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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  KYW  October 7, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, today is wednesday, october 7th i'm nicole brewer. >> aim erika von tiehl. we will have the latest on the campus scare of the philadelphia community college in just a moment. we are on top of that yesterday. we have latest from justin finch coming up. >> very scary: like it or not holiday season is just around the corner. people think too soon, right. >> big corner. >> we have a lot at neiman marcus 2015 christmas book, so get an idea, here are some rare liquors to a keanu reeves. >> yes. >> and, there he is, showing off his motorcycle. >> that is most odd thing i have ever seen mountain christmas catalogue. >> yes. >> you know, yes. >> yes. >> you know what else i'll take is this weather. it will be beautiful. >> beautiful. >> we will take it. >> yes. >> i'm running out of stuff to say, you know, it is sunny, warm. >> don't say anything.
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>> just terrible. >> yes, all right. >> all right. >> i have got plenty to say. >> not everybody is liking warm temperatures they want fall like stuff. the just wait a few days. >> exactly. >> i promise, in problems. this morning though looking good though again your ride and commute, no issues as far as weather goes. we will be battling sun glare, live look at center city a and high level cloud right now but not producing any rainfall. the here's the setup, this is what we're talking about. high temperatures above average. record are in the 90es, not close to that. rain chance does return for friday and that will cool temperatures down in the weekend. nice fall like weekend does shape up across the region. sixty-one the warm spot at the airport in philadelphia we are looking at lower 50's in south jersey. yesterday morning we have 40's and even 30's. we are not seeing that. jacket weather in the suburbs, but that sunshine will go to work, once it comes up around 7:00 o'clock this morning and still cloudiness over us right now. that should push through, seeing increasing sunshine,
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wind are calm, break down the temperatures again through the day, rapidly climbing up in the mid 70's, for afternoon high so keep that shorts and t-shirt around. meisha, how sit looking at the road. >> some people are excited about the cooler fall weather. would i like to talk to them, justin. i would like to have a little chat. good morning everyone happy hump day. we are looking good here. i have to keep my eye on the vine all morning long and a few headlights, out there. it is steady since 4:30 this morning. vine looking good for those just thinking about heading out there. here's the schuylkill eastbound conshohocken curve another area that gets very busy in the morning. looking good. steady flow. everyone traveling around posted speed which is what we want to see this time have of the morning. construction westbound side of the betsy ross bridge one lane is open. you are down to one lane until 6:00 a.m. and i will update you when that clears. just a quick update, lansdale doylestown line busing through
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december, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar. patco is running with special schedule. so check those local schedules, nicole, over to you. lastes back in session at the community college of philadelphia, one day after the campus went into a lock down for a reported gunman. now this all started yesterday morning around 9:30, within minutes of that report philadelphia police had to have the spring garden campus on lock down. nearby schools and busts, did the the same. police spent several tense hours looking for a suspect described to be wearing a red hooded shirt. they located a 17 year-old and took him into custody but have after several hours of searching they never found a gun. >> there is a little bit of inconsistency in the victim's statements. there is a witness that did not see a gun. young man we have did in the have a gun. so we just don't know. >> police say that it stems from a dispute between the man in custody and another man, ccp will resume a normal
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schedule today. well, stay with "eyewitness news" as new details emerge in the invest facial, we will bring you update on tv and on line at cbs right now 5:34. police are looking into the mother of the the gun man who killed nine people in oregon last week. officials say they know of roughly 34,000 social media posts, linked to laurel harper. many of harper's post discuss her love of firearms and her son's mental health n1 post she reveals her son had a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum. in another she reveals there were plenty of guns of all types inside the house. knotted grotto attract thousands to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, just a beautiful sight. >> so beautiful. it brought one very important person there pope francis, of course, but today that display will close. eye witt the necessary news reporter jan car bear owe will many will gather if that are closing ceremony, good
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morning. >> reporter: good morning. knotted grotto in center city has gain national but international attention, tens of thousands on have people visited the site right next to the cathedral basilica during world meeting of families alone. there are nearly 150,000 not the not is here representing shared struggles but hope. the grotto closes with an inter faith blessing but what a project this turned out to be. do you remember this moment just a little more than a week ago new during his papal parade on the parkway and just before a public mass, pope francis made an impromptu stop to bless this structure. at the center of the grotto is a a 25 by 30-foot dome made of ash and knotted ribbons with prayers, people struggles and intentions this was part of the mercy and justice campaign that focuses on hunger and home lessness. once it comes down the the material will be recycled and sister mary skillion is one of the projectorsers and she was
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here and hugged pope francis just before that unexpect blessing. >> just so humbling and just so joyful because there has been so many people that have come here over the the weeks, moved to tears, writing their struggles, writing their stories, their prayers and then to think that pope francis, blessed those, it is overwhelming. >> reporter: knotted grotto was supposed to close after the world meeting of families but it was just so popular. organizers decided to keep it open longer. it does close today. that ceremony starts at ten. reporting live, from center city, jan care bay owe cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> such a beautiful display, thanks. in business news at 5:36 energy stocks surge. >> new streaming player hits the market. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange with the details, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. mixed day on wall street.
