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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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authorities are not taking chances even though the deadline already passed and no more rushing to mcdonald's before 10:30 to get egg mc muffin or hot cakes. starting today breakfast will be severed all day long. how about it? i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get your day started with justin and miesha. isn't everything bet were a egg mc muffin in your hands. >> it's hard to concentrate on traffic when with i am thinking about mcdonald's. >> having a touch on places people want to try to avoid or maybe give yourself extra minutes. justin how are we feeling outside. >> chilly now but a nice afternoon. take the day off. enjoy the sunshine. don't tell your bossy told you though. but, yeah i think maybe some people may call out sick the next few days. we have a nice stretch of weather coming in. grab the jacket this morning if you head out. 51 around the airport in
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philadelphia and suburbs in the 40s now. mid 40s. low 40s quakertown and 45 mount holly new jersey 44 willow groyv. winds starting to calm down. so it looks like we finally gets rid of the wind energy over the past several days and improving conditions as far as beach erosion goes along the coastline and we're back to sunny skies today and storm scan 3 nice and quiet, clear conditions, here's the school day forecast. bringing back the sunshine, 8:00 temperature 53. nice warm afternoon heading home from school. 71. host mostly sunny skies, give it an a. been a while since we gave it an a. sunshine and comfort temperatures. 7. wind backs off here at well. nice in mountains, 65. with sunshine. we'll talk about mild temperatures really through end of week coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. let's check out commute with miesha. >> jis tin you know what i'm doing covering my eyes i don't want to see what's behind me. >> it looks like a mess.
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>> oh, my goodness yes good morning everyone happy tuesday. unto rt natalie this is what we're looking at. 95 northbound at the penns landing area approaching vine. lacking like just a sea of taillights. now, there was construction here. it sounds like they're getting that cleared out of the way. but it was only blocking one lane. so this have she, very heavy and not moving at all. again this is 95 northbound in penns landsing area approaching vine you're traveling at well it says about 10 miles an hour but i don't think that's the case. it looks like they are dead stopped there. here's a look at ben franklin bridge. this is just to give our wise a break. we need a break. we need movement and here you go. ben franklin bridge from new jersey looking great there and also more construction woodhaven between roosevelt and evans street all lanes blocked. you certainly want to give you yourself alternate. otherwise give yourself extra minute and i have more points of construction and a couple accidents coming up in ten minutes erika over to you. >> miesha, thank you.
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new this morning an investigation is underway into a crash that injured two philadelphia police officers. eyewitness news reporter justin finch jons us at penn presbyterian where officers are treatsed at this hour. justin, good morning. >> eric agood morning those two twelfth district officers were brought to penn presbyterian after the crash and soon we're told accident investigators will be here as well to interview them about the crash. calls about singer car wrak came in 2:00 this morning and police tell us injured are one male and one female. we're told the male officer was driving and female officer was up fronts in passenger seat. it appears police say. is uv was traveling west on bartram avenue between essington and island avenues and that at some point the late model suv crashed into a tree not far from holestein avenue. the cause at this time is unclear. we're told the driver suffered neck and back injuries and female officers faeld suffered
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broken leg and both were rushed to presbyterian soon after the crash and police were not immediately certain ft. officers were being dispatched to a call at the time of crash. now back out live two officers recovering this morning from the crash. and police also looking into whether mechanical issues may have contributed to the crash. we're live outside penn presbyterian justin finch, cbs, eyewitness news. >> new this morning a woman and child in the hospital after a car accident in east mt. airy. two cars collided at thoron avenue and uphill street after 11. both listed in stable condition. police are investigating that accident. and new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting in the city fairhill section. this was the scene on the 2700 block of north 8th street just before 2 a.m. police say two men either in tens or early 20s were shot. one died. the other was taken to temple hospital.
