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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning, today tuesday, october 6, i'm erika von tiehl, it's a sunny and warmer day today. just add to the forecast coming up in a moment. >> also this is something a lot of folks are talking about users of new iphone 6 s the reporting a problem with the phone you could call it a burning issue. a piece of the phone some users say is just too hot to handle. do you have the upgrade. i saw the old phone. >> i have the five no, i don't.
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>> i don't have the s i have a 6. >> there's a burning, the phone burns. >> not good when you put it near your face. >> they'll figure it out. >> there will be an upgrade. >> the roads are looking good. we started off we acouple accidents and construction spots i wants to let's you know of in a couple minutes and overall thinks looking good. getting busy out there now. >> i saw you with your feet up in the weather center. >> when i work i keep it nice and quiet and calm and sunshine and make sure the forecast is nice for everybody. get outside and enjoy today. little chilly start. we are waking up with temperatures in the 40s. a lot of sunshine this afternoon finally will get it back and actually a few degrees above average in the 7 0s. right now clear skies and check out the moon this morning coming in and again jacket weather certainly in some of the outer suburbs and even some spots could drop to upper 30s possibly right before sunrise. here we go numbers at the airport still 52. 44 up in lehigh valley and
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allentown and wilmington and 48 good morning dover, delaware at 47. let's zoom in. quakertown that's potential to hit 30s. 41 this hour and 46 doylestown and 45 mount polly, new jersey. good things the winds calming down. calm five miles an hour winds and that clear and calm conditions allowing temperatures to drop. you get cold air settling in at the surface. cloud free skies and clouds moving offshore even if the shore today looks like we'll go back to mostly sunny skies we can expect that through the midweek towards end of week lots of sunshine temperatures return above average highs reaching 70s. breakdown hour by hour here again go full sunshine up around 7:00. by lunchtime looking good approaching 70 degree mark and afternoon highs in the low 70s around philadelphia at the shore the wind starts to die down as well talking upper 60s and sunshine and even in
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poconos feeling good up there 65 degrees. even warmer temps the next couple days we'll talk about the 7 day in a few minutes. first a check on commute good morning. >> good morning justin that sounds great 72 degrees sounds beautiful. happy tuesday to you if you just waking up with us. dealing with construction an area we thought was all clear. 95 southbound between girard and vine. part of two lanes blocked and you can see crews defendant in in thely out there improving things areturned. when you get awele flashing lights people use your best caution because it's very stark outside. 42 freeway nobody creek road headed to jersey. 295, looking good. volume heating up a bit. freer way front pulled all the way out tole shoulder. we're used to him now. things looking good there. construction woodhaven between roosevelt and evans street all lanes blocked. you can see by this use alternate. lake byberry and ramp 95 south, on off ramp to woodhaven reon.
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that's good news for those of you trying the ramp. 42 freeway northbound route 55 to 295 right lane blocked and off ramps closed and this is supposed to be in place until 6 a.m. just make note of that. erika back over to you. >> miesha, thank you. >> a doctor originally from washington township, new jersey is found dead in new york. the long island dermatologist went out drinking saturday night and was found dead hours later. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened here. eyewitness news reporter jan carbao joins is now with that story. just bizarre. jan, good moung. >> erika, kristin sure veiny's death has gained attention. she was a dermatologist. her body was found in doorway of a building in chelsea. as police work to figure oar out how she died she was a former new jersey beauty queen and nate of of washington
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township gloucester county. >> wife, mother, doctor and former south jersey beauty queen. kirsten seemed to have it all. investigators in new york are trying to determine how she ended up unconscious and dying in the doorway of this building in chelsea. >> i'm nervous and scared. because we don't know how to happened. >> the crime scene unit scoured 223 west 16 for clues and police found the 38-year-old's body sunday night. investigators say sure veiny was spending night out on town with friends. one of those friends told police the doctor had been doing drugs and drinking. sources say she eventually met one a man at lower east sidebar and later left with that man to come to this home in chelsea where a second man lives. the super here id'd his tenant on surveillance to police. >> he's a nice guy. >> surveillance captured both men carrying sure veiny's body towards the building's front door one man called 911 and both left before police arrived
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the scene left neighbors stunned. >> i'm looking at her and i nooe knew she was young lady. >> according to sources they may have been involved romanti romantically the man they visited at the apartment was a dealer. they went there trying to score more cocaine. >> her autopsy is complete and police are awaiting cox colloquy results. they're not investigating her case as homicide. sources say her death is consistent with a cocaine overdose. erika. >> jan. thank you. >> all right. now, 5:36 and business news this morning is your breakfast cereal under recall. don't take that next bike. joe joins us from the new york stock exchange. encouraging news on wall seat to after last quarter we could use it, good morning. >> finally right, good morning, erika, markets repounding big time. no longer considered construction territory no longer down 10% from highs.
