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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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good afternoon everyone i'm yes, sir contact dean. aim jim ton ran, ukee washington is off today. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter who is tracking latest developments from northwest detectives, walt. >> reporter: jim, so often when we talk about juveniles, guns, schools we will tell what you went wrong. this this casing on went very right. frantic search for past 72 hours right here at north west detectives, for a stolen, powerful, handgun, that police knew was in the hand of juveniles and potentially could have made its way in to schools or done other great harm. just this have afternoon only our cameras were here as that weapon was recovered, and criminal charges will now be filed. police a these two teenage students whose identities we're concealing with the third juvenile and an adult have spent three days, passing around the are powerful, stolen weapon, a 9-millimeter glock semiautomatic like this one as police frantically search for it. >> he took a firearm to the
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school in the hand of the juvenile who it doesn't belong to anyway is potential for disaster. >> reporter: school officials ordered a brief lock down at martin luther king high cool shortly after it opened, concerned that this student might be enrolled there and headed for class. the alert lifted after he was detained at the fernrock train station. >> we had had to lock down martin luther king school because we had a juvenile alleged to have been in possession of a firearm. >> reporter: within hours of the arrest these detectives found the missing semiautomatic. only cbs-3 "eyewitness news" cameras were there as gun in the plane brown bag, was brought into headquarters. >> a real relief knowing that gun is off the treat and out of the hand of juvenile. >> real big relief. >> reporter: captain jones says it toss ant peer that the suspect who face serious criminal charges, used the gun in any crimes, or brought it into any schools. >> used to be a time kid would fist fight and it would be done. now kid are getting weapons,
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guns, knives, so forth and really trying to hurt each other. >> reporter: that gun was recovered in a residence in olney not far away from where we are right now. the gun will be further traced to make sure it has no criminal connections and while they were recovering this weapon, they also recovered a secondhand gun, a 38, right now police will also be trace ago this gun, we will have much more on the successful search for weapon in the hand of the juvenile, could have caused very great harm. we will have that story when we join you a at 6:00 live from the northwest detective division, i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so far no charges have been filed in connection with yesterday's scare the at the community college of philadelphia. a teenager was questioned by police, and what the and emergency teams responded to a report of on one with the gun on the campus yesterday morning, but authorities have not yet found a gun. classes are back in session at the college today. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at spring
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garden where administrators are addressing cure concerns, greg. >> reporter: jim, starting this monday the opportunities here at the community college of philadelphia will notice, one definite security change, and it all has to do with how they are able to enter and access, any of the buildings here on cam puts. >> and reports of the man with the gun on campus, doctor donald general's, and president of the community college of philadelphia, town hall meet to go address security concerns. >> we will continue to move forward. >> reporter: beside taking suggestions from faculty and staff. >> i think, and active shooter training,. >> reporter: president, pulled out new security measures that will take place throughout campus. >> as of monday, everyone has gone to select their id which will bring up their entire record and give us indication whether they are a current student. >> reporter: he says this would have prevented the 17 year-old allege gunman has not yet been charged from ever being able to enter a college
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building in the first place since he is in the a current student. >> he would not have been allowed in or he would have been directed to go to the security office. >> reporter: some student also brought up concerns over faculty emerge i training. >> my teacher, as well as a couple other teachers, next door, had no idea what the lock down procedure was. >> reporter: school security director ace that will also be addressed, as are other security measures, that he ace are being considered, comparing them to is what done at our country's airport. >> hopefully we will get to the point where we have to in the take our shoes off and things but metal detectors, automatic locking systems are things that we are looking at. >> reporter: now if those major security changes take place, if ever, it will be sometime before they are implemented here at the community college. of course, monies when that swiping process starts and the president says that students should pack some that time to get to class because there could be bottlenecking. we're live in spring garden i'm greg argos for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". we are learning new details about the final moments of the last week's mass hooting at umpqua community college in oregon. prosecutors now say that the gunman who fatal willly shot nine people, killed himself inside of a classroom after he was wounded by two plainclothes detectives. prosecutors say that the two detective say that they saved many lives. they arrived on campus just minutes after the first 911 call was made. a nice warm up today and week goes on it will be getting even warmer. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at the forecast, kate. >> jessica, october started off on a bit of the cool note, of course, we had that nasty pattern last week and over the weekend, cool breeze but now we are more than making up for it. it turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon and evening after a cloudy start in philadelphia we have got more nice weather on the way. lets start off with storm scan three, quick look because i don't have too much to hoe you. our triple sweep not finding any rain in the area and as we zoom out not much to talk
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about just a few clouds that will start drift nothing as we get through tomorrow and friday as our next cold front approaches but you cannot see it on our northeast satellite view. nothing to worry about just yet. by friday changes in the forecast. temperatures right now will warm up to 75. warmest we have been all day here in philadelphia. 73 degrees in millville. comfortable 72 in trenton, new jersey and as we head through rest of this evening, things look great. 67 degrees a at 7:00. we are down to 60 by 11:00. another cool, comfortable night. warm end to the week. temperatures take a tumble over weekend. we will have more coming up when i join you inside. back over to you. thanks, kate. breaking news right now chopper three is live over a collision in magnolia camden county, new jersey, this is happening at evesham avenue and warrick road. a car and truck collided taking down a traffic signal. in word on injuries at this time. we will follow this story and bring you any new developments. today in the lehigh county courtroom prosecution and defense agreed to move ahead
