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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  October 3, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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didn't happen. bring in the back up guy who you really like. he goes one for six with two interceptions. i'm wondering if futon bauta, first three guys told us it was hairston between the three of them he brings another dimension of running to the attack at that position. i think everything is alive for georgia. >> verne: first down ten. that one caught by reggie davis. reminder that we'll go back to new york for the dodge postgame show on this week five of the 2015 college football season. second down and six here. >> gary: got to win. don't have bye for three more weeks. they have to make -- if they want to make changes they're going to have to make them on the fly.
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>> verne: do you expect it? >> gary: probably go with lambert, that's my inclination as he told allie hat halftime that we ought got to work. >> verne: lambert. intercepted. picked off by ronnie harrison. he's looking for -- that looks like wrestling hold. harrison with the interception. and lambert very slow getting up. very slow. >> gary: fa ton bausta better be ready to play next week. this was incredible coverage by alabama secondary that time. after you throw it you got to try to stop it. got his right leg bent underneath him. it looks like his ball carrier -- watch the coverage on the receiver here.
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take it away again. the safety cut in front. wow, that's how you play the daylight. >> verne: fourth turnover by georgia today. cooper bateman is the quarterback now for alabama. coker will get a rest. bateman got start in that ole miss game which resulted in loss at home. scarborough is in. another highly recruited running back. first action of the year.
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>> gary: it's taken him a year, he's had that problem, a year to get acclimated to this thing. >> verne: that's going to do it. jacob coker. 11 of 16 for 190. >> gary: go over shakes his hand. did he find one? >> verne: i think the answer was yes. just a moment ago nick saban. >> gary: sought him out before he went across it is field to shake hands with mark richt. >> verne: alabama rolls. they jumped out 24-3 and they win it 38-10. next saturday our group moves in
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r in to informationville. there's the big play of the game. minkah fitzpatrick for gary danielson and allie laforce. i'm verne lundquist saying so long from@lens our final score alabama wins it 38-10. dodge postgame show up next. [bells jingle] oh buddy. [engine revs] ♪ [engine revs] ♪ 300 horsepower can always make your day. the all-new nissan maxima. now lease the new nissan maxima for $299 a month.
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new hit drama "code black" followed by new edition of "48 hours" tonight only cbs. in the game you just saw, alabama rolling 38-10 i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. well, nick chubb got his time but alabama captain beat at their own game. >> rick: especially as you just said at their own game. this was going to be trench warfare, give the nod to alabama >> brian: all by spread teams, you're right. this mirror images alabama has better pieces than georgia. >> adam: they were the top rank one loss team. other undefeated teams you have to play, where do you put bama how far up do you move them after this impressive road game? >> rick: the two teams switched places georgia and alabama. puts them about eight. i picture nick saban like jockey, just riding his horse, sitting right there at the quarter pole right in position to strike. >> brian: i'm not sure georgia slides to 13 i'd slide further.
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not ready yet. alabama at least 8. >> adam: lot of other action. get caught including ohio state in some trouble but monster second half for ezekiel elliott on the road. >> brian: in the second half alone he had eight carries, 234 yards. runs 55, 65, 75, scores a touchdown, that's right, three touchdowns in the second half. here he is again. got that nice form. good to see him back going. indiana is not going away they have made this game close. once again more zeke, flag there, that was offsides. he outruns a whole sea of red. >> rick: still enough time for 85 yard touch down if he wants to add to it career high already for him. if he'll his has strong showing in the swamp tonight at no. 3. could you see them moving up to the number one slot? >> rick: absolutely. obviously by alabama's performance today it takes any
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question marks about alabama out of their win in tuscaloosa i believe that they're right there. especially if they're dominant in the swamp. >> brian: i don't get caught up in the score when you have a target on their back they still win ball games. get the victory especially on the road, team that hasn't been undefeated. i would say ohio state still number one team. ole miss get win in the swamp. >> adam: other scores, ole miss might make it up to number two. michigan state very banged up right now but they get past purdue 24-21 after blowing 21-0 lead. tcu could not blow its lead 30-0 after first quarter. they did it 50-7. boykin broken andy dalton's school touchdown passing mark now. charlie strong, bj, this is negative direction here. bryan let me clarify something i said earlier in the day i wasn't calling for charlie strong's head, i was calling for people on that staff. because i don't see consistent plays from the defensive line, offensive line, i understand you're young but when you ton make the same mistake, simple
