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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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positioned near bohamas wind at 125 miles per hour, latest national hurricane center track, well off shore. the models finally coming into agreement. this system could cause rip currents as we head into the next several days along the coast and it the is going to keep the wind speed elevated over the next several days, in the because of the system itself, in the because of the hurricane but because of a pressure gradient with high pressure positioned off to the north, and that area of low pressure that is hurricane moving up the coastline so we are still going deal with strong wind especially at the coast, through the weekend and even into monday as well. current wind speeds up around 15 to 25 miles an hour, and out of the northeast, and that is, causing some coastal flooding and coastal flooding concerns will continue through the weekend, wind advisory in effect along the coastline where wind gusts are possible, to 50 miles per hour, through the day-to-day, and in the delaware valley. we will see some improving conditions, not a ton of improvement, high temperatures really struggling.
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we will be in the mid to upper 50's this afternoon, damp and chilly, showers especially this morning and trying out a little bit as we head into the the afternoon but again we do have some sunshine in the extended forecast and i'll let you know when to finally break out sunglasses coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right, lauren, thank you. new this morning, one person is dead after a fire in the apartment building in chest new hill. it happened at the 7600 block of even if ton avenue. fire started in one unit but building evacuation may have caused some problems here. victim is a man in his 50's and there is no word on exactly what caused his death. thousands in the region are without power this morning but numbers are dropping, so that is a good sign. a ac electric reports more than 880 customers are in the dark and here in pennsylvania, peco reports 3400 outages, mostly in philadelphia just under 500 del marva customers are still without power. and we know it is a very raw morning here but also along the jersey shore relentless rain, win, flooding are just pounding
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neighborhoods up and down the coast. alexandria hoff is live in ocean city new jersey with more on the coastal flooding, alex. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. first thing we should talk about out here is the the win. we are seeing a whole lot of wind. that is what drivers will to have pay close attention to this morning to make sure they are paying close attention to the roadway. we drove down in that big news van and that was hard enough as that with the big flat sides of that. wind is an issue. we are down here on west avenue and seventh street, in ocean city, new jersey. one of the highest points of the island. but here we are seeing that overflow, that began, yesterday morning. i think a majority of that flooding had has happened here over on the bay side of the avenue. there is a road closure in this direction. main flooding comes down from seventh street and north of the island so people have definitely been out here trying to prepare for that flooding. on the other end it is tidal flooding coming from the ocean, and of the island. even though joaquin is
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schedule to go west of us here at this point it doesn't mean there aren't dangers on the ocean right now in terms of the rip currents. although this isn't high time for people to be in the the water, sometimes people want to pay close a attention to you surfers down here in ocean city but once again, highest point in the the island we are seeing these overflows coming in the street. so more of these road closures are expected to go up and then yesterday as governor christie was talking about the the potential and then he determined the state of emergency here in new jersey, concerns that flashbacks over sandy came pouring in just about as fast as the rain did. >> the difference with this one is the win. we usually get flooding but this one has strong gusts. >> the problem is if the wind doesn't let up, it doesn't let all of the water out and then tide changes, pushes more in and it comes higher. >> reporter: it is, of course, down here at the shower that wind that was a major concern. many people coming down here
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of course to remove all of the furniture they had out on their decks from this summer. right now the wind is the issue down here the at the shore. we will keep it monitored and bring you the the latest. for now reporting live from ocean city alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks from the shore. heavy rain, strong wind are causing problems here in philadelphia. a huge tree in south philadelphia on second street between jackson and snyder streets. that tree is blocking the entire street and fell on the car there crews had roadblock off while will they worked to remove it. we want you to connect with us throughout the the storm here. send us your pictures, your videos, if you see flooding accounts storm damage, and, cbs-3 storm. now to the latest on hurricane joaquin, coastguard is searching for a cargo ship with 28 americans on board that got caught near bohamas. ship left for puerto rico on its way to jack sonville florida. this is a photo of the ship before the storm.