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his condition is unknown. so far, no word on any motive or suspects. >> the deadline has come and gone but students at local university are on alert after an online threat. security is tight at temple and other campuses in the area with extra police on patrol and building entrances threat was posted anonymously on four chan web site and same site warned of shooting in northeast before oregon shooting. >> they don't want anything to happen. >> the threat. >> it was basically empty. >> and third class was cancelled. >> authorities are working to track down ip address to find the computer the threat came from. but cyber security experts say experienced hacker would be able to mask that. 6:05 now and socking rain and high tides caused a house rights there to snap off its foundation and drift into the bay many middle township cape may county part of a big cleanup down at the jersey
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shore. >> the jersey shore has taken relentless pounding for a week and top this by extremely high tides and wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. >> you know they put all that money into beach replenishment and it's a shame mother nature. >> chopper 3 took this of erosion in several cape may county towns and work is underway to prepare some of what washed away. fencing heaped in files and materials used to reinforce dunes sxeesed. >> i'm surprised at the lack of beach now even after hurricane standee there was beach left this is up to dunes now. >> since super storm sandy tens of millions have gone into replenishing beaches. each one feels like tax dollars down the drain. >> it's disheartening to see it gone.
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>> in north wildwood overhead cliffs meet the surf. city officials don't look at erosion as waste. >> primarily dunes and beaches are here for shore protection. in essence the sdun did its job this weekend. we have no property damage on the beach front. it absorbed brunt. >> officials in north wildwood estimate a third to half of sand replenished after super storm sandy washed away. they say they'll only be able to do small patchwork until they're able to secure funding for larger beach fill. north wildwood, cleve bryan, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> something sure to please breakfast fans. it kicks off today. you order that egg mc muffin or hot cakes after 10:30 most items from breakfast help uwill be available but varies by location. egg mc muffin for lunch, why not. >> still ahead this morning president obama signs a disaster declaration for south carolina after deadly flooding in the state and although the rain stopped we'll tell you why
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the danger is far from over and also a lot of questions after a young doctor and mother originally from south jersey is found dead outside a new york apartment building. so what really happened? we're live with a look at that case and also justin and miesha are checking roads and forecast when we come back this tuesday morning. thanks for joyb therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough,
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and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. >> president obama signed
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disaster declaration allowing federal funds to reach communities hit hardest by flooding. we have now more from cbs news correspondent don cham sgleen rain may have stopped falling in south caroline but danger is far from over. authorities are watching dams that could overflow and flooding shut down hundreds of bridges and roads in the state and something governor nikki haley will continue. >> you start to see road closures mid lands to low country as the water flows. don't be surprised if there's a road that is on now it didn't doesn't mean it will stay on. >> some cities saw more than 20" of rain and members of state national guard helicopter aquantic rescue team were searching for people missing some in toundz where people are cut off. >> we have a scene people waving towels and getting our attention and we res kudz 25 people out of one neighborhood.
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>> storm aarr vivrz start harsh reality of starting overall though they escaped glad waters through the window of their home. >> federal assistants is now on the way to hardest hit parts of state. don champion. cbs3 eyewitness news. >> meanwhile historic blooding unearthed caskets adding to heartbreak for families in. one man on live tv went to retrieve a casket floating done a flooded road saying that's somebody's family we have to respect the dead. just a terrible scene the a south carolina and we're hoping to get a break soon. justin we have a nice day ahead for our local air right? >> that's right, erika, dry weather for us and better conditions down in the carolinas as most of that rain is starting to move offshore. still that flooding lags behind the rainfall and it's still rivers are on the rise. still check out doppler radar over past 72 hours this area in
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white that's 15 plus" of rain and there's spots in here over 20" of rain and some spots 26" from october 1 to 5 and good news most showers moving offshore. here's what is left of low pressure system maybe clipping parts of outer banks now slowly moving offshore. we're back to mostly sunny skies back home and clear conditions this morning allowing temperatures to drop. we're talking mid to upper 40s many spots. 46 palmyra and shelfont -- high pressure over new england keeps skies mainly sunny today we get back to lower 70s. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, 70s again. let's do it for sure plenty of sunshine high near 70. changing up on friday. here's cold front bringing clouds through the afternoon. late day showers. doesn't look like anything hev hade. front clears through the weekend and dries out. joaquin driving north and east away from bermuda last of low
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pressure system tracks north and east. improvement up and down the east coast. not much happening today as far as weather goes. get outside and enjoy it tonight. faw clouds around. partly sunny on wednesday. still a warm day. look at temperatures. low 70s today. tonight not quite as school drop to 50s tomorrow. widespread mid 70s for highs. 72, mostly sunny, light winds out of norm tonight, partly cloudy, school, 57. extended forecast can't beat for early october. lotd, mid 7 0s. showers friday. nothing heavy. nothing to get nervous about and weekend cooler we dry out with more sunshine. great weather. >> professor drabik you gave it an a. >> never happens. >> if i'm giving an a i'm in a great mood. >> if only we can say the same for the roads. >> today has been crazy busy. let me tell you something what's weird beautiful weather out there but dealing with accidents after accident and a lot of construction. first place i want to draw your
