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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> new evidence against kathleen kane that has the top cop in more hot water. live with nor details. >> other top story, hurricane joaquin has strength ends as it churns in the atlantic. kyla has the very latest on it track. >> then within the last 30 minute, new jersey governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency. a shore towns along the coast, brace for impact. good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we have team three coverage for you, hurricane joaquin
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approaches. rahel sulliman in trenton where chris christie is updating. >> cleve bryan in ocean city already deaths brace for the store, first we check in with kyla grogan in the weather center with the latest on joaquin's track. >> it is keeping us very busy, that's for sure, a category three hurricane causing big trouble in the bahamas, headed in our direction, as we start our work week next week. so, let's take a look right now, hurricane joaquin, you can see it is a very powerful storm, and again, the bahamas bearing the brunt of it right now, as they're under hurricane warnings, at this hour, dealing with the winds, and the rain, and it is 125-mile per hour sustained winds, by the way, very strong cat three, only about 5 miles per hour away from being cat four, it is expected to strengthen briefly, and then, as it tracks along the coast, to weaken, as it makes its way toward us, you can see monday into tuesday time frame, when we would likely see the most impact from it here in philadelphia. just to show you the models
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not in concensus yet, the spaghetti plot that we look at so often, you can see it is starting to come together, where it stays off shore, heads up the coast, but there are still new outline ers, so i think still time for this to lock in and get little more solid. take live look at storm scan3, and you see that we have other problems, besides joaquin. we have stalled out front, that's what is bringing the rainy and windy wet near philadelphia right now, those light showers, that have been just in center city and certainly showers that have been along the shore all morning, taking live look here at the neighborhood network of rehoboth, that boardwalk is rain soaked, 59 degrees, and check out the wind there, 21 miles per hour. so that stalled out front was what we will be dealing with today, tomorrow, more rain and wind comes our way. by saturday looking at morning rain, temperatures just in the 60s, and then as we head toward sunday, that is when i think we all need to focus in on joaquin and what its impact will be, i'll talk more about that, we look at the different models, little more closely, come back in just a few minutes, back to you. >> of course keeping our eye
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on all of the tracks, kyla just laid out for hurricane joaquin, could come close to the area. >> meanwhile, new jersey officials taking no chance this is time. rahel solomon live in trend to trenton where governor christie up gating the starred end state storm preparations, rahel, good afternoon. >> reporter: pat, erika, good afternoon. new jersey governor chris christie now issuing a state of emergency for the state, just telling us within the last 30 minute or so he his state agencies are preparing not just for hefty rain we may see this weekend, but also the possibility that hurricane joaquin could hit new jersey. but he says it is now time for the following count toyings start preparing, atlantic, cape may, cumberland, salem, he says it is time to start preparing, possibly buying some supplies, and just really thinking about how you and your family will handle the possibility of again the storms this weekend, but also, hurricane joaquin early next week. he says, in addition to his state agencies, again, the other counties, they should be
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standing by tracking the path of hurricane joaquin, and seeing if it does in fact impact new jersey, how they will react, so, those four counties expected and urge to start preparing now, those other counties, you are asked to stand by and just wait and see how this thing turns out. meantime, he says, he knows that the memories are still very fresh for a loft folks in new jersey from super storm sandy, he says, it is top of mind for him too. but he has a message, to new jersey neighbors shall says he's prepared, the state's prepared, you should work to be prepared, but don't panic. >> will feel enormous amount of stress, over the possibility, that's something severe could happen to the state again. two things you night to know about that, one, there is nothing we can do to control it. worrying, stress being it, will not change the path of the storm. secondly, you need to know that the state is prepared to deal with whatever we need to
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deal with, depending upon the path of the storm. >> governor christie informed us he will beheading to event to boston, will be planning to come back tonight, but after that he will be in the state of new jersey and traveling around the state through tuesday at least as far as evacuations he says it is too soon to issue evacuations and encourage it, but standing by and he will do that when it becomes necessary. and if it becomes necessary. for now reporting live in trenton, rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thanks very much. and our team coverage now continues with new jersey reporter cleve bryan. >> he joins us now in ocean city where preparations are underway. cleve? >> they have to get ready for this nor'easter-like conditions, starting tomorrow afternoon, we pick this spot here, along the bay, in ocean sit, because it really shows you, the flood that can happen just from the high tide. we haven't even gotten any rain yet. so add in the five, 6 inches of rain, and this situation,
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becomes much more serious, it is about perhaps a foot of water on the roadway here on walton street, back by the bay, in ocean city, and this is a pretty typical flooding pattern, when you have high tide. what's happening, a lot of wind has been going on for the past week hitting the shore, you have high tide cycle coming off that super moon, last weekend. and now you are going to add in lot of rain and nor'easter like conditions. they are bracing for that first 11:00 this morning, they had a meeting, a conference call, with the local emergency managers, with the county emergency management department, and they're pretty much getting on the same team, making people aware of evacuation possibilities, getting all of their as nets place, and mitigating any things they can do to casino of reduce the flooding in the street, cleaning out drains, things that far matter. so we just spoke with the ocean city emergency manager, just little while ago.
