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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a hoax. >> people were just scared to even go outside and get a bite to eat at the cafeteria. >> reporter: at campuses around philadelphia region monday, things were ununusually quiet. only three showed up. people were on edge about it. >> reporter: law enforcement intercepted what i'm told is this post on a a anonymous social media site, and it is supposed to writes on october 5th at 1:00 p.m. central someone will pick up arms against the university near philadelphia. the the threat was enough to make some students uncomfortable. >> very hard to come in concentrate on your classes when there is people out there making threats like that. >> reporter: some brushed it off and went about their normal routine. >> it came from a web site on the internet that isn't reputable. >> reporter: spokeswoman for the philadelphia office of the fbi tells me they have continued to track the poster and possible charges, would depend on the suspect's age, mental state, and intended age, including whether the threat was meant to just scare or this was a actionable plot.
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school meantime took the threat very seriously. >> public safety police officer. >> reporter: is this something you don't normally see. >> no, never. >> reporter: they hope things will return back to normal. person responsible for sparking fear and panic, caught. and officials urged students just because the time of the the threat has come and gone don't necessarily let your guard down just yet. you want to be alert, anything suspicious. coming up at 6:00 we will speak to the former fbi agent and he will talk about what happens next, in the meantime, case as officials work to identify a suspect. reporting live from the university of pennsylvania, rahel solomon cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. oregon college campus reopened for the first time since gunman killed nine people there last thursday. faculty, staff and some students returned to umpqua community college today to gather belongings that they left behind, as they fled the shooting. grief counselors were on hand to lend support and although campus is now opened, classes
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will not resume until next week. a threatening note in a girls bathroom prompted evacuation of the high school in oklahoma. authorities say that a student found the message this morning and quickly alerted school administrators to call police. that note reportedly mentioned the possibility of a school shooting, and police check out the threat and then kept a large presence at the school for the rest of the day. amtrak train, headed from vermont to washington d.c. derailed leaving several people, injured. at least seven people were hurt, none of the injuries are life threatening. 102 people were on board when train derail in central vermont near roxbury this morning. two train cars went over an embankment, three others remained upright, officials say that the train hit rocks that fell from the ledge they do in the believe there was any wrongdoing. >> we all know that they can fall into highways, fall on to rail tracks, but there is in reason to believe that this was a problem, led to by poor
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track construction. >> the train would have passed through philadelphia a on its way to washington. this derailment comes nearly five months after the amtrak tea rail. in philadelphia which left eight people dead, and more than 200 injured. the the jersey shore is drying out, and cleaning up, from damaging wind and flooding. chopper three was over remains of the home in middletown ship a that was washed away into the the bay. fortunately no one was hurt. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan is live in north wildwood where the clean up process continues, cleve? >> reporter: jim, you have to be careful going to the beach here at sixth street in north wildwood. they are telling you if you go over be careful because is there in the much left on the other side. there is a lot of clipping happening along dunes at the the jersey shore, and this storm really ate away at the beaches. the constant barrage of wind, and rough waves, are tearing up beaches up and down the new jersey shoreline. >> it is a shame that, you
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know, mother nature. >> reporter: in north wildwood city officials estimate as much as 300,000 cubic yard of sandy road, and that is almost half of what was left for city wide replenishment after super storm sandy this storm did damage to our north section of our beach between say second and seventh avenue. we have a 15-foot cliff right now where the the dune and the beach erode add way over the weekend. >> reporter: one town north, stone harbor's dunes were also gashed. pat says this weekend's 111th street looked fine. >> we were like nothing will happen here? well, we've got six and 8-foot drops, and the whole ramp is gone. >> reporter: off the beach shore towns have clean up debris left behind by gusty wind as moderate tidal flooding. most of the flooding issues were on the bay due to extremely high tides on friday and saturday. a avalon manor street cleaning crews pushed marsh off the road into waist high piles. joe winter stayed on the mainland during the storm and returned to find only middle school damage was this.