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dow jones added 13 points, nasdaq fell 33, and energy stocks surged though as price of oil refund but prices are still way down from last year. that means you'll likely pay less to heat your home this winter. u.s. energy department predicts a 25 percent drop for homes that use heating oil and 18 percent drop for homes that use propane. uaw threatening a strike against fiat chrysler if the deal isn't reached by the end of today. uaw members overwhelmingly reject contract the with chrysler last week. auto maker received a financial hit last week after worker walk off the job where they make the popular jeep and ram pick ups. roku new streaming player does something apple, siri cannot, help you find your remote conn will troll. those tiny remet controls on roku, apple tv and other streaming devices can get lost and, this will help you. press a bus on on roku and it will show you where your remote is located. i lost, erika and nicole, my
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apple tv remet within a week i had that streaming device. so this one hits close to home to me. >> absolutely, they are so tiny, underneath a seat cushion, dog grabs it, or baby walks off with it. >> jackies constantly hiding things. >> well, you are watching reruns. >> we will in the find that for a while. >> thank you. well, we know folks, including us, bought power ball tickets with hopes of winning that huge jackpot. >> it didn't happen for us but we are hearing amazing story of the lucky laid hoy is a a whole lot richer. julie leach of three rivers, michigan won last weeks 310 million-dollar power ball jackpot. great for her, isn't it. leach was on her lunch break in the fiberglass company when she realized she had a winning ticket. new millionaire tells us what she did next. >> i quit automatically. i will take care of my kid. i dent want them to have to work like i had to work abe
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tiehl with the kind of things that i had had to deal with over life. >> that is very sweet. i like the line, i was done. i quit. >> we can all relate to that. leach says she didn't sleep for 30 hours after hearing this news, and you can imagine, just so exciting. she did opt for lump sum of 197 million-dollar. >> can you imagine even if calls she was making, after first quitting the job and calling her kid. >> can you imagine how many even if calls she must be getting by new. >> long lost cousins. >> yes. >> good for her. >> you have money like that you know how you can spend it. neiman marcus christmas cat looking coming out. >> this is what dreams are made of. >> she tells bus the the book with fantasy gifts out of reach for most of us. >> reporter: neiman marcus presented their fantasy gift, in the eighty-ninth addition of the christmas book on tuesday. >> just because we grown up doesn't mean you cannot fantasize about things but
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your fantasy gets larger. >> reporter: huge presentation of the the surprise fantasy gift, but there is a twist this year. you can only see it on the app this year is the years interactive mirror, but check this out. >> happy holidays from neiman marcus. >> reporter: an motorcycle and look whoes riding it. >> keanu reeves. >> is he part of the gift. >> motorcycle you will fly to los angeles and you will ride with key an a owe. >> reporter: things range from $10 to 400 you this dollars. >> we have a key every year toys get something for everybody. >> we are offering neiman marcus the opportunity of lifetime to go up to space while sipping your beverage with your best friend. >> then we have some of the mess rare, urban vehicles in the world today. >> i just had two of the them. i wish i could get it. >> it feels like a fantasy come true. it is a very small, group that
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gets to be in this brotherhood. >> reporter: just 80 more shopping days left. >> too early for jingle bells, i'm just saying a lieutenant of excitement. >> yes. >> i do love that magazine that one requisite a mug with your initial on it for $10. >> one thing we can all afford. >> it fridays neiman marcus. >> exactly. it will be here before you know it. >> still to come it will be easier for area women to get high tech cancer screenings. still ahead we will tell you which insurance companies are providing this service. later the unlikely friendship creating crowds at one zoo, that is a cheetah, and a dog, how cute is that. >> definitely the cutest things we have seen today. >> we will take a short break, as we do check out our studio this morning.
