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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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a hurricane that could be heading our way, gains strength, joaquin, jumps to a category three storm as it churns in the atlantic ocean. jersey shore communities are preparing for the worst, many still recovering from hurricane sandy, now they are bracing for possibility of another major storm. good morning, it is thursday october 1st i'm's erika ron tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. we are getting your day started with weather and traffic. and we have a lot to talk about. >> whenever we hear the word hurricane we know that brings water on the roadways owe what are we dealing with today do you think. >> today we are not seeing effects of the hurricane but we have stormy wet's head of the cold front to deal w all eyes are on joaquin and perfect good reason as it is
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slated to head our way. you can see it is near, bow whom as and we have hurricane, bohamas as they get ready to deal with this. it is very powerful this morning. as we wake up, we will start to see it is a now a category three hurricane. the taking a look at tropical models there is still quite a bit of vei surgeonens in the path of the different computer models, and that means we have a good level of uncertainty but here's what we do know, we are a powerful storms, sitting at 120 miles sustain wind, gusting up to 140 miles an hour, and it is a cat three expected to strength tone a cat the four and then spently start to ramp down but you consensus right now has the the path coming a shore right there in north carolina and that would be sunday evening, and have it as a category two. still uncertainty but we have to keep an eye on this. we are taking a look at our weather. we've got more rain heading our way today. cloudy skies and do you feel a
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chill in the air when you walk outside and part of that is because the wind is out of the north east at 21 miles april hour. we're sitting a at 64 degrees. we are not going to be getting, sorry, that is wrong graphic, we will stay in the 60's today. keeping an eye, i will be back to talk more about hurricane joaquin but for now lets go over to meisha ain't roads. >> i'm cheap so i turn off my air conditioning a long time ago so it is nice to open up my windows. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. it is still early ape very dark outside. this is where we had a car fire had has been put out and moved out on the roadways. i-95 northbounding the ram township route one. overall you you can see, number one it is looking more dry then it was, yesterday and number two still early. very, very empty. i love to show this spot of the ben franklin bridge. beautiful shot. early risers across the bridge from new jersey into philadelphia looking good there. the just wanted to show thaw shot, now that the sun hasn't
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yet listen. we have construction woodhaven road westbound between 95 and boulevard. left lane is block, in this area for those traveling around and another area construction roosevelt boulevard northbound and southbound between rhawn and woodward street, the inner drive is block, there, so overall we have another couple days coming in about 15 minutes. erika, over to you. people who live down at the shore are keeping a close eye on hurricane jack ken. >> "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch is live with more on how they are preparing, good morning. >> reporter: nicole and erika, good morning, all quiet on the boardwalk this morning but along the jersey shore many are refusing to take a wait and see approach to hurricane joaquin, instead, many are prepping in case this storm moves their way. lets look at rid were now down in the talk ton beach area there are many real reminders of what a big storm can do. several homes remain untouch since super storm sandy hit the area in october of 2012. now, almost three years later,
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some properties are still, a abandoned. all ready several beach communities are activating emergency management and warning systems at some marinas boats are being pulled back in. this time of the year as hurricane season enters its last leg officials say nothing beats preparation, and planning. >> we don't know if it will be a inch, we don't know if it is will be 10 feet we just don't know yet. we can't take any chances. if it hits here, monday, sunday, monday, it is too late. >> reporter: don't be surprised if you see windows and doors boarded soon, officials say it is easier to prep days in advance then the day before or the day after. we are live on the boardwalk i'm justin finch for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. >> erika and nicole. thank you. bellmawr, monmouth county is also getting ready. "eyewitness news" on the beach where bulldozers created walls of an. crews pump out a lake to reduce flooding.