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there were five polish nationals on game. meanwhile storm is moving away from the bohamas but not before the the category three storm destroyed houses, uprooted trees and unleashed heavy flooding on that island. so far there have been in reports of any deaths. new this morning, doctors without borders say three members of the staff are dead and 30 missing after their hospital in northern afghanistan was bombed. it had happened early this morning in the city of k u.n.dan. it may have been as a result of the air strike carried out by u.s. air force. afghan forces have been trying to dislodge insurgents who over took the city on monday. u.s. army officials say this morning's air strike quote may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. back here in our area authorities believe bad weather played a role in the frightening crash in chester county. car flipped over in the pond have after a driver lost control, and in tredyffrin
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township this happened on glenn avenue around 5:00 o'clock yesterday. emergency crews rescued two people from the vehicle and rush to paoli hospital. still no word on their conditions. deadly crash involving deadly vehicles including a school busies under investigation in wilmington delaware. crash happened on the 1,000 block of south market street. fifty-seven year-old dorothy pierce was killed in the crash involving two suv, dart bus and empty school bus. two others were hospitalized with minor injuries. we're now get ago i look at surveillance video of the suspect wanted in an attack on a temple university student. that suspect who had a gun sexual willly assaulted and robbed a woman monday night off campus in the 1400 block of north carlisle street. twenty year-old was walking home from the library when she was attacked. same man may be connect to at least one of four recent robberies in that area. meantime police are investigating a string of arm
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robberies near drexel university campus. one victim is a drexel student. "eyewitness news" reporter diana being owe has more from police. >> reporter: police are looking for this man believed to be one of at least two or three suspects police say are tarring drexel students robbing them at gunpoint as they walk off campus. police say there have been seven robberies in the the last ten days. >> majority have been one or two persons on a bike and all incidents they are using a handgun, so we're concerned because there is a college student. >> reporter: latest incident happened wednesday morning before 7:00 off camera the the 21 year-old victim told "eyewitness news" she was walking to work on the 400 block of powellton avenue. she walk by on a nearby porch, showed a gun and tried to take her purse. she foot back and he punched her numerous times fleeing on foot. she caught up to him and he struck her again, threatening to kill her. >> we have six other robberies between fourth yet and fourth second of powellton avenue up to fairmount and it looks like
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these individuals are just praying on people walking alone. >> reporter: all believed to be the same suspect whom they say may live nearby. they recovered this rid yes from inside a convenient store at 38th and aspen where victim's atm card was later used unsuccessfully. police are new asking any within with any fur to give them a call. police say there has also been a separate rash of robberies directly north of the campus. they do in the believe those are related to these. the in this case the the the suspect is 18 to 25 years old, 5 feet five or 5 feet six, victim says she still has facial lacerations and a black eye but she will be okay. in university city, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:08 right now. we are learning more about the victims shot and killed on a oregon college campus. authorities say gunman killed eight classmates and a teacher at community college in restberg thursday. victims range from 18 to 67. the shooter is also dead. at this point his motives are unclear but he dropped out
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of the army and studied mass shooters. investigators recovered 13 weapons related to that investigation including handgun used in that rampage. well, today marks 20 years since former football star o.j. simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. mourn 150 million viewers tuned into see the outcome of the so-called trial of the century in los angeles. the brown and goldman family brought a civil suit against simpson and were awarded 33 million-dollar. simpson continues to survey three three-year prison sentence in nevada for a botched 2007 robbery. coming up next, in the the tech minute, face back tricks you may in the have have heard of. we used to dislike and new we didn't, big changes to the the way we use our credit card but is everyone red i three on your side jim donovan explains. a stunning discovery inside a toys-r-us package, coming up next we will hear from the moth her who found 800 round of live ammunition
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. well, the east coast deluge has begun, it won't end in many places, for several more days. this is what it looks like in little river, south carolina little river, fitting name this weekend but it appears