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in your headlines, students head back to class at the the community college of philadelphia, after reports of the man with the gun forced a big lock down yesterday. after several tense hours a 17 year-old was taken into custody, however, there have been no arrests and police have in the yet found a gun. a barn in pennington, new jersey goes up in flames when a three alarm fire breaks out overnight. that barn is a total loss but no animals were hurt. death of the 22-year old
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keisha jenkins is under investigation. police say that the transgendered woman was beaten and shot in logan early yesterday morning. jenkins may have been working as a prostitute when she was attacked. 5:45 right now. wedding anniversaries are of course always special. >> for one california couple this years anniversary will be one they will never forget. >> we know. >> they decided to hit pacific for a romantic sailing trip but they ran into trouble in the water off san diego early tuesday morning. their boat got stuck on the sandbar in low tid thee. man swam to shore to get help police were able to get to the shallow what the tore rescue would the man. >> very calm. >> it is okay. >> at least we're safe. happy anniversary. >> making mess of it. >> yes. >> and of course, happy ending for this way ward story, police didn't cite the couple for wrongdoing in the incident. >> maybe a cruise next time. >> maybe that is a a good
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idea. saying better luck to be lucky than to be good and within photographer hit the jackpot here. he was shooting the northern lights video and as he was doing so he captured hump back whales there playing in the water. just incredible seeing that. >> the whales made for a perfect picture moment. the name of the island he was shooting on, he should not have been surprised to see these creatures, whale island in are in way. >> just beautiful. >> yes, those northern lights. >> waiting for it, it is just incredible. justin, let's check our forecast and cool start what do you think, we may get a light she as well because they are launching that rocket from wallops virginia, just off 7:00 o'clock, and they may glow in the sky. launch scheduled for seven. we here in the delaware valley will see it six minutes and 102nd after launch around 7:06. look to the south east if you can. temperatures, from the weather
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watchers, waking up to low to mid 50's. that is similar to the reporting stations. milder then yesterday morning. out the in cardington bill at 52. fifty-three at willow grove. barbara lane's house in clementon, new jersey, we are milder in the mid 50's and into cherry hill looking at 55. chats worth and pine land, cooler spot as they normally are, 49 degrees at mark's house n bath, charms is at 55 degrees. nothing happening on storm scan three except for some cloud. pretty quiet weather pattern. we have a ban to mid to high level clouds rolling through right now. we will see clear skies to the west. so expecting increasing sun shane throughout the day-to-day, and that sunnies really going to go to work as highs surge in the mid seven on's. week cold front comes through tonight and dropping temperatures down on thursday with a high near 70 degrees. that front comes through dry. then we have a stronger cold front approaching the region on friday, so we will start off friday dry. late in the day, late afternoon and night well see
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rain around, once that front passes by, here we go, bringing back fall like weather. chilly air mass. temperatures in the mid 60's for the weekend. here's joaquin, still holding on, cranking out over atlantic ocean. wind at 75. minimum category one hurricane. it is heading for portugal as it continues to weaken. back home though a lot of sunshine through this afternoon as we head through thursday, same deal, nice and quiet, great day to be outdoors once again. here's friday at 5:00 o'clock we will see rain pushing in from the north and west, and then the heaviest rain should come in late afternoon during the evening hours. today enjoy it if you can. 76 degrees. sun and cloud, tonight a cool night the with a few cloud around, 56 degrees, a and then, again, starting to feel like football this weekend and of course, saints coming in town 1:00 o'clock kick off. 66 degrees at the link under partly sunny skies. nice looking seven day. mid 07's friday. watch out for rain. we're back to the 60's on the weekend. meisha, something for everybody in the forecast. how is the road looking.
