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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  October 5, 2015 2:05am-2:39am EDT

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the pulleys, and we had to choreograph it. we worked on it for weeks because it had to look like the movement was initiated by me. when in fact i had no control over the movement. and if i did push off too much, i would start swinging. which then rynes the entire effect. but it was fun. it was like a balance a. in the air, it was rifle i cool. >> okay, let's pretend that this stapler is the he hermies and yu are -- >> teddy. the director of nas. >> cool, tedism you are earth. >> one of my favorites scenes is actually when your character meets teddy sanders for the first time and he doesn't even realize who he is and he just takes use of the entire room. what was it like shoot that go scene? >> really fun. it was like a play. like because ridley just has four cameras and he was like go for it. >> i was really nervous, i like, you know, just do what do you. and it was -- a great time. >> now we are going too fast at this point to fall in to orbit so it's a fly by.
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>> at the end ridley is like can you leave. yeah, that part wag really cool. i had a good time. >> i have done the math, it checks out. >> rich. >> yes. >> get out. >> it's a real sense of community coming together and it's the science community, you know, that are kind of free to react to this human instincts, once i had been given the upper chains of command, they have been released to do this. sort of bond together and utilize everything in their power to help them. >> it's an uplifting move that i way. everybody gets involved behind this one person. you know, which probably will hopefully happen in their life. >> if we mess up, he dies. if we mess up and the earth gravity i insists, he dies. >> if you were actually stuck on mars but could be stuck with one of your cast mates, who would you stuck there with? >> that's tough. i probably would -- i think peña
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would be funny to be stuck with, you know, he would be did. >> for four years. >> for four years, he would keep it light. he would keep it light. >> probably michael peña. because -- i don't know that we get like any work done, because -- but he's really funny. >> as a funny dude. i have to say. he is very entertaining guy to be around. >> case. >> sorry, i was going say damon. [ laughter ] >> that's fine, that's fine. >> go ahead. you can say it. >> what? >> me. [ laughter ] >> not jessica chastain, that wouldn't -- no. she would be the last person. [speaking at the same time] >> oh, god, can you imagine on mars with jessica chastain, no. >> very funny. love to play games, so everybody has to be on. >> play games. after working with you on the film. [speaking at the same time] ♪
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♪ ♪ >> is it possible that he's still alive? ♪ ♪ coming up more on "the martian" as director ridley scott and author andy weir take united states behind the screen. >> and we'll hear from the stars of "the keeping room," brit marling and hailee steinfeld. >> i am ridly scott the director of "the martian," welcome to "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood ♪ remeber uncle pete? don't let their cute little fingers fool you. they're quick. they're strong. they're ruthless. they have their bag of tricks. but so do you. a free 12 month guarantee. find the look you love starting from $38. if they break, get them replaced with a complete new pair. so you're covered when adorable strikes again.
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♪ made in hollywood author andy weir originally sold his book "the martian" on amazon for only 99 cents. >> now legendary director ridley scott takes this ultimate survival story to the big crean and he shows us how he did. >> hi, i am ridley scott, i am the director of "the martian." welcome to "made in hollywood." >> i gotta figure out a way toll grow three year's worth of food here. on a planet where nothing grows. >> i know that you have really strong visuals in your mind when you go in to making a film. >> yeah. >> so what was that vision that you had? >> i do a lot of research by looking at lots of martian pictures which seem to be lots of flat rubble landscape which you can do on the back of the lot. >> the back. >> you served as a consultant for this film. >> uh-huh. , i did. >> what exactly did you do? or how was that experience when
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ridley scott says, hey, i want to you help me with this movie called "the martian"? >> he called nasa headquarters and they nastily came to me, the public affairs officer and said, could you call and talk to ridley scott in the next two hours. and i said, the ridley scott? he said, yes. and i said, sure, i'll clear my calendar. >> i am a botanist. >> it's easy to research and learn about things that you are passion on. the martian volcano is the biggest -- it's 59,000 feet, which is 25,000 feet hire than everett so there is going to be a lot of big rocks there, so i knew that i had to go to syria, and i shot all of that stuff there. >> ridley's preach was let's make martian "the martian" as realistically as we can from a set production approach. the habitats and vehicles and the mars ascents vehicle. and all that had to be laid out to understand what nasa is doing is a natural thing for him to do
