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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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track and rain in the region right now, kate. >> jessica and ukee, the the rain that is coming down right now does have anything to do with joaquin a completely different system. we will talk about that in a moment. we got latest 5:00 o'clock update from the national hurricane center. first of all let's just take a a moment and appreciate the devastation that is happening, and continued to happen in the bohamas. this ace are dangerous category four hurricane sustain wind of 130 miles an hour with gusts to 160, worst part about it it is moving southwest at 6 miles an hour this storm is sitting over bohamas bringing devastating wind, very, very heavy rain. i think we cane rainfall amounts in 2 feet in spots around bohamas before this storm possibly not until tomorrow, does tart to make an exit but good news coming from the national hurricane center at least for our area this is first track in 48 hours that has kept the storm completely off the united states, coastline. in longer has land fallen over other than new england as it did earlier today. it has storm by tuesday
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afternoon as a tropical storm off the coast of cape cod. i suspect if the information continues to come in as it has been we maye a correction even further the to the east with this storm. the that is not to say we can completely rule out a recurve back toward east coast but the trendies encouraging and we will watch that for you as you go through the the end of the week. do youe this moisture along east coast. lot at the how far it is from joaquin. this is a completely different system elongated frontal boundary stalled front drawing in tropical moisture and battering north east flow and we will be dealing with this in the only tonight, but tomorrow and saturday as well with nazi consequences down the shore. heavy rain off the coast. we are seeing band of light to moderate rain work their way through, more rain could impact jersey shore here within the next several hours. we will continue to watch this, through overnight hours as band of heavy rain continue to move in. it may be the on shore flow and coastal flooding that is a bigger threat then actual rainfall. coastal flood warning in effect for all jersey who are oints and delaware beaches.
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coastal flood watch for mouth of the delaware bay and river here as well. there is a high wind watch up and down the companies of new jersey and delaware, meaning gusts to 50 plus miles per hour wind are possible, and that is friday evening through the day saturday. so what to expect through saturday in heavy rain and wind associated with that front and that persistent northeast on shore wind. not having to do with joaquin. sunday and monday, any impact from joaquin would effect our area but good news is that joaquin will likely stay out to sea and it will throw a lot of tropical moisture back into portions of the united states especially carolinas and virginia. i will tell but these rainfall totals potentially historic rainfall totals down that way but better news for our area too early to call it off yet but trendies encouraging. we will have more in a few minutes. ukee and yes, sir contact, back to you. shore communities in our area keeping an watchful eye on joaquin. >> or dealing with flooding from heavy rain, "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live now in
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margate, cleve. >> reporter: you can see wind is blowing my jacket, really picking up, enough to set your feet in times of the gusty win and ocean, very churned up. what you are seeing is low tides so there is no threat from the ocean, right now coming up but the tides, as they come in and out, this is where all that coastal flooding really starts to play in. we awe around noon time there was water in the street and so as we talk with these different municipalities all of they're merge i departments say they have to be prepared for weather over the next 48 hours. the wind and waves are picking up as tidal flooding has begun at the jersey shore. margate public works is filling thousands of and bags to give out to residents and businesses starting on friday morning. every town along the shore is bracing for nor'easter-like conditions. >> emergency management team is ready to go. we will deal with it as it happens. >> reporter: at high tied around noon in ocean city back
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bay was freely flowing in treats and covering yards. angie was temporarily stuck in her second floor home. she let us up on the back deck where she has been battening down hatches. >> i tart todd tie them down, and turned the table over and we got everything out of yard yesterday. >> reporter: hud people like angie get stuck in flood waters ocean city had several rescue vehicles on stand by. this sort of flooding may be a fraction on of what to come as five to 6 inches of rainfalls along the shore. >> heavy rain will exacerbate any kind of coastal tidal flooding conditions, as the drainage system was filled with bay water, the the rain in the street has in where to drain. >> reporter: at 11:00 this evening the next high tied we have to worry about. couple high tides tomorrow to keep an eye on. es special lay long back bay but you may notice something here in margate there is no dunes between where we are and the ocean. and coming up at 6:00 o'clock we will find out what the
