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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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do you remember that princess leia goal end bikini? uh-huh it, sold at auction, we'll let you know how many thousands of dollars somebody shelled out. except one of those things you think of star wars, bunts on the head, then also of course the goal end bick keen i. so, somebody paid a loft money for t more important to us here probably locally, the rain finally getting out of here. mack that difference, dry roadways. >> sunshine makes you feel good on a monday morning, and it is cold, though, always tough to get out every bed when it is cold. i had that problem this morning. >> nice to snuggle on the weekend, but now back to work. >> we'll warm it up later this week with the sunshine, here go, 52 at the airport, in philadelphia, upper 40's, in northwest suburbs, allentown 48 degrees, reading at 48. so again, jacket coat weather maybe the hot drink this morning, to keep you warm. but again, through the afternoon, we start to get the sunshine, still pretty strong this time of year. quakertown doylestown both coming in at 46 degrees, this
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hour. storm scan3, nice and quiet, do still have the flow coming in off the ocean, so see clouds rolling on through. there are breaks in the clouds. so we call it partly sunny, throughout your day today. winds coming down little bit. still breezy at times. just sustain winds out of the north to northeast, 15 miles per hour for philadelphia, still, some higher gusts up around 20 to 25 today. along the shore points. and that northeast wind still backing up the water, specially up the delaware bay, so watch out for some of the back base in south jersey and delaware, some of the tidal creeks around times of high tide. could be minor coastal flooding, so that advisory does continue until 7:00 tonight. chilly start today. see sun and clouds, not as windy, it is milder, temperatures in the 60s, casino of break it down hour by hour here. sun and clouds, 7:00, 52 degrees, by one looking at low 60s, afternoon highs do make it into the upper 60s for philadelphia, with high of 67. sixty-six still in the clouds at the shore. and look good in the poconos, sunshine, high of 06 degrees. we will talk about mid 70s coming up in the seven day in
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just a few minutes and whether we could see the next chance every rain. no chance of rain today. >> good news, justin, mid 70s even some 06 to 70, just makes such big difference, will feel awesome. good morning, everyone, ham my n day. taking look at the ben franklin bridge, live look outside for you, looking real nice. still dark out, there still have the beautiful light across the bridge, looking good, both in the eastbound and westbound directions, in fact, i was casino every looking at this, even coming into jersey, moving in the eastbound direction, we would look like we're kind of volume levers picking up. forty-two freeway northbound, looking good, see the volume all levels certainly are in existence there. we love course see this steadily increase as we move into the 6:00 hour. right now kind of holding steady just lick this, looking good, as you approach 295 for those every you coming out of jersey, in i where i look, pretty good. here is a look at the vine, now starting tonight we do have bridge repair construction between broad street and the schuylkill, both in the eastbound and westbound direction, now there is goes in effect tonight at 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and that will repeat itself
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every day this week until thursday. again, the vine will be closing down eastbound and westbound, between broad street and the stuck, 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m., until thursdayment then flooding, egg harbor new jersey, east black horse pike, past route nine, right lane block for those of you in and around this area, i know that flooding has been quite an issue, we certainly have some right there. make note of that. water main break saturday starting saturday somerton section of philly southampton between crease a and co-vats drive. rode open. erika, back to you. >> thank you. oregon community college at the center of last week's shooting rampage reopens today. student ken retrieve their belongings and get counselling, clause cents will not be in segment cbs news correspondent chris martinez with the latest from rose berg, oregon. >> members will be on hands at the community college today as the campus reopens to student
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and staff. the fall semester had only been in session for four days when tragedy struck. adding the small college to string every schools roble by a mass shooting. we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club, but now members, the senior members, are all taking care every us. >> people in rose berg flocked toucher. throughout the city on sunday, to pray for the victims, and show support for survivors. her pastor share his daughter's story. eighteen year old lazy, was in the classroom, last thursday, when chris harper mercer entered and began shooting. >> and he said get out. get up. and she was froze to the floor, played dead. he crossed overlays i, and shot the neck one. >> i'm overwelmed by the support that i've gotten from everybody. >> over the weekend chris minute thanked well wish presser his hospital bed. he was shot several times, as he tried to stop harper mercer from taking more lives.
