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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, we are keeping a close eye on hurricane joaquin as new information comes in. it is currently a category three hurricane but it is gaining strength as it churns in the atlantic. >> people are already bracing for the worst at the jersey shore, they could be taking a double hit, first flooding rains today and tomorrow and more from joaquin as this weekend, kyla, watching both storms and justin finch live in atlantic city with all of the preparations. in this morning two families forced out of have their homes after a partial building collapse. details on that. it is thursday, october 1st, good morning, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. lets get a quick check of traffic and a weather. we are watching hurricane joaquin that is not really affecting to us day. >> good morning. >> certainly not on the roadways. roadways are looking nice and dry. i'm curious, kyla, getting tweets, what will we do as we push through this morning commute. >> we will see some rain coming our way. in fact if you are at the coast you are seeing light
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showers. let's look live here. live picture of rehoboth beach. you can see that little rain along the boardwalk 64 degrees. check out the wind, 23 miles per hour. that can make it difficult to get around. 62 degrees right now in center city. we are dry. we have 15 miles an hour winds there and expect to go see showers role in as we get in the latter portion of the morning. i'm hopeful it will hold off for rush hour but not much longer then that, folks. we are looking at some showers, breezy, high of just 63 degrees. that wind out of the north east becoming windy tonight, rain developing and a low of 58 degrees. lets get a quick look to show you what we are in for here. cool temperatures, windy, rainy on friday. sixty's with more rain and wind throughout the weekend and hurricane joaquin which we are keeping a eye on sitting at category three affecting us into the monday/tuesday time frame. i will do all of the joaquin update when i come back in a few moment but for now lets
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head it to meisha keeping an eye on the tropics, me a. >> good morning, if you are just waking up, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and let me tell you what is going on the roadways. we have a down tree. i want to you pay attention to. this is kelly drive. kelly drive is block both ways, at found taun grind drive. you can see the flashing lights. i know a lot of you take this a as opposed to the schuylkill but just know it is block out, bam. i-95 at cottman this is months in the southbound direction. this is in the what we want to see at this time because we know it gets backup in normal traffic. is what happening is we have an accident. we have an accident i-95 south past cottman. you can see it block ago this far left lane. again, cottman. it is causing considerable slow downs at i-95 a at cottman because of. that they are down to two lanes. it gets a gaper effect. you are going south here, don't do that. just keep ongoing. i will have mass transit update in 15 minutes, nicole,
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over to you. people up and down the east coast are keeping a close eye on hurricane joaquin, gaining strength overnight and could reach our shore points. "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch is live in atlantic city where people are in the taking any chances getting prepared for this thing, just continue, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, no, not taking any chances at all, it is cold and calm out here for now. that is not the in anyway the storm that could come here as soon as this weekend. officials are using this joaquin storm models as guidance for whatever mother nature sends its way. also too whatever mother nature decides to do here. it is calm, quiet mostly on the shore here now. gray cloud and wind are tied to joaquin just yet but all eyes on what develops this weekend and next week with joaquin now days away from coming close. officials say the time is now to prepare. down on tuckerton beach, super storm sandy still remains. no one wants joaquin to have a
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repeat. tuckerton homes stand as they were left by heavy rains and wind back in october 2012. now nearly three years later some properties are still abandoned. many residents there refusing to return. sandy left more than 100 dead and $70 billion in damage and already several beach towns are in emergency mode and businesses are too like at maritime marina already moving boats and planning and prepping for this storm. >> we cannot wait until last minute. we have been for the last couple of days trying to prepare and getting equipment ready and trying to contact the the customers and customers are calling us, and, you know, trying to figure out, you know, it is a wait ande game for the the next day or so. >> keep an eye on your shelter and kits. necessary advertise in your home. phone numbers. keep an eye watching news stations, radio stations, your office emergency management, and municipal levels. >> reporter: officials say
