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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast september nerve philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing right now, police are investigating a sexual assault after female temple student last night. we'll tell you what we know so far about what happened. >> lots, the contractor charged in the deadly center city building collapse is expected to start trial today a look at the charges he is facing from the deadly 2013 accident. >> get ready to get wet. storm scan3 is tracking rain, and that foggy weather could hang around for awhile. we need the rainment maybe not a bad thing. good morning, it is tuesday, september 29th, i'm erika von tiehl. let's check the roads with meisha and justin, good morning. >> good morning, i don't want to say things are completely back to normal on the roadways yet, but certainly getting close. and justin, when i walked
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outside this morning, little humid or mug. >> i erika had the hair spray going nut today. you'll need that today. we have the summer like forecast today, very warm, humid, temperatures surging into the low 80s today. not whole lot of rain today, but that change later tonight. and have up that bella around really for the next several days. that is what we are dealing with. this morning, clouds, areas of fog to deal with, maybe stray sprinkle far north and west, better chance for shower later on during the day, certainly tonight. sixty-nine greet the current temperature in philadelphia, at seven open in reading, wilmington, so everybody just like yesterday, pretty much in the similar situation. mid to upper 60s to near 70 degrees. so warm start, to our tuesday. that will be the trend for about another 24 hours. visibility, overall, pretty good, couple of spots in south jersey, seeing some locally dense fog, millville down to .8-mile visibility, half mile visibility in dover, delaware, so you are going to run into some areas of fog. dew point temperature, still up, indicate ago lot of
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moisture in the air. that's why we are dealing with the fog this morning, and feels pretty steamy outside. so just be prepared for. that will here is your breakdown of temperatures. clouds around this, mo, few areas of fog, 72 at 9:00. by lunchtime, there could be stray shower in some spots, 77 degrees, mid late afternoon, we top off low 80s, better chance for some scattered showers. high in philadelphia, 82 degrees, mid 70s at the shore, low seven's at the poconos, talk about widespread rain chances coming up over the next 24 hours in a few minutes, let's hit the roads, meisha? >> good morning, happy tuesday to you, and all of you at home just waking up with us. early, dark out there. here is a noise peaceful look at the ben franklin bridge. obviously, opened yesterday, earlier than expected, and it locks great right now. nice, and calm, and quiet for those every you just thinking about jumping on that bridge. now, this is a police where we do have construction, 95 northbound, off ram top cottman, going in the northbound direction, i'll let you know when and if this clears this morning it, won't cause problems for you moving in the southbound direction,
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nine northbound at race street, the far left lane, as you can see, right here, boom, not going to cause any problems, so way too early. but i'll let you know if and when that clears, as well. also, ben franklin parkway closed between 16th and kelly drive for those every you in and around this area. also, just couple of general note. kelly drive, martin luther king drive open. clean up stick aking place on part of the parkway, so just make note of. that will some buses also are still detoured. some fun stuff, phyllis versus the new york mets. tonight at 7:05. go phillies. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. developing right now, a sexual assault investigation near the campus of temple university. police say at the respond today report of female student assaulted last night on the 1400 block of north carlisle street. police are sorting out the detail. temple university tweeted out the information, alerting fellow student don't use caution in that area. we are staying on top of this developing story, we'll bring you updates as soon as we get new information. >> meanwhile, the contractor
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charged in the deadly center city building collapse is expected to start trial today. griffin campbell is the owner of the company performing the demolition on build that came crumbling down on top after thrift store. six people were killed, and more than dozen injured. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now, liver outside that courthouse with the details for us, good morning, justin. >> erika, good morning, campbell's trial process is set to begin today. almost one week after he refused to plea deal that would have lessened his charges and his sentence. campbell faces charges of third degree murder, wreckless endangerment, conspiracy, causing catastrophy and related offenses. prosecutors say in the deal if campbell pleaded guilty to all charges, excepting murder, those murder charges could have been tossed and leaving him to face only a prison term longer, no longer, rather, than 20 years. campbell, a contractor boy trade, is one of two charged in that june 5th 2013 salvation army store collapse on market and
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second 22nd streetsment that day three-story wall fell onto one-story salvation army store, killing six and injuring more than dozen, the unsupported wall was being demolished at the time. and back hoe operator benchop, took lesser plea deal in july saying in court he knew that demo was risky but says his boss, campbell action told him to move ahead. plea dealing, campbell's lawyer argued that there is more to that story, take a listen. >> that in today's plea offer, the district attorney failed to mention about the high level of thc, the marijuana and percoset, that were ingested. >> now, of course, benchop now serving lesser time in prison, because of that plea deal. co-also take the stand in this case for prosecutors. campbell, tilt, has pleaded not guilty. we'll stay on top of t live in center city, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" justin, thank you. new this morning, nan critical condition after he shot in the fairhill section of
