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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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washed a away, a landmark cape may county home falls victim to the coastal storm and owned up in the water. we will letter from the home owner coming up. also, controversy a ahead of the world meeting with bishops the rat can priest is fired, after he comes out as gay and urges the gay to be more accepting of homosexual. for rain, sweat and some tears cancer survivors and supporters are on their way to completing the komen three day walk through philadelphia we will have a live report on their emotional journey. today is sunday october 4th, good morning, so glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock. as we mentioned yesterday a new face has join our weather team. we are so exited to welcome lauren casey to the eyewitness
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weather team. good morning. nicer weather today, right. >> thanks so much, nicole. excited to be here. excited about big improvements in the weather. slow improvement today but as we look into next week we will bring back sunshine. clouds in place m in rain on storm scan three, dry conditions a across the delaware valley, extending down into the jersey shore but we have some rain, just off to the south, copious amounts of rain affecting carolinas that we are not going to deal with but record breaking rain there and portions office have south east and mid-atlantic. closer to home temperatures, they are chilly this morning. 57 degrees, in philadelphia a. forty-one in mount pocono 567891 degrees in allentown. of course, the win, but that has been the the story over last several days. the win speeds elevated up around 15 to 20 miles an hour with the the higher gusts and we could still see gusts upward of 50 miles an hour along the the coastline. still you have a wind advisory that has been extended for
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next couple of hours that will expire at 10:00 o'clock this morning. watch out for win gusts. we have a coastal flood warning in effect. main concern is for jersey coastline and delaware beaches. we already have seen, reports of moderate flooding with those strong northeasterly wind that will continue to be a threat, as we head into the the day-to-day but, slowly improving conditions. maybe a few breaks in the the clouds, as we head into this afternoon. winnie once again, high temperatures better, low of 60's but we're talking about 70's and unshine and let you know what to expect with that glory coming up in a couple minutes. >> all right. looking forward to the sunshine, thank you. south jersey home was swept away by flood waters in the middle of the bay but someone we just talk about a few minutes ago and township officials are trying to figure out how to get the the sin king home back to shore. "eyewitness news" reporter steve pather somebody has that story for is what next for the home owner,. >> reporter: here today, gone tomorrow. >> it is only a pile of two-by-four's and, you know,
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hopefully we will rebuild. >> reporter: with the sight of his home broken and mostly submerged in the distance we have stumbled upon owner stewart kane with the same disposition neighbors have come to know him by. half name, double hair surfer dude attitude. >> nobody is hurt, i mean come out i got a hammer and skill saw. >> reporter: neighbors were more anxious, late friday night many waking up to the sound of the home pilings snapping off, send ising it drifting down the grassy sound channel past a half dozen homes in middle will township. until it finally stopped. >> it is a shame. sure is a shame. one of the things you have seen for years. >> reporter: he admits that the two story home has been a structural mess falling slowly into the channel for years, despite attempts to fix it. he said win, water level of this storm, was simply the last straw. >> it snapped the pilings. the current was so strong i looked in the timber 16-inch,
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60 feet long, broken like tooth picks. >> reporter: police say in one was home, no one was hurt and because of the structure was not connect to any utility, no real danger to neighbors. for the the men watching nearly three decades of memories float away, i guess you can say their kin dried spirits. both will keep drifting until it is time for a change. >> i'm going to stay jersey strong and rebuild. >> reporter: that home owner has been in touch with middletown ship police, police in touch with the department of environmental protection and the coastguard as they all figure out how to safely remove that home out of the channel, without any of that debris, causing any problems. reporting from middletown ship, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, high wind, pushed sand up and over a boat in ocean city here. viewer jim gymbell sent thaws video. that is a catamaran, jim said he happened upon the boat during his fishing trip with his brother's chuck and mike.
