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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. >> two big weather stories this morning, first coastal flooding causing problems down the shore, tan could get worse as we get drench with rain. also, watching hurricane joaquin, new jersey has declared a state of emergency, but the big question, will that storm actually hit us? we have some new information as we track joaquin. good morning, it is friday, october 2nd, i'm erika von tiehl. a lot to talk about when it comes to the forecast, i know you have been working hard over there in the weather center. >> oh, yes, busy, busy, busy. good news, little mixed story because we have the coastal flooding concern, but at least it doesn't look like we will get a one, two punch. let's talk about joaquin, what we know. it is category four hurricane,
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that means, winds sustained 130 miles per hour, us landfall now less likely, the good news, looks like it is staying on shore, uncertainty as to how far out to sea it will go, little closer to the coast current look at it right now, it is category four again 130-mile per hour sustained winds, and this is the latest national hurricane center track, as you can see, it keeps it off shore, what much better scenario this is as we go throughout the day than we had yesterday or the day before so these are the models and you can see now some concensus, most of them coming together for the off shore track, and so that is what we are expecting as we get through our weekend. currently, 55 degrees in philadelphia, as we take live look at center city look at the wind, though, out of the northeast at 23 miles per hour. we still have a big concern, with wind, and rain today, taking a look if he future wind gusts see where we're going, we will be 43-mile per hour winds, 50 down the shore, see 36-mile per hour gusts as we get into our evening there. it is going to be little rough
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ride with the wind and the rain. so taking live look at storm scan three you see where joaquin; we zoom in closer, see we have the stalled out front independent of joaquin, that's what's causing all of the rain yesterday, and today, and unfortunately, getting through the rest of the weekends. so i time that up the for you. i know a the love people down the shore very concerned about this, want to know when it is out of here. back in just a bit with your full forecast with that information, erika, back to you. >> thank you, one of the concerns of course coastal flooding, major concern for people along the jersey shore, there is already minor flooding in ocean city and margate, and it is only expected to get worse. >> makes me think about want took move to tell you the truth. i am not happy with it at all, not happy at all. >> authorities are urging resident to be prepared. they recommend having three days of water and non-perishable ready to eat food along with flashlight and batteries. >> now, these concerns over coastal flooding have led to some school closures. wildwood public schools, wildwood pre-school program
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and the march garrett may school there all closed today. we'll pot any additional dish nag closings on >> governor chris christie, he is not tacking any chances. he'll be in sea isle city today to urge jersey shore residents just to prepare as a precaution. >> njdo. it is expecting clean and draining systems, testing the communication systems, and topping off fuel surprise. >> yesterday christie declared a state of emergency. pennsylvania governor tom wolf also spoke about the commonwealth's preparations for joaquin. >> we're doing everything we can that's possible to make sure that they're safe, depending on in case anything happens with the weather. >> for the latest on the coastal flooding for hurricane joaquin, check in at set up m preparedness guides,
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in case we want to get red. >> i right now, 4:33, new this morning, man is in critical condition, after he was shot in the olney section of philadelphia. police say the shooting happened last night, around 1:13 on the 200 block of rube i canan street. police say the shooter fled on foot, may still be armed. >> in oregon, ten people are dead, and seven wounded after a gunman opens fire at the community college. hundreds gathered at vigil for the victim last night, in town every roseberg, oregon governor kate brown was among the speaker of the correspondent chris martinez more on the shooting and the person responsible for that attack. >> the community college in oregon, now crime scene, as investigators try to piece together what led a gunman to go into a classroom and open fire. 911 calls started pouring in around 10:38 passive he can time thursday morning. law enforcement sources
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identified the shooter as 26 year old chris harper mercer. >> exchange of shots with him, he is in the class rom. >> when it was all over, at least ten people were dead. >> the suspect is down. >> hanna was taking notes in a classroom nearby. >> we just immediately began running and still didn't know really what was going on, but i knew the look and the fear on my teacher's face that it was serious. >> mercer's father has talk to police and the fbi. >> devastating day, devastating for me and my family. >> on line blog that appears to be mercer's has posted the recent shooting of cameraman and report nerve virginia, and a documentary about the newtown shooting. sources tell cbs news the suspect had four guns, including a rifle, and body armor. president obama said mass shootings across the country are becoming far too routine. >> it cannot be this easy for somebody who want to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. >> president obama is calling
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on americans to elect people who will make gun control a priority. saying thought and prays for the victims are no longer enough. chris martinez, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and, while president owe boo baum an is calling for change, any movement from congress is unlikely. the last time congress seriously debated strengthening gun laws was back in 2013 after 20 children, six adult, were killed at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. but even then, the senate easily defeated the legislation. the law would have increased punishment for gun trafficking and expanded background checks. something 88% of americans say they support. >> do you intend to bring gun control legislation back up? >> i would love to bring it back up. but i can't do it until i have the vote. >> congressional republicans argue felons will find a way to get guns no matter what the laws say. >> embattled attorney general kathleen kane fighting second perjury charge this morning.
