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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 7, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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justin, how are you doing out there. >> it is really nice outside, not as cool as yesterday but still pretty comfortable. maybe going outside for that morning work out. excellent conditions out there nice and dry today. we will warm it up a as well. here are current numbers across the delaware valley a as we have cloud holding in the heat a little bit. sixty-one at the airport. cool spot in the south jersey pine land, we are in the the lower 50's at this hour as well as north western suburbs, lehigh valley is warmer this morning in the mid 50's. we were talking about upper 30's yesterday morning. it doesn't look like we will be seeing that. we will see milder temperatures. sign that warmer air mass is building n some clouds rolling through right now, storm scan three, mid to high level cloud not producing any rain n need for rainy jacket the when you leave the house this morning into the afternoon. we will see increasing sunshine. wind are calm to 5 miles an hour out of the northwest, humidity levels stay le today. here's that school day forecast. we will talk about 8:00 o'clock temperatures in the the lower 60's. 3:00 o'clock mid 70's. look at this two days in a row
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and i'm giving it an a. you know forecast is good if i'm's throwing out a's. forecast highs in the mid 70's around philadelphia a a. sixty's in the poconos. we will talk about rain chances returning to the forecast in a few minutes but lets see is what going on with the roads. >> everybody is happy on hump day and you must be giving another a. two days in a row, you gave an a, nice a. if you are just waking up with us, the the roadways are looking g we have an accident to get to in a moment but we have construction, in accident, route 100 in both directions, the the the left lane, you can see is block, moving in the northbound side, other side, southbound lanes look good but it does stay in both directions. i'm's thinking that is because cones still in place. this is schuylkill eastbound at spring garden looking good there. slowly getting that volume going as we all head out the door ways earlier. this is where we have that accident, northeast extension northbound between the turnpike and lansdale. the left lane is block, for those of you in and around
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that busy section. just make note, that can cause slow downs certainly. also some new jersey construction route 42 southbound between the 25 and route 55. and two lanes are blocked and on the northbound side right lane is block there as well, erika over to you. new this morning a three alarm barn fire in mercer county, new jersey. "eyewitness news" on the scene overnight at pennington titusville road in pennington. there were no hydrants in the area so fire fighters were forced to bring in tank tours income down that fire. the barn is a total loss but no animals were hurt in that blaze. the causes under investigation. meanwhile students at community college of philadelphia a, they are going to return to class today. >> one day after the campus went into lock down for several hours on the report of the gunman inside that building. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at ccp this morning. the justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this week campus safety was on the the radar after last weeks report of the college student
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shooting and oregon and that on line threat of colleges and universities, both reasons why reports of the gun on the ccp campus yesterday are being taken, seriously. just before noon philadelphia police found that 17 year-old they were looking for after reports that he was arm. however, at last check he has in the yet been facing charges nor have police found a weapon. just a after 10:00 a.m. tuesday a lock down was call, following reports of an on campus fight between two men, age 17 and 19, and the accuser told police he saw his 17 year-old opponent with a weapon. so for more than one hour a swarm of swat and police officers combed the the spring garden campus searching for that 17 year-old and a gun. the teen was later found in a campus building but despite the accuser's claim police tell us a gun has not turned up and there was no sign of a gun. students tell us that they are pleased with the police response. >> philadelphia a a police department, the fast response,
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you know, how quickly they went through, and even the parameters just closing it the off within a block or two radius, make sure everyone is secure. >> reporter: police searched the campus long after that lock down was called and however they say at this point they have not yet found a gun and also, the the claims of witnesses and accuser are conflicting. at this point they are not ensure if a gun was ever involve. we are live, at spring garden i'm justin finch for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. stay with "eyewitness news" as new details emerge from the community college campus scare. we will bring them to you on line and also on television. transgendered woman is found beaten and shot to death and this morning police are asking for your help to find her attackers. sources a say 22-year old keisha jenkins may have been working as a prostitute when she was shot and killed yesterday morning. police found her lying on the street on the 13th street in logan. neighbors say they often see male prostitutes working in that area.
