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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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universities on alert. the deadline for online threat passes but security remains tight and students are told to keep their guard up. good evening, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. investigators are working hard to trace the source of that threat. but where do they begin? "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco talked to cyber security expert and she's life on temple university's campus with more. diana? >> reporter: jessica, that extra security presence was definitely dealt on campus here tonight. while this threat was not against anyone specific area university, federal investigators say they had enough information to issue an alert to all universities out of abundance of caution. monday night, hours after a non specific online threat deadline against a university near philadelphia came and went, temple students remain uneasy. >> there's probably only 50% of the people in class. >> second lecture was basically
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empty. >> my third class was canceled. >> campuses across the city kept security tight with extra police on patrol and at building entrances. in many places id cards were needed to gain access to all university buildings. >> i was scared. i didn't want anything to happen. >> reporter: threat was posted anonymously to the four chan website the same sight that warned of a shooting in the northwest before the oregon. october 5th on 1:00 p.m. a fellow robot will take up arms against a university near philadelphia. fb. and atf issued a warning while they track the potty poster a challenge that can take weeks or months according to jj klaver. >> in this day and age, that could be exceedingly difficult with increased encryption. >> reporter: lisa garber cyber attorney says law enforcement will track the ip address but an experienced hacker could mask this. >> this could be somebody trying
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to get attention in the internet community. people had just want to get their message. >> most students are already resuming normal activity but with caution in mind. >> i'm going to go to class tomorrow since i didn't go to class today but i'm still going to be nervous tomorrow. >> reporter: heightened security will remain in place throughout the night tonigh to n campus and on area campuses throughout the day tomorrow as students many of them head back to class. we're live in north philadelphia, on temple campus tonight, i'm diana rocco cbs3 oy witness news. >> diana, thank you. chopper three over deadly crash between a van and a septa trolley bus in frankford. this happened at penn and arrott streets that van rear ended the trolley bus and the driver of the van was killed. passenger in the van was taken to the hospital. there were no 19 passengers on board that trolley bus. all requested medical attention at the scene. a chester county mother is
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behind bars tonight facing disturbing charges of child abuse involving her open daughter. 34-year-old jessica riff fee of honey brook admitted to supplying and injecting her 14-year-old daughter and a 16 year old boy with heroin. she's now facing felony child abuse and drug charges. the district attorney says this is a case of child abuse unlike anything he's ever seen. >> as parent, you exist to protect your children, and not only was this mom exposing her kid to a dangerous substance, she was participating in getting her addicted to heroin. that's out rages. >> bond for riffey is eight at $50,000. police are looking for her boyfriend jamison burns. burns helped supply the her err row win. >> the woman convicted of horrifying crime abduction ago young girl from her school and molesting her is sentenced today. 22 year odd christina regusters will be behind bars for 40 years
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to life. prosecutors say regusters claimed to be the five-year-old's mother when she took her from a west philadelphia elementary school in january 2013. she then sexually abuse the child and today in court, regusters apologized. >> for the first time she did not deny that she was involved in this horrible, heinous, brutal crime. >> she does not in any way take responsibility for the sexual crimes that she was charged wi with. >> the young victim spoke in court today saying "what she did to me was wrong and i don't think she should do it to anyone else". the philadelphia police are searching for a woman they say robbed a center city td bank. take look at these surveillance photos. police say this woman robbed the branch at 1900 market street just before 4:00 p.m. saturday. authorities say she happened the teller demand note and fled with an undisclosed am of cash. if you know who this woman is, call police.
