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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 2, 2015 2:52am-4:01am EDT

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do the whole thing over again. i'm acting like i was there. >> kevin, you drive in that shriner's car. when i see the canopy with the frame hanging over it, i think i can handle it. >> i drive a truck. i don't mess with cars. not that i have the complex, but i have the truck. it's a give away and it's bad when you argue. the only reason i don't do it anymore, i got into an argument with this guy and i was in the truck. one thing i have the napoleon complex but it's not that bad. i got out and when i got out, i jumped out. he was like are you serious? i said not really. just forget it. >> we have to take a break. we'll be right back. don't go away.
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welcome back. it's comics unleashed. what's wrong with your in-laws?
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>> they are crazy. i married a girl from the hills of kentucky. my wife is hill billy. my in-laws are hill billy where most families debating who married up. i got a brother if law named rudy. rooty. the day he laid eyes on me he said hey, what the hell you doing here. i said i'm porking your sister, dumb as. i said my turn, scoot over. you laughed at me family, laugh at yourself. >> i was going to pick a football parlay with him. this is humiliating. i thought you were from the tribe. you do have that look. i would go with the indian if i were you. >> we have plenty of mexicans. now there is more. mexicans are growing. i am here to tell you on behalf
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of them, sit back and let us show you what brown can do for you. >> thank you. >> you used to be -- now they are taking your spot. >> mexicans are black with the same. we are family. we are the same. our gangs are the same type of gangs. to be honest we both hate white people. >> when the absence of white people, you guys got to rumble. you are getting in prison and there is no whiteys. you would be like oh, my god. you need a strap on. >> if i was going to prison nothing would happen to me because i'm the cute and the funny guy. you don't want to hurt or rape the funny guy. you know what i'm saying? we are going to take your back. me?
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come on, y'all. >> let's do a little roll playing. boy, i'm going to rape your as for good. >> me? rape my as? after i do this? >> that's funny! right, i'm not going to rape him. you can't rape the willing, my friend. you know what, you are funny just thinking about how much bad stuff a white person has to do to end up in prison. you have the nice white prisons. or women too. >> what does a white guy, how bad do you have to be to end up in prison? >> you spend time and what do we have to do? i stole cars and i sold cocaine.
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>> i'm trying to get in. >> i'm funny. i have been to prison. i was in jail for maybe 13 hours. >> what were you there for? is that the thing with the 13-year-old? >> i got to tell you, heads up. if you like to cruise the internet like tom and i and you show up at a young lady's house and you hear that voice from the kitchen, come in! some sweet tea! >> i love that show. >> did you bring the condoms? >> it's fun when they check the guy's truck. they talked to the guy and he's like i just came out to hang out with the 12-year-old. i thought we might shoot pool or go for a pony ride or something first off, if you met a 13-year-old on the internet and went to her house and you just wanted to hang out, i want you
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incarcerated. at least the guy is trying to hump the 13-year-old, i can make sense of. at least there is a category. the scarier criminal is the guy who wanted to chit-chat. i have peechee folder that looks like that. >> we have to take a break. don't go away. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with the fastest retinol formula available, it works on fine lines and even deep wrinkles. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. stop hoping for results, and start seeing them. rapid wrinkle repair... ...and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®.
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i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with an egg cracked fresh in our kitchens and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. many wbut come with high hopes, doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with the fastest retinol formula available, it works on fine lines and even deep wrinkles. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. stop hoping for results, and start seeing them. rapid wrinkle repair... ...and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. >> all right, welcome back to comics unleashed. kevin, i know you have phobias. what are some of them? >> not that i have phobias, but i have a lot of fears. i don't like the ocean. i think everything is jaws.