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a woman was hit by a tree and killed driving along route 34 in monmouth county on saturday. police are investigating what brought that tree down. meantime in areas along the east coast people are dealing with record setting rains and destructive flooding. cbs weijia chen works from north carolina. >> a number of a areas in charleston south carolina air flooded by several feet of water. stranding cars and effectively shutting down the silt i. >> we want to help people get through these next two days, with no one getting hurt. >> reporter: high waters are effecting the city that don't generally flood. >> no one with the storms, you know, we have a little water on the street. but what we have now this is a disaster. if you are coming downtown you need a boat in the trunk of your car. >> reporter: it is same situation in florence, a coastal city near new born as well as other parts of the
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north carolina heavy flooding and rain that just keeps falling. >> we do have flood warnings right now primarily in the southeastern part of the state and far southwestern part of the state, something that we didn't expect, two days ago. >> reporter: weijia chang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and at least five other weather-related deaths have been reported while rain and flood warnings remain in effect today, for parts of the east coast. very, very dangerous weather. well, search continues this morning for a missing cargo shop lost in the ocean by hurricane joaquin. ship had 33 people on board, mostly americans. life raft was found yesterday but there is no sign of the ship. u.s. coastguard began searching for the ship on thursday a after crew radioed for help saying they lost power and were taken on water. commoner of the u.s. forces in afghanistan said the military is opening up an investigation in the deadly bombing of the doctors without borders fat it is. this happened in the northern city of k u.n.das, 19 people including 12 staffers from the
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charity died in that air strike. u.s. army spokesmen says more planes hit the medical facility while returning fire begins taliban fighters. vatican has fired a gay monsignor, after he came out in newspaper interviews. monsignor christoph karenza a mid level official in the doctrine office said he wanted to challenge the church's backward attitude toward homosexual. his firing came one day after a high level of catholic leaders to discuss family issues such as divorce and same sex marriage. vatican said decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod aimed to suggest the assembly to undue media pressure. new this morning police are investigating a a homicide in the strawberry mansion neighborhood, two men shot at 29th and cumberland just before 2:30. one man died at the scene, another man was rush to the hospital with multiple gunshot wound. we are told he is now in
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critical condition, no details on a suspect at this time. a swarthmore college student died after falling down an embankment, police say anthony, was in a wooded a area on the delaware county campus when he fell 45 feet. this happened yesterday afternoon in the five hundred block of college avenue. now officials ruled the death was an accident. well, had happening today walkers participating in the susan g komen three day walk have have 20 miles to go. annual walk raises money and awareness for breast cancer. cherri greg from kyw news radio 1060 is live for us at the convention center where walkers are about to take off and i believe where a a lot of people camp out, i believe, is that right, cherri good morning. >> yes. >> reporter: is there a buzz that is starting to get louder and louder as walkers wake up. they have turned the the convention center into a makeshift campsite, on one side, there are, tents, and
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will folks that are waking up as you can see these folks from sarasota, florida. there is another area behind them that is relaxation area, is there also a cafeteria area and all of this is needed because they walk 40 miles already. but, let me tell you, jim hillman is a seven city, walker and i'm here with him now. he has walkway more than 40 miles, how many miles have you walk over the years, jim. >> since i started walking in 2008, i walk in 39 events and 2200 miles. >> reporter: a lot of miles. tell me why you did this. >> my mom passed away in 2004 and in 2008 i started walking because i was in the well, i could wine or do something bit the so i decided to to something bit. >> reporter: you have done a lot. you have raised, you have done 39 event, how much money is that all together for breast cancer research. >> that is probably $122,000 to date. >> reporter: so what keeps you going? you guys dealt with some rain,
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wind, so what keeps you motivated and going all 60 miles. >> it is the passion for the the cause. we're doing something good for people. we're making an impact. when you get the out there and it gets tough you just take it step by step and you move forward and knowing what you are doggies good. >> reporter: what do you think your mom would say? >> she would be probably pretty proud but she would think i'm a bit crazy for all of the extra miles and all of the walks and everything else. >> reporter: crazy for a very good cause. >> crazy for a good cause, absolutely. >> reporter: and there are a thousand walkers, participating in this komen, three day walk, and let me tell you they will kick off around 7:30. they will begin walking here and end up at the navy yard later today. live from the convention center, cherri greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after a crummy start i'm glad to see they will have have a little bit nicer weather today. thanks so much. we will check back with you. a chilly start to the day but a lot nicer weather then we have seen. we will have have the seven day forecast just ahead.
