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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> colleges on alert after threat is made on line. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm pat ciarrocchi. social media threat has police and college students in philadelphia on edge today. that social media post threatens violence, against the university, in or around the city of philadelphia, sometime today.
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rahel solomon live with the threat. good 56 noon. >> reporter: good afternoon, while the reported threat is not specifically listed school claims that the reported act of violence would happen today around 2:00 p.m. so, spokes who i've spoken to here at drexel university say they've been testing their friends, their classmates, urging everyone to be safe, and to be careful. nonetheless, people hearsay they're feeling quite nervous. universities around the region tell us that they've stepped up patrols, and police presence out of abundance of caution police press end, very seen on campus, and wart class canceled. drexel put out alert, and everyone try to end near campus building must now swipe their i.d. cards. >> we have to scan in and
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public safety employees at every building. >> not normally like this? >> we don't have to scan to get into buildings. i know the science building you do, but most other ones you don't. >> like you just have to go on with your normal day, hope that nothing happens. >> and since we have ben out here this morning, we too have seen some of the amped up police presence. police tell us they will continue this course throughout the day, meantime, university student tell me, again, they're feeling quite nervous, hoping that nothing happens. we continue to follow this, and bring you new updates beginning tonight at 5:00. for now reporting live at drexel university. rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we'll be on alert in the news room, thanks, rahel. >> residents down the shore, down the jersey shore, starting to dry out after days of rain, and wind, battered the coast. the weaken weather proved to be a bit too much for this home in middle township. it was knock off its pilings, and washed into the water. early on saturday morning.
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no one was hurt, authorities now are trying to figure out how to safely remove that home from the channel. >> meanwhile, people in south carolina dealing with some of the worse flooding in the state's history. >> oh, my gosh, it is singing. >> devastating flooding hitting south carolina have reached cat store i can levels. several have left roads sat raided on sunday many of them gave way. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that's how big this is. >> they just made a mistake. >> the driver of this pick-up truck tried to drive through a flooded street and his car was overtaken. a man tried to help and he too was trapped in the high water. both men rescued by emergency crews, in a scene that's
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playing out across this state. we were there as ronald retrieved medicine from the flooded home of his 84 year old father. a neighbor with a kayak helped austin make potentially life saving trip. >> this, my god, sitting right there, to be able -- for somebody to gave you a ride, you know, that was almost like answer to a prayer. >> the city of columbia 18 inches of rain in 24 hours, that's nearly a third of the rainfall the sit i would get over the course after year. people here are without water, those who have it told to boil it, those who don't may not see if for three, four days. david beg know, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. >> flooding in south carolina absolutely historic, and even more rain is now on the way. justin, not what they need to hear for that part of the country. good afternoon. >> that's right, still looking at maybe couple of inches of additional rainfall, good news, a lot of the heavy rain starting to back off little bit. the damage has been done. this is the past 72 hours,
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radar estimate, from doppler radar, check it out. the areas you're seeing in pink, about five to 10 inches, then you see the white areas, that's 15. there is some other pink in the center of the white off the charts, more than 20 inches of rain, estimated over the past 72 hours. look at that, much of the eastern half of south carolina, that 10-inch mark goes all the way into southern north carolina. so, just widespread flooding. narrow strip, about inch and a half to 2 inches shall specially north and south carolina. and southern north carolina, has shifted farther nutter. so at least the area already fell 20 inches, probably won't see whole lot of additional rain. here is the set up, storm scan3, still little tropical connection going on. that flow right off the atlantic. now basically coastal, north carolina, around cape look-out, seeing the heaviest rain, that trend will continue for about another 24 hours. back home, we still have some flood issues going on, specially for the back base,
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later on this evening, we still have that push of air, coming out of the northeast, that winds, that's backing up the waters. watch out, tidal creeks, back bays, potential for minor tidal flooding after high tide. wind flow out of the north, sustained about 15 miles per hour, still seeing gusts over 20 at the shore. temperatures though starting to warm up little bit. still little cooler than average. we will take 63, philadelphia right now, 61 in allentown, the sunshine is out. even the suburbs after cool start this morning, in the 40's. starting to warm up. here we go, forecast highs this afternoon, 67 for philadelphia, mid 60s at the shore, and only near six off in the poconos, talking 70s in the seven day, details back. >> justin, thank very much. the search continues for survivor of missing cargo ship that dis aired period near the bahamas near hurricane joaquin. coast guard says it believes the ship sunk as it needs the eye of the storm thursday. correspondent jail any jacksonville, florida where
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the ship first set sale. >> coast guard said it know what happened to the ship. >> i believe we know the last known position that we recorded on thursday. >> the 790-foot vessel packed with container set out last tuesday for san juan from jacksonville, florida at that point joaquin was still a tropical storm. but its intensity grew quickly, on thursday at 7:20 a.m. the ship radioed distress call from near the i. powerful category four hurricane. >> at that time, the indicated that the vessel was the main propulsion of the vessel was disabled. >> one of the ships life rings was found saturday, and on sunday search crews found several of the ship's 46 survival suits float nag debris field. >> we did identify human remains in one of the survival suits. we lowered a rescue simmer it confirm that the person was deceased. and basically was un identify
