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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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developing now, two teenagers taken into custody all part of a investigation into a stolen gun that officers believe may be making its way into the hands of a group of philadelphia student. >> the concern about the gun briefly caused a lock-down at a philadelphia high school today. good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunt here is tracking developments from northwest detectives. walt? >> reporter: well, police here at northwest detective division say they're concerned that a gun, stolen recently, may be getting passed around by philadelphia student.
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this morning, one high school briefly put into lock-down as a precaution, right now, two teenage student, neither of them charged with any crimes, being interviewed by detectives here at northwest, hoping to locate that weapon. >> two juvenile student whose identities were concealing are now in police custody. as detectives investigate reports, the pair, and perhaps other student, may have passed around a gun that was recently stolen. martin luther king high school, which police believe one of the teenagers attended, was briefly placed into lock-down this morning, as a precaution, in case one of the student arrived there. >> we had to lockdown the school because we had juvenile to have possibly in possession of firearm who had not gotten to school yet. >> the brief lockdown was lifted when the teenager was taken into custody at the fernrock station. the second teenager, who police say was not in possession after weapon, was
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detain at edison high school. after passing through security there. >> both juveniles have been taken into custody, and pursuant to the juvenile justice rules of criminal procedure, right now, we're waiting parents, guardians, prior to going any further. >> and, again, no charges filed against the two teenage student, detectives continue to interview, hoping to get more information. their major concern, finding out where that gun is, and recovering it, and police are asking us to ask you if you know anything about this weapon, or anyone who has seen it, please call northwest detectives (215)686-3353. live in northwest detective division, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. >> at least at this point prosecute verse filed no charges in connection with yesterday's gun scare at the community college of philadelphia. a teenager was questioned by police. swat and emergency teams
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responded to report after gun at the college yesterday morning. but authorities have not yet found that gun. classes are in session now as usual at the community college. well, a cloudy start to our wednesday. we have some good news on the horizon, justin mentioned warm up on the way, out on the skydeck. how is it feeling out there? >> real nice right now, very comfortable temperatures, close to the 07 degrees mark. yes, we have the clouds, starting starting to break up, seeing the breaks in the clouds, blue skies, sunshine out here. when the sun comes out, still feeling pretty strong this time of year. so here are the numbers, we have little more sun to the north and west, temperatures close to 70. 69 degrees currently at allentown, 69 in reading, 67 here at the airport, similar numbers in south jersey right now, so still mid-level cloudiness. that's kind of keeping temperatures uniform right now. but as we progress through the afternoon, see more sunshine, 66 degrees mt. holly, new jersey, doylestown you guys are up to 67 this hour. compared to 24 hours ago, couple of degrees cooler right now, because of the clouds, yesterday at this time, we
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were in the sunshine, that rapidly warmed temperatures up. winds pretty much out of the north right now to northwest, light at about ten, maybe up to around 15 miles per hour, so just pleasant conditions, to head outside this afternoon, even into the evening. so, again, forecast highs, will go above average today. clouds rolling through right now, but see the breaks, just to the north and west, don't get worried, no rain coming out of these clouds afternoon highs will top off in the mid 70s here in philadelphia, low 70s at the shore, mid 60s in the poconos, and here we go. i'm in the sunshine right now, so you can see the clouds really starting to break out. you can feel the sunshine so warm afternoon, get ready, more coming up in a few more minutes. >> we love the way that feels, thanks very much, justin. former professional wrestling star jimmy super r fly was in lehigh county court for hearing on murder charges, faces the charges in the death of his girlfriends, nancy argentinamore than 30 years ago, died from head injuries at a whitehall township hotel
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in 1983. authorities took a new look at that cold case after the publication of his autobiography. >> philadelphia office here lost his life in the line of duty is honored today. (taps). >> commissioner charles rally is was on hand for the dedication of the heroes plaque, in honor of fallen sergeant robert wilson. wilson was killed in march during a gun fight with two men allegedly trying to rob a game stop on west lehigh avenue. wilson has also been awarded the metal of honor and the metal of valor. >> turning to campaign 2016, republican presidential candidate, ben carson, standing by his controversial comments about mass shootings. he argued that people should overwhelm a shooter in a situation like the college shooting in oregon, so that fewer people are killed. they have more now from correspondent craig boswell. >> doctor ben carson stirred
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up controversy when he suggested victims of the oregon school shooting could have done more to stop the gunman. >> i would not just stand there, and let them shoot me. i would say hey guys, everybody attack him, he may shoot me but can't get them all. >> carson's comment drew criticism, some from his political rivals. >> i just don't think that's the road to go down questioning people who have lost their lives. you have no idea what you would do. >> doctor carson appeared on cbs this morning wednesday, and said he was talking about what he would do, in that situation. >> the shooter can only shoot one person at a time. can he not shoot a whole group of people. so the ideal is overwhelm him so that not everybody gets killed. >> not everyone disagrees. donald trump tweeted his support saying ben carson was speaking in general terms, as to what he would do if confronted with a gunman, and was not criticizing the victims. not fair. carson isn't the only candidate talking about oregon. governor bobby gentle says the gunman's father failed to
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raise his son and that he should be ashamed of himself, and owes us all an apology. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> on the democratic side big presidential appearance on the late show with stephen colbert last night. >> bill clinton joined come bert on the set of the ed sullivan theater to talk about the clinton global anybody tim, helping millions of people gain access to education, health is her have i cents and other programs. former president came out firing with jokes. >> i knew that you were a devout catholic. >> i'm a cat earthlink. i don't know how devout i am. >> and i know you must love this pope, and dow, too, because i went to a jesuit university. >> sure. >> but i bet even he doesn't have his own stained glass windows. >> well, he has couple at the vatican. among other topics discussed the 2016 election, clinton called donald trump quote master brands err, and and
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denies rumors that he asked the businessman to run. he also said the next president will likely choose between one and three supreme court justices. >> and you can see the late show with stephen colbert tonight and every week night at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. well, coming up here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at noon, south carolina is it still reeling from devastating flooding. >> this morning officials updated us on the damage there following days of heavy rainfall. >> also, just a wild ride in australia. check this out. police pursue a truck in a high speed chase. you just may not believe where that truck ended up. we'll tell you how he got caught coming up.
