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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 1, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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you get the brunt today because roadways looking dry. >> you will get some more my darling, i will send some more rain your way, meisha, or toy say. we will see some later today. everyone is talking about hurricane joaquin and for good reason. it is now a category three hurricane. we have gotten more model information this morning more updated model information. thinks gfs model. this is one of the model. i want to show you what this one is suggesting at this point. it is showing that it hugs the coast and that it then starts to weaken a bit but drags a lot of rain and wind inland so we could see flooding, right as we go through that. euro, european model, you have heard me speak of that before takes a different path. this one sending it out to sea and it stubbornly is still saying that is what will happen. that within says joaquin is out to sea, still breezy but minor erosion. i know which one i vote for and which one you vote for too folks but we still don't have a consensus but this is a powerful hurricane.
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category three at the 120 miles an hour sustain wind and if we take those models and put them together this is what we come up with that we have this, hugging the the shore now. good news it does have have it pushing further out. yesterday it was aiming directly for land and it does have it weakening to tropical storm status which would be better case scenario then if we were to have a category two or category one hurricane. still some divergence there and still some things to work out but patties moving further off shore, for this morning. so, to say that we're keeping an eye on it is an under statement. we will be back. we will talk about today's weather as well. we have rain and wind, independent of joaquin. we have a cold front in town. good morning, happy thursday. i guess the bright side is right now we have some dryer roadways then what we saw yesterday. that will significantly help the morning commute for as long as we have them. here's a live look.
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we have construction i-95 southbound off ramp to betsy ross bridge. one lane block. up here you can see flashing lights. overall on i-95 looking good. still early. we will see volume pick up. it will be interesting to go see if we see volume levels like we did yesterday. here's more construction woodhaven road westbound between 95 and boulevard. left lane is block, and you can see cones kind of sitting in your way but overall you can see a few headlights past those. so still looking, calm. we still have some clean up on the parkway inner drive closed between 20th and eakins oval, still residual is out there for those in and out the area. make note of that. we have a down tree in cheltenham, at cheltenham avenue and sharpless road. i will update you. just know that it is there. patco speed line is running on a special schedule so check your local schedules. erika, over to you. with joaquin gaining strength overnight many at the shore are not taking any
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chances. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from atlantic city which how folks are being prepared, better safe than sorry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it takes seconds for a storm to hit and cause damage but it takes days to prepare for that storm. that message is going out along the shore and various ways, and this morning, neighbors are watching joaquin and getting ready. now along the tuckerton beach area there is a footprint of the damage that super storm sandy left behind and neighbors don't want joaquin to do a repeat. several homes there remain as they were left, battered by heavy rains and winds. back in october 2012. now, almost three years later, some properties are still a abandoned, many residents refusing to return. the storm left more than 100 dead and cost some $70 billion in damage. already, several beach communities have activated they're mergecy management and warning protocols and as october kicks off we're in the final stretch of the hurricane
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season and more opportunities for storms, and that is why officials advise residents to start planning right now. >> what we are advising residents to do is baton down hatches, put away things that can blow away, put away things that can float away, secure your boats, your boating docks, move your car if you have a car in the the area get them out of town, put them up at the end of the town. >> reporter: officials say even if they only get heavy rain from this storm, there is still a risk of flooding and they want to be ready for that. we are live on the boardwalk, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. folks further up north in bellmawr, monmouth county are getting ready for joaquin as well. bulldozers are creating walls of sand and crews are pumping out a lake to reduce risk of flooding. >> we have learned a lot of lesson from sandy and we have resources now that we never had before. >> there is not much you can
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do we just moved whatever out of the way. >> reporter: crews dug a ditch in asbury park and long branch a lone bulldozer operator prepared for possibility of the destruct tough storm. in harvey cedars trash cans were removed from the beach. for latest on joaquin, head to cbs we have a guide for preparing for a hurricane. just click on the lincoln our home page. and new this morning, red cross is assisting two families after a portion of the house collapsed on wednesday night. emergency crews responded to the 4400 block of north franklin street just after 10:30. we're told nobody was injured and the collapse was concentrated to the back of the home. total of eight people are in temporary shelter this morning as a result. a pedestrian is struck and killed in a hit and run that involved more than one vehicle in chester. chopper three over the the 200 block of east ninth street where police say the man was reportedly struck by two vehicles around 7:00 last night. now one of the drivers remain on the scene while the other fled. police say that driver is
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believed to have been driving a dark or black chevy impala, no charges are expect for the driver who stayed. a lancaster man is scheduled to be sentenced to day for his role in the deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. the man was quick of third degree murder in july after police say he hit and killed a mother and three of her sons in july 2013 while drag racing. police say he was racing, a man from philadelphia holman has pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide. camden city hall and social county services building will be back opened after a power outage. both were, closed when lights went out. pse and g, restored power a few hours later but they are trying to figure out what cause that had power outage in the first place. controversy dogging hillary clinton's presidential campaign continues to grow, with the state department's latest release of e-mails from her private server. this batch brings the the total number of e-mails made public from clinton's private e-mail server to 6300 pages.