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the usk guard continues to search for survivors after determining the cargo ship that disappear in the path of hurricane joaquin sang in the atlantic. crews found only one body along with the debris. that shape carried 33 people including 28 americans and we're learning more about them and the ship's path. combing through a large area in the atlantic ocean search crews found live rafts from the he will farrow cargo ship but no survivors. >> we are assuming that the vessel had sank. we believe believe it sang in the last known position that we recorded on thursday. >> reporter: the captain of the ship 20 years sea veteran mychal davidson thought he can beat the storm. he'd spoken to the he will farrow sister ship which was returning to jacksonville florida on similar route and determined the weather was good enough to move forward. but something happened. the engine during the voyage. leaving the ship with no way to move. when the he will far low departed jacksonville for puerto rico tuesday morning joaquin was
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a tropical storm northeast of the bahamas. on wednesday, it grew from a cot goer one to a category three in just 15 hours. by thursday, at 7:20am the crew radioed a distress call. their ship was stranded with no power, no propulsion and it was taking on water. as the storm grew to category four, there was radio silence from he will farrow and its cr crew. >> you're talking up to 140 miles an hour winds. seas upwards of 50 feet. visibility basically at zero. those are challenging conditions to survive in. >> 28 americans served on the crew engineer dylan member lynn, keith griffin his wife is pregnant with twins. >> i don't know why they didn't cheer the ship in a different direction. >> just last week crew member daniel randolph e-mailed her mother. >> there was hurricane out here. and we are heading straight into
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it. winds are super bad and seas are not great. love to everyone. >> the ntsb opened an investigation but the ship and most of the evidence lies 3 miles underwater. the worst flooding on record in the carolinas has now killed 11 people. south carolina was hit especially hard by unprecedented rain. some towns are underwater tonight. there have been dozens of rescues across that state. more than 100 people have been plucked from flooded homes and stranded cars and cemeteries have been uprooted with caskets floafloatingfloating down stree. south carolina governor is telling people to stay home if possible until the high waters recede. take look at this down the shore. chopper three over home that washed into the bay in middle township, cape may county. no one was injured but the scene is proof of the tough weather the jersey shore has been getting for the past week. it was topped off this weekend by high tides and wind gusts of
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more than 50 miles an hour. and that led to a lot of beach erosion. workers already -- work is underway to repair some of what wash away. in stone harbor cliffed dunes stretched for blocks. materials used to reinforce the dunes are exposed. >> i'm surprised at the lack of beach. after hurricane sandy there was some beach left. this right up to the dunes now. whatever dunes are left. >> most of the flooding issues were along the bay due to extremely high tides oh and friday and saturday. avalon manor street cleaning crews pushed marsh grass off the roads into waste high piles. eagles fans are restless tonight after another crushing loss much the players are also speaking out about what needs to improve this season now that they're in last place in the division. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more from south philadelphia where he spoke with some of the players tonight. >> reporter: there are some eagles fans out there who really fear that this is a team that
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might just be on the bring of a lot of season. tonight i got the chance to talk to safety malcolm jenkins about that. >> there's lot of things we got to fix really quickly. there is cause for concern, but, um, you know, no need to jump off the band wagon just yet. >> there's not exact al whole lot of enthusiasm in abundance for eagles fans right now. >> what does your gut tell you? are the eagles making the playoffs. >> unfortunately i don't think so. >> oh, boy. one in three. >> i still don't give up though. >> i will not give up. >> at chickie's and pete's eagles fans were lamenting the loss. questions surroun center the one moral of the town. >> when you're losing your moral is down. off the field you feel like crap. >> we need to next week or moving forward you need to come and get that momentum early and
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star fast and make those plays get the energy up. >> jenn cups acknowledge the one and three start will test the locker room. >> we'll find out a lot about the players on the team and the coaches as well how hemly tough this team is going to be because in the grand scheme of things nothing that we set out to accomplish is out of our reach. >> reporter: lot of players arc lot of fans still talking about the fact the hfc east is so weak this year, and so therefore maybe just maybe the hole the eagles have dug themselves may not be as big as it seems. reporting from the linc, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". so what head coach chip kelly have to say about all of this. don bell has more thon. >> the birds gave demarco murray to be the team's running back. has 47 yards in three games much aft the loss he voiced displeasure what is chip kelly think about it? you'll hear his response later in sports. >> also ahead tonight at 11:1
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family's holiday interrupterred with a violation notice all over a religious decoration in their yard. why a new jersey township is saying take it down or pay up. plus digging to solve mystery more than 180 years old. search for clues along train track on the mainline. kate. >> it turn out to be three fall day today. although a little bit on the cool side but a warmup is on the way. all this rain staying south of here. high pressure builds in we have a stretch of nice days. i'll have the details coming up. and is the 3d version of this film just too live like? why the movie about a high wire act is causing high anxiety among some theater goers. and coming up after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 it is the late show with stephen colbert. he welcomes senator john mccape, yo-yo ma, and misty copy land