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philadelphia. it happened around 11:15 last night on the 2800 block of mutter street. when police say a 39 year old man was shot in the back. there are no suspects at this time, and police say that there were no shell casings found at the scene. >> another shooting in philadelphia, leaves throw people including a child injured. authorities say the gunfire errupted inside a home on the 5,000 block of bought know street around 8:30 last night. a eight year old girl was grazed by a bullet. her mother and another woman in the home were shot. police say none of the injuries are life threatening, so far, no arrests have been made. >> happening today, the president of planned parenthood is scheduled to appear before congress for controversial undercover videos. it is the first time richards will appear since the videos showing organizations officials describing fetal tissue research were re lows the this summer. conservatives say they're breaking the law, while planned parent hood denied any illegal behavior. >> and, that hearing comes
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just one day after the senate passed a bill authorizing government spending, including funding for planned parenthood. it has substance shale bipartisan support passing with 77 votes to 19. that measure now goes to the house of representatives. it must be passed before wednesday, at midnight, to avoid a government shutdown. >> 4:37. also, today, many people head back to work and school after what some are calling a pope-cation showing crews removing metal barriers you see in center city. as the clean up continues around town, many are reflecting on the historic weekend. zombies cents say, they weren't happy with the city closing down so many street. >> we had no foot traffic down here, nothing, it is just like a dead zone. >> no matter what we do, no matter how we do it, i'm always thinking in my mind, was there one more thing? was there a better way? >> the city now gearing up for the next big event, that's the democratic national convention next july.
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>> philadelphia archbishop charles chaput shared on the sit ' take of brotherly love. >> the holy father was impressed with the beauty of our city. he commented on that. he was very touched by the size of the crowd, the extraordinary effort of all of those who put this together. >> chaput also said yesterday's spending 48 hours with the pope was just a surreal experience. >> 4:38 right now. new castle county councilman is calling for the department of justice to investigate the shooting death after man in a wheelchair. councilman jay street wants the agency to look into the death of jeremy mc dole. mc dole shot dead by wilmington police on tulip street last week, that shooting was caught on camera. police a mc dole had shot himself and was armed with a weapon. an update now to story we first told you about yesterday morning, a father is killed during a home invasion in lower moreland montgomery county. police have identified the victim as 53 year old kevin
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brown. he died sunday night after he was shot by an intrude nerve his philmont avenue home. his wife escaped by jumping out of the window. three of the couple's children hid during the attack. they weren't hurt. the gunmen escaped on foot. police believe that family was targeted, although, they are not saying why. the former new york prison work here helped two convicted killers escape will spend up to seven years behind bars. joyce mitchell admit that she gave richard matt and david sweat the tool they used to break out of prison back in june. matt was killed after a three-week manhunt, and sweat was wounded. under the termite of a plow deal, mitchell could get nut in out in as little as 28 months. >> still to come, president obama and russian president putin come face-to-face for the first time in more than two years at the united nations. also: >> can i call you michelle? i can call you michelle? >> it's my name. >> hey, first name basis there. well, president obama was at the un.
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michelle obama stopped by the late show with stephen colbert. what the first lady said she is being looking forward to doing once she moves out of the white house. >> it has been dry few months. get ready for some rain ahead, justin has more on just how much rain we're expecting and when it should dry up. that and your full forecast when we come right back.
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only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ >> obama and butte end met for the first time in two years after dueling speeches at the united nations, it happened among open and bitter disagreement over the war in syria. president putin agrees keeping him in power to support isis, but president obama says there will be no long-term stability in the nation, while has add is still in power. >> meanwhile, first late it michelle obama makes first person on the late show with stephen colbert. mrs. obama joked what she is looking forward to upon
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exiting the white house also if she would offer any advice to the next first lady or first man. >> i also introduce little things like open a window. >> i'm sorry? >> i want to go to target. >> if we have a female president next, would you leave a letter for her husband? >> (laughter). >> sounds like she would. first lady also talked about her initiatives, the let girls learn program, and her reach higher campaign. >> 4:43, if you reach for that umbrella this morning, you might not need it on the way to workment coming home you might be grateful you have it. >> this rainy forecast this afternoon, scattered shower deal, and then tonight, more steadier rain corks get heavy at times, overnight tomorrow morning. so here we go. up for unsettled weather pattern, but right now, again, pretty quiet.
