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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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you. >> i know you must love this pope and do i too because i went to the jesuit university. >> sure. >> but i bet even he doesn't have his own, stained glass windows. >> pretty impressive. >> yes, it is. >> former president bill clinton gets a lot of laughs from stephen colbert and wait until you hear what he has to say about the the presidential election. >> he has a solid delivery yes. >> well, today is wednesday, october 7th, so, good morning i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get your day started with traffic and weather. justin outside on the sky deck, meisha inside. how is it looking. >> i'm trying to figure out why we don't have our own stained glass windows in here. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. roadways looking good, in accidents to report, just overnight construction, that pesky overnight construction getting out of our way. justin, i was feeling great. feeling bet they are morning then yesterday, actually. >> standing out here right now i'm not getting that chill
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that we had. we were talking about 30's and even 40's. we have some cloud holding the temperature up. we are seeing 50's and 60's. still some jacket weather but we will definitely shed it this afternoon as temperatures surge above average. if you like warm temperatures you'll love this forecast, it is just for you. sixty at the airport. fifty-eight allentown. lower 50's, that is what we are seeing for coldest spot. parts of the south jersey and northwestern suburbs. fifty-three in doylestown this hour. but, compared to yesterday at this time, we're anywhere from four to 13 degrees warmer. that is a sign of our trend, warmer temperatures. is there a little band of cloud moving through right the now mid to high level cloud not producing any rain. those cloud should begin to move off shore by late morning we will see increasing sunshine in the afternoon. here's the the school day forecast looking good at 8:00. sixty-one and sunshine coming home from school, mid 70's, so a mix of sun and cloud, give it an a a with forecast and afternoon high of 76. low 07's at the shore. we will talk our next chance
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of rain in the seven day in a few minutes but now lets get a check of the road, how sit looking, meisha. >> things are looking good. now that we're in the 6:00 o'clock hour we are seeing volume levels pick up just a little bit. it is till looking good though. now this is an area we have been dealing with construction all morning long. exton, route 100 north bound, and the left lane is block for some time. you can see the vehicle kind of sitting stagnant. in the sure if that is still construction. we are looking good in this area. just necessity we have some cones out there. other elements in play. ninety-five southbound at cottman around that s curve look at this. volume levels in the 6:00 o'clock hour starting to pick up. we normally see it pick up early. we are today. a lot of you heading out early getting a good jump start on the workweek. hello. let's talk presently. blue route southbound, looking good, as we move into southbound direction. another area where we have construction thinks on the
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betsy ross bridge. this is the westbound side. you are down to one lane. you are condensed all the way down to one lane until 6:00 a.m. that has in the cleared, we will have an update coming up in a bit, nicole, back over to you. fire investigators in mercer county are looking for cause of the three alarm barn fire. fire broke out overnight at pennington and tit usville road work no hydrants in that area fire fighters had haded to bring in tankers to income down the fire. barn is a total loss but no animals were hurt in that fire. after a chaotic day yesterday with a lock down and reported gunman on the campus, students at community college of philadelphia are able to return to class later this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us live on the ccp campus with more, justin. good morning. last check in sign have of a gun but philadelphia police are pledging a full investigation this morning as students and staff at ccp are heading back to class. this morning, police are still
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sorting out what led to that will be down at the community college of philadelphia, starting with the now questionable report of the dispute between two men one with a gun. if this never happen in terms of the threat with the gun, just an argument, if it is in the physical and that is certainly not a crime. >> reporter: what is known so far is that the 17 user old seen being taken by philadelphia police once he is involve in the fight with the 19 year-old on campus, then that older accuser telling police that the 17 year-old was carrying a gun. >> we do not know whether or not he saw a gun, whether he presume he had a gun, we just don't know but we have not found one and we have found no evidence so far to indicate that he did have a gun. >> reporter: just after 10:00 a.m. tuesday a will be down was listen at ccp some students shelf nerd place capturing video of the swat search for a suspect. others crowded outside on spring garden letting loved ones know they are okay and checking their phones for updates. >> police activity on campus.