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governor had to a about how margate is fighting back the idea of having dunes, and relying right here, on this bulkhead. reporting live from margate i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have more right now as we mentioned tait of emergency is in effect in fudge and governor christie commented early. >> i will consider evacuations, if necessary. right now we don't have a good enough handle on this from the storm tracking to be able to tell, whether evacuations are being necessary. >> the governor went on to a that his team is ready after experiencing with both irene and sandy. pennsylvania governor tom wolf also faced the cameras today to talk about joaquin. >> we're doing everything that we can, that is possible, to make sure that they are safe, depending on in case anything happens with the weather. >> you can get the updated forecast anytime with the cbs philly weather app. check live radar get severe weather alerts and share your
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storm pictures with us. down load app for freon itunes and google play. also cbs is a great resource, when bad weather strikes. there we have a hurricane preparedness guide set up for you. we are following breaking news right now, a gunman goes on a rampage and kills at least 13 people, and umpqua community college in southwestern oregon. more than 20 people are injured. >> that story is unfolding in the town of roseberg about 180 , and moments ago, authority revealed the 20 year-old shooter was shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire with police. the college remains on lock down. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has late breaking details. >> reporter: gunfire broke out thursday morning on the campus of umpqua community college in roseberg, oregon. about 175 miles south of port land. at least three people are dead and there are reports of 20 injured. multiple ambulances, raced to the keen to take the wound
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todd an area hospital. police went door to door, during the lock down to get students out. >> it was really scary. i remember officer banging on the the dooring a roseberg police. he has a key to the door. he opened up and aid come out with your hand up. >> reporter: opportunities and faculty were bused to fair grounds, news of the shooting made it to capitol hill. >> we extend our sympathy, best wishes, and all of the good thoughts that come from here,. we never want devastated violent gun action in oregon. >> reporter: cb. news has learned that the shooter is also dead. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep it here on "eyewitness news" for latest on the still breaking story, and of course, get latest anytime at cbs more criminal charges are filed against embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane by the montgomery county district attorney's office. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is in
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collegeville where kane was just arraigned on the new charges, todd in. >> reporter: ukee, attorney general kathleen kane arrived here just moments ago, we have some video of her arrival, her arraignment was set at 4:30 this afternoon here in collegeville, and she is now facing new charges, including perjury. now hearing here lasted just a matter of minutes, and afterwards, kane a addressed the media and she made a brief statement saying that she will not resign. pennsylvania attorney yen kathleen kane, is fighting mounting pressure to resign, and today's development would likely only reenforce those efforts. he was already facing charges filed in august that include obstruction, conspiracy and per jury. kane has been under investigation for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information to the media, in order to embarras a political faux and then later lying about it. the new charges today, directly relate to a search warrant executed last month obtained at kane's office. detectives allegedly recovered this a copy of is what called a secrecy oath that kane
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signed stating she would not make confidential information related to the secret grand jury public. kane in her tone, previously claimed that he did not sign oath and therefore did not break any law. >> you can a a arrest me two times, you can arrest me zero times, i'm hure this will be the end of the game but i will not stop, until the truth comes out and i will not stop until the system operates the way it is posed to be and the the truth will come out. >> still, bail for kathleen bain has been set at the $0,000 unsecured, and a preliminary hearing on this new perjury charge has been set for october 15th, at 1:00 p.m. reporting live from collegeville, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you for that. as we continue it was supposed to be happiest time of their lives, coming up how one couple prepared in under a week to adopt twins only to find out it was all a hoax. awe don't want just any car for your new teen driver,
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coming up three on your side jim donovan shows us the the, best used cars you can feel confident buying, plus this. philadelphia's new musical is ready to rock tonight on opening night, i'm jan carabao reporting from fishtown. that is the actually old ayax metal company, we will take you inside for a sneak peak, straight the ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. tit's amazing.. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy.