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>> it doesn't make it any less tragic, a life is a life. >> very sad, very sad, it is really a sad day to the transgendered community. >> police are not ruling out a hate crime and they are looking at robbery as a possible motive. if you have any information, please call the police. still many questions this morning after authorities discovered a body in the the mercer county park. chopper three over robeling park and hamilton township where that body was found in the weeds. the victim is a white woman and believed to be about 40 years old. there is no word yet on a cause of death, however, authorities say the death does a appear to be a homicide. today former professional wrestler jimmy super fly snuka is set to a appear before a judge in murder charges. lehigh county prosecutors charged snuka with third degree murder and a involuntary manslaughter in the death of nancy argentina she suffered head injuries while staying with snuka at a white hall township motel in 1983. snuka's recent autobiography
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led investigators to take a new look at the this old case. happening today in harrisburg the republican controlled house will vote on governor wolf's proposal to increase the personal income tax. the governor wants an increase of a half percent. the the governor says that it could help solve pennsylvania's three month budget impasse, the republican leaders don't believe that it will pass. well workers in pennsylvania come together to call for a raise in minimum wage. "eyewitness news" on the temple university campus last night, that is where public hearing was held. workers are calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage across the the state of pennsylvania. fast food, airport and other low wage workers were among those who spoke at the event. a proposal for philadelphia's second casino has been approved by the city planning commission. if it gets final a have travel live hotel and casino will be construct by developers of the xfinity live and parx casino. it calls for a vegas style facility at 900 packer avenue in the sports complex and
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will feature 2,000 slot machines and more than 125 table games. sugar house casino was philadelphia's first gambling hall. well, house transportation committee is set to discuss drone safety on capitol hill today. hearing comes as faa considers expanding the the use of drones. but increased sightings by pilots and air traffic controllers have raised safety questions. the the faa says that it is still in the process of crafting regulations for increased use of the device's long side commercial airplanes. ntsb continues its investigation in the sinking of an american cargo ship during hurricane joaquin last week. >> coastguard is focusing on two debris area. el faro went down in the bermuda try and with the 33 people on board including 28 americans. one unidentified body has been found. but there is in survivors. doctors without borders is demanding an independent investigation in the u.s. bombing of its medical clinic afghanistan. a top u.s. commander in afghanistan told a senate panel yesterday that the
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clinic was quote mistakenly struck. ten patients and 12 staff members died in that week and he tack. doctors without borders will hold a news conference later today to discuss this bombing. united airlines pilot passes out touring a flight force ago this plane to divert. the flight was heading from houston to san francisco at the time. now that was divert todd albuquerque new mexico. the pilot regained consciousness and walked off the plane. incident comes just one day after a pilot died on a american airlines plane. five credit 08. still ahead another lawsuit begins bill cosby, we have details on the former model cueing the comedian of drugging her. also ahead a brush fire burns out of control, we will tell you why officials intentionally started the fire in the first place. later on a man flees police, on horse back. >> oh, boy. >> we will tell what you led to the chase. >> ♪
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>> and as, we go to break. >> very nice. >> music legend stevey wonder brings his songs and key of life tour to philadelphia tonight. so enjoy the concert if you can go. we will be right back.
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police are looking for the driver who caused a semi truck to crash on a michigan highway, lets take a look dash cam video captured it the all. car possiblely a chevy malibu hits the passenger side of the truck. that caused a semi to slam in the median wall. the truck driver, sustained minor injuries we're told, the driver of the chevy fled that scene. today parts of the south caroline air still under water after record flooding. an 11th day, failed and many are bracing for new round of flooding there. right now tens of thousands don't have access to drinking water and more than 800 people are staying in shelters and donations started pouring in from around the country. the one family was rescued from their attic after posting an s.o.s. on facebook. >> we're here and we're alive and that is a all that matters.
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my kids are safe. >> what we will have to have do is gut the whole entire house, dry it out and start from scratch. >> despite soggy weather today, more rain is in the forecast for friday and saturday. the storm is blamed for at least 15 deaths in that state. a fire started intentionally to reduce fuel build up is new burning out of control this brush fire is happening in victoria, australia local media is report ago this one home has been completely destroyed with other homes in the fire's path. is there currently an emergency warning in effect for six areas near that blaze. 5:13. third lawsuit this year has been filed against bill cosby. model chloe goings filed that suit in u.s. district court accusing the comedian of sexual assault at the playboy mansion in 2008. lawsuit said cosby assaulted her while she was seriously disable or unconscious. district attorney's office in l.a. says they are reviewing a police investigation into her
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allegations for possible criminal case against cosby. manmade blast of color in the sky and not fire works. nasa set to launch a rock fret wallups island virginia later this evening. agency says people along the east coast may see patch owes have light which are cloud of barium vapor. justin checking in right new, will it be clear enough to see that barium vapor a new word for us. >> you are not the a chemist, erika, barium. >> no, put that on the periodic table. i cannot remember either. as far as viewing conditions go, we will have some cloud around today but i think, the skies should be clear enough where we may be able to see. that we have map here. launch is scheduled for 7:00 o'clock. that is scheduled time again wallups island to the south in virginia. the rocket the will be off to the east, and you want to look south east. here in the delaware valley you will see it six minutes and ten seconds after the launch.