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>> reporter: after last weeks deadly college campus at oregon on line reports of threats the begins local colleges and universities, ccp students were asked to seek police. >> philadelphia police department, the fast response, you know, how quickly they went to the area to alleviate the situation. even parameters just closing it off within a block or two radius to make sure everyone is secured. >> reporter: police searched for that gun late yesterday and found no sign of it. back at campus this morning ccp staff are asking students to update their personal information and sign up for campus alerts in case things like that happened yesterday. we are live, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are asking for public's help in solving murder of the transgendered woman. police found 22-year old keisha jenkins early yesterday morning at 13th and winninghawking street in logan. she had been beaten and shock. sources say the the 22-year old may have been working as a prostitute when a group of men
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approached her. >> she had just gotten out of the her vehicle at that location, was a ultimate sad, by five or six unidentified males. during that assault one of the male pulled out a gun and victim was shot twice on the ground. police are not ruling out a hate crime. they are also looking at robbery as a possible motive. if you have any information on this case you are asked to call the police. today jimmy super fly nook owe has a preliminary hearing before annal than town judge on murder charges. snuka is charge in the death of his girlfriend nancy argentina she suffered head injuries in a white hall township motel in 1983. snuka's recent autobiography led investigators to take a new look at this old case. philadelphia police department is stepping up its efforts to recruit new officers. commissioner charles ramsey tells cbs-3 that the department is down about 200. in 2008, 357 people were recruited but in 04, only 190.
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philadelphia police are now campaigning to pick up recruitment. officers saying crew where is at newman university looking for applicants. >> i get a lot of recruit applicants in the the police department, you know what i mean, that makes you feel good. >> a big part of the push is also minority recruitment, 57 percent of the department is white and 78 percent are male. the the tenth hopes to attract more gender and racial diversity. is there a renewed call for a minimum wage increase. "eyewitness news" at temple university campus where work are organized a public hearing. they are calling for a 15-dollar an hour minimum wage across the the state of pennsylvania. fast food, airport and other low wage workers spoke at last night's event. meanwhile governor wolf is propose to go increase the the personal income tax by half a percent to help solve pennsylvania's three month budget impasse. the republican controlled house will vote on the democratic governor's proposal
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tomorrow, republican leaders do not believe it will pass. well, fantasy foot the ball is facing a a huge scandal with allegations that two of the biggest names in the the game allowed something like insider trading. new york authorities want details of investigation in the employees of the craft kings and fan dual. the insuring times reports that draft kings employee admitted releasing early tait a that could give fantasy players an advantage. that employee later won 350 you this dollars on the competing site fan dual this business is very unregulated. seriously. we have come a long way from the dorm room playing among your friend to the corporate sphere that is fantasy football. >> i don't understand how that could be so unregulated and leaves itself wide open for this exact kind of fraud to occur good draft kings and fan dual say they have no evidence that any of their employees misused data, collect by the site and they say all employees are machine toward by internally. >> when you win 350 you this
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dollars, folks start to asking some questions. >> yes. still ahead this morning bill cost bye faces another lawsuit this time from a mod hell says the the comedian drug her. also a ahead historic flooding in south carolina causes several dams to breach and more trouble lies ahead. we will have a new warning being given to residents. breast-feeding controversy after a mommies told to pull in an airport pet the release area we will hear from her and have have details on why this happened coming up. this flu season... your immuthe way it didn't work when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome.