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someone got mourning a tank of gas when they played power ball in southwestern michigan. >> the station in three rivers sold the only, winning ticket, in the $310 million lottery drawing wednesday night. so far the winner has not come forward. jackpot can be paid over 30 years, or the winner can choose a lump sum of about $197 million, before taxes. did that um, get on the air. >> did you hear that. >> yes. >> i did, difficult. >> i'm back. before he it on back. insurance institute for highway safety is out with the latest list of best used cars for teenagers. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find bigger might be better in that situation. >> got news that is teen drivers have more options, then ever before. the institute's list of recommended vehicles has
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doubled since last year. even the price and safety criteria have not changed. >> this right here. >> yes. >> reporter: tony and his 17 year-old son are on the hunt for a used cars. kevin will start driving next year and will need his own wheels. >> it is not worth it to pay a a lot of money for a teenager, just because they don't have much experience. >> reporter: he plans to spend about $5,000. while he is looking for something affordable, he also wants something safe. when it comes to used cars, for teens, the latest report from the insurance institute for highway safety found that bigger and heavier vehicles are the most safe. vehicles like the volvo s80, ford taurus and suv's like the ford flex, made the institute's recommended list. the the institute found parents should look for a used car that feature electronic stability conn he troll systems which helped drivers maintain control on curves and slippery roads. the report also warns parents to avoid buying cars that have high horsepower, which may
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temp teens. kevin has already gotten a warning from his father about piing. >> you have to be out there and respect the law. >> reporter: in a survey the institute found that the median price for used car for kids was $5,300. by the way, a annual report also found that new driver courses don't boost safety for teens. i posted a link to the institute's full list of recommended vehicles on cbs i will post on facebook and twitter. my car when i was a senior was a 74 dodge dart. >> at you. >> it was green. >> it was sad, but it got me places. >> seventy-five red camaro, right here, yes. >> you you door cool. >> thanks, buddy. terror behind the walls at eastern state penitentiary is celebrating its 25th anniversary with two scary new attractions. >> oh, manny hate clowns. >> prepare for all of your fears to come alive in the
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quarantine 4-d attraction, guests will learn about an infectious out break that creates mind altering effects and just when you think they stopped, guests will be pulled back in the action, with break outs. it is a adventure with inmates trying to escape in every way, imaginable. >> both of these attractions, and it will be separated. and amies for real. >> terror behind the walls is until november 7th. it benefit eastern tait penitentiary a national historic landmark. all right. kate. i was just saying, yeah. >> i don't do that good no, no way. >> you have been very busy. >> yes, the first round, we got right now and then joaquin. >> and that has been the problem ever since especially yesterday when it looked more likely joaquin would enter the coast. problem is we have had two days of nasty weather
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preceding any impact. if you added a hurricane on top of that we would be talking about devastating situations in our area. the good news it is looking less and less likely it will be a 1/2 punch maybe just one punch and that is what we are dealing with right now. first part lets look at is what happening. we will tart things off. of course, area getting hit hardest the shore and delaware beaches. look at this live neighborhood network camera from rehoboth beach at boardwalk plaza notice rain that is falling, boardwalk is all wet and note us how far those waves are creeping up on to the sand. it will have a persistent on shore flow which will pile the what the's long the coastline and not giving it a chance to recede at all. you can see win from the north/northeast at 25 miles an hour. 60 degrees right now. that persistent flow keeping those waves coming, any area down the shore or through delaware beaches that is prone to flooding, expect that it will be flooded perhaps as early as tonight, and certainly through the day tomorrow. we have been seeing pictures of flooding in atlantic city, wildwood, if you are seeing that, if you can safely tweet us a picture as well hashtag
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cbs-3 storm and put it on air. love to see what is going on with our own eyes. the look at this storm. this is joaquin. in no connection, this is in the related, to joaquin. this is a stalled front aal boundary that is pulling in tropical moisture. that is what we are dealing w bands of heavy rain have the not only impacting our area but virginia and carolinas this scenario that will get very hard hit, even a as joaquin, throws back some moisture through the the next several days but note thinks band of heavy rain that is impacting southern delaware as we saw rehoboth beach and poised to move towards jersey shore very quickly. in addition to that cool northeast wind, temperatures have plumeted, it is in the 50's outside right now. fifty-eight in philadelphia. fifty-seven right now in allentown. that means we're 15 to 20 degrees colder, then yesterday, and big change out there. we have gotten to the lower 80's yesterday, today, in the 50's. that will continue tomorrow. highs stay in the 50's all day. rain continues to move in in waves, throughout the overnight hours tonight and right through saturday. this is not heaviest of the rain. the rain will miss us.
