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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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these conditions. winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour. massive amount of beach erosion. we saw of course even last weekend with the high tides, thanks to the full moon, super moon that we have beach erosion down the shore. did not get a chance to do any replenishment there and now we have a push causing more beach erosion as we go through the the weekend. rough surf and coast willal flooding continues as we go through next couple days and those dangerous rip currents off the coast. if you want to briefly show you hurricane joaquin here's that last minute jog to the north and east that is great news, i will show you the latest information, from the national hurricane center. wind at 125 miles an hour gusts to 155. it has weaken slight thely. now a category three hurricane. it is moving, out to sea, and that track takes it well away from philadelphia, so that of course is good and great news. it does not look like it will impact us directly whatsoever as we go through weekend but still rain, wind, coastal flooding throughout the day saturday, not from joaquin at all, but definitely feeling almost like a tropical system,
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if it wasn't so cold we have rain, win, battering the coast, in the 50's and feeling like 40's. the coastal flooding continues through saturday. now sunday, conditions improves. joaquin is out to sea. we may not see sunshine it is a breezy blustery day. better conditions heading down for eagles/redskins game. phillies game canceled tonight thanks to the the rain. that is not a surprise. it dots look better tomorrow. rain tapers off in the city just a few showers but the the wind will still be an issue. coming up i will tell but improving conditions in the forecast once we get rid of joaquin that threat is out of here and things do finally get better in to next week. i will have have that with the full forecast coming up. yes, sir cars, back to you. thanks very much. you can track coastal storm with the cbs philly weather app, check live radar, get severe weather alerts and share your storm pictures with us, down load that app for free, right now on i thetune and google play. erosion is a big concern and all shore communities, strong surf has been hammering the beach in ocean city taking witt sand and anything else in
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its path. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson reports tonight and will give you a closer look. >> reporter: up and down the the shoreline of southern new jersey, dramatic scenes, from a powerful coastal storm. brigantine was spared the worst. >> a little flooding on bay shore boulevard, forced a road closure but water level quickly reseated. by noon a large portion of the ocean city, lived up to the name. large swats, of wesley avenue under water after high wind, and the high tied, pounded the shorelines n what was considered typical for a storm of this size, felt much worse. >> the difference with this one is the the win. we usually get flooding but this one has strong gusts. >> reporter: meanwhile nothing lucky about the weather in atlantic city. tides bothered the northern communities knocking down trees, sending flood waters raging to the west, a major
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highway, route 40 snarled traffic near atens avenue. a at the a local school all of the signs. >> came out here, we brought a fifth wheel vehicle, well, really a car to pull bus up close to the it and we will walk kid up on and get them on the bus and account for them. >> reporter: police and fire called the atlantic city community charter school. there doesens of school children had to be rescued from their own building because of heavy flooding. appreciate i have moment for both kid and first responders. >> it feels good about, you know, doing anything good. we want to get through this mess and get into tuesday where good weather shows up. >> that was steve paterson reporting for us. residents are dealing with flooding and in wildwood, cape may county, all of the water for city officials to close public schools today. our live team three coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan in after avalon, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, and ukee, i know you get a kick out of it when i'm on the beach on those bright sunny
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days. this is pay back time. we are at towns end inlet bridge the roadway that connects sea isle to avalon. you can see the wind is just blowing something fierce right now. in fact, winds and waves hitting the sea wall so hard here it the is breaking off pieces of the sea wall. some of it here on the ground and they did take it a bulldozer and pushed some of the bigger piece's way this wind has been relentless and causing more flooding back in the bay. we took a look up and down cape may county to see how people are making out. boat owners holding on to their crafts for dear life in sea isle sit may reen a wind yanking ropes from their hand as their hoping their trucks would not stall out in the boat ramps. >> it was crazy, lot of wind, high tied, highest tied i have ever seen. >> reporter: boat may have come in hand toy navigate dune drive-in avalon more than a foot of the water covered parts of the street and crept into several businesses.
