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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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communities. cbs-3 has you covered as the rain pours down we have got reporters a and photographers, canvassing the entire area from brigantine all the way to wildwood. we have team three coverage for you tonight. cleve bryan and cleve paterson are both down the shore. we will begin with meteorologist kate bilo in the weather center. kate, everyone wants to know how long will this race lane. >> i feel bad being here in the dry studio seeing poor cleve and cleve down the shore being blow away. and you can see rain is about to pick up down the shore as well we can expect to it continue through midnight if in the through overnight hours. we've gotten hans. on these band of rain moving through. one just points to moving in the shore points and that is what we will see for steve and cleve in a few minutes. look at this heavy rain off the coast, heavy rain is now popping up over atlantic and burlington counties as well this is all lift nothing to the rain. the rain will be on and off. heavier rain comes in wave right through tonight and overnight hours as well. you can see there is more moisture where this came from
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watch this batch right here this could try to rotate back into the area as we go through the overnight hours especially around 11 or 12:00 tonight. peak wind gusts to day virginia beach had a gust of 43 miles an hour. the the worst of it has been across our area 48 miles an hour wind gustness ocean city, maryland. 40 miles an hour today, wildwood. forty in atlantic city. even in philadelphia we have had a 45 miles an hour wind gusts, these are only going to get stronger as we go through tonight as we expect winds to gust of upwards of 50 miles an hour at times down the shore. coastal flood warning for moderate to major flooding in spots extend from toms river, right on down through the delaware beaches. it does include the mouth of the delaware bay and the delaware river. that goes until 6:00 p.m. sunday. in thank northeast wind, it will be felt first along the shore points, you have been seeing to it day but over the weekend we will start to pile up that the water. it starts to funnel in the delaware bay and over the weekend the high tide time is when you see best fit for flood ago long the delaware. high wind warning a along the coast 50 miles an hour gusts are possible. let's talk about these coastal
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impacts. wind gusts to 50 miles an hour could cause property damage. anything in the the secured could be blown away. we have beach erosion. we had beach erosion last weekend with the high tide and full moon. new rough surf, coastal flooding, dangerous rip currents. flooding you see down the shore that is from the water piling autopsy long the the coast. it is not from the rain. heavy rain certainly does not help the issue. coming up we will let you know when you can see an easing of this pattern and some improvement in the weather. we will have that in a few minutes. now jessica, back off to you. now wildwood is seeing its share of flooding and threat is not over tonight. all of the water causing big problems for shore communities in cape may county. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in avalon with the latest on conditions there, cleve. >> reporter: wind picked up quite a bit in the last hour, kind of like playing russian roulette right here with the ocean splashing me over the causeway here at this townsend inlet bridge which is close
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because of the high wind. roadway connecting avalon to sea isle, all day long, we have seen effects of this storm, as it has been blowing the water out of the bay, on the streets, and to making a complete mess of the shore. high wind not only churned up the ocean like an angry washing machine, but, this along the bay a flooded mess. they used ramps at sea isle sit may rena found their trucks in just as much water as their boats. >> it was treacherous. the crazy a lot of win. high tide. highest tides i have ever seen since i have taken a boat out here. >> reporter: in avalon the what the are covered this backyard and almost made it to the house. >> at what point do you become concerned. >> when the the water starts coming in. >> i figured this house has been here since 1903. i'm safer here then i am in some of the other places. >> reporter: tidal flooding from nor'easter and other storms is just part of the deal at the shore and why homeowners like those in a avalon are built high on
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pilings. dune drive-in avalon business owners were holding that are breath as high tide overwhelmed drainage system and income on the front door. >> it came up in and we got some water in our back floor, back garage, but just one car when went by. more of the close call though. >> reporter: extensive flooding caused street closures in stone harbor. in north wildwood drivers stuck to the middle of the roadway to avoid getting bogged down. there are reports some drivers need ago assistance in cape may county but overall most people say they were prepared. >> just make sure everything is safe, everything is batoned down. >> reporter: friday's noon high tide isn't the end of the story. around midnight this will happen again and it could be worse. >> the problem is, if the the wind doesn't let all of the water out and then tide changes a and pushes more in, and then it comes higher. >> reporter: wind and waves slapping the sea wall here so hard it is breaking off pieces of stone, and blowing on to ocean drive, here. we did see a bulldozer a
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little while ago pushing bigger pieces off the roadways. you can see these very careful if you are driving down the shore today. spots like this, bad visibility and high water that you have to drive through. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that goes for you and the crew as well, cleve, thanks very much. beach erosion is underway in cher towns up and down the the jersey coast. san is taking a beating from the pounding surf. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is in atlantic city with a closer look there, steve. >> reporter: we can tell you, finally the flood waters have been receding, but the the rain and the wind, it is not stopping. i can tell you that it used to be a small lake right here in front of the atlantic city community charter school. now we can finally see some of the sidewalk. but about an hour and a half ago, it was the scene of children, being rescued. our cameras were rolling, exclusively. for all of the severe cold weather that hit the jersey shore on friday, in atlantic