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heaviest should miss us to the south over carolinas and virginia but coastal impact for next couple of days, gusty wind to 50 miles an hour, beach erosion and coastal flooding and dangerous rip currents. now we have latest track on joaquin a devastating storm over bohamas. latest national hurricane center track does keep it off shore bringing it close past to virginia there as category one as we head through second part of the weekend and off the coast of cape cod next week. your tropical set up, if this storm doesn't make a connection and get pulled by the coast by this trough it will head out to sea. that the is most likely track and that would be good news coming on the heels of several days of this coastal flooding and strong gusty wind. you can see that bull's eye over the carolinas. some spots looking at over 10 inches of rain right through the start of the next week. as far as overnight hours tonight our concern is cloudy, chill which rain and winds at 52 degrees. temperatures go no where tomorrow. rain heavy at times, windy, cool, 58 will be the day time high. some spots won't make it past mid 50's. you're witness weather three day forecast, well, friday and
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saturday expect rain and wind at anytime and some pretty nasty coatsal impacts and coastal beach erosion. sunday breeze which showers. that depend on joaquin's track with an off shore track sun bay we will improve certainly for eagles game. monday we will improve as well if that storm doesn't take off shore track, which it is still a possibility, small possibility but still a possibility then sunday and monday would be worse. we will keep you posted. >> thanks, kate. >> are you a chocolate lover in if so we have great news. >> a unique chocolate once always only sold oversees ease will be available here in the u.s. and we have details, don report eagles look to even up their record with the win against redskins but hurricane joaquin could rain on their parade in how weather may push sunday's game way, out of the states, of maryland.
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folks looking at the weather and game we will see what happens. >> this weather is a buzz kill including for the guys in the
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nfl for sure. last week eagles moved practice to new jersey because of the pope this week sunday's game against redskins could be on the move as well. nfl is reportly looking in into relocating the game to detroit, to avoid hurricane jack ken. leslie van arsdal has more from the novacare complex. >> this has been with the philadelphia eagles what is going on with the wet they are weekend. >> that is what everyone wants to know with weather threatening, game with the washington redskins. eagles warmed up to music. >> if it does hit, and, it could hit, then it could really affect everybody, people with the game and all that stuff. so, we're big on if we cannot control it, no one can control the weather, we will add just accordingly. >> as a running back you look forward to those games because you will get a a lot of carries. we will be able to weather the storm but i think we have a lot of, guys that played in different climates.
5:25 pm
>> most difficult weather we played the lions my first year when there was snow. that was something i never expect, or played in. >> right now weather is still uncertain but eagles are ready. leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". >> thanks, leslie. thursday night football is back and tonight's match up presents one of the most storied rivalries in the nfl, the the pittsburgh steelers verse baltimore ravens. megan alexander is live at heinz field in pittsburgh right new with the preview. in megan in. >> good evening, guys. heinz field behind me. we have steelers nation, fans around hear me here. thursday night football has come to pittsburgh. now first we will talk football before i interview these ladies. looking at these two teams, the the steelers and ravens, one of those intense rivalries in the nfl. you go into this match up two-one but how things have change for this team. steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger out with the knee injury and in his place michael vick, at age 35, on
5:26 pm
some people wondering if he will be able to gel with this offense on such short notice. then talking about the ravens this is first time in franchise history that they are zero and three. last couple of weeks it has been the steve smith senior show, the the wide receiver playing his had heart out for ravens to the point where he needed an iv on the side line. periods say quarterback joe flacco has to have other options offensively tonight, in addition to steve smith. now, heinz field, behind me, built in 2001, since then every single home game has been sold out, tonight will be no different. diehard fans here in pittsburgh. talk about some of these traditions. i hear wrapping new born baby in terrible towels, this true. >> yes, it is, you see pictures on the internet all the time. >> reporter: why cow love the steelers so much. >> i grew up on football. it has been a tradition in my family. owe it the just carries on. >> reporter: do you think they will win tonight. >> of course. >> reporter: there you go diehard football fans in pittsburgh, steelers and
5:27 pm
ravens, are you ready, tonight on thursday night football. >> she was only answer ago this one way, megan, thanks very much. appreciate that preview from haines field. you can tune in tonight for ravens/steelers, you heard it here on cbs-3. coverage begins at 7:30. ravens/steelers, michael vick verse joe flacco. vick has that history and we saw him here in philadelphia and now playing with the pittsburgh steelers. >> all right, man, appreciate the head up g game. looking forward to it. in our next half an hour our weather team is tracking hurricane joaquin, jersey shore could feel effects. we will have the very latest coming up. they have a nursery set up, hearts full of love and anticipation but just days before their adoption of twins they found out, it was all a hoax. it is a heart breaking story, we will have details when we come right