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>> there is, isn't there? i still say it, justin, no, to the cold. no. happy wednesday. happy hump day we are pushing right through this week. weekend is in our grasp, and, here's a live look at 422 eastbound at oaks heading toward king of prussia area looking really nice here. everyone still traveling in and around a posted speeds. that is great news. the as we push through the 59:00 o'clock hour, i want to say that is when we will see things heat up. we're seeing a little bit of. that roosevelt boulevard, southbound direction, and, making their way to the schuylkill, and schuylkill, and looking similar. plenty of headlights heading in the southbound direction on the roosevelt boulevard we can expect more of that, to come as we head toward the 6:00 o'clock hour. now we do have new jersey construction still in place 676 near 76, both in the north and southbound direction. two left lanes are block in that area. speaking of lets talk about mass transit, patco is running a special schedule with
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adjusted time tonight and thursday and friday all will day and then lansdale doylestown line is busing through december weekdays 9:00 n doylestown and colmar. ab aware. nicole and erika back to you. 5:50. unlikely animal friend ship is making headlines. >> the duo became fast friend six months ago. meet the cheetah and the dog: they are hanging out. >> she was taken from his mother at metro richmond zoo when he noticed he was not doing well and doing lonely. unable to reintegrate him with his biological family they were introduce todd each other. >> they pick up, each others traits, and they are never separate. they will explore at different times by themselves but in the with the other one very far away. >> that is terrific. >> i know. >> could goo was a adopted from a rescue organization when he was just ten weeks old. zoo keepers say they have become brother-like and they are now inseparable.
5:51 am
>> what a duo. >> see them walking side by side, loving life. >> too cute. >> very cute. >> can you go to that sue with that kid, is that safe, can the dog be with the cheetah. >> you wonder at what point will they will have to be separate budd for now it is looking lovely. >> but first, here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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back on "eyewitness news", new york's one world trade center is a glow in pink. a all to promote breast cancer awareness month. >> here in philadelphia the parkway central library also a wash in pink light, i love seeing this, october is breast cancer awareness month and library is just one of the many local landmarks taking part in the lights for the cure campaign. it is a joint effort by cbs-3 and cw philly and susan g komen philadelphia. one more to show you here the phoenix in center city turns pink in the fight begins breast cancer. the light is a reminder to schedule a mammogram or remind a woman in your life to schedule a mammogram. you will see the pink lights across the region all in long. i love this campaign. all mammograms, including 3-d version, they will now be free, in pennsylvania. a new policy under governor tom will wolf mandates insurance companies, cover all mammograms, with no co pays, even for the most sophisticated screening.
5:55 am
3-d mammograms can detect hard to find breast cancer that is sometimes missed with traditional screenings. however, some insurance companies still consider 3-d mammography to be experimental and don't automatically cover it. >> i have been working with other radiologist whose believe in this technology trying to explain to insurers how vital this is to the protection and detection of breast cancer. >> in new jersey and delaware insurance coverage vice for three did mammograms. college student becomes an internet sensation after her student id is found by none other than tom hanks. he tweeted the photo to his 10.4 million followers. the fordham university senior, who doesn't have a twitter account, said she fun out after one of her professors e mailed her the link. lauren said she paid $20 to get shore new id but would love to meet the actor. that is when you say you really need that id. >> that specific one. >> yes. >> but how cool is that. >> i love tom hanks he is such
5:56 am
a stand up guy. >> someone could pick it up, throw it in the garbage. >> well done. >> sharing it with 10.4 million people. >> i will high five that girl for being the one college student without a twitter account. i mean, really. 5:56. coming up next on "eyewitness news", it is time of that year to get a flu shot. >> yes. >> but doctor jen is in the studio and she will short out fact from fix object when it comes to myth about the flu shots and we are getting ours on the air. >> yes. >> there you go. >> also ahead it looks nasty but it is a popular new trend find out why these women are brushing their teeth with charcoal. i don't know, we will find out next. >> stay with us. >> that looks attractive. >> okay. >> we will be right back.
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get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. good morning. classes resume after a campus scare at the the community college of philadelphia we are live with the latest on the search, for that gun. fire fighters battle a overnight fire in the new jersey born and find out what had made it tough bring this fire under control. i knew that you are a devout catholic. >> i'm a catholic, i don't know how devout i am but thank
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you. >> i know you must love this pope and do i too because i went to the jesuit university. >> sure. >> but i bet even he doesn't have his own, stained glass windows. >> pretty impressive. >> yes, it is. >> former president bill clinton gets a lot of laughs from stephen colbert and wait until you hear what he has to say about the the presidential election. >> he has a solid delivery yes. >> well, today is wednesday, october 7th, so, good morning i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get your day started with traffic and weather. justin outside on the sky deck, meisha inside. how is it looking. >> i'm trying to figure out why we don't have our own stained glass windows in here. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. roadways looking good, in accidents to report, just overnight construction, that pesky overnight construction getting out of our way. justin, i was feeling great. feeling bet they are morning then yesterday, actually. >> standing out here right now i'm not getti


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