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>> it came up and we got some water in our back floor but those are really just cars went by. it was a close call though. >> reporter: tidal flooding is typical during nor'easters, locals say these conditions are in joke. >> it wasn't so bad. tied started to come in. it got worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: stone harbor, streets were closed front beyond under water. we were not the only once struggling against the wind as we look at the violent ocean waves. the power of mother nature, on display, although some remained unimpressed. >> i'm used to it. nothing unusual. you move your car. you know, just make sure everything is safe. everything is batoned down. >> reporter: i'm glad we're almost at low tides, because, high tides, we would be getting even more drenched then this. here's the issue, as this wind continues, to just, blow so
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hard at the shore, the tides as it goes out doesn't go all the way out. the water remains here. the the next tied which comes in which will happen sometime after midnight that is when things could get worse then what we saw just now. reporting live from avalon, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> fierce wind there, cleve, thanks very much. from avalon lets go north to ort thely beach in ocean county. you can see how rough the surf is out there. the rain and wind didn't stop some from venturing outside on the beach, earlier governor christie met with first responders, and in sea isle city. >> we're in the the getting the amount of rain that we thought initially we were going to get which is good news from a flooding perspective but we're still going to have moderate to major flooding in our four southern counties, in cape may, atlantic, cumberland and salem. so we need to be prepared. >> governor went on to call the projected track of hurricane joaquin a way from the shore encouraging, but caution strong surf could further erode beaches. we want to you connect
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with us and send us photos of flooding and storm damage, if you can do it safely, that is very important. just use hashtag cbs-3 storm. and as kate mentioned at the top of the shore right now joaquin is not threatening a direct hit on the united states but preparations are underway in the south east for what could be historic flooding in some era yas. in kitty hawk, north caroline at main concern is coastal erosion. powerful storm surges wash away the beach barrier. joaquin could bring rip currents as well. right now category four hurricane is whipping the central and eastern bohamas for second straight day. on crooked island the damage is extensive. there is up to 3 feet of standing water in some areas. wind were clocked a at 130 miles per hour on the island. so far, there have been no reports of any deaths. in other news tonight, developing right now, if ale police have identified a suspect who attacked a temple student off campus on monday. woman was sexually assaulted and robbed while walk ago long the the 1400 block of carlisle
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street, in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is at the scene with new pictures and video of the suspect, police want the the public to see. todd? >> reporter: ukee, that suspect is using the broad street line here to get around town, and oddly enough, it is his use of the subway, that may lead to his arrest. the the suspect is seen smiling before police alleged he sexually a assaulted a 20 year-old temple student. police are hoping this clear surveillance video from the broad street subway will generate tips, identifying who this man is. >> whether it be, a student, whether it be a shop owner, whether it be a passerby or motorist in the particular area, somebody on the subway, or someone that knows this male. >> reporter: the attack happened monday night, just before midnight, the student was walking home from the library, when an armed suspect, forced her behind the dumpsters behind a 1400 block of carlisle street. police believe this same man, may be connected to at least one of five recent robberies, that occurred in the same
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area, one of those robberies, just occurred, a few hours before the sexual assault. some have of those robberies included more than one suspect. >> there was an arrest, in one of those incidents, earlier this week, and a 18 year-old male. >> reporter: concern right now, the the suspect will continue to look for more people to victimize. he is likely armed with a small silver or metallic handgun. anyone who may recognize this suspect is urged to contact philadelphia police immediately. reporting live tonight from north philadelphia, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, todd, thank you. u.s. army says man accused of killing nine people at an oregon community college yesterday, flunked out of basic training in 2008. today investigators search the apartment 26 year-old gunman chris harper mercer shared with his mother. authorities say that they recovered, seven guns there and found six others at the shooting scene, all of them were purchased legally. we will have the latest on the story coming up 59:30.