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>> "eyewitness news" has exclusive details about a renewed evident to and cover a dark secret buried along local
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train tracks that thousands ride under day. duffy' cut in east whiteland township believed the bodies of 51 irish rail workers are buried in a mass grave right next to the tracks they built 183 days ago. forensic evidence suggest some may have been murder. those samples will be sent to a university of pennsylvania archaeologist for analysis which will hopefully yield the exact location of that mass grave. 183 years ago, the railroad buried some of its secrets here. things they didn't want anyone else to find out about. for 13 years we were trying to figure a way to get these guys out of here noun i think we've got it. >> from 2009 to 2011 the remains of six workers were found at duffy's cut. work has resumed now that the crew has permission from amtrak to dig on their property. what was supposed to be happy holiday for local family is now quite the opposite after a local township sent a violation notice
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telling that family to sake down a centerpiece of the celebrati celebration. "eyewitness news" reporter david superintendent has the story from jackson township, new jersey. >> i never had such a thing my live report roar jackson township new jersey resident isaac ben any tar is fuming over this violation notice from the township selling him to take down this suka or else. >> it's a family holiday. seven days. and it's a very happy holiday. roar report suk a religious shelter built during the jewish holiday of sue coat which ends this week. benatar celebrated inside sukas almost 50 years ago a as little boy in israel. >> i never received such a violation ever. that's why i was totally shocked. >> the violation notice tells him to take down the suka by friday. it reads "failure to make the necessary corrections may result in a summons and additional fines. ". >> i was just trying wonder if someone will decide to put christmas tree on the deck if
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it's going get such a violation. i mean i see it very weird. it's a holiday. i'm sure helping what suka means. >> reporter: whoever issue the violation typed the word suka on the paper work. that end fewer yates benatar even more. >> they live here with a big jewish town, you know, thousands of jews here. it's not something new. i don't think they should be busy with such silly thing. >> reporter: isaac benatar recently moved his family to jackson township in neighboring lakewood, new jersey. but after this notice, he's having second thoughts about the move. >> it's a tent and it's coming down. like the tent i bought from costco to store my stuff. what's the difference? it's attempt. >> i reach out to jackson township officials starting last week and several times today to ask about this violation. my calls and e-mails were not returned jessica if i hear back i'll let you know. david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> all right, david, thank you. on the cbs3 health watch tonight the new 3d movie the walk is getting critical a claim but it's also making some people who see the film ill. the movie about the 1974 dare definitely tightrope walker at the world trade center uses state of the art 3d technology. but some complain the live like scenes are leading to vertigo and motion sickness. doctors say it's a battle of the senses between the eye and the ear causing the body to reacti reaction. >> feels like something is poisoned. so the reaction is gastrointestinal and reaction where you feel nauseous. you're dizzy. >> doesn't sound fun that's for sure. doctors recommend people sit as far away from the screen as possible. also you can hold your hand over one eye that can help the body reset during dizzying scenes. also, avoid big meals before you go see the film. that's probably good tip as we well. we have seen the devastation caused by hurricane joaquin just
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last week we were sitting here talking about the possibility of that hurricane headed our way. there were a lot of model you were looking at. you and the rest of our meteorologists but one in particular really nailed it. >> one in particular nailed the storm. got right. two models we talk about when gfs or global forecast system and of course the european. as we call the euro. the american model showed hurricane joaquin heading for the east coast possibly even the injuries seashore but the euro had joaquin heading out to sea. and of course this path turn out to be correct. the euro also accurately predicted hurricane sandy's track three years. eric hurst says the euro seems to out perform other models when forecasting major storms. >> the european model is kind of tom brady of computer models. in it occasionally has a bad day and throws an interception but more often than not it wins and in the big games, like joaquin, if you want to call it the super bowl of weather, it nails the
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forecast. now the euro of course isn't perfect. last january the euro predict add blizzard would dump 2 feet of snow. we got a little more than a dusting couple inches here and there. so it's not always right. but it's interesting that most models that had a completely different solution from the other ones would be treated as out liar with the european model just so good you have to give it a little bit of weight and in this case even though it was the first one and the only one to jump to sea band wagon it ended up being right very interesting stuff. storm scan3 is clear. no problem the clouds even clearing from the shore points. more showers for the carolinas an area that does not need it. you can see joaquin moving out to sea. i want to show you this water vapor loop called little a fire hose effect this is happening down in the carolinas over the past several days and you can see all that moisture just plowing into the carolinas there and here it is. doppler estimated rainfall as that plume of moisture just couldn't to do dump rain over south carolina.