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don champion has the latest now from new york. >> reporter: latest batch of e-mails from 2010/2011 show russia linked hackers tried five times to pry into hillary clinton's e-mail account. they did so by ending e-mails disguised as speeding tickets with attachments that would have allowed hackers into her network. clinton's campaign officials say she never replied to the e-mails nor opened the attachments. over the weekend clinton tried yet again to stop the controversy. >> it is like a drip, drip, drip, what i have tried to do and explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information then anybody that i'm aware of who has ever served on the government. >> reporter: state department says at least three e-mails, sent to clinton should have been classified, two of them surrounding iran nuclear talks. another notable exchange highlights concerns about outdated technology in her department, something a top advisor claimed had led high ranking officials to routinely
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use their home e-mail accounts to get work done. recent polls show clinton's lead over vermont senator bernie sanders has dwindled amid the controversy when still possible candidate joe biden gaining more support. her campaign is also taken a hit at the bank in recent months only raising about two million-dollar more than sanders. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a government shut down set to take place a at midnight was averted after president obama signed a temporary funning bill earlier in the day. president's bill was quickly approved by congress and it will fund government through december 11th while keeping federal fund nothing place for planned parenthood. some republicans threatened to vote down any bill that included money for the non-profit health organization. all right. 5:08. more trouble for bill cosby. hear from the new accusers who just came forward. also before hurricane joaquin a arrives parts of the pennsylvania is already cleaning up for is he versace
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wheater. we will show you more, of what is left behind. >> also... >> i was pretty shocked to see i was being charged $75 for her service and tax charge and services. >> imagine being charged for a meal you didn't eat, why newlyweds want money back from a few people off their guest list, very interesting. >> ♪ philadelphia's new concert venue opens tonight as hometown waller hall and oaths will play the the original show. it is rock and roll hall of famers. the it is sold out. kyla wanted to go. sorry, girl it will not happen. we will take you inside fillmore, and jan carabao will show us what makes it so special, we will be right back.
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the name your price tool. still only at more trouble for bill cosby, three more women accused on the veteran comedian of second you'll assault they come just a week before cosby is scheduled to
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give a sworn deposition in yet another sexual assault lawsuit. would the man, were teary eyed as they gave their accounts a at a los angeles news conference yesterday. >> i don't remember leaving the dinner show and when i came to i was lying in bill cosby's bed. >> the university of san francisco is the latest school to rescind an honorary degree from cosby. the philadelphia born comedian has admitted to having extra marital relationships with some of the women accusing them of sexual assault. cosby has not been charged with any crime. caitlin jenner will not face charges for a deadly car crash in california. jenner's suv hit two other cars in the chain reaction crash in the malibu highway in february. one of the other drivers died in that crash but prosecutors say this was not enough evidence to convict jenner. she's facing several civil lawsuits in her role in that crash. it has been a decade since they vanish and now the the fbi is mounting a major new
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effort to solve the disappearance of richard petrone and danielle imbo. the couple was never seen again after leaving a south street restaurant on february 19th, 2005. billboards from maine to florida are now flashing information and reward offers. pet ron's family is hoping that the renewed national exposure will bring answers it has sought for more than ten years. well, it is now confirmed, it was, in fact a tornado that tore through parts of the lancaster county yesterday. residents of east hempfield township spent yesterday cleaning up assessing the damage there. the national weather service says ef1 tornado touched down there such a tornado carried peak wind of 90 to hundred miles an hour, fortunately, no one was injured. but that is not all we're dealing with. in fact we're watching a hurricane joaquin, that is about to roll role through, kyla, what is the latest on its path. >> i will tell you it is a category three. it is a powerful storm. latest track has it now hugging the coast more than coming a shore, but we will