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rescue crews rushed to free a driver after his car gets trapped under a tractor trailer in upper merion this was the scene on the 800 block of first avenue just before 10:00 o'clock this morning. police say a tractor trailer was making a left turn when the driver of a hyundai struck the side of the truck. it took rescuers about an hour to free the man, who we are told, suffered non-life threatening injuries. delaware state police are investigating a deadly multi vehicle will crash in wilmington. it happen on south market street around 7:45 this morning. investigators say that 57 year-old dorothy pierce was killed when her suv was struck in the chain reaction crash. a school bus and other suv and dart bus was also involved. new revelations from the vatican with a controversial meeting between pope francis and kentucky clerk kim davis, is coming up on "eyewitness news". new 59:30 a cold case a arrest, police in bucks count a arrest two suspects in the murder for more than 30 years ago. the victim, a teenage girl. and do you remember where you were, 20 years ago today,
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we will take a look back at the trial of the century, and not guilty verdict for o.j. simpson. and walking 60 miles, well, that is hard enough but doing it in this weather, these are true warriors on a mission to end breast cancer, we will have their story when we come right back.
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and, the jersey shore is being pounded by wind and rain, and flooding, is underway. we will have the very latest from kate coming up in a few minutes. today, marks 20 years, since former football star o.j. simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. more than 150 million viewers tuned into see the the outcome of the so-called trial of the century, in los angeles. the brown and goldman family later brought a civil suit against simpson and were a awarded more than $33 million. simpson continued to survey three three-year prison sentence in nevada for a botched 2007 robbery. today a judge sentenced former eagles wide receiver irving fryar to five years in
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prison for his role in the mortgage fraud scheme. friar and his mother tried to steel more than a million-dollar by illegally obtaining six loans on her burlington county home. she was sentenced to three years probation. fryar grew up in mount holly and played for the the eagles in the late 90's. vatican is offering more details, of the pope's meeting with kentucky court clerk kim davis. spokesmen says davis was one of several dozen people who met the pope at the the vatican embassy in washington d.c. davis says that the pope told her to stay strong. but vatican spokesmen says, that the encounter quote should not be considered a form of support of her position. the davis spent several days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. we want to hear from you, what are your thoughts on kim davis being a among the several dozen people met the pope in washington. connect with us on line using hashtag cbs-3 chat. coming up in less than an hour, find out who else the the vatican said pope francis met while in washington. that is coming up on
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"eyewitness news" at 6:00. it looks like this storm will stay out to sea this is a view of joaquin from space this photo the owe was taken from the international space station, as you can see right there, it is a monster is. >> yeah, no doubt about that. >> kate joins us now this has been a huge week for you. this rain today with the wind is so intense, and down the shore, my goodness. >> just terrible conditions down the the shore. in the city we're not talking about major flood risk here but it is a miserable day to be out on the roads. we have low visibility. we have ponding. it will continue through the overnight hours. thank goodness i'm so excite that had joaquin is so out to sea. good bye. the last thing we need after days of this weather is a hurricane moving into our area it it does look like joaquin is not a direct threat for the philadelphia area which is great news, a although before you celebrate that you have to think of the people in the bohamas that have been dealing with 24 plus hours of hurricane conditions, category four hurricane conditions, devastating, conditions down there, and i did read that the main joaquin may be retired,
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mainly due to the conditions it produced in the bohamas rather than along the east coast of the united states. lets look at what is happening outside right now. we will go down the the shore. this is is really ugly shot of ocean city. cameras are shaking wind are strong. waves roling up on the coast this is low tied. that does not look like low tides but it is, that is an indication of how bad it will get once we hit our high tides cycle right around midnight tonight and right through the weekend. any psyched that will will be worse of it, some people will be out on the shoreline there, i'm in the sure if that guy is taking video for us or maybe a reporter trying to get on the scene footage here. lets look at margate on our live neighborhood network. this is low tides. this looking better. you can see how high that water came up during high tides and receded a bit. a as we red through rest of tonight, high tides time around midnight things will get very, very nasty, again, and barely receding even between that and it is all thanks to the persistent northeast wind,
