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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is an ex interest police press end on colleges and universities in and around philadelphia this morning after possible threat of violence at one of the schools. what law enforcement officials know, how schools are now dealing with the threat. also, a philadelphia civil leader passes away. >> and flood waters are receding object jersey shore, the lasting damage some residents are facing. >> good morning, it is monday, october 5th, i'm erika von tiehl. quick check on your forecast on the roads with justin a meisha.
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no rain coming in today, with the exception of the shore getting a little sprinkle. other than that, little sunshine today, that helps out your morning heading back to work and school. helpings bring up your mood a little bit. still clouds over us right now, there are breaks in the clouds. call it partly sunny today, still nice and dry on storm scan3, pretty chilly. still have the breeze to deal with out of the northeast, sustained winds at around 12 miles per hour, still up around 20, toward the shore, but not as windy as it has been. still, with the flow coming in out of the east, we still have the push of water coming up the coast. so coastal flood advisory until 7:00 tonight. mainly for the delaware bay, some of the tidal creeks, cumberland county, cape may county, kent and sussex county, delaware, keep that in mind, maybe minor tidal flooding. fifty-three at the airport, 40's in many suburbs, just north and west, certainly jacket, sweatshirt wet they are morning, check it out, quakertown at 46 degrees, 46 doylestown, not done yet,
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probably dropping another couple of degrees before sunrise, breaking down your morning, again, partial sunshine, 55 by 9:00. shower, 61 degrees, still, cool for this time of year, but we will take the sunshine with high up to 67 for philadelphia, mid 60s at the shore, still windily with clouds, and looking good in the poconos, with high of 60 degrees in the sunshine. now as we progress over the next few days, temperatures will warm up above average, talking mid 70s in the forecast, breakdown when that arrives in a few more minutes, we head over to meisha for a check on the roads. >> good morning, welcome back after weekend that just goes all too quickly, doesn't it? okay, so here is a live look from mobile three, what we had here is water main break, this is happening since saturday, somerton, section of philly. this is southampton road between theresa drive and kovax drive. because of this it, looks like the road is still open. but there are restrictions in place. so, for those of in you this area, somerton section of philly know that the road is
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still open, restrictions in place. another area where we have construction, business route 30, you are closed here, in this area, in both directions. for those every in you and around this area, you might want to just make note of that. ninety-five at cottman looking good, s curve looking nice, and quiet, roadways are dry this morning, that's always great news, ben franklin bridge, beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge, lights lit up, still dark out, there still early for those every you waking up, grabbing your cup of coffee with us, so glad you're here, we know mondays are tough, they can be tough. also the lands dale doylestown line shuttle bussing starting today through december week dade 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar, make note. that will also to the wide, you can see, things looking good, nice and green, meaning, everyone is till traveling around, at posted speeds as they should. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. local universities are on high alert this morning after fbi warning. the threat of violence posted on social media did not
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specify though which university is the intended target. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now outside temple university with the latest information on this. good morning, jan. >> reporter: erika, good morning, that's very important distinction to make. the fbi says that no specific college or university with specifically named this this threatening post, however, in an over abundance of cautious, an investigation now underway. campus communities all across the delaware valerie being alerted about the situation. take a look at the video, temple university here is on high alert, they have normal operations today. but the schools increase the visibility of it police officers. school leaders are encouraging student to be aware of their suggestion and report any suspicious activities as well. now, colleges and university across the delaware valerie doing much of the same. thousands of students and thousands of alerts have been sent out about this threat. on sunday, federal officials with the fbi and atf informed schools of social media posting which threatened
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violence at quote philadelphia area college or university. according to the threat, that's supposed to happen today, monday being october 5th, 2:00 p.m. now, the fbi says it will continue to work federal state and local law enforcement to investigate. >> if there were a more specific threat, if there were more specific information, this wouldn't have gone out like it had, law enforcement, fbi, atf, other add agencies would have been addressing this specific threat, if they new one individual had made this threat, they would be investigating that person. and i'm not reading any of that in what we have seen so far. >> reporter: still, this threat is being taken very seriously. again, campus communities all across the delaware valley are being asked to stay alert, report any suspicious activities, and coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from the student body here at temple university about how they feel. so stay with us. reporting live at temple university, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, can't be too careful. meanwhile, student who was spared by gunman during deadly
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rampage on oregon college campus, we're learning she received an envelope with flash drive from the shooter then forced to watch as her classmates were killed. pastor randy's daughter was in the class, says christopher sean harper mercer given develop open to another student in the class and told them to give it to police. law enforcement official previously said a manifesto from harper mercer was recovered it the scene. nine people killed in thursday's shooting. harm err mercer kill himself. it is sentencing day for christina, convicted of kidnapping and molest ago five year old girl in 2013. her claim to be the girl's mother shoe she abducted nerve west philadelphia elementary school. child was found the next morning at upper darby playground. philadelphia has lost a well known civil right leader. former president of the philadelphia naacp jerry, has passed away. he died last night. he reportedly suffered a brain