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hurricane storm or not, the goal, it is to be prepared. atlantic city emergency officials are set to meet at 3:00 p.m. to assess the storm and its threat. we are live, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> justin, thanks very much. people in the poconos are getting ready for joaquin, many still remember what hurricane sandy did to that area three years ago. red cross is already setting up shelters. >> what we're expecting here is to be on alert for flash floodings, as well as power outages. we are trying to get the word out to the community to think ahead, to have a plan. >> red cross is also encouraging people to have a go bag that contains things like blankets, food, water and other essential items. you can never be too prepared according to the red cross. as we track joaquin's path we have a guide on preparing for a hurricane on the web site. go to cbs and click on the lincoln your home page. new this morning, two families in hunting park are displaced after a portion of
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their home collapsed. emergency crews responded to the 4400 block of north franklin street just after 10:30 wednesday night. nobody was injured. the collapse took place at the the back of the home, total of eight people are in temporary shelter this morning as a result. and there are in reported injuries in this fire on the 2600 block of colorado street the in north philadelphia. that fire broke out just after 3:30 this morning. fire fighters had it under control a short time later. investigators are searching for the cause of that fire right now. a pedestrian is struck and killed in a hit and run that involved two vehicles in chester. chopper three over the 200 block of east ninth street where police say that the man was reportedly struck around 7:00 last night. one of the drivers remained at the scene while the other fled. police say that driver is believed to have been driving a tark or black chevy impala, no charges are expect for the driver who stayed. a lancaster man is scheduled to be sentenced to day for his role in the deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard.
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khusen akhmedov was convicted of third degree murder in july after police say he hit and killed a mother and three of her sons in july 2013 while drying racing in feltonville. police say khusen akhmedov was racing a mad holman of philadelphia holman has pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide. fbi is a once nothing a major new effort of, solving a puzzling disappearance of richard petrone and danielle imbo a decade ago. billboard are flashing reward offers from maine to florida. the couple vanished with their pickup truck after leaving a south street restaurant on february 19th, 2005. petrone's mother tells "eyewitness news" she hopes national exposure will at last bring some answers. newly released e-mails show russian hackers tried repeatedly to access hillary clinton's e-mail server. hackers tried five times to access the server when clinton was secretary of state. they sent infect e-mails disguised a as speeding tickets to give them access as
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she click on the attached links. it is in the clear if clinton's server was ever compromised. over the weekend she defended her latest release. >> what i have tried to do and explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information then anybody that i'm aware of who have ever served on the government. >> state department a says at least three e-mails should have been mark classified and that two of them had to do with iran nuclear talks. this latest batch brings the total number of e-mails mid public from clinton's private server to 6,300. government shut down set to take place at midnight was averted after president obama signed a temporary funding bill in the final hours. the president's bill received quick approval by congress. it keeps federal government running through december 11th while keeping fund nothing place for planned parenthood. some republicans protested any bill that included federal money for non-profit health organization. 6:08. still ahead, everyone talking about the approaching hurricane, we have an eye on it this morning people in
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lancaster county are picking up piecees from a tornado, we have damage next. more trouble for bill cosby hear from three new woman who stepped forward to accuse cosby of sexual assault. no more running out to grab lottery tickets we will show you any app that lets you buy them on your mart phone. blank to deal with some rain. we will get hit throughout this week and throughout the weekend. got to get prepared stay tuned we will have the latest on joaquin as well when we return.