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north/northeast flow pummeling the coast. rain is continuing to stream in as tropical moisture lifts in from the south as well. so this is a lot of rain on top of the the coastal flooding. flooding down the shore road covered in water that is not due to rain. the most areas have seen less than 2 inches of this so far but it is due to that tidal moisture, that water loop, piled up a a along the coast, and it pushes in the back bays and pushes up into the streets, of course, and also the the waves. six to 10-foot breaking waves out there a and add to go that possibility. you can see our rain amounts. highest amounts in delaware. 3 inches in 24 hours. seaford at two and a half. lewis a at 2.4. buena vista 1.56. 1.28 in philadelphia these are sustain wind in philadelphia a these streamlines showing that persistent north/northeast flow. 24 miles an hour sustain down the shore in wildwood but gusts overnight will be over 40 miles an hour, perhaps 50 at times, and that is high wind warning is in effect. so you can see how it works. here's coastal flood warning through all of the shore communities and delaware
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beaches. gusty northeast wind push water on to land. it covers, road, certainly covers the beaches and that will continue right through tonight. and right into the weekend. this is a prolong period of the northeast wind. heavy rain again around 11:00 or midnight. tomorrow afternoon rain starts to die out and pin wheel down in the carolinas, as we tap in the moisture from joaquin. joaquin in the a direct threat but some pots in the carolina will end up with over 10 inches on have rain or over a foot by the time all is said and done. our rainfall amounts of one to 2 inches pale in comparison to. that rain does continue in the overnight hours. cloudy and blustery with a few showers for your saturday. high of only 59 degrees. high witness weather three day forecast, 59 for the saturday with the win it will feel even colder. just some showers. not the heavy rain of today. phillies may get their game in tomorrow afternoon but it will not be a great day to sit outside for. sunday looks better. better for eagles/redskins game. on monday cloud breaking, 70's and finally some sunshine by monday.
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that will be a welcomed sight. >> yeah, one we have not seen in a long time, kate, thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a memory that last days after a papal visit. we will share one local family's amazing experience. and delaware county couple racing around the world, in a cbs hit a amazing race. wait until you hear how they got on the show, we have got that for you next, stay with
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local couple stars on amazing race took quite a path to get there. >> one create aid real life version of the amazing race and videotaped it a as a proposal to his girlfriend. the justin sheman went to great lengths to pull his girlfriend diana bishop into thinking she was on a special version of their favorite show, the amazing race. envelopes, clues and all. >> so hard to find the right envelope, that folded. >> reporter: ended in iceland with the marriage proposal under the northern lights. he is surprised he pulled it
5:24 pm
off. >> she's very aware. >> i call it observe ant. so he knew he would have to do something over the top that i wouldn't find out about, and that was his way. >> stick together. move on out. >> reporter: video help the delaware county couple get on the show for real, justin a former radio produce are abe host a diana a sixth grade teacher are racing around the world to win a million-dollar. they have done their homework. >> i have watched all 26 seasons, three times. >> watched the show, it the became part of our relationship. being on the show was our dream together and doing it together. >> reporter: justin and diana said they are trying to avoid the super fan curse, contestant whose get too exited to concentrate. >> by the time you realize you are on the show, everybody is beating you and you are gone. >> yes. >> and, so, it is really, really work at coming up with strategies. >> my god. >> keep your head up. it is not over. >> reporter: when they fell behind during the first episode last week in rio
5:25 pm
justin cried openly on camera. he doesn't mind being mocked for it. >> if they win the million-dollar, they will to have last laugh. new they came in, next to last place last week, so how will justin a diana do tonight? will there be more tears? or cheers? >> tune into the the amazing race to find out, it is on tonight and every friday at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. >> i voted for the tears. represent, nice job. member of the obama an ad perfectionist stepping down, that is coming up in the next half an hour. plus. >> after 31 years there is at last justice for family of the 14 year-old barbara ruann raped and murdered in this bensalem neighborhood in august of 1984. i'll have the the store friday bensalem, coming up. and i'm health reporter stephanie stahl, at the convention center, where a thousand people will be gathering after a tough day of walking, for the three day.