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as of this morning, tens of thousands just don't have access to drinking water in
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and around charleston. 800 people are staying in shelters and donations are pouring in from around the country. one family rescued from their attic after posting s.o.s. on facebook. >> we're here and we're alive and that is all that matters. my kid are safe. >> we will have have to gut the entire house, dry it out and start from scratch. >> despite a few days of sunny weather more rain is in the forecast for friday and saturday. your heart goes out to these folks. >> yes, last thing they need is more rain. >> so difficult. >> thankfully here at home not dealing with anything like that, at least not to day. >> beautiful day out there if you like warm temperatures. this forecast is for you. we will talk about rain later in the week but nice shot of the sky line on the other side of the delaware river, palmyra cove nature park, good visibility this morning. delaware river nice and glassy so we have calm wind. we are not dealing with cloud around so temperatures in the quite as cool as they before yesterday morning. average high temperature this time of the year is
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70 degrees. on monday we were close to that. yesterday mid seven on's, same deal today, degree or two warmer then. that tomorrow right around 70, again and then friday back to the mid 70's but for weekend we will change it up and bring back fall like conditions. we are seeing for coldest temperatures in parts of the south jersey and some of the suburbs around philadelphia 53 pal my, yeah 56 trenton, aston coming in at 56. lower 50's to our north, doylestown checking in at 53 degrees. richboro you guys are waking up to 54 this morning. mid to high level cloud pushing through not receiving any rain. more sunshine developing later this afternoon. clear skies to our west. high pressure over us protecting us from any storms. mid 07's for the high. that high still over us on thursday with lots have of sun. is there our next weather maker cold front on friday. watch out for rain late in the day. that cools us down, highs back in the 60's. timing out this rain we're talking about sunshine today, tomorrow, really friday late
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afternoon into the evening, that is when we will see steady rain, temperature wise, again we're talking about 70's, tonight not quite as cool in the 50's. tomorrow mid 70es a, forecast high 76 degrees this afternoon, and then for the weekend, fall weather fans that is when we will see 60's return. >> little bit of everything going on. >> yes. >> thanks, justin. >> 76 degrees in the fall. >> got to like that. >> i will hang on to it. good morning everyone. right new we have an act i have accident, overnight construction projects, these are getting out of our way now. volume levels are starting to heat up now and that accident will cause slow downs on the roosevelt boulevard southbound. a as we know this is one of our very busy stretches in the morning all the way to the schuylkill and causing significant slow downs for you. so one thing i want to you do is make net of this. overnight construction projects we have been talking about all morning long, nice thing is a lot of these are
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getting our way. but let's bring our attention to this accident here for just a moment. roosevelt boulevard past broad street left lane is block. i will show you backup camera to see what is happening. this is near ninth street, roosevelt boulevard heading in the southbound direction around ninth. thinks the backup. thinks a jam up from that accident. be aware that it is outs there. if you can give yourself a couple extra minutes you will want today had will delay you quite a bit. forty-two freeway, north bound around creek road and 295 you can see steady flow heating up here, lag busier then it it was 15 minutes ago on 42 freeway. also mass transit. lets do this quickly. lansdale doylestown line busing through december weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar and path the co speed line for those taking that way they have an adjusted schedule times tonight and thursday and friday, all day, so check your local schedules, nicole, back to you. time to get your flu shot,
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coming up later, doctor jen will be there to give us our flu shots live on the air and helping separate fact from fiction. >> yes, on camera. >> yes. >> nice and strong. >> also listen to this cemetery chardonay. >> excuse me. >> why premium wine is being produced at a graveyard, of all places and selling too. >> dit will different. >> former president bill clinton goes on the late show with stephen colbert and surprisingly has praise for donald trump. hear what else he has to say about campaign 2016 coming up.
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doctors without borders is calling for an independent international investigation in the u.s. bombing of the medical clinic afghanistan. a top u.s. commander in afghanistan told a senate panel yesterday that the clinic was mistakenly struck. ten patients and 12 staff members died in the weekend attack. doctors without borders will hold a news conference there today to discuss the bombing. meanwhile ntsb investigators continue their search for clues into what caused the el faro cargo ship to sink. 790-foot ship vanished last week during hurricane joaquin. thirty-three people, including 28 americans were on board that ship. one unidentified body has been found but no survivors. well, more legal trouble for comedian bill cosby, model chloe goins filed a lawsuit yesterday accusing the the comedian of sexual assault at
6:20 am
the playboy mansion in 2008. lawsuit says cosby assaulted her while she was seriously disable or unconscious. district attorney's office in l.a. says they are reviewing a police investigation into her allegations for possible criminal case against cosby. catholic church, and in the finances, and, in california, and, unlikely source. and, all of that, which cost a lot of money. so they decided to plant a grapevine, making wine that way as well. wine maker tasted some and says this is divine wine. >> at first we were making it all into a rosea and tasted chardonay and said no, you to have make chardonay put it in barrels and made reek chardonay out of this. >> officials say they have not had any complaints from families who visited their departed loved ones in the
6:21 am
cemetery and plots near vineyard, they are the highest demand. you can see that being nice, beautiful surroundings. >> yes, beautiful setting which people like for a cemetery. >> and then get a glass of wine on the way out. >> it is a a grace idea. >> no one is wining about it. >> as we continue. >> 6:21. coming up a breast-feeding controversy at one of the airport, and she was treated like an animal. and a new way to clean your teeth see how brushing with charcoal can remove tea and coffee stains from your teeth. >> certainly ain't pretty. >> another nice day but does rain, return to the forecast, justin. >> in rain anytime soon but you'll need that umbrella later on during the the week on friday. we will time it out in the forecast in a
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♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling...