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attention to is 95 moving to northbound direction. this is approaching the vine in penns landing area. your traveling at about most ten miles in an power. i can tell you right now i don't think you're moving at that. you can see the brake lights going on. this is where they're clearing construction two lanes of traffic are blocked it sound like. i tell you it looks heavy even with that considering. if you're in and around this area aproving the vine give yourself couple extra minutes to wait and stay off the roadways or like i said give yourself extra time i would not say a couple minutes i would say more than that 20 minutesfy were you. now, very serious accidents here. overturned vehicle woodhaven westbound academy roadblocking right and center lane. you can see this in i don't care how long do i traffic i never get used to a scene like this i have to say i really hope everyone is okay involved here there are people out on foot walking a round the roadways you are down to one driveable lane i can tell you this too, whenever something
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like this is on the roadway everyone stops to look at what is going on. give yourself a couple extra minutes. woodhaven westbound academy roadblocking right and center lane hope everyone is okay erika over to you. >> thanks. this morning ahead amtrak train de rails in vernon odom and what caused cars to jump track tracks. >> and in wrestling road world's strangest man wwe mark henry will join us live in our studios. i'm trying to come up with strength for him. fweet me ideas you v he looks like a mountain. coming up in the next half
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>> septa trolley and van rivd. chopper over the scene last night penn and art street. crash called the driver in van and city beingly injured passenger. 19 paerm on the trolley requested medical attention at the scene. >> and this morning federal investigators in vernon odom will return to the scene of train derailment. 7 were injured after d.c. train hit rocks sending two doors them bankment. expected wrokz fell have ledge above. and this left more than 200
6:20 am
injured and seven dead. >> they're trying to figure out what happened to missing cargo ship. meanwhile u.s. coastguard continues their search for survivors. officials believeel faro sank near bam ham as during joaquin. family members of missing crew want answers. >> i want them to tell me why they let the boat go out knowing they had mechanical problem. >> i'm president and ceo of tote so the responsibility ends with me. we put tremendous trust in captains and crews and all employees whether at land, on land or at sea. >> the coastguard believes the captain thought he could outrun the storm. >> 6:20 right now and before you sit down for breakfast we have a recall to tell you about involving a popular cereal. you want to hear about this one. also ahead senator john mccain stopped bit late show with steven cobare and what's wrong with the republican party and
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justin tying up platform shoes because platforms are coming back. >> gets out nicely if you can and enjoy. it above average temperatures for the end of week. th
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>> how about this, beam me up facebook "the social network" is one step closer to beeping enter net from space. they're teaming up with a french satellite company to provide satellite to those in african. it will reach 14 countries bringing free internet to rural areas and satellite will launch next year with service set to start sometime in 20 16. just incredible. >> and arizona senator john mccain stopped by stephen colbert show last night and they're having a good time with the senator. >> it was 2008 republican candidate for president of the
6:25 am
united states. >> thanks for bringing that up. >> cobare and senator mccain covered a number of topics. >> there's a great deal of unhappiness and anger throughout and one of wreakest recoverys in history and many people stopped looking for jobs and there's a great an intergity -- antagonism towards washington. >> and you can catch the late show with stephen colbert tonight on cbs3 after eyewitness news at 11. >> coming up the next half hour here on eyewitness news one family holiday interrupted with a violation notice over a religious decoration in their yard. why a new jersey township is saying hey, take it down or pay up. >> jan. >> erika a south jersey beauty
6:26 am
queen in washington township native winds up dead in new york city. we're following the investigation as police get closer to figuring out what happened, miesha. >> we have a very serious accident causing slow downs. overturned vehicle woodhaven westbound academy road and plus construction also slowing you down this morning. we'll take a quick break first. stay where you are. cbs newsro pats pass >> good morning, what
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a beautiful shot there waking up to what could be a perfect october morning. yeah, a little chilly out there and crisp. wait until you hear the good news jis tin has for the afternoon. it's a great day. you have the jacket on and shed it by lunchtime right? >> exactly. a little of everything. maybe you're a morning jogger
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and nice conditions out there. calm wind. nice temperatures. sun is strong. it's early october so it will warm us up. >> and it's great fall foliage weather too. cold mornings. good afternoon. it's good to get the color. setting up for nice sunrise. kutztown right now 41 with calm wind. so, yes the outer suburbs are chilly and this morning. 51 at the heart and 45 mount poconos and mid 40s in south jersey now. other suburbs looking at 41 quakertown and 44 willow grove. winds about calm maybe up to 5 miles an hour clear skies and calm winds it's allowing cold air to settle in right at the surface. storm scan 3 is squiet. clouds really dissipated. we're looking at lots of sunshine today and really for the next several days. that warms us up though. highs reach mid to low 70s above average this time of yea year. nice morningp cruising through the 50s 60s.
