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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  October 4, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a cape may home eyewitness knees speaks to the home owner. >> an investigation, is underway, after a u.s. air strike bombed a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. how a charity organization, is responding. and today is final day for the the the komen three day, for the the cure walk, more
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like so many people walk 60 miles to all of the bad weather. >> i'm nicole brewer. standing bias meteorologist lauren casey and also some good news for the walkers which i'm happy to hear. >> we have improvement. today will be best day of the three days, not a great day but some improvement. we will contend with the winds and cooler temperatures but rainfall likely not to be an issue just chance of the isolated sprinkle but for right now, temperatures cool to start. 56 degrees in philadelphia right now. fifty-one in allentown. in the poconos. forty-four the at the shore. sixty in ocean city. not feeling too bad. 57 degrees currently in cape may. storm scan three is showing us no rain, moving through, it could see patchy areas of mist, isolated sprinkle but low clouds still in place and they stay, in place as we head in the next couple of hours but we could see some breaks in the cloud deck as we, head in the latter portion of the afternoon and evening hours. but we will in the get a big
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break from the the wind. strong northeasterly wind still up around 25 to 30 miles per hour, at some shore locations, and then that is why we have this coastal flood warning that remains in effect throughout the day today, it the expires at 6:00 o'clock this evening. he so the wind will start to die down, later tonight the and through the day tomorrow but along the immediate coastline there is still that concern, for some moderate flooding and some beach erosion as well. in your weather for today, we're looking better in philadelphia, we will see some breaks in that cloud deck, the the possibility of the morning sprinkle, windy, 63 at the shore. 64 degrees. stronger wind, cloudy conditions and up in the poconos a little bit more in the way of the sunshine but a cool high temperature only in the middle 50's but we will see improvement for all areas as we head into next week and we will talk about that coming up, nicole. >> lauren, thank you. this south jersey home was swept away by flood waters in the middle of the bay and township officials are trying to figure out how to get the sinking home back to shore. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has that story
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and is what next for the the homeowners. >> reporter: here today, gone tomorrow. >> it is only a pile of two-by-four's, and, you know, hopefully we will rebuild. >> reporter: with the side of his home broken and now mostly submerge in the distance we stumbled upon owner stewart tait, with the same disposition neighbors have come to know him by will half name, big smile, double colored hair and surfer dude attitude. >> i got a hammer and skill saw, in one was hurt. >> reporter: neighbors were anxious late friday night, many waking up to the sound of the home's pilings snapping off sending it drifting down the grassy sound chapel past a half dozen homes in middletown ship until it stopped. >> it is sure a shame. but one of the things you have seen for years and wandering when it will happen. >> reporter: tait admits that the two story home has been a mess, falling slowly in the
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channel for years. he said wind a water was the last straw. >> current was so strong in the storm surge i looked at timbers. 60 feet long broken like tooth picks. >> reporter: police say in one was home, in one was hurt and because of the structure was not connected to any utilities, in real danger to neighbors. and for the men watching nearly three decades of memory float away, i guess you can say they are kind thered spirits. the both will keep drifting until it is time for a change. >> i will stay jersey strong and rebuild. >> reporter: so that home owner has been in touch with middletown ship police, police in touch with the department of environmental protection and coastguard as they all figure out how to safe hi remove that home out of the channel, without that debris causing problems. reporting from middletown ship, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, the high wind pushed sand up and over a boat in ocean city, viewers, sent
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us these videos. that is a catamaran buried in the dunes at 40th street. he happened upon a boat during his fishing trip with his brothers chuck and mike. the good news... aisle of bermuda ace facing for the impact. thinks a live look the at bermuda ahead of the storm. joaquin is back up to a category four. bohamas cleaning up after the aftermath of that hurricane. island's airport terminal was damaged in that storm but luckily there have been no fatalities. well, search continues this morning for a missing cargo ship lost in the ocean by hurricane joaquin. ship had 33 people on board, mostly americans. life raft was fund yesterday but there is no sign of the ship. u.s. coastguard began searching for the ship on thursday after crew radioed for help saying they have lost power and they were taking on water. new this morning, police are investigating a homicide in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. two men were shot at 29th and
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cumberland just before 2:30. one man died, another man was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wound and he is now in critical condition. there is no details on the suspect at this time. a woman was killed when a three story home is exploding in brooklyn, new york. three other people were injured. authorities say that the blast happened yesterday afternoon, while someone was chasing out a stove in the second floor apartment. cause of the explosion is under investigation. commander of the u.s. forces in afghanistan said the in military is opening up an investigation in the deadly bombing of the doctors without board fears silt in the afghan city of kundes, 19 people are dead with doctors and children among those victims. juliannea goldman reports. >> reporter: day starts with seven patients, three of them children were burned alive and 12 doctors without borders staff members. at least 37 people, were seriously injured. according to the defense officials, u.s. forces