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[snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. when you brush your teeth you want your teeth to be white. a new fad is doing just the opposite. check out the charcoal. >> yeah. >> that is attractive. >> yes. >> do that in private. >> new you fad that claims to remove stains. this charcoal is sold in health food stores and they say it is a safe to ingest. one little user thinks, thinks it is working to whiten her teeth. >> well, it whitened my teeth a little but i, i also don't know how much i was wanting to
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see whitened teeth. >> not that it works but your teeth look so much better once you get charcoal out. >> american dental association is not stamping its product because they are in the sure if the grittiness can damage your teeth's enamel. >> that is a a a good point. >> nothing wrong with toothpaste, foulke. is there outrage this morning. >> after a nursing mother looking for a place to pump in the airport she's sent or given option to go to the place where animals relief themselves. >> this happened at washington dulles airport on monday. on a lay over liz cooper, asked for a private spot to pump. the employee direct her to the family bathroom or, pet release center. >> i'm in the looking for free drinks. i don't want a free mail. i don't want your wifi. i want a secure, private location, for 15 minutes to breast milk and i will be on my merry way. >> liz says family bathroom was dirty, and she had in area to pump. that was her choice. so she opted to pull in public
6:26 am
in that terminal. united airlines is a pol guying and said they will add a place for nursing mothers at dulles airport. she was direct to the family bathroom. >> yes. >> if it had stalls. >> one at least. >> but she said it was too dirty. >> i don't know. >> they will try to make her happy. >> you never know what really went down. coming up next on "eyewitness news", 6,000 inmates are getting a early release. we will tell you why they are hitting streets over next few weeks. jan? and all good things must come to an end, here at knotted grotto in center city this has gain national and international attention, today it comes to a close, coming up, we will look at where some of the materials will head next. well, we have had a enhancement on the busy stretch, roosevelt boulevard southbound blocking left lane past broad street plus some construction projects that are still, causing some slow downs, i'll have all of the updates coming up but first we will take a quick break. stay where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" wil
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and, good wednesday morning to you, check out that shot, there, we are waking up to another nice day, but there are some changes, on the way, you know, talking about weather, that is typically the case. >> always changees but nice weather, if you like it warmer. >> we will see things nice and positive as long as i'm working i'm talking about today, tomorrow, it is warm. i like warm temperatures. it is not for everybody. >> i say hang on to them as long as you can. >> just around the corner, in another month or so but enjoy today a lot of sunshine. we will see a nice sunrise at 7:00 o'clock, pretty much is our sunrise. live look at margate, we are seeing brightening skies, ocean calming down so that is
6:31 am
good news. and then maybe head to the beach, why not. we will see decent amount of sun. 60 degrees in philadelphia. upper 50's toward lehigh valley. lower 50's our coldest spots in the suburbs. fifty-three in doylestown. milder start to the morning. twenty-four hours ago. anywhere from five to 13 degrees warmer. you get the idea. it will be a warm afternoon. mid to high level cloud moving through. they will continue to move off shore allowing for skies to clear. here's that school day forecast, warm one after 8:00 o'clock temperatures. we will surge in the mid 70's on the way home from school, sunshine, give it an a today. philadelphia's high 76 degrees, in the sun at the shore lower 70's and then 60's in the poconos. we have some rain coming up in the forecast for end of the week. we will get to that in a few more minutes. we will check that morning commute with meisha, good morning. >> good morning to all of you at home. it is shaping up to be a busy morning indeed on this