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! good evening, everyone. down the shore some are
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dealing with coastal flooding from heavy rain and more rain is expected tonight. sandbags are being put the to good use, many are worried about what joaquin could bring in several days. a tait of emergency is in effect in new jersey. i've signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in new jersey, as of this morning. giving our emergency management folks the tools that they will need to ensure a speedy, orderly response. >> new jersey's office of emergency management was activated at 6:00 a.m. and it will stay active until the threat is gone. meteorologist kate bilo joins with us more on the flooding and latest on joaquin, kate. >> ukee, lets look at what is happening off -- let me move my mike here. our tropical satellite this is latest on joaquin moving over bohamas and it is a devastating category four hurricane. look at how slowly it is moving. look at that well define eye. do i expect joaquin will continue to trent even, possibly making a a run for category five. i don't think it will get there but it will be a
5:32 pm
stronger category four hurricane by the time we get into this evening's update. just absolutely devastating bohamas with heavy rain and significant wyndam age. you can see how dangerous this storm looks. what we still to have watch is this storm, once it takes that turn to the north, hopefully getting taken out to sea and not pick up by a trough over portions office gulf of mexico. it looks like it will take that out to sea track. here's latest what we know, it the is a dangerous hurricane. the category four. wind at 130 miles an hour. u.s. land fall getting less and less likely as more model guidance comes in but we have to watch in real time. you cannot trust models you have to watch what the storm is doing and make sure that track will verify. still uncertainty remains. gfs keeps it the close to the coast that would mean more coastal impact for us with rough surf and beach erosion. euro is far out to sea which would mean some clearing through second half of the weekend there are a couple models that recurve it to the east coast, less and less likely. we will talk about that coming
5:33 pm
up in a bit. for now, back over to you. concerns about power outages are till fresh on the mind of south jersey residents left in the dark by strong storms earlier this summer. "eyewitness news" reporterral sandra hoff spoke to ac electric to find out what they are doing to prevent a repeat and she's live in deptford with more, al-zawahiri ex- >> reporter: good evening. according to ac electric that summer storm we saw on june 23rd brought about more outages then super storm sandy did. it taught them a thing or two about preparedness. when a brief, perk up even so slightly, owe do eyes and ears of residents in deptford township. >> we stand by with the candles and flashlights. we never feel comfortable. >> reporter: because on june 23rd the rossi's lost power for an entire week. hundreds of thousands office neighbors across south jersey, suffering from similar storm damage. it was a blow to atlantic city electric as well, who
5:34 pm
struggled to keep a quarter million of their customers in the loop. >> i think we've made some changes as far as our communications with the public a and stake holders. >> reporter: that came in response to criticism by customers and the state regarding transparency following the june outages. so is atlantic city electric ready for what the fall could bring. >> when there is an event like this we will get plenty of note that is is there a storm up the atlantic coast we will call in for resources. we have done the same thing. we have called in for resources. >> reporter: regardless of this upcoming event, it is a true storm or a wash, a ac electric ace that it is ready and rossi's are too. >> with this storm coming would you say no, i'm putting dishwasher on because i'm not stressing with no power, your mine thinks ahead, you know. >> atlantic city electric said they sent a open letter to customers describing the change that he is they have in full, and in the past couple of months, other local utility companies say they have beefed up communication efforts, with their customers. reporting live from deptford this evening, i'mal sand that
5:35 pm
hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are continuing to follow breaking news tonight. authority say a 20 year-old gunman killed 13 people in a college in oregon today. the shooting rampage happened at umpqua community college in roseberg. that is about 170 miles south of oregon, and investigators say gunman opened fire in the classroom, this morning, and police responded the gun man was killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers. more than 20 people were injured, and the college remains, on lock down. the the suspect accused of killing nine people in the south carolina church has waved his right to a speedy child. dylann roof's decision was revealed in court documents filed today. judge also agreed to delay roof's federal trial until at least january, because both the the prosecution and defense said that they needed more time to prepare. prosecutors are deciding whether or not to pursue the death penalty against roof in the june 17th shooting at emmanuel ame church. heart break for a texas
5:36 pm