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conducted an air strike in the the area around 2:15 air local time. the intended target were taliban insurgents firing on u.s. service members embedded with afghan fighters. the the u.s. military has in the confirmed whether its bomb hit the hospital but officials acknowledge that the the strikes may have resulted in collateral damage, to the nearby facility. u.s. officials offered condolence as including defense secretary ash a ton carter who call the incident tragic. general john campbell, commander of the u.s. forces in afghanistan, spoke with the president and said in a statement they are working to thoroughly examine the incident and determine what happened, as always, we will take all reasonable steps to protect civilians from harm. a spokesmen for the afghan interior ministry says ten to 15 terrorist have been hiding in the hospital and were killed during the strike. >> we do necessity there are still terrorist hiding in places, and it the is much better now, because those
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people were killed in the operation. >> reporter: even as the u.s. withdraws combat forces from afghanistan they are assisting afghan troops fighting the taliban inn urgency. >> reporter: jason coneys executive director of doctors without border. he says, that they have been, treating hundreds since the taliban attacked the city and provided the u.s. with a hospital coordinates just days ago. >> we will not accept this loss of life, which could been prevented and should have been prevented. it the will be dismissed of another example of collateral damage. >> reporter: julie goldman, cbs news, washington. happening today walkers participating in the susan g komen three day walk have 20 miles to go. annual walk raises money and awareness for breast cancer. cherri greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live for us at the convention center where walkers where to take off, cherri good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, count down is on, exactly. in just 20 minutes.
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a thousand walkers will begin the last leg of their komen three day. let me tell you, it is a lot of fun, lot of fun, right. >> yes, lot of fun. >> reporter: i'm heave with team believe, from sarasota, florida. they have been here in the cold, from the day, the weather will be good. >> it will be perfect. >> reporter: describe your outfits. you have to show them. they are pirates. why are you pirates. >> we are pirates the because the the theme is the make cancer walk the planning. >> reporter: show please turnaround, karen and show off these outfits. she's the the wench and he is captain jack. while they have fun and pink here you each are walking for a, specific reason, as very serious and relates to breast cancer. why are you walking. >> my mommies a a 14 year survivor and my sorority sister lost her battle at age 39. >> reporter: two wonderful people tell me about them. >> my sister is a survivor and i walk for my friend linda, who succumbed to this terrible disease just a couple of years ago. they gave her two months to live.
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she made it through 12 years. she wasn't going anywhere. the both of her boy got out of college. one is a a lawyer. the other one graduated from college. >> amazing story. >> i started with my friend amy, she is a three-year survivor. i have two daughters, nieces, cousins, moms, sister, anybody with a pair we're walking for them. >> reporter: and team believe will be dancing to the finish line and each person in this race raised $2,300 each. last year the the komen three day here in philadelphia raised 3.8 million-dollar, they will a announce later how much they will be raising, but you all will be cheering. what are you going to do on the last mile, tell me what you will be doing. >> we will party like it is 1999. >> all right. >> partying for breast cancer. live at the the convention center, cherri greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tell cancer to walk that planning. i love it. good luck to all of the walkers out there. still to come on "eyewitness news", a local woman, accused of running an
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elaborate scam stealing thousands of dollars from one victim after another. three on your side jim donovan has been tracking her for years. find out where she is right thousand. plus honey bees helped reduce a third of the america's food supply but last year nearly half of the bees in the u.s. disappeared. the technology now being used to track them. and finally, a a change in the weather, for the better, more on the warm, warm up heading our way and when we will see some sun, we have
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general millions is recalling farm cut green beans due to the possible listeria contamination. recall effects 16-ounce bag with the best if used by date of june 29th, 2017. they were distributed nationwide. general mills says it is precaution after one tested positive for presence of listeria. no related illnesses have been reported. someone is hacking unprotect wifi routers every where but it looks like they are just trying to help. the software is, to date, it snuck into at least 10,000 internet connected devices, usually wifi watchers. they try to kill any malwear on your router abe gives your device automatic friendly updates that protect it from computer viruses. it is still illegal because accessing a computers without the the owners permission obviously is against the law. well, one local woman claims to be a doctor and a land lord but she's accused of
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running a scam stealing thousands of dollars from one victim after another. three on your side jim donovan has been tracking her for years and so have detectives who have finally caught up with her. >> reporter: every time i tried to speak with dananataco a door got in the way. it happened five years ago with a porch in princeton. >> ma'am, what is his office. >> reporter: most recently last fall in delaware. >> can you step away from the door police report report i'd like to speak with you ma'am. >> okay. >> reporter: i can't because your door is close on my microphone here. we wanted to speak her because these people and others ledge she ripped them off collecting thousands of dollars from them in the rental scam. >> she avoided our phone calls. >> three members sitting in the kitchen crying for hours. >> she's hard to catch. >> reporter: that was until right now. >> she's great at what she does. the she's a professional conn artist. luckily we were able to get her. >> reporter: lansdale detective chalk brookner took her in charges.