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things like twists and exit and defensive line doing it you can't fix that, that's coaching. >> rick: complicating pack to for they're in search for new athletic director should they find a new athletic director who says, i want the opportunity to hire my own coach. >> adam: all right. we shall see. coming up here we will check on another team in texas. baylor the bears are rolling big once again. when dodge postgame show continues. we don't have to worry about predators like our ancestors did. [car engine starting] no saber tooth tigers stalking from the brush. no dire wolfs circling the camp. ♪ there are no more monsters to fear. [car tires screeching] and so we have to build our own. ♪ ♪
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degree motionsense reacts with unique microcapsules activated by movement that release bursts of freshness all day. motionsense. protection to keep you moving. degree. it won't let you down. >> adam: reminder thursday night football on cbs nfl network this week with the colts and texans. the nfl on cbs kicks off very early tomorrow, too. we'll see the game in london between jets and collins. then many will see the chiefs
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against bengals all gets started at 9:00 a.m. eastern with "the nfl today." over on cbs. big night of college football still going. vandy at middle tennessee right now. followed by fresno state and san diego state. finish your evening with "inside college football." we go back to the scoreboard now. rick, baylor is a torch job. >> rick: that's a machine. every game we're talking about six touchdowns for seth russell. another unbelievable explosive performance. >> adam: 98 total points. lsu, leonard fournette scored he has 27 yards against worst rush defense in the country. >> brian: gave up 555 last week. >> adam: florida state they lose to alvin cook get by wake forest 24-16. and who is happy? these guys are happy. including boykin breaking that record we talked about. cody cook, thumbs up, he did leave the game. seth russell six total touchdowns and that's emoticon when brian jones watching his
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texas long attorneys. >> brian: is it imploding? >> adam: exploding. that will just about do it nor week. thank you for watching the dodge postgame show here is what is coming up on cbs. >> brian: not funny. >> adam: next saturday home depot sec on cbs. go big or go home. coverage at 3:00. >> beth: with autotrader college football today. for all of us have a good evening. enjoy your weekend. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> next on eyewitness home a home washes out into the water up the jersey sort of we talked with the homeowner who now has to figure out what to do next.
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the storm that battered the jersey shore. sending out into the water. good evening i'm in a at a sha brown. the home was swept into the ocean in middletown ship. that is where we find recorder steven harris son with the very latest. steven. >> reporter: natasha we are joining you night from community called grassy sound its basically a small network of homes in a mash connected by a series of land bridges. well, one of those homes is now very disconnected. i cannot express my disappointment with the fact it's a little too late to show it to you live. we can show you incredible video of the home floating. take a look at this. now, neighbors say the home actually broke up from its foundation. with a big boom late friday night. they were stunned to look out and see the home floating down
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the water way with homes until it came to rest behind me. thankful nobody inside, nobody hurt. in fact, police say the home was completely disconnected. utilities. we spoke to homeowner who admits the home has been uninsured basically unsound sinking for years. the homeowner telling us this morning basically happy nobody was hurt and plans to rebuild. >> so strong, i looked 16 inch, broken like tooth picks. i want to say i'm thankful nobody got hurt. only a pile of 2 by fours. you know hopefully we'll rebuild. >> reporter: that homeowner has been talking to police. the coast guard, department of and environmental protection basically the idea is to bring a barge here cut the home into
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enough pieces where they can pull it out bit by bit. so it doesn't cause any more problems. for now it remains a site to be seen. we're coming tallier from middle township steven patterson. >> that that is incredible thank you very much steven we appreciate it. also right now the dealings with severe flooding. for some key yaks were the best way go to get around. a few vehicles took a chance by driving through flood waters. what a scene that was today in wildwood earlier. now looks like the worse of this storm is behind us now. but its less than very chilly temperatures behind. meteorologist joins us with first look at the forecast it's a bit chilly indicate. giant is down right cold. feels more like november or maybe march than early october. you can see as we just saw with steven down the shore the winds are still very very strong down the shore and still dealing with coastal food ding. the one part that eased up is
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the rain. well back to the north and west that has been pushing toward great lakes. we are looking at light showers maybe drizzle and mist that moisture in the air when you step outside not a study rain we'll be dealing with this all night long. on sure flow. p not completely over for the shore point yet but in the city we are talking about cool air and a very gusty wind as we go through tonight even into tomorrow. right now its 55 in philadelphia. 42 in pocono with the wind feels like 30, 57 degrees at atlantic city airport and 60 degrees right now in wildwood. here's is coastal flood warning this cops until 6:00 tomorrow. does look like the areas around square river and delaware bay right now and again later tomorrow afternoon probably the worse of the flooding we are going to see areas prone to flooding in that area. we'll see threat for road closures. as you head down the shore and