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>> by loge this lake we mitigate against flooding in to all of the homes that surround it. we have hundreds of families that are, right now, scared. >> and asbury park officials dug a ditch off beach and in long branch, a lone bulldozer operators prepared for the possibility of the destructive storm there. in harvey cedars trash cans were removed from the beach. a as we track the path we have a guide on preparing for a hurricane on our web site. just go to cbs and click on the link on the home page. new this morning, the the red cross is aiding two families after a portion of their home collapsed wednesday night. emergency crews responded to the 4400 block of north franklin street just after 10:30 wednesday night. we're told nobody was injured and collapse was concentrating to the back of the home. total of eight people are in temporary shelters as a result this morning. new a fire in the home on the 2600 block of colorado street in north philadelphia. there are no reported injuries and it is not clear if that home was occupied at the time
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of the fire. the causes under investigation. a pedestrian is struck and killed in the hit and run that involved more than one vehicle in chester. chopper three over 200 block of east ninth street where police say the man was reportly struck by two vehicles around 7:00 last night. one of the drivers remained on the scene while the other fled. police say that driver is believed to have been driving a dark or black chevy impala. no charges are expected for the driver who stayed. the power is back on in the city of camden, city hall and county social services building will be opened today. they closed wednesday, after an equipment failure at a substation. rutgers camden and camden county college campus shut down and then there were classes at noon. it is unclear whether tuesday night's rain was in part responsible for that failure. two men are charged with beating and robbing an elderly war hero in west vincentown ship chester county. only "eyewitness news" was there as zachary hails was brought in custody.
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he and john reid pushed their way in the 81 year-old home's july 29th. hails was an appliance repairman and performed work shortly before the robbery. authorities make an arrest in the center city arson, damaged a construction site and forced people in nearby buildings to evacuate. police arrested five two-year old steven petaway seen here in surveillance video. authorities say he intentionally set that fire on south 13th street on september . that building was under construction. two add eyes event buildings were also damage. fbi is trying to solve have the puzzling disappearance of richard petrone and danielle imbo a decade ago. billboard flashing information and reward offers from maine up to florida. the couple vanished along with their pickup truck after leaving a south street restaurant on february 19th, 2005. petrone's mother tells "eyewitness news" that she hopes national exposure will at last bring some answers. 4:37. more bad news for bill cosby,
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coming up next new accusers come forward saying they were victims of the misconduct at the hand of the comedian. >> while we are dealing with rain we will tell you where record breaking snow is falling this season, snow. >> my goodness. >> yeah. >> more information when we come right back. ready or not, it is too soon.
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more trouble this morning for bill cosby, three more women have come forward to accuse the philadelphia born comedian of sexual assault. the the accusations come just a week before cosby's scheduled to give a sworn deposition in yet another sexual assault lawsuit. the woman gave their account at a los angeles news conference yesterday. cosby has admitted to having extra marital relationships with some of the women accusing him of sexual assault and has in the been charged with any crime. newly released e-mails show hackers tried to repeatedly access hillary clinton's private e-mail server. they were reportedly link to russia and tried five time to access the server when clinton
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was secretary of state. infect e-mails disguised as speeding ticket would give them access if she click on the links. it is not cleared if the the server was he have compromised. pope francis is reflecting on his trip to cuba on the u.s., cuba and his time in philadelphia a holy fat are talk about his trip during his weekly audience in st. peters square. he said his flight to havana and washington d.c. was a symbolic one, focused on building a bridge between two countries. he called his visit to philadelphia an opportunity to celebrate the family and called covenant man and woman the key to prosperity and solidarity for the world. one lucky power ball winner in michigan is more than 310 million-dollar richer, this morning. but then taxes. that person hit the the jackpot matching all five numbers and power ball. winning numbers 21, 39, 40, 55, 59 and power ball 17. you may still have won a smaller prize. the the power ball is played
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in 44 states, including pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. a couple of dollars. >> i know when i walk in and saw have one in the studio. >> yeah, you didn't win. >> you may the not have won lottery but we are not seeing snow though. >> my gosh. >> fairbanks, a alaska got snow this week almost a foot in fairbanks on tuesday. >> it is alaska. >> exactly. >> but even for alaska it is early in the season. >> i know. >> just a sign of things to come. >> oh, no. >> we have enough to deal with with a hurricane. >> yes. i think first thing, as you walk out the door it is cooler, we have winds and rain. that has nothing to do with hurricane joaquin. we have got our own problems to deal with before we even get to that. today will be another rainy day as we head toward the weekend but hurricane joaquin we are waking up to a the category three hurricane. certainly something to keep an eye on. 64 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-nine in allentown.