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the past 72 hours some spots have seen over 2 feet of rain. around charleston and little bit further to the north and west 26-inches reported in a few spots there. take look at a quick time lapse video in our neighborhood. clouds finish outer the day. three sunset and things looking good on knife neighborhood network camera at the palmyra cove nature park. it's currently 53 degrees. take a look out chilly it is. 48 in allentown. 49 in millville down 58 in philadelphia. 41 in mount pocono probably will drop in the 30 there is over unite night. we could see mid 40s in some of our north and west suburbs and certainly in central south jersey as well a chilly night is on the way. a cool start to your tuesday but high pressure overhead it actually warms up into the low 70s in the afternoon. this little weak front will slide through on wednesday much wednesday is a warmer day, clouds and some sun. highs back to the mid 70s and then right back to around 70 here on thursday. so we go from the 60s today back to the 70 where is we shall be tomorrow. little warmer wednesday then
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cooler again on thursday pink pogging ponging from the low 70 toss mid 70s. a good place to be all things considered this week much here's the latest on hurricane joaquin. category one with winds at 85 miles an hour. gusts to 105. moving pretty quickly to the north and east in fact some remnants of this could even impact portions of europe by the weekend. possibly ireland or england so this is going to stay together as it moves tout sea. overnight mainly clear, cool down to 53 degrees. your tuesday forecast is mostly sunny and warmer at 72. the "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast pretty great fall stretch for the rest of the week. now friday is the day to watch. by friday evening a few showers will try to pop up maybe even a thunderstorm and then it cools down again over the weekend get some sunshine back late saturday. back to the 66 other than friday night pretty great dry stretch of weather on the way. >> dry sounds good. kate, thank you. >> don is here with look at sports. >> we're talking about the eagles surprise, surprise. the flyers cut bait with 25 million find out whose on their way out the door.
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as we just said demarco murray wants the ball more. what does chip kell vol to say about it. we'll hear from the head coach
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feed me demarco murray message to chip kelly much the star running back wants more act but it's been slow to come. he had 29 carries in the three games he played. he had eight yesterday in their loss to the redskins. birds started slow going scoreless in the first half. they haven't scored a first quarter touchdown all season long. demarco says more murray is better. his head coach responded today.
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>> i want all of or guys running back, wide receive spot to want the football. i mean -- i don't think you want someone that says i don't want the ball more. i think, you know, what you're looking for, but again it's a team deal on the offensive side of the ball that we need everybody, everybody needs the ball more. we need more -- we need more than 51 snaps in game for us to be successful on the offensive side of the ball. >> the rest of the offense eagles finally through the ball deep. bradford meeted four passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns. one was a pass to riley cooper. chip says the opportunity was finally there. >> sam take wagon the defense gives us in those situations the defense gave us an opportunity to throw the ball over the top and when they took that we took advantage of. it's the first time we had chance to do that. >> you guys act like we don't want to throw the ball down field. i think we saw something that we could take advantage of this week and we tried a couple plays trying to get those posts this week. >> to the ice. money can't buy you a love and
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it can't buy i was roster spot. andrew mcdonald had make 25 million over the next five years but won't be on the opening day roster on thursday. gm ron hex stole waived mcdonald to save cap space. >> a tough decision. he's an nhl player but we're in a jam here with a roster spot and the cap issue, and we also got to put our best team on the ice on thursday night. >> hextall went on to say the play of 2012 topic scott lawton was another reason mcdonned was waived. scott will be the third line center thursday again the lightning. phillies want larry bowa to stay around but he may be headed for south florida. marlins interviewed bowa today for their open managerial position. larry managed both the phillies and padres. he turns 70 in december. 70 years old may be the guy for the marlins down there in miami. >> i guess we'll see about that. don, thanks so much. we'll be right back.
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thanks for watching white news at 11:00. our morning team is back tomorrow starting at 4:30. for don, kate and all of us here i'm jessica dean. up next the late show with stephen colbert with senator john mccain. have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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