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national weather service ef1 tornado touched down in lancaster county yesterday. residents of east hempfield township spent much of the day yesterday assessing damage. it carries peak wind of 90 to hundred miles an hour. for nately no one was injury. the governor of virginia has issued a state of emergency ahead of hurricane joaquin. virginia could see heavy rain tomorrow and friday, followed by wind and rain from the storm. that means a soggy vacation for some in virginia beach. and, check this out right here a 3-d animation from nasa, this is cool, what you are looking at right there, that is hurricane joaquin, it shows it just how bigot is, but it is so different to see it from that angle as opposed to seeing it on the map, what do you think. >> it is really interesting, we are getting to the point where you can have graphics 3-d too. that is one of the things we will see in the future as we get more and more technology. >> let's just hope it shrinks
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down. >> and gets smaller. >> it is interesting to see the height, building up, that is where you see power of the storm. we will talk about two different models. this is not my favorite, i will be on owes, it is gfs, i want to show you what the gfs is saying hurricane joaquin will do. gfs has this coming in and a direct hit to land, right. that is what that one is showing and that would drag joaquin inland, rain, flooding, beach erosion and coastal flooding. now euro, are different scenario, european model and it says joaquin is heading out to sea not coming anywhere near land. that is a a very different scenario, significantly less impact. where does the truth lie, likely somewhere in between. we do know we have a category three hurricane down in the bohamas. 120 miles an hour sustain wind right now. expected to strength tone category and four and start to weaken. truth lies between those two models right now consensus has it going up the coast,
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skirting the coast. that within tuesday that overnight hour monday into tuesday for philadelphia before we even get to joaquin we have weather ahead of the cold front. stormy weather rolling our way, we have some rain trickling into the coast and we will see that pushing into philadelphia as will well. we have got wind to contend without of the north east, 15 miles an hour philadelphia, 18 miles an hour in wilmington, we have a very good breeze. sixty-two in philadelphia right now. fifty-seven in allentown. fifty-eight in atlantic city. it is cool, everybody. today a high of about 63 degrees, breezy, a shower out there and wind sticking with us. a low of 58 degrees, we will become windy, we will see more rain on the way as we head into our friday. lets look at that seven day forecast, first thing you will notice, it is cool, look the at these temperatures tomorrow a high of just 58, burr degrees, and then we have got that wind and rain, all through the weekend. as we get into monday and tuesday that time frame when we will be feeling impacts of
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joaquin and still descrepancy. i want to see them all coming together to feel 100 percent. we have to keep an eye on it. >> cone of uncertainty for a reason. >> that is right. >> how are roads looking. >> they are looking good. we have try roadways, construction projects getting out of your way but we have two serious accidents on major interstates and highways that is slowing you down this morning. this is the traffic report. walking around getting coffee in your kitchen this is one you have to stop, put that mug down and listen up. you got it. first accident i will talk about right here, take a look at your tr screen we have an overturn reek will schuylkill eastbound blocking the ramp to south street and you can see the fire truck, was out there, flashing lights, zooming around, that is causing some considerable slow downs on the schuylkill. just so you know, let me back out so you can see what is going on. we have another accident i-95 southbound past cottman that left lane is block for those
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on i-95 just want you to make sure that you are a aware of that. even the backups on i-95, this is i-95 southbound at cottman, yikes, this will slow you down. give yourself a couple that minutes anywhere around this area and another accident that is a down tree, on kelly drive, just want you to make net of this blocking both ways here near fountain green drive. i will have another update in 15 minutes. do not miss it. erika, over to you. your dreams of becoming a millionaire will to have wait a little bit longer. >> darn it. >> i know. >> last night's 310 million-dollar power ball drawing. can you imagine. while there weren't any million-dollar winners here in our area you might want to check your tickets to see if you won a smaller prize. winning numbers here are 21, 39, 40, 55, 59, and the power ball number was 17. now this is the last big jackpot before new rules start next week, making the odds of winning the jackpot even
6:17 am
longer. >> a few you this dollars,. >> yes. >> exactly. >> now is there a new way for new york residents to purchase lottery tickets. iphone app called jackpot launched this week to allow people to pick their numbers straight from their phones. app's founder said he was inspired to create it because his father often had to cross state lines to gamble. >> it makes it convenient for people that want to play and if we can be responsible with monitoring their play that is a win/win. >> lawmakers argued in one can sell lottery tickets without a state licenses while others say it is legal. so plan to expand jack pocket to other states eventually. the app already wow has already 10,000 users. you hook that up tour credit card it can be tempting. >> i see issues popping up. >> similar to the uber thing, just in terms of, exactly. >> see where it goes. when parents buy their teenager their first car they don't want to spend a fortune. >> lucky you.
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>> but you also don't want to skimp on safety, coming up a new list of the safees used cars for teens.
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now even more trouble for bill cosby. three more women have come forward to accuse the philadelphia born comedian of sexual assault. the these accusations come a week before cosby is scheduled to give a sworn deposition in yet another sexual assault lawsuit.