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nasdaq gained 73. microsoft is holding a big product launch today in new york city. experts are predicting they will release new window phones to complete with apple ifenz and they'll unveil a surface pro 4. general mills recalling nearly 2 million boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios are labeled gluten free and main contain wheat they have code 2015 hlg. >> way past the usual 10:30 cu cutoff all day breakfast is part of mcdonald's plan to tun around slumping sales not without controversy. all day breakfast does not include everything. no mc griddle and erika in some location no hash browns because they're cooked in the same area as french fries. >> potato potato give me egg mc
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muffin. >> with fries never hurt anyone. >> goes a long way. >> do you have a iphone 6 s if so some owners reporting home button overheats and gets too hot to use. user forums on several tech web sites are describing this problem. owners say the home screen goes to black and then that home button feels too hot. apple has not respond todd complaints yet but tech giant often will address such issues through software updates. >> space enthusiasts can get hands on a piece of history for a price. watch warn by david scott commander of apolo mission and 7th person to walk on moon that watch will be auctioned off from october 15 to 22 can bid online for the watch on the auction web site. keep in mind it's impossible to find a watch worn on the moon since most were government
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issued since were government property most were showcased on museums but you can get your hands on this one. >> linked in decided to pay as part of a class action lawsuit. the company spamed members without their concept. or spond enter rebecca federror explains how current and former members are affectd linked in is daily resource for job recruiters like eric elliot and he says constant emails from linked in are annoying. >> i have set up rules on my email that push them off to own folder so it doesn't bombard my inbox. >> class action lawsuit claims linked in spamed members without their concept and add connection service is allowing importing contact from email acts. linked in sends those contacts an email saying you want to connect. if that person does not respond linked in sends another email and then another. a court found linked in members did not consent to two reminder
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emails. while linked in denies any wrong doing under proposed settlement they agreed to pay out 13 million and told cbs they made changes to privacy policy. elliot believes that's fair. >> other than that it's great to utilize to grow career-wise and personally. >> how much money people get all depends on how many submit claims. according to settlement web site it could range from $10 to $1500. i'm rebecca fereter. >> all right. 5:40 now and more legal problems from battled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane named in another lawsuit. details on this one coming up. >> also ahead a new jersey family says their religious rights are being violated. we'll tell you why their township is making them take down a religious decoration. >> and a live look now from center city studios here just a beautiful warm-up for the day. little cool to start. but just to add good news the
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sun is coming back out today. we have forecast and miesha is checking on the roads with we checking on the roads with we come
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>> a look at headline on cbs free. two police officers are recovering from broken bruises and a crash in south west philadelphia. the s vuxt v hit trees. no other vehicles have involved. also, philadelphia police
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are investigating a deadly shooting in the fairhill section. two men in teens or early 20s were shot on 2700 block of north 8th street. one dayed and the other was taken to the hospital. >> and officials with ntsb are headed to florida to dedicate the disappearance ever the efaro cargo ship. it sanctioned during hurricane joaquin. so far wreckage and a single body were recovered. >> brenching downpours caused major flooding and prompted water rescue in southern nevad nevada. rescue crews pulled a homeless man after trapped under a bridge by rising water. rain came so fast many scattered inside from the las vegas ship. some drivers still nroud through at high speeds. >> checking in with jus tip. beautiful day today, right, justin. >> dry weather, chilly. i keep saying it's cold if you don't believe me i have these
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temperatures to back me up from some of the neighborhoods. you get outside city lower 40s in some of the cool spots. we may drop another good degree or two right before sunrise. willow grove, 45 this hour. ed connor and chesterfield chilly 43. david dutch and lemming ton new jersey 46 and badge milder northampton county charles checks in 50 degrees and 42 one of the cool spots and cherry hill 48 this hour. if you look for milder temperatures that could be the trend through the rest of october. now, certainly through end of week we're talking 70s. here is temperature outlook for month of october. much of september every of country equal chances above or below average. parts of north east look like we might find milder numbers and maybe taking a trip to new england to check out the fall foliage. potentially mild temperatures through much of october again that will be the trend for the next week. storm scan 3 looking bet area cross new it england.