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job family of those on board are clinic to go hope, daniel rudolph is a crew member, she emailed her mother last week. >> there was a hurricane out here, and we are heading straight into it. category three. last we checked winds are super bad and seas are not great. love to everyone. >> the coast guard says it is no longer looking for the ship and is focusing on finding survivors. jamie, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we have some breaking news right now, sentencing just in for convicted kidnapper christina, sentenced to 40 years to life behind bars with possibility of parole after 40 years. this for abducting and molesting a five year old girl. she claimed to be the girl's mother when when she took her from a west philadelphia elementary school. that child was found the next morning at upper darby playground. >> philadelphia police hope that you can help them id this woman, right here, she's accused of posing as a home care nurse, to burglarize a south philadelphia home, back
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in august. that suspect got away with jewelry from residence on snyder avenue in south philly. she was last seen on surveillance video at the 7-eleven, if you recognize her, you are asked to give police a call. community college in oregon, opens today, but classes will not be in session. student who was spared by the gunman says she received envelope with a flash drive from the shooter, and then was forced to watch as classmates were killed. a law enforcement official previously said a manifesto from christopher harm err mercer was recovered at the scene. nine people were killed, in thursday's shooting, harm err-mercer killed himself. >> campaign 2016, clinton unveiling new gun control measures today. secretary clinton in new hampshire. her new measures include strengthening backgrounds checks on gun guy ers. aids say that secretary clinton will also pledge to
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repeal laws, preventing victims of gun violence, from suing manufacturers and dealers, and call for legislation, barring domestic abusers from gun ownership. in the meantime, those posts advice joe biden expect him to post, the website political reporting the vice president seems to be leaning toward a yes, that would mean a battle between the vice president and secretary clinton. keep in mind, the democratic national convention next summer is right here in philadelphia. >> well, on the republican side, donald trump is leading those polls, ahead of pack, despite losing some support along the way. the latest pole is showing that trump is up in iowa, with 24%. ben carson is on trump's heals with 19%. trump had a seven-point lead, month ago. in the meantime, new hampshire, trump is leading with 21%, and then carly fiorina with 16. trump had a double digit lead
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in new hampshire last month. >> today is the final day for pennsylvania voters to register to vote in next month's elections. philadelphia state senator, vincent hughes; encouraging voters to register on line. you can do that by clicking on votes pa. com. you can also share information on the registration process, using twitter. election day in pennsylvania is november 3rd. less than month away. this noon, friends, family, and loved ones and civic leaders remembering jerry mondesire. >> he passed away this past weekend after reportedly suffering a brain aneurysm, while undergoing kidney dialysis. mondesire led philadelphia's naacp chapter for more than two decades, until suspension last year, over questions about finances. mondesire was also known for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. and we have lost living history in the loss of the life of jerry mondesire. jerry was someone who really challenged you to examine your
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beliefs, and examine what you thought and why you thought it to make sure that you were on the right page. and so he'll really be missed in philadelphia. >> jerry mondesire was 65 years of age. a fire and crash closes major interstate. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", a 18 wheeler, caring lumber, crashes and burns during rush hour. >> also, disney's hiking prices, but only for certain visitors. finds out if you'll have to pay more a trip to the magic kingdom. details on that when we come back.
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>> traffic cameras captured this fiery crash on dallas interstate. our sister station k tv tv report at least one person was killed when 18 wheeler crashed, and then burst into flames. the truck was caring lumber. some that far burning wood sparked fires on the gown, below the overpass, no word on what may have cause that crash in the first place. pope francis is calling on the world's bishops to put aside their personal prejudices, and allow themselves to be guided by god. the pope opened the three week long senate of bishops, by reminds the got hearing it is not a parliament with negotiations and compromises, the main issues include how the church should welcome people who are homosexual, civilly remarried individuals, and also divorce the catholics. philadelphia's archbishop charles chaput was one of the delegates at the senate. >> if you are planning to go to disney world for a
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vacation, oh, it is going to cost you. seasonal passes are now a thing of the past. instead, disney's offering gold and silver passes, at $389.549 each. those prices are for resident, so expect to pay more. those passes do come with black-outdate. but parking is free. so you get that, at least. passes purchased before the price hike are valid until they're expirations. everything is getting more expensive it, seem. even mikey mouse. >> eagles coach chip kelly meet with the media in less than an hour. >> really disappointing lost in washington yesterday, eagles down 13 to nothing in the second half, got back in the game, sam bradford through three touchdowns. but the new kicker, caleb sturgis, had a bad day. he missed a field goal and an extra point. the eagles took a lead late but washington won it with a touchdown in less than a minute. twenty-three to 20. >> very painful in our house.