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next. >> mars, will come to fear my botany powers. >> at the core of this film and this story, though, is this amazing character what the knee, he's so likable that utilitarianism is out of the window, bring this guy home. everything that it takes. >> yeah. >> but he's mr. -- matt is really one of the pleasantest experiences that i have had with an actor. he's a real partner in the process. and like my actors to be partners with me when i work. >> how accurate is the screenplay to your book? >> it's very close. fans of the book will not be disappointed. of course they had to cut stuff out otherwise it would be a 10-hour movie. but the stuff they cut out is if they had asked me what i would cut out. drew put together a screenplay that makes it so able to be shown visually. in the book it's just basically first person narration from mark in the form of log entries. so he came up with the idea,
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drew did, of having go pros all over the place and he's talking to them as as his log. >> all right. everyone just a few minutes now before we leave for mars. >> and that just brings it back to being a visual medium. i thought it was a stroke of genius. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the american western is turned upside down in "the keeping room" as three women are forced to defend their home against renegade civil car soldiers. -- civil war soldiers. >> i am brit marling. >> i am hey slow steinfeld. >> and here a scene from "the keeping room." >> i remember daddy telling a story about a girl and his sister. the girl was going to be killed by a gang. >> i know that there is a traditional like guy walks in to a saloon and this move is literally like girl walks in to the saloon or -- and i think for sure it's probably pretty --
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it's very different to see three young women pick up weapons and defends themselves in a way that is like actually possible. >> what if it's the end. world and we are the last ones left. >> there is sort of nothing in the movie that's c.g.i. or green screen or like stunt doubles. so there is something really fresh about that. ♪ >> i think that alone is what makes it different. the fact that it's a woman centered cast. ♪ ♪ >> we have to fight. >> what's going on? >> help. >> we just are not used to seeing women lead action on screen. and to do it in like a believable way. >> come out. >> a man comes through no matter what, you shoot. >> there are more women in this movie than true grit. i can see part of the similarity that his "99 homes" that my character in true grit is similar to the one in "the keeping room." because she goes out and fends
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for herself and i think that's sort of store any general of setting a goal for yourself and stopping at nothing until you achieve it is really carried a lot in in move ♪ >> it was just amazing to work with hailee she's so open and so generous as a performer and so mature that like it's hard not to fall in love with her. >> i am waiting for you. >> i have been looking for you. ♪ ♪ up next, we'll take a look at what's hot on screen with andrew garfield and emily blunt. >> hi, i am emily blunt, you are watching "made in hollywood." honey, do you have the camera? yes, i do. (punctured balloon) (gasp) ooh... hi, can i help you? ugh, i need an eyeball. we should find something here. ooh!
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♪ made in hollywood here is what's hot on screen.
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"sicario" takes a powerful look at the violent drug wars against mexican cartel as an fbism agent questions whether playing by the rules actually makes danks. >> hi, i am emily blunt and you are watching "made in hollywood." here is a scene from my new film "sicario." >> the state department is pulling an agent that specializes in cartel activity. >> fb i feel. >> you will be part of the team. >> what's our objective? >> to dematic i believely overreact. >> i am on to you. >> okay. >> you are only doing roles in movies that are fantastic in movies that are great. correct? >> i am not going to answer that. but if that's your perception, that's good. >> the roles are pretty solid. >> i am happy to hear that. when you pick a role you have no idea how it will turn out. >> do you want to be a part of this? >> do we get an opportunity at the men responsible for today? >> was this role specifically written for a woman? >> no, it absolutely was written for a woman. and i think taylor sheridan the screen writer gotta approached by a fans ear who said we'll up
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your budget if you make her a dude. what? yeah. welcome to hollywood. and he said, no: thank god. i think the dynamic would have been completely weird if she had been a guy. we have all seen that film before. >> you have to be careful around these people. >> ♪ >> you saw things you shouldn't have seen. >> even after this movie was over, after it was all said and done, i couldn't tell if your character was a good guy or a bad guy. how did you find him? what did you make of him? >> i don't really judge my characters that much. i mean, i play them, i try to understand them. i think he's a good guy, but i don't agree with his tactics. >> nothing will make sense to you. ♪ ♪ >> what was your relationship with like -- with benecio on the set? you two characters i i initialy butt heads? >> yeah, i have known him for years spiral i love him. i love watching him work. he's a pretty astonishing actor.
