. >> i don't want my members to go through this. >> reporter: battle to fund non-profit that provides women's health care intensified after controversial video surfaced. those working closest to boehner says they didn't see his decision coming. >> it was within of the biggest shocks i have had since i have been in congress and i have been here 22 years. >> reporter: those described boehner's a announcement as emotional, his resignation sets up a scramble for leadership positions. >> collogue a a moment ago just said my goodness, this is
5:45 am
body still warm and there is jockey going on. >> reporter: president obama while hosting the chinese president called speaker boehner the moment we have heard the news. >> we have obviously had a lot of disagreements but i will tell you he has always conduct himself with courtesy. >> reporter: boehner is second in line to the presidency, behind gentlemen biden. he became speak inner 2011, first elected to congress in 1990. his resignation is effective october 30th. in washington, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there are new questions about whether hillary clinton turned overall of his work e-mails from her private server. obama administration officials say that they have found a chain of e-mails between the former secretary of state and general david petraeus, and then commander of the u.s. central command. these e-mails focused on personnel issues and began before clinton took office. the the fbi wants to know if clinton mishandled classified materials. meanwhile president obama
5:46 am
and first lady michelle obama hosted a state dinner and michelle wanted to make sure her husband looked good there. day after meeting the pope francis the obama's honored the chinese president ping. she wore a vera wang dress. and also, in attendance at that lavish dinner ballerina misty copeland, mark cuban, from the dallas mavericks and rapper neo. 5:46. >> yes, that is right. >> let's talk about that dress the first lady haddon. that the was stunning. >> right. >> i forgot i was even looking at president obama, that dress. >> yes, forget bow tie she looked gorgeous. >> our forecast not as gorgeous. >> not as gorgeous. >> but we are trending better, right. >> okay. >> saturday, today we are talking cloudy, cool, breezy that is your forecast for the day. temperatures in the lower 70's here in the afternoon, so be prepared, have those layers on and know that breeze will make it feel cooler then the
5:47 am
numbers look. on sunday cool and breezy. we have that slight chance of the p.m. shower but it is looking like it will not be a deluge so we can see rain work its way n let's talk about what we see on storm scan three which is rain associated with that low pressure system to the south. that is tracking toward the the north. notice you don't see red, orange and yellow, that means lighter rain, but cloudy and breezy, that will be our forecast for the day, a shower chance as we get into tomorrow and that high and low pressure close together that will keep that wind going. we have a win gradient. showers still sticking around through monday. we will take to future weather a and show you 10:00 p.m. tonight. we will see some breaks in the cloud out there too. a as we get into our sunday, this is noon. notice you will see an easterly flow trying to bring that moisture in. that is why by 4:00 p.m. we have to look out for a few blips here on the radar that will likely show up with a few
5:48 am
showers and those will carry with it into monday and those showers will get heavier into our monday early part of the day. sunday i will keep that shower chance in there, cool, breezy for our papal mass. notice gusts of 25 miles an hour. that is not too pleasant to be outside. temperatures in the lower 70's. it will be cool. i want to talk about the future wind gusts. this is this afternoon. future wind gusts are upward of 30 miles an hour down the shore. as we get in the midnight hour 27 miles an hour and it does ramp down on sunday but not too much. we are having a coastal flood advisory at 6:00 p.m. tonight until noon tomorrow and that is because we will get wind starting to pile water up on the shore. high tied at 6:42 tonight in atlantic city. keep an eye out for that. today northeast wind gusting to 25 miles an hour or more in some spots, down the shore, cloudy and minor coastal flooding possible as that the war gets piled up at the shore. the head up there. 64 degrees in philadelphia 66 in wildwood.
5:49 am
just 49 in mount pocono. they are hanging on to chilly temperatures throughout the day-to-day. cloudy skies, breezy conditions, temperatures just in the lower 70's. i will say it is dry today but it will be chilly out there. high 75, little breezy, sun will peak in and out, into tonight, cool, cloudy and le of 59 degrees. look at your seven day forecast, i wish we had this for our papal visit the but not bad, folks. we will hang in there with a few showers possibility on sunday and we will warm up on monday. we will keep clouds around. little bit of the pattern that will not quite kick out of the way. it will warm up next week so that will help, meisha. >> that always help. i love the warmth. bring it. seventy a's? i joke. seventy's are beautiful. this is a septa map, that shows which stations are opened including a few trolley lines. as a remind are make sure to bring those pass toes board. you will need those. the these are ones that you can check on the line as well.