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also, scary moments when a canopy collapses on a group of high school students at a ban competition and several are injured. plus a small dog being called a hero after taking on two bears, what? we have got the encounter coming up next, oh, my, look at that. hey, bus used cars for your teen drivers this is really good information, three on your side with the results. we will share with you when we come back. black
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back on "eyewitness news" more than 2,000 students are recovering after a concrete awning collapsed on them at a high school marching band competition in north carolina the students were standing at the the awning when a truck hit one of the sport beams. one of the students has potentially life threatening injuries. a small doggies called a hero for scarring three bears from her home. this is so cute. you have to see this video. two bears wandered in the front yard of the monroe, california home while a third bear walk on the balcony. that is when jewels leaped into action. 20-pound french bull dog chased them right off and one of the bears even jumped the fence to escape. i thought we would have a sound bite there, wait for it, wait for it. >> okay, never mind. >> we have to move on. the most small dogs can be a little will feisty. i have two of them. little ones. they are scarring a away the bears. >> anyway, i'm happy to hear
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that the weather will improve for the three day walk. >> today will be the best day weather-wise, slow improvement today and big improvement heading in to next week. we will see sunshine. >> that would be nice. >> yes. >> we have clouds in place right now. temperatures are cool but may feel cooler with the dreary conditions. 57 degrees right now in philadelphia. 58 degrees in atlantic city calling it at 51 in reading and still in the 40's in mount pocono. cloud deck firmly in place on storm scan three but no showers, to speak of, we could have areas of missed precipitation, passing sprinkle but otherwise a mainly dry day. hurricane joaquin, latest, of course, we have that good news a major hurricane wind of 120 miles per hour but models now in alignment and consistently saying hurricane joaquin will stay out to sea. this is latest track from the national hurricane center taking joaquin up into opened water of the atlantic and in the making a u.s. impact.
6:16 am
we have been dealing with wind of our own because of a pressure gradient of high pressure off to the northwest and low pressure to the south. so cape may wind gusts yesterday 62 miles an hour. big stone beach in delaware, 58 miles an hour. absecon 44 miles per hour, and gusting to 35, and in the last 24 hours and in philadelphia, and it is because of those strong northeasterly wind, kind of persistent over the last several case again today but we have that coastal flooding, concern and a coastal flood warning remains in effect. main concern is along the the immediate coastline, northeasterly wind push that water up on to the beaches and worsen, of course, at high tides time which will come closer to 2:00 o'clock at rehoboth beach and closer to 1:30. willet wood, atlantic city high tides, closer to 1:30. forecast today looking better and feeling better today. our high temperature only 57 yesterday. we should be in the the lower 07's. we will get closer to day but
6:17 am
still well below average. 63 degrees. windy once again nor'easterly wind at ten to 20 miles an hour. i don't think we will see as high of a gust today but still a windy day and breezy overnight tonight. 51 degrees. sunset at 6:39. we will keep it mostly cloudy but we could see breaks in the cloud deck as we head in the evening hours and then monday, clouds to start but then increasing sunshine, less winds. that will feel nice as warmer temperatures. 67 degrees. and closer to average on tuesday, and and, and, wednesday and thursday, high temperatures climbing into the low to mid 70's and we don't have another rain chance until we head into next friday with some showers, developing as we head into friday afternoon. but we have a nice stretch of 70's, tuesday all the way into friday and into the the start of next week even, nicole. >> that will feel nice, lauren, thanks. insurance institute for highway safety is out with the latest list of the best used cars for teens. three on your side consumer
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reporter jim donovan find bigger might be better when buying your teen a first car. >> it is right here. >> reporter: tonye glazees and his 17 year-old son are on the hunt for a used car. kevin will start driving next year and will need his own wheels. >> it is not worth to pay a lot of money for a teenager. they don't have much experience. >> reporter: he plans to spend about $5,000, while he is looking for something affordable he also wants something safe. when it comes to used cars, for teens, the the latest report from the insurance institute for highway safety found bigger and heavier vehicles are the most safe. vehicles like the volvo s80, and ford taurus and ford flex may be institute's recommended list. the institute found parents should look for a used car that feature electronic stability control systems which help drivers maintain control on curves and slippery roads. the report also warns parents to avoid buying cars that have high horsepower, which may
6:19 am
temp teens. kevin is already gotten a warning from his father about speeding. >> i have been out there, a lot. >> reporter: in a survey institute found that the median price for a used car for teens was $5,300, by the the way, the annual report also found that new driver courses don't boost safety for teens. i have posted a link to the institute's full list of recommended cars on cbs and update facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. 6:19. war on drugs head to the big screen. our ukee washington sits star with em lie browned to talk about her new movie z acario, and we will take you behind the scenes. we will hear from actor ted dan son on his new role on csi tabor, making
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fluzone high-dose vaccine. find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! second season of csi cyber premiers tonight. team is back on the case and this season actor ted dan son joins the the cast. >> just confirm that there has been seven security breaches in the past week and a half. >> i'm surprised, metro police should have noticed the pattern. >> not all happened in the district, maryland, virginia as well, also at home, ptech system was shut down remetly and in one not the homeowners or police can identify the burglars picture.