6:32 am
wednesday. two active accidents on the roadways causing considerable slow downs. here's the first one roosevelt boulevard southbound past broad street you can see everyone just trying to get by this accident. pulled all the way out block ago this left lane area, as you can sianni everyone just moving around trying to squeeze by this a area if you will. this is a good backup shot for you, it is around ninth street roosevelt boulevard southbound everyone kind of hitting their brakes trying to get past this accident. once they get up there everyone is stopping that is where we will get gaper delay. this is another accident i-95 southbound past academy blocking the right shoulder, effective and also that right lane. make note of that. those are two accidents causing slow downs and i have construction updates coming up in just a few minutes, ladies, over to you. police are looking in the background of the mother of the oregon gunman who killed nine people last week. officials say they know
6:33 am
roughly 34,000 social media posts linked to laurel harper. many of those pasts discuss her love of for arms and her son's mental health. and she talk candidly about her son's disorder. in another, harper reveals that she kept guns of all types inside of her home. authorities are investigating a gruesome fine, woman's body was discovered in the public park. chopper three over the the scene here in robeling park in hamilton township on tuesday. police responded, to that scene, in the weeds. the victim is described as a white woman in her 40's. there is no word on a cause of death. 6,000 federal inmates will be released from prison in the next few weeks. bureau of prisons says it will happen between october 30th and november 2nd. all of the affect inmates are drug offenders and they are now eligible for release thanks to recent changes in federal drug sentences. this will be the largest one time release of federal
6:34 am
prisoners. philadelphia planning commission is a approving a proposal for a second casino in the city of philadelphia if it gets final approval live hotel and contact seen he will be built by developers of the xfinity live and been sale he will em's parx casino. it will be located on the packer avenue and sport complex. the plans call for american 2,000 slot machines and 125 table games. the city's first casino is sugar house which opened in 2010. well, thousands visited the outside of the the cathedral basilica over the past few months. >> they have tied their struggles and prayers on to the knotted grotto and tomorrow surprised it was blessed by pope francis made a last minute stop there. today the the grotto will close. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins worst there will be a special ceremony. we are or toy see this go. >> just beautiful, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. this is 150,000 prayers looked like, and it is here in center city and attracted national
6:35 am
and international the a a attention and tens of thousands of pilgrims have stopped by since august a. on each one of the ribbons, their struggles and their hopes, but this structure was never meant to be permanent and today it moves on to its next mission. >> who could forget this pope francis as he wrapped up his visit to philadelphia decided to make one last impromptu stop during his papal parade around the parkway and just before his public mass, holy father stopped outside cathedral basilica have of saints peter and paul to recognize knotted grotto and what it represents. before and during world meeting of families, tens of thousands of pilgrims visited the sanctuary, 20 pie 30-foot dome covered in ribbons. on those pieces of cloth their struggles, prayers and hopes. not the noted grotto is a representation of one of the holy father's favorite painting, mary undoer of the knots. it is symbolic for release of pressure and free from burden.