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she faces forgery theft and related offence necessary a number of cases. >> it was great news to hear. i was excited. >> reporter: nicole said that she was taken for $3,600. she was thrilled to learn of her arrest. >> she cannot harm anybody else and help cannot put people in a position, of maybe being home less. and stealing, innocent peoples money. >> reporter: her victims say that she had to have the scam down to the science she'd rent a home, failed to pay the rent, advertised the rental as her own, pocket the the deposit money and then disappear. in effect stealing from the real home owner and perspective tenants. we last track her down to this home in wilmington. can you please come out. >> let me put some clothes on. >> reporter: you are dressed. >> reporter: her ledge victim says she was convincing. >> she made it seem like she was a medical doctor, she wore scrubs and everything like that. >> reporter: that is what she was wearing when the detective was able to nab her at a court hearing for her doubt are. >> she showed up, gave an alias. we knew who she was.
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>> reporter: district judge has set bail at hundred thousand dollars, straight cash which means that she would have to post the entire amount to be released. she is currently in the montgomery county correctional facility awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for october between the second. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim ton van. all right. it is 7:17. lauren, i cannot tell you how happy we are about we're talking about sun rather than hurricane joaquin today. >> news just keeps getting better and better. joaquin is out of here. this weather pattern is finally going to break but this morning it hasn't broken. the certainly the case in rehoboth beach. not a great beach day to say the least. let's check out rough surf, winds gusting to 35 to 40 miles per hour out of the north east but we are going to go start, to improve conditions. especially as we head into tomorrow, and then on tuesday we will be doing much better, but over the last several days the the wind have been the main story and gusting to 62 miles an hour in the last 24 hours in cape may, sussex, close to 60 miles an hour.
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absecon in the middle 40 miles an hour range and gusting to 30 miles an hour yesterday in philadelphia. we still do have a wind advisory, extended into the the 10:00 o'clock hour for the immediate coastline with wind gusts of 45 to 50 miles an hour possible. our model imagery showing us projections of future wind gusts. so windy once again as we head into today. check out as we head into monday and particularly late the day monday to the north and to the west, wind speeds really start to decline, only gusting in the the 20's along the coastline. so we will see some improvement, with these strong, intense winds, over the next 24 to 48 hours. and temperatures right now, are 56 degrees in philadelphia a. fifty-seven in ac. fifty-two in trenton right now. of course, chillier in the poconos in the lower 40's. quiet, we have had that heavy rain on friday, a couple of showers, yesterday, but really only clouds to speak of at this hour and the immediate area down to the south, heavy rain, training, meaning it is moving over the same area
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again and again, particularly when we look at the state of the south carolina due in part to the stalled out weather system that has been impacting our weather in the delaware valley as well. it will start to move off to the east, and there is joaquin that will continue to cruz out to sea. high pressure in the west on monday and ted will move this system that has been in place for the last several days, bringing us clouds, dreary conditions, and those stronger wind, and finally it will start to build on out into tuesday and we will allow the sunshine to return to us. for today clouds will be the main trend, maybe a few breaks in the clouds deck as we head in to late day. possibility of the morning sprinkle with you otherwise dry conditions. windy once again. 63 degrees. our high temperature for the the day high is 71. we're in the the anywhere near. that mostly cloudy, breezy overnight. loss dropping down in the 50's but of course with those northeasterly wind, the wind chill will be likely be down in the 40's overnight tonight and to kick things off on our monday morning. but temperatures rebound up in
7:20 am
the upper 60's. the more sunshine as we head into monday afternoon. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all looking beautiful. fifty's to start. low to mid 70's to end the day with with abundant sunshine all of those days. the cloud don't return until we head into friday afternoon with a chance of some showers building in but check out that sunshine. we cannot wait for tuesday. >> i know, right. >> such a nice stretch, lauren, thank you. 7:20. we will see how traffic is months. ann evans is standing by for us, good morning, ann. >> traffic isn't too bad this morning, we are looking a at schuylkill at spring garden street. no delays or problems here. now to the right that is martin luther king drive. that is shut down like it always is this weekend between ben franklin parkway and montgomery drive for recollect creeksal activities. we will move the traffic cam to i-95 near penns landing in the olde city portion of the city. in delays or problems on i-95, this morning. vine street expressway is picking up. everything seems to be moving without delays, or accidents, thankfully. and on to the ben franklin bridge mid span we have that construction eastbound heavy