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lunchtime approaching 70 degree mark. afternoon highs today in the low 70s arounds philadelphia. near 70 at the shore lighter winds in poconos and mid 60s in sunshine. we'll talk about warmer temperatures tomorrow and when the next chance of rain is in the next full forecast in a few minutes and miesha what's the latest now. >> justin certainly is. it's busy out there. we have no weather elements in place. that's a big question mark on tuesday morning. all right. this is where we have accident overturned vehicle woodhaven westbound at academy roadblocking right and center lane as you can see crews on sight and flashing lights and pedestrian out there was overturned vehicle completely flipped up. they have right side up now. you're still down to one lane. so make note of that and give yourself a couple extra minutes in fact alternate on woodhaven like street road. this is another area where there's an accidents city avenue south before schuylkill blocking that far right lane and you can see an arrow pushing people over. just make note of that.
6:32 am
whenever we have an accident like that on busy sfrech it's certainly going to cause slow down. again, this is another look at city avenue moving in both directions here. you can see a lot of volume and just make throat that accident is out there. and also we have an accident concordville, 322 eastbound is closed at route 1 and all lanes are blocked. you want to use alternate such as 452 again use that alternate if you can. also 422 westbound another accident here arm and harmer are boulevard blocking shoulder and it's moved tots shoulder and won't cause slow downs make note it's there. busy morning indeed. we'll have another update in 15 minutes erika over to you. >> a new york doctor originally from washington township is found dead after a night out with friends. now, mees are trying to figure out exactly what happened that night. eyewitness news reporter jen joins us now in cbs center with the story. making nationalities headlines, bizarre. >> erika good morning
6:33 am
questions surround this 3 38-year-old doctor's death this morning. kirsten's autopsy is now complete but the cause of death is still inconclusive pending toxicology results. >> it seemed kirsten had the perfect life. she had a husband, three children, was respected dermatologist on long island. her patients describing her as brilliant, loving and caring, and she had ties to the delaware valley and native of washington township fwlosster county and former beauty queen. now investigators in new york are trying to determine how she ended up unconscious and dying in the doorway of an apartment building in chelsea. >> i'm nervous and sad and scared. because we don't know how it happened. >> the crime screen unit scoured 223 west 16 for clues and police found the 3 38-year-old body sunday night and investigators say she was spending night out on town with friends. one of those friends told police the doctor was doing drugs and drinking and sources say she eventually met one a
6:34 am
man at lower east sidebar and later left with that man to come to this home in chelsea where a second man lives and the super here id'd his tenant on surveillance to police. >> amazingly nice guy you know. >> sources say surveillance captured both men carrying her body towards the building front door. one man called 911. both left before police arrived and the scene left neighbors stunned. >> looking at her feet i knew she was young lady. >> according to sources they may have been involved romanti romantically and the man they visited at the apartment was a dealer and they say survany and the man went there trying to score more cocaine. >> they're not investigating it as a homicide it is consistent with a cocaine overdose, erika. >> so many questions. thank you. >> chester county mother is behind bars on disturbing charges involving her daughter. 34-year-old jessica risey of honeybrook admitted to
6:35 am
injecting her 14-year-old daughter and 16-year-old boy with heroin. both teens told police that rise riffly slide them with heroin in august and september. she's facing drug charges and felony ra bus. she described her as de braved. >> as a parent your duty is to protect your children. not only was this monday exposing her kid to dangerous substance she was participating in getting her addicted to heroin. that's outrageous. >> bond is set at $50,000 and police issued arrest waernts for this man riffy's boyfriend jamison burns. district attorney says he helped supply the heroin. >> the woman con incompetent vd of abducting and abusing a 5-year-old girl is sentence todd 40 years to life. prosecutors say 22-year-old christina rugusters claimed to be her mother when she took the gir in 201 and then sexually