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kane was arraigned in collegeville montgomery county yesterday afternoon. prosecutors say she lied to a grand jury about an open secrecy she signed when she took office in 2013. kane was previously charged with perjury for allegedly leaking grand jury information secret grand jury information, and then lying about it. kane claims that charges are retaliation for pornographic emails she uncovered. >> you can arrest me two times. you can arrest me ten times. i'm sure this not the end of the game. but i will not stop until the truth comes out. and i will not stop until the system o the way it is supposed to be. >> kane says the pornographic emails were shared by a sitting state supreme court justice, and other officials. >> there is much more to come here this morning, big changes could be coming to the philadelphia school district. which schools are at risk of closing at the end of the school year. >> also, we are tracking the rain moving through our area over the next few days, more on the big problems this is
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causing down at the shore, and also, kyla has an update on the track of hurricane joaquin, all of that and more when we come right back.
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>> weeping changes, they include closures, as well as new schools and charter schools. this plan which would affect about 5,000 student and 15 schools, it will require school reform commission approval. among those schools, that would be closed under this plan, leads middle school in northwest philadelphia, and it was closed at the end of the school year. student would instead go to hill freedman world academy, which would move into the leads building. you can find more information on other schools on our website >> meantime the philadelphia federation of teachers is criticizing the proposed changes releasing a statement reading in part here: superintendent height latest plan to close, consolidate, or concert more philadelphia school, is em policemen attic
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of the way the district disrespects philadelphia's educators, parents and student. 4:40. we have a look at the rain overnight in center city. our you're grateful you had that umbrella last night. get ready for few more days of rain, also tracking the threat of hurricane joaquin and kyla i know tracking all of that for us, for once, it is nice, we can use some good news. >> specially if you're down the shore, and already dealing with flooding, right? the concern was this could be one-two punch. you have the stalled out front delivering rain yesterday, it is expected to deliver some heavy rain today, and folks are having hard time down there. and then the one-two punch would be if joaquin would be were to bring more rain our way. >> the rain we have now has nothing to do with joaquin? >> no, it is a stalled out front hanging out and keeping this going. the good news is we will see very different story today with joaquin. that will will help us out. take a lock where it is right now, in the bahamas, causing them plenty of problems, you can see, all of the hurricane warnings up right now, and the wind sustained at 130 miles per hour, check it out,
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gusting to up 160 miles per hour, moving slowly, that's bad thing really for the bahamas, that means it is sitting there and training over and over again with the rain. pressure 935 millie bars cat four. it is expected to weaken, as you can see, this is the great news for us, look at this, the track now staying off shore. boy oh, boy is that great to see when i woke up this morning, very good news indeed. take a look at the wind probabilities. this helps us owl little bitment you can see along the shore, could see chance here. tropical storm force winds likely to stay pretty far away from us. so, happy to see it, storm scan3, shows, what's happening today, though, and this, as we were talking about, completely independent from joaquin, stormy weather ahead of stalled on the front. it has been sitting here, keeping the party going. we will see more that far today. lighter showers now, starting to move into philadelphia, but you can bet that those will turn to a bit heavier showers, as we get into the afternoon. people down the shore as you know already dealing with flooding, so we are under the coastal flood warning. you can see, down here, in delaware, also, up through all
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of the new jersey beaches, watch as we move closer into philadelphia. and that's going to go throughout today. current temperatures, this is the other big story, cold out there. chilly right now. 55 degrees in philadelphia, 53 in allentown, just 57 in atlantic city. i don't know about you but i turned the heat on my feet in the car this morning. i was like i need a little bit after warm up there. so, it was chilly, no doubt about it, and we will see the cold temperatures continue throughout the day. also, going to vin credible winds, right now 23-mile per hour wind out of the north-northeast coming our way in philadelphia, you can see, 22 miles per hour down in wildwood. that's also going to kick up and get little worse. let's track this forward for you. you can see when this front finally get out of here. there is friday at 10:00 p.m. still, rolling, more showers coming in on saturday. notice the 1:00 p.m., we start to get breaks in the showers saturday. that will will help us out, few more, coming our way sunday, but joaquin, now, as you can see the track staying far enough away it should not increase our chances forgetting any more rain as we head to the beginning every next week. today high of 56 degrees, rain, and some of it will be heavy at times, very windy,