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here's is what happening, the search continues for a sexual predator in north philadelphia. police say this man is suspect in the sexual assault and robbery of a temple university student. the attack happened as the victim walked alone off campus monday night. and we have an eye on the storm, as heavy rain and wind bear down on the jersey shore. "eyewitness news" in north wildwood where some streets are flooded. a state of emergency is in effect in new jersey, governor christie met earlier with first responders, and other officials in sea isle city, kate. and ukee, rain continues to fall, thanks to this coastal system, heavy rain moving through and we have another band of it just off shore that we will watch as we go through rest of tonight. what to expect as we head into your weekend? right through saturday wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour down the shore, beach erosion, rough surf and major to moderate coastal flooding depending where you are at the
5:30 pm
time of high tide. next one around midnight. dangerous rip currents this has nothing to do with joaquin. we will have have more on what that system will will do and more when we will clear this out coming up in a few minutes, jessica. >> kate, thank you. new at 5:30 it is a 60-mile journey, thousands of people are teaming up in our area for the the susan g komen three day annual walk against breast cancer. despite the dreary weather many came with their rain gear, walking shoes, to raise money for a great cause and "eyewitness news" was there for special kick off in willow grove this morning. right now, health reporter stephanie stahl is live at the pennsylvania convention center with more on this very special event, stephanie. >> reporter: that is right, jessica, over a thousand people will be gathering here to camp out here tonight. it was a miserable day, outside, walking, but they are still festive here in their fight against breast cancer and happy to be inside warming up. they have a lot going on. the first of all, there is a stretching area, much needed
5:31 pm
after 20 miles walking, outside, in the wind and the rain. we also have shopping, who doesn't like to shop, some relaxing areas, on pillows, and some all important snacks, back over here. we have people catching up on snacks after this long, difficult day of walking. people gathering here at the convention center. joining me now live is. >> riley. >> riley. >> who walk what was it like out there. >> it was wet, it was cold, it was windy, and i will do it all again tomorrow and i'll do it again for the rest of my life until i'm with my sister. >> reporter: good to have you here. >> also nicki. >> hi. >> reporter: how is it out there for you today. >> unbelievable. but like riley, elements, emotions tide to it. >> reporter: tough day but an important cause. >> absolutely, i lost my mom and aunt to breast cancer. they died within a month of each other.
5:32 pm
i will keep fighting until is there a cure. too many people are dying. >> reporter: thanks for being here with us. this will wrap up, sunday night, 60 miles, three days, at the navy yard, reporting live from the convention center, i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> stephanie, and ladies, thanks very much. investigators in bucks county make a break in the case more than three decades old. two suspects have been arrested in the 1984 cold case rape/murder of the bensalem teenager. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has that story. >> reporter: for barbara ruann at last is there justice. thirty-one years, after searchers found the the 14 year-old raped and murdered, her parents, told that now, two suspects are now charged in the killing. have of their only child. >> detectives and members of the district attorney's office notified barbara ruann's parents still alive in bensalem town ship that there is closure in the case. >> reporter: police say accused kill are george shaw,
5:33 pm
invited the victim to baby-sit his young daughter, robbing, assaulting and murdering her, as her desperate father income on the door demanding to know if she was there. >> part of what makes it possible to these crimes and prosecution about so many years after the fact is just keeping, pecking away. >> reporter: shaw, police say, a suspect from the very beginning, but it took years of unrelenting investigation, by a team led by detective chris mcmullens, before saunders, his a a linked accomplice implicated him. >> i'm glad we got the to this point. this is about barbara and his family. >> reporter: police say after two months after allegedly murdering ruann in this neighborhood, shaw struck again, on the the very night, that a tv report about the murder was airing, he raped a 69 year-old widow after break nothing to her home in montgomery county. >> what hes convicted on that rape and it wasn't just that.