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>> we're preparing first and for most for the heavy rained, wind, expecting over the next 24-48 hours, first concern with tidal flooding, throughout the island, we're making preparations nor right now. also, keeping an eye on the forecast for joaquin, which still seems to be little uncertain, so we'll see how that will impact us later in the weekend. >> so, i guess it could be worse. you have nor'easter-like conditions, then the possibility of hurricane, at least not happening together, the advice for people to have second homes at the shore, is to, if you can, today, if you have time to come down and secure things that may blow around, there will be strong winds tomorrow, is the expectation, so if you have patio furniture that needs to be moved, or awnings, things like that, also, if you have things in your head or the garage, that could get ruined by flood water move it to higher ground. cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> clever, thanks very much. for the latest on joaquin head
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to our website we also have guide on preparing for a hurricane. just click on to the link, on our home page. >> breaking news this noon, more charges are filed against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. our todd quinones is live in norristown, where montgomery county district attorney, rita -- risa vet tree fuhrman approved the charges. todd? >> reporter: pat, just moments ago, we were just inform attorney general kathleen kane is set to be arraigned at 4:30 today, in collegeville. this morning attorney general kathleen kane was charged with perjury and other related offenses. this is in addition to charges already originally file back in august, that include obstruction, conspiracy, and perjury. the charges today are connect today a -- excuse the in kane's office, allegedly recovered what's being called, a secrecy oath, that kane allegedly signed state that
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she would not leak secret grand jury information to the media. that speaks to the overall case against kane and allegations that she leaked grand jury information to the press, in order to embarrass a political foe, and then later lied about it. but kane and her attorneys have previously stated she did not sign a secrecy oath, and therefore, did not break any laws. >> and kane has also repeatedly denied any criminal wrong-doing, and she has refused to resign. reporting, live in norristown, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we'll check in with you later, todd, thanks very much. for the second day in a row, trenton hughes justice complex is closed because after freon leak. the office houses the state attorney general's office, and the state supreme court, all court matters in the building are being rescheduled, the leak has been contained, but readings are higher than acceptable levels. >> now, new at noon, nearly two dozen cars destroyed in this fire this morning. this is the scene in
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fairfield, new jersey. flames broke out in a auto auction lot around 6:00. crews had to use fork lifts to try and save some cars. no one was injured. >> well, coming up next this noon, some lucky lottery players, they're waking up millions and millions and millions of dollars richer. tell you where the winning lottery ticket was sold. also tracking the latest movement on hurricane joaquin, kyla tracking the forecast as new jersey is under a state of emergency. >> and brands new way to treat spinal injuries, the break through that could have doctors changing how they react. we'll be back.