6:36 am
abused the child. regusters apologized in court. >> for the first time she did not deny she was involved in this horrible, heinous, brutal crime. >> she does not in any way take responsibility for the sexual crimes that she was charged with. >> the young vk tim also spoke in court saying "what she did to me was wrong and i don't think she should do it to anyone else." >> 6:36 now. flags are flying at half staff in new jersey this morning. governor chris christie ordered flags on allstate buildings to fly at half staff in memory of the oregon college shooting and a week ago nine people died after gunman christopher harper want on a shooting rampage. in writers left behind harper mercer said everyone else was crazy and ranted about not having a girlfriend. the mother said her son was
6:37 am
struggling with mental health issues. >> governor brown is allowing collegelation for people to take their own lives if terminally ill. it is what i would want in the face of my own death. it's a big win for dan diaz who lost his life a year ago to brain cancer. before her death the couple moved to oregon where the right to die law exists. but britney was advocate of california law until the very end. >> britney talked to the governor just three days before she died and so i would like to think that that conversation may have played a role in the governor deciding that this s. indeed the right thing to do. >> california is now the fifth state to allow terminally ill patients to use dr. -prescribed drugs to end their lives. measure applies only to mentally sound people and not those who are depressed or impaired. >> and coming up this morning. why you could have money coming
6:38 am
your way if you have a linked in profile. we'll explain. >> and also the movie is making some people sick why this film is making some people nauseous in the theater and what doctors say you can do about it. >> and check out this guy. that's wwe wrestler mark henry joining us live in the studios in a mere moment we'll talk with him about the next big show that brought him to town. oh, we're getting down that's oh, we're getting down that's coming up in a few minutes >> after this the break talking to mark hen wloy just walked into the studio. we'll have him help miesha out with traffic. we'll have that and more when we'll have that and more when we come back this tuesday
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>> here's a look at headlines.
6:42 am
two officers are hospitalized with broken bones after a crash in southwest philadelphia. there's no word on what causes that accident. no other vehicle was involve. >> also ntsb officials headed to particular do to investigate disappearance ofel faro cargo ship. it sanction in the bermuda triangle during hurricane joaquin and 33 people on board. so far only wreckage and single body were found. >> good news breakfast lovers mcdonald's all day breakfast starts today and that means you can have egg mc muffin after 1 10:30. most items from breakfast man uwill be available but it varies by location. >> if you plan a trip to movie theater the new 3d movie "the walk" is getting critical acclaim and making some who see the film physically ill. the movie about 1974 dare devil tight rope walker at world trade center using 3d state of
6:43 am
the art technology. sol complain the life like scenes are leading to vertigo go and motion sickness. >> it's the body reacting. >> the reaction is gastrointestinal reaction where you feel nauseous and dizzy. >> doctors recommend people sit as far as away from the screen as possible. also holding one hand over one of your eyes can help body kind of reset during those dizzying scenes. and they're saying to avoid a big meal before show time that can help. or see a different movie that's an option too. let's look at weather watchers and cool start to the day. >> you know temperatures really dropping even more right now and that happens before sunrise and actually starting to see 30s in some spots. a little early october chill going on. let's hit up the list and get everybody involved. 44 degrees. cold spot gilbertsville. eileen murry checks in 38
6:44 am