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>> we're pleased, and feel very fortunate that like most people over here, we dodged a bullet. >> yes. >> win some, you lose some. >> you see people there on the top of the dunes, that is actual a i spot where safety officials are told to stay back because you don't know how easily it may clip further and give way underneath your feet. in north wildwood they are going to do patchwork on the beaches, about 30, 40,000 cubic yard of sand adding to the placees hit hardest. the reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now that sunshine is a welcomed site today, dryer conditions certainly helping with the clean up efforts down the shore. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the forecast, or just a look at it, kate. >> reporter: thanks, guess contact. >> what a beautiful evening. the breeze dying town and more sunshine now over philadelphia, it feels nice and warm out here. temperatures near 70 this afternoon. after a few days stuck in the 50's, and just low 60's,
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yesterday it feels, down right balmy. it will get warmer, over the next couple of days. great fall stretch. lets look at storm scan three which is pretty clear across the region, still some cloud hanging on down the shore as we widen out on storm scan three you can see is what lurking just out to sea. that is hurricane joaquin, you can see there on the very, very far side of the screen but still a lot of rain for the carolinas, not directly affiliated with joaquin but coming up we will show so spots down there got hit with 2 feet, of rain. for us we have about 2 inches in the stretch from thursday, right through the weekend but new things are clearing out, temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. you can see it is breezy down the shore. notice those wind pummeling the coast and not as bad as we can end but coastal flood advisory does continue until 7:00 p.m. and that includes cape may county and areas surrounding the delaware bay right along portions of delaware and south jersey. that expires at 7:00 o'clock. then we have much more quiet weather for all of area starting tonight and tomorrow, we will have that when i join you inside. back over to you.
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>> that sounds promising, kate, thank you. south caroline ace dealing with the the worst flooding it has ever experienced. at least nine people have died and it is a number that could rise and the national guard has been act evacuated. we will have a a full report for you, coming up at 5:30. the woman convicted of the abducting a five-year old girl from her west philadelphia will school and then sexually assaulting her has been sentenced to prison. 22-year old cristina regusters will be behind bars for at least 40 years. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at the criminal justice center with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: jim, after hearing details in this case and right before rendering his sentencing the judge here called what he called today a horror show. afterwards, we spoke to the attorneys of both parties, for their reaction. forty to life, the sentence for a woman convicted of creating 19 hours of living hell. >> justice was done today. >> reporter: after an hour of outbursts, tears, gut
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wrenching details in court monday the judge fixed his eyes on cristina regusters and threw the book. >> we are completely confident that the soul person involved in these crimes has been now convicted and sentenced and will be in custody for most of the rest of her life. >> reporter: prosecutors say regusters meticulously planned it a all using traditional muslim gashes to take the child from bryant elementary school unnoticed in january of 2013. prosecutors then say regusters sexually assaulted the five-year old girl leaving her shaving in the playground in upper darby. monday after hearing all of the details again, regusters broke down, and apologized. >> for the first time she did not deny that she was involved in this horrible, heinous, brutal crime. >> reporter: involvement but not directly said attorney w fred harrison, who maintained that his client was only trying to help the girl escape the a assault. >> she understands that she
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could have done more but she does not the in anyway take responsibility for the sexual crimes that she was charged with. >> reporter: in a moment unlike anything normally seen in the courtroom the now eight year-old spoke out on her own behalf clearly, powerfully saying quote what she did to me was wrong and i don't think that she should do it to anyone else. >> reporter: the defense attorney for regusters said she plans to file a motion for reconsideration, of the sentencing. reporting outside criminal justice center in center city, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. a philadelphia man is facing numerous charges, after allegedly holding a seven year-old girl against her will. this is the suspect shane joseph mcmichael of philadelphia, on sunday, police in bensalem got a 911 call recording a burglary and assault on forest avenue. they talked with the 17 year-old who told them that mcmichael hit and choke her and then held her a against
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her will, and he is now behind bars. now to the eagles have after the first month of the season they are in last place in the division, who saw that coming. >> right, exactly. >> sports director don bell joins us now. don, don? >> i don't have any answers. i'm not so sure chip kelly had has any answers. he talk today. seeing is believing. we have all heard that cliche before. now eagles are perfect example of it. kelly talk today after reviewing game film of the team's latest loss, we have reaction from the head coach, and our good friends over at wip.. >> kail surges, no, it is a point after as well. >> nothing is coming easy for the eagles. even extra point attempts are coming up empty, a a lot like 2015 season so far. latest setback, a three-point loss to the redskins. >> you think they would be good and exciting. the games are not even fun to watch.