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>> emily blunt, josh brolin, two of my favorite actors around. i have known them for a while. they are like -- every time we see each other we are just almost like family in a way. >> this character was so intense. >> i know. >> like so intense. >> as a campy cat. people don't know that about him. >> he is. >> i another going to tell everyone what you did. >> that would be a major mistake. >> here is what's hot on screen in "99 homes." a recently evicted single dad is forced to choose whether he's fighting against a corrupt system or if he's part of it. >> i am andrew garfield. this is "made in hollywood" and this is a scene from the new film "99 homes." >> i am rick carver, this home has been foreclosed on. >> that's not happening. >> i need you, your mom, and son to step off the property. pack whatever you need. >> oh, my god. >> do you have to stands there
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while she packs up? is that right? >> this movie really like left a pit in my stomach from early on. what is it about this intensity or what is it about this film that gets me to do that? [ laughter ] >> i love you to answer that question. i little it's different for everyone. even though i have never been evicted and i have never been on the receiving end of that kind of treatment. i know what it is somehow. >> it's something that we can all identify with. this feeling of wanting to have a home and wanting to feel like you have a sanction wary and how horrifying it is that the notion that somebody can take that way. >> being inside it have and watching hundreds of foreclosures and evictions, through documentary footage, that was the real, my god, i can't take this. it's just so devastating. >> you kicked me out yesterday. >> i didn't kick out the bank did. do you do construction, i'll pay you $50.
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>> are you kidding knee. >> fifty dollars shouldn't be a joke to you, son. >> andrew plays desperation so well, juskt read it on his face. >> it's been four years since andrew has been in spiderman and we haven't seen him yet in this kind of maturing in to an adult actor, a real man. him and michael in scenes i find to be electric because their styles are quite disk. watching them go toe to toe in scene after scene after scene to me is what excited me when i was watching it. >> is this all worth it? >> don't be shocked. >> do you think america gives a flying rats ass about you or me? huh-uh. america doesn't bailout losers. >> your director says that you and michael have really different acting styles. how does that play out on the set? >> both me and michael want the truth of the scene. and we maybe approach it in different ways. >> it's been a long time since i worked with somebody like andrew, who took it that seriously. and you could tell that andrew really cared about these people.
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he was really fighting toll tell their story. >> only one in 100 is going to get on that arc, son. every other poor soul is going to drowned. >> stay tuned, there is more coming on "made in hollywood." >> you're a girl, right? >> let me guess. it's about that little red haired girl again. >> look, charlie brown, if you want to win a girl's heart, take her to the movies. >> the movies? >> relax. that's the easy part. visit but first you have to ask her. >> huh. >> aah. [ door bell ] >> hello? >> i got to work on asking her. but at least at it's easy. >> don't be a block head.
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thanks for watching "made in hollywood." >> don't forget to check out our website for more of what's hot on screen. ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood ♪
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monday. from the cbs3 broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". developing tonight, philadelphia has lost a well-known civil rights leader. former president of the philadelphia naacp jerry mondesire has passed away. i'm natasha brown, mondesire suffered a brain an original. he headed up naacp more than two decades. he was defended by the national organization last year after questions surrounding finances. mondesire was also known for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. his family released statement saying mondesire was with family
2:31 am
and close friends, details are forthcoming. the family wants to thank you, everyone for love and support. mondesire was also a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalist and tonight that organization released a statement reading: the member it's of the philadelphia association of black journalists would like to share our hart felt condolences with his friends and family. turning to the forecast, the storm that caused flooding up and down jersey shore, appears to be over, justin drabick is in our cbs3 weather center. what's in store. >> a lot of people waiting for more sunshine, we're going to get had and start to bring back warmer temperatures, highs where they should be for this time of year. here's what's left. storm scan 3, most of the shower activity has ended for the weekend. however, you may run no a sprinkle or two right along the media coast line, you can see the clouds moving in from the atlantic ocean, still through the overnight partly cloudy skies most of the delaware valley.
2:32 am
the good news winds continue to diminish, these were a peak wind gusts today, many spots along the coast and south jersey and in delaware, we're not going to see that tomorrow. that's good news. here's a wind gusts right now. wildwood and mount poconos reporting a gust of 20 to 23 miles per hour. however, we have that flow out of the northeast. that's pushing it the water. wash along the delaware bay that some of the title creeks could be miles an hour title flooding over the next half hour as this coastal flood advisory continues until midnight. looks like tomorrow most of the title flooding body nonsignificant. 55 in trenton, 50 already down to in allentown, look at some of these suburb, quake town and doylestown. many spots to the north and west, we are waking up in the 40s. the sunshine does return, we'll warm up to the 70's this week. details coming up in the seven-day forecast. natasha.