6:36 am
pope's unexpect blessing last week is more than many could hope for. >> there is just so many people that have come here over the weeks, moved to tears, writing their struggles, writing their stories, their prayers, and then to think that pope francis is blessed those, it is just overwhelming. >> reporter: sister mary skull machines ion is the project organizers. it is part of the mercy and justice campaign and bring attention to hunger and home lessness. once the structure finally comes down the materials will be recycled in housing for the formally home less. something that pope francis, no doubt, would fully support. >> he is so full of love. you can see, this is all about love, all about compassion, all about mercy. >> reporter: now the knotted grotto was so popular that organizers actually kept it opened longer then expect and it was supposed to close at the end of the world meeting of families but so many people kept showing up, that it is still here until closing day to day. that ceremony, starts at 10:00 r faith blessing. we will be here to show it to
6:37 am
you. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it was a beautiful advertise play. sad to see it go. thanks, jan. for the first time we have an estimate from the arch die ease of philadelphia a of the exact crowd identify for that papal mass. archbishop charles chaput writes number of pilgrims on the parkway was nearly 900,000. that is largers than only other estimate which was close tore 800,000. it i officials have yet to make a public, estimation. owe, lots of people. >> i would know i made my way through that crowd. >> i think it was close to a million people but some experts were saying 140,000 at one point. i don't know what they were looking at. anyway till ahead on "eyewitness news", it has been ten years since twilight, can you believe that in in honor of the anniversary, author stephanie meyer gives fans a big twist. plus, this. with hillary clinton's favor built ratings taking a hit, former president bill clinton took a trip to the late show. i'm don champion outside ed
6:38 am
sullivan theater with his thoughts on the election coming up. doctor jen is in the studio giving us our flu shot. more than ace getting hers right now. she has alcohol on right now. >> i know. >> and we are sorting out fact from fiction, there she goes. >> can you get sick from the flu shot. >> and other conditions. >> we will talk about those
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there's something for everyone. fbi is expanding its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail. >> controversy has taken a toll early on in her run for the white house and she's turning to what she hopes is a sure fire way to kick tart her campaign. don champion joins us live outside ed sullivan theater in insuring where former president bill clinton appeared on the last night's late show, don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. no doubt hillary clinton's favor a ability ratings have taken a hit in recent weeks but democrats have a soft spot for her husband which is now he is going to be taking a larger role in the campaign,
6:42 am
beginning with an appearance here at the ed sullivan theater last night. >> ladies and gentlemen, president bill clinton. >> in need of the boost hillary clinton's campaign is rolling out the man, once described as the great explainer, bill clinton joined stephen colbert on the late show. he explain the appeal of his wife's chief rival for the democratic nomination. >> why do you think, bernie sanders is doing so well. >> in america a lot of them believe that the republicans have been rewarded for, they reward people that go to the furthest to the right. democrats would be more effective if they move further to the left. >> hillary clinton is fight to go explain who she is and convince them that she could be trusted. e-mail controversy has bogged down her campaign and eroded support. campaigning tuesday in iowa, she joked about the role that her husband will play in her campaign. >> what are you going to do with bill for four years.
6:43 am
>> put him to work. >> reporter: put him to work, she did. former president also had a take on donald trump's popularity. he said trump is a master brander and most interesting candidate running. >> trump says okay, i have supported democrats, republicans, he used to be friend with bill clinton, who cares. i run things. i build things. you need somebody that will go in and fix it. if they don't let me fix it i will get them out of the way. >> reporter: this morning the clinton camp is hoping that next week the debate will restart, jump start her campaign. meantime we are told you can expect to see more of the former president, moving forward, erika and nicole. >> don, we are hearing about a announcements from mrs. clinton's campaign that are expect next week, what can you tell us. >> reporter: yeah, that is right, right now she's
6:44 am
campaigning across iowa but next week she said you can expect to hear a plan on how to deal with the abusers of wall street, of course, that has been a issue very popular for bernie sanders and people who follow him. it will be interesting to go see if she can gain some traction from it as well. >> all right. don champion in new york, thank you. catch late show every night at 11:30 right here on eye witt the necessary news, tonightes guess gina rodriguez and former federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. >> ♪ >> twihearts get ready for a twist. >> in celebration of the series tenth anniversary author stephanie meyer has release aid new twilight novel. in life and death, twilight reimagined, it is in longer bella swann but beau and edward and jacob have been transformed into edith and julie. don't get too excited she says thinks only novel featuring beau and film version is off