5:50 am
and, also, some septa information, and other changes, then make sure your check your schedule. septa regional rails expect delays, heavier volume levels because there are fewer running lines, bus services, obviously detours and suspensioned. route 15 is shuttle busing. the route ten is suspended all together for this one. so just know completely suspended. also new jersey transit info, access link is suspended. bus services suspended between philadelphia and new jersey. the patco is cross honoring new jersey transit bus tickets and both the the ac rail lines and new jersey river line of limited service and special passes, needed. i will have patco information coming in a bit. erika, over to you. in just a few hours pope francis touches down here in philadelphia reporter dan wayne from our sister station kyw news radio is heading to the airport right now and he joins us live on the phone, dan, good morning. how is it looking out there. >> reporter: good morning to you, erika. it is an anxious and excited
5:51 am
crowd. we have arrived at philadelphia international airport going through one more security screening before we are allowed in but all well would worth it. we have security check ins. we are here at the airport. in just about four hearst we will be joined by pope francis himself. as we mentioned a lot of highly excited people down here and the pope's expected to land here in philadelphia right around 9:30 this morning. he will take off from jfk at 8:45 and once here he will be greeted with quite the ceremony as well. he will be met on the tarmac by philadelphia police officer richard bowes and his family and a they will present him with the pennsylvania state flower. now officer bowes was injured in the 2008 shooting that left a highway patrolman dead and also on hand will be a number of philadelphia dignitaries, that archbishop chaput, mayor nutter and pennsylvania governor tom wolf in addition to representatives from the world meeting of families. there will be a special performance by bishop shanahan
5:52 am
marching band. an exciting time to be out here. we are just waiting for the big man, guest of honor to show up, and that is four hours away. so again everyone exited to get this papal visit underway. reporting live... go ahead. >> dan, quick question, was it hard to get to the airport. i know travelers are in the area right now. was that tricky. >> reporter: it was not. ninety-five was police smooth sailing. we did have a police escort. there was not any other traffic moving around about us. it was heading out at normal speeds. everything was moving smoothly. if folks are heading to the airport they should be able to get there without much trouble. >> dan report from kyw news radio thanks for the the update. >> thank you. >> we will be right back.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
some good news, demarco murray was back on the practice field and will play in sunday's game with the jets. hopefully a healthy murray can take pressure off of sam bradford who has struggled in the first two games, were four interceptions. the his second most in the league and has the fourth worse passer rating, and the eagles are in danger of falling to zero and three for the first time since 1999. >> obviously i have not played to my capabilities. i felt like i was playing much better then this a couple years ago. i expect myself to play better. but like i said, sometimes, you know, when it is like this you have to get back to basics. look back at the fun. also and taking right drops, correct foot work and i know it is there. i played really well in training camp. i had two good practices this week. we will try to build on that. >> bradford will be facing a tough jets defense that has
5:56 am
ten take aways ahead of 13 all last season. new jets head coach and former eagles defensive coordinator todd bowls has turned them around but he knows they have to keep up with the eagles fast paced offense. >> they keep you on the field. they can wear you down if you are not careful. we have to be in shape. once you you wear down physically you start wearing down mentally, certain people, certain teams. so you have to get off of the field. >> well, phillies started their final road season series last night against the nationals. fightins need to win six of the final nine games to avoid losing a hundred games, for the first time in 54 years. third inning of the game bases loaded for aaron altear he hits a line drive to center field. michael taylor dives, misses. ball goes over the wall. he had the inside the park grand slam. he was not done. now in the fifth, long fly ball to left that makes this over the wall for his second home run of the game and phillies will take a five-one lead. jared.
5:57 am
eichoff went seven innings, a allowing two runs and struck out ten. phillies beat nationals eight -two. flyers playing in their fourth preseason game with the islanders down at the the center. to the first period flyers down a goal, chris porter with the deflection and orange and black tied the game. later flyers on the power play the ghost, his slap shot find the back of the net and flyers beat islanders five-two. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great the day. still much more to come on "eyewitness news" we are counting down to the pope's arrival, he hands land in philadelphia in three and a half hours. our nicole brewer is live on the ben franklin parkway where people are lining up. we are live in new york with a look at the most powerful moments from his visit including his stop at 9/11 memorial, that and more when we come back a at the top of the hour, good morning.
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