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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the storm just continues to gain strength, as it hovers over the bohamas but new information tonight about where it will head, from there. boy, there is a lot to talk about tonight, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. joaquin is a category four hurricane, but the question remains will it come here. lets get over to meteorologist kate bilo and she has new details, kate. >> the good news it is more and more encouraging, more and more likely joaquin will not make a direct land fall along the east coast of the united states but you cannot complete liz discount the the possibility that something could happen, this storm is a very dangerous category four hurricane. you can see how the eye wall has just continued to deepen over the past several hours as it continues to just dig, further south and west over bohamas. this storm just devastating bohamas with very, very strong damaging, destructive wind as well as heavy rainfall and it is not expected to move out of there until tomorrow when it finally tarts to get that northward push and head back in the opened atlantic. lets talk about the latest track and latest information
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from the national hurricane center. wind are at 130 miles an hour, gusts to 160. way this storm is looking i expect it will be stronger at the next update, possibly not a category five but stronger category four at least. it is moving very slowly southwest at just 6 miles an hour. here's the latest track. this is encouraging because thinks first track in 48 hours that has kept joaquin completely off the coast of the united states. it will be a category three through the day saturday and downgrades makes closest pack to us far off shore as a category one and weakening to a tropical storm. national hurricane center did say in the discussion that they expect a eastward adjustment as long as nothing goes wrong and changes in the information that we're getting over the next 12 to 24 hours. you can see the storm well off to the south. what we're dealing with tonight doesn't have anything to do with joaquin, it is heavy rain, moisture along a frontal boundary and persistent northeast flow that will impact the area for the next several days. worst of witt that northeast wind battering the the cog will be risk for coastal flood warnings in effect for much of
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our shore communities and delaware beaches a and that goes right through saturday. i will have much more on this system as well as latest on joaquin coming up in a few minutes. for now, back over to you. as kate mentioned hurricane joaquin no where close to our area right now but already flooding is a problem down the the shore. that is all due to the heavy rain we have had, and what is on the way, a as well. well, "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in margate with more, cleve. >> reporter: well, jessica, here's the issue, lots of wind off the ocean, actually pushes the water back towards the bay. so as we have high tides, that backs up the drainage system and then we have rain coming down, it is just creating a mess at the shore, so despite what happens with joaquin, emergency managers down here tell me they have enough to worry about. moderate flooding has begun on the shore, as nor'easter conditions present the usual challenges for low lying tidal area.
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margate residents can start picking up san bags to fortify their homes and businesses on friday morning. in ocean city rescue vehicles are on stand bias people get stuck in flood water. it was already dicey around noon time. >> heavy rain five or 6 inches of rain will exacerbate any kind of coastal tidal flooding conditions, and as the drainage system fill with bay water, rain in the street has no where to drain. >> reporter: high tides went right past bulkhead and flowed into some yards. >> oh, not happy at all after spending all that money for a bulkhead. >> reporter: another person did satisfaction with some towns readiness for severe weather. governor christie singled out margate for refusing to comply with state plans to build dunes up and down the shore. >> folks in margate today who are now in the eye of this flooding, i wonder if they think it was a smart move. to be fighting doing this. >> reporter: mayor michael becker said he will defill the will of citizens to fight the the state on dunes. >> when we have, from the
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beginning of ventnor to all longport, end to end bulkheads. we were all for flood protection as is the state but we just differed in opinion. >> reporter: question is will bulkheads hold, tidal surge if we get much tidal surge from this current front or from joaquin. people are not taking any chances making sure that emergency vehicles are ready and that people are on alert at the shore. the reporting live from margate, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. joaquin is still out there but emergency management officials are keeping an eye on its track. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us live in atlantic city where preparations are already underway, rahel. >> reporter: neighbors here in atlantic city tell me they are worried. some a they have not even finished making preparations and repairs rather from sandy. so they don't think they can handle another major storm. this is as governor chris christie declares a state of emergency. >> right now weather reports