6:45 am
the table. here's one way to get famous have have tom hanks find your id. actor tweeted a photo found in new york's central park to 10.4 million followers. fordham university senior said she found out about the tweet from the professor. lauren said she paid for replacement card but would love to meet tom hanks. >> stand up guy. >> i love our forecast. >> and, lots of sunshine, warm temperatures and not as cold as yesterday morning. we were seeing some weather watcher, in the upper 30's in some spots, and there we go, now i can get touch screen working. let's check out is what happening on the neighborhood, in downingtown, don check in with 55 degrees. similar conditions in dover, delaware a at andy's house in north wales. phil has 57. you get the the idea low to upper 50's is our spread in temperatures this morning. wilmington delaware sally's house has 58. cooler in chesterfield, where ed connor comes in at, and
6:46 am
something happening. that is happens from wallops island and we may see this. set for 7:00. window from 7:00 to 9:00. once it is launched we should see here in the delaware valley with six minutes and 102nd after the launch, that includes most of the delaware, south jersey, philadelphia and up to lehigh valley. pocono region may not see this launch. another bone with us this launch this rocket is giving off barium cloud right around six minutes as well after a launch. those cloud could glow in the sky. should be good. check it out. looking to the south tonight. clouds over us right tonight, they will move off shore. this have afternoon lots of sunshine 7:00 this evening. again these cloud break up. we will see this launch fit does happen, thursday the the same deal, we have sunshine. now we will bring back included for friday. the best shot to see rain will be late in the day, and, we will talk about the cool down, temperatures, right now, it is warm, but for weekend there is a drop in the jet stream and
6:47 am
incomes our temps down to the 60's a. we have an afternoon high of 76. how is commute looking. >> i just got my flu shot are you getting yours. >> i'm check it out. >> wimp. >> happy wednesday to you, this is where we have an accident roosevelt boulevard southbound, past broad street, when i look at this camera it has now cleared, just as we were setting up this traffic hit. the that is great news. blocking some of that left lane. another area where we have flashing lights next and on the schuylkill eastbound at the vine you can see it is pulled off to the median there but whenever we have pedestrians on foot you will want to give yourself, a couple extra minutes and flashing lights everyone puts on their breaks. another area where we have an accident 95 southbound past academy penndot zooming in. you can see crews, semi pulled off to the right shoulder but when we have someone on foot and flashing lights he especially talking about 95 or the schuylkill you will have considerable slow downs, i'll have another update in a bit.
6:48 am
erika, over to you. volunteers across philadelphia are helping girls age eight to 13 grow to be capable and have confident. >> they are doing this through running. >> "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington met a dedicated volunteers in this weeks story of brot arely love. >> reporter: school is out and sneakers are on, inside masterman school on spring garden. thinks girls on the run a national non-profit dedicated to making girls stronger in mine and body through running. but before running there is talking. >> so that you can go through life and be empowered to do anything you want to to. >> reporter: fifth grade science and teacher, helps fifth graders support each other. >> be kind to others. it gets them to just feel not so isolated especially the fifth graders because they work with the sixth graders. >> ready to go. >> reporter: outside they have their first run, four lapse around the block, eve lap they get a wrist band from the
6:49 am
volunteer coach, receipt. it makes you smile when you hear someone encouraging you. >> reporter: rita comes here, a long time marathon runner so you have to move fast to talk to her. do you get some complaints, i'm too tire. >> absolutely. >> we teach these girls that our main goal, we have to keep moving. >> but as they persevere twice a week over 12 weeks, running longer distances each time, they feel increasingly, confident. >> after a couple days, we have lots of tests, and it feels good just to be able to be in fresh air. >> reporter: and they are thinking about their futures. >> when you grow up, and you want to get that job, you can just ace the application. >> reporter: one more benefit when weather isn't this nice girls get to run inside the school. >> wouldn't want to run through the hallways. >> you don't even need a pass, exactly. >> reporter: the the big goal for the girls toys run a 5k in december. girls on the run is a national non-profit and coached more
6:50 am
than 160,000 girls across the country last year. to find out how you can help go to cbs i'm ukee washington, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another year, another flu season, right. right around the corner. that is why many health officials are saying now is the time to get that annual shot. >> doctor jen making a house call or a studio call this morning to give us our flu shot. before we do thaw will test our knowledge. >> we will play a little game. fact and fiction three, questions. play at home, i want you guys to play at home. facts or fiction the flu shot can give you a flu. >> fiction. >> ding, ding, ding. >> it does not give you a flu. flu vaccine and shot is made with a flu virus. some don't have the virus in them at all. it is false. probably biggest misconception out there. >> fact or fiction the the flu