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i have seen the movie jaws too much. i don't like dolphins. my wife tried to get me to swim with the dolphins in maui. she forced me to do that. after i agreed, we get in the tank. this is why i'm scared of the stuff. it's like eight dolphins with the kids on the back of the dolphins. it don't look that bad. i get on the back of my dolphin and you grab the fin and as soon as i grabbed the fun, he goes to the bottom. because i'm already scared, i thought he cut a deal with sharks. bring the black dude to meet this dolphin. i get up and when i get up to the top, i start yelling up there. you see the white kids on the back of those dolphins and nobody saw the black guy missing for like 35 seconds. it's just five feet. i didn't even realize i was
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standing up. >> you can still drown in five feet. >> it's a nice dolphin. they make noise and i got out and he was like -- i knew what he was talking about. you may not believe me. i'm being honest. i don't like nats at all. i think they will do something to your body. i had a nat fly in my nose one time. it's bad. when i say nats do something to you, i mean it. have you been in a conversation where a nat flies by? it stops everything. your friend is looking at you because they don't know what's going on. can't nobody see it except you. you are the only one who knows what's going o. he got in my nose and i'm like -- >> i had my neighbor watch me walk through a spider web, but from 100 yards, it looks like corolla has just lost his
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marbles. you think you are going out and getting the paper and walking out and you have this holy shut! corolla is doing tai chi on the driveway. >> you have pet peeves. you can't stand when people leave stuff open in the kitchen. >> it started with the guy who wouldn't flush the urinal. we had to make the electronic eye. we're living in a society that doesn't trust the people that flush the damn toilet when they are taking a vitamin b wiz. we do it electronically. you walk into a bathroom. okay. you are in there and somebody did not flush the toilet. you flush it, but it's not clean. then you know there is somebody
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waiting. you are responsible for that skid mark. what doe do you? >> i defecated more. >> i walked in at work and saw the gasket of a guy using the seat liner, the one on all the construction sites in the porta potties with the cowboy hat on it. on the outside, this is the mexican space shuttle. >> you guys are funny. the point is you don't have the decency to pull your own gasket off? that's something you have to contend with. we are not going to flush ourselves. i'm moving to canada. oh, man. >> that was funny. what misses me off, the urinal with the eye, when we are in an airport or office building, when you use the urinal and there is a pubic hair on the urinal.
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what guy was that nafty that before he peed -- >> it's like the mark of zorro. pobo was here. it's more of a mission. i am going to get that pub down there. i can follow the trail and get you home. >> i was in new york at jfk, i think the american terminal about three weeks ago and they finally finished the new terminal if you fly out there. it has been years they had the crappy terminal. i went to use the bathroom before i got on the plane and there is a common courtesy. off load when before you go on a six-hour flight. i don't want to see you doing your business in a broom closet going 700 miles an hour. do your crapping on earth. i go in there and i just have to
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go number one so i'm shaking the due off the lily and i realize this is a brand-new state-of-the-art airport and they did not put the division between the thing. this is -- ladies, you guys complain all day about the lines, you are not missing into a trough with 13 other women into a communal hole. i am getting secondhand spray from this guy who drank a case of hein ken. his flight was canceled and this guy has a pony keg and suffering from urethraitis and i am feeling the spray of his urine. $12 worth of plywood would solve this problem. the state-of-the-art airport. there should be a law. >> give it up for archie bunker's illegitimate kid. >> i had a great time.
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thanks for joining us. you too as well. until then, keep left.
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the in"insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i think ivanka is going to be amazing. >> very supportive daughter. >> my kids are good kids. >> meet the female force behind his campaign. >> no, it's not his wife. >> daughter ivanka could be the
3:14 am
donald's secret weapon. >> and then we get details on the wedding to jennifer. is married life that much friendlier? >> it s i can't quite explain what it is. >> plus, sarah jessica parker channels terry bradshaw. we have all the most fashionable bells from new york's ballet fall gala. >> plus, we're with the empress of soul, gladys knight inside her legendary diva battle. and why oprah had to pack up their 37 year motown feud. >> i don't know what diana was doing. >> now hollywood from the inside out, the "insider" together with yahoo. >> presidential hopefuls nip tucking their way to the west wing? no this is not a rhetorical question. nor are the kardashians involved. we are going inside the candidates' secret cosmetic services.