6:21 am
women were teary eyed as they gave their accounts at a los angeles news conference yesterday. >> i don't remember leaving the dinner show, and when i came to i was lying in bill cosby's bed. not my own room. i'm sorry. >> the university of san francisco is the latest school to rescind a honorary degree from cosby. the philadelphia born comedian had admitted to having extra marital relationships with some of the women accusing home of sexual assault. oz bye has not been accused of any crime. caitlin jenner will not face charges for her role in the deadly car crash in malibu, california. back in february, authorities say jenner's catholic escalade crashed into two cars and pushed one into on coming traffic. driver kim howell was killed when her lexus was hit by a hummer. prosecutors say there is not enough evidence for a convictions. coming up it is a story that has a lot of people talking including us, hear from the wedding guest who got charged even though he didn't attend the reception. there are a lot of cars on
6:22 am
the road but which ones are safees for young drivers. we have a list of things to look at if you are buying your teen a used car. the weather department sure is bus think morning, i don't have to tell you, kyla. >> i'm monitoring latest data coming into help us lock in a patton hurricane joaquin and talk about the impacts, for philadelphia, i'll have that, plus today's weather, yeah, more rain in the forecast, stay with us, busy morning, "eyewitness news" is here for you, we will see in
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insurance institute for highway safety is out with the latest list of best used cars, for teens. cbs news correspondent don champion has more on that report and what it means for parents, considering buying their child their first car. >> it is right here. >> yes. >> reporter: tony and his 17 year-old son are on the hunt for a used car. sketch will start driving next year and will need his own wheels. >> it is not worth to spend a lot of money for a teenager because they don't have much experience. >> reporter: i go glazees plans to spend $5,000 while looking for something affordable he also wants something safe. >> when it comes to used cars, for teens, the the latest report from the insurance institute for highway safety found that bigger, heavier vehicles are the most safe.
6:26 am
vehicles like volvo s80, and suv's like ford flex make the institute's recommended list. the institute found parents should look for used cars that feature electronic stability control systems which help drivers maintain control on curves and slippery roads. the report warned parents to avoid buying cars that have high horsepower which may tempt teens. kevin has already gotten a warning from his father about speeding. >> not too fast. >> you will go the speed limit. >> turf respect the law. >> reporter: vehicles on the institute's recommended list cost under $20,000. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". really good information for parents. >> absolutely. >> you're lucky make sure you thank your parents. >> yes. >> little bit later i did. 6:26. coming up on "eyewitness news" we are watching joaquin this morning and hurricane's track has shifted, some new
6:27 am
information, we will have the latest, plus we will show you, how the jersey shore is preparing. philadelphia's new venue for music lovers opens tonight but we are taking you inside the new philmore philadelphia before it opens to the public and hall and oathes is playing, how terrific. >> very terrific, good morning. we have a very serious accident, schuylkill eastbound off ramp to south street are, evolving and first weak take a quick break, stay right there,
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6:31 am
feel cooler and wet's head of the cold front bringing rain in today and tomorrow end of hurricane joaquin. and then story continues. let's start right now taking a live look at center city. 62 degrees. is a miles an hours out of the north east. you can see what i'm talking with here we have stormy wet's head of the cold front and that will track showers in, already seeing that at the coast. so today we will see a high of 63 degrees, breezy, cool, cloudy, showers and watch out for that northeast wind up to 0 miles an hour. tonight windy, rain developing, as we look at the the seven day forecast. it is a cool run. friday, a high of 58 degrees. back to the 60's on at day and sunday and then, of course, looking out for impacts of joaquin as we head to monday and tuesday which is right now a category three hurricane with a 120 miles sustained winds, and it is, 948 millibars and it is expected to strengthen, before, and right now current track has it
6:32 am
