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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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i mean, that... that's frightening. how did the hacker do this? nelson: means the target went after the doll. through wi-fi. this is war driving. the target parked outside the victim's home, spoofed the dhcp address of the router to connect to the doll. russell: all right, so you guys figured out how the hacker did it. so can we make use of his handiwork to catch him? mm, that's a problem. the only digital dust left by the target on barrett's router is the mac address of his device he used. nelson: yeah, which doesn't help much. it's very tough to find a device that only has a mac address. it's like having a fingerprint that's not in a database. well, maybe we can find him through his patterns of life and behavior. what was the total value of all the items stolen from the barrett home? less than 600 bucks. and the other houses? no more than four grand total. okay, that is a lot of work for a little return. doesn't make any sense when he's sitting on something so much more valuable. wait. what's that? zero days. two of 'em. ryan: one for p-tech, and one for marla doll. they're worth at least $200,000 each. well, that's his endgame. money, money, money.
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wait, wait, wait. i'm sorry. does that work? the companies will pay him to stay quiet and to stop the intrusions. all right, but then why would he risk entering a house to steal what, like, four grand? he needs to prove the exploits really work in order to collect. a hacker's real power is behind the computer. they rarely risk exposure in the real world, so it's highly unlikely that our hacker would enter the barrett home. russell: so, we're looking for two people, right? right. hacker and a thief. so, the hacker used the marla doll to case the house. what room are we in now? the living room. let's count the windows. okay. one, two, three. and took care of the breaking part. then he outsourced the entering. that's when your burglar came through the unlocked window. yeah, i don't imagine our hacker was planning on being an accessory to murder. well, he just made a big mistake. (phone buzzing) i told you not to call me. i just want you to know i took care of it.
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(siren blaring, horn toots) krumitz: hey. so, we know the location of the murder and the location of the dump site. the killer traveled from barrett's home to the warehouse. and his phone would have pinged any towers along that route. well, he had a body in the car, which means our killer would have taken the most direct route to drop scott barrett's body at the dump site. so, let's concentrate on the towers and the most direct path. all right, here are the phone numbers that have those towers in common. based on the time of death and our drive time, we can create a window after barrett was murdered, before the body dumped.
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time stamp will help us eliminate any phones traveling away from the dump site. okay, drumroll. all the phones that pinged in that area and... the towers they have in common. let's see who those numbers belong to. ramirez: hey, check out lonnie swaine. he has a rap sheet and a little habit of breaking and entering. call elijah, see if he can track down mr. swaine. (beeping) ryan: time for court? call me. lonnie swaine, fbi. moving into this room. clear. clear! follow me, check the kitchen. (gurgling) call the emts. man: yes, sir! (gurgling, gasping) (whirring)
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she was shaken and scared, and right away she told me what she had done. man: and what did francine tell you happened? krumitz: she shot taylor pettis. did she tell you why? he was stalking her. man: the two of you had seen taylor pettis at a diner the day before. yes. did she mention him stalking her then? no. what do you do for a living, agent krumitz? i'm an fbi cyber investigator. which means, you understand what a tower dump is? yes. woman: your honor, i fail to see the relevance of this line of questioning. it speaks to the defendant's claim that she was being stalked. answer the question, mr. krumitz. it's information requested from service providers that indicates the devices that connected with a particular tower. and what does this information include? telephone numbers and a time stamp indicating when the device pinged the tower. okay, so, if i was to show you a time stamp
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from a cell phone that pinged several towers within 30 seconds of another cell phone pinging those same towers, what would you conclude? well, most likely the owner of the first phone was being followed by the owner of the second. perfect. so according to these tower dump records, who would you conclude, in this case, the owner of the second phone is? francine krumitz. attorney: objection. daniel krumitz is not called as an expert witness, and that information has not been entered into evidence. in ten cases over just two days, objection! francine krumitz's cell phone pings a tower again, counselor's assuming after the victim's cell phone facts not in evidence! pings the exact same tower. you can't backdoor the use of these documents. judge: objection overruled. your honor, please! francine krumitz... was stalking taylor pettis. krumitz: you lied to me. you are so selfish.