5:34 pm
for 30 years there might be other victims out there. >> reporter: thirty-one years after barbara ruann was murdered, police believe they are only beginning to uncover all have of the crimes, committed by george shaw. walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police in oregon are now releasing more details about the the mass shooting at a community college there. they say that the the shooter had multiple weapons and left a note before killing a million people and injuring seven others in the the classroom. correspondent chris martinez has latest from roseberg, oregon. >> reporter: investigators searched the apartment, that the 26 year-old gunman chris mercer, shared with his mother in roseberg, oregon, cbs news has learned that he left a note. several pages long, suggesting he may have been depressed and angry. >> active shooter. >> reporter: shooter killed nine people and wounded seven others, in a rampage at umpqua community college yesterday. >> out of those 13 weapons we
5:35 pm
currently have in custody six, where we recovered them at the school, seven were recovered at the shooter's residence. >> reporter: some of the surviving victims are recovering here at mercy medical center. three of the most seriously hurt were taken to a hospital in eugene. there is a go fund me page for chris mints, who tried to stop the gun man in his tracks. >> tried to block the door to keep the gun man from coming in. he is shot three times, he hits the floor, looks up at the gone man and said it is my son's birth kay today. he gets shot two more times. >> reporter: shyann and melissa clark are friend with the 19 year-old victim who is in surgery a second day with her injuries. >> she's told me last few years how much she wanted to go back to college. she goes back and her first three days and this happens to her. it is messed up. >> reporter: counseling is being offered for all of those affect in the community. in roseberg, oregon, chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today, president obama
5:36 pm
announced education secretary air held in duncan will be stepping down in december. duncan, who has served the obama an ad managers since the beginning says it is time to return to chicago to be with his family. president obama has selected deputy secretary of education john king junior to take over. the announcement came during a news conference seen right here on cbs-3. where the president criticized russian air strikes in syria what russia is doing now is not particularly different from what they had been doing in the past they are just more overt about it. they have been propping up a regime that is rejected by an overwhelming majority of the syrian population. >> u.s. accused russia of not only bombing isis targets but american backed rebels who opposed syrian president assad. even though pope francis was wheels up five days ago many families are living in the after glow of an encounter with him. >> hamlen family of conshohocken speaks of so many factors, of wanting to place their son in the pope's direct
5:37 pm
line of sight. and what happened next, it is a memory to be cherish. pat ciarrocchi has the story. >> reporter: saturday night, 16th and jfk, the the papal procession, was magnetic. thousands clung to their faces on the most slim chance that they might be blessed, with a francis moment. the hamlen family with their son shawn, waited a monk the thousands. >> we have been waiting a long time, about eight hours we were waiting. >> reporter: seventeen year-old sean using a wheelchair, cerebral palsy has claim his speech and many physical abilities. but not the his connection to the the spirit that we all share. >> we were right there on the corner and as the pope made his way down, 16th street, he saw sean. so sean was very patient and as the pope came up, he just locked eyes with sean and from a distance give him a blessing. the crowd around us just went crazy, and he blessed your
5:38 pm
son, he blessed your son. i think we all got blessed with it. it was pretty powerful. >> reporter: we witnessed powerful at the airport, shortly after pope francis had slipped in the fiat, he stopped, a disable child, and a tearful mother who loved him, felt his touch. you could almost read her silent prayer. carry hamlen felt that too. >> one of the things that sometimes when you think of getting, a expectation of, is he cured. you know, for us it is no. sean is who he is, and we're so grateful for that. >> reporter: grateful also that sean can be a messenger, carry's emmy a award winning documentary on the other side of the fence teaches a lesson of celebrating who we are. it is a francis message. >> and, thank you for helping everyone feel included as part of our community. >> reporter: for grace, shining its light on them. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:39 pm
and as "eyewitness news" marks 50 years, we are looking back at moments that will stay with us forever. philadelphia still absorbing recent visit of pope francis but 36 years ago tomorrow, it was pope john paul the second, visiting philadelphia. october 3rd, 1979, thunder us cheers and enthusiastic crowds filled the benjamin franklin parkway. from an alter built over fountain at logan square john paul the second looked at more than 1 million people who traveled for the the paper at mass, visit to philadelphia, was part of the third international trip. >> i was at senior year at university of virginia. i remember watching it on the news and all of the coverage. >> decade later. have you gone to the wedding where bride and groom were giving out strange favors to their guests. >> still to come, one wedding favor that is so unusual, it caused evacuation of the major
5:40 pm
airport. plus... >> ♪ >> they are the latest viral sensation, the singing contractors, when we come right back, kate? and we continue to track heavy rain and strong gusty wind with the coastal storm battling the the region tonight into the weekend. coming up i'll have your full weekend forecast, latest on what joaquin is up to and when things will get wetter in philadelphia, that is all coming up when we come
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u.s. hiring slowed in september, as the global economy weaken, the labor department says employers only added 142,000 jobs, wages also fell slightly meaning americans are making less money but on a positive note unemployment rate held steady a at the 5.1 percent which is
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ now to a idea courtesy of newlyweds. bright and groom whose name starts with t thought it would be cute, to make a little, tnt, bottles, filled with, bat salts for their guests.