6:23 am
>> i know how our target got in. >> all right. >> nice little preview there. we had a chance to hear from the show's stars patricia arquette and ted dan son about how the show takes a lot from real life. lets take a listen. >> what i do is i look at all these new devices out on the market, every day there is something new that is wifi or blue tooth enabled are hackable so we are trying to stay ahead of the bad guys so we have our own in house bad guys that are working for the fbi. >> and you can check it out tonight, csi cyber airs at 10:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. a fall film season kicks in high gear this weekend with a number of new releases excluding an explosive thriller starring emily browned sacario. it deals way powerful subject matter that film makers are spending time on.
6:24 am
>> emily blount is kate, and her life is in danger with every turn. >> i wanted to be an fbi agent. >> yes. >> it takes a certain kind of person , kind of woman to go in law enforcement. >> reporter: it means hit man in mexico and explores journey of the intelligence operation that pushes the rules of the engagement with those who do not play by any rules at all. >> unaudible. >> reporter: battle between side of the battle becomes a suspense fullback and for the when you think villain has been capture film makers reveal that the problem has in the been involve as a result of the lawless environment. >> i'm not a solder that is not what i do. >> reporter: deeper casings into mexico she realizes what. >> she realizes that the bright lines, between right and wrong, become, blurry. >> reporter: case in point trying to focus in on this former prosecutor, whose family was murdered by drug lord. is he an alley or an a as tane. benit theeo dell for owe's
6:25 am
character keeps the movie goer guessing. >> it is unorthodox in the way of telling story because into the third act, you know, it ramps up. >> reporter: raising questions about, the the drug trade, questions that covert black ops mission will go to extreme lengths to answer. >> you saw something you shouldn't have seen. >> i think it will create discussion or shed light on the the war on drugs and how those contributions on both side of the border to it. we talk about isis every day but yet this is right at our borders and it is equally just as brutal. >> that would be a major mistake. >> well, it is 6:25. coming up next on "eyewitness news", a four year-old under arrest for very serious crimes, police say he is responsible for stretch of armed robberies near drexel university. plus this...
6:26 am
>> we're learning new details about the deadly shooting at umpqua community college i'm's chris mar teen necessary roseberg, oregon with that story coming up next. trying our very best to dry out from very heavy rain. meteorologist lauren casey is back with what you can expect today. we will take a short break, we will be right back. sick car ohio. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash.
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i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30 and meteorologist lauren casey is here with the forecast and we are looking ahead to the better day which is good news. >> slight improvement today and today the sunshine will be sparse and temperatures a bit cool to start especially if you add in those wind. the and right now we're checking on our neighborhood network. 59 degrees. temperature not too bad in point pleasant beach. check out northeasterly winds up around 20 miles per hour. the cool spot in media right now at 50 degrees. temperatures not going to move too much. we still have that have cloud deck firmly in place, not going to move. we could see some breaks into the second half of the day but good news is, in rainfall coming down at this point. temperatures across the region 57 degrees in philadelphia right now. fifty-seven in millville. much cooler as we head out toward mount pocono. 41 degrees. the wind speeds you know the
6:30 am
the deal, we have been dealing with the breezy, windy conditions over the last several days and this morning is no exception with winds up around 15 to 20 miles per hour. still that have coastal flood warning in effect, main risk is going to be along immediate coastline where we will continue to see maryland rate flooding as northeasterly wind keep up but concern will wayne as we head into tomorrow and wind lighten up a bit but for today, still windy conditions, for the end of the komen three day walk for the the cure. 63 degrees. feeling better in the temperatures department and mainly dry day with a chance of the passing sprinkle. better conditions for walkers on this last day of the event. >> lauren, thank you. a home swept away by rising water in cape may county still sits in the middle of the bay this morning. drenching rain and high tides, caused the house to snap free from the support beams. it is in the low lying areas of middletown ship, new jersey. no one was home when the house broke away but owner says he vows to rebuild. now officials are trying to get that sinking home back to
6:31 am