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show you discrepancy in the different mod else in a moment. lets start off with where we are this morning. taking a live look at storm scan three we have more rain coming our way. this is not joaquin. this is stormy weather ahead of the cold front that is tracking in. we will expect these showers today and cloudy conditions, also much cooler temperatures right now. 63 degrees in philadelphia. forty-nine in mount pocono. wildwood coming in at 63 degrees this morning. we will definitely get a stiff breeze, around 18 miles an hour wind right now in philadelphia out of the north east. that will make it feel cooler as we go throughout our day. we will expect showers to work their way in throughout our afternoon and those temperatures, in the getting out of the 60's. we are going to feel fall-like. looking at future weather, this is 9:00 a.m. you can see that rain tracking just east of philadelphia, we will get cloud cover and then more rain as we start to head into our friday. it is one of the days to take umbrella with you for sure and as you cane that rain continues to roll role as we get the through today and tomorrow into saturday. we have coastal flood advisories going up and again,
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you can see warnings from parts of the southern new jersey and heading down into delaware and watches as we get further north. that is independent of joaquin. that is interesting set up here. in the only do we have a hurricane but we have jet stream staying well to the south, a low pressure system that will be track ago long this cold front and then the uncertain track. so atmosphere is set up is very charged. we have a lot going on but what we can say is a a lot of tropical moisture. taking a look at the spaghetti plot, the different models. you can see there is a a wide, varied pad here. we have some taking it out to sea, we have some bringing it inland. lets look at gfs first. this is one that was bringing it inland the most strong inland trajectory and what we can see this morning is it is actually skirting it a little bit out. still along the coast, dragged it inland and when there will be rain. the euro that was taking it out to sea is still stubbornly
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taking it out to sea. it is projecting it goes right on you. we will start to look at consensus between the two of those between staying out to sea and it hitting inland and what we have is hugging the coast. we have 120 miles an hour sustain wind, category three, this is projected path. it is better this morning as you can see it is still hugging the coast but does not have a direct impact inland and down to tropical storm strength into tuesday. we will keep an eye on this, no doubt bit as we head across next few days, and keeping an eye on today, and good news, for those of you hitting the roads is that we don't have any major deluge of rain expect. so lighter rain today and meisha, that will help out, for traffic, this morning. all of the good news we can get. >> it is scary looking with the hurricane models. >> i know. >> we just have to go hour by hour. for right now for this morning commute i can tell you good news is roads are looking
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really g yesterday was very wet, messy. today they are looking dry. we are dealing with construction projects but we are used to that. it is still the season if you can believe it. construction still there. this is schuylkill eastbound between girard and vine street expressway. it is those cones set up in place moving you right along, one right lane is block, there, and also we have construction, woodhaven road westbound between i-95 and the boulevard, the left lane is blocked in this area but again it is still early, good morning by the way. if i forgot to say that, good morning to you. happy thursday. we have a down tree in cheltenham, sharpless road a at cheltenham avenue, block part of the sharpless road for those in and around that area this is a smaller stretch. won't affect too much. we have clean up on the ben franklin parkway, inner drive closed between 28th and eakins oval. for those wondering, it is still there that residual effect. just a quick peak at mass transit patco speed line is running on a special schedule today for those curious about
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that. i will update the baseball game coming up later, nicole, over to you. new jersey transit riders are now going to have to pay more for tickets. fares for buses and trains rose 9 percent today. nj transit officials say increase are because they need to close a 60 million-dollar budget gap. one way fares on trains between trenton and new york are $1.25 more, at $16.75. this is fifth nj transit fare increase since 2002. your dreams of becoming a millionaire overnight will to have wait a little bit longer some one in michigan has won the 310 million-dollar power ball drawing, they have that lucky ticket. there weren't any million-dollar winners in our area but check it out you may have won a smaller prize, a couple bucks. here are numbers, 21, 39, 40, 55, 59 and power ball is 17. this was the last big jackpot before those new rules we were talking about kick in. that starts next week making odd of winning the jackpot even longer, but, hopefully
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more money in the pot. >> yes. regulators in new jersey have approved on line gambling sites, poker stars and full tilt operated in the state. site will offer internet gambling through resort casino hotel in atlantic city. players have to be in new jersey though to gamble on those sites. all right. 5:20 right now. don't look down, we will show you frightening walk a across a new blast bottomed bridge that is called brave man's bridge. >> i can see why. >> sprucing up your facebook profile, big changes to let you get more creative with your pictures. details when we come right back.