3:15 am
>> does that mean we're cracking the code on trump's combover? >> it looks like his wife may not be his top choice to getting the female vote. >> number all signs point to another woman in trum cabinet, his first daughter, ivanka. >> i think i've done a very good job. i have a very strict and very tough i always said no drugs, no alcohol, i even say no cigarettes. i remember ivanka was -- she didn't know what drugs and alcohol were. she said dad, you drive me crazy with. this i still have good children. >> as he told cnn last ni tows tight reigns have resulted in 33-year-old daughter ivanka stepping in to become his fiercest female ally on the campaign trail. you are a big adviser. >> always. i'm very supportive daughter. >> i think she's going to be amazing. >> one thing that both my wife and my daughter tell me is you should explain your love for women and respect for women and we'll be out very much on the campaign trail.
3:16 am
♪ >> in the days since postin that adorable announcement of baby number three, ivanka has dominated manhattan social sce bundle up at last week's global citizen festival, last night at the new york city ballet gala, she showed off her barely there bump in an elegant gow >> little known fact, i danced with the american ballet theater for years. and i was in the nutcracker as a kid. >> she was in the public ey since she was 10 years old. so poised and calm. she's a perfect person to hand this will lifestyle. >> our insider reporter explained why this potential first daughter has trust in the mom and having the most visible female face in this presidential journey. >> i don't think about white house. i don't think being the first lady. >> she just doesn't really talk about it. she doesn't give interviews.
3:17 am
she is not american so that not the best thing to have someone with an accent talkin >> ivanka's husband of five years is also a real estate developer. days ago he was named 25 in fortune's 40 under 40 business list. >> my husband and i have said we just resigned ourselves to the fact that we won't sleep for the next decade. >> watching women who work website destination, her instagram page has been flooded with proud momma moments like nearly 2-year-old son josep saying bye-bye to the bottle. >> throw it out. you don't need them. >> showing fans just how much a ham their 4-year-old daughter is. ♪ >> and clearly it's resonating with fans. today ivanka posted a message gratitude after hitting one million facebook likes. >> it's so exciting to hear that you're responding to the content we've been posting. >> okay. say what you well the donald, ivanka has always been a class
3:18 am
act, poised, intelligent. he couldn't have asked for a better spokesperson or daughter. >> no truer words. >> ivanka is not the only star to go to lincoln center. >> you are right. kerry bradshaw returning to her tv roots, new york style icon sarah jessica parker was leading last night's fashion brigade to become the belle of the ballet. >> beautiful, sarah, right in front of you. please, sarah. >> literally, looking like a scene out of a movie, she was stunned in a glittery side slit dress straight from the runway. kerry bradshaw couldn't have dreamt up a more gorgeous gown. >> taxi! >> and just like most of kerry's more memorable nights, her evening started the second she walked down the steps of her new york city brown stone. the 50-year-old rolling up the lincoln center where her iconic kerry scene fainting scene went down.
3:19 am
the mother of three p posed with her gown's desig her handbag and t bar heels from her own sjp collection providing the finishing touches to her flawless look. >> stick with me. i'll hook you up. >> and kerry's busty assistant was another belle of the ballet. ♪ >> 34-year-old jennifer hudson shined in an off the shoulder custom cream gown. the grammy winner instagram she had a lovely evening. and sharing a secret behind her pop of red lipstick, she posted this pic along with the caption, couldn't fit my lipstick in the two little mini purses so i had to stuff it in my -- and good wife's newest star vanessa williams opted for a bold floral two tone gown. we were front row with vanessa inside new york fashion week when valvo's striking silhouette from the 2015 runway caught her eye. >> i love him. i've known him for almost 25
3:20 am
years. it's always my tried and true go to. >> the 52-year-old star tweeting from the runway to the ballet. bravo. >> we have so much more style to come as we take you inside paris fashion week. and why is 19-year-old kendall jenner letting it all hang out? >> that's a good question. i'm sure we'll find out. from the belles of the big apple ball to a couple of hollywood newlyweds, jennifer aniston and her husband. michael yo at our social st i guess his turn to give the beef. >> even though she's married, she is still my crush. she has spoken to me several time about her new husband but now we get the groom's point of view. >> so how good is it? >> it's fantastic. something does really shift and it's in a wonderful way. >> justin finally gave us what we've been waiting for. >> i would have said something sooner. i was so riveted. >> details of the star studded august wedding to jen.