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>> busy following the track of hurricane joaquin. check out this 3d animation from nasa showing howie norm us joaquin is. in the meantime, the governor of virginia has issued a state of emergency. ahead of hurricane joaquin. virginia could see heavy rain today, and friday, followed by wind, and rain from the storm, and that means, a soggy vacation for some, in virginia beach. kyla will have more on joaquin's track in just five minutes. dis a pointing news for you, i'm sorry to report, the $310 million powerball jackpot is going to someone who bought their ticket in michigan. so, unless were you there yesterday, and bought your ticket, our area was shut out. not single million dollars winner from around here. but, there are those smaller prizes, don't turn your knows up at those. check the numbers anyway, here
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they are for you: twenty-one, 39, 40, five, 59, and powerball is 17. this is the last big jackpot before the new rules start next making the odds of winning it all, winning the jackpot, even longer. >> a breakthrough surgery at ucla medical center helping a man walk again. he was waiting for bus stop -- waiting at bus stop when woman jumped from the 11th floor of nearby hotel, and landed right on him. the woman was killed, and the impact left paulsetti with severe trauma to his spine. doctors performed surgery immediately, instead of let that injury settle down. which can leave patient paralyzed. >> literature now showing you should do these hyper accutely in the sense, do them right away, almost similar to heart attack, because time is tissue, you want them reduced right away to take the pressure off the spinal cord.
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>> one week after the surgery, doctors are saying that paulsetti regained some sensation, and movement. and they're confident that he is going to walk again. i never heard that before. time is tissue. >> neither did i. >> that's so significant. >> no kidding. just acting more quickly can make huge difference, wow. still ahead on "eyewitness news" from ice to dirt. >> well, wells fargo center undergoing different quick change. workers getting down and dirty and it is not the flyers or the sixers. we'll tell you why just ahead. kyla? >> i tell you, if it is not enough that we've got the rain, the cold weather today, we also have hurricane, barking up our heals. i'll have the latest, on hurricane joaquin, and what its impact will be for us here in philadelphia. stay with us, "eyewitness news" at noon
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heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. >> all cleaned up now, but there was -- this was the scene on kelly drive in philadelphia's fairmount park this morning. a large tree fell across the roadway, preventing traffic from getting by in both directions. even cyclists on the sidewalk had to find a detour, around that tree. wow. >> i guess depending on what it is that happens with joaquin, we could see more that far. >> that's right. you get saturated grounds, get high wind, oh, ya, you can get trees coming down, and power lines coming down, too. >> but today, already seeing wind, rain, nothing to do with joaquin. >> that's right. so kind of double woman whammie, specially those along the shore line, looking out for flooding possibility. we have stalled out front right now, that's what's causing the rain and the winds today. as well as the cooler temperatures, but that, my friends, just the beginning, we head to the latter part of the weekends into next week. we also have to look out for hurricane joaquin, and i and its impacts. >> looking where we are right now, live look at center city,
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06 degrees out there, chilly, wind out of the northeast at 18 miles per hour, you bet you feel that when you walk out the door. and i'm happy to say that the light rain that was falling has slacked off a bit. that will helps. really is there anything more fun than walking out and having rain blowing sideways? not really, right? that's not good time at all. so, take a look at storm scan3, and you can see, this is where joaquin is right now down in the bahamas. this is the weather that's ahead of our stalled out front. so two different things happening right now. stall out front what we are dealing with today, tomorrow, into saturday. joaquin what we will deal with as we get into sunday, monday, possibly tuesday. this is the light rain, you can see, now some of it kind of going to the west, north of philadelphia, not bad, not seeing heavy showers out there. but certainly a long the shore seeing showers, too, and you're already under coastal flood advisory at the shore. so you can see here, they are under a warning, in places like atlantic city, ocean sit, we will be under watch as you move further inland including philadelphia as we get into this evening. those of you on the look-out for flooding, you got to keep
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vigilant today. 18-mile per hour winds, that's what we're seeing right now in philadelphia, it is out of the northeast, you can see, everybody up in the teens, as we head through this noontime hour. so it is a little blustery out there. if we take a look at future weather, track this forward for you. show you how this works out. so our front is stalled out. low pressure system riding along, right in front of it, and this is friday 4:00 p.m. see very heavy showers coming through, our region, so that's when i think we could get the next hit of significant rainfall, we get into our saturday, early in the day, we've got rain, but then catch little bit after break on saturday afternoon. but not for long. because there it is, joaquin, is going to be on its heals. so, friday wind, rain, rain will be heavy at times, by saturday little morning rain, some wind, some cool temperatures, by sunday into monday, we're watching out for the effect of joaquin. all right, so let's talk about these different models, keep hearing about these models, one says there is the other one says that. two of them in disagreement right now. at odds with each other.