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high pressure starts to build in. locks us in nice and dry. clouds move offshore is. there's what's left of the rain over the carolinas, great news for them. check out rainfall amounts from south carolina from october 1 to 5. mount pleasant, 26.88" incredible king street 23 and almost three-quarters in columbia coming over a foot of rain over the past few days. here's joaquin still holding on to category one hurricane status winds 85 gusting to 105 movement north and east holds hurricane status as it heads toe north atlantic and eventually towards possibly ireland. lie pressure over us. clear skies. here's what's left of nor'easter weakening moving offshore and even central mid-atlantic starts to dry out. sunshine. weak front comes through on thursday. cools us down slightly. this front comes through friday bringing next rain chance. 57 for the low extendsed
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forecast pretty much sunny through thursday. friday late in the day showers dry out and cool down for the weekend. miesha hoping the commute stays queue they weekend. >> it's a little quiet and we have activity on roadways. lot of construction. let's get right into it. here's first look at construction camera right now woodhaven westbound between roosevelt and evans street all lanes blocked. so you want to use alternate like byberry for those of you in and around that area. 95 southbound between girard and vine and part of two lanes blocked and i can tell you we're seeing considerable slow downs in the cameras because of this now. more vehicles starting to get on roadway now you're slowing down and hit brakes and going less than posted speeds. this is another area of construction bensalem 95 southbound route 413 far right lane is blocked and you can see kind of steady flow of vehicles trying to weasel on by. overall are you still trying to
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maintain those speeds. know you'll slow down as of now. we have accident 32 eastbound is closed route 1 all lanes blocked. this is concordville make note of that. all lanes again are blocked in that area. another place construction route 4 2 freeway north between route 55 to 295 right lane blocked and off ramps closed. this stays in place until 6 a.m. make note the of that. construction, new jersey turnpike, northbound past route 73 right and center lanes blocked in this area. lot of construction projects even though chilly outside. erika over to you. >> miesha thank you. pennsylvania convention center lit up in pink light. convention center one of local landmarks taking part in light for the cure campaign. it's a joint effort by cbs3 and cbs philly. pink light is reminder to schedule mammogram. october is breast cancer awareness month. >> we're getting a good look this morning at 1 great pumpkin
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charlie brown. check it out. giant pumpkin oregon farmer grew this one and it weighs almost a ton. doesn't look 2,000 pounds. it's got only biggest pumpkin ever grown in state of oregon but fourth largest grown in world. the same apartmenter grew a 16 1600 pounder last fall. it's getting bigger and better every year. >> frm farmers in washington state are doing something better with pumpkins shooting them out of cannon. this is homemade pumpkin cannon. the device uses pressurized air and can shoot a pumpkin a mile. thompson makes other works of art from discarded farm implements. not of fun for the kids i bet. >> believe it or not critically aclaimed 3d movie the walk is making some physically ill. the movie about 1974 daredevil tight rope walker world trade center using state of the art 3d technology and some movie goers are complaining life look
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scenes are leading to virt go and it's battle of senses causing eye and ear and causing the body to react. >> the reaction is gastrointestinal reaction you feel nauseous, dizzy. >> that's no fun at the movies. doctors recommend that people sit as far as away from the screen as possible. we'll be right back. first here's what's coming up first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs3
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>> after the township sent a violation notice telling them to take down center piece of celebration. eyewitness news david spawn has story from new jersey. >> jackson township new jersey eyes ak ben tar is fuming over this violation notice over the township. telling him to take down this sukka or else. >> it's a family holiday 7 days and it's a very happy holiday. >> a sukka is religious shelter built during religious holiday that ends this week. ben-attar celebrated inside sukkas over 50 years ago. >> i never received search a violation ever. >> it tells him to take down the su commonwealth exhibit ka by this coming friday.
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it reads "failure to make the necessary corrections may result in sum monz and additional fines. >> i was wondering if someone decides to put christmas tree on the deck if it gets such a violation. i mean i see it very weird. i mean it's a holiday. i'm sure they know what sukka means. >> whoever issued the violation typed the word on the paperwork that infewer yaits him even more. >> they live here with big jewish town you know thousands of jews here it's not something new they you this not be busy with such a silly thing. >> ben-attar moved per from maybeing lakewood, new jersey after this notice he's having second thoutdz about the move. >> it's a tent and it's coming down that's all. it's like the tent i bought from costco there to store my stuff what's the difference, it's a tent. >> cbs3 eyewitness news.
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>> now eyewitness news reached out to jackson township several times so. far our calls have not been returned. >> right now 5:55. california governor jerry brown signed legislation allowing terminally ill people to take their own lives. governor says the emotionally charged bill forced him to consider dwt what i would want in the face of my own death" le call is fifth state to allow d dr. prescribed drugs to end lives it applies only will mentally sound people and not those does he pressed or impaired. >> flags will fly at half staff in memory of nine victims called in the community college shooting last week. christopher harper mercer wrote that everyone around him was crazy and the world was shrin shrinking. president obama will travel to roseburg oregon on friday to pay his respects to the victims' families.
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well the problems just keep mounting for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. one of her former prosecutors is suing her. james backer filed a lawsuit monday claiming cane fired him in april. he said that testimony helped montgomery country da bring purgey charges against kane. he claims kane tarnished his name and reputation. kane said it was part of restructuring. >> we're live with the latest on two police officers injured in overnight crash. and also senator john mccain cuts to the chase about what's wrong with gop when he stopped by the late show. >> and listen to this wwe wrestler mark henry dubbed world's strongest man he will number our studios. hopefully he didn't break
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>> two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital right now after crashing a police car overnight and security remains tight at university and colleges in the philadelphia area after an
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online threat and why authorities are not taking chances even though the deadline already passed and no more rushing to mcdonald's before 10:30 to get egg mc muffin or hot cakes. starting today breakfast will be severed all day long. how about it? i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get your day started with justin and miesha. isn't everything bet were a egg mc muffin in your hands. >> it's hard to concentrate on traffic when with i am thinking about mcdonald's. >> having a touch on places people want to try to avoid or maybe give yourself extra minutes. justin how are we feeling outside. >> chilly now but a nice afternoon. take the day off. enjoy the sunshine. don't tell your bossy told you though. but, yeah i think maybe some people may call out sick the next few days. we have a nice stretch of weather coming in. grab the jacket this morning if you head out.


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