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the tsa did in the think it was cute. >> um-hmm. >> and evacuated the a airport. newlyweds were not charged but agency puts pictures up on instagram to remine travelers to be mindful, of what they pack. they had videos singing after a hard day's work and some of them have gone viral. it is fitting for a duo call the singing contractors. the response has been overwhelming. >> and literally hundreds of messages saying, that, you know, these videos have encouraged people and so, in this day and age we live in that is what we want to do honestly. >> if you are wondering how they pick taker songs, some of them are requests but mostly they say they pick a song that speaks to them. >> nice harmony there.
5:49 pm
>> multi talented. >> yes, how about that. >> yes. >> you were just singing. >> yes. >> you know, we need to sing joaquin off to sea. >> yes. >> i like the track if we can get through this stuff it would be nice to have a break. >> we may see sun again. >> yes, a couple weeks ago where it was sunny every day. this is such a boring week. it is like when will this weekend? this has been pretty miserable. today, it is still cold. two days ago we were in the 80's. now in the 50's. we will show you what the city looks like on a very gray, glummy afternoon. but good news is it doesn't look like it is raining that heavily in the city of philadelphia right now. if you are out and about this evening, bring the umbrella a, you will need it all night long. rain comes in waves. the it will relax and pick up again and that will continue right through at least about, midnight, maybe even two or 3:00 a.m. before we see everything start at least a little bit to wind down. the let's check with our eyewitness weather watchers
5:50 pm
and see what they have got going on. temperatures all across the map on the cool side, with the rain falling down in, fact, we are looking at 40's and it has been a long time since we have seen 40's. rain and 40's. i have got my rain boots on. you know it is function over fashion here this evening. wear your rain boots outside. 49 degrees, patrick grant's house in philadelphia he has got rain coming down, he says wet, windy day, win gusts of 40 miles an hour, at girard avenue near the zoo. feels like november. it does feel like november or march, even worse, march is my least favorite in month. weather watcher kenneth martin is in willingboro, new jersey. he is at 46 degrees. it is raining at his house. 1.32 inches. he said let it rain, i don't know but i would like to find who are ever it. ed connor in chesterfield, new jersey that is miserable. the wet run this morning. good job, he had he. he got out just like jessica dean did and exercise. i give you credit for. that good day for my indoor projects. lets look at our rain amounts, across the the region. cherry hill lynn springer at
5:51 pm
1.93. and then just an ugly day no matter which because you slice it. look at storm scan three. the rain keeps moving in. a little bit of i don't want to say a lull but slow down. light rain falling across our area right now but just out to sea, we have got heavier stuff lurking right about here. the that is going to push in later tonight right around 11:00 p.m. or midnight. if you are out and about, if you go out in this on a friday night go out to dinner in the city, more power to you. bundle up. look at these temperatures. fifty in the city. forty-nine in trenton. rainfall amounts around the region kenneth square 1.82. philadelphia 1.8 inches has fallen. there is that second band out to sea. the it will lift in later tonight. you can see how heavy, for a time, this is 11:00 p.m. that lifts out by 3:00 a.m. lingering showers on and off throughout the day tomorrow. not the worst day as far as rain is concern we have ever seen and we will end up with one to 2 inches total in philadelphia with hire amounts possible down through portions of delaware. that is where some spots will end up with over 2 inches of rain by the time we get through the weekend.