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they are a bum tore watch. they are frustrating. >> reporter: sam bradford was sacked five times and offense was shut out in the first half. >> we're not executing. we need to stay on the field offensively in the first half and not be. >> reporter: new kicker caleb surges cost the team four-point in the three-point loss but most difficulties a interest 30ing parties multiple players are making mistakes, not just one or two. he a says if they execute, it would be a different story. >> we know we have the right players here, we just, it is a play here or a play there. we have lost a game by two and loss a game by three. we have lost three games by 15 points. you hit two kicks and we are sitting here two behind two and everyone is happy. >> reporter: everybody is not happy, birds are in last place but there is hope. >> at one and three i have seen enough things in this league to know that a season isn't over a at one and three don't say we will change it off, change our defense and change our a approach. we just need to settle down, take a deep breath and when we
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have an opportunity to make a play we have to make a play. >> eagles fans are speaking out on social media as well. our cbs philly facebook page has been blowing up with comments. some angry, others still have hope. doreen says i think chip kelly is drinking too much cool aid. not only are they one and three but they show zero promise, they are a last place team. vince though is more positive. not jumping off band wagon just yet. he says season can still be saved, need to rotate qb's, find a kicker and get that pathetic o line in shape. let us know what you think about the eagles, connect with us on facebook, twit error cbs also my twitter account don bell on cbs-3. as far as kicker is concerned, chip kelly said state of kicking in the nfl is not great. there is nobody else out there basically caleb surges stays because there is nobody out there that is better. >> that is all they got. >> all they got. >> at least is there work to be done, right.
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>> and a lot of it, yes. >> that is an under statement. >> yes. >> indeed. >> thanks, don. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a giant cargo ship disappears lost at sea during hurricane joaquin, why it didn't change course and why divers have found so far coming up. raging fires have caused one house to collapse down under and mother nature is turning up the heat on fire fighters. to dip or swipe? there is credit card confusion. now that new security measures have been implemented in some cards. i'll explain when we come back.
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fire fighters are battling a number of bush fires in australia. at least one home key steroid in the fast moving flames. fire crews are also contending with record level heat. temperatures have soared, into the triple digits, making fire fighting efforts even more difficult. no injuries, have been reported. south jersey is getting its second medical marijuana dispensary next month. >> state health officials announced plans for new treatment center in bellmawr today. program has 5500 registered patients and caregivers and it is part of the statewide program dating back to march 2011 when health
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officials selected non-profit toss open up two dispensaries at the north, central and south jersey. when it comes tour credit card, should you swipe, or should you dip. >> well, as consumers get used to new credit cards, embedded with computer chips and the machines that read them, it can cause a bit of confusion at the check outline. >> if you notice the that the line at cash register moving slower then usual the reason could be these. new credit cards and credit card readers designed to deter fraud. the cards are called emv card which stand for euro pay master card and visa a. >> the new chip card generate a unique, dynamic security code with each transaction. what that means is every time you use your card, that chip that is embedded in the card will generate a new security code that will not be repeated again when you use that card the next time. >> reporter: so how do you know whether to swipe or to dip? well, unless a cashier tells
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to you do otherwise just to continue to swipe. if the terminal will ask you the dip the card in the slot underneath the key pad just don't remove it right away you will need to leave tonight place for a few seconds until the transaction is complete. >> i dip. >> i dip is this your first time dipping. >> no. >> reporter: you are an experienced dipper. >> oh, indeed. >> at first you have to use it but after a while it is fine. >> reporter: these technology changees were mandate by credit card issuers, not by the government, and if you are wandberg debit card, deadlines are different but expect atm's to be chip ready by next year. >> difficult notice some people had them this weekend but other places i thought, the bigger chains, didn't have them. >> reporter: they should have been shopping. the weather was nothing to talk about. >> let's turn to meteorologist kate bilo. my, how things have changed today, kate. >> beautiful weather. the first time i tried dip, i had no idea, i was pug it out. i don't understand how to work