couple set to adopt twins. they say birth mother has disappeared and now there is evidence that she likely fake her entire pregnancy. andre a lucy from our sister station stv in dallas has this story. >> how do this happen. >> reporter: thinks sonogram jason and byron miller said they were showed the twins help were set to adopt. >> you are thinking these are going to be your sons, soon. >> reporter: couple say they had already had three adoptions fall through, when they next window opened up. >> this woman walk in the adoption attorney's office and said i'm about to have a babe think week. >> reporter: miller's scrapple told prepare their nursery. >> and, we returned, the the mobile on and they were playing music and, we knew it. it was all good. >> reporter: they liquidated a 401k preparing to pay her off, and the adoption attorney gave them several thousand dollars for living expenses. >> ebb if there were flags flying, we didn't see them. >> reporter: when mcclellan
5:37 pm
postponed her c-section the the pair grew suspicious, sonogram they soon learn had been taken off the internet. >> after everything we have put in and been through this could not be happening. >> reporter: mcclellan it turns out has a criminal history involving theft, bad checks and drug possession and after missing a doctor's appointment monday she disappeared all together. >> it has been so rough emotionally and financially. >> reporter: millers say this late is adoption heart break is likely their last. >> everybody keeps saying you have so much to give, you would be -- >> they all want us to go through it. >> i think we have done our best. >> that was andre a a lucy reporting. the right after this story aired our sister station reported that mcclellan was arrested in suburban dallas for violating the the terms of her probation. and still to come, on "eyewitness news" tonight, saying good bye is never easy but cell phones air parentally making it easier, texting and
5:38 pm
dumping. it is the new trend. we will have more, next. then new at 6:00 october is breast cancer awareness month, you will be seeing a lot of pink out there and in this case, orange, health reporter stephanie stahl as more on the screening unit for women. we will tell you why it is part of the important mission for the philadelphia flyers at 6:00.
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you might not want to give out this chocolate for halloween for the first time ever, nestle's high end brand will be available in the u. is. it is made in switzerland, and based on recipes refined over 200 years. you'll be able to get it on amazon,.com. um-hmm. >> i know, sound good. time for your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst
5:42 pm
jill schlesinger has that for you. >> reporter: next week is customer service week, time to break many unsung heroes of the work force. that is a fine line of companies these workers are vital to almost every organization, because they handled customer complaints, process orders and provide information, about products and services. customer service representatives are employed in every sector of the economy and here in pennsylvania they earn a mean wage have of 34,005 hundred dollars. but for high performers, in industries like cable companies, insurance carriers, and professional scientific and technical services, income can rise to above $52,500. and, 20 percent of customer service representatives work part-time allowing them to earn money while working towards a college degree or juggling family responsibilities. additionally hr professionals say that time spent in customer service, honing listening skills and patients, and revolving issues in a variety of ways could lead to a position as a sales representative where you could
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earn even more money. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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it is now october and that means it is time for our area to glow pink once again. >> let's show you love park fountain in pink and cbs-3 and cw philly with komen philadelphia kick off 14th annual rights for the cure campaign, october is national breast cancer awareness month and no better time to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer, and, stay up on the lights for the cure campaign at cbs philly,.com. breaking up is always hard to do but new study find more teens are ditching through text. >> study by pew research center hose 30 percent of teens have used their fence to say good bye to a former flame. >> ouch. >> yes, big ouch. survey find most teens agree in person break ups is more acceptable, despite awkwardness at the time. >> eye to eye. >> it is awkward though. >> kate is joining us with a look at all of the weather happening around. >> do we have a lot to talk about or what. it is funny if we didn't have
5:47 pm
this on shore flow, we would be talking about how cold it is outside. >> yeah. >> huge difference from 80's yesterday to temperatures right now in the 50's. that goes by the way side, because there is so much more going on. remember to bundle up if you are heading out identify this evening or tomorrow. lets look at is what happening outside. we will go out to the rooftop camera showing a pretty gray, flat, glummy looking sky out there. not a whole lot of heavy rain at the moment across the the city of philadelphia. we have light rain and drizzle moving flaw but it will only get worse before it gets better. lets look at storm can three. you cane what we are dealing w we have lot going on here. this is hurricane joaquin. we will talk about him in the moment. he is down in the bohamas. i want to direct your tension to a this has nothing to do with what we are dealing with tonight, tomorrow, and into the the tart of the weekend. you cane where this boundary is stalled this trophies down in the gulf of mexico. that is what we have been worried about that trough would pick joaquin up and pin wheel it in the coast. it looks like this storm has rent end enough it will act