shore. the storm battered ocean city strong wind and even some beach erosion. some started out the storm in different ways. our natasha brown has their story. >> reporter: brutal blinding whipping wind blocked out the sound of everything, except, a bulldozer. while last minute gaps in the sand dune were filled in, ocean city surfers did what surfers do, and ignored safety warnings, paddling out into six to 8-foot waves. >> i have surf here before. locals, it is kind of wait for october and november before the waves are better. hurricane season always comes. >> i think everybody is scared after sandy. >> reporter: one man took storm warnings with the grain of salt or sand perhaps but still, called in help from his brother to secure his home. >> i have my brothers down here getting furniture out of the way. we may be late with the wind. >> reporter: heavy rainfall with the effects of high tides provided for early flooding
6:32 am
and road closure on the bay side of the island. for one local surfer that quickly made this a one and down outing. >> it is windy. the the waves are big. six, seven, maybe 9 feet. >> reporter: rest of the shore resident are riding out the stormy waters too, relieved that the worst of hurricane joaquin appears to have missed the numbering coast. >> natasha a brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". heavy rain and strong wind are causing problems in philadelphia as well. a a huge tree came down in south philadelphia on second street between jackson and snyder streets, saturday morning. now that tree felon a car and actually block the the street. crews shut the road down for hours while they worked to clean up that mess. well, police have a 14 year-old boy in custody in connection with the series of 15 armed robberies near the drexel university campus. investigators say that the 14 year-old suspect is seen in this video attempting to use a
6:33 am
victim's atm card inside a convenient store at 38th and aspen. philadelphia police say the suspect lives in the neighborhood. >> as he is walking in the store his shoulder went up to the push bar on the door, and we still expect him to be as the victim described 18 to 25 but shock to go learn that he was only 14 years of age. >> investigators say majority of the victims were female students, seven of the robberies happen in the last ten days. a double shooting leaves one man dead and suspect gunman behind bars. the shots were fired in the 300 block of east windsor street in germantown around 6:30 last night. philadelphia police say a eight year-old was shot once mountain chest and kind at einstein medical center. the 29 year-old suspect was arrested after checking himself in the same hospital for a bullet wound to his rib cage. police are investigating a homicide in the nicetown eye tioga section of philadelphia. a five two-year old woman was attack and killed by a person that she knew. this happened inside of a
6:34 am
rooming home on the 3700 block of north 18th street. a 54 year-old man was taken in custody and unclear whether charges have been filed. police in deptford township are investigating a suspect/murder suicide. officers responded to the heritage housing department on iowa way about 8:15. a 67 year-old man call 911 to report a shooting inside the home. when officers arrived they found a man and his seven two-year old wife suffering from gunshot wound this he were rushed to the hospital where doctors pronounced them dead. police have not the released the couple's name but heritage is for a community for people over the the age of 55. in oregon this weekend, investigators released new details in the deadly shooting rampage in the community college. one of the survivors say gunman delivered a final message. cbs news correspondent chris martinez has the the latest. >> reporter: the medical examiner has determined that the cause have of death of the the the shooter to be suicide. authorities now say that chris
6:35 am
harper mercer died by his own hand, shooting and killing himself after exchanging gunfire with police. >> the suspect is down. >> reporter: newly released time line shows the the shooter was down ten minutes have after the the first call to 911. >> to the families of the victims, our hearts are with you,. >> reporter: authorities say the the gun man killed nine people whose age ranged from 18 to 67. sixteen year-old shy and fitzgerald was among nine people injured, she lost her kidney. >> i was shot, and her lung. >> reporter: an a boy len was sitting next to shyann and said he singled them out based on their religion. >> he was asking people what their religion was. if they were christian he said something along the lines of saying you'll be with god soon. that is what i have been told. >> reporter: shooter reportedly left a document with one of the students to hand over to police. it could offer more insights. a source describes it as a rant of someone who was mad at
6:36 am
the world, he wrote about feeling like a loser, without a girl friend, his hatred for black men and going out in a blaze of glory n roseberg, oregon, chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:36 right now. still to come on "eyewitness news", oh, baby what a story to tell how this little bundle of joy showed up in the nick of time and why it means so much to his family. our stephanie stahl has their amazing story. plus a new film called the walk is catching people off guard, we will tell you why it is making movie goers physically ill. and, cold and rainy so far this weekend, so how much sunshine will we see today, hopefully lots, meteorologist lauren casey is back with the full forecast, next.