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this thing. but yes, miserable weekend to be outdoor, good weekend to shop. today, so much better. >> yes, beautiful. perfect fall day outside. we have got more of that where today has come from. next couple days looking amazing. especially in comparison with the weather we had over weekend. yesterday improved a little bit, and, for most of us have been nice. lets look at is what going on outside, we will take you first and foremost to live neighborhood network camera in rehoboth beach delaware. thinks one of the spots that did not have a very nice day today. take a look at how miserable it the is out there right now. it is cloudy, foggy, 61 degrees, and normally this time of the day, and, and, the bottom of the beach and breakers are way back here. look at how far that water has come up to the boardwalk. here is boardwalk and dunes. the surf way up in rehoboth beach as that coastal flood advisory continues, right now to 61 degrees right there completely different story heading to kutztown. we will go further west and we
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have nothing but blue skies as farrah as eye can see at 62 degrees. it is a fantastic afternoon there what a difference several hundred miles makes, storm scan three showing clear skies over central and much of the southeastern pennsylvania but as you head down the shore south jersey and delaware we're still seeing those cloud right along the the coast. clouds will break out tomorrow, still have some showers over portions of south caroline, worst of the rain has come to an end, steadier showers over coastal north carolina and take a a look at joaquin,ing moving north of bermuda now and you can see really interesting swirl of this upper low down here and joaquin out in the opened atlantic. it looks like they are copying each other with the circulation but none of that will impact us over next several days. look at doppler estimated rainfall over portions of south caroline, some spots got over 2 feet of rain, one area in central south carolina pick up 26 inches of rain, luckily for thaws was further off to the south but devastating flooding, we will have more later in the broadcast. temperatures right now 68 in
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philadelphia. fifty-six in trenton. sixty-two at the atlantic city a airport. after 60's today we will warm backup, 70's through the rest of the week. that will feel nice. high pressure build n we have sunshine for tomorrow. only thing to watch out for is on wednesday a few more clouds, system well off to the north could drop clouds in our area but it does stay dry. we will call it partly sunny. mainly clear and cool at 53 degrees. for your tuesday mostly sunny warmer at 72. you're witness weather three day forecast looks good we are at 72 on tuesday with some sun. seventy-four on wednesday i few more clouds. thursday looking beautiful again at 70. thursday looking beautiful again at 70. stay there we will be right tit's amazing.. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful! it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock.
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch is there high anxiety for people seeing the walk, a new 3-d movie about high wire act, says it is giving them vertigo and making them sick. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us it is not the way you wanting to to the movies.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: isn't it supposed to be fun or something? i saw just the previews over the the weekend at movies and it is intense. the guy is, over 1300 feet above the ground, without a net, and research has shown that watching 3-d movies can immerse you in the experience but that also can lead to visual symptoms and even motion sickness. the in new movie about the dare devil 1974 tightrope walk at the world trade center is having an impact on audiences, some people who have seen the movie says the life-like high wire scenes in the walk, are making them sick. >> this is nice. >> you have the illusion of motion, while the body is telling you you are not moving. >> reporter: ear surgeon darren says the the battle of defenses between eye and ear can cause the body to react. >> it feels like at times it is a reaction of gastrointestinal, and a reaction when you feel nauseous, you are dizzy.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: research on 3-d movies show half of the viewers report discomfort with ten to 12 percent actually getting ill. a few things to reduce the reaction, dr. g. ahand recommend people sit a as far away from the screen as they can. he said holding a hand over one eye over intense scenes will help body reset and avoid big meals before the the show. film student hasan he says he had a strong rack to the walk. >> i could feel my heartbeat instantly race up. >> reporter: if you are sensitive to vertigo, motion sickness, experts say you may want to avoid the 3-d experience. >> do you think? >> new doctors also warn against taking drama mean or other motion sickness medication toss view a 3-d movie and it is not clear if they would help anyway. other thing with that movie if you have a issue with heights. >> yeah. >> that is way too much. >> other thing about that is you will probably sleep through the movie. >> yes, i just don't want to be the person in front of the