6:51 am
season starts officially in october. what do you think. >> fact. >> i will go with fiction. >> fiction. >> so, it is actually october, officially. >> yes. >> flu season officially as well from october to may, in the height of the flu season, is from december to february or so. >> all right. >> so third, facts or fiction you get the flu shot, you can still actually come down with the flu. >> that is true. >> is that true you can get the flu shot and still come down with the flu. >> yes, that is true. >> not 100 percent effective. >> it is in the because of the the flu shot. you can get ex-speaksed to the virus before we get a shot today. it takes two weeks for this to be effective to give your body protection. there is lots of viruses out there it protect is a begins a few specific strains. keep that in mind. you said it right few things in life are a hundred percent. >> yes. >> meisha was brave, she got
6:52 am
hers. >> it was meisha's first flu shot today. >> i know. >> i think so. >> she did so good. >> yes. >> we will go first. >> you cannot get the flu from the flu shot but i have gotten flu like symptoms. >> maybe a cold, lot of people wonder. >> you get those hot flashes, sometimes is that just in my head. >> it is not in your head. one of the most common things, do fee a favor and hold your sleeve right up here. >> look away. >> just relax, okay, a little pinch. >> you did so good. >> just make sure you don't have any, in answer tour question, the most common side effect is a little bit of of tenderness, tie tylenol, people will do okay. >> yes. >> okay. >> okay, nicole. be mindful about getting a flu
6:53 am
shot. >> that is really super important. we want everybody over six months to be getting their flu shot. >> yes. >> how oldies your baby. >> he doesn't like shots he is 14 months. >> yes. >> he is in that age group. he gets a little shot. >> every six months and then three years. >> we want seniors, children, people with than contract i can medical conditions. there is very few people cannot or should not get the flu vaccine. >> more relax the the better. just hold this sleeve. take deep breaths, and pretend you are doing yoga. >> now last years strain. >> it wasn't as effective. >> yes. >> yes. >> and there is science and thought that goes into which strains are select for the vaccine. >> some do a lot of conn figuring, they do maryland else to figure out how to predict which flu strains are most common that year. truth of the matter is sometimes we don't get it right but often times we are doing good. remember we will get some
6:54 am
numbers really about howie effective we are looking at the shot this year but truth of the math ever is, it is pretty much always better to get that flu shot then to not. that is bottom line. >> thanks for making it easy for us. >> yes. >> didn't hurt a bit. >> thank you. >> did you great. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's is what coming up on cbs-3.
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students head back to class to community college of philadelphia, after a reported gunman sent a school in will be down on tuesday. police brought a 17 year-old in custody but no arrests have been made and police have not yet found a gun. police are looking in the death of the 22-year old keisha jenkins. jenkins a transgendered woman may have been working a as a presents tooth when she was beat and shot in logan on tuesday. a barn is destroyed by fire in pennington mercer county overnight, fire reached three alarms but no animals were hurt. well, there is new menu options for sports fans. >> talk about this before we go just in time for start of the flyers and sixers seasons, "eyewitness news" had a sneak peak from south philadelphia with you new options included chick-fil-a and huge waffles from waffle cabin. >> my goodness, right. >> there is a new pour your own beer area, if that appeals to you and substations and
6:59 am
pj wheelihans. sixers open up october 30th. flyers thursday night. not feeling like hockey weather quite yet but we will enjoy last couple days of warmth. >> if you loved yesterday you'll like today. lots of sunshine. temperatures above average 76. not a record. our record 93. it could be hot in october. but, what he will cool it down after we get showers in here late friday and saturday abe sunday. starts feel like fall again mid to upper 60's. >> we are into our rush hour, we have had a couple accidents, they are clearing, i-95 south past a academy pulled off to the shoulder not the causing slow downs there but just know it is there and you are slowing down considerably. 60 miles an hour 95 south, 18 miles an hour on the the schuylkill. >> yes, thank you. next up on cbs this morning future of gambling looks more like a video game new technology that will lure young people back to the casino. >> join us bright and early each weekday morning right here on cbs-3. we will get started 4:59:30. >> have a great morning, we
7:00 am
will see you tomorrow. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 7th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." ben carson ignites controversy about how he would handle a mass shooting. the republican presidential candidate is in studio 57 to respond. south carolina with historic flooding. >> and investigatinew slot mach vegas we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. guns don't kill people. >> dr. carson faces down a wave


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