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this is the gfs says this this kind of tracks along the coastline. and what that means is if it is kept along the coast, rain, wind, inland flooding, certainly, possible. that is one model. the other model it is at odds with is the european model. >> this one has been very stubbornly want to go take it out to sea, hasn't budgeted whole lot, we've gotten new data in, you can see it takes it out to sea. that would mean significantly less impact, still breezy but lessee rowings, and certainly less to worry about. the truth is probably somewhere inbetween. right now, though, this is where we stand. it is a category three hurricane in the bahamas, winds sustained at 125 miles per hour, expected to strengthen briefly to category four, and then move up the costes you can see, monday into tuesday, starting to lose strength, but still tropical storm, very close to our shore line communities, and yes, we are in that cone of certainty or uncertain turn at this depending how you look at it. what i can tell you we will get something from there is likely to be a loft winds and rain. in fact, our chances of getting some tropical storm
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force winds in that 20 to 30% chance range specially along the coastline, and as you knee can cause power outages, and lot of big problems. so, we take a live look at storm scan3, this is where we're at today. this has nothing to do with joaquin, it will certainly give us some rain. today looking for hi, of just 63 degrees, breezy, light rain showers, overnight tonight low of 58. and look at your seven day forecast, not just because it has got a lot of rain in it, which it does, but also because, look at tomorrow's high temperature, are you eddie for this? 58 degrees is the high. now, look, today, 59 is the overnight low. wow. >> eighty what two days snag. >> yes, and a lot warmer than that even not too long ago. so, we've got a lot of weather on tap. key take away, everybody make sure they're staying on top of what's happening. so keep tuning in, checking in with us. >> thanks for helping us with that.
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will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos. >> this is october 1st, time for our area to glow pink again. this is the love park fountain in pink, cbs-3, and the "cw philly" along with komen philadelphia kick off the 14th annual lights for the cure campaign. october is national breast cancer awareness month. no better time to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer, and stay up on the lights for the cure campaign we kick it off tonight. >> well, the wells fargo center undergoing a monster transformation. >> check it outright here. more than 100 truckloads of
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dirt are being poured on flyers home ice. not sure how they feel p that. monster jam back in south philadelphia for show full every amazing tricks and jaw-dropping stunts. the big motorsports event opens tomorrow, and our meisha johnson, she will be there tomorrow morning, live for us, all morning long, to report on the fun. so i'm sure she's geared up for it. >> i hope they are able to get it out so it doesn't become a hundred loads of mud. >> no. >> flyers would not be thrilled. >> no, and that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl, for kyla, pat, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at >> the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ hello! my name is phil zietlow.
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>> devon: where is she? the woman that they just brought in? >> emma: there's a new patient in 216. >> cane: she jane doe? >> emma: yes. >> devon: that's her! that's my wife! >> paul: no, no, no, no, no. devon, you can't go in there. >> lily: wait, why not? >> devon: oh, god. >> paul: listen, take devon home. there is nothing for him here, okay? please. devon! >> devon: hilary! >> paul: devon! >> dylan: you know, i feel for devon. i mean, this guy refuses to give up hope when there seems to be a little left. and paul's run down what he can, but... >> stitch: devon's lucky to have you looking into it. this kind of investigation is right up your alley, man. >> dylan: yeah, i guess. it's frustrating, all these weird angles and loose ends and... i got a question for you. tc


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