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aneurysm while undergoing kidney dialysis. fifty-six year old headed up philadelphia's naacp for more than two decades, suspended last year over questions about finances, at the local chapter. he was also known for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. >> his family released a statement saying quote he was with family and close friends. details about the memorial service are forthcoming. the family wants to thank everyone for their love and support. he was also a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalists, that organization released a statement reading in part here: the members of the philadelphia association of black journalists would like to share our heartfelt condolances with his family and friends. >> right now it is 4:37. shore towns up and down the jersey coast are hoping for some dry conditions today after storms reaked havoc for some. as late as yesterday afternoon, this was the scene in wildwood. storm flood waters refused to recede in some spot making for
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pretty difficult clean up. back bay seeing rough waters, heavy winds. one wildwood resident said she has some frightening moments at night during the height of the storm. >> i had to go out in the dark and move my car, like 18 inches of water, up here, i had to walk back in the dark. >> what was that like? >> that was really terrifying. because i was holding onto everything i do find. >> working with the state department of environmental protection to determine how to remove a house that actually collapsed into the bay near north wildwood. >> now, south carolina they are still bearing the brunt of this storm system. state of emergency remains in effect as rising waters led to rescues across the state along with hundreds of road and bridge closures. that storm has claimed at least seven lives. 8,000 national guards men are on stand by this morning. officials say they're anticipating several more inches every rain, and no significant clearing until
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tomorrow. election day in pennsylvania now just four weeks away. today is the deadline to register for the november 3rd election. philadelphia voters will elect a new mayor. stateside or rather the ballots will also include three supreme court seat also up for grabs. to register, hop on line to the pennsylvania department of state web page for an official form. >> there is much more to come here on "eyewitness news", the eagles lose an again, not what you want to wake up to, and fans are getting pretty fed up. more on yesterday's awful performance against washington. >> and, it was a cold, windy and rainy weekend, but that does not stop a thousand walkers from treking 06 miles to fight breast cancer. more on why so many brave the elements to fight for a cure. and, finally, a change in the forecast, we dodge the hurricane joaquin bullet. now the weather hey looking pretty pleasant for your work week, justin has a check, and the sun is returning, too, that and more when we c
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>> weary walkers in pink, completing the susan g. komen for the cure. about a thousand walkers began that journey in the rain friday, so called out, there braved the rain and wind and walk 06 miles in hopes of finding a cure for breast cancer. >> as much as our feet hurt, and the weather, you know, was not great, it is nothing compared to what you go through when you're fighting cancer. >> the three day walk raised $2.7 million, just fantastic. over the past decade there is event has raised $50 million overall. just terrific. >> we wish we had better weather for the walker, at loose now getting more sun. >> perfect timing for the start of the wok week, temperatures warm up. it was chilly over the weekend? first real taste of fall. >> yes, and had to turn the heat on. but we warm it upright where it should be for this time of year. so wacking up this morning, little cool, but we will see the sunshine return. not in full today. still some clouds around. but, each day we'll see mostly
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sunny skies returning. not as windy, that's good news, with the sunshine yes talking about warmer temperatures on the way. here is the set up right now. still storm scan3 does look active. clouds pushing in from the atlantic. southern storm bringing the steady rain still to south carolina where they already saw over 20 inches every rainfall in some spots over the peaks three days, here's joaquin, north and west of bermuda, continues to move off the atlantic, doesn't bother us except for higher surf over the next couple every days. chilly, north and west, in the 40's in a lot of the sub freshes philadelphia on southward. little milder. but the flow continues out of the northeast, there is some cool air, 47 in scranton, again, silk below average once again today. we will see again improvement over time, as the storm system builds off shore. seeing temperatures back into the 70s as the sunshine returns. don't expect a lot of sun along the shore, still some clouds today. the farther west you are from the coastline, see increasing sunshine, we will clear it out tonight, tomorrow, back to
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mostly sunny conditions through much of the region. temperatures today, there go, mid and upper 60s at best. cool this time of year, 70s where we should be, another chilly night tonight. we wake up with temperatures in the 40's tomorrow morning. look at that, tuesday, widespread low, 70s for afternoon temperatures, forecast high today 67. partly sunny skies, miler, northeast wind down to about ten to 15 miles per hour, still breezy at times along the coast. tonight clear, cool, 53 for center city 40's in the suburbs. extended forecast nice dry spell through thursday, sunshine, low and mid 70s for the highs, then see showers late in the day friday as our next cold front moves through. erika, we send it back to you. >> oh, those 70s look great, justin, thank youment eagles were in last place after last minute lost in washington. the eagles had a fourth quarter lead after this touchdown from sam bradford to miles austin, new kicker caleb, he missed the field goal and extra point in the game. and that gave washington an opening. the they took advantage with touchdown with just 30 seconds left.