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hurricane joaquin won't land as a direct hit as some feared. that is some good news. communities from the carolinas through new england in the less had their hands full from another system that is largely stalled. in doing so, it just pummeled millions with rain. the the national weather service warns that some places could see as many as 12 inches of rain, and we know that is a lot of rain in that short time, lauren. >> yes, absolutely. we have been hit with a lot of rainfall as well and our weather watchers reporting at this early hour with rainfall totals and more so some chilly temperatures to start off on this saturday morning. we will head up in the poconos where right now 44 degrees as reported by our weather watcher charles and you can see rain coming down. he pick up half inch of rainfall, with that chilly temperature, wind right now at 12 miles an her as reported by charles. we will head closer to the coast, 50 degrees right now as reported by our weather watcher ed in chesterfield, new jersey. he pick up an inch and a
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quarter of rainfall in his latest rainfall total report. the then we will check out photos as well, i caught a good photo the owe that i want to show you guys, little pup if we could get out to it, there he is, out and about on this chilly morning. i have the the same harness there for my dog edgar. he doesn't like it. it makes him walk better. dogs went want to go out for a walk because of the chilly conditions, the the winds, rain, that continues to fall, spot any some areas but we are catching a break right now in center city philadelphia we will take a live look at center city on our sky cam three. clouds still firmly in place, still will a little bit to go until sunrise but you can see even the low clouds, distorting the tops of the buildings there. cloudy and town right chilly, certainly by average conditions, 51 degrees in philadelphia, we will head north bound up into mount pocono. 40 degrees right now, hovering on the edge of 30. forty-six is our current
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temperature in allah even town. philadelphia is more mild. 61 degrees in wildwood. catching a break in new jersey, right now, as far as precipitation is concerned, a little band of showers work ago long the the coastline. philadelphia and points just near east seeing a little break in the rainfall and in the way of the heavier rain up into mount pocono stretching down into harrisburg on storm scan three. and that rain will continue to move, trending from north to south, lifting upward but we have this widespread, precipitation shield that a product of hurricane joaquin as you can see that flow of tropical moisture just flowing up in the mid-atlantic region. we are catching that moisture here in the delaware valley as well but we're not going to see any direct impact from joaquin. that is good news. dodging a bullet. models coming into agreement over the last 24 hours and you do notice our spaghetti plots major models on joaquin keeping the system out to sea. national hurricane center that
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track, alliance with that consensus so not a concern for the u. the coastline but what is a concern is the rainfall, and the high winds, rain since yesterday at maguire air force base, well over two and a half inches of rainfall and we have close to an inch and a half inches in the last 24 hours in richboro. setting record with that rain continuing to fall, steady any nature, all throughout the day, yesterday. over a inch and a half in philadelphia georgetown picking up one over an inch and a half at 1.69 inches. we have the rain. now we're dealing the with the winds, of course, peak wind gusts over the last day, 41 miles an hour at wildwood. forty-one in atlantic city. it is these strong northeasterly winds that is causing that flooding concern. coastal flood warnings extend throughout the whole weekend. of particular concern along the the jersey shore, delaware beaches because of that strong northeasterly flow, pushing the water up on to land, and then we have a concern, the the main concern, time frame is going to be when we see
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high tides. we're at the low tide right now but into and around, lunchtime and early afternoon. high tide around 12:30 to 1:00 w jersey coastline. it could worsen that coastal flooding situation. but, for the the three day, komen susan g komen, walk for the the cure, conditions are a little bit better for tomorrow. mostly cloudy. still windy though. mainly dry day. a chance of the passing shower. temperatures feeling better up in the middle 60's but temperatures will be chill toy day. 56 degrees. scattered showers especially for the first half of the day, windy today, windy tonight, overnight lows that are around 53 degrees, northeast wind, still kicking 15 to 20 tonight and 15 to 20 as we head throughout our sunday but less winds into monday near 70 degrees. sunshine breaks out in the afternoon. check out tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, sunshine and high temperatures in the low to mid 70's. got to like that. >> that looks nice. >> thank you. >> a virginia mother is stun after she found ammunition in