5:48 pm
and be tossed back out toee, more on joaquin in a moment. lets talk about the wind which have gotten very strong, down the shore, you can see that north/northeast wind, atlantic city right now concern sustain wind at 11. fourteen in wildwood this will get worse. future wind over next couple days. these are wind gusts. by 1:00 a.m. we will see wind of 40 miles an hour down the shore. 31 miles an hour in philadelphia they will continue to increase. tomorrow morning, 43 miles than an hour wind possible in wildwood. tomorrow evening, look at these wind even in philadelphia, 36 miles an hour in wind gusts 406789's down the shore with the chance of winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. high wind watch will be in effect starting tomorrow evening down the shore. this continues right into saturday. so when we're talking about wind out of the north and east constantly battering the the coastline we have barrier island here. up and down the coast as we know, lbi, down towards 7-mile. that will just pile up the what the's long the coast, and it will push it back in the bays and it will run risk for coastal flooding. we have seen this very often in this kind of a situation.
5:49 pm
this is a more prolong duration. notice rainfall, totals right now. rain is not that big of a, not that big of a deal right now. we are seeing rainfall amounts of h, inch and a half in philadelphia, 2 inches down the shore. we can sustain that kind of rain. it is coastal flooding coupled with the rain down the shore that will make the the next couple of days a are dangerous situation. you can see all of that moisture just piled autopsy long the coast. as we zoom south though, we will deal with joaquin and we will start to see joaquin being drawn further out to sea as we go through the next several days. but look at that moisture moving through carolinas, some of joaquin's moment, pin wheels that moisture back in the carolinas and that is what will cause risk for flooding there the european model takes joaquin out to sea. gfs model, the american model takes it a little bit closer to the coast, and, it is still both of those models are off shore, bohamas getting slammed, hurricane warnings, in effect for that area and as i mentioned rain that will impact the carolinas with over 10 inches, possible, in in a few spots. our amounts are much lower. we will talk more about the
5:50 pm
gfs model, different models as we head in the 6:00 o'clock hour but good news is likelihood of that storm staying off the coast is increasing, but for your friday, till heavy rain, windy and cool from a complete the liz different system and that will impact us right in the weekend. and then, depending on joaquin staying off shore it looks like an improvement into next week. much more coming up at 6:00. for now, ukee and jessica back over to you. we will see you at the top of the hour. rock and roll fans the name fillmore brings to mind the greatest concert halls in the united states. >> now is there a fillmore right here in philadelphia new venue opened to the public about an hour ago and our jan carabao got a look inside. >> reporter: finishing touches are now in place at the fillmore fishtown. outside it is set, inside the lights check and the sound system ready to rock. >> high frequency, that is where you hear the the voice and everything. it is crystal clear. and then you got those sub energy and lower frequencies, that is what you feel.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: but the stage and music are just pieces of a much larger experience. >> our decision toys provide people a place where they can come, relax before the show, see a great concert and then after the show, also have a great time relaxing, hanging out doing what they want to do. >> every time they open up a new location we can do better. i think on this one we did a lot better. >> reporter: report fillmore philadelphia is sixth nationwide. david forton showed us around before thursday's opening night. >> we have 700 people on this floor, 1800 people in the yen admission floor. >> reporter: stayeded in san francisco, in 1965, the fillmore helped launch iconic rock acts including jimmy hendricks, doors and led zeppelin. there are nods to that original music hall here. >> they connect sort of the fabric of the fillmore is a cross the the country, beautiful, ornate chandeliers, the curtains you can see on the sides of the room which help with sound, they are another thing you see in the fillmores.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: this space is distinctly philadelphia from live nation's take on the famous love statue to the wall art. >> fillmore poster wall which is a re-creation of the fabled betsy ross flag and testament to the 13 original column wrist of pennsylvania. >> reporter: upstairs we find a club within a club could foundry its name a reference to the building's original purpose. thinks the former ajax metal corks now 125 years old. >> right here you can see the incredible smoke stack that starts on the first floor and ajax hall. >> reporter: this more intimate club will showcase national artists on the rise reflected on the walls, once again, sons and daughter of philadelphia, who have taken the worldwide stage. tonight's concert philly a's own hall and oats. doors opened up at 5:00, concert tarts at 8:00n fishtown, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:53 pm
and when you bundle your home and auto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie. right. make a bad bundle joke, a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle --
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now, that's progressive.