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washington wins this one, 23 to 20. >> i don't fault -- they all played hard, they all give you everything they got. certain things we got to do and we have to execute. we had couple of key drops in the fourth quarter, we crash those balls -- >> i think everyone little frustrated right now. you know, this is obviously not where we wanted or expected to be after week four. >> eagles fans sounding off about the team's disappointing start and they're certainly not minutes g words. >> it is a disgrace. they ought to fire chip kelly, get him out of town. >> eagles do what they do every year, disappoint us. >> it was an awful game. they played terrible again. chip kelly has got to go. >> eagles lost. the offense and defense stunning. >> there you have it. well, hey, philly now wrapping up disappointing season of their own fight to go avoid losing 100 games for the first time in more than a half century. phils errupted for four runs in the seventh inning
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yesterday against the marlins in south philly. they won their last game of the season seven to two. they finish with 99 losses, and the first overall pick in june's mlb draft. better year next year, right, guys? >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", one big retailers think they cracked the code to get shoppers to spend more money. details coming up in your money report. first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> local universities are on high alert after fbi warning. a threat of violence was posted on social media. it did not specify which university is the intended target. extra security measures are being implemented, though, just in case. meanwhile, philadelphia civil right leader jerry month sire
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passed away overnight, phone for signature cowboy hat and commitment to fairness and justice. his family says he died from complications from dialysis. and, residents in south jersey, they're hoping to begin cleaning out and drying out after brutal weekends every damaging storms, look at the house right there, chopper waters, rising tides, forced two homes near north wildwood to fall into the bay. cape may county officials will begin working with state officials to figure out how to get those houses safely out of the water. quite a day today. >> right now, 4:49. time for check on your business news, money watch's jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange, hearing for the first time since it opened in 1906 disney may actually change its pricing formula. what are we talking about here? >> yes, disney may base its pricing on demand, for the first time ever, the wall street journal says disney could charge more on busier days to keep the crowds end control, and then slower days to encourage attendance, disney says they want to keep vacations within reach of middle income families.