5:27 pm
person, who eat before they go. coming up next half an hour a pilot died mid flight. we will tell you how plane was able to land safely. devastation down south, unprecedented flooding means lives lost and homes destroyed in south carolina and threat isn't over just yet. this giant cargo ship vanish, caught in the heart of hurricane joaquin why it didn't steer clear and why divers have found, so far, coming up. and new at 6:00 tonight an "eyewitness news" exclusive, digging for clues to uncover a dark past, the biggest effort to solve a mystery more than 18 year owe years old long the train tracks in th
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i'm's jim donovan, here are the top stories, unspecified on line threat against a philadelphia area college or university, has so far been unfounded. federal authorities, warned local institutions about a possible attack, that was set to take place at 2:00 p.m. this a afternoon. the time came and went but heightened security presence continues. and amtrak train heading from vermont to washington d.c. derailed in central vermont. at least seven people were hurt with non-life threatening injuries. and a big clean up is underway down the shore, heavy rain and high wind led to flooding and beach erosion, one home in middletown ship washed a away, no one was injured in that incident, kate. >> jim, today turned out much bet's cross vast majority of the area but not a very nice daze down the shore as clouds hung on but we are entering a fall stretch as temperatures head back to the 07's but by end of the week we have a chance for another round of rain, i'll tell you when that comes in and if it will impact
5:32 pm
your upcoming weekend coming up, jessica. >> kate, thank you. unprecedented rain led to the worst flooding in the history of south carolina, the number of dead continues to rise and the national guard has been activate todd help with rescues and evacuations. cbs news reporter david begnot has more. >> reporter: flood waters are recede nothing columbia, south carolina now leaving behind, massive damage. giant sinkhole swallowed this tax office practical liz while raging water ripped apart several other businesses. >> the community is strong and things will be rebuilt but it will take a long time. >> reporter: military choppers are flying, assessing destruction and looking for people who may still be held. over the weekend crews rescued hundreds of victims, from fast moving flood waters. the governor is urging residents in hard hit areas to stay indoors. >> this is not over. just because the rain stops, does not mean that we are out of woods.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: rain and floods have left more than 40,000 people, without drinking water. the state is setting up water distribution sites, until the taps are flowing again, with clean water. david begnot, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. hurricane joaquin may have missed the east coast of the u.s. but the bohamas, wasn't so lucky. >> resident there are cleaning up after, all of that rain, and damage, the island is known as one of the most scenic in the bohamas but right now it is heavily damage. island is without electricity, water and power lines are down every where. the police station in the island's convenient store were also heavily damaged. the store's owner, described the moment that the storm hit. >> just like dynamite goes off, boom, and then i just started to shake, shake, shake. >> joaquin is slowly making its way off the island and aid is coming in toe the homeless. missing container ship
5:34 pm
carrying 33 people, including 28 americans, sank in the bermuda triangle during hurricane joaquin some debris from the ship was found as well as the remains of at least one passenger. cbs news correspondent jamie ukiss reports from jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: family members of the 33 people a beefed the elfaro are holding out home even though they say the cargo ship sank thursday as hurricane joaquin lashed the bohamas. crews are in longer looking for the the boat. >> we have modified the effort to focus more on potential people in the water, life boats, and life rafts. >> reporter: 790-foot ship lost power in heavy seas on thursday, and its crew radioed that it was taking on water. marine researchers say is there a chance passengers could be found if they survived the violent waves. >> but time is running out. >> overtime, your search area is bigger and bigger and bigger and as i say the odds of finding them get less and less. >> reporter: one of the two
5:35 pm