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>> oh, i here ya. birds fans are forming off. they can give an opinion. you can, too, twitter and facebook, use the hash tack cbs-3. powerful tornado all caught on tape. still ahead on "eyewitness news", we'll show you the fury of the storm. one that snapped trees, turned over vehicles, and knocked out power. justin? >> here in the delaware valley the sunshine returns. that means warmer temperatures for the rest of the week. i'll show when you "eyewitness
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don't give out your card number over the phone call to report any suspected fraud we're cracking down on medicare fraud let's make medicare stronger for all of us >> powerful tornado. typhoon spawned violent tornado in southern decline a twit twister overturned cars,
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flattened home. forecast nerves china say the typhoon can drop as much as 11 inches of rain in some spots. amazing, look at the power of the nature with that. >> but you know, 11 inches every rain, actually sounds good compared to the 20's, down to south carolina, how about that? >> crazy stuff going on. so now, some drying out for us? >> yes, we lucked out over the weekends, joaquin stayed off shore. able to get that storm out of here. >> thanks for, that by the way >> yes,. >> rest of the week dealing with increasing sunshine, temperatures warming up where they should be this time of year, back to the 70s, and seeing the sun right now, outside, but still the ocean roughed up. delaware beach, live look right now, some peaks of sun from time to time. you're going to get more clouds, though, lingering along the coast today. but wind, still out of the north-northeast, 27 miles per hour, and that water line, still coming up to the do you know, and we're just past low tide. coming up high tide later this afternoon. so again, inland spots along the delaware bay, be aware of minor tidal flooding possible.
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temperature along the coast upper 50's, right now, here is the temperature trends, we go up, 70s where we should be this time of year, today only mid and upper 60s, but making some progress, tomorrow, above average low 70, a wednesday, friday, look to be the warmest days of the week. we are talking mid 70s, for the temperatures. here we, are low, and maybe approaching mid 60s over the next hour or two, so everybody pretty much uniform right now. we have the breaks in the cloud cover, still watching the two system. joaquin, moving away, no threat to the u.s., except large surf. wind an issue, especially the coast, gusts over 20 miles per hour, through the day today. the good news, winds start to back off tomorrow. so the ocean should calm down little bit, looks like we put ends to the tidal flooding hopefully the next 24 hours, but check out some of the off-shore wave heights. still running over 10 feet on some of the buoys. over the weekend up around 20.
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so still, the large surf, pounding our area beaches, additional beach errosion possible over the next 24 hours. here's the latest on joaquin. winds down to eight a miles per hour, category one storm, movement to the north-northeast. then goes into the north atlantic, weakens over the next three, four days. still bermuda experiencing tropical storm force wind. back home again, clearing skies, there is the nor'easter over the carolinas, finally starts to kick on out of here over the next 24 hours, so we'll see more sunshine tomorrow. and then the storm really exit the region on wednesday, keeps things nice and quiet, finally the carolinas get to dry out headed into tuesday and wednesday. all right, temperatures back home, today we are going to make it to the upper 60s, un partly sunny skies, another chilly night tonight. tomorrow morning wake up in the 40's once again for the suburbs, certainly jacket weather, but then we rebound nicely, lower 70s for the afternoon highs on tuesday, so, enjoy this afternoon, pleasant, 67, partly sunny skies, tonight, cool night, mostly clear, 53 for the city, 40's in the suburbs, here we
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go, the extended forecast, lot of sunshine, through most of the rest of the week talking low to mid 70s, friday, more clouds return, we will be dealing with some rain but looks like nothing heavy just some showers around, and then drying out for the weekends. >> all right. >> thanks, justin. so if you are looking at pile of dishes in the sing it, gives you a headache, well, washing them can actually be good for your health. >> can't wait. people at home this, right? new stud fry florida state shows washing dishes can reduce stress, especially, if you focus on the smell of the soap, the warmth of the water and the feel of the dishes. >> and so, let the dishes pile up. and i say let your husband de-stress himself. >> i second that. >> oh, i disagree. >> starting tomorrow mcdonald's boosting sagging sales, so most breakfast items will be available like motorcycle much inch, biscuits, hotcakes, the chain will begin testing the extended breakfast menu in march. coming right back.
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more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. >> like to go for a ride in the car, but one in the driver seat. >> well, casey is driving his little friends, oliver around, the car is remote controlled, of course, by mom and dad, but we are told that daisy is actually steering all on her own. we love that. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. for justin, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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>> victor: did you just say adam is alive? is this some kind of joke or what? >> jack: where did you hear this? >> phyllis: i was just as skeptical as you two, especially considering my source, ian ward. >> jack: you've been in contact with that man? >> victor: oh. well, that explains it. if you were in contact with ian ward, then he is playing head games with you. >> phyllis: do you think i would take anything from that man at face value? i looked in to it. adam is alive. >> victor: how'd you verify this? >> phyllis: ian told me things only adam could know. they've been in this together from the very beginning. >> victor: that just means that ian ward did good research. >> phyllis: victor... >> victor: you don't think i'd know if my son were alive? >> phyllis: not if he changed his name...and his face. >> adam: chelsea, listen.


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