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found two cell phones in a blender. one belonged to lonnie, the other one was a burner. now, we think the burner belonged to our target, ditched after he stabbed lonnie. and nelson and raven have separated all the pieces and reconstructed both phones. now, lonnie does match the basic description of scott barrett's attacker we pulled from the point cloud image of the game vex. five-ten, 165 pounds, long hair. i'm not sure that'll get us a court conviction. no. lonnie's not talking, despite the fact that he's clinging to his life. the target knew we were onto him. he attempted to kill lonnie, because if lonnie hadn't murdered scott barrett, things would be going along as planned. here's what i don't understand. our hacker could've simply gone to the doll company and to p-tech after the first three burglaries and cashed in. both companies would have dismissed him and used their own employees to find the vulnerabilities. he had to keep them scared. nelson: i got it! i know how to prove the burner was our hacker's phone. there's no identifying info on the burner. no texts, no contacts,
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no calendars-- all empty. but there was one database bursting with info. mundo: motion processor data. measures the phone's movement. like up and down, left and right. nelson: and better than that, the chip is so sensitive that it records even the tiny vibrations. so you're gonna tell us how these vibrations connect to these numbers? yeah, well, those numbers represent our vibration, and each row of six numbers is a single keystroke. the tiny movement of our burner, and it has a rhythm. so, you know, i channeled my inner jedi and, uh, i found a pattern. looks like our target was doing something that we do every day. he was typing. nelson: yep. the burner was sitting right next to his laptop, inadvertently recording vibrations as he typed. (buzzing) are you really gonna tell us you know what he was typing? yes, indeed. come here. see, i mapped the position of every letter on the standard keyboard-- right or left, top to bottom-- which means there are corresponding letter positions for every word in the online dictionary. mundo: keystrokes become coordinates, like locations on a map.
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nelson: mm-hmm. and on a map, you get location; on a keyboard, you get words. ryan: wait, this is gonna tell us what our target was typing? mundo: i mean, nelson, this is great, but... unless the target i.d.'d himself to his victims, i don't see how this helps. war driving takes a long time. he could've gotten bored, maybe went online. he might have signed on to his e-mail. search for this. top left, bottom right, bottom left, top right, bottom right. you're looking for an at and dot com. (beeping) and that's our hacker's e-mail address. nelson, call the service provider. let's get a location on this guy. whoever you are, playtime is over. ♪ (sirens wailing) (tires squeal) (sirens approaching)
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monday. from the cbs3 broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". developing tonight, philadelphia has lost a well-known civil rights leader. former president of the philadelphia naacp jerry mondesire has passed away.
11:27 pm
i'm natasha brown, mondesire suffered a brain an original. he headed up naacp more than two decades. he was defended by the national organization last year after questions surrounding finances. mondesire was also known for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. his family released statement saying mondesire was with family and close friends, details are forthcoming. the family wants to thank you, everyone for love and support. mondesire was also a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalist and tonight that organization released a statement reading: the member it's of the philadelphia association of black journalists would like to share our hart felt condolences with his friends and family. turning to the forecast, the storm that caused flooding up and down jersey shore, appears to be over, justin drabick is in our cbs3 weather center.
11:28 pm
what's in store. >> a lot of people waiting for more sunshine, we're going to get had and start to bring back warmer temperatures, highs where they should be for this time of year. here's what's left. storm scan 3, most of the shower activity has ended for the weekend. however, you may run no a sprinkle or two right along the media coast line, you can see the clouds moving in from the atlantic ocean, still through the overnight partly cloudy skies most of the delaware valley. the good news winds continue to diminish, these were a peak wind gusts today, many spots along the coast and south jersey and in delaware, we're not going to see that tomorrow. that's good news. here's a wind gusts right now. wildwood and mount poconos reporting a gust of 20 to 23 miles per hour. however, we have that flow out of the northeast. that's pushing it the water. wash along the delaware bay that some of the title creeks could be miles an hour title flooding over the next half hour as this
11:29 pm
coastal flood advisory continues until midnight. looks like tomorrow most of the title flooding body nonsignificant. 55 in trenton, 50 already down to in allentown, look at some of these suburb, quake town and doylestown. many spots to the north and west, we are waking up in the 40s. the sunshine does return, we'll warm up to the 70's this week. details coming up in the seven-day forecast. natasha. >> thank you. flood waters are finally recedeing in beach towns in new jersey and in delaware. but there are still sign the of the damage the storms left behind. "eyewitness news" rahel solomon has the latest from wildwood. >> reporter: the whipping binds and heavy rain battered many shore towns this weekend. the worst examples scene in this cell phone video shot by blogger tony. >> this is the exact location where the house came off. >> reporter: in part posted to his blog, north wildwood home before it was ripped from it's