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are not encouraging. >> reporter: minutes in the press conference, thursday, new jersey governor chris christie, wasted in time. >> i have signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in new jersey as of this morning. >> reporter: christie says it ties soon to order evacuations but now is the time for atlantic, cape may, cumberland and salem count toys prepare and think ahead. >> if i have to, i will go but would i rather not. i was here for sandy. i lived through that. i can't imagine anything worse than that. >> currently oem is monitoring weather situation. our main focus is on preparedness for storm and i'll get back to that in a second. nj dot is cleaning drainage systems. they have activated all emergency operations centers testing the communications systems and topping off fuel fly. >> reporter: down in atlantic city mayor don guardian says having learned from sand think time around the city is doing things differently. >> we really need to starte rack ways 48 hearst before we
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anticipate the storm coming and we didn't do that last time, so give us 24 hours, if we need to do ab emergency evacuation. >> reporter: christie says weather models in the coming days will determine what they do next. neighbors are watching too hoping this time new jersey is spared. >> i'm worried about it. never forget the experience we had with sandy. >> reporter: again to day city officials say it is just too soon, to issue evacuation us about it is not too soon, for folks down here to start thinking about if there are family members or friends, out who you can stay with if evacuation does become necessary. reporting live from atlantic city, rahel solomon, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. today governor wolf reassured pennsylvanians that the commonwealth will be red if i joaquin comes our way. >> we're doing everything that we can, that is possible, to make sure that they are safe, and depending on in case
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anything happens with the weather. >> the governor called on people to take responsibility, and make whatever preparations, they need to, in the event of the trek hit. atlantic city electric says its mobilizing crew as head of any possible bad weather. they are working to prevent the same type of widespread outage that slammed thousands of residents during severe storms earlier in the summer. >> when there is an event like this where we have plenty of note that is there is a storm coming up the atlantic coast, we all call in for resources. we called in for resources. >> the utility company said it sent a open letter to customers describing changes made since the the june 23rd storms. and for the latest on the coastal flooding and hurricane joaquin you can check out cbs philly to the come. we have a hurricane preparedness guide there just in case you need it. authorities now say that a 20 year-old gunman killed 13 people at a college in oregon today. shooting rampage happened at umpqua community college in roseberg. investigators say gunman opened fire in a classroom this morning.
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police responded and gunman was killed during an exchange of gunfire with officers. more than 20 people were injured. the college remains, on lock down. there will be much more on this developing story on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley and that is coming up at 6:30 right here after our broadcast. tonight embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is facing a new perjury charge. she was this court for an a rainment in collegeville just moments ago. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is there with more on kane's new legal trouble, todd. >> reporter: ukee, the the state's top law enforcement official will now have to be fingerprinted a second time. kathleen kane arrived in collegeville shortly before 5:00. she's facing new charges including perjury and felony in the third degree. have her arraignment she gave a brief statement saying this arrest is retaliation for her investigation of porn e-mails sent among law enforcement officials. >> i will promise this to the the people of pennsylvania, thaw can arrest me two times, you can arrest me ten times,
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i'm sure this isn't the end of the game. but i will not stop, until the truth is copping out and i will not stop until this system operates the way it is supposed to be. >> this case is very straightforward. this is a perjury case, based upon materials that she testified about. >> reporter: pennsylvania attorney yen kathleen kane, is fighting mounting pressure to resign, today's developments will likely only reenforce those efforts. she was already facing charges filed in august, that included obstruction, conspiracy and perjury. kane has been under investigation for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information to the media, in order to embarras a political faux, and then later lying about it. the new charges today, directly relate to a search warrant executed last month at kane's office. detectives allegedly recovered this a copy of is what called a secrecy oath that kane signed state ago this she would not make confidential information related to the
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secret grand jury public. kane and her attorney previously claimed that he did not sign the oath and therefore did not break any law. kane $10,000 unsecured. preliminary hearing has been scheduled to take play october . reporting live from collegeville, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". todd, thank you. october is breast cancer awareness month so you will be seeing a lot of pink around town. >> you might sees some orange too. it will be driving around the region, health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a new local screening unit. we will tell you why it is an important mission on the philadelphia flyers, kate? we are tracking coastal concerns, as heavy rain and coastal flooding starts over the new jersey shore, completely unrelated this storm a very dangerous hurricane joaquin moving through bohamas. i will have latest on the coastal concerns tonight and tomorrow and latest on joaquin as well coming up when we come right back.