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that is all of delaware, south jersey, philadelphia up to the lehigh valley. it looks like poconos will in the see this launch. barium will be given off by rocket, roughly about six to six and a half minutes. hopefully you will see glowing cloud tonight the at 7:10 if the launch goes off on time. here's some of the clouds over us right now. they are mid to high level cloud. you will see good visibility. they will roll through this morning. we will see clearer conditions later during the afternoon into the evening. temperatures this morning not quite as cool because of the cloud cover. fifty-two in millville. fifty-four in swedesboro. sixty-one in philadelphia a. fifty-three in chalfont. yesterday morning we were seeing 40's, even some 30's in the cold suburbs. still some jack he it weather but sunshine once again today, we will warm us up. not much happening on our future weather model this afternoon looking good with increasing sunshine and then throughout the evening hours again it the is mainly clear, especially to the south where we are launching that rocket in virginia and then tomorrow the same deal, sunshine milk
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with a few cloud. here are temperatures in the low to mid 70's this afternoon. a warm day, tonight, kind of like where we are at this morning mid 50's, maybe upper 40's in the cooler spots and weak cold front swings through. that knocks temperatures down on thursday. high upper 60's to 70 degrees. enjoy this afternoon if you can. sun and cloud, warm. 76 degrees. record high though this time of the year is in the lower 90's. it can get hot this time of the year. cool night tonight in the mid 50's. here we go with the extended forecast, lot of sunshine through thursday, again slightly cooler with a high of 7o friday is our next rain chance a cold front best chance to see that rain late in the day. doesn't look heavy. for weekend great news we will clear out and fall weather fans will like saturday, sunday, breeze kicks up, temperatures drop back down in the mid to upper 60's. not a bad forecast, meisha. >> rain on its way for friday. we can handle. that we need rain at times.
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good morning. here's a place where we have construction in exton. route 100 northbound is looking like they are trying to move it out and it is in both directions. i cannot see so much in the southbound direction. it looks like we are good there. moving north bound direction just know you are down. it looks like left lane was block. it looks like they are moving over. just ab wear it the is there. not that it is causing any slow downs, it is still early. ben franklin bridge for those coming from new jersey looking good, nice and quiet. always a beautiful shot there. we have an accident northeast extension northbound between turnpike and lansdale left lane is block in this area and this is quite a stretch, gets very busy. so make note if that doesn't get cleared out. also new jersey construction 676 near 76 both the north and southbound lanes are a affect, two left lanes are block and also the the betsy ross bridge, westbound side is down to one lane until 6:00 a.m. i will have updates in a little bit. forbes under 30 summit
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continued in philadelphia a with a big music festival last night. "eyewitness news" at festival pier at penns landing. um is it featured the world's brightest young mind trying to find ways to improve the world. they are all under 30 which is press a aggressive and making a difference in the field of technology, science, sports, food and entertainment. >> great to have you here. >> 5:18. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins with us more. >> farm pharmacist month and good time to explore this expanding and evolving field. once a profession filled with owner operated storefronts today pharmacist work in chain stores, hospitals, clinics or within companies. some dispense medications and answer patient questions, while clinical pharmacist may go on round in a hospital with the physician or health care team. others work in pharmaceutical companies and marketing, sales, research and development. to be a pharmacist you need a doctor of pharmacy, which is typically a four year
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professional degree. you need to be licensed and complete continuing education throughout your career. if you are in the ready to make that commitment right now you might consider starting as a pharmacy technician, in that roll you would work under supervision of the pharmacist and learn more about what the position entails. in pennsylvania, you don't need to be licensed to be a pharmacy technician, for more information, go to pa i'm jill schlesinger for
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new york authorities launched investigation in the two biggest names in fantasy sports. they want details on employees of draft kings and fan dual. authorities say they could have had an unfair advantage when playing on the competing web sites. new york times reports that draft kings employee admits he released early data the the most used players which could provide an advantage. that employee, then won $350,000 on the fan dual web site.