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the package for her son's new toy. jasmine stevenson says she ordered a mine craft phone diamond sword from the toys-r-us web site for her son's seventh birthday but when package arrived she found 800 round of 9-millimeter ammunition in that box with the toy. she called toys-r-us but was not happy with their response, listen. >> they said what do you want to us do end it back? that is all i got from them. >> i was in shock, what if my son opened the box. it was heavy. i said mine craft. there was a whole box of ammunition in the corner of the box. >> toys-r-us released a statement saying they are looking into what happened and trying to determine how it could have occurred. beginning this past week, stores were supposed to have terminals that could read new computer chip credit card but many stores didn't have them and many consumers have yet to receive their new cards. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells us what this means for consumers and for businesses. >> reporter: ingrid gonzales is getting the hang of her new
6:19 am
credit card. >> unaudible. >> reporter: they are em v card that have a built in computer chip for added security. instead of swiping, customers have to dip them into these new terminals. >> with the other one we swipe so quickly, with this one you have to put the card in, wait until retailer tells you to remove it. >> reporter: it creates a unique code for every transaction and does not transmit personal information that is supposed to protect consumers from the data breach like the one target saw in 2013. because the information is worthless to hackers. visa and master card set thursday as a deadline for stores to have the new terminals or face new consequences. >> they will bear the liability in case of credit card fraud, and that is a big shift, because in the past, banks have born most of that liability. >> that is a big deal for merchants. >> reporter: recent poll find 27 percent of retailers have new more expensive card processors and other survey
6:20 am
says 64 percent of credit card users haven't received the new chip card just yet. eric brown recently got his in the mail. >> we see these as more secure. >> reporter: consumers who haven't received the chip card can still swipe and won't be responsible for any fraudulent charges. credit believes most people will receive the new chip cards by the end of the year. while visa and a master card set fraud liability deadline for october 1st american express will shift liability to stores october 16th. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. chick-fil-a will open up its first ever store in new york city. atlanta based chain known for fried chicken and christian values is stepping up expansion. cot plans to open up 100 new locations this year. that makes for nearly 2,000 locationness 42 states. well, holiday season is make or break for many retailers, we know that, many are getting a jump start even
6:21 am
before black friday. this year staples is reversing course and keeping its doors closed on thanksgiving. the staples president says the company wants customers and employees to just enjoy the holidays with their families. that is pretty nice. ll bean signature duck boot hot again this fall for the signature year in a row. company is struggling to keep up with demand. some styles on back order. it is a class being, right. the last year they hired an extra hundred workers just so company could make and ship the boots as quickly as possible. thinks a reoccurring theme for ll bean and if ever there was high die manned for this kind of boot it is the weekend with the rain, wind and everything that we're experience bug a hot item there. you can do more on facebook then like, comment and send messages ? did you know. that sharon profis has three known tips to to make it easier to stay in touch and get in connection with friends. >> reporter: sometimes friends, you don't always have
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time to read. for that there is a feature that lets you save pages for later reading. tap arrow at the top right corner of the post and hit the save option. any post you save can be found in the app later by going to more, and then save. if you want to keep tabs on the post without having to light or comment on it there is a feature for that. this could be useful when friend solicit suggestions or you want to follow an interesting conversation. hit the arrow in the top right corner of a post and choose turn on notifications. for all have of you emoji lovers you'll be happy to know all of the emojis on your smart phone keyboard work in the facebook app. they will look different but they will definitely show up. for more facebook tips and tricks including security settings, head over to c to. in san francisco, i'm sharon profis for c for cbs news. 6:22. movie based on a true story hits theater, the the movie
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oscar winning julianne more more plays a new jersey police detective became a civil rights trailblazer. and ellen page co stars in the real life drama a susan marquez has a look at their story. >> can i have your number. >> julianne moore and ellen page play a same sex couple in the new film free held. >> well, would the manny love, she loves me.
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>> me too. >> but their love is challenge. first by cancer. >> and then, by politics. >> when my heat resexual collogue die, the benefits go to the spouse business because my partner is a woman i don't get to do that. >> based on laurel hester and stacy andre, free health explores discrimination that would comment before marriage equality became law. >> more more says hester and andre were pioneer. >> when you see what it has did and what it cost them in the fact that they visit, the rights and it is astonishing. >> for page, who came out as gay last year, the film was personal. >> if you are telling me that i cannot express my love in the same way as you, you can only develop as a person and that is what happened in their situation. >> michael shanon and steve carol star as friend and advocates who help the couple fight for fairness. susan marquez for cbs news,