7:21 am
into new jersey. right lane is closed were you there is no delays. if you are taking, ben franklin to any of the shore points that flooding has receded, the the ac expressway is good to go and so is garden state parkway. that is very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now nicole, back to you. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" honey bees getting their own pint sized backpacks. how scientists hope they can help solve a big problem. also a priest has been fired from the vatican after coming out as gay but it is the timing of the announcement that has officials
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while the third bear walk on to the balcony. big mistake, buddy. that is when jewels leaped into action. 20-pound french bull dog chased them off and one of the bears even jumped a fence to escape. small will but mighty. honey bees helped produce a third of the america's food supply but last year, nearly half of the bees in the u.s. disappeared. now scientists are trying to figure out y as jonathan vigliotti reports, one scientist is equipping bees with tiny backpacks to track the wild bum many bees. >> at london's botanic gardens beneath the the flowers where wild bum many bees roam, british scientists, tara,
7:25 am
suits up her bees for flight. it is called the bum many bee backpack and within of the smallest ever placed on a living organism. >> we have been able to built up a mass of the bees movement and see, a network of where they are, where and how long they have been out, and how far they have traveled. >> reporter: the idea is every time that she passes by a receiver like this, it will then be sent to the computer and you will know essentially her every move. >> exactly. her tag, emits a unique signal that will be pick up by a meter. >> reporter: a bee radar, but outfitting the bees with her backpack is in small feat. barlow stores her bees in the refrigerator, cold makes them docile, usually. >> she's making these warning sound report report she restrains the the bee by carefully pinning it in place. she then applied regular super grew to the back and finally the mike chip. after trying for a few minutes the bee can buzz off, and while we start at first, the
7:26 am
the the tracker is half of the bee's weight after all. for now the pilot program is limited to a greenhouse with plans to place them around the the feeding paths out in the wild. she developed it with engineer friend there marco neil who before bees tracked missiles for british military. >> why put so much effort and energy, into this. >> because it is interesting. you need these sorts of tools to actually understand the the complexity of living system properly. >> reporter: it is one tiny tool that barlow and o'neill hope will unlock secret world of bees and mystery behind the disappearance. jonathan vigliotti for cbs news, london. wow. can't even comprehend technology that small, just incredible. still to come on "eyewitness news", today is final day for komen three day for a cure walk, we will have more on why so many people walk 60 miles through the bad weather and all. plus more flooding down the shore yesterday, looking at the what residents faced
7:27 am
and whether they are seeing long term damage. and hopefully we can say good bye to a lot of that flooding, right. here's a live look at the shore this morning, lauren has more on the big changes coming our way in your forecast, we will be right b
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today, it is sunday october 1st, good morning to
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you, i'm so glad you are with us i'm's nicole brewer. we will check with more on lauren case which more on the forecast and it looks like it is improving. >> it is slowly improving today and we will knock up the improvement heading in to next week. we will give it a swift boot heading into tuesday and wednesday with full sunshine returning but for day, clouds still mainly in place. temperatures right where they should be as far as averages this morning. fifty-six in philadelphia a. fifty-two in trenton. fifty in reading. storm scan three, showing us rain, well off to our south, south of d.c. but clouds especially low clouds firmly in place and that will be the main trend of the day. we could see a few breaks in the cloud deck heading in to late day and evening hours. wind speeds, they are still up there, not quite as intense as what we have seen, about 24 hours ago but wind speed up around 15 to 20 miles per hour and we will see those higher gusts, coastal flood warning remain in effect especially concerned about the immediate coastline. this remains in effect until 6:00 as we could continue to
7:31 am