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we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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and many people will never forget the pope's historic weekend here in philadelphia health reporter stephanie stahl introduces to us a couple so inspired, and it is a blessing. >> and wasn't due until october 12th and her baby boy arrived early, and on the day pope francis said mass in philadelphia it turns out it is a special day for aaron and her husband jim. >> on the exact nine month anniversary of her wedding our son was born. >> talk about timing and there
6:40 am
is more. for their wedding on december 27th the couple got the a papal blessing from their marriage from pope francis. >> it was just, uncanny that he came exactly nine months after that day. >> aaron was watching the mass with the baby was born, at 6:27, monday night. >> and when we came out, we knew we would have to have pope francis in his name so we decided to name him james francis. >> francis being the pope who blessed their marriage exactly nine months before the the baby was born. the peep was in philadelphia at the time. >> it was gist god's plan. >> instead of naming babe what i they planned, james paul they switched his middle name to francis. >> did he look like anybody just yet. >> i think he has my nose. >> your nose. >> i hope he looks more like mom then me. >> get this labor and delivery nurse at bryn mawr hospital who helped jimmy francis
6:41 am
come in the world switched schedule so a collogue could attend the mass, and erin's sister and mom were at the mass when the the baby was born. >> yes. >> nurse nancy says 27 will be his lucky number, and his birthday, the the parent's anniversary, and the time that he was born. weighing 6-pound, and 13 ounces. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". they are blessed for sure. >> well, happening today final day of the three day walk for the the cure, last 20 miles of the 60-mile inspirational journey in the fight against breast cancer. cherry greg from kyw news radio, is live where walkers are about to take off, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. we're about 15 minutes from take off and as you can see, the makeshift, indoor campsite here at the the convention center, everybody is fully awake there is a relaxation
6:42 am
area, camping area food area. folks are wearing outfits, crazy leg warmers, and, and all to keep them motivated over the course of the 60 miles. the reese on why they are walking is serious. it is all to benefit breast cancer research. i'm here with chrissy dowd, tell me a little bit about your story. >> i was diagnosed with cancer at 15. diagnosed with breast cancer at 28. and, have yet to be fully cleared still fighting the fight and walking as much as i can. >> you mentioned that why do you keep doing this and what does it do, therapeutically to do this walk. >> it is a healing process as damaging as it is to the body and my body cannot take it, it the is emotionally healing and it gets me through the rest of the year until the next walk comes.
6:43 am
>> reporter: yes. let me just point out that she is here with kim and laurie, two women that she met while doing these three day walks. you guys have something going on that you keep yourself motivated mile after mile. what did you do yesterday to despite the wind and all that that is going on. >> despite all that and our feet and everything we have supplied games, sometimes, rarely, we will do alphabet games, and it is really just the the three of us is what gets us to the end when one is falling behind, the other two pull us through the end, it is in the one that gets to the finish line but all will three of us. >> so what do you think will go through your mind today, 59 . >> it will be very emotional, it is always a can we make it to the finish line. and we always do, and we always get there, together, and it is a extremely emotional, a amazing feeling when we process that finish line. >> let me tell you one thing the money raised, there is a thousand people on the three day walk, each person raises
6:44 am
$2,300, last year, they raised a total of 3.8 million-dollar and even we will find out how much was raised three day here, over the the course of the past three days here in philadelphia. live, i'm cherri greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just an incredible spirit. we wish them best of luck, so hopefully some good weather. we will check with them in a bit. a local happies offering free mammograms in honor of breast cancer awareness month. aria health help out under insured and no insured women at hospitals in frankford torresdale and langhorne. medical personnel taught woman how to do self-exams, very important. experts say mammograms are an important tool for early detection of breast cancer. aria health and the the breast cancer foundation partnered on this community outreach effort. local landmarks who noticed all across the a area a glow in pink for lights for the the cure campaign among them the melon center in center city. lights for the cure is a joint effort by cbs-3, cw philly and
6:45 am
susan g komen philadelphia, that pink light, of course, a reminder to schedule those mammograms. so, so important, lauren. i'm so happy to hear they have a good day ahead, finally good weather for these walkers. >> improvement, this will be the the best weather of the three day walk but still, clouds in place, we will get a live look at center city, low hanging clouds right now on our sky cam. you can see hard to make out the top of the buildings with low clouds hanging in place, on storm scan three, it is almost heart to pick up the the cloud deck because it is so uniform right now. socked in particularly a at low levels across much of the area, a couple of breaks as we look down towards delaware but in rain falling at this time and it will be a mainly dry day, for those participants of the three day walk. temperatures right now, kind of cool but may be feeling cooler with these wind. fifty-seven in philadelphia a. 58 degrees in atlantic city. chilly in the poconos. temperatures in the 40's. looking towards state college that is where we have chilly air right now.