moving right along the coastline and having impact for us a as we get in the overnight hours monday into tuesday. now the the good news is, it does look like it is less ominous then it did yesterday in the sense it is now a project to be along coastline and tropical storm. however just to let you know we have discrepancy in these models. we have one taking it out to sea, one keeping it inland, one taking tonight to land, and that is what we will get into in a few moments. we will talk about those models and why we have those descrepancies and what we can see as our best and worst case scenario. for now we will head over to meisha and she's tracking traffic. >> busy in the weather department, busy in the traffic center. i can tell you this is a live shot of the down tree and kelly drive blocking both ways, now this is near fountain green drive. i can let you know a lot of people take this a area in the morning. you will want to make note of this, if this is in the way again, it is block nothing both directions of kelly drive. now moving on, however, i want to bring your attention to a
6:33 am
very serious accident. an overturned vehicle on the schuylkill eastbound off ramp to south street, this is one of those pictures, almost hard to stomach, the vehicle is completely on its head, really, really hope everybody is okay. that is involved in this right now. you can see the flashing lights, police are blocking off that off ramp, gannon south street. you can see paramedics are there, the police crew is there. fire truck was there a little while ago. the carries still overturned on its head. again, i just really hope everyone is doing okay. we have a disable vehicle causing slow downs, 202 southbound near route 401 that far left lane is block and because of that it is as far as the eye can see you can see a string of reek also trying to make their way around these flashing lights. it is certainly even though we have dry roadways, a busy moment in the world of traffic. i will have an update 15 minutes. nicole, over to you. as kyla mentioned hurricane joaquin is on track to hit our area and people up and down the east coast are
6:34 am
getting ready. reporter andrew spencer now has more. >> reporter: using heavy machinery to suck dirt and gunk out of the storm drains in millford, connecticut crews are getting ready for what could be a very wet weekend. >> we are always hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> reporter: many people along the east coast are starting storm preps just in case. >> things become missiles. so anything that is in the nailed down has to be brought in, and if it continues to go on the path it is going. >> reporter: report hurricane joaquin churning in the atlantic near bohamas strengthened to a major hurricane, with sustained wind speeds topping 110 miles an hour, threat of it hitting north carolina some people are taking it in stride. >> it is what it is, can't do nothing about it. if it comes, if it comes. if it don't, it don't. >> reporter: storm washed out this road in may and city officials worried another big storm could wash it out again. in pennsylvania, the the red cross is already setting up shelters. >> what we're expecting here is to be on alert for flash
6:35 am
flood as well as power outages and so we're trying to get the word out to the community to think ahead, to have a plan. >> reporter: residents are stocking up. >> preparation, preparation is the the key. you have to prepare for everything. >> reporter: even if the storm is still will a long way out. andrew expense are for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> better safe than sorry. we have fingers crossed here hoping joaquin does go out to sea but people living along the jersey shore or coast do not want to take any chances. they are preparing for the the worst, using, putting rescue boats in the firehousees. they also don't want to repeat of what super storm sandy did there three years ago. so they are acting early this time. officialness bellmawr, monmouth county, they are also getting ready. bulldozer on the beach there creating walls of sand and crews are also pumping out a lake to reduce severity of the flooding. >> by lowering this lake we mitigate against flooding in to all of the homes that surround it. so we have hundreds of families that are right now,
6:36 am
scared. >> and asbury park crews dug a ditch on the beach and long branch, a bulldozer operator right there prepared for possibility of the destructive storms. in harvey cedars, trash cans were removed from the beach, just in case. now before, joaquin possibly arrives make sure you have that cbs philly weather app on your smart phone. track storm and get updated forecast around the clock even when we're not on the air, down load the app on itunes and google play. right now though it is 6:36. according to a recent survey released by aarp this week only 9 percent of consumers believe that they are very knowledgeable about how social security benefits are determined. >> they are confusing. >> 2800 rules and thousands of claims and strategies. it is no wand are people are confused. for more we are joined by cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger in new york. jill, you have a great way of breaking things down and making it easy for us. the let's start out what cow need to qualify for these social security retirement benefits.