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erika? >> hey, and shorter lines for rides, too, wynn it sounds like. also one big retailers think the way to customer's wallet could be through their stomach. smacks at snores now? please explain. >> of course. cole's now testing in store cafe's as a way to cheap shoppers longer. so sam's club, already have inch store cafes, kohl's cafe would serve coffee and smacks, like granola bars and cookies. i think that would work for me. err dismay. >> yep. like oh, get a snack, then do one more lap, i understands, they suck in you that way, right? >> yes, you need the energy. >> shopping is not easy. jim, thanks so much. see you later this morning. coming up after the break, we have a check on your traffic and weather together and nicer day today. justin has the
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>> checking the roads with meisha, a good morning. >> good morning to all you have at home. if you are looking hine me, live shot from mobile three. what we have is water main break, happened saturday, in the summerton section of philly. now, this is southampton road between theresa drive and co-vat drive. road is open, as you can see, these travelers are moving on right by, but there is some restrictions in place. >> been in place since saturday, make note, could cause delays for some of you little later. another place this morning, construction, in exton, this is since cleared. route 100 near business route 30. one lane was open since the road had been cleared, but now it is all clear. so looking really good in this stretch. looking at the vine, looking good here, you can see, we starting to get our normal volumes levels start willing in the five hour. we do have bridge repair construction starts tonight. vine will be closing tonight, between 11 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
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this will happen every night this week until thursday, again, closes the eastbound westbound direction, between broad street and 76, remember, this is in east and westbound directions, starting tonight. 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. this will happen every night this week, until thursday. so just a reminder of that. also, lansdale-doylestown line; shuttle bussing starting today. bussing through december, again, this is weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar. just make note of. that will mass transit your checklist, looking all good here. no major delays at the airport. so, other than those few points of construction, water main break, things looking pretty good on this very busy monday morning. erika, back to you. actually, we are going to the weather department. we need to talk about weather actually a lot of people already wondering, are we going to have wet roadways? i know last week kind of through some curve balls for many of us. >> right. rough last week there is week actually looking really good. finally some sunshine to return, nice dry stretch of weather for much of the week across the delaware valley. grab your jacket though this
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morning. it is pretty chilly right nowment check it out, storm scan3, we're dry, just some clouds over us, there are breaks in the clouds, see the moon this morning, so that means we will see partly sunny skies through the day. look at the temperatures, just north and west of the city in some of the suburbs, already down into the 40's, 48 in allentown, 49 reading, mid and upper 50's in south jersey so you're closer to the coast, influence from the warmer atlantic ocean with the breeze, still coming in out of the northeast, here is your forecast today, partly sunny skies, it will be milder still cool though for this time of year. sixty-seven for the afternoon temperature. tonight another chilly night, 53 for center city, and then 40's once again, suburbs, but look at the extended forecast, if you like the sunshine, you will like the next several days, each day actually get warmer up to 72, with full sun on tuesday, wednesday, mid 70s for the high temperature, very pleasant, thursday, still looking good at 70. we will start to see more clouds return on friday, as cold front approaches, it will bring some showers in here, but looks like nothing like we saw over the past few days, just some showers, late in the day, then the weekend dries
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out temperatures right where they should be upper 60s to around 70. erika, we send it over to you. >> thank you, checking stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. south jersey now has it second medical marijuana dispensary and it is opening today in bellmawr. also, now that the pope is gone, the city's gearing up for the next big event, the democratic national convention next summer. >> and, nearly 2,000 millennials in philadelphia this week for the forbes under 30 summit. it is a gathering of young entrepreneurs and innovate ores. check two, three, four times a day on your radio 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we have mower on the eagles lost to the redskins. oh, rough one, right? pat gallen joins us with fan reaction. then the search for missing cargo ship continues. what rescuers found over the weekend. and, a piece of movie magic hits the auction block. just how much princess lay a's
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>> possible threat against a philadelphia area university that has law enforcement issuing a warning. we are live with the details. >> also, a rough weekend at the shore, where flooding rains cause beach errosion. the waters may be receding, there are lasting problems for residents. >> and, a live look right now, at center city from our cbs-3 studios. will the sun make appearance today? justin has your forecast, hopefully that rain's out of here. good morning, today is monday being october 5th, i'm erika von tiehl. justin and meisha keeping an eye on things for us right now. we want to check in with them. good morning. >> good morning, happen mine day, we're back at it, and the roads are looking really good. looking dry. we were dealing with water
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main break that happened over the weekends. i'll talk about that coming up in just a minute. justin, how is it feel howling there? >> little cold. so you're going to need the jacket. i rec. that will yes, talking about 40's in a lot of the suburbs this morning, but it is that time of year. we start to get the cold mornings in here, the sunshine returns this week, and temperatures actually warm back up to the 70s over the next few days, here we go right now, waking up around philadelphia, 52 degrees at the airport, but the suburbs already in the 40's right now, little mild nerve south jersey, still have the wind coming in off the water, still some clouds around, holding the temperatures up. forty-nine in mt. holly, new jersey, 46 degrees quakertown, pottstown, doylestown this hour. we will probably drop another degree or two just before sunrise. not much happening on storm scan3, clouds rolling on through, you can see breaks in the clouds, though, partly sunny skies, will return for today. still, have coastal flood advisory, for the potential for minor tidal flooding, along the delaware bay, some of the tidal creeks, in south jersey and delaware, the back bays, as well, so just keep that


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