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delaware beaches another high tide. i'll show you those times and another one tomorrow early. dealing with mother's rat flooding. current win strong. 45 miles per hour in ocean city. atlantic city getting battered by winds 34 miles an how much it's not letting up for a while. light rain and drizzle especially along the coast that will continue through the overnight hours. tomorrow afternoon norths and west of the city you may start to see some sunday -- sun pick out. monday looks like a good day north and west down the shore clouds will be clinic go on for much of the day. good news hurricane joaquin is strengthening now but it is moving farther waiver the united states. coming up i will show you the latest track. and we'll take a look at impoving 7-day forecast. back over to you. >> thank you very much. indicate. you know the storm also battered ocean city with some strong winds and beach erosion as well. ride out the storm in that area
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in very different ways. >> reporter: brutal blind ding wind blocks out the sound of everything except a bulldozer. while last minute gaps in the sand down we're filled in ocean city surveillance first did what su: had palled link out. >> i think local wait october notify. i think everybody is scared. >> one man also took storm warnings with a grain of salt or sand perhaps but still called in help from his brother to secure his home. >> i had my brother down here getting furniture out of the way stuff like that. we may be a little late with the wind. >> high tide provided for early flooding and road closures mainly on the bay side of the island. one lock cool surfer that made the one and done outing.
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>> the waves are big, six, seven, eight, maybe nine feet. >> senate rest of the shore residents are riding out the stormy waters too relieved that the worse of joaquin appears to miss the new jersey coast. >> meantime high winds push sand up and over a boat in ocean city. jim sent us these videos today that's cat ama ran buried. jim says that he hammed upon the boat on annual fishing trip with his brother. thank you. >> heavy rain and strong winds cause major problems here in philadelphia as well. a huge tree came cashing down in south philly this morning. td tree fell on a car and blocked the street. crews shut the road down for hours while they worked to try to clean up that mess. >> following breaking knew a
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woman has been murdered in nicetown tioga section of philadelphia happened this afternoon inside a looming home on, police say the 52 year old was attacked and killed by a person she knew. a 54 year old man is in custody right now. it is still unclear whether charges have been filed at this hour. also authorities charge a teenager in connection with 15 robberies near the drexel university campus investigators say the 14 year old is seen in this video attesting to use victims atm card inside a connivance store -- convenience store. the suspect lives in that neighborhood investigators say the majority of the victims were female students. seven of the robberies happened in the last 10 days. q. deptford township investigating a suspected murder suicide heritage housing development on i would wood way at around eight:15 this morning.
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a 67 year old man called nine one one to report a shooting in the home. when officer arrived, they found the man and his 72 year old wife suffering from gun shot wounds. they were rushed to the hospital where doctors you will at a the ma l pronounced them dead. police have not relieved the name of this come it is a community for people over age of 55. developing right now firefighters are on the scene of a building explosion and a fire in brooklyn, new york. one person is dead. three others are injured. authorities say the blasts happened while someone was changing out a, and second floor apartment around 1:00 this afternoon. cause of the explosion is still under investigation. investigators do release chilling new details in the deadly shooting rampage at a community college in oregon, the gun man delivered a final message. chris march steepness has more. >> reporter: medical examiner,
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has determined the cause of death of the shooter to be suicide. >> authorities now seiches harper mercer died by his own hand shooting and killing himself after gunfire with the police. a newly released timeline shows the shooter was down 10 minutes after the first call to nine one one. to the families. victims our hearts are with you. >> authorities say the gun man killed nine people who ages ranged from 18 to 67. was among the nine people injured. she lost her kidney. >> was sitting next to her her family says the shooter singled out his victims based on religion. >> he was asking people what their religions we're if they said they were christian he said something like you'll be with god soon. that's what i've been told. >> the shooter left the document
7:30 pm
with one the opportunity to hand over to police. >> a source described it as rant someone who was man at the world. he wrote about feeling like a loser without a girlfriend. hatred for black men and going out in a blaze of glory. in oregon chris march 10 knees for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> at least 12 people looking for doctors without border in afghanistan have died in an air strike that may have been carried out by us force. behind the northern cities of, seven patients including three children died in the exposings. a us army spokesman acknowledged the air strike may have caused quote collateral damage. they say more planes hit the medical facility while returning fire. john today the vatican filed a, after he came out as gay. monsignor chris to have a mid le


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