life boats was found sunday badly damaged, surf crews found a life raft and human remains inside one of the ship's survival suits. family members are gathering at this florida hotel about a half an hour from where the the boat launched last week, red cross is also here, and family members on site tell me that they are just too distraught to talk. but on sunday this mom remains optimistic. >> we have had folks who have been to this type of thing before and have been rescued themselves, that happened to be with us today, and those types have of things are helpful and helps to us hold out hope. >> reporter: right now hope and each other are all they have. jamie ukiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". american airlines pilot died during a red eye flight this morning. the plane was flying from phoenix, to boston but it was divert todd syracuse, new york. airline says that the pilot became ill a a few hours into the flight. the co pilot called in saying pilot was unresponsive, and not breathing. still no word tonight on what caused the pilot's death. officials say that the u.s. air strike that killed 22
5:36 pm
people at a hospital in afghanistan over the weekend was requested by afghan forces. the the top commander of the american and coalition forces in afghanistan said today that those afghan forces being reported under taliban fire. it was previously stated by u.s. that the air strike was in response to threats against u.s. forces. >> the afghan forces called in for fire to support them because they were under direct fire. we have u.s. special forces that have continue to train, advise, assist at the the tactic california level. >> afghan government has said tall want fighters were inside and shooting from that hospital. a pentagon investigation is underway. turning to campaign 2016, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is calling out her republican rivals over their responses to the oregon college shooting. >> mr. trump was asked bit and said something like, you know, things like that happen in the world and governor bush said yeah, stuff happens. no, that is an admission of
5:37 pm
defeat and surrender. >> clinton laid out her gun control plan at a town hall style event in new hampshire. she called for stronger background checks and holding manufacturers and dealers accountable for crimes committed with guns that they sold. meantime a new poll find clinton trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire but maintains her lead among iowa voters. cbs news reports vice-president joe biden could announce his intention to enter the presidential race, as early as this week. sources say biden is leaning toward a run but they also caution that if he decides not to seek the office it is because his family is still grieving the the death of his son beau. we will wait and see if the spokesperson for the vice-president, who had no comment. in the republican race donald trump find his lead is shrink nothing two early voting states. latest poll shows trum 124 percent support in iowa but ben carson on his heels with 19 percent. trump had a seven-point lead there a month ago. meanwhile in new hampshire trump has 21 percent, carli
5:38 pm
fiorina at 16 percent. trump had a trouble digit lead in new hampshire last month. to i days final day for pennsylvania vote tours register to vote in next month's elections. >> brief in fact a great new technology available to us, that is the ability to register to vote on line. >> that was state senator vincent hughes, earlier, urging people to take advantage of the on line registration. we have set a link at cbs to help you out, election day is november 3rd. pennsylvania governor tom wolf makes an appeal to lawmakers about the commonwealth's budget stalemate. the governor is seeking support in the g.o.p. led legislature for tax package that he says is necessary to wipe out funding cuts for schools and human services and to eliminate long term budget deficit. >> if we don't balance our budget after years of not doing it in a bipartisan way, we are going to have serious problems this year and even bigger problems next year. >> the governor made those
5:39 pm
comments at his residence today where he used a power point presentation to backup his argument. pennsylvania's budget stalemate is in 100 days. friend, loved ones and civic leaders are remembering jerry mondesire, mondesire died this weekend after reportedly suffering a brain aneurysm while under going kidney dialysis. he led philadelphia naacp chapter for more than two decade until a suspension last year over questions about finances. mondesire was also men for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. >> jerry was someone who really challenged you to examine your beliefs and examine what you thought and why you thought it to make sure that you were on the right page and so he will be missed in philadelphia. >> jerry mondesire was 65 years old. still to come on "eyewitness news" happiest place on earth may be changing the way it prices its tickets. could visiting the magic kingdom on a slow dau save your family money. we will explain.
5:40 pm
pepsi is going back to the future offering limited addition soda bottle from a favorite 80's movie, kate. and for most of us it turned out to be a nice monday with sunshine and temperatures, just a little bit on the cool identify for early october, will the nice fall stretch continue? i will have in more on that and when things clear out down the shore coming up when we come right back.