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mild, it is muggy right now, live lock at the ben franklin bridge. there will be some areas of fog you'll end count they are morning, depends where you are. that will drop visibility little bit. otherwise just mostly cloudy skies through the morning house -- hours, storm scan3, lit up with a lot of green. two features to talk becomes cold front well to the north and west over the ohio valley, then storm system over the south. two system combined of combine, will bring steadier rain through tonight, at lows through the first half of wednesday. not done yet. as we head into the weekend, we'll watch system off shore, tropical system right now, that could bring some more rain for the weekend. lock at the temperatures, south jersey, 70 in wildwood, 66 millville, that's where you are having some fog right now as well as central delaware, dover, mid 60s, clothe he ester to philadelphia, 67 in pal my, a woodstown, you guys, waking up to 66 this hour. then similar numbers off to the north, up in the lehigh valley, allentown at 70 degrees. the set up: cold front to the north, low pressure to the south. they come together over the
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next 24 hours bringing us needed rainment again watch for some rain heavy at times late tonight, early tomorrow morning. thursday little drier, much cooler, back to the 60s. still can't rule out few showers. rain chances today 60%, that's late in the day, 90 tomorrow, thursday, back down to 30. and we bump it up again as woe head to fry. 50% chance. here is the set up through the morning, pretty dry afternoon, see the spotty showers starting to break up. there is some steady heavy rain moving in, this is 11:00 tonight through the overnight. heaviest rain chance will be just north and west of the city. and then by wednesday afternoon, some of the rain showers start to taper off. how much rain are we talking about? possibly one, 2 inches north and west of the city. warm today, 82. tonight watch out for widespread rain, 70, extended forecast, a lot of showers in the forecast for the rest of the week into the weekend but it cools down, erika, back to you. >> justin, thank you. eagles back at work at nova care today. but it will be without their guard andrew gardner, who has a foot injury, and without kicker cody marquis, word is evening else will play park on
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injured reserve before groin injury. coach kelly said parke was injured during pre-game washing ups. he set nfl rookie record last season with 150-point. there are reports the birds will sign former dolphins kick tear take parkey place. >> phillies open fine home stand of the season gets the mets in south phillyment meanwhile the nationals have suspended former phillies closer jonathan papelbon, the outburst yesterday in the dugout. did you see this? grabbed harper, during the phillies game. nats suspension is four games, and major lowering baseball suspended him for throw games for throwing at a member of the orioles last week. so papelbon's season is over for now. >> flyers in pre-season hockey last night against the rangers at madison square garden. flyers on the power-play here. mark stripe with the drive and wayne simmons scores on the rebound. the rangers tied the game. they won it on penalty shot in over time three-two. flyers always struggle at the
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garden. flyers host the devils tomorrow night. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", oh, it is a great day, it is national coffee day. we'll tell you where you can get your free caffeine fix this morning, you don't want to miss t first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> the latest on developing story, philadelphia police investigating the armed robbery and sexual assault after female temple university student. >> it happened before midnight, north carlisle street, just off campus. griffin campbell trial set to start today. the contractor is facing third degree murder charges in connection with the june 2013 center city building collapse. that killed six people, and left more than dozen injured. campbell has previously reject add plea deal.
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>> richards already add doctor g controversial undercover videos which appear to show the organization's official describing fetal tissue research. right now, 4:50, time to see what's coming up in business news, and warning for the fbi about scam target targeting college student, joins us now, and more on that, good morning. >> fbi said it received complaints about foam scan. somebody claims they're from the fbi or government, calls someone, tell them, they are dill end went on student loans, then threaten after fest money is not sent immediately through money gram. the fbi says, do not do this. the agency would never call private citizens, to request money, and apparently the caller-id also seems to say it is from the fbi. so they have this definitely little high tech here, but, be aware. >> good heads up. now often we say if something sounds too good to be true it, usually; but you can get your caffeine fix for free today. and is there a catch?