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city, it all ended with a scene of warmth. >> we're all good, case closed. >> reporter: police and fire call to the atlantic city community charter school where dozens of children had to be rescued from their own building because of the heavy flooding. >> came out here and brought a thin wheeled vehicle or 5-ton, and we just figure we would pull the bus up and walk kid out and get them on the bus and account for them. >> reporter: in the middle of the wind and rain success. >> feels good about it. doing anything good. we want to get through this mess and get into tuesday where good weather shows up. >> reporter: that is the the sentiment a across the jersey shore. tides battered north atlantic city knocking down trees sending flood waters raging. route 40 snarled to traffic, near atens avenue. by noon a large portion of the ocean city lived up to the name, westerly avenue under water. highways, and high tide,
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pounded the shorelines. and what was considered a typical first storm of the this size but much worse. >> the difference with this one is the wind. we usually get flooding but this one has strong gusts. >> reporter: some businesses taking no chances. boarded up windows and sandbags, just in case. memories of the sandy, still fresh, to a community, still trying to heel. and when it was all said and done nearly 100 school children, rescued from the building behind me, the good news here and to all of the shore towns that we visited today, no injuries, reported. we're live tonight from atlantic city, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> careful travels home my friend, thank you. governor christie is urging residents of the garden state to confront property owners who oppose erecting sand dunes in the hardest hit area of sandy. in sea isle city to day the governor used his most forceful language for margate. which has, for the the dune plan to a halt in federal court. >> it is a town like margate,
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you know, you are among the most selfish people in the state of new jersey. if this hurricane had come to shore, the damage that would have been done to lives and property in margate, i hope it is worth the the vanity act you are all engaging in. >> this was the the scene yesterday in margate where there was some minor flooding. the governor also sickled out, bay head and point pleasant beach. we'd like to hear from you, we invite you to send us your photos and videos, of flooding, and storm damage, just make sure you are taking them carefully. use hashtag cbs-3 storm. well, philadelphia police hope newly released surveillance video will track down a suspect who attacked a temple student on monday. >> would the man was sexually assaulted and robbed as she walked off campus on the 1400 block of north carlisle street, and our todd quinones has a closer look now at the suspect. >> reporter: police are right now focusing their search on the broad street line that
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they say, that the suspect is using it, to get around. >> police would love to wipe the smile off this suspect's face. >> we feel strongly this is our guy. >> reporter: investigators alleged that this man caught on surveillance video on the broad street subway sexually assaulted a 20 year-old female temple university student. police want to know hoe is. >> we have been in contact with the commanders in that particular district and that particular division and beyond to let them know the the information that we have here. >> reporter: the attack happened monday night just before midnight, the student was walking home from the the library when armed suspect forced her behind some dumpsters on the 1400 block of carlisle street. police believe that this same man, may be connected to at least one of five recent robberies that occurred in the area, and would have of those robberies just occurred a few hours before the the sexual assault. investigators are confident that this clear surveillance video, will lead to tips. >> whether it be a student, whether it be a shop owner, whether it be a passerby or
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motorist, in a particular area someone on the subway, or someone that knows this mail. >> reporter: it is believed that the suspect is armed, a silver handgun f anyone who recognizes hoe is, you are asked to call the philadelphia police immediately. reporting from north philadelphia, todd quinones, for cb is. three "eyewitness news". police in bucks county are able to make an arrest 31 years after the rape and murder of a bensalem teenagers. barbara ruand difficulties a appeared nawing -- george shaw attack the teenager after inviting her over to baby-sit. second suspect robert sanders ace accused of helping shaw dispose of the body. investigators say they never gave up on the case. >> detectives and members of the district attorney's office notified barbara ruann's parent still alive in bensalem township that there is closure in this case. i'm just glad that we got the to this point. this is about barbara and her family. >> shaw was arrested in the
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state of florida and sanders in the poconos, both men, await extradition to bensalem to face charges. a deadly crash involving several vehicles including a school busies under investigation in wilmington, delaware. the crash happened just before 7:45 this morning, on the 1,000 block of south market street. police say that 57 year-old dorothy pierce was killed in the chain reaction crash, involving two suv's, a dart bus, and a empty school bus. two others were hospitalized with minor injuries. well, vatican is talking about the pope's so-called meeting with kim davis, kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. next up on "eyewitness news" what the holy sea had to say about the the encounter and how local catholic leaders are responding tonight, kate. heavy rain and wind, that is what we're talking about all night long, a coastal system impacts the shore especially but also philadelphia the heavy rain will continue, watch for nasty conditions on the roads coming up, i'll tell you how things may i am have prove, through the weekend and we will have
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the latest look the at hurricane joaquin as well, hi leslie. hi kate. we know eagles and washington will play in sunday. plus demarco murray, has a hundred yard game in mind as an eagle, we will tell you all bit.