3:21 am
>> you all have this different look to you. >> we've gone from having a ri on your finger and you relax. >> now since jen knows i'm her biggest fan, she gave me the inside scoop back in august. i was now the right time for you? >> i don't know. timing. divine timing. >> now back to justin. for the first time we know that pal jimmy kimmel shed some tears while officiating the ceremony. >> he was extremely funny. he kept things extremel was extremely touching. cried a little bit. >> my ti >> it's the second week of season two in "empire" wins the night with 13.7 million viewers. >> i'm working with veronica now. >> but have the lions been tamed? >> momma's got something to do with it, going to live up to it. >> it's the first episode telephoner lose viewers from the previous week. >> the world will be a better
3:22 am
place without you in it. >> not diminished, the show's star making power. ♪ "hourglass" and rolling stone called her a striking soul siren. timed with last night's show, the 27-year-old protege released a music video for the song, "smile." >> i mean we all know "empire" is an incredible show but the music coming out of it is ridiculous. >> we love it. >> thank you. >> coming up, stop in the name of jealousy? was diana ross threatened by gladys night? >> come on. >> i'm going to get inside the view. >> first, why it's not too little or too late for r&b singer joe-joe's musical return. we're taking you inside her come back. >> and beyonced on us three times. three new singles in one day.
3:23 am
you call this a tringle. >> it's baby beyonce. >> i've been out there so long, i had to do something to make an impact. ♪ >> at only 13, joe-joe's bossy breakout song went gold. ♪ >> she followed up the success with the certified platinum single "too little too late." soon after a bitter legal battle with her former record label side lined her ♪ now the 24-year-old is ready to re-enter the spotlight. i'm so glad to you have back. >> thank you. >> your talent was needed. i missed your voice on the radio. >> thank you.
3:24 am
closed captioning provided by --
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paris is the most important week of my entire year. >> the decision is yours. that's all. >> she says that no one gets
3:26 am
hurt. >> that's all. >> "the devil wears prada" highlighted fashion week in 2006. >> now in the 42nd yea hollywood is descending on the cat walk capital but away from the runway, kendall jenner was laced up and bearing almost all for a girl's night out in the city of lights. >> kendall? >> kendall in a shear pant showing her thong caused a flash bulb frenzy and she and he friend in a sparkling green short mini culminated a day of fashion. >> they're looks that they wore to a vogue dinner in paris last night rocked on the runway. it caused quite the stir. >> our insider styling ed breaks down paris fashion week day two. >> one of the things you can always count on in paris is that sense of theatrics and that sense of fantasy. >> we're all at the same show.
3:27 am
it's kind of like going on tour with your friends. >> a rock star of style tour. earlier, both ladies dominate the cat walk. kendall showed off her incredible figure in a white cutout dress as she worked the runway. in another look, she kept the ponytail and she sported a camel colored belt to show off her tiny also there, her mom. 59-year-old kris jenner with her 34-year-old boyfriend. gigi got support from constant companion joe jonas. >> how do you pick the fashion? >> you know what? i just look through the look book. >> or show up in person. jada pink et smith in a very revealing bodysuit with a mini skirt was cheeky, giving us her best. >> jada pinket smith was amazing. it's nice after you've been doing this to see a new face in the crowd. >> you know what? in another life i want to come back as jada pinket smith. talk about foxy after 40. whoo! >> from fashion to political makeovers, coming up, hillary's
3:28 am
face lift? carly's botox? are these presidential hopefuls getting secret cosmetic services? >> plus, gladys knight on her notorious motown feud with diana ross. and how oprah found herself in the middle. that's next.
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a stroo teeth beingly placed easy bake oven and we spoke to them on yahoo celebrity. ♪ i can't help but care >> i mean what a song. that is the diva gladys
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those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. >> i mean what a song. that is the diva gladys knight from 1991 and super woman. >> yes, the season was one diva. the empress of soul did not get along with, diana ross. as gladys takes me inside the supreme sized motown feud. you write in your memoir whether you were on tour with diana
3:32 am
ross, she wasn't too happy about your voice. is that true? >> i don't know what diana was doing because she had all of the attention in the world with mr. gordy and others at the company who had that dir it was their idea to send us on tour with them. and we were opening the show. we got a call from mr. gordy saying, well, i hear you are spoiling my act. i said really? he said, well, you are making trouble for my act. you know? mr. gordy, that's not what we're about. you know? we're just doing our show. he said, well, i think you should come on back home. so we went back home. and that was the name of that game. >> was she ever mean to you or did she ever show you any disdain for what you did? >> well, i'm not a lia know that she wasn't the happiest with me, let me put it like that. >> okay. >> with us.