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a white house petition is now circulating asking president to award the metal of freedom. in rose berg, oregon, chris martinez, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> local colleges and university on high alert after federal authority sent out warning of possible threat of violence. the fbi and atf informed colleges across the region about intercepted threat of violence against quota university near philadelphia. it is supposed to happen at 2:00 p.m. today. that threat was made on social media. >> all little unsafe. i mean, i have class in the middle of the day. >> if there are more specific information, this wouldn't have gone out like it had been. law enforcement, fbi, atf, other agencies would have been addressing this threat. >> threat being taken seriously, alerts have gone out to student g colleges, schools. officials are warning everyone to be on the look-out for
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anything not ordinary. >> new york university student sent report he had bridge to be released, south korean officials say juan moon ju expected to be handed over to south korea at the border today. he with a detailed in april. the south korean student said he war's dollars by soldiers after crossing into north korea from chin a to make a statement. 's permanent resident. united state, been living in new jersey and studying at ncu. police in delaware county, they're investigating a triple shooting this morning, it happened sunday night around 8:30 east 21st street in chester. the three victims were hospitalized. no word right now on their conditions. we're told also a child was brought to the hospital. police say after being hit by broken glass during that shooting. officers are searching for the gunman. so far, no arrest haves been made. >> two people will injured after a vehicle crashes within feet of train tracks in south jersey. it happened sunday afternoon.
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police say an s.u.v. hit a pole on main street near the tracks in riverton, burlington county. one person was air lifted to the hospital with serious injuries. it is unclear what cause that vehicle to loose control. >> 5:37 right now. in business news this morning, a major retailer adding cafes to their stores. let's check in with jill wagner up at the new york stock exchange, more fall out from the weak job numbers, too, right? good morning. >> reporter: well, that's right. good morning, erika. we will satisfy see if there is more fall out from the weak jobs numbers, they came out friday. the dow did finish the day 200-point higher, mostly because of oil prices rebounded, nasdaq jumped about 80. starting today, gooing little trade here at the new york stock exchange, under its new name, alphabet. back in august google announced the restructuring, the company's famous, don't be evil, will no longer be in the code of conduct, but they do say workers should quote do the right thing. coat's thinks the way to one walt set through the stomach.
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retailer it ising in store cafes and way to keep shoppers in the store longer, the kohl's cafe will serve coffee anthrax like granola bars and cookies, and, pepsi going back it the future, with a limited edition pepsi is her expect bottle, the same marty mc fly bought, promotion starts october 21, the same day and year the scene took place. pepsi will sell the bottles on line, for $20, and 15 cents. erika? >> fun to have the pepsi. where are the hoffer boards we were promised? come on, jill. >> reporter: i mean, that's what i think everybody's waiting for. so we'll see. fingers crossed. >> thanks so much. well, the apple watch is now coming to target stores near you, just in time for the holiday shopping season. retail letter begin selling the gadgets at its 1800 stores over the next few weeks we're told all location also have them by october 25th. target's website will have even larger selection to choose from. that watch is also sold right now in best buy stores.
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decks of course, great way to give you some outdoor living space. but, if your deck safe? consumer product safety commission says thousands of people are hurt on decks every year. in this week's angie's list report, jim donovan shows you what to look for to be sure your deck is safe. >> deck builder tom booker sees all kind of decks, and says, when it comes to safety, it is important that the deck is secured with nuts, bolts, not nails, at the ledger. that is the board that sits against the house and connect to the deck. >> most deck collapses, the deck collapses because it detaches from the house at the ledger. so the most krill critical. >> deck clams cents shouldn't be your only concern. railing failures are more common problem, and one that's easily avoidable with regular maintenance. >> if it moving, sharks, soft, you need a professional in, that is signs of larger issues. >> you probably shouldn't wait until you see signs of
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trouble. >> inspect your deck once a year, be sure to check the flashing where the deck meets the house, to headache sure water is not getting in there. wood might rot and cause damage. >> could you do quick check for signs for exposing the post where it goes into the ground, pushing screwdriver into it. if you can push into the wood, you have got a problem that needs some professional attention. >> angie also refreshed having a deck builder inspect your deck rather than a deck maintenance company. a build is her more likely to identify structural issues, rather than just looking at cosmetics. for more information from angie on maintaining your deck, plus a deck safety checklist, visit's list, i'm jim donovan. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", a busy weaken for the coast guard at the shore. we have video that shows the rescue of a person who is thrown off a jet ski. why officials say they reached him just in time, too. >> also, ahead, tornado caught on camera, in china.