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>> this is very unregulated. i mean seriously we have come a long way from the dorm room playing among your friend to the corporate sphere that is fantasy football. >> i just don't understand how that could be so unregular related and wide open for this kind of fraud to occur. >> people take it seriously. >> for sure. >> draft kings and fan dual say that their employees are monitored by internal fraud teams and they have no evidence, anyone misused data from their site. >> $300,000 though, wow. eagles take on the new orleans saints this sunday afternoon in south philadelphia while looking up to the rest of the nfc east. last place. eagles have trouble running the ball this season even with the addition of former cowboy demarco murray last years nfl rushing champion. he is averaging 1.6-yard a carry so far. pull either prize winning author of friday night lights buzz businger says murray has to be used in the right way. >> why did we get demarco
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murray. he is like a starting pitcher, you need an incorporator two to get oiled up, worked up and see what works and see what doesn't. he need 20 carries a game otherwise don't get him and use ryan matthews which would have been fine. when he is in the hurt is a good running back. >> talking basketball now sixers have kick off their preseason action they play their first home game tomorrow night against cavilers. the last night sixers and wizards in washington and our first look at top draft choice jahlil okafor. he scored the eight of the first 11 points. okafor had 12 points but sixers lost it, 129-95. in the american league, wild card game last night, astros 20 game winner dallas, was back yet again. he didn't allowed an earned run in three games and last night was in different. astros hit two home runs in the ballgame and beat the bronx bombers at their home game three to nothing. they advance to play kansas
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city royals tomorrow night. check out this run by a high school player from wisconsin, brandon stole is a senior running back and took off on this unorthodox 46-yard touchdown run. pretty impressive. he alluded, would be tacklers to get free and off to the end zone very impressive. >> determine kid i'll give him that. >> such a young age. >> no kidding. >> well done. >> 5:25. a police chase on horse back and authorities in texas caught it all on camera. >> you don't see this every day. >> police responded to reports of the the fight at a rodeo and to find those involved were still on horses. >> the one person involved cooperated but the other, kicked his pope any high gear. suspect was eventually caught and faces multiple charges including public intoxication and resisting arrest. ride them cowboy, come on. >> my goodness. >> a pony on the lose here.
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>> this is in northridge, california, one of those little ponies. police gave chase as helicopter swarm. not the kind of police chase california resident are used to. that pony was safely, you know, caught there. in word on how it became loose in the first place. >> that is sad. >> that is a very urban area northridge. >> so out of his element. >> we're on it. >> yes, we have it covered. still ahead on "eyewitness news" latest on the oregon shooting rampage. >> we will tell what you police are hoping to learn from the gunman's mother, jan. knotted great the owe in center city has gained national and international a attention to day it comes to a close, i'm's jan carabao reporting live from center city. coming up we will look back at its success and ahead is what next in the project. jan, thanks. she may be most famous college student in america, we will tell you what happened when tom hanks found this
5:27 am
girls college id. >> great picture. >> i know. >> we are waking up to some cool temperatures but a lot of sunshine warms us up but get ready for the rain for end of the week. we have details coming up. meisha has latest on the this morning's commute when eye
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good morning, today is wednesday, october 7th i'm nicole brewer. >> aim erika von tiehl. we will have the latest on the campus scare of the philadelphia community college in just a moment. we are on top of that yesterday. we have latest from justin finch coming up. >> very scary: like it or not holiday season is just around the corner. people think too soon, right. >> big corner. >> we have a lot at neiman marcus 2015 christmas book, so get an idea, here are some rare liquors to a keanu reeves. >> yes. >> and, there he is, showing off his motorcycle. >> that is most odd thing i have ever seen mountain christmas catalogue. >> yes. >> you know, yes. >> yes. >> you know what else i'll take is this weather. it will be beautiful. >> beautiful. >> we will take it. >> yes. >> i'm running out of stuff to say, you know, it is sunny, warm. >> don't say anyth


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