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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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but let's start with our walt hunter with the latest on the investigation, walt. >> reporter: jim, just within the last hour more than a dozen detectives, from all over the city of have returned to campus. they are still looking for the gun, allegedly, held by a man this morning, prompting a man with the gun call, that led to this entire incident. within the hour we have spoken to police commissioner charles ramsey who filled us in on some of the questions about this entire instant tenth that are still, unanswered at this hour. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" cameras captured exclusive video as first swat teams raced on to campus at community college of philadelphia. as officers headed inside searching for a man with a gun, reported to have run into the the school, students and teachers, sheltered in place a as a lock down was ordered. >> he just stood by the door,
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and, i was like wow, wow, wow. he stood at the door, and. >> reporter: initial reports indicate man with a gun, just outside, the personal dispute, before running inside. the incident police stress not connected to monday's cyber threat to local campuses. to second hours in the search this 17 year-old man was taken into custody at a school next door to the school and brought in for questioning. police say the suspect who has not been charged with any crime did not resist and did not carry a weapon and police commissioner charles ramsey has now told cbs-3 that no weapon has been recovered at this time. >> there is a little bit of inconsistency in the victim's statements. there is a witness that did not see a gun. young man that we have in custody said he never had a gun. we just don't know. >> reporter: detectives returning to campus around 5:00 p.m., also are trying to
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figure out whether there is in fact was a gun and exactly what did happen prompting the lock down of the large police response. >> there may not be any charges. we just don't know. if this never happened in terms of the threat with the gun. >> reporter: so if you are looking live the the mystery continues, to grow. detectives again, gathering here right now from all over the city. they are going to go back through campus, back through classrooms looking to see if they can find a gun and looking to piece together the exact incident that led to this lock down as you heard the the commissioner say whether or not any charges are ever filed is very much up in the air, at this time. that is it live from campus, i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you very much. this is not first gun scare at community college of philadelphia. in may of last year a student pulled a gun in the ccp building, he was allegedly upset at another student for talking about him. the gun man in that case is now serving four years
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probation, for weapons charges. our alexandria hoff is live on the ccp campus with more on the safety measures the school normally has in place, alex. >> reporter: jessica, representatives from the college has told me that over past few days, they have made major upgrade over the security operations specifically the emergency notification process that they have with students. on the whole students told me they were impressed with the swiftness and thoroughness of this investigation but added that they still felt out of the loop. >> i would say yes. >> reporter: after nearly an hour of waiting and watching, june rodriguez got a notification on his phone. >> police activity on campus, main campus is locked down at this point. >> reporter: he, like costens of others standing on 16th and spring garden is a student at the community college of philadelphia. what buildings are off limit? is anybody inside? or classes canceled? they wall of the questions. >> we received a bomb threat, gun threat, i don't know, i'm
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hearing different thing. >> in this day and age you need to get out, hurry up. i said is what going on. >> reporter: students told us that the notification did not go out to everyone and that direct communication from the school was lacking both through e-mail and social media, but the top concern was how this young suspect made it inside campus buildings. >> they say that they have to be really be careful. >> being a community college we don't really get, you know, top security, top flight security. i mean, the two days of the threat, on sunday, people have been going in and checking id's but still, two days later, is one coming on campus with the gun is he just ridiculous. >> reporter: as for those notifications the school told me that just yesterday a mass e-mail went out to every student and every faculty member reminding them that they have to update their contact information, regard