5:52 pm
coastal flood warning continues, again, we are talking about northeasterly wind, pushing water on to land, worst of it will be at high tides. there are a few high tides time up the coast. 12:06 in rehoboth beach. cape may 2:30. 12:06 tomorrow morning in wildwood. 11:58 in atlantic city when things will get bad again with major, to moderate coastal flooding expect. period of rain overnight, windy, chilly, saturday, blustery with showers around and talk about some warriors out there walking the komen three day. saturday, 59, showers and windy, sunday is better but still as you are walking in to that wind it will feel very, very difficult. best of luck to all of those walking in the komen three day. the saturday and sunday, again, windy and chilly but with joaquin heading out to sea, next week looks better. we will get sun and 07's back next week. stay tune, we will be right back.
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
the fall film season kicks in high gear this weekend with a number of new releases, including an explosive thriller, featuring em lie blount. >> it is called sacari and deals with the powerful subject matter, film makers are ready to shed more light on. >> it is about the war on drugs, veteran actress emily blount is fbi agent kate and her life is in danger with every turn. >> i'm an fbi agent. >> yes. >> i think it takes a certain kind of person woman to go in the law enforcement. >> reporter: sacari which means hit man in mexico explores the journey of the intelligence operation that pushes the rules oven gauge. with those who do not the play any rules at all. >> unaudible. >> reporter: matter between
5:57 pm
signs of the border becomes a suspense fullback and for the when you think a villain has been captured, film makers reveal that the problem has in the been solve, as a result of the lawless environment. >> the deeper issue, kate goes into mexico she realizes. >> she realizes that the the bright lines, between right and wrong, become, blurry. >> reporter: case in point trying to focus in on this former prosecutor whose family was murdered by drug lords. is he an alley or an assassin? his character is designed to keep the movie goer guessing. >> movie is unorthodox in the way of telling its story because into the third act, it just ramps up. >> reporter: while raising questions about the drug trade, questions that this covert black operations mission will go to extreme lengths to answer. >> i think it will create discussion. it will shed light on a war on drugs and, how there is a a
5:58 pm
contributions on both side of the border to it. we talk about isis every day. yet this is right at our border and equally as border. >> unaudible. >> reporter: great cast. drama, and, em lie blount does it all and does it very well. the it is rated r. >> all right. >> check it out. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we have an eye on the storm that is causing serious flooding down the shore. we have live team coverage for you with a look at some of the damage that has already been done, kate. >> we are looking at pockets of heavy rain, right now on storm scan three and that will continue throughout the overnight hours as well as watches and warnings for coastal flooding, and damaging wind. i will have latest update at 6:00. also, police have a suspect in the assault and rape of the temple university student, the attack happened just blocks away from the campus, and we will have a full report. county clerk from kentucky says that pope francis gave
5:59 pm
her his blessing, and refusing to sign gay marriage licenses. they say that is not so, and we're here in montgomery county where we spoke with the clerk who is signing gay marriage licenses, even when it is against the law here in pennsylvania. we will fit that all together for you coming up. and we have our eye on a storm, that is battering the jersey shore. high wind, and driving rain, causing flooding up and down the coastline. in the atlantic city we have shot this exclusive video of fire fighters rescuing children from a flooded school, and they were able to get everyone out there. lets take a live look at the conditions, courtesy of storm scan three, and not over just yet, you can see green and yellow, all across the region tonight. i'm's jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. rising water has already shut down roads in some
6:00 pm
communities. cbs-3 has you covered as the rain pours down we have got reporters a and photographers, canvassing the entire area from brigantine all the way to wildwood. we have team three coverage for you tonight. cleve bryan and cleve paterson are both down the shore. we will begin with meteorologist kate bilo in the weather center. kate, everyone wants to know how long will this race lane. >> i feel bad being here in the dry studio seeing poor cleve and cleve down the shore being blow away. and you can see rain is about to pick up down the shore as well we can expect to it continue through midnight if in the through overnight hours. we've gotten hans. on these band of rain moving through. one just points to moving in the shore points and that is what we will see for steve and cleve in a few minutes. look at this heavy rain off the coast, heavy rain is now popping up over atlantic and burlington counties as well this is all lift nothing to the rain. the rain will be on and off. heavier rain comes in wave right through tonight and overnight hours as well. you can see there is more moisture


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