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with this weather forecast like it the is there is a good chance a lot of people will be going, away this weekend and is there buzz this weekend about the andy weir best selling novel. >> the martial starring matt damon here is a prehe view. >> i guarantee you, that at some point, everything will go south on you. >> really. >> yes. >> during a manned mission to mars astronaut mark whitely does not make it to the ship. >> seal it up, seal it up. >> he is dead. >> let's go. >> director ridley scott, the master mind, behind, the opening sand storm. >> we shot that on a sound stage in budapest on the biggest sound stage in the world and he got these giant fans that are just massive fans, and he turned the fans on and you get this particles in the air, and i mean you are
5:57 pm
really in, you are getting pushed over by the wind. >> like a hurricane. >> yeah. >> all will this tough blowing against you and you are in these space suits. it was really fun. >> not so fun on earth, all tar cast play ace very concerned, brilliant group of men a and women at nasa, for a while, they and remaining astronauts in space are the the only ones aware of his presumed death but hold on this will come as a a shock to my crew mates, and to nasa a. and to the entire world but i'm still alive. surprise. >> this is an intentional but it has some smiles in it too. >> it would have been too much, if it didn't have a lot of laughs, it would have been a little bit too much to sit through. >> mark is still alive. >> wow. >> in your face, neil armstrong. >> even first man on the moon would be proud of damon's character who is one of the world's top experts. >> he basically has to of air, food and water. >> reporter: how he does is amazing while being full of surprises. damon was priced in his research for the film when it
5:58 pm
comes to the super intelligence and physical a attributes that actual astronauts possess. >> i was with an astronaut and put my hand on his back. it was like he had an iron there. they are just incredible. they are specimens. >> pretty darn good yourself. >> tell my world, my family that i never stopped fighting, for me to get >> help is only 140 million miles away, and they are coming back for him. the martial opens up in theaters, tomorrow. >> looks great. >> it vice good. >> everyone will talk about that. >> yeah. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, a coastal concern, residents and business owners down the shore, are dealing with
5:59 pm
flooding with more rain in the forecast, plus kate is also tracking latest track of hurricane joaquin. that is right, we got an updated track around 5:00 from the national hurricane center. i will have that for you as well as how joaquin could or could not impact us this weekend, wayne to peck from the coastal flooding down the shore. and we are following developing news at least 13 people are dead, many more injuries, after a gunman opens fire at a oregon college campus. what we are learning about the gun man. and pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, now facing more criminal charges. she peaks out new on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will begin at 6:00 o'clock with concerns, over those, issued down the jersey shore and people are getting ready for either more complications, over the next few days. and then, hurricane joaquin, the storm just continues to
6:00 pm
gain strength, as it hovers over the bohamas but new information tonight about where it will head, from there. boy, there is a lot to talk about tonight, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. joaquin is a category four hurricane, but the question remains will it come here. lets get over to meteorologist kate bilo and she has new details, kate. >> the good news it is more and more encouraging, more and more likely joaquin will not make a direct land fall along the east coast of the united states but you cannot complete liz discount the the possibility that something could happen, this storm is a very dangerous category four hurricane. you can see how the eye wall has just continued to deepen over the past several hours as it continues to just dig, further south and west over bohamas. this storm just devastating bohamas with very, very strong damaging, destructive wind as well as heavy rainfall and it is not expected to move out of there until tomorrow when it finally tarts to get that northward push and head back in the opened atlantic. lets talk about theat


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