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ago this emergency security notification process. so, if a person did not get a text, phone call or an e-mail today about this lock down that means they have to go on line and upgrade their information. classes will resume as normal tomorrow morning. report willing live from spring garden street alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest on the campus gun scare. we will have updates on tv and anytime at cbs that is where a suspicious vehicle triggered a security scare at nazareth middle school. administrators say they lock down the school after someone spotted the vehicle in the parking lot. chopper three over the scene, police located the driver off campus just before 9:00 a.m. and the school resumed normal activities. philadelphia police are, searching for a motive behind a violent attack that left a transgendered woman dead. investigators say around 2:30 this morning as many as six men ambush, beat, and shot
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22-year old keisha jenkins. she just stepped out of the vehicle on the the 1300 block of west winning hawk even street in hunting park. police say it ties soon to call this incident a hate crime but they are actively investigating that possibility. >> we will talk to more people and get to the bottom of it. the autopsy result will come back with different things. we will put everything together. from that we'll if it satisfies as a hate crime or not good police told "eyewitness news" that the victim may have been working as a prostitute when she was attack. investigators are scattering the area for surveillance video that could lead to an arrest. an autopsy is underway on a woman found dead in the park. chopper three over rowland park in hamilton township. police were spot there had just after 9:00 and found body. would the man is believed to be about 40 years old. anyone with any information is asked to contact the gloucester county homicide task force. well, turning to weather now where our beautiful stretches are underway. meteorologist kate bilo is
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enjoying the sun on the cws sky deck, kate. >> thanks, jim what a beautiful evening it is, in fact, sunnies beginning to set and it is gorgeous looking toward the sky line we have cloud, colors starting to pop out, i'll post a picture on my twitter feed my view from the sky deck and feel free to share your pictures as well. step outside and take a peak at a few, half an hour or so, it will be spectacular once the sunsets. lets take a look at what is happening outside. we have a few cloud, storm scan three, showing those cloud creeping in from the west and that is all thanks to the weak system that is well off to the north and eastern canada we will drag a few cloud in here overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. we will wake up to a mostly cloudy skies but by afternoon we will see everything clear out and it is another sunny a and beautiful fall day. temperatures right now 74 degrees in philadelphia 72 in trenton. it is still cooler down the shore. we are at 65 in atlantic city and in wildwood and already down to 67 in lancaster. temperatures will drop quickly once the sun goes down with the clear sky, once those
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cloud come in it should keep us from dropping as far as we did last night. 67 degrees at 7:00. we are right there at 64 by 9:00 o'clock and 60 by 11:00 p.m. you will need a light jacket out and about later tonight. here's what you will wake up to on wednesday, 55 is your morning low in allentown 567892 in mount pocono. not quite as chilly as last night but we have cooler weather for end of the week and chance for rain. i'll have more on that and how it could impact your weekend coming up when i join you inside, bank over to you. philadelphia police department is looking for a few good men and women. the department is stepping up recruitment efforts and is hoping to diversify the ranks in the process. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has this story. >> we are still struggling, there is no question about that. >> reporter: commissioner charles ramsey admits that the philadelphia police department is not where it need to be. >> i'm down about 200 and you have to remember, we have attrition at the same time. >> reporter: in 2008 philadelphia welcomed 357 new officers, last year that
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number just 190. the commissioner says in order to meet proper staffing levels there is a campaign to step up recruitment, and officer samuel cruz is on the front lines. >> i love this. i love what i'm doing. >> reporter: cruz is one of the ten officers in the department's recruitment unit reorganized to hit the streets, and fill more police booths. tuesday, they went up to newman university, in aston for a few hours of service. they get 15 applicants, the cruz said first they will look for quality. >> i like to help people. i come where we all care about each other. >> i think it would be good for me. >> reporter: as a recruit hope for a commissioner looking for help. >> we have to find a way to overcome it and be able to fill our ranks with quality people that really want to serve others. >> reporter: and a win for the officer, in the trenches. >> out there recruiting, and applicants in the police department, you know what i mean. it makes me feel good. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey also says a big part of the push is minority