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automatically. these changes will be a applying to mobile profiles first. when is enough, enough. >> does that mean when you are scrolling through you will see everyone's video and you have to watch the whole thing. >> yeah, yeah, interesting. >> interesting. >> 5:24. from no show to show me the the money, a couple in minnesota rather surprised to receive a bill after missing a relative's wedding. >> kind of crazy mike bickley reports on the couple's response to the disgruntled newlyweds. >> reporter: jessica baker is a stay at home mom who turned to facebook to vent. >> everybody was commenting. everybody had something to say about it. >> reporter: she posted about missing a cousin's wedding last month and now the bride and groom were sending an invoice charging her and her husband for meals they didn't show up to eat. >> i was pretty shocked to see that i was being charged $75 for herb crust ted walleye and service and tax charge. >> reporter: wedding and reception were at state
5:25 am
athletic club and invitation specifically said no kids allowed. >> i just thought that since the invitation said no children i would abide by the invitation. >> reporter: jessica said she and her husband planned to attend the wedding but their baby-sitter jessica's mom had to care for another grandchild who was sick that day. >> i had to tell jessica, sorry, not this time around. i'm trying to find jessica baker with cnn. >> reporter: since story has gone viral jessica is fielding lots of media calls, everyone from inside addition to the washington post. >> just crazy, i certainly didn't think it would get this amount of attention. >> reporter: she doesn't intend to send the bride and groom a check but her friend had other suggestions. >> one of the best facebook answers that i got was from a gentlemen who suggested that we write a check in an amount to a charity and then send the bride and groom the receipt. >> interesting. that was mike bickley reporting. he spoke to the groom on the
5:26 am
phone and said it was never about the money but just that the bride was upset because several relatives didn't show up and they sent invoice toss three different relatives but realized it was a tacky thing to do. >> i can see fault in both side. you don't rs vp yes and don't show up but you don't bill someone for not going to your wedding. >> yes, there is better ways to handle this. >> really. >> but when you pay for a wedding, it is a lot of money. if you say you show up, show up. if you don't, have a really good reason. >> agreed. 5:26. coming up next on "eyewitness news" all eyes are on jack ken this morning, kyla tracking the hurricane's path, we will show you how people are preparing for the storm up and down the east coast. philadelphia's new venue for music lovers, we will take you inside the new fillmore philadelphia before it opens up tonight. before you head out the door more than ace keeping an eye on the roads for you.
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tropic trouble in the tropics as hurricane joaquin, gains strength and turning towards the east coast but right now the hurricane is on track to possibly hit our area, reporter andrew spencer takes a look at what people up and down the east coast are doing
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to get prepared. >> reporter: using we havery machinery to suck dirt and gunk out of the storm drains in connecticut crews are getting ready for what could be a very wet weekend. >> we're always hoping for the the best but breaker for the worst. >> reporter: many people along the east coast are starting the storm preps just in case. >> things can become missiles. anything that is not the nailed down has to be brought in if it continues to the path it is going. >> reporter: hurricane jack ken churning near bohamas strengthened to a major hurricane wednesday night with sustained wind of 110 miles an hour. threat of it hitting north carolina, some people are taking it in stride. >> it is what it is. you cannot do nothing about it. if it comes, it comes. if it don't, it don't. >> reporter: storm washed out this road in may and city officials worry another big storm could wash it out again. pennsylvania the red cross is already setting up shelters. >> what we're expecting here is to be on


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