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los angeles. 6:26. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we have an eye on the storm that is still bringing rain and high wind we will have a look at damage hit the the jersey shore. also how a kind stranger helped a new mom with her crying baby on a flight, story is going viral and we will have it for you coming up next. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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good morning, to you. a live look at storm scan three here and it is a wet, winnie start to the weekend. we will look at when, clearer skies will move in,al he can? well, harsh conditions down here at the shore ill i'm alexandria hoff live in ocean city where flood waters led to road closures. we will have have a a live look coming up. we will hear more about the victims and gunman in the deadly community college shooting, i'm chris mar teen necessary restberg, oregon with that story, coming up. good sat the day morning to you, so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. 6:30 on the dot and we will send to it lauren case which more on this weather. it has been a crummy couple days but it could have been much worse. it could have been much, much worse. we are dodging a big bullet and that bullet is joaquin. we have been keeping an eye on it all week long. latest track keeping joaquin out to sea, still a major hurricane but not a major
6:31 am
problem for u.s. coastline and not in the delaware valley. category three storm positioned north east of the bohamas wind at 125 miles an hour, finally the models coming in consistency. national hurricane center track keeping joaquin well off shore as we progress in the next several days. so no longer a concern for us, the system itself but as it tracks northeast bound, this system, and high pressure all to our north, is going to create the pressure gradient that will keep wind elevated a as we head through weekend and into monies specially along the coastline as well and that is causing coastal flooding issues and concerns as we head in the next several days because of the strong northeasterly flow. the wind speed right now up around 20, 25 miles per hour and these wind are not going to let up. we have a wind advisory in effect long jersey shore and delaware beaches for wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour are possible throughout the day-to-day, even tomorrow, we
6:32 am
will have windy conditions, and in philadelphia, our high temperatures really struggling, only mid to upper 50's. windy, chill which some showers especially heading in the next couple of hours, down at the shore more mountain way of rainfall and windy conditions, highs near 60 degrees in the poconos, down right chilly highs, not making it out of the 40's with those wind and it will feel chillier but there is improvement in the forecast, talking about a stretch of sunshine and i'll let you know when, coming up in a few. >> looking forward to see some sun, lauren but right now it is a raw morning along the jersey shore, relentless rain, wind, flooding pounding neighborhood up and down the coast. alexandria hoff is live this morning with more on coastal flooding there, alex? >> reporter: good morning, nicole. the we have moved up to 12th and west avenue where this is a good example of what you can see about every other block down there especially on the bay side where these flood waters have caused road closures. these are intermittent
6:33 am
overflows, a lot of what we are seeing at this hour here. now, of course, the the big issue is this wind that we're seeing and feeling and of course we felt in that live truck come down here on the expressway. any within driving in this end of the state wants to take heed of that warning when it comes to the wind and pay attention on the roadways. so, of course, when governor christie was talking about potential for this being a very serious storm a lot of the memories of sandy came back people living down here. so those who have owned or rented for the the week they are taking their outside furniture, moving it inside, yesterday we spoke with the man came down to check on a beach house and was taking the situation in stride. >> mother nature will do what it will do we are trying to ease our mine. >> we have already had the worst high tide and as long as there is in waterline in the house, then we should be okay. >> at what point do you become concerned. >> well, when i have water. i figured this house has been
6:34 am
here since 190 . i'm probably safer here then i am in some of the other places. >> reporter: pretty good attitude all considered. i want to mention something interesting. even in the short time we have been standing here we have seen these waters recede. a lot of this will have to deal with the tides out here and overflow that has to do with the sewer systems. as those rise and fall residents will have to keep up to dayton that but yes, once again, high tidies where the concerns are going to arise and we will be out here monitoring the situation for you. reporting life from ocean city this morning,al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> let's hope we have seen the worst of it. thanks, alex, we appreciate it. cameras were rolling during water rescues in the atlantic city yesterday this was exclusive video of the fire fighters and police officers rescuing children from flood waters at ac charter school. "eyewitness news" at the 200 north texas avenue knew where the first responders got everyone out safely. and we do want to you