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tonight, 58, for overnight low, little more rain, and look at the gusts up to 40 miles per hour, just nasty out there. seven day forecast, shows, though, that at lows by the time we get through the weekend we get to monday, talking 70s. we start to get some clearing, monday into tuesday, and even some almost mid 70s by mid week next week. so the sunshine will be coming back after we get through the weekend, erika? >> looking forward to it, kyla, thanks. nfl is considering moving the eagles game from landover maryland fed ex field to detroit, ford field, all because of hurricane joaquin. we're told a decision will be made before tomorrow. now, where ever that game is played, eagles running back, demarco murray, hopes to be in the action. he practice dollars yesterday as he works his way back from hamstring injury. hopefully weather won't and factor, but our eagles weather forecasters thinks things could still be dicey. >> philadelphia nova care facility, as you see, winds are gusting right now, hurricane on the way, we are predicting three hours before it lands here.
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take cover, be safer. look at the winds, look, the rain is supposed to come. we just got word that the rain is approaching. we need to take cover. take shelter. do not be in the storm. high wind. take cover, guys, we report back to you later. >> he has some talent there, all right. to the thursday night football game seen here, that's former eagle mike vick, for a touchdown, steelers up 20 to three. ravens rally win it on 52-yard field goal in over time. baltimore beats pit burying for the first win of the season. to baseball, phillies open their final series of the season, tonight against the march lint in south philly. yesterday noon start against the mets to avoid the forecasted rain and phils derrick crews through seven shut out innings, struck out ten mitt, his second straight game with double digit strikeout. phils win this 13-nothing, the phils sweep the national east champions next. so the phillies, just one
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win in the last three games against the marlins to avoid first 100 lost season since 1961. aaron harang starts tonight. saturday starter, tba. and david buchanon start the last game of the season on sunday afternoon. still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", new feature is coming to the popular dating app tinder. it is expanding the popular sweet right system, third option, what do you swipe? first, though, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. headlines this morning, jerks i shore towns are dealing with flooding and heavy rain. concerns are growing about what could be coming from hurricane joaquin. kyle will has the late that's moment. also, ocean city, margate, seeing minor flooding. resident are moving object that could get blown around. governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency, and visit sea isle city later today. >> meanwhile, a shooting in
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philadelphia's olney section, leads a -- leaves a man in critical condition. shot in the head and shoulder. the shooter fled on foot. >> and, people in oregon, and around the country, are coming to grips with yet another mass shooting on us soil. nine people were killed, and 20 others injured, when a gunman opted fire, on the campus of community college thursday. the shooter died in a gun battle with police. >> right now, 4:49. time for check on your business news, and the markets are in a holding pattern ahead of today's big jobs report. let's check in with jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. first friday means the jobs report watch do you think analysts are expecting? good morning. >> well, good morning, erika, analyst expect that the unemployment rate will hold steady at about 5.1%. they also think the economy added about 200,000 jobs. that would be more than in august. so, this is going to be real important. investors are paying very close attention, job growth is key factor in the fed decides that the economy is strong enough to raise interest rates
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this year, possibly even later this month. erika? >> all right, well, changing gears little bit on line dating, we know, is big business these days. now, tinder that popular app, they are making a change to give the user another option. i'm curious if you don't swipe left, you don't swipe right, where are you swiping? what do you think? >> reporter: well, believe it or not, you're swiping up. tinder wants it give more options than just that left, that right. so now if you swipe up, you could also give potential mates a blue star, it it it all signifies your very interested in going out. use letters only get to use that new feature once per day, because they want to keep it, quote, special. erika, nothing says special like meeting someone on tinder. >> nothing says special like a blue star on tinder, exactly, wow, jill, thanks so much. sigh you -- see you later this morning. now, it is 5:50. alert, hackers steel personal information of about 15 million t-mobile customers and potential customers, too.