2:33 am
>> thank you. flood waters are finally recedeing in beach towns in new jersey and in delaware. but there are still sign the of the damage the storms left behind. "eyewitness news" rahel solomon has the latest from wildwood. >> reporter: the whipping binds and heavy rain battered many shore towns this weekend. the worst examples scene in this cell phone video shot by blogger tony. >> this is the exact location where the house came off. >> reporter: in part posted to his blog, north wildwood home before it was ripped from it's -- apparently because of the storm, and sunday, floating here in the bay. this flooded road on ray yo grand in wildwood, driver sunday carefully testing their luck. you can see the water is at least ankle deep here on rye yo grand. cars have been trying to make their way through this afternoon, meantime take a look, the parking lot of the boathouse
2:34 am
restaurant almost completely submerged. >> sitting inside watching the fish. >> reporter: humor has been keeping him entertained as he watched his wildwood jarred disappear under several feast water. he met it with a broom and patience. >> i've been out here since about 6:00. >> reporter: the benchny beneath had to rescue two men stuck in high water possibly in deep as five to six feet, in some area, a pokes man for the fire department tells me one man standing on the truck's top when firefighters arrived, but despite the brutal beating and significant property damage for some. >> it's so sad, because everyone is losing so much of their property. >> reporter: no injuries reported. rahel solomon, cbs3 "eyewitness news". parts of delaware are also flooded tonight. this video is from mills borrow,
2:35 am
residents are being told the water may not recede until tomorrow. south carolina is still bearing the brunt of this store system. a state of emergency remainss in effect. rising water led to rescues across the state hundreds of road closures and bridge closures. the storm clald at least seven lives of eight how national guards man are on stand by. south carolina's governor nicky haley has issued a curfew in one hard-hit area. >> regardless of where you are in the state, continue to stay home and off the roadways. we are at a how to-year level of rain in parts of low country. >> officials say they are anticipating several more inches of rain and no significant clearing until tuesday. meantime we're getting a look at the destruction in the before a had a mas left behind by joaquin. this is aerial video released by the united states coast guard. hundreds of home gone. many residential areas are
2:36 am
flooded. the government says it is still working to calculate the extent of the damage to infrastructure and private property. it's for the yet clear if the storm caused injuries or death. still no sign of a cargo ship with 33 people on board missing in the ocean churned up by joaquin. rescuers spotted debris includeing a life preserveer that has the name of the ship on it. it has for the been heard from since thursday. new tonight, delaware county are investigating a triple shooting. it happened at about 8:30 on the 21 street area in chester. at 8:30 tonight three people shot and have been hospitalized. there's no word on their conditions just yet. a child was also brought to the hospital. police say the child was hit by broken glass during the should go and not gunfire. officers are searching for the gunman at this hour, no arrests have been made just yet.
2:37 am
tonight local universitys are on how alert after authorities say a violent threat has surfaced. they say the threat was made online against a university near the city. it doesn't specify which one. steve patterson has more. >> reporter: campus on alert. >> it's terrifying. i don't feel safe going to chaz tomorrow. >> reporter: federal officials with the fbi and atf informing colleges across the region about an intercepted threat of violence against, quote, a university near philadelphia. in that it's supposed to happen at 2:00 p.m. on monday. >> makes me feel unsafe. i have class in the middle of the day. >> reporter: a statement from the philadelphia fbi field office says that the threat i was made on social media. urging law enforcement and campus communities to be aware of their surroundings. >> i don't think in this instance that this is a very specific threat. >> reporter: j. j. just riders a
2:38 am
special agent with the fbi 26 years as a man who used to shape alert language from the agency. he can quickly analyze. >> if there were more specific information, this wouldn't is gone out like it had. law enforcement the fbi atf other agencys would have been addressing this specific threat. >> reporter: still being taken seriously. alerts gone out to thousands of students similar to this message from temple saying, quote, police are closely monitoring the situation and keeping in contact with local and federal officials. temple police had have increased visibility on campus. the university will have normal operations on monday: just want to road a little bit more from the fbi statement. quote: no specific college or university was identified in the postings. we encourage students, faculty and employees at area colleges and university to follow the guidance of campus security officials. fbi will continue to work with our federal state


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