3:33 am
>> very diplomatic. ♪ >> so for 37 years, gladys knight and diana ross never spoke until the day in 2005 when oprah inadvertently ended the long standing silence between the two legend airy divas. >> everyone came not knowing who else was coming. and that is what made it so special. >> she had a list and we happened to be sitting together. and we got a chance to talk, you know? and she said, you know, i wish we could have been closer. and some of the things that down i'm sorry about that. i never held it against her or anything li it's just that i would have preferred to be a closer friend. ♪ he's leafing on that midnight train to georgia ♪ >> and just like that midnight train to georgia, gladys never stopped moving and staying current. her 12th solo studio album will include the first mainstream dance sing until nearly 20 years
3:34 am
titled "just a little." ♪ dance with me just a little >> your new album "the emp of soul," where did that come from? >> somebody gave it to me. i don't know. i never would have called myself the empress of soul. i know i didn't want to be the queen and fight with aretha. >> let me tell you something, she might be the empress of soul but she's a sweetheart. there is more power in humility than there is being a diva. >> she's a great lady. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> that's donald trump trying to make up for his comments about fellow gop presidenttial hopeful carly fiorina's appearance. the original quote is look at the face. would anyone vote for that? >> not good. >> it does open a new question. are expectations different for women running for high office than for men?
3:35 am
and is a little nip tuck part of the process? tonight we investigate our presidential hopefuls undergoing secret cosmetic services? >> she had work done on her eyes. cheeks were filled out a little bit. she had a little bit of a turkey neck. she firmed up. she pulled back a little bit. >> i'm aware, i may not be t young effort candidate in this race. >> author edward kline whose book chronicles hillary clinton's quest for the white house dropping this allegation. >> plastic surgery set u operating room right in th home in new york. >> that's illegal and would never happen. >> our "insider" facial plast surgeon dr. jason diamond says it's more likely noninvasive procedures were done in her home. >> there is no evidence that hillary clinton had a face lift. appeared she had mild c peels. it's possible she had something done with little fillers to camouflage out the puffiness
3:36 am
that i've seen in this picture. . >> hillary admitting to this i've been coloring my hair for years. you're not going to see my turn white in the white house. >> it makes all the difference in the world, mrs. clinton. >> and carly fiorina being checked for her extreme throughout the years. >> this is a pretty superficial world sometimes. >> i don't really see any evidence of her having her upper eyelids done. it's possible. most likely it's a little botox that cleaned up the eyes. >> no double standard here. donald trump's follicles under scrutiny. i don't wear a toupee. it's my hair. >> on the campaign trail, trump even invites strangers to touch for themselves. >> is that sucker real? >> it's thin but it's real. >> some speculating the 69-year-old underwent a hair
3:37 am
replacemen pressure. >> the problem with it is the hair goes in the wrong direction for frontal hairline hair. i don't believe he had a jerry flap whether you compare pictures from when he was a kid to young man to now. >> now it's up to science to decide whether or not it's hair. >> the oval office loved the full head of hair. from reagan's waives to clinton's gray house to obama's close crop. they even judge best presidential hair andrew jackson. and managed to get hill on the $20 bill. >> maybe people don't like my smile. >> you know, i'm sure donald trump would love to be on a $ bill. >> he has the hair. >> he has a lot of hair. >> all right. up next, does magic mike have what it takes to survive a ufc champion workout? that's next.