6:37 am
>> reporter: well, you have to have work at least ten years but age at which you can draw full benefits depend on when you were born. basically if you are age 66 or 67, if you are born after 1938. so, you can claim your benefits and early at age 62, but if you do that you are benefit is permanently lowered for some as much as 25 percent less. that could negatively impact a non-working spouse's future benefits. now conversely lets say you you wait until you claim until after your full retirement age you are entitled to delayed retirement benefits. can i quantify this. it means you get about 8 percent a year more for each full year that you delay. that is why all of the experts say the best way to max out social security toys wait to claim until you are 70, that is when we will get best numbers for our retirement income. >> if you can afford to it is terrific. >> if you can hold out that long. >> we're hearing divorced
6:38 am
people may leave money on the table what is happening for them. >> reporter: three-quarters of the divorce people say they didn't necessity details of how to claim social security on their x's record. here are the rules. you have to be married for ten years before you got divorced. you must currently be single that includes being widowed. presuming you meet these requirements you can claim within half of your ex's spouses benefit as long as it is bigger than your full benefit. here's good news claiming your ex's benefit does not require contacting him or her that can be dicey. diminish, awkward, exactly. nor does it diminish the ex's benefit. for more on americans failing grade on social security, go to jill on money, and, really confusing. >> no kidding. >> can you imagine that phone call with your ex about those benefits. >> exactly. >> we don't speak. >> jill, thanks very much. well to day is deadline
6:39 am
for retail tours make a big switch over to new terminals for credit card with those computer chips. >> yes, but many say they are just not ready. the recent poll shows 27 percent of stores actually have the new card readers. new terminals replacing wiping with something called dipping now. >> yep. >> many consumers say they are in limbo if they have not received their new card. retail are say customers who have not gotten a new card can still swipe their old ones without penalty. >> either way they will take your money. >> yes. >> and it looks like amtrak riders will to have dig deeper, some will. passengers must dish out $20 for each carry on and personal item a above the posted limit. now those limits you have some leeway here, you can have two personal items weighing up to 25-pound each and two carry on bags up to 50-pound each. fees for extra baggage will be collect a at the stations or the train. you are moving across the country to a new college, i can see, that. >> but sure. >> hopefully weekend away,
6:40 am
yes. >> i see a trend here. right now 6:39. coming up ukee's cousin also known as denzel washington. >> yes. >> ukee's cousin. >> will talk to the academy award winner and very special woman who will move to our area who just received a big honor, jan. >> reporter: at philadelphia's new musical is ready to rock, we are coming live from fishtown from the fillmore and coming up we will take you inn identify before the crowd walk through the doors at 5:00 o'clock tonight. i was pretty shocked to see that i was being charged $75 for herb crust ted walleye and service and tax charge. >> yep, she got charged for a dinner that he never ate from the wedding reception she never attended. e bizarre bill from the newlyweds coming up next.
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6:43 am
let's check with kyla and our weather watchers, what are
6:44 am
they seeing. >> we have windy conditions for our weather watchers, will cooler temperatures for sure. let's head down further south here and lets look at jason's observation. he is in middletown delaware with a few showers coming down, just 59 degrees and he says what a nasty day outside. it is not best weather day, folks. 62 degrees for joseph. good morning in oreland pa with cloudy skies going on. he says breezy and cool, temperatures to start the the morning. we are definitely going go to see a cool day ahead, everybody. lets do one more. 60 degrees. good morning to dave mid clementon where he is seeing a few showers out there. so some of you seeing those showers role in along the coastline. this is weather ahead of the cold front that has nothing to do with hurricane joaquin. joaquin will be coming in the forecast as we head in the end of the weekend end of next week. 15 miles an hour for philadelphia northerly flow up to 21 miles per hour in wilmington right now. temperatures very mild, we are looking at 48 degrees in mount
6:45 am
pocono. sixty-two in philadelphia. about 58 in atlantic city. i have to tell you we will not get warmer then. that that rain copping in the coast right now, would be a problem, we have saturated ground there we have coastal flood advisories, watches and warnings along the coastline in new jersey, and in delaware, so head up to those there just to track this forward and show thaw low pressure system rides along the cold front draws that in moisture in. not just today but friday afternoon, saturday more of the same and then we have hurricane joaquin to deal with. as we can see models still not completely coming together. we'd really like to see convergens here and i think we will over next 24 hours. we have a category three hurricane sustain wind of 120 miles an hour. this is latest projected path that strength tones cat four and then weakens and hug the coastline. little bit better of the scenario we were seeing yesterday with the direct impact but you can see overnight hearst there monday into tuesday is when
6:46 am