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>> flames shoot through roof of a church on the south side of chicago. fire started before 6:00 this morning at shrine of christ church. reached four alarms before being placed under control. no injuries have been reported. that will churr hatch been undergoing multi-million dollar renal ovation before the fire started. >> police chase in western australia, trying to escape by any means necessary, yes, suspect drives his suv into the ocean, and you can see him, he get out of the suv at some point, in a green shirt right, there he tries get out the window, does notogaea very far as you can imagine, police surrounded the suspect in the ocean, and then took him into custody. not the best idea.
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well, some flood victims in south carolina are returning home today to see what they have left, but for other, the threat still not over. >> that is because a number of rivers are still rising, and they are threatening to wipe out dams. at least 11 dams have already failed. sheriff deputies are going door-to-door in vulnerable areas, warning people to shall alert. >> we're here. and we're alive. and that's all that matters. >> absolutely the case here. well, right now south carolina governor saying it is too soon to estimate the damage state-wide. >> investigators from the national transportation safety board have gun their first full day of work, as they search for the rena us cargo ship went down in hurricane joaquin. families of the 33 missing crew members have gathered in jacksonville, florida, waiting for word on their loved ones. contact was lost with the ship last weekends, as it approached the bahamas during the storm.
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built in chester, pennsylvania, in the 19 70s. well, now it is time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us with more. >> reporter: it is american pharmacist month. good time to explore this expanding and evolving field. while once a profession filled with owner-operated storefronts, today's pharmacists work in chain stores, hospitalization, clinics, or within companies. some dispense medications and answer patient questions, while clinical pharmacists may go on rounds in a hospital with a physician or healthcare team. other work in pharmaceutical companies, in marketing, sales, or research and development. to become a pharmacist, you need a doctor of pharmacy, which is typically a four year professional degree, also need to be licensed and complete continuing education throughout your career. if you're not ready to make that commitment right now, you might consider starting as a pharmacy technician, in that role, you would work under the supervision of a pharmacist, and you can learn more about
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what the position entails. in pennsylvania, you don't need to be licensed to be a pharmacy technician. for more information go to pa pharmacist.come. i'm jill schlessinger, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> looking back, one of the most inspiring symbols of pope francis visit here to philadelphia has to be that knotted grotto. >> indeed it is, philadelphians continue to visit the spot even after the papal weekend, and it remained on the grounds of the cathedral basilica longer than planned. but it was taken down today. sister mary scallion of project home was the
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masterminds behind its construction it, contained prayers from the fateful. what a moment it was when pope francis made an unscheduled stop thereon sunday before celebrating the mass on the parkway. that was such a moment for sister mary. >> i love that he blessed all of those struggles and prayers people had, too, to have that connection. >> what a beautiful day today. >> yes, little slow start with the clouds, but those clouds breaking up now, bringing back the warm temperatures this afternoon in the 70s. so enjoy it, early october, if you don't like the warm temps, wait few more days, we'll get back to typical fall like stuff. but let's take you where one spot is seeing the sunshine, pretty much in full, the delaware beach area right now, rehoboth beach live look, 63 degrees, north-northeast, winds at 13, now, check out the beaches, looking little better, now coming off the low tide, but at least some of the water starting to recede. >> this jet i again exposed, it wasn't like that for the past several month, due to the summer season. surf you know this is good sign more of flat beach, some of the surf breaks are coming
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back. that will should excite you to grab some waves. average hi, 70. we'll be warm for fall, monday at 69, tuesday mid 70s, kind of the same deal today, once we go back to mostly sunny conditions later this afternoon, near 07 tomorrow, then back to the mid 70s friday. so, we're going to extend this above average temperature few more days. sixty-nine in allentown and in reading, seeing little more sun just north and west of the city. but overall our temperatures pretty much uniform all across the region. see the clouds moving in from the northwest, every now and then do you find some breaks, thicker cloud cover over south-central new jersey right now. pretty cool thing happening tonight. launching rocket, schedule for 7:00, the window is between 7:00 and 9:00. and once it is launched, we will be able to view this in the delaware valley basically from the lehigh valley southward, one launch happens, give it about six minutes, ten seconds to view that in the sky. you want to look south. also bonus with this rocket, rocket going to be releasing barium clouds, that should put
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some colorful clouds in the sky, some red, blue, potential clouds to see it, again, look south tonight. hopefully get the clouds out of here so you can get good views conditions. high pressure keeps cents dry. weak cold front comes in tonight providing few clouds, knocks the temps back down little bit tomorrow near 70. stronger front comes in friday, this is going to bring some rain late during the day, once the front passes we cool it back to the 60s for the weekend. this afternoon, again, see the clouds decrease. this is 7:00. so hopefully they launch the rocket at this time. right now clear conditions expected over the delaware valley. tomorrow afternoon, again, sunshine, mixed with clouds, here comes some of the showers, in here, looks like late friday afternoon. today, though, partly sunny skies, 76 for the high temperature, tonight cool, we drop to 56 for the city, 40's in the suburbs, extended forecast keeping it warm since friday, rain late in the day, then the weekend clearing skies, with highs in the mid and upper 60s, pat, back over to you. >> this month lovers of all things italian are celebrating it rich cultural heritage.