looking at 44 and hatboro -- that moved quickly on me, 46 clemington and mid 40s south jersey and buena vista township 45 and cherry hill 48 and average high, 70. we'll be above that today with sunshine. wol stay above average today, tomorrow, slight cool down thursday. right where we should be around 70 and then back up friday and if waiting for fall weather again wait until weekend and another drop in temperatures. all over the place the next couple days. cool mornings. warm afternoons, that's what you want for good fall color. a check on foliage report new england seeing color. not a lot in delaware valley. moderate color in the poke mows. maybe you take a trip to mountain this weekend you will see some change. not much happen ago around philadelphia. you need a few more weeks. storm scan 3 nice and quiet over new england high pressure
6:45 am
over us and that's blocking strormz from developing. and showers moving out of carolinas and and north an east high pressure from there and dry conditions and that's the trend this afternoon and wednesday and thursday next cold front and rain here. mostly sunny and not quite as cool. mostly clear and cloudy. cooler in the suburbs. nice stretch of weather continues through thursday. low and mid 70s. friday warm. watch for showers. later during the day. we dry out once again headed to weekend with sunshine. all right, miesha, weather is quiet and roads quiet at this point. what is happening. >> justin you are a breath of fresh air this busy tuesday morning in the world of traffic. that's right. this is where we had accident overturned vehicle blocking right and supporter lane it looks like it pulled off to the
6:46 am
right and right side back up. use alternate road. for some who don't want to wait in traffic when i look that now it's looking good. better than it was a minute ag ago. another place where we have accident city avenue southbound before the schuylkill pulled all the way off blocking right lane you can see flashing lights and when we look it's a steady stream of vehicles there and also we had construction on 95 northbound on penns landing area cleaned up look going there. we have construction here. this is route 322 eastbound at route 1. all lanes blocked in and around this area and certainly want to use alternate if you can. i suggest 452 and as i'm talking about traffic my eyes are diverted it's like i cannot keep my attention because guess what's going on this weekend? wwe smack down. take a peek. this is mark himry. all of a sudden i look like i'm shrinking we have to flex quick.
6:47 am
i'll flex and make him feel nervous. look at his hands. put your hands here. can we see this get a shot of this how do we do this. look at. >> you get this it traffic her here. >> look that why are you in town. they're in town for wwe smack down. if you look for something to do this weekend, this is the guy to watch. all 399.99999 pounds of him. >> you know where it go? >> i love it. look. i'm shrinking. >> she's so lucky. >> erika i think i'm just going to spin it to you. >> there we go. >> thank you, miesha. >> we're talking with mark in a moment as well about smack down tonight and about his history at wwe. >> meanwhile social networking site linked in agreed to pay 13 million to settle a class action lawsuit and the lawsuit is linked to site's add connection feature. some members were annoyed that address book contact they
6:48 am
request todd connect with received multiple reminder emails. >> so i have set up like rules on my own email that push them off to their own folder so it doesn't bombard my in box. >> the settlement affects those that used feature between september 17, 2011 and october 31, 2014 payout could range from a few bucks to listen to this, $1500 depends how many people file claims. >> and what was supposed to be a happy holiday for a local family is now quite the opposite after jackson township in new jersey cement a violation notice telling a family to take down a center piece of their celebration. isaac ben-attar received the letter telling him he needed to take down the succa from deck of home it's a reling us shelter belt during the religous holiday which ends this week. >> i was wondering it if someone decides to put a
6:49 am
christmas tree on the deck would they be asked to take this down. this is not something new. >> ben-attar said he will comply andty it down. eyewitness news reached out to jackson township and our calls were not returned. >> it's 6:49 hearing from eagles players as they try to figure out what is going on with the birds. they're 1-3 bottom nfc east. our bob talked to them about what they need to do to turn it around. >> there's eagles fans that fear this is a team on the brink of lost season. tonight i got the chance to talk to safety malcolm jenkins about that. >> there's a lot of things we have to fix really quickly. and there is cause for concern. but you know it's no need to jump off the band wagon just yet. >> there's not exactly a whole lot of enthusiasm in abundance for eagles fans right now.