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well, if you are planning a disney vacation, depending on when you go, it could cost you more. >> disney is reportedly considering, whether to implement third praising for pricing for tickets on demand. that means admission could cost more on busier days and then on slower days, ticket
5:44 pm
prices would be lower. disney is considering a change, as a way to help control crowd. starting tomorrow, you can eat breakfast all day and mcdonald's, the the fast food giant is trying to boost its sagging sales at most breakfast items will be available like mcmuffins, biscuits and hot cakes. chain began testing the extended breakfast menu back in march. pepsi is going back to the future with a limit add digs pepsi perfect bottle, the same kind that marty mcfly bought in the back to the future movie. promotion starts october 21st, get this, pepsi will sell bottles on line for $20.15. >> i just saw that movie the other day so this looks very familiar to me. >> $20.15. i don't buy soda unless it is on sale. i'm not going for that. >> well, kate's forecast for you when we come right back.
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and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. people in the powe ham ars still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane joaquin. >> there is a lot of damage, there, we're certainly lucky
5:48 pm
we dodged a bullet in terms of that. we had a scare with that other storm system that came up, before imagine doubling that, my goodness we had so much flooding, so many problems down the shore and if you had land falling hurricane over here coming up the coast in the wake of that it would be a major problem. >> one model was right. >> that is right, we looked at bunch of different models when tracking these storms and euro model is getting a reputation for being a a little will bit more accurate than the others. when meteorologists are trying to determine path of the storm like joaquin we rely on dozens of sophisticated computer forecast models. the two most referred to are the u.s. government's gfs or global forecast system and the euro. these were among spaghetti track of lines projecting joaquin's course. american model showed it heading for east coast and possibly new jersey shore. euro disagreed showing joaquin heading out to sea which turned out to be creek. eric hearst is director of
5:49 pm
meteorology at millersville university. >> every time there is a big ticket item, a major storm, it seems like the european model out performs the other models. >> reporter: like three years ago with hurricane sandy, it was euro maryland toll predict hard left-hand turn that dealt a devastating blow to new jersey and other areas in the north east. like all models, the euro takes data and puts it in a computer program, process known as niche says. >> the europeans they spend a longer period of time gathering data and maybe, you know, adjusting it slightly to make it a better initialing and the models take longer to run. the american model is very, very good but they do it more quickly. they do it the in a matter of an hour or two. >> reporter: gfs runs four times a day, euro only twice. euro isn't perfect? who could forget last january, blizzard predictions shut down region. euro showed 2 feet of snow in
5:50 pm
our area. gfs less. it turned out we got little more than a dusting. >> european model is tom brady of computer models. occasionally has a bad day and throws an interception but more often than not it wins, and in the big games, it nails the forecast. >> reporter: european computers are said to be more powerful, super computers that they use european scheduled for upgrade but so is gfs and they had one earlier this year we were hoping it would make it the better but europeans showed it strength with this storm. >> it is very interesting watching you guys because you guys look at so many different models. it really matters. you want to get it just right. you have to rely on them. >> it is interesting where euro was only one that took it out to sea. any other we dismissed it oz a out liar but because it is so good and accurate and it ended up getting it exactly right. so pretty amazing stuff. >> as we look ahead now we will get a break. >> yeah, we don't have any spaghetti plots to look at this week which is good news. joaquin is heading out to sea,
5:51 pm
weakening in the north atlantic and we are looking a at a stretch of fantastic fall weather out there lets look outside. you can see clouds have rolled in in center city thanks to cool air aloft create ago a i few more clouds looking live at roof cam. it has been a cloudy day but heading north and west full sunshine. it depend where you are today. still transitioning from that coastal influence to more westerly flow, that will resume for remainder on of the week bringing us much nicer weather. we see cloud, a few breaks of sunshine and looking at the city from a different a angle looking at our live neighborhood network camera. palmyra cove, showing sky line and cloud proliferated this evening. still a nice fall evening outside, underway. storm san three shows still that swirl of cloud, this is upper low. it remains to be said that there were two possible paths, joaquin could have taken if it got pick up by upper le it would have headed right in the coast of the united states, as it turns out this is able to stopped joaquin further out to
5:52 pm