6:35 am
connect with us, send us your pictures, videos of flooding and storm damage and make sure it is safe to do so. that is important. use the the hashtag cbs-3 storm. new this morning chester police are investigating a shooting that happened overnight mountain 1400 block of ruth l bennet place. we are continuing to follow this story. we don't have a whole lot of details but we will bring you the latest as you soon as we get it. a cold case in longer, 30 he lease make ab arrest 31 years after the rape and murder of the bensalem teenager. barbara ruann difficulties a appeared in 1948 at the 14 years old. police say george shaw, who was a arrested in florida, kill the keep after inviting her over to baby-sit. a second suspect robert sanders is accused of helping shaw difficulties powe of her body. he was arrested in the poconos. investigators say they never gave up. >> detectives and members of the advertise trick attorney's office notified barbara ruann's parents still alive in bensalem township that there
6:36 am
is closure in this case. >> i'm's just glad that we got to this point. this is about barbara and her family. >> police say tests by the fbi of wiretaps led to the arrest. just horrible. 6:36. a judge sentenced former eagles wide receiver irving fryar to five years in prison for his rel in the mortgage fraud scheme. prosecutors say fryar and his mother tried to steel a million-dollar by illegally obtaining six different loans on the home. she was sentenced to three years probation. fryr a. r played for the eagles in the late 90's. we are learning more about the victim shot and killed on the oregon college campus. police released their names and ages. they range from 18 to 67 years old. we are also hearing amazing stories of survival. chris martinez has more now from roseberg, oregon. >> reporter: these are the the faces of the nine people who lost their lives, on thursday, and the the umpqua community college shooting. assistant english professor
6:37 am
lawrence le vine was 67, the oldest victim. nineteen year-old lou sayer a alvarez wants to be a news, treven anspach was part have of the local fire and e ms fire. >> treven was one of the most positive young machine, always looking for the the best in life. >> reporter: eighteen year-old rebecca carnes, lucas eibel and quinn cooper were the the youngest. cooper a's family released a statement through police. >> i don't know how we're going to move forward with our lives, without quinn. our lives are shattered beyond repair. >> reporter: police say the gun man chris harper mercer, an army boot camp drop out, was enrolled in the english class where the the shooting happen. investigators recovered 13 weapons and a letter from the shooter suggesting he may have been depressed and angry. corry boylen was in the nearby building when the gun man shot his sister, she survived. >> he started to ask people to get up, asked my sister to get up. she didn't move. she played dead. >> reporter: clark sisters are friend with the 19 year-old who was shot five times.
6:38 am
>> got shot right here and went right up through the front. >> reporter: steady stream of people who want to do something for the victims stood in line for hours to donate blood, a sign of a community coming together, to heel. in roseberg, oregon, chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news", a story that is going viral. a new mom called her crying baby on a flight. we have all been there. a high school football player from new jersey died suddenly after taking a hit and doctors are warning about a medical problem that may make playing sports more dangerous. and we will also tell you how new jersey rocker john bon jovi, is paying tribute to that young man. also it the is a sea creature to the rescue if you ever drop your phone in the water we will show you why you might want to dial up this dolphin, for some under water, services. our eye is on the storm, thinks ocean city boardwalk barely recognizable right now.
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. is there concern about the danger of high school football following death on the star quarterback in northern new jersey. health reporter stephanie stahl explains what happened. >> seventeen year-old quarterback evan mur friday warren county, new jersey walk off the field after two hard body blows during a week even game. then he collapsed on the side line and died later at a
6:42 am
hospital. >> in one was expecting it. >> it is difficult to watch. my children have to deal with it. >> reporter: autopsy showed the honors student died from a lacerated spleen and massive internal injuries. it also said that he had an enlarge spleen. >> definitely shocking and upsetting, you know, young athletes we think they are fit and in their prime in one would expect this. >> reporter: christine stall camp, director of urgent care and main lynn health says an enlarged spleen can be caused by a number of thing including mono nuclear owes is including a blood infection. >> the blood cells are affect by the infection itself which translates in the spleen processing those blood cells with swelling. anything that is going to cause a swollen spleen to bleed can be catastrophic. >> reporter: it is not known if the football player knew about his enlarged spleen or if he ever had mono, the cdc says people who have had mono, should avoid contact sports.