philadelphia will be seeing most action from this. we have action on the roadways and for that we will head over to meisha. >> thanks very much, kyla. just joining us, what you are looking at right now is an accident, overturned vehicle that has been turn right side up. this is schuylkill eastbound off ramp to south street completely block off. you can see me back out of the way we have fire crews on the site, police crew on the site getting this cleaned up for you which has cause sod slow downs, not so much because it is blocking those lanes but because everyone is tapping their brakes. this is your backup camera. schuylkill eastbound at passyunk you can see waiting to move by there. again lanes are not block but everyone is tapping on their brakes taking a peak what is going on. what happens is significant slow downs. the don't do that. nothing to see. keep it moving. here's i-95 southbound, at s curve at cottman. very slow moving here as well. i took a peak at or camera at the vine to and from the schuylkill looking very wussy there as well. this is where we have a down tree, kelly drive, blocking
6:47 am
both directions near fountain green drive. i have a update in ten minutes. back to you. exciting day for music in philadelphia the city is opening an iconic venue. >> tonight's big grand opening event at the fillmore will be feature performances from rock and roller hall of famers. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in fishtown with the exciting details i love to see the art scene expand here in philly, good morning. >> reporter: it is a beautiful thing. good morning. this new musical is a gem. imagine standing here with 2400 people and watching philly's own hall and oathes take the stage. that is what accountly that will happen. fillmore is a multi million-dollar project that has been in the works for over a year now. when it started live nation promised it would be one of the most beautiful music halls in the entire nation if not the the most beautiful music hall and i have to say i'm not disappointed. "eyewitness news" got a tour of the fillmore before tonight's grand opening.
6:48 am
it is a a beautiful mix of old and new. we are in the former ajacks metal company just across the street from sugar house in fishtown. the building is 125 years old but you can see how modern it is on the inside. on the first floor is music hall and upstairs it is a a club, within a club called foundry that will feature local artists and up and coming national talent. the original fillmore started in san francisco, in 1965, and helped launched iconic rock acts including jimmy hendricks, doors, led zeppelin and there are nods to those roots every where but there are philly touches as well. you see live nation'sed in to philly's love statue and then fillmore poster wall that makes up the betsy ross flag. now, poster art was a big part of the original fillmore culture that spawned the art form and one of the main artists is from the delaware valley. this is her work. bonnie maclean was born in
6:49 am
northeast philadelphia and currently lives in bucks county. she will play an interesting role in opening night tonight along with hall and oathes. >> we are looking at the fillmore poster wall which is a re-creation of the fabled betsy ross flag, testament to the 13 original columnist of pennsylvania. another great area of the fillmore that connects past to the present for us. all of these posters were prior fillmore shows. we're really excited to have connect with bonnie maclean lives in the philadelphia area. she was originally married to bill graham, the founder of the fillmore and he has graciously decided to create a poster for us for opening night. >> reporter: we are certainly in for a very exciting night here in fishtown at the fillmore. everyone who walks through the doors tonight gets free commemorative prints including bonnie's commemorative hall and oats prints. this is truly a nice thing to
6:50 am
have to remember this opening night bias you walk home. the doors, they open up at 5:00 o'clock. concert starts at 8:00. unfortunately this has been sold out for months now but fillmore has a packed schedule. we have a link at cbs we are live in fishtown, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is not a bad give away. >> what a special night too, to be there. >> jan, may i say you look stunning, with that as a backdrop and leather you are looking good. >> thank you, jen. 6:50. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us with a preview, good morning, charlie. >> good morning, erika and nicole, ahead, millions prepare for major flooding, and strong winds. we're tracking hurricane joaquin as it gains strength today. plus did russia target isis back rebels in syria. we will talk to cia deputy director michael morel and investigate the weight loss company accused of threatening customers who post bad
6:51 am
reviews. all of that and more and news is back in the morning. we will see you in ten minutes. >> charlie, thank you. well this weeks boys and girls clubs of america alumni denzel washington aka ukee's cousin announced the club's national youth of the year winner. >> for nearly 07 years the the organization has honored inspiring teens and i spoke with the star and this years winner, university of penn student, whitney stewart about what that moment was like when she was named the winner. >> that moment was so surreal. i'm just so blessed to be able to represent the 4 million clubs across the country. >> reporter: well deserve honor. we know you have been involve with the boys and girls club since were you just a child, please tell me, if you can, is whitney just another example of the importance of mentorship and what that can do for a child. >> i think so. she's an example of determination and sacrifice and difficulties plane.