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recruitment, at last check, 57 t white, 33 percent black, 8 percent hispanic and 78 percent were male. reporting from the philadelphia police headquarters, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news", free, 3-d mammograms for pennsylvania women. we will tell you how governor tom wolf is making it easier for women in the keystone state to get high tech screening. our stephanie stahl will have details, kate. beautiful fall day and we have another one on the way for tomorrow, but how long does it last? i have a's got rain in the seven day forecast and noticeable cool down. we will have more on that coming up, don. chip kelly believes he can turnaround eagles one and three season. judge why a pulitzer head coach thinks he is dead wrong. some strong word i
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all kind of mammograms will be free in the state of pennsylvania, even the more advanced technology will be covered by insurance. >> this is great news. health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain the new policy that doctors say could save lives. >> they are happen bye this one. governor wolf, has a new policy, that insurers must now cover all screening mammograms including the 3-d versions. women will no longer to have
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pay any out of pocket costs. three dimensional mammography, can detect, hard to find breast cancer. that is missed with traditional screenings. >> it takes, lee dose x-rays of the breast at different ankles and those every reconstruct into a breast that we can slice through like a loaf of bread. >> reporter: doctor deborah copit with the women's center at einstein medical center says research shows 3-d mammograms find 41 percent more cases of invasive breast cancer and reduce number of false positives. >> i have been working with other radiologist whose believe in this technology, trying to explain to insurers, how vital this is to the detection of the the breast cancer. >> reporter: even though american college of radiology says it is not investigational some insurers still consider 3-d mammograms to be experimental and don't automatically cover it. the pennsylvania insurance department has received complaints from many consumers, regarding charges
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for this mammography. well, not anymore. governor wolf's new policy mandates that insurance companies cover all mammograms, no co pays for women, even getting the most sophisticated screenings. >> it is best news i have heard. >> reporter: now, a happy, important day for all doctors, including doctor copit there from einstein. many doctors and their patients say it is a great day here in pennsylvania. in other states, including new jersey and delaware, insurance coverage, vice for 3-d mammograms. now coming up tonight at 11:00 e color of your eyes if you could? not with contact lenses, now there is a new way to get beautiful, blue eyes. i'll explain how, coming up tonight a at 11:00 o'clock. jimmy, i know i have seen strange things we do in the health department. this one. >> just feet away. >> wait until you see this one. >> beautiful blue eyes. >> tune in tonight at 11:00. kate, joins us now with a look at a beautiful day and what is coming next and
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hopefully it is more of the same. >> wouldn't it be nice to get in this kind of weather in this kind of day. we had an on shore flow, let's get stuck in this weather. >> i'll take it. >> i think we will at least through early friday. late friday you want to start watching when our next front will approach and it will bring threat for some rain. the good news it looks like it will clear out and leave us most of the week end dry, and please an. lets look outside and we will start off with a look at sunset getting underway here. we will look west toward the city of fail from across the river there in new jersey. you can see the sky starting to take on the beautiful sunset already where right new you you can see we have been looking in the opposite direction at beach patrol headquarters camera in margate. looking like a comfortable pleasant night, great night to take a walk the beach here. looking at storm can three not a whole lot to show you as we have seen cloud creeping in, a bank of cloud from the west, that is thanks to the storm well off to the north. it will drive some cloud here overnight and into tomorrow
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morning and then cloud will break up tomorrow afternoon. we will turnout to be another sunny day. seventy-four at the moment in philadelphia we are at 07 in millville. sixty-five in atlantic city a and wildwood. cooler down the shore thanks to the cool ocean water ape days of the on shore influence. sixty-three barnegat light. sixty-six in rehoboth beach. your sunset time tonight is 6:36. just under 20 minutes from now but by in first, that is not too far away, end of the daylight savings time means sunset is at 4:59 and by november 30th it is a full two hours earlier then tonight, even when i walk out on the die deck at 6:00 i thought it is starting to get dark earlier and it will get worse and worse as we head unfortunately toward winter. we are losing two and a half minutes of daylight every single day but let's in the think about that. let talk about a beautiful fall week. partly sunny. cloud with more sun in the afternoon. weak service front tomorrow afternoon. it does than the do much for us except income temperatures back five or 6 degrees for your thursday. high thursday is in better than 70.