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the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. >> that's tomorrow on the "insider." staep way from the fried chicken, man. gabriel iglesias combining eating whatever he wants and then punishing himself with a work without. >> it's part of the reality series, fluffy breaks even
3:41 am
premiering to night at 10:00 we were behind the scenes as he got the ufc treatment under the watchful eye of mma fighting great chuck >> i'm fighting diabetes and hypertension. the last thing i want to do is disrespect this man. he doesn't even shave. he is just afraid to leave. >> i'm afraid of him. >> i'm afraid for him. >> the "insider" together with yahoo. >> take care, everybody. >> yahoo!
3:42 am
mirrors. they show us all our problem areas...
3:43 am
those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. young. >> we have to be more civil than most people that well will encounter. >> reporter: withers, once a stutterer himself talked to kids about how to cope in the 2009 documentary "still bill." >> for a time there i was a small asthmatic kid who stuttered which accounts for my closeness with my grandmother. because the only person thought that i was going to be strong was my grandmother.
3:44 am
she was, billy is going to grow. wither whose honored his grandmother in the song, grandma's hands, didn't fully conquer his stutter until he began performing in his 30s. >> i figured out that my stutter was a fear of the perception of the listener. >> uh-huh. >> so i started having fun, trying to lower my opinion of other people and raise my opinion of myself. >> reporter: did that work? >> yeah, i would do tricks like picture everybody naked. you know, just dumb stuff. but, evidently it worked. you see how smooth i am now, i mean, you know, that's, this is pretty good talking we are doing here? >> reporter: before you picked uh the guitar and started writing songs you really had not spent much time at all playing music? >> no, but if you are musical you are born that way. you can get into false humility and stuff. but you don't try this if you don't think you can do it. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> so if you have some success
3:45 am
it is not a total surprise. ♪ and i know >> reporter: when he began recording in 1971, withers still kept his day job as a mechanic at webber aircraft in california. >> the was funny because my first album cover picture was actually taken on my lunch break. because i didn't want to take time off. so i am standing in the door with my actual lunch box. and, so, guys are in the back, yelling, hey, hollywood. >> reporter: but the singer who cam from slab fork, west virginia, felt increasingly manipulated by the music industry. >> actually erased an album. >> reporter: you erased an album? >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> i didn't get paid. i spent nine years in the military, where there was a decent chance you might die for $85 a month.
3:46 am
you get of in the hundreds of thousand and you could really get hostile there, you know what i mean? >> uh-huh. >> it's affront to you, an affront to your manhood for somebody to say i didn't pay you, so what? really? >> reporter: 30 years ago, withers walked away. and despite all of the tributes he has no urge to stage a come? back. >> if i was going to write anything longer than 4 minutes that didn't have to rhyme every other line i would write about my old friend fear. and all of the disguises that it wears. >> reporter: in terms of this, the possibility that you might tour or perform again, what would you be afraid snuff. >> see, people would entice you out there. if you weren't right they would be talking about you look a dog. all of your friend, those journalists would be saying why did he ever come out here? i heard people make last albums. and they sounded like death. >> you didn't want to do that? >> no, man. bill withers sr. would wake up and say, why did you do that?
3:47 am
>> there are so many musicians i know. i talked to a lot whuft couldn't possibly stop. >> i think maybe that's why my songs were just a wee bit different. ♪ just call on me brother when you need a hand ♪ >> whatever i am, i'm satisfied that i was at least valid. i wanted to write some songs that were reasonably profound. and i think i did that. ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ lean on me
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for many disabled people stepping out the door can be a huge challenge much less going for a run when you are blind. now, one especially trained service dog is helping his owner stay in shape as his four legged runningmate. barry peterson has the story. >> reporter: it is natural that a man would want to care for his canine companion. for centuries dogs have been man any best friend. >> clinger, a real snuggly cuddly dog. >> reporter: it is a german shepherd named clinger in charge
3:51 am
of caring for richard hunter. richard is blind. and clinger is his guide dog. the only one in america trained specifically to read a blind runner. >> steady. >> what clinger does when he runs with me is no different than his regular guide dog work. he is just moving at a slightly faster pace. he has a lot of drive. he likes to work. he could be highly focused. >> sound look you, maybe? >> i think clinger has a lot more drive than i do. >> reporter: richard started losing his sight in his 20s when he was a marine corps second lieutenant. now 4 years old he is almost completely blind. >> did he get it? >> reporter: despite that loss, richard started competing in triathlons with the help of human guide. then one day during a bicycle training ride, richard and his guide collided with a car. he went through the windshield, his neck broken. >> that was a big wake-up call for me and my family. three months later he was back running races. and nine months after the accident. he ran the boston marathon. >> to the bridge. go ahead. >> reporter: there he spotted thomas pannock whose school