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sixty-two down in at atlantic city. we have a very strong northeasterly flow going on here. you can see it, 21 miles per hour right now in philadelphia. you are feeling that walking out the door. as we go through the day expect rain in the morning and afternoon as well. temperatures though just staying in the lower 60's. so again take the jacket, it will not be a very nice day out there taking a live look at storm scan three you can see this rain tracking our way. this is rain along a cold front low pressure system tracking up from the south to the north so that will bring showers in today, and then we have to deal with the potential of a hurricane. first you can see these showers rolling through here looking at high resolution model brings tonight our way. we will get to friday. friday afternoon is when we will see this rain ramp up. that is your next 24 to 48 hours that we will be dealing w then we have to talk about hurricane joaquin which i have to say is being a bit of the pain for us this morning because we still do not have a
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good consensus on what this thing exactly is going to do. we have several scenarios. we do know it is a at 120 miles per hour sustain wind, it is a category three hurricane causing trouble in
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the the bohamas. pressure 948 millibars. expected to strengthen and then ram many down as we get into our sunday. right now the scenario of these models has it rolling right up the coastline so you can see that is tuesday morning it is a category one that is a lot of trouble for us here in philadelphia. this is what the spaghetti plots look like. you can still see a lot of change. we have some taking it out to sea, some bringing tonight to north caroline, more bringing it in the mid-atlantic. we were hoping to see, thinks what the gfs looks like. this is one that takes it right along the coastline and that one seems to be the worst scenario for us, it drags joaquin in, heavy rain inland and beach erosion and coastal flooding. i'll be back in a bit. back to you. in sports, antis pace of heavy rain, phillies are starting at 12:05 at citizens bank park. they are on a two game winning streak. that is something. it didn't start out great last night and with alex asher allows five runs in two thirds of an inning. daniel murphy's home run make it five to nothing. but phillies managed to get back in the game and take a lead on a pair of wild pitches. phillies lose this 17-five. union second straight trip to the u.s. open cup finals end in disappointment again. final last night in chester and it end tied at one after regulation, and extra time. now penalty kicks, tied at six when sporting kc jordan castillo wins it for kansas city here. union wins seven-six on penalty kicks. they will resume mls reply in toronto.
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>> tonight thursday night football on cbs-3, zero and three ravens head to pittsburgh to play the steelers who won last two in the row. coverage begins at 7:30 right the here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" hey, we have good news for chocolate lovers. >> yes. >> and first though we will be right back and we will take a short break.
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here's one more look at your head lines this morning hurricane joaquin continues to gain strength as it churns across the atlantic. state of emergency has been declared in virginia where heavy rain is forecast throughout the weekend. meantime many down the shore are keeping a close eye on joaquin, areas like tuckerton, ocean county are watching that storm after getting hit hard by hurricane sandy. a pedestrian is dead after being struck by two cars on east ninth street at chester last night. one car remains at the scene. police are now looking for the driver of that car or a dark chevy impala that fled that
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scene. today is the deadline for retail stores to make switch over to new terminals, that read credit cards with computer chips inside them but many retailers say they are still in the ready. new terminals replaced swiping, with what they are calling, dipping. our recent poll shows only 27 percent of stores have the new card readers, and many consumers say they are still waiting to receive a new card. >> they will bear the liability in case of credit card fraud and that is a big shift because in the past banks have born most of that liability so that is obviously a big deal for merchants. >> retailers say customers who have not received their chip card just yet they can still swipe with their old card without penalty or cost. i got a new credit card this week but apparently there we go. >> yes, at the register trying to swipe, and they are like insert. >> yes, 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange.