6:46 am
45 degrees. temperatures pretty consistent across the the region. fifty-four in new york city. fifty-one in albany. fifty-seven in d.c. as i was mentioning we still do have those wind to contend with, again, they just won't let up, wind advisory in effect for the coastline for next couple of hours, expired at 10:00 a.m. we will still see possibility of upwards of 50 miles an hour wind gusts to day some minor improvement so we are still dealing with the effects of the stalled out frontal system down to the south, temperatures in the 60's, strong northeasterly wind but we will start to sigh high pressure, stronger high pressure building in from the the west, so it will kick these weather systems out of here. keep this area of low pressure out of here. temperatures do improve. upper 60's. more sunshine as we head into tomorrow and then check out tuesday, high pressure, nearing temperatures, temperatures bumping up in the 70's, mostly sunny skies and as we head into wednesday, high pressure is overhead. we have that nice sinking air stabilizes atmosphere and we will get bright sunshine and
6:47 am
temperatures climbing in the middle 70's by wednesday afternoon. so it the may be that you have lots of couple of days, this week and that would be a nice time with the the sunshine breaking out to check out fall foliage. not much change in the immediate area, head down to the pine barons and see a little bit of the change and colors and as you head up in the the poconos some nice foliage starting to turn over right now as we have headed closer to the official start of the fall. today, just a possibility of a morning sprinkle, windy conditions, cool temperatures, and, up in the 60's. we will be only in the upper 70's. northeasterly wind, ten to 20 miles an hour. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy conditions and overnight low in the chilly side, 51 degrees, sunset at 6:39 and then your hour by hour forecast not a ton of change as we head throughout the day, that cloud deck, still in place as we head into midday, we could see some breaks in the cloud deck as we head in the evening hours, and temperatures pretty consistent. we're in the 50's, we will climb up in the letter 60's so
6:48 am
not a lot of warming with the wind, clouds in, place but we are going to see improvement. upper 60's by monday, low 07's by tuesday, and, wednesday, and thursday just look down right gorgeous, nicole. >> so nice, lauren, thank you. let's see, it is 6:48. let's check with ann evans in the the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, ann. >> traffic isn't too bad this morning. we are looking at schuylkill at vine street expressway. schuylkill at the top of the screen, vine street expressway in the middle, no delays or problem on these two highways, they are in fine shape, volleys starting to build. we will move traffic cam to 202 in the paoli area at 252 and 202 has a quiet start with no delays or problems. and on to the ben franklin bridge mid span, we have construction on the ben franklin bridge in the eastbound lanes heading toward new jersey, right lane is closed and this long term construction scheduled through to november, but right now it is in the a affecting traffic and taking ben franklin bridge to the shore areas some good news that flooding has
6:49 am
reseated, 322 pack opened right here near atlantic city high school closed due to flooding but then flooding conditions are gone at this point. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, now back to you. thank you. move which special effects is promised to go put viewers in the shoes of the famous high wire walker but at jeanie moos is doing more than just entertaining there have been reports of movie goers getting physically ill with vertigo, lets take a look. >> he is not really walking a high wire between the twin towers, it is all special effects but it the is having a special nauseating effect on some people. >> for me, this is life. >> reporter: for others it is a tip to the rest room, tweet had one entertainment writer after a screening of the walk. reports of the guys vomiting in the men's room, posts the walk, true, witnessed it, came close, bad visual trigger for vertigo sufferers.