3:52 am
trains guide dogs for the blind and there was an off hand remark. richard shouted out i am really curious. have you ever trained a guide dog to run? i said, i dent know. it hasn't been done. >> reporter: two trainers had to devise a new training program. and the key was finding the right dog. enter clinger. >> he took every challenge we threw at hip. accepted it. exceeded it. and gave us ability to ask for more. >> reporter: over six months they taught clinger to navigate curves and obstacles at a faster base and thus think faster. then he was ready to meet richard. >> as rewarding as training clinger was, being able to work with clinger and richard together, and watch the relationship develop with the two of them, was a truly inspirational and amazing time
3:53 am
for me that i will never forget. >> reporter: the partnership started with more training at a new york park. and goes on today at their california home. clinger can run six miles at a time. he memorizes each step of their path. always watching and warning of obstacles. and creating a new kind of independence for richard. you don't need to call a friend. you don't need to have somebody come over. you guys, you buddies can just go for a run? >> it gives me a lot of freedom. with clinger in my house. now we have the flexibility that once he learns my routes, that well are going to be able to leave the house whenever we want to. and it is just him and i. >> there we go, good boy. >> if richard can open his diner the morning. be able to got out there and have the freedom he is safe. that to me is the definition of success. >> reporter: that means others may someday share what richard and clinger now have. >> if this program is
3:54 am
successful, it is going to create the foundation for other people to follow in my footsteps. >> two athletes, answering the call of the open road. >> good boy. >> reporter: for cbs this morning, barry peterson in fulsom, california. >> we expect president obama to speak at the white house momentarily. >> take us behind the scenes then, what is our government doing to stop such an attack? >> investors are bracing for more turmoil on wall street. >> announcer: cbs "this morning" more real news.
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3:57 am
china is famous for driving young students hard. but now at lest one chinese school is looking to the united states for a bit more gentle way to teach their kids. >> reporter: these beijing elementary students are back in the classroom. whether they know it or not. their education is about to be filled with grueling exams that will determine their future. >> memorizing a lot of information doesn't necessarily lead to creativity. >> enter mike barnett. why is the chinese government
3:58 am
bringing you here now? >> they're seeing a lot of what their students produce is kind of imitation in nature. as opposed to innovation in nature. >> you have to work with your partner. >> reporter: barnett doesn't use textbooks instead teaches students to think and reason using real life problems. >> how are you going to put the rocks in the sand? >> reporter: barnetts method are used in 500 schools across the u.s. >> it is good to know facts. what's important knowing the fact how they're connected to information. as they get connect you'd solve the puzzle. >> reporter: this fifth grade teacher sees the problem in her own classroom. what bothers me is that in china we don't pay enough attention to ways we can improve kids' real life skills she said. that's what i could learn from america. >> we can make this water clear. >> reporter: the puzzle he gave to these elementary kids in a polluted china is how do you make a filter to purify water? >> why are you presenting this
3:59 am
problem? >> it doesn't have a right answer. every filter will be different they design. could be afr filter works or every filter fails. yul's learn from that. >> 11-year-old sky called barnett's exercise vivid. it guides us to the answer instead of telling us the answer directly. it makes us think he said. adding the joy of thinking is infinite. in test centric culture, the freedom to fail argues barnett is of what prompts real innovation. seth doan, cbs news, china. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this friday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back with us a little later for the morning news and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jim axelrod.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's friday, october 2nd, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." a campus mourns. at least ten people are dead when a gunman goes on a rampage at an oregon community college. the attack renewing calls from the white house to take on gun violence. tracking joaquin. the hurricane moves up through the atlantic and appears it could stay away from the shore, but the east coast still braces for record rain. millions of cell phone users at risk of identity theft. hackers steal the personal information of t-mobile customers. inflight injuries. passengers are taken to the hospital


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