6:52 am
there are many brilliant young people that are guilty of those things and we're just fortunate to get the opportunity to recognize her and she is a great honor and it is a responsibility i think as well for her. >> what is the the responsibility? what will the next year be like for her. >> some of my responsibilities will be, definitely speaking on behalf of all 4 million of our boys and girls club use. it is a huge responsibility but one that i'm definitely up to. >> fantastic. while you are here at penn we already know what career you have in mine you want to be an attorney in the air force, what led to that career goal how did you pick that one. >> i went to a military a academy charter school for high school owe, that definitely, inspired my decision to pursue a career beginning in the military but perhaps my career in the air
6:53 am
force i definitely love to practice law in the civilian world and pursue a career in politics. >> mr. washington, i have to tell you, i know my former co-worker, he is now in the evening, ukee washington is very sorry. >> my cousin. >> he is no the here today. >> tell him i say helloy know he will watch this later today. >> yeah, ukee, you still owe me money, send me my money. i'm joking. i'm joking. >> is there an outstanding loan we're not aware of. >> whitney is a freshman at the university of pennsylvania. >> so well spoken. >> a poly government major and doing so well. they yoke about her maybe running for president. i can see that. >> brilliant kid. >> yes. >> beautiful too. >> great organization too. >> really nice. >> an unexpected wedding favor. >> minnesota a couple is sent an invoice for missing their cousin's nuptials. >> geese. >> jessica baker and her husband were set to attend her cousin's wednesday nothing minneapolis but her mother,
6:54 am
was going to baby-sit had to care for a sick grandchild so jessica and her husband just stayed home. they never called. several weeks later a bill arrive. >> i was pretty shocked to see i was being charged $75 for herb crusted walleye and service and tax charge. >> baker posted that to facebook and it has gone viral. groom asked not to be named but they sent invoice toss three relatives but they say it was tacky of them but without sides are at fault here. >> it was tacky with you she should have attended or at least called. >> yes, i feel sad for her really. >> anyway we will take a short break here and we will be right back. >> judgment over. >> more coming up on cbs-3.
6:55 am
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all right. talking hurricane joaquin. >> it gained strength overnight and could make it way to our area, justin finch joins with us how people are getting ready, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. the it is a cool windy morning on the ac boardwalk but officials warn that could quickly change with joaquin churning out to sea. they say these calm conditions could be replace by heavy wind and rain tied to that storm. new jersey shore officials are already watching the system although it is many miles away. they say caution here is key warning that super storm sandy the problem there was late minute preps, that could put people rather and property in danger. they say over the next few days they will watch this storm and continue to update people about the preps. we are live from the boardwalk i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets get the the latest on
6:59 am
joaquin and our forecast, kyla. >> today we are looking at for the air few showers. we have a category hurricane in the bohamas. 120 miles an hour sustain wind. expected to strengthen. and then weaken, consensus so far has it going along the coast but it is impact monday night into tuesday for us. >> all right. >> thanks, kyla. >> we have an accident, eastbound blocking off ramp to south street that has been since cleared but your backup camera schuylkill eastbound at passyunk, very busy in that area. quick look the at the vine but we have a down tree and kelly drive blocking both directions, near, fountain green drive and 42 is looking very busy as well. >> all right. >> thanks. >> cbs this morning is coming up next. >> join us blight and early each weekday morning right here on cbs-3. we will get you started at 4:30. we will be here. hope you are too. >> i necessity you are watching joaquin and will have latest at noon. >> yes, i will. we will see you a at noon. >> bye everybody.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, october 1st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane joaquin gains strength overnight. new details on the path that could target millions of americans. the u.s. says who is bombing in syria is like pouring gasoline on the fire. russia target cia backed rebels. >> a weight loss company sues its own customers for posting bad reviews we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> as we head toward the weekend, a chance for a strike of making landfall anywhere from north carolina up to new jersey. >> joaquin takes aim at the east coast.


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