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we'll tell you what spawned in twister. >> monday morning, our yu in the control room looking fine there. we have joe, jeb, vince, greg, give us a wife, guys. everyone behind the scenes here making it all happen. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> here is a look at your headlines on cbs-3, local universities are on high alert this morning after fbi warning. a threat of violence was posted on social media. it did not specify which university, though, is the intended target. extra security measures are being implemented. >> also, philadelphia civil rights leader, jerry mondesire, passed away overnight. mondesire was known for his signature cowboy hat and commune it -- commitment to fairness and justice, his family said he died from complications from dialysis. >> and, the eagles are in last place, in the nfc east after a last minute lost here in washington, oh, we're so close. eagles had a fourth quarter lead but washington scored a touchdown with just 30 seconds left. washington wins this one, 23 to 20. >> a big blast in small town, check out the implosion here in iowa.
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>> that decades old ymca building in des moines was brought down, sunday morning. resident woke up early to see that blast, some onlookers said they could feel the heat of the fireball. >> some quick thinking coast guard crews came to the rescue in point pleasant, new jersey, coast guard video here shows man being pulled from the manasquan inlet after being thrown off jet ski. he was hoist today safety and just in time, too, this is rough water it, just slammed the jet ski into the jet i and that man was in danger of being swept into the rocks. >> and a terrifying moment caught on video here, powerful tornado cutting through a busy street. typhoon brought in violent tornado in southern china overturning cars and flattening homes. forecasters in china say as much as 11 inches every rain could fall in some places. >> and justin, just grateful the rain seems to be out of here for us, right? >> good news, because south carolina, some spots, over 20 inches every rain since last fright, and still
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getting -- getting few more inches over the next 24 hours. heading to the neighborhoods from weather watchers, cold this morning, in some spots, out in not being haim. checks in at 46 degrees. eileen, 41 degrees, october, supposed to be cool. pretty much below average for this time of year though. chat worth, mark 51 degrees, little milder, clouds south jersey there go. >> , upper 50s, chesterfield, cardington. sunshine does return over the next several days. not quite as windy, that's good news, but still watch out for some potential for minor tidal flooding in south jersey and delaware, specially on the back bays, then temperatures do warm up back above average, as we head to the middle of the week. who err's what's happening on storm scan3, check it out. actually a lot of activity showing up. there is the stubborn storm over the southeastern part of the us. still tropical connection going on bringing steady rain into south carolina, do not need it. here's what's left of joaquin,
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heading north of bermuda right now out to sea, still some rougher serve expected overment next new days combined. beach errosion possible, wind gusts not as bad as it has been along the coast. >> atlantic city, no the dealing with the 40 to 50-mile per hour gust. starting to get cool, starting to feel or think about the fowl foliage, not seeing whole lot of change right in you in the poconos, just low change, but, that should change over the next few weeks. southeastern pennsylvania, toward the end of october, early november. so we got few weeks to go yet. high pressure over new england, still bringing northeast flow, cool today, 60s but see the sun back through the low 70s on tuesday, mid 70s, for highs on wednesday. lingering clouds, but the farther away you are from the ocean, you will see the sunshine, tonight, we clear out nicely, that allows testimony tours to drop,
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tomorrow, much of the delaware valley. forecast high today cooler than average, 67, partly sunny skies, not as winnie as well. tonight cool night low 50's around center city to 40's in the circumstances shall then check out the seven day forecast, nice october weather, low to mid 70s through the only of the week. watch out for showers friday. doesn't look like anything heff i would occur later on during the day. all right, meisha, a how are the roads looking this morning? >> roads are looking good, nice and dry. looking good. good morning, for all of you just waking up grabbing your cup of coffee, looking good, looking like traditional monday morning, volume levels starting to build now, as we push toward that 6:00 hour. here's a look at south philly, live look outside 95 south taillights moving in the south bends direction at broad. see plenty of them. plenty of tail light, indicating we are certainly getting into the swing every things now, a loft you just starting to hit the roadways, a look at the blue route northbound route one. you can see, both moving in the northbound and southbound
5:49 am
direction, steady flow, indicating again once again that now pushing toward that 6:00 hour, we're really starting to see everyone hit the roadways, which mondays we typically see that even before the 6:00 hour. here's a look at the schuylkill westbound at city avenue for those every out on the schuylkill or on the roosevelt boulevard, trying get to the schuylkill. looking good. looking a lot like. >> this just plenty of headlights out there already to jump start your monday morning, now, two points of construction in new jersey, route 55 northbound past route 674. the right lane is blocked, until 3:30 on this strength. if we go down here, route 55 southbound past route 49, the right lane block, until 3:00 p.m. so two-point of construction there in new jersey for you. also, flooding, egg harbor new jersey, both directions near fox place past route nine, the right lane blocked due to again flooding in that area. erika, over to you. >> thank you, most dogs like to go for ride in the car, flight but one dog prefers to be in the drivers seat. check it out here, daisy the
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dog driving that little boy named oliver. the carve course is remote controlled. but, the person who recorded that video claims the remote control just accelerates and stops. daisy, it was to would seem, is steering all on her own. oh, hey, see the little pause moving there and the car moves. oh, just the best thing we've seen this morning. that's terrific. >> remember the bikini from princess leia, skimpy golds suit, the winning bid, $96,000. for the bikini t did come with accessories, though, include the collar and chain, that jab a hut used to keep princess leia as his% nerve -- prisoner, and letter of authenticity. the winning bidder chose to not be named. wow, almost 100 grounds. first, what's coming under tonight on cbs-3.