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sunny, beautiful day with high pressure in control. there that is front approaching. we will see sun early and then rain by afternoon. not a ton of rain. your mid week time frame is great. mostly sunny, warmer temperatures, highs in the 07's. really great stretch. but heading through friday is when some rain starts to creep in. we are looking at main a third of an inch to half inch of rain. take a look at joaquin staying together. some models trying to take it all the waste to europe. portions of great britain could get influence need storm through the end of the week. mainly clear and cool. fifty-seven. tomorrow looks good with sun and cloud. you're witness weather seven day forecast, it is a beautiful next couple days, but watch for rain friday night but news is even though it is cooler over weekend it does cool out but we need jacket saturday. high only 64. >> no kidding. >> thanks very much. a little rocking on the river tonight in celebration of the forbes 30 under 30 summit. >> our vittoria woodill is live new from festival pier where the band are getting ready to play, torey. >> reporter: they are, jim and
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guess contact we are excited. the crowd is excited. we are celebrating, innovators, creators and look at this, the smiles we have on these foulke. they are in line in support of the forbes 30 under 30 summit that has been happening for a few days now. i want to introduce you to the editor of forbes magazine, randall lane. can you tell anyone at home unfamiliar with the forbes 30 under 30 what it is all about. >> we bring 2,000 entrepreneurs and game changers in the world for philadelphia for three days to figure out, brain storming how to change the world. we have been in the convention center for two days. but tonight we are ending it, with the under 30 music festival and we are opening it up to everybody in philadelphia anybody who wants to come down here. we have shawn menendez, hanson, and if you come down, it starts at 7:00, goes until 11:00f you register to a global citizen we will give you a i free ticket. beautiful night. >> can you tell us a little bit about tomorrow and good things happening in the city. >> tomorrow we are sending out 150 people, to give speeches
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to local schools, and we're also doing tours of social entrepreneur ship, social innovation site and we're really trying to lead philadelphia, much better then we found it. we want to be catalyst. we want to do for philly what they do for austin, texas. we have had over 2,000 people, coming, from mentors to attendees. it has been a great turnout for young people who want to do big things with their lives. >> we are number one trending on twitter. whole world looking at philadelphia right now and saying something biggies going on here. >> something biggies about to go on tonight. >> shawn menendez, top song, it is something big. >> yes, we have sean menendez, asap rocky, lindsey sterling, hanson. >> there were a few people that didn't know who hanson was. >> younger ones. >> we were going to be going over to break. if you don't have any plans tonight, it is a free concert at penns landing, stay with us, we wil
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well, weekend sports hang over continues. >> yes. here's don with moehler good amount there. fans are flat out bitter, cranky and salty about the eagles one and 36789 many people blame chip kelly. he ace 20-12 record in the first two full seasons including trip to the playoffs. that is pretty good by most standard. but buzz businger ain't buying it. here's what he had to say about chip on wip radio today. >> i don't like him because he is a fraud. he is a fraud. but he gets ordained by the media, even now, even now, they are too nice to him. he has in clue. >> okay, tell us how you feel. three of the teams starting offensive lineman did not practice. on the defense michael kendrick, byron maxwell and
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brandon bear sat out as well. bottom line the team has won win in four games but they still believe. >> you know, there is something that we can get correct and will get corrected. by no means is this, you know, an end of the season type tiehl, which it is portrayed out to be. >> we have to come up with no excuses. we have to go out there and do what we have been doing. we know how this game goes. we know, we will continue to, you know, we see light at the end of the tunnel. >> another philadelphia washington match up, only this time it is practice. the sixers visiting wizard tonight in preseason action. their first overall look at top draft choice jahlil okafor, highlights tonight at 11:00. friday football frenzy game of the week where do you want us to go live from? here are your choices, camden at camden catholic, delaware military academy at saint marks, archbishop carol at cardinal o'hara. go to cbs to
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vote. we will announce winner tomorrow night at 11:00. let us know where you wanting to us, we will show up, happy, ready to roll. >> thanks, don. >> you got it. >> thanks, don. >> you got it. >> we will be right apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. tit's amazing.. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful! it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the wpsgcw fill and we are back at here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". from new york here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: as floodwaters filled their home, they sent out a facebook s.o.s. >> did you think that you and your family were going to die? >> oh, yeah. i did. >> pelley: also tonight, long after the cargo ship sank, loved ones cling to hope. >> everything inside of of me says my daddy is coming home. >> pelley: two cops nearly killed by gunfire sue the gun dealer. and a disabled actress writes her own script for success on broadway. >> i had this dream, and i wanted to make it happen, but nobody had ever done it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: they've discovered more dead today in the worst flooding the carolinas have ever seen. officials say at least 17 have died, and they


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