sea. that storm not of mood a our area has been spared the brunt of the storm but we got nasty impacts, this weekend, thanks to that persistent on shore flow down the shore and gusty wind continue this evening. right now 68 degrees in philadelphia 66 in wilmington. sixty-six in allentown. and just 60 in mount pocono. temperatures slightly below average for the time of the year. you can see still with that persistent northeast flow down the shore and cooler, no better than 16 in stone harbor. sixty in ocean city. sixty-three in cape may. watch for risk of coastal flooding especially cape may county and areas along the mouth of the delaware bay here as we go through tonight. our weather watchers are checking with air temperatures generally mid 60's in the region. james is notion city at six 46789 phil, sent us this beautiful photo from white marsh township a beautiful blue sky, just some puffy cumulus clouds. a bucolic scene he sent us there thanks for. that high pressure build in as we get in the day tomorrow. sunny and warm. highs in the lower 07's. storm to the north will drag a
5:53 pm
weak surface front on wednesday and a few more cloud knocking down temperatures a little bit on thursday and we are seeing fall color around the region. we are in the low range but up toward poconos already some moderate color, so if you want to head up to the poconos this weekend you can do leaf picking up that way. mainly clear and cool. fifty-three for your tuesday. mostly sunny. turning a few degrees warmer at seven two. we will top out at 69 today. few more clouds wednesday. still a nice day. the thursday looks great. our next front comes through friday evening with the chance for showers and we will clear it the out over weekend but cool again, back to the 50's. jessica and jim, back over to you. kate, thank you. fans have been waiting for tonight's new episode of ncis los angeles. >> so coming up next we will take you behind the scenes, ll cool jay, loses his cool, for the camera, stay with us.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
l.l. cool j loses his cool over a bad guy. >> kelce knight takes us behind the scenes of tonight's new episode. >> reporter: jim and jessica, ll always gets his man in the end but as i found out, tonight he faces his hardest battle, yet. >> you can basically do pretty much anything well. >> you know what you are doing? it is in the rocket science. >> in this episode you have a little bit of trouble with the cartridge, on the coffee machine. >> i'm having little trouble. >> tonight's episode on cbs, the team investigates a massacre but the biggest bad guy, ll has to take down, is technology. >> he is not an office supply manager here. >> who are you. >> i'm marty, driver for today. >> whatever. >> eric christian olson and
5:58 pm
daniellearuo go under cover to protect a target posing as a model agency assistant and her handsome chauffeur. >> maybe i should be a model. >> you are playing the chauffeur. >> which is dangerously close to what i would be in real life if i was than the a actor but would i wear a suit. i look nice in a suit. mckenzie wears a pant suit and looks like hillary clinton. >> light moments, good witt, humor and combine that with the action, you have ncis los angeles. >> now that they are now a couple like brad and angelina and benifur, they have their own celebrity couple names. jim and jessica back to you in the studio. >> thanks. catch insider weeknights at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. and that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a chester county mother facing shocking charges whacker she's accused of doing to her 14 year-old daughter, and a friend. and an on line threat for a 2:00 p.m. attack on a local
5:59 pm
university comes and goes but local law enforcement is staying a alert. we will have more on the security response, kate? and what a beautiful evening it turned out to be here in philadelphia, we have a few clouds in the sky now but as we head toward sunset things are feeling good now with temperatures near 70 degrees and gets warmer over next few days, i will have your full forecast coming up at 6:00. cleaning up after coastal flooding down the shore our cleve bryan shows us what the wet weather weekend left in its wake in new jersey. a chester county mother is behind bars tonight, facing shocking allegations over what she reportedly did to her own daughter. the the crime has even veterans in law enforcement the shaking their head. good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim jim donovan. ukee is off this week. greg argos is off in west caln
6:00 pm
township with the shocking charges, greg. >> reporter: jim, shocking really is only way to describe this. right now 34 year-old jessica lynn, sits behind bars, police and d.a. says that she actually injected her own, 14 year-old daughter, with her win. behind these windows in the small community of honey brook a mommies charged with hurting her own kid in a way that has chester county d.a. tom hogan very upset. >> law enforcement we will see terrible things, very seldom a case where they actually stop and deprives you of your trust in human nature. >> reporter: thirty-four year-old jessica lynn, faces felony child abuse and drug charges after she admitted she supplied and inject her 14 year-old daughter and a 16 year-old boy with her win. >> they described, the defendant's tying off their arms, with a string, so that their vein was pop, and she could then inject them directly with the


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