11:30 pm
-- apparently because of the storm, and sunday, floating here in the bay. this flooded road on ray yo grand in wildwood, driver sunday carefully testing their luck. you can see the water is at least ankle deep here on rye yo grand. cars have been trying to make their way through this afternoon, meantime take a look, the parking lot of the boathouse restaurant almost completely submerged. >> sitting inside watching the fish. >> reporter: humor has been keeping him entertained as he watched his wildwood jarred disappear under several feast water. he met it with a broom and patience. >> i've been out here since about 6:00. >> reporter: the benchny beneath had to rescue two men stuck in high water possibly in deep as five to six feet, in some area, a pokes man for the fire department tells me one man
11:31 pm
standing on the truck's top when firefighters arrived, but despite the brutal beating and significant property damage for some. >> it's so sad, because everyone is losing so much of their property. >> reporter: no injuries reported. rahel solomon, cbs3 "eyewitness news". parts of delaware are also flooded tonight. this video is from mills borrow, residents are being told the water may not recede until tomorrow. south carolina is still bearing the brunt of this store system. a state of emergency remainss in effect. rising water led to rescues across the state hundreds of road closures and bridge closures. the storm clald at least seven lives of eight how national guards man are on stand by. south carolina's governor nicky haley has issued a curfew in one hard-hit area. >> regardless of where you are in the state, continue to stay
11:32 pm
home and off the roadways. we are at a how to-year level of rain in parts of low country. >> officials say they are anticipating several more inches of rain and no significant clearing until tuesday. meantime we're getting a look at the destruction in the before a had a mas left behind by joaquin. this is aerial video released by the united states coast guard. hundreds of home gone. many residential areas are flooded. the government says it is still working to calculate the extent of the damage to infrastructure and private property. it's for the yet clear if the storm caused injuries or death. still no sign of a cargo ship with 33 people on board missing in the ocean churned up by joaquin. rescuers spotted debris includeing a life preserveer that has the name of the ship on it. it has for the been heard from since thursday.
11:33 pm
new tonight, delaware county are investigating a triple shooting. it happened at about 8:30 on the 21 street area in chester. at 8:30 tonight three people shot and have been hospitalized. there's no word on their conditions just yet. a child was also brought to the hospital. police say the child was hit by broken glass during the should go and not gunfire. officers are searching for the gunman at this hour, no arrests have been made just yet. tonight local universitys are on how alert after authorities say a violent threat has surfaced. they say the threat was made online against a university near the city. it doesn't specify which one. steve patterson has more. >> reporter: campus on alert. >> it's terrifying. i don't feel safe going to chaz tomorrow. >> reporter: federal officials with the fbi and atf informing colleges across the region about an intercepted threat of violence against, quote, a
11:34 pm
university near philadelphia. in that it's supposed to happen at 2:00 p.m. on monday. >> makes me feel unsafe. i have class in the middle of the day. >> reporter: a statement from the philadelphia fbi field office says that the threat i was made on social media. urging law enforcement and campus communities to be aware of their surroundings. >> i don't think in this instance that this is a very specific threat. >> reporter: j. j. just riders a special agent with the fbi 26 years as a man who used to shape alert language from the agency. he can quickly analyze. >> if there were more specific information, this wouldn't is gone out like it had. law enforcement the fbi atf other agencys would have been addressing this specific threat. >> reporter: still being taken seriously. alerts gone out to thousands of students similar to this message from temple saying, quote, police are closely monitoring the situation and keeping in contact with local and federal officials.
11:35 pm
temple police had have increased visibility on campus. the university will have normal operations on monday: just want to road a little bit more from the fbi statement. quote: no specific college or university was identified in the postings. we encourage students, faculty and employees at area colleges and university to follow the guidance of campus security officials. fbi will continue to work with our federal state and local law enforcement partners to investigate threats. we ask public to report suspicious act to law enforcement. in most college campuses across the region, it is business as usual. the extra act to pay a little bit more attention. reporting from the campus of temple university. steve patterson. cbs3 "eyewitness news". as investigators try to figure out why christopher harper mercer went on the deadly ram page, many are calling on their faith now to try to heal


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