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tonight after thursday night football this local woman has been accused of running an elaborate scam,
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selling thousands of dollars from one victim after another. three on your side jim donovan has been tracking her for years now and now, a big development in this story. find out where she is, right now after the game. october is breast cancer awareness month and tonight the the philadelphia sky line turns pink, with lights for the cure to honor fight begins breast cancer. >> stealth reporter stephanie stahl has more efforts to help woman get mammograms. >> reporter: instead of making an appointment and going to the careening center which can be time consuming now mammograms can come to you. rolling out for breast cancer awareness month, this is a new mobile screening unit, sponsored by fox chase cancer center and flyers wife's. >> part of the flyers wife's, charities toys get involved with women's health issues in the community. >> reporter: this mobile unit will be dispatched to under served communities in corporate sites to make getting mammogram quick and easy. >> anything will make it easier for woman to get what they need, certainly our goal,
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i think it is a lot easier to just come and get it taken care of. >> reporter: doctor catherine evers, director of breast images on the fox chase says inside is mini version of what you will fine at a regular careening center. >> it is a standard mammogram unit. >> reporter: digital mammogram. >> yes, definitely. >> it is really important to detect cancer early so that is what we are hoping for. >> reporter: it is personal for dianne hextall, wife of the flyers general manager, ron hextall, she had a breast lump removed when he was just 26. >> quite scary that cancer word so it does rattle your cage. >> reporter: dianne's lump was benign but she has been vigilant and wants to spread word about early detection. >> encourage those sisters, neighbors, friend, family to go get screened and know the facts. >> reporter: now the van will be rolled out as it gets requests from community groups, like with any mammogram, women over 40 will need a prescription to be screened, in that mobil unit. the entire process inside the van takes less than 15
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minutes. a a lot of people might be interested in this one so we will have for at cbs, click on health and i'll put it on facebook and twitter. kate has joined us with very busy weather situation. >> yes, what we have going on tonight, tomorrow and saturday is not related to hurricane joaquin. i have had people even just friend, long island, up and down the coast that texted me saying is there flooding in the bays. joaquin is already coming. it is not joaquin. it is completely different system. if we had to deal with joaquin on top of is what happening with now it would be so much worse. we have been rooting for this off shore solution to really be the ticket and it looks more and more likely that the storm will stay off the companies with you as of right new we cannot rule it out until we see what that storm does and to that north turn, i'm not confident until i can see it happening my own eyes. model tracks are one thing but you have to now cast it as
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well. in the ruling it out but encouraging trend today with the track of joaquin. lets talk about what is happening right now. this is an on shore win event, persistent wind battering coast of new jersey and delaware. you can see how far up on the beach those waves are there at boardwalk plaza and rehoboth beach. 60 degrees there. we have had reports of the coastal flooding up and down new jersey shore points as well. this is not cause by heavy rain. they have haven't had that much rain. just band of light to moderate rain. the northeast wind is buying water up along the coast. barrier island you get that what the tore flow in the channel. you get back bay flood ago this flood out in the treats. any area that is prone to flooding and a lot of areas certainly are, you will be seeing it over next few days. if you are not seeing it now we have high tides around 11:00 o'clock tonight. high tied around 11:00 tomorrow morning as well. you will see it then. we do still have rain pushing back in. rain is tart to go get heavier, so the wind certainly will be an issue as well. wind over 30 miles an hour gusting overnight tonight. they will get worse tomorrow afternoon.
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take a look at tomorrow evening at around 7:00 o'clock we have win gusts to 45 miles an hour in wildwood. 41 miles april hour wind in millville and this just keeps coming this northeast flow right through the day saturday. then by sunday it may tart to die off just a little bit. but because of this persistent, nor'easterly wind with gusts to 50 miles an hour possible in the only coastal flood watches and warnings posted but we have a high wind watch for all of our shore communities and in the delaware beaches as well. warning of gusts to 50 plus miles per hour. so, and wind advisory moving further inland with 40 to 50. take a look at is what happening as we look the at the general set up. stalled frontal boundary pulling in tropical moisture cause ago this strong pressure gradient and gave, just really keeping that northeast wind in place right through tonight and tomorrow ande rain just continues to move in along that same boundary. this is not related to joaquin but notice there will be a connection here as we get into saturday with joaquin and moisture streaming from joaquin into portions of the carolinas. we have a low over carolinas drawing that moisture in.