6:50 am
>> what does your gut tell you where the eagles making playoffs. >> unfortunately i don't think so. >> oh, boy 1-3. >> i still don't give up though i will not give up. >> at chickie's and pete's eagles players were la meanting the loss. questions septembererd on morale of the team right now. >> when you're losing the morale is down and mentality is down and off the field you feel like crap good linebacker conner barwin contends the team needs spark. >> we need next week to move it forward and get the momentum early and start fast and make plays and get energy up. >> jenkins acknowledged 1-3 start will test locker room. >> we'll find out a lot about players on this team. and the coaches as well. and how mentally tough this team will be. because in the grand scheme of things nothing we set out to accomplish is out of our reach. >> a lot of players and fans talking about the fact nfc east
6:51 am
is weak this year and therefore maybe just maybe the hole the eagles dug themselves may not be as big as it seems. reporting from link. todd quinones, eyewitness news. >> tickets are still available for wwe tonight. in this corner american power lifter olympic weight lifter professional wrestler and wwe super star mark henry you have quite the resume sir. >> if i add one more job -- >> you've been doing this 19 years with wwe. >> 19 years and it's still going. >> yeah. how do you train for something like this i wonder how do you bulk up and take all the wear and tear on your body. >> well i mean bulking up that's two different things. bulking up is easy i'm a foody. >> any favorite food? >> french. cajun. i'm hard to miss as you can
6:52 am
tell. >> very true. okay so bulking up you handle what about wear and tear, ladders and chairs. >> that's -- that's you know just like gimmick stuff. but like the 19 years i've been in the industry about four of them where i was out injured. so, coming back from injuries is a part of what we do. guys have a certain level of toughness you would not believ believe. we have guys that have had torn ligaments, tendons and finish matches. >> wow. >> and it's kind of like this you know just star go star that if you're able to finish a competition or match and you're injured so we suck it up and go for our fans. >> you've been doing this for years now not just wwe but olympics before that any favorite stories from all those years of powerlifting and being strong man? >> i think coming out of retirement in 2002 after being
6:53 am
city soosed for -- criticized for calling myself the world's strongest man. i'm the only person that ever won a world title in all three sports. >> there you go. >> when i say three sports i mean you powerlifting is completely different than weight lifting and strong man is completely different than the other two. so, i'm pretty honored to be able to say that. and when guys criticized me for it, you know, i would vept and say hey i need to come out of retirement and prove i am who i say i am. >> looking at you sitting next to you you can tell you're a strong man. did you always know you were this strong was there a point you're little guy you were like i'm bigger and stronger. >> every childhood picture of me as a kid i'm flexing and posing and stuff i knew i was strong i felt. it and it resonated with me and playing football and basketball and you know i was a 400 pound
6:54 am
guy to sduvrping a basketball. >> you have up sglilz to be able to move and push that much weight over ten feet you know i mean i was getting up here and. >> i beat. >> any favorite wrestlers when you were a kid did you get to meet them. >> andre the giant was the one that super sparked my interest. my grandmother used to take me to wrestling almost every day. i was one of those kids running the barricade and people pushing me and fell over and andre the giant picked me up and put me back on the area sixtd when i signed i told vince i wanted to meet him he said well you have to go down to his ranch because he don't come up here much. >> what a great chance to meet your childhood hero. you win a lot of matches but also one of our producers was dig around i'm shocked to see it don't blame me for this producer's faults there's clips of you losing in matches how is
6:55 am
this possible these guys are smaller than you. >> these guys talented we have guys world champions and mma and we have guys that have been olympians and guys that are doon mazeing things in this world. >> talented bunch. >> we're all a talentsed bunch. >> our talented meteorologist, you can race over i'm 5' 7" without heels on. justin here out of the way. okay. just how big this guy is mark henry. >> i'm 5' 11, 170. >> i make people disappear. >> nothing? >> shame. >> walk of shame. >> mark thank you so much for joining us. >> wwe smack down at the wells fargo center again tickets are still available. we'll be right back. coming up on cbs3, i feel safe
6:56 am
right now. >> you should. >> you should. >> i'm good body guard bill'slie here... tough looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
6:57 am
i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... for the general assembly, they're for us, but we know how. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means -
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>> and the roosevelt boulevard heading in a southbound direction toward the schuylkill you can see pulled off to the right shoulder we have an accident. those are significant slow downs on both sides of the
7:00 am
roadway. >> new technology you can wear. hope you have a great test. nearby. monica comedy. it is tuesday, october 6ing, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." tens of thousands are left without drinking water ompblths a commercial pilot suddenly dice mid-flight. new details of what happened inside the cockpit. a massive scandal rocks a fantasy football world. insiders are accused of scoring a big payout. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> it's heart breaking for a


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