see maryland rate flooding in these areas. high tides, times, that impact is even greater, high tide time, 1:39 rehoboth beach, as we head into this afternoon, high tide in atlantic city 1:27. 1:30 in wildwood. your day planner looking better, clouds in place this morning. windy conditions all throughout the day. we could see peaks of sunshine heading into this afternoon with temperatures in the 60's. that is better than 50's last couple days. we're getting there, nicole. >> lauren, thank you. a home swept away by rising water in cape may county still sits in the middle of the bay this morning. drenching rain and high tides caused this entire house to snap free from the support beams in the the lower lying area of middletown ship, new jersey. in one was home when that house broke away. the owner vows to rebuild. officials are trying to figure out how to get the sinking home back to shore. the storm also battered ocean city strong wind and some beach erosion. folks rode out the storm in
7:32 am
different ways. our natasha brown has that story. >> reporter: brutal blinding whipping wind blocked out the sound of everything except a bulldozer. while last minute gaps in the sand dune were filled in ocean city surfers did what surfers do and ignored safety warning, paddling out into six to 8-foot waves. >> i think locals, wait for it, and, it is much better. unaudible. >> i think everybody is scared after sandy. >> one man took storm warnings with the grain of salt or sand, perhaps, but still, called in help from his brother to secure his home. >> i have my brothers down here, we are getting furniture out of the way. we may be late with the wind. >> reporter: heavy rainfall with the effect s of high tides provided for early flooding and road closures, mainly on the bay side of the island. for one local surfer that made this a one and dead outing. >> it is windy, but the waves
7:33 am
are big. six or seven or maybe 9 feet. i just want one wave. >> reporter: the rest of the shore residents are riding out the stormy waters too. relieved that the worst of hurricane joaquin appears to have missed the new jersey coast. natasha brown for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". hurricane joaquin may be moving away from the u.s. but parts of the east cozies still under water this morning after continuing downpours n norfolk, virginia water has yet to recede in some areas and residents are bracing for more wet weather today. drone having rain caused flooding in charleston, south carolina stranding cars and even shutting down that city. authorities charged a teenage inner connection with 15 robberies near drexel university campus. up investigators say the 14 year-old suspect is seen in this video attempting to use a victim's atm card inside a convenient store. this happened at 38th and aspen. philadelphia a police tell us that the suspect lives in the neighborhood. he is walking out of the
7:34 am
store we noticed he was short because his shoulder went up to the push bar on the door. we still expect him to be as the the victim described 18 to 25 but we were shocked when we learn he was only 14 years of age. >> majority of the victims were female students. seven robberies happen in the last ten days. father of the gunman who killed nine people at a oregon community college, says that he had no idea that his son had guns. he also believed gun laws should change. iain mercer said he is struggling to understand how and why that shooting occur. the christopher shawn harper mercer had had 14 guns and took six to campus. ten people died in that shooting, including the gun man. the officials say harper mercer took his own life after officers arrived. well, we are learning more about some of the victims of that attack including the survivors. cbs news maria, has more. >> reporter: sixteen year-old shayann fitzgerald is youngest shooting survivor. she was attending college to
7:35 am
be a nurse. her mother bonnie says moment she heard about the the shooting she dropped everything and drove straight the to the hospital. >> you heard the news, came straight over here, was that mother's intuition that brought you here. >> there is no other answer, but mother's intuition. >> reporter: fitzgerald was in the writing class targeted by the the shooter christopher harper mercer but did not know him. she was shot the through her shoulder, grazed her lung and lodged in her kidney which doctors removed. fitzgerald's mother says there is a sense of guilt that comes along with knowing that her daughter survived but nine others just did not. >> i'm just really thankful that god let me have my child. >> reporter: but fitzgerald didn't just survive the shooting she helped save fellow classmate and friend ana boylen. her brother corry a said they were next to each other during the shooting and it was fitzgerald's idea for ana to play dead. >> she played dead, she didn't breathe, after he asked her to get up a couple of times,
7:36 am
he asked the girl sitting next to her is she alive and the girl said she's not with us any more. >> reporter: boylen said those few words saved his sister's life. >> the family credits your daughter, for saving ana's life, how does that make you feel. >> 7:36 right now. republican presidential candidate donald trump is suggesting that arming teachers in the the wake the of the thursday's mass shooting in oregon. gunman shot and killed nine people and injured nine more when he opened fire on the campus of umpqua community college in roseberg. the campus was a gun free zone. trump allude todd that being part of the problem at a campaign rally yesterday in tennessee. >> the second amendment, to our constitution is clear, now, this is in light of what has gone on in oregon. every time something happens they don't blame mental illness that are mental health carries out of whack and all of the other problems.