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part of this is helping to pin opinion wheel joaquin further out to sea. this is our in house mod that he will does keep that track further north and east but portions of the carolinas, will be deaf taitingly impacted if this flooding were to occur. this is a forecast right now of over 10 inches of rain in spots over south carolina and into north carolina as well. that is where bull a's eye of heavy rain will be from both events heading through the the weekend both the moisture associated with joaquin even though storm stays off shore and moisture from the event that we're dealing with another myth. lets look at joaquin. this is the official national hurricane center track. they mentioned in their last discussion further eastward adjustment is still likely. most tracks take it out to sea. there are a few that try to recurve that storm toward mid-atlantic. cannot be completely ruled out. i think that is very much less likely then the out to seee track but we have to see what happens with the storm tonight and into the day tomorrow as well. now always i will update you follow me on twitter, i'm posting in the middle of the night when these new models
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come out. this is something we have to keep a close eye at all hours of the day. rain and wind from the coastal system continues through the start of the weekend. sunday, machine forecast, of course depending on what joaquin does. we are optimistic it will stay off shore and that means improvement, as we head in the start of next week. >> kate, thanks very much. >> time for a short break. >> we will be right back.
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hopefully the game will be in the washington. >> weather trying to rain on the parade. >> literally. >> yes. >> i see what you did there. >> are you driving down to maryland to see eagles/redskins on sunday. if so you may want to know this before you gather to the car. nfl is reportedly thinking about moving the game to detroit to avoid hurricane joaquin, and decision should be made before saturday. no matter where they play they
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demarco murray could be on the feel. he was a full participant in practice he missed as team went to the yet with the hamstring injury. watching ryan matthews and darren sproles run for a hundred total yard. >> the blocking was better, you know, obviously he was able to get some things going underneath. he ran well. he ran well. they block well. i think, offensively you are able to obviously catch and throw it. so i think it all starts with the running game. >> witching gears, last time innings is are made post season, rookie jahlil okafor was a junior in high school. it wases 202. today, the the big man says that the team wants to try to make the playoffs. pat gallon has latest on the team's rebuilding ways. >> as team takes pennsylvania part in training camp at stockton university, joshua hard ace dressed the season ahead. harris is encouraged by what sam hinkie has building. >> i think a sam has built a great foundation, a attracting high quality people.
6:25 pm
as i think about sam's batting average, i am pretty positive about it. >> building blocks are set in place with nerlens noel and jahlil okafor with the growing support and cast around them. >> i think it will be a whole new team. whole new faces. i think guys out here will contribute this different ways, the the shooters we have, and the new guys, so much energy and so much talent. >> owner knows it may not be pretty but he is trusting rebuilding process as it enters year three. >> we have to react to the realities on the ground. so, certainly, i wish it was going faster but at the same time i'm happy with the progress. >> as new season begins expectations for sixers remain unchanged. it business a slow build toward future, toward something tangible year in and year out. sixers think they have a fun days here new for that to happen. with the sixers at stockton university pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". all right, pat, thank you.
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phillies in mets, earl 12:05 start because of the weather forecast apparently jared likes to work around lunchtime. seven scoreless innings striking out ten. only walk one. phillies complete three game sweep of the nl east champion mets. they win three to nothing. we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and we're back here on cbs-3 after the the game. >> up next, "cbs evening news", and tonight continued team coverage of the oregon college shooting, what happened and why and is what next? also the husband of the newtown victim weighs in on the tragedy. here now from new york is scott pelley, take care family, we will see you
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tonight. >> pelley: many are dead in the latest mass shooting in america. >> he's in the classroom. >> pelley: this time a community college in corgon. also tonight, category 4 joaquin batters the bahamas, and there's been an important change in the hurricane's direction. and russian warplanes bomb syria for a second day. these targets included u.s.-supported rebels. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: oregon's attorney general says at least 13 people were killed today and 20 wounded when a gunman opened fire in southwestern oregon. it land on the campus of umpqua community college in roseberg, 18


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