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>> convicted kidnapper will be sentenced today, found guilty of con digging and molest ago five year old little girl in 2013. she claims to be the girl's mother when she and connected her from a west philadelphia elementary school. the child was found the next morning at upper darby playground. >> today is the deadline to register for the november 3rd election. less than month away. election day in pennsylvania,
5:54 am
just four weeks awayment on that day, philadelphia vote letters elect a new mayor, state-wide, ballots will also include three supreme court seat up for grabs. to register, hop on line to the pennsylvania department of state website for official form. >> donald trump is still leading the republican pack in the first two state in the presidential nominating contest. the latest pole shows trump up in iowa with 24%. ben cars owe, though, on trump's heals with 19%. in new hampshire, trump remains in fist players with 21%, carly fiorina not too far behind with 16%. now, those numbers do reflect some slipping for trump in the past month. >> and, don't expect rand paul to drop out of the republican presidential race any time soon. senator says despite poor pole numbers he plans to be in it for the long hall, poultry two and a half million dollars quarter million dollars has sparked ex peck zero peck takes he might drop out of the race soon. however, paul says, he does not need much money to keep up his campaign efforts.
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>> right now 5:54. and the weather cleared up just in time for cape may's october fest. flooding forced the organizers to quickly change the event from saturday to sunday, but, many people down at the shore were still able to enjoy the event. jackson street transformed there, with german music, food, as attend east got to broad crafter h good time. organizers say, they are still happy with the turn out. >> really windy, it was rainy, but, we did have quite a few customers, and gasthaus came down for the weekend. and business was pretty decent, i would have to say. >> the event lasted all day and also included beer gardens. >> over to margate now, lucy the elephant getting a upgrade. famous attraction will have some crumbling wood replace in the her trunk as well as top to bottom paint job. this work does not come cheap though. it will cost $58,000. how about that? now the group that takes care of lucy, they're selling t-shirts, and also using a crowd funding website.
5:56 am
lucy is 134 years old still looks fantastic. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are live with on lynn threat against local university. also, eagles fans, oh, they lose again. fans are fed up. cbs-3 sport reporter pat gallen joins with us more on the birds terrible performance against washington. >> and, imagine this. people rated just like restaurant or services. we'll show you the app that is a long like yelp but for people instead. we'll be right back. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way
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it is terrifying. don't feel safe going to class. >> i'll be more aware every my surroundings. it is a serious threat. we've seen it happen in other place. >> fbi issues warning to student at all colleges and universities near philadelphia after a threat of have i lens is posted on social media. we're live with the detail. also, flood waters are starting to recede down at the shore, but his weekends' storm left a lasting impression. see some of the damage left behind. >> and, chip kelly is under fire this morning. fans want answer cents after another crushing eagles lost to a division rival. cbs-3 sports reporter pat gallen, just walked in the studio, he'll break it all down for us coming up in a couple every minutes.
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>> good morning respect it is monday, october 5th, i'm erika von tiehl. the good news, looks like the rain is out of here. man, still cold when you head outside this morning, right, guys? >> yes, it did feel chilly, didn't it? i actually had found l up. i wore alert jacket this morning. but i hair that we're getting 70s later this week. so that's great stuff. >> you will need the jacket or sweater whatever. it is chilly. but it feels pretty good. good morning for a run or maybe just walking the dog out there. nice and refreshing air mass. skies are clear over center city t means we'll see the sunshine, and temperatures really reflecting the clear skies. we may drop another agree or two before sunrise,check it out, 40's north of philadelphia. suburbs mid 40's, even lower 40's in some of the neighborhoods, 47 in allentown officially as well as reading, a one at the airport, south jersey milder getting the winds over the ocean, more clouds and, 46 degrees in doyle town, 45 in quakertown, this hour. there are some of the clouds specially across south jersey


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