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unaudible. >> tonight, her friend, could not believe it, a local with man gets a whole new look, courtesy of our vittoria woodill, it is a fall fashion make over and new outfit for under 50 bucks. we will tell you where they went shopping and stunning before and after photos, love them. >> oh, yeah. >> tonight at 11:00. >> wow. >> that is great. >> lots of buzz over meeting between pope francis and kentucky clerk kim davis during his trip to the united states. >> vatican confirmed the encounter but said it should not be seen as holy father supporting davis contentious objection to issuing gay marriage licenses. alexandria hoff takes a closer look. >> reporter: on the plane departing the u.s. pope francis spoke of conscientious objection of the human right. since then it has been revealed that while in
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washington he met with a friend, and that friend's long time sex sex partner. we know that francis had a brush with kentucky clerk, of course, kim davis, who has refused to same sex marriage licenses. she said that pope francis told her to stay strong in doing so but according to the vatican quote, the the the pope did not enter into the details of the situation of mrs. davis, and is meeting with her should not be considered a form of support, of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects. on facebook, rick maclean told thaws sound to me like some backpedaling. on twitter jonathan, says that pope visits prisoners cost not mean he endorses crime. same here. >> most of the people that the pope meets, he doesn't know who they are and usually someone who stand by him who says this is mrs. smith, this is mr. jones. the pope greets them, shakes their hand, they take a picture and they move on. >> reporter: with conscientious objection in mind, we came here to montgomery county where, 203
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county clerk bruce haines, did something similar to kim davis only on the other end of the spectrum. he started to give out gay marriage licenses seven though it was in the legal yet here in pennsylvania. >> certainly that was contrary to what state law said. but, the overriding interest of the constitution in my opinion, covered in that case. >> reporter: big question that remains is who invited davis to be in the pope's presence. >> i can be very confident in saying it wasn't the pope that arranged this meeting. but given the attention, and some of the publicity, some of which is negative, i don't think we ever know will know who arranged this meeting. >> reporter: in montgomery county, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today vatican said pope francis met with the openly gay former student from argentina and his boyfriend while in washington. >> francis spoke with both men and it was the only private audience that he granted during his stay, in washington
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d.c. kate bilo joins us with our weather forecast. and we were talking about that 1/2 punch earlier. >> two and out. >> and, we will take one. it is pretty good. >> yes, indeed. >> the the lasting of three days and yesterday, coastal flooding but today the worst of it. tomorrow, just as bad especially at high tide down the the the shore. things will not get better very quickly. we do not have a hurricane to put on top on this because i cannot imagine the devastation if on top of this persistent flood threat down the the shore we had a storm as it looked like making land fall south of the mouth of the delaware bay. luckily that is not happening. joaquin is heading out to sea. we can already see that happening. i want to show you outside right now, this is not a very good look at the ocean city boardwalk. we have looked at this camera many times, packed with people, lots of sunshine. now camera is shaking. you can barely seaboard walk. rain is coming down very heavily there at the moment. you can see how low that visibility is. in addition to the flooding
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just being out on the roads that are not flooded tonight could be very, very dangerous. thanks to the fact that you cannot see very far in front of you. it is a all thanks to moisture along the stalled cold front. moisture impacting areas from southern new england down to the the carolinas. this moisture you see here streaming in the carolinas does have a connection to hurricane joaquin even though storm is moving out to sea. the it is keeping that transport of moisture in the carolinas over next few days. i want to draw your attention to heavier band have rain over portions of burlington county. this one just moving on the shore points. it is not raining heavily down the shore. it will be in the next five minutes or so. here by the way is joaquin. you can see not much connection but notice how a little bit of this is connection to that storm even as it moves out to sea. temperatures right new in some spots of the live neighborhood network are in the 40's. it is 46 at samuel emery school in beverly. forty-seven at the novacare complex in philadelphia 46 right now in pemberton. and as the temperatures cool, you can see fall color out there. this is a beautiful shot from