7:37 am
by the way, it was a gun free zone. i will tell you if you had a couple of the teachers or somebody with guns in that room, you would have been a hell of a lot better off. you would have been a hell of a lot better off. >> trump also vows up to hold gun rights the while attacking calls for more gun drone troll. vice-president joe biden says there is in longer any question that transgender people can serve in the military. biden gave a keynote address to the prominent lgbt hugh map rights campaign group in washington. he says all americans are qualified, and should be permitted to serve. welshing pope francis opened up a meeting of the world's bishops today by a earth is ago this marriage is between one man and one woman this comes one day after the vatican fired a priest who came out as gay and international controversy, that the pontiff met with kentucky clerk kim davis. cbs news correspondent vanita nair has more on the don't surrounding the the pope's views of homosexuality. >> reporter: four three-year
7:38 am
old christopher, appeared with his partner known only as eduardo. i came out, he said. it is a very personalty situation. the catholic church's hold of the world a very difficult, abe very tough decision. vatican did not site a specific reason for his firing but criticized the timing. the decision make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod, appears to be very serious and irresponsible since it aims to subject the synod assembly to undue media pressure. >> timing is not a coincidence. he is applying pressure. >> reporter: this is a procedures or of the theology at the university of notre dame. she says while the pope has made gestures welcoming gays, lesbians, and women who have had abortions, he has also underscored the church's commitment to traditional heterosexual families. while he met with the homosexual couple during his visit to the u.s., he also met with kim dave us, county clerk from kentucky, who refused to
7:39 am
issue same sex marriage licenses. >> are we getting very different images of what this vatican is, in terms of is it accepting or is it the not? >> it does seem to be a pope francis is talking out of both sides of his mouth. the issue is all pope francis has changed is tone. and tone doesn't necessarily make for any fundamental change in the church. so, if it seems to us, that there is some contradictions here and there is mixed messages, that is because pope francis has changed the tone in which he talks about homosexuality without changing what the the church is actually saying. >> he says that he has been fired from the vatican he can still be a priest if he is celibate. a local bishop will make that decision. vanita nair, cbs news, new york. it is 7:39. still to come on "eyewitness news" we are live as the three day kicks off, cherri. >> 40 miles down, 20 to go,
7:40 am
i'll be live here at the kick off for the the last leg of the komen three day. plus still some wind sticking around but we may see some sun today, won't that be nice. we will have more in the big changes on the forecast coming up next. ♪usic: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian ♪ ♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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the final day of the the three take walk for the cure. last 20 miles of the 60-mile inspirational journey in the fight against breast cancer. cherri greg from kyw news
7:43 am
radio 1060 live at convex center where walkers are about to take off, good morning. and, this weekend nicole, the the party has already started. walkers are going through the starting line here at the pennsylvania convention center, and it is a party, as you can see, folks are dancing a little bit, wearing their pink outfit. i am here, live, with doctor sherry francis, she's a breast cancer survivor, has walk multiple walks and national spokesperson. tell me what this last leg means to people. >> this last leg is a point in the start of celebration. these individual, made up of survivors, co survivors, some people who have no personal connection with breast cancer have have already walked, some over 40 miles, and they are going to finish these last 20 miles today. they have put their feet to a pavement to bring an end to breast cancer. >> first day it was raining are. yesterday was windy. today promises much better weather. what will be going through
7:44 am
peoples mind that last mile. >> let me see, they will be thinking we will get down and dance a little bit more at closing ceremony. they will be reunited with friend and family that they are beginning to gather at naval yard and these people will have a hot bath in their own beds waiting when they get home. >> and all of this is to raise money for, breast cancer. next time you see me i will be out there with them. live from the pennsylvania convention center cherri greg for cww news radio 1060 "eyewitness news". >> i love the spirit, have a great time, ladies. we will talk soon. >> all right. meanwhile a local happies offering, free mammograms in honor of breast cancer awareness month. it is october, after all. area health helped out uninsured woman at frankford tours dane and langhorne. medical personnel taught woman how to do self-exams. aria health and linda craig breast cancer foundation partnered on the community outreach effort.