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the day it includes social security numbers, home addresses, birthdates, other personal information. the hackers got that information from the credit reporting agency, spear john, which t-mobile uses to check the credit of those applying for phones. it says it is investigating, both company says payment, card, banking information was not affected. >> still to come after the break, checking on your weather and traffic. i know kyla is tracking hurricane joaquin, with the late he information for us when we come back. good morning.
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>> speed limits on bridges reduced to 45 miles per hour due to the rain, inclement weather. speeds on the walt whitman bridge are down to 35 miles
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per hour. >> also, i want to show i 95, near cottman avenue, traffic light right now, but definitely you can see, wet roads out there, so you want to take your time this morning. downed wires, listen up, take lincoln drive, downed wires blocking all lanes, of lincoln drive, near gypsy lane. that road is closed, in both directions, we will keep an eye on it and bring you update throughout the morning. right now update on hurricane joaquin. watching that one, good morning. >> good morning, we are watching it. and i'm happy to say we have good news where that is concerned. that will will help us out as we get into the latter part of the weekend. we do still have flood to go deal with now. that will has nothing to do with joaquin. here is joaquin, you can see, it is a mighty storm this morning, category four hurricane, as we take a look at the likely track, now it, looks like it will stay off shore. that is a huge relief for us, a big improvement. it is still going to deliver some tropical moisture, those down the carolinas see a lot of rain from this, it is a category four, sustained winds, at 130 miles per hour,
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expected to weaken, as you can see, as it passes philadelphia, likely a cat one, and staying far enough off shore that it should not cause us any major problems. how much, that is just one of the things we've been keeping an eye on, also, stalled out front that's been delivering rain it, will do that again today, you can see, some light rain in philadelphia right now, but that light rain will turn to heavier showers as we get into the afternoon. taking live look at the neighborhood network, other story, it is very chilly out there. you can see, low 50's from philadelphia, to pemberton, to norristown, down to paoli. it is chilly and we will have the wind kicking up as well. we can see gusts upward of 25 miles per hour or even 40 miles per hour, to get down the coast. and table a lock at this, un coastal flood advisory, you can see, all of the way through, from delaware, right on up to new jersey into pennsylvania. and that is because we are getting more rain on top of what we've already seen. so today, going to be raw, windy, chilly day, high of just 56 degrees, in philadelphia, and down the shore, 52 in the poconos. we will talk little bit more about our extended forecast, we will see warm up, and some
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sunshine. >> oh, it sounds nice. 54 degrees right now, whoa. >> "kyw news radio 1060" terror behind the walls at eastern state pen is upping their terror game. now visitors can slide, climb, crawl through at ban donned prison, also one program aims to have the entire city read the same book at the same time. we'll tell you the book they chose for 2016. and october is pennsylvania wine month. what local wineries are planning. >> check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060, pennsylvania wine month, sounds nice. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", going live to oregon, where we are learning new information about the gunman, who went on deadly college shooting rampage. the latest information. >> also, walking with a purpose. we'll talk with some of the people getting ready to start a 60-mile trek to fight breast cancer. >> and get your motor running,
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>> wet and windy start to your day. storm scan3 showing the rain rolling through the area this morning. that's lead to go flooding concerns down at the shore. we are there live. also, we're watching hurricane joaquin. new jersey, has already declared a state of emergency. i know we have some brand new information from overnight on that storm's path, kyla has it for you. >> the father of the gunman responsible for the oregon college massacre speaks out for the first time overnight. now learning about possible motive involving religion. >> good morning, it is friday, october 2nd, i'm erika von von tiehl. kyla and meisha keeping an eye on things for us.
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meisha at the wells fargo center for us this morning. good morning, ladies. >> good morning, ladies, yes. this isn't like your typical friday morning, that you just wake up and you're in the traffic center. i'm surrounded by trucks, mind you, that are at minimum of 10,000 pounds at monster jam. i'm in heaven. kyla, i know before weep get into all of this, i have to send it over to you, wow, kind of chilly. >> i noticed you have a jacket on there, yes, it is chilly. i felt that the minute i walked out the door. we will be dealing with winds, cold, and rain today, everybody. so, i do have some good news in this forecast, though, and that's where hurricane joaquin is concerned. we are looking at much better path this morning, models coming into more of a concensus here, as you can see, they're all casino every starting to scoot together in a path that keeps it off shore. which means it, keeps it away from us weather wise, which is fantastic. look at this thing, it is a monster this morning. category four, 130-mile per hour sustained winds, expected to weaken as it makes its way


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