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mike typier in dennis township, new jersey. not a great looking day but beautiful shot of the trees there as things begin to change and feeling more like fall as we head through the weekend. the it the feels almost like winter outside in some spots today. a amounts of rain business an inch to a inch and a half. swarthmore had 1.77. 2.1 in woodstown, new jersey. voorhees 1.96. georgetown delaware, some of the highest amounts of two and a half inches in a few spots. it has been a rainy day. this is not quite enough rain to cause an extensive inland flood threat which is good news. we have had three 2.4 2-inches this year putting us a half foot above the average. so heavy rain continues to come in through tonight. midnight with the batch of heavy rain over philadelphia a then it calms down a little bit a as heavier rain shifts down to the carolinas as joaquin heads out to sea but sends a little bit of moisture, where some spots could get over 10 inches of rain, while in philadelphia, we should end up with at most another inch or so. future wind, gusting to 40 or 50 miles an hour, a at times.
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joaquin by the way a category three now and as we said heading out to sea. overnight period of rain, windy, chilly 51. saturday high only in the 50's. rain is heavier and showers. sunday cloudy, windy, little bit warmer, at 66. bundle up heading to the eagles game. finally bet are weather next week as joaquin heads a away. we will head back to the 70's with some sunshine finally returning, we will be rig baby! mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea.
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this weather forecast isn't only good for the weather but good for sports. >> good for eagles nation. >> they considered moving the game to detroit at one point but since hurricane joaquin has gone further out to sea, eagles/washington game will be played at fedex field. eagles hoping to have demarco murray back on sunday. he missed last weeks game with the bad hamstring, last year, he has struggled in chip kelly's offense, 11 yards, on
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21 carries in the first two games. >> i just think we have to create more opportunities. you know, obviously, especially the first two games didn't go accordingly for anyone, but i think, you know, we can learn from those mistakes we all have made and justin to grow from the last game that we played. >> now eagles will not face former teammate desean jackson who has been ruled out for the the contest. this is third game jackson will miss because of the hamstring injury he suffered during the season opener with the dolphins. he torched eagles last year catching nine passes for 243 yards in their two meetings. phillies, game against marlins tonight has been postpone. they will play double header tomorrow. that will start at 4:05. they need just one win to avoid losing a hundred games for force time in 54 years. temple owls back in action tonight on the road they are taking on charlotte, temple is three-zero on the season and has not started the season four-o in 41 years n last game
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they beat u-mass. now despite this flawless record matt rule says his team has to improve on both side of the ball. >> right now we're leading country intact else for loss against us, our offense is. a lot of unforced errors. we are in the giving up a ton of yard. negative plays. on defense we are giving up too many big plays. we are playing good football and give up a big play here or there. flyers play their time preseason game tonight in newark against the the devils. orange and black have to make within more cut to get that roster down to 23 players. they will start the season next thursday against tampa.
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that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening
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news". scott pelley reports now from new york. take care family, >> pelley: roseberg remembers the victims of the college massacre. >> we have been trying to figure out how to tell everyone how amazing pliewkas was, but that would take 18 years. >> pelley: also tonight, how do we stop the killing? we'll listen to voices against violence. >> the president ought to take full charge and do whatever is necessary to protect the lives of united states citizen. >> pelley: the search for 28 americans lost at sea in hurricane joaquin. and the latest on where that storm is headed. and steve hartman takes us for a ride on the gravy train. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, we plrnd their names and saw their faces, t n


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