7:45 am
if you cannot get to the screening center you can have a mammogram coming to you. health report are stephanie stahl tells us about a new effort to get more women tested. rolling out the breast cancer awareness month. this is a new mobile screening unit sponsored by fox case chancer center and the flyers wife. >> part of flyers wife and flyers charities is to get involved with women's health issues in the community. >> reporter: this mobile unit will be dispatched to under served communities in corporate sites to make getting a mammogram, quick and easy. >> anything that will make it easier for women to get what they need, it the is certainly our goal. if it is convenient, it is easier, to just come ape get it taken care of. >> reporter: doctor catherine evers, director of breast images on the fox chase says it is a mini version of what you would find in a regular screening center. >> it is a standard mammogram unit. >> reporter: digital mammogram. >> yes, definitely. it is really important to detect any cancer early, and so that is what we're hoping for. >> reporter: it is personal information dianne hextall, wife of the flyers general
7:46 am
manager, ron hextall, who had a breast lump removed when she was just 26 years old. >> it is quite scar that i cancer word so it does rattle your cage. >> reporter: dianne's lump was benign but ever since she has been vigilant and wants to spread word about early detection. >> i encourage those sisters and neighbors and friend, family just to go get screened and know the facts. >> reporter: the van will be rolled out as we get through requests of community groups. like with any mammogram women will need a prescription to be screened in the mobile unit. the entire process in the van takes less than 15 minutes. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. time to check with our weather watchers, lauren, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. our weather watchers are up early on this sunday morning giving us crucial reports and temperatures pretty consistent from our weather watchers at this point. generally up into the low to mid 50's. we will check out is what going on, 55 degrees from our weather watchers in cherry hill, lynn and she has commentary, mentioning, still windy, damp, cloudy, perfect,
7:47 am
napping weather and i certainly agree with that, lynn. i think we have all felt that way over the last several days. weather just really does not make us want to get up and adam with the clouds in place. we will head to northwest of philadelphia, right now to perkasie, johnnies reporting 51 degrees right now and he also has, some consistent commentary, just a gray, raw day, and at least it is dryer then yesterday. we have been drying out, we have had that heavy rain on friday, and some showers, yes, yesterday, and as we take a live look right now at burn ville you can see those clouds, still in place. low clouds, but not producing any precipitation at this point. we could see some patchy areas of mist as we head into the next several hours, maybe a passing sprinkle, but otherwise, it is going to be ape generally cloudy day with some breaks, in the cloud deck as we head in the second half of the the day, but we won't get a break from is the the wind, gusting, especially along the coastline, gusting, right now, to 36 miles an hour, in atlantic city. we have had gusts up in the the 40 miles per hour range and that has cause sod coastal
7:48 am
flooding,es specially in north wildwood we have seen in some reports, stone harbor, down in cape may county, minor damage to the boardwalk. that will be a concern as we head through the day-to-day and then starting to wayne, tonight. and temperatures tonight, we're at 56 in philadelphia. fifty-two in trenton. 44 degrees in mount pocono. temperatures as we expand down pretty consistent 40's and 50's across the area which is slightly below average this time of the year. 58 degrees in albany. fifty-five in richmond, virginia. that is where the active weather is to the south of us, as we head into portions of the mid-atlantic and south east with this rain that continues to flow from all off shore, on shore, particularly in the carolinas and in particular, south caroline, we have already seen, six to 10 inches of rainfall, from a stalled out system just off shore, that is not from joaquin but tropical moisture kind of impacting and feeding into that system off shore and we will continue to see the the rain falling, in these area, so, just dangerous conditions, flooding rains,
7:49 am
will continue to fall throughout the day-to-day, cross the coast of the north carolina and south carolina, portions of georgia where we will see addition willal amounts of rainfall as we head in the the next several days of three, four, even 5 inches on top of the heavy rain that has already received. hurricane joaquin the latest there. not a problem for us, still a major hurricane right now sitting in the atlantic ocean. wind speeds up around 115 miles an hour. the storm will continue to drive out to sea, our models finally coming into agreement over about the the last 24 to 48 hours saying this system is not going to be a problem for us and not going to make a u.s. impact. so that is great news, and kind of better news today. chance of the morning sprinkle, cloudy to start and then mostly to partly cloudy as we head into late day. high temperatures today in the lower 60's. we're doing better, starting to climb, overnight tonight, temperatures in the lower 50's, mostly cloudy and breezy. your hour by hour forecast, clouds in place, windy conditions, temperatures better, starting to cool off in the the 50's as we head in
7:50 am
the 7:00 o'clock hour. warming conditions into monday. sixty-seven for the the high. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunshine, and then, temperatures in the 70's. the that is awesome, nicole. >> that is pretty great, lauren, thank you. 7:50. let's check on the roads with ann, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. the this is ben franklin parkway and it is opened for business, this weekend. last weekend, of course, we had the papal visit and the mass this weekend everything is opened, we do have a couple of closures, and left over from the papal visit. one is on 19th street southbound, between vine street and ben franklin parkway and that is still closed due to road construction from the visit. martin luther king drive is closed, that is to the left of the screen between parkway and montgomery drive for recollect creeksal activities. we will move the traffic cam here, right here to 422, a approaching collegeville, in delays or problems on 422, it is a pretty nice ride if you want to get out there and take a sunday ride this morning. we will take the traffic cam to one more place, this is the mid county tolls, of the pennsylvania turnpike, no delays or problems, at the
7:51 am
mid county tolls, further up, heading to the poconos with the northeast extension and pa turnpike, they look okay. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new back to you you. >> great to see the the parkway back opened. >> it is. we will take a short break but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run.