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we're hoping not? >> no catch. it is national coffee day, yes, it is made up holiday. do we care if it is a chance to score some free coffee? i know i don't. dunkin donut giving away free med yum cup of hot or iced dark roast, krispy kreme, could you also get free coffee, and then their going to throw in free donut at wawa, you can grab one self-serve cup of any hot beverage up to 24 ounces, and size free of charge. so for people who don't drink coffee, maybe they could get tea, but i am all about the coffee specially in the morning. >> i am all about the fact it is my day to buy for the studio crew, hey, cha cha cha, free coffee all around. >> i love it. >> jill, thanks so much. see you later this morning. >> whole foods is cutting hundreds of jobs in an effort to cut down costs. the upscale grocery store chain says the cuts are necessary, in order to invest in technology upgrades, and improve its cost structure. whole foods says it may move people into jobs at new value
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focused stores, gearing toward younger customers. >> coming up after this break, a check on the rainy forecast, and the roads, we'll be right back.
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4:54, a check on the roads, is everything back to normal this morning, meisha? >> we're almost there, erika. it is feeling more normal today than it was yesterday, right? so kind of baby steps in that regard. but here is nice look at the vine. you can see it is looking real nice, traffic flowing, now, just couple of days ago it was a ghosttown. nice to see everyone starting to come back to work now specially on tuesday. i know a lot of people took the day off yesterday. a lot of people back to work today. volume levels that were supposed to be yesterday, woe might see those today. but the vine looking good, all of the ramps open. we do have place of construction, very hard to so out here, giving you kind of good look at how muggy it is out there. certainly feeling a little dense, little wet outside. construction, 95 northbound, off ramp to cottman, it was saying it was still closed, how much it, seems to be that people are being able to exit. so i'll make sure to confirm.
4:55 am
that will but looks like it is getting bet nerve that area. also construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, off ramp to ft. washington, one lane is blocked there, and also construction woodhaven road eastbound the ramp to roosevelt boulevard. so overall, it will be busy morning, probably justin in the world of weather, looks like looking out the cameras, sometimes it feels a little like fog. >> i yes, good example, show there cottman, 95, you are going to run into areas of locally dense fog, seeing that in delaware, even south jersey right now, so it depends where you are in the morning. things will get active though in the delaware valley over the next 24 hours. not much happening right now. you may find sprinkle or two far northwest, really up in the mountains, but the afternoon could be scattered shower or two breaking out with more steadier rain arriving tonight. all right, the temperatures, pretty warm start, dress appropriately, 71 allentown, 69 in philadelphia, when you step outside, a lot of humidity to deal with. you will feel t here's what to expect. tonight into wednesday, some heavy rain moves in, one to 3 inches, likely, specially north and west of the city, that's some good news, we
4:56 am
could use some rain. we're not done. saturday looks like we could be dealing with tropical system possibly bringing some rain, specially along the coals. but today, warm, humid, watch out for showers in the afternoon, high of 82 degrees, tonight, periods of rain, some could be heavy through the overnight, 70, for the low, here is the extended forecast, back to the 60s by the end of the week, but really through saturday we have rain chances. erika, we send it back to you. >> justin, thank youment coming up in the next hour every "eyewitness news", live after temple university student said she survives terrifying attack. also, a star quarterback in new jersey dice after taking a hit during a game. now we know what killed him. >> and, you can call this some serious monkey business. check this video out. see what happens when the escaped pet reached havoc on neighborhood. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> security alert for temple university student. terrifying event that happened off campus. >> two years after the deadly center city building collapse, first trial finally starts today. we'll let you know how the demolition contractor plans to defends himself against murder charges. >> enjoy this dry weather while you can. storm scan3 showing we are bracing for rain for the next few days. >> good morning, it is tuesday, september 29th, i'm erika von tiehl. justin and meisha keeping an eye on things for us. morning, guys. >> good morning, yes, roads are looking pretty good. it is weird coming to a
5:00 am
tuesday. usually winding up for the work week, actually feels like we're winding down, getting cleared every all of that. justin, whenever i look in a camera, looking really foggy. what's going on out there? >> meisha, see that over the next few hours, before woe get to sunrise, a lot of humidity, you can feel the difference when you step outside. so we still are kind of in summer like pattern for about another 24 hours, it will bring some rain chances in here. not much happening outside right here. center city, just clouds over us, not seeing any fog, right in center city but there are some areas of locally dense fog, really depends where you are in the delaware valley. morning pretty much stays dry. afternoon, see chance for few scattered showers, casino every easing you into it, then more steady rain later tonightment look at that, upper 60s to low 70s for the temperatures, this morning, so warm start to the tuesday. zooming in, few of the suburbs, palmyra, new jersey, also at 07 degrees, mt. holly, at 67. that dew point temperature really tells the story. the higher this number; the more humid it is, and this is pretty high. over the weekend, right around 50 degrees, that's why it was dry, coo


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