6:43 am
>> often times we will council young the athletes much to their dismay if we diagnosis them with mono, it is not safe to be playing their contact sports. >> reporter: mono is often called the difficultiesing disease because it can be spread by saliva. in children the flu like symptoms can be mild and undiagnosed, adult usually don't get mono because they have immunity to the virus. i'm stephanie tall, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there has been such an outpouring of support for warren and the family of evan murray. new jersey native john bon jovi sent in a video, before his show at united arab emirates. >> i heard ward about evan and as a father of football players, my heart and prayers go out to the murray family. >> bon jovi played that entire she by the way with the number 18 on his guitar my was murray's number in football. he also wish the entire school luck and, win one for he have a an. >> very special. now to a heart warming
6:44 am
story of how a strange are's tested when a new mom was having trouble calming her baby on a flight. i totally understand. ryan duffy reports. >> reporter: although she's completely una aware of it, little four month-old riley, has been getting a a lot of attention. >> honestly it is really overwhelming, all of the feedback we never imagined this to take off like it has. >> reporter: rebecca abe riley have been in the head lines and doing interviews with media from around the world, all after this short facebook post, to thank a stranger. >> you don't ever see anyone stepping up like that and then not to day's world with all of the negativity that was really something i thought was worthy of recognition. >> reporter: the post thanked a woman on a flight visitor hugged in stationed alabama in the army. rebecca was struggling because riley would not stop crying. she asked to hold her. >> she stopped crying and fell asleep, shortly after that, the whole flight. >> i had baby in my arm, and
6:45 am
she fell asleep, it comforted me. i told her this really was a blessing to me in disguise. you don't understand. >> reporter: we talk to her by skype at her home in chicago, she said that she hopes what she did might encourage other people to kindness. rebecca thinks that there has been so much response to her story, because so many people and parents have been there. >> i think from other parents being able to relate, to this situation, i think that is why it has taken off, just because everyone can relate, and i just it is just nice. >> thank god for kind strangers. by the the way that was ryan duffy reporting. she just had an active touch. stepped right in, got the baby to sleep. 6:45. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and vanita nair join us live with the preview, good morning. >> hi nicole, good morning.
6:46 am
coming up behind the broadway curtain a new book takes us inside the ups and downs of the great white way. including what saved it all from shutting down. also the the none in stop rise in the sneaker industry, just when it seemed like it could not get any bigger, the fashion industry a approves changes. they are making a museum exhibit bit. they ride lower and slower than average car but these golf carts are describe as a future of transportation, we will look at low speed electric vehicles. all that plus your eye opener, dish, music in our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> all right guys, we will be watching, thanks for the preview. 6:46. day two of the susan g komen three day for the the cure and thousands are taking part. in fact "eyewitness news" at the the kick off in willow grove, weather, i can tell you personally because i was there, was not the the greatest but it also didn't dampen the spirits of those taking part. the these are warriors. over the the next three days, the participants will walk a total of 60 miles to raise
6:47 am
both money and awareness in the fight against breast cancer. by the way local landmarks across our area you may have noticed are all a glow in pitching lights for the lights for the cure campaign among them the national constitution center on independent mall, lights for the cure is a joint effort by cbs-3, cw philly and komen philadelphia the pink lights there are to remind you to schedule that mammogram. so important. a independent mall land mark taking part national the museum of american jewish history. lights for the the cure campaign is in the 14th year and, of course, comes at a good time because october is breast cancer awareness month. now we will send it over to lauren for more on the forecast, hi there, lauren. >> hi lauren. chilly conditions, windy conditions, all being reported by our weather watchers. very consistent reports. also impressive rainfall totals as well. forty's a are the trend from the weather watchers. gary reporting 47 degrees in
6:48 am
warminster. he had a lit built of warminster. we will head out and head out into the delaware area where temperatures are also in the 40's, and in the wind to boot as well. wind chill impact for sure as well this morning. 49 degrees in newark from delores and she has pick up four and a half inches through this event, and, she will show us commentary last night about those wind. she said, in fact, i will bring that up. there you go. she said light rain but heavy wind blew her heavy carpet off of her porch last night and we have had wind gusts of 30, 40 miles per hour across the area and that trend for wind is going to continue, but we are going to get a little will bit of the break in the way of some rainfall. the center city philadelphia getting a live look from our sky cam three, clouds, low clouds, still in place, for just a few minutes away, from sunrise, so we're seeing lighter but these clouds will stay in place and not catch any sunshine, again today and then temperatures, they are chill think morning 567891 degrees right now in philadelphia with those 40's
6:49 am