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at city hall organizers of chow philadelphia kicked off month of events and performances and lectures that link italian philadelphia. with me are andre a, the italian consul general to philadelphia, and doctor fred simoon, man who has taken his passion forecaster, and transformed it into a unique philadelphia experience, gentlemen, it is really great to have you with us to talk about italian this beautiful connection between italian philadelphia. so, a lot of deep connection in philadelphia to italy. the immigrant came, they built churches and businesses, but chow philadelphia is really about the contemporary connection. how are you making that happen? >> i think italian philadelphia perfect together, from design, to sophistication, the culinary scene, to the way of living. i think we can appreciate that. and see how close you can see
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contemporary italy, part of philadelphia, from the university, to the console, and so many activities, that you would like to align with philadelphia. >> so you have actually built a number of different event that we will talk about in just a moment. but doctor simmone, you have brought your passion about cars to a really unique experience, in philadelphia, at your museum. what is it about italian engineering that drew you to really being fascinated by these vehicles? >> well, it became obvious. throughout the years that the technical advancement, from this relatively small company, superseded largest countries, by just coming out with brighter designs, with smarter technology, worrying about speed, as well as safety, as well as performance, and it was just remarkable to see how they all came together in these wonderful automobiles. >> so, as we talk about the various events under the logo of choy philadelphia, the philadelphia museum of art, has a really spectacular exhibit. it is called the wrath of god exhibit. some really wonderful italian
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artists part of that, including a drawing that just must be seen, it is by michaelangelo. but, also, there are a loft other events. tell us about that. >> constitution in the region, they create unique italian, for instance, italians at independence hall, national park, the italian since the beginning of the foundation of the country. italian at the union league, the pennsylvania academy of fine arts, universities. i went to so many university, and with the passion of the student for the love they have for italy they create wonderful programs from opera to music to design. and it is receipt i fascinating. but really more than 65 event that taste very well for everybody. >> so whether you are italian or of italian descent or just like to rub up against anything that's italian, so many different things available including really special vent at your museum. tell us about that. >> yes, october 21 in the evening, we're going to
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feature italian design and automobiles, starting from 1925 and going up to the future. it is a free exhibit for anyone who wants to come in the evening, simmone foundation museum. it will highlight the unique characteristics that make these cars so special. >> so special. if there is one word that can describe these vehicles, because alpha row mayo's, maserati there in your museum f there is one word, what would you describe? >> i'll give you two, you take your pick, passion and intensity. >> great, passion and intensity. that really is a good description for choy philadelphia, as well. andre, doctor simmone, thank you so much. to so more more on the dozens every events open to the public and all types that will fill a heart yearning to touch the italian experience, you can go to choy philadelphia. com. we'll be right back.
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>> coming up later today, atm and over draft fees hit new record highs. our jim donovan will crunch the numbers and have some advice on thousand avoid shelling out extra money, when withdrawing your money. >> and that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. thanks so much for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at >> the young and the restless is next.
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>> nick: it's messing with the supply chain now. >> victor: look at this. all incoming shipments have been stopped. and our plant in cleveland has come to a standstill. >> nick: how are they gonna get their raw materials? >> victor: the vendors will have to reinstate their orders manually. can you imagine the cost to the plant of this size when it goes off-line? >> nick: it's insane. every company we do business with is worried this virus may have migrated. each time we stop a crisis, dad, a new one pops up. at this rate, we're gonna lose everything. >> victor: [ sighs deeply ] [ cellphone chimes ] oh. ah. i think i may have just found a way out.


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