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today october 1st, and that third quarter was brutal for us. what are investors watching for us. >> reporter: it was the worst quarter in five years. there was concern about china that spark a big sell off. this week it is all about jobs, payroll processor adp says private sector added 200,000 jobs in september which is healthy growth and also an increase from august. today the labor department will release weekly unemployment numbers but big news is tomorrow, investors are waiting for the government to release its big jobs report so that comes out tomorrow morning before the bell, which should have a bill impact on the markets. erika and nicole. we are trying to get this morning off to a sweet start. we need something. we are hearing there is a a new chocolate available in the u.s. for the very first time. >> what kind of chocolate are we talking about. >> for the record this is my favorite story of the day. starting today you can buy world's oldest brand of check late right here in the united states, nestle decided for
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fierce time ever it will sell high even, 200 year-old kay and chocolate brand outside of switzerland. the milk for this chocolate comes from the world's happiest dairy cows, in switzerland. that check late will only be available on amazon and i cannot wait to try it, erika and nicole. >> how do you survey cows. >> how do you measure that. >> very good question. >> seriously. >> but sound delicious. >> yes. >> we will see. >> coming up after the break sorry jill we lost you. we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> we are tracking joaquin we will
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let's got the latest on the roads with meisha. >> good morning to everyone at home, if you are just waking up with us, good morning. good news is our roadways are more dry this morning then what we saw yesterday. here's a place where we have construction woodhaven road westbound between 95, boulevard, far left lane is
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block still. i will let you know when that clears but certainly not causing any slow downs. it looks nice out there. this is another area where we have construction 95 southbound off ramp to the betsy ross bridge. one lane blocked. you can see above and beyond just the construction you can see volume levels, some vehicles early risers out there. now what we saw yesterday moving in the 5:00 o'clock hour even was role level increasing. what we would see on a monday was happening yesterday. it will be interesting to go see what happens today. i would suggest giving yourself a couple extra minutes. schuylkill at belmont looking good. taillight and random headlights. game change phillies verse mets will play at the 12:05 at citizens bank park instead of the 7:05 because of the rumors of the hurricane coming. just make note for those, of you seeing baseball, ladies. actually, kyla, now that i'm talking about weather and reschedule of the baseball game, so let's talk about it. >> we have got weather today, outside of hurricane jack ken
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and then jack ken has woken up to a very powerful hurricane this morning. lets look at conditions right now. you fight meal that wind out of the north east 21 miles an hour. we have 64 degrees this morning and this is what we have coming our way. this is weather ahead of the cold front independent of the jack ken. we will see showers through today and also tomorrow, but, that is going to set us up for the weekend which we do have to worry about jack ken. cloudy, breezy, chance of rain, high of 63 as we get into tonight. 58 degrees, windy more rain developing and quick look at your seven day forecast shows you that these cool temperatures are here to stay right through the weekend. we will not see 70's until next week. i will talk more about hurricane jack ken which is category three, when i come back in a moment. now back to the ladies. lets check the the stories our sister station kyw news radio is following. if you are buying a house there is new paperwork to continue as mortgage process it is starting on saturday. if you have been noticing
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more praying mantuses and preview of the new action thriller hitting movie theaters. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060. we are live down the shore with the preparations happening with hurricane jack ken that bears down possibly on the east coast. we will have very latest information for you. >> this isn't how to treat your guests, not at alle what an angry bride did when her relatives didn't show up for her wedding. >> you pay for the meal but what she does, it is tacky. it is philadelphia's new venue for music lovers, our jan carabao is taking you inside the new fillmore philadelphia that is where hall and oaths is playing. i'm just saying. if we had you at hall, we had you at oaths. good morning.
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right now we are watching jack ken, that hurricane is gaining strength in the atlantic ocean. we're getting new information, this morning about where this storm is heading, kyla will update you. also down the shore it is double trouble they are already preparing for worse while they wait for joaquin but, also a deadly hit and run investigation, a person is killed after getting hit by two cars. what police necessity about the driver they are looking for this morning. it is thursday, october 1st i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. kyla and meisha keeping an eye on things. i'm in the the sure about meisha but kyla, you have your hand full around here. >> yes, i had mine yes, sir,
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you get the brunt today because roadways looking dry. >> you will get some more my darling, i will send some more rain your way, meisha, or toy say. we will see some later today. everyone is talking about hurricane joaquin and for good reason. it is now a category three hurricane. we have gotten more model information this morning more updated model information. thinks gfs model. this is one of the model. i want to show you what this one is suggesting at this point. it is showing that it hugs the coast and that it then starts to weaken a bit but drags a lot of rain and wind inland so we could see flooding, right as we go through that. euro, european model, you have heard me speak of that before takes a different path. this one sending it out to sea and it stubbornly is still saying that is what will happen. that within says joaquin is out to sea, still breezy but minor erosion. i know which one i vote for and which one you vote for too folks but we still don't have a consensus but this is a powe


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