all around. forty's in mount pocono. 46 degrees currently in allentown. the little bit more mild at the coast. 61 degrees in wildwood but with the wind, and the the rain, it feels much cooler then that. a few showers starting to work their way in along the shore and more in the way of the heavier rainfall towards mount pocono and harrisburg but that is starting to lift north. you will start to get a little bit of the break in these areas as we head in the incomes hour or two. but we didn't catch a break yesterday. that rain was steady, really all throughout the day, and then that led to a daily rainfall record in philadelphia, picking up over an inch and a half of rainfall and close to that another record set in trenton new jersey close to a inch and a half. rainy conditions. windy conditions, check out the peak wind gusts over the last 24 hours. 56 miles an hour and seaside heights, 47 miles an hour win speed reported through this event in ocean city, it is a strong, northeasterly wind, that is causing that problem, with the the on shore flow, and on shore flooding, we are
6:50 am
seeing coastal flood warnings in effect extending through the weekend. the rain concern will be along the mediate coastline where strong wind, push water up on to land. we are already seeing some issues. that is going to be a threat again throughout the weekend. as we continue to tiehl with that nor'easterly flow, we will see clockwise circulation around our high to the north and that will continue to dry those winds in but finally, that stalled out frontal boundary that has been in place over the last several days, it is going to start to clear out and stay away. it is hanging on through tomorrow and keeping showers around, and certainly wind around but a as high pressure starts to settle in that frontal boundary breaks down and we have joaquin, that continues to move off to the east. we will start to see the clouds breaking, wind start to settle down and some more mild air return as we head into monday and tuesday, as well, with sunshine, in full force, returning, but, sunshine will be very sparse today. scattered showers especially for this morning. windy and chilly. we should be in the lower 70's. highs today in the mid to
6:51 am
upper 50's in the delaware valley overnight. windy, once again, a passing shower but otherwise mainly dry conditions, for your saturday night, 53 degrees with those northeasterly wind up around 15 to 20 miles an hour. we have a warming trend in store in, to sunday, 64 degrees. improvement. morning shower. otherwise, windy conditions and then wind start to settle down, breezy on monday, and sunshine will be increasing a high temperature of 70 degrees and then check out tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and beautiful conditions, back closer to average, low humidity, and abundant sunshine. we have a lot of weather to watch recently. you can be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watchers. you can sign up now. head to cb is s philly to the come/watchers, nicole. >> lauren, thank you. ever drop your phone in the water? i bet you weren't lucky enough to have a dolphin retrieve it. jeanie moos spoke to the miami heat dancer who witnessed flipper turned lassie, fall in
6:52 am
the water. >> thinks a a tail of the lost phone. ever drop your phone in the water? had no way to fish it out? then for a dolphin. >> oh, my god. >> she got it. >> that is so cute good this wasn't some preplanned treat, teresa sea is a dancer for miami heat cheer leading squad. she and others ended up dancing. with dolphins on a promotional shoot in the bow happen as. she gave her phone to a cameraman to hold but it fell out of his pocket in the ocean floor. when a trainer could in the retrieve it, he whistled to the dolphin, and made a land signal. >> it was like in the shape have of the diamond as he pushed down and the dolphin went down. >> he came squeaking to the surface with her phone. >> oh, my god. >> he was just as excited a as i was. >> teresa was less excited
6:53 am
about kissing the doll fin. >> that was my least favorite part because he was very aggressive and he doesn't stop, you know, until you kiss him back. >> but at least he dove for her phone. >> maybe he was expecting a call. because at last, the phone was dead, beyond resuscitation. whatever you do, therese, don't drop your phone, where even dolphins went go. >> 90 percent have have people drop their phone in the toilet. >> to which dolphins say, humans, you get that within your self. jeanie moos, new york. >> nobody is helping you out when your phonies in the toilet, that is on you. i think that dolphin earned that kiss, so well deserve. well, 6:53. sand sculptors has taken a fantasy to a new level.
6:54 am
they have created the first real life sand castle hotel. it comes complete with the draw bridge, tourist flock to the netherlands to spend sometime inside the massive sculpture. it was construct from tons of sand truck in specially for this project and sand castle was reenforced with wood so it the wouldn't collapse but man, pretty serious sand castle. we will take a short
6:55 am
6:56 am
i don't have to have tell you it has been nasty. >> yes. >> good news is we dodged a bullet in terms of the hurricane joaquin. >> absolutely. >> a major hurricane but now models consistent taking this major hurricane out to sea. this is late owes track from the national hurricane center, well off shore, so we're
6:57 am
maintaining a category one status even when it moved up in the higher latitude we don't to have deal with joaquin, and it is very, very good news. >> thank goodness. >> all those people along the shore they were like wow, big sigh of relief and hopefully storms hitting them now are in the too severe. >> still coastal flood warning through the weekend down the shore. >> good heads up. thanks, lauren. that is "eyewitness news" for now but we are signing off on television but always on line for you at cbs cbs this morning saturday is next, make it a great w
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