6:50 am
>> yes. >> at a press conference given by cast and director one reporter confessed. >> i'm terrified of heights, and i kept wanting to leave. >> reporter: movie tells the story of philip petit, man on wire who sneaked atop the world trade center in 1974 and walk back and forth between the towers eight times, even laid down. there are photos but no moving pictures, and that inspired director robert zemricktoys recreate the walk. the his goal. >> to evoke the feeling of vertigo. >> reporter: even critics who panned some of the film. >> horrible, but the actual walk. >> try watching this segment without moaning or groaning or gripping your knees. >> we hate to spoil a great case of vertigo but the star of the movie was only ever 12 feet off the ground. >> they built a beautiful set of the top two stories and
6:51 am
surrounded that with green. >> the famous green screen that allows digital effects to be inserted, but then i have to dare to look down. just don't dare to look down into a toilet bowl, the walk to the rest roomies one you don't want to take. jeanie moos, new york. >> oh, leave to it jean toy break it down like that. still to come this morning eagles get ready to face one of the best running backs in the league. we will have sports coming up next.
6:52 am
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the eagles in washington square off today, in a nfc east contest, birds defense will have have a tough test. redskins has fourth rang rushing offense, eagles rang eighth in stopping the run. eagles looking for some consistency from the offense and they have been shut out seven of 12 quarters for this year. sam brad forward has gotten off to a rag i star committing five turnovers and throwing just two touchdowns. eagles have made just nine, third downs, second worst in the league. >> as the the game, you know, we have not been great on third down f we don't keep ourselves on the the field it is hard to stay in rhythm. we have to do a better job converting third downs so we can get into that rhythm. >> it will just take one or two drives to get us going. once we get rolling then it will be back and i don't think we will be not stopped from there. we have to get this thing rolling.
6:55 am
>> phillies season comes to an end today, they have 99 losses. david buchanan will need a win so fightins won't lose hundred games for first time in 54 years. yesterday marlins took both games of the double header. game one-third inning phillies dropped four to nothing. the bases loaded for codey asche. cheers them with the line drive. freddie galvis and darren ruf scored to make it four- 36789 next inning, on the first pitch goes to the opposite will field. filet ball goes right over the the wall for his second of the season. game tide. ninth inning, phillies have a run, ken giles in for the save, doesn't happen. martin proda with the line drive. he cannot get to it. the game tide. and then later on marhe will cell ozun thea that will score prodo. marlins take game one, seven-six. game two u.s. women's sock are team star and delran new jersey lady carli lloyd throwing out the first pitch. a strike to the fanatic. alex asher got the start.
6:56 am
marlins would take a two to nothing lead when justin bauer hits a fly ball knocking in to gordon and miguel franco making his first start since injuring his wrist in august and he crush these pitch, into the bushes in center field but just not enough, as marlins complete the sweep, with a five-two victory. as city field, nationals, max surer did it again he tossed his second in hitter on have the season. washington beat new york two to nothing. max had 17 strike outs setting a team record. the last pitcher with two regular season in hitters was hall of famer will nolan ryan 42 years ago. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal, after i great day. coming up at 9:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3 an earl a digs of the nfl today and then at 9:30 jets and dolphins are playing in london. so there will be in cbs sunday morning or face the the nation today. they will be back next week though. for games today break out, the salsa and quacamole, because today is national taco
6:57 am
day, i didn't know that? hard shell, soft shells, chicken fish, veggie, whatever the case tacos are loved and eaten by millions of people each day, right? well, last year the u.s. consume 4.5 billion tacos and according to the national taco day web site. that is about 490,000 miles of tacos, and enough to take you to the moon, and back. >> so how is that for a visual. i know i clint todd that amount. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we have coming up at 7:00. today is final day for komen three day for the the cure, more on why so many people, walked 60 miles this weekend, all to get through bad weather for a good cause. a local woman accused of running ane lab ambulate scam stealing thousands from one victim after another. three on your side jim donovan has been tracking her for years. find out where she is right now. finally a change in the weather is on the way, we will have more on the warm up, heading our way and we will see some s
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
a cape may home eyewitness knees speaks to the home owner. >> an investigation, is underway, after a u.s. air strike bombed a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. how a charity organization, is responding. and today is final day for the the the komen three day, for the the


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