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the eagles in washington square off today in the nfc east contest. bird defense will have a tough test, redskins have the fourth ranked rushing offense, the the eagles ranked number eighth in stopping the run. the eagles looking for consistency from the offense. they have been shut out seven of 12 quarters so far this year. sam bradford has gotten off to a rocky start committing five turnovers and two touchdowns. eagles made just one, third downs, second worst in the league. >> after the last three games we have not converted on third down. if you do not keep yourself on the field it is hard to keep in rhythm. we have to do a better job converting third downs, so we can get in that rhythm. >> i don't think we are too far off. we have to get one or two drives to get going. once we get rolling the confidence will be back and we will not be stopped from there. we have to get this thing rolling. >> phillies season comes to an end today. they have 99 losses. david buchanan will take the hill needing a win so fightins
7:55 am
won't lose a hundred games for the first time in 54 years. yesterday marlins took both games of the double header. game one-third inning phillies down four to nothing bases loaded for codey ash he i. he clears it the with the line drive. freddie galvis, and darren ruf score to make it four -three. next inning, brian at the platt, first pitch, goes to the opposite field, fly ball goes over the wall, for his second home run of the season. game tide. ninth inning, phillies have a run, ken giles in for the the save. does not happen. prodo with the line drive in the right field corner that he cannot get to. chris yellis score. next inning, a grounder past andre blank co to score prodo. marlins take game 17-six. game two u.s. women's soccer team star and delran new jersey native carli lloyd throwing out the first pitch. alex asher got the start, and marlins will take a two to nothing lead in the first with justin bauer hitting a fly ball to center field knocking in two runs.
7:56 am
miguel franco making first start since injuring his wrist in august. in the fourth inning he crush these pitch in the bush necessary center field but just not enough. marlins complete the sweep, with the five-two victory. at city field, nationals, max showerser tossed his second no hitter of the season as washington won one to nothing. max had 17 strike outs setting a team record. last pitcher with two regular season in hitters was hall of fameer nolan ryan two years ago. penn state starts big ten play riding a four game winning streak after beating army. nittany lions with the ball, hand off to nick scott. runs up the middle and scores to give penn state the early lead. final play of the third, christian hackenberg scanning field, looking, looking, looking and find his man down the side line for a 33-yard touchdown. penn state with the 20-seven leading in the fourth quarter, army cut that lead to six. under two minutes left lions defense came up big, big sack,
7:57 am
that sealed the deal, penn state with their fourth straight win, 20-14 the the final. to soccer union on the road facing toronto 63rd mink, ball end up on the foot of, jozy, his shot beat andre blake, union lost three-one. that is all for sports. have a great the day. coming up at 9:00 nfl today, at 9:30 jets and dolphins playing in london there will be no cbs sunday morning or face the nation today. they will be back next week. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have at 8:00. imagine never need to go look down at your dashboard to check out how fast you are driving? three on your side jim donovan looks at new technology that can allow to you read text messages while still keeping your eyes on the road. this sound suspect. we shall see. and a new drug free non-invasive way to battle different types of pain. a strap you wear on your leg. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how the the f.d.a. approved the device. rain i and raw this
7:58 am
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a house washed away right in the water, cape may county landmark falls victim to the coastal storm. we will hear from the home owner coming up. meantime a much different picture on storm scan three, then we have seen lately, the the rain has moved on, we're happy to report and we're looking for clear skies ahead. today is sunday, october 4th, good morning, so glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer at 8:00 o'clock and a new face joining our


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