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without a priest limb nature i hearing and go right to trial in the murder case of former professional wrestler jimmy super fly snuka. snuka faces those charges in the death of his girl friend nancy argentina more than 30 years ago. she died from head injuries at a white hall township hotel. the as part of the agreement snuka's defense attorney will be granted access to grand jury testimony. >> it was a decision made by the defense team that we would be more, more beneficial for to us get transcript of all of the witnesses prior to trial in order to prepare a defense for mr. snuka. >> authorities took a new look at the cold case after the the publication of snuka's autobiography. death of the woman whose body was found in the mercer county park has now been ruled a homicide. police foundry mains of the 38 year-old jessica prusick, in hamilton township. anyone who might have any information on her death is canned to contact the the mercer county homicide task
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force. it was one of the most popular spots during the visit of pope francis and world meeting of families but now it is no more. knotted grotto was taken down today. it remained on the ground of the cathedral basilica longer then expected as people continued to visit after the pope's return to the the vatican. that grotto contained fabric strips of prayers written on them and it was master mind of sister mary skullion, the founder of project home, who is a organization, dedicated to ending home lessness. >> no the only did we anticipate the immense response, but thousands of people visited this grotto and tied their knotts, and they also took other peoples knotts, read them, and prayed for them. >> the strips full of prayers will be used as insulation in homes and built for the home less. grotto was inspired by 18th century german painting our lady undoer of knotts which is
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especially beloved by the pope. remains of the saint maria goretti the youngest canonized saint in the roman catholic church are at a church in merchantville, new jersey. >> thinks first time saint maria goretti's body has traveled to the u.s. as part of the exhibition called pilgrimage of mercy. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan now has more. >> reporter: all day crowds have flocked to see st. peters church in merchantville, with bent knees, and outstretched hands people lifted up prayers in the youngest saint in the roman catholic church. maria goretti. >> it is amaze manning. >> reporter: encased in a wax sculpture her body ace traveling for first time to the united states, as a tore called the pilgrimage have of mercy. >> in some sense mercy is what christianity is. jesus christ is the the mercy of god the father. >> reporter: in 1902 goretti was tabbed to death in italy at the age of 12 during a rape attempt n her last hour she forgave her attacker and according to church history appeared to him while in jail. man later became a franciscan
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friar and goretti is known as patronage of mercy. >> the the fact that she forgave him, i think that was pretty a amazing to me. >> to have that much compassion for her murderer at that age is really fascinating. it is unbelievable i could be willing to forgive somebody at 12 years old for anything. >> reporter: goretti's tour hits 53 cities in 55 days and is intended to prepare catholics for the year of mers that i pope francis declared will begin december 8th. father carlos martin who direct the tour says for some, the experience is life changing. >> a example for this morning a woman who had been raped 20 years ago approached me, and stated that prior to today, she was never able to forgive her rapist. >> reporter: from here the pilgrimage of mercy moves to detroit michigan but is there still time to see man maria goretti. st. peters will have man mass at 7:00 p.m. and you can still visit until 10:00 p.m. in merchantville, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on cbs-3
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"eyewitness news" new information tonight about pregnant woman and vaccines. health reporter stephanie stahl has reassuring information for moms to be. we will report on a lot of police chases, but not like this, a cop car chasing a rodeo cowboy, on foot. atm and overdraft fees hit new record highs, but guess what you can avoid them if you take my advice, i have crunched the numbers and i will try to save you money coming up next.
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a police chase in western australia, end with a suspect, trying to get away, by any means, necessary. take a look at this, the suspect drives his suv on to the beach, and then into the ocean. you can see him right here right there in the green shirt trying to get out of the car through the window. he didn't get very far, surprisingly. police surrounded the suspect in the ocean and then took him into custody. okay. here's another one for you this one in texas. police say this started because of a reported fight at a rodeo. two men left on horse back, one quickly surrendered but other decided to take off through a neighborhood. when police tracked him down they say they had to taser
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him for resisting arrest. so there you go. getting money out of an atm is not getting any cheaper. a new report find fees have now reached record highs. >> you'll get socked with fees when you use one of those out of network atm's but there are steps to take to avoid them and pay less. >> reporter: they are designed for convenience but at atm's across the country some consumers are paying a heavy price to get their money. >> no one likes having their own money ripped away from them like that. >> reporter: new report shows that the average out of network atm fee is now $4.52, up 21 percent in the last five years. >> that is really highway robbery. that is highway robbery. >> reporter: fees vary from city to city, study found in atlanta, new york and phoenix, they have the highest in the country. can as city, cincinnati, and san francisco were among the lowest. the philadelphia region ranks 19th of 25 large markets, for out of network atm fees.
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averaging $4.29. >> it is easier then ever to avoid paying those fees. >> reporter: rick mcbride from bank urges people to use atms within their bank's network and recommend joining a bank that reimburses out of network charges in a pinch for cash you can use your debit card and get cash back. >> reporter: banks knees fees to maintain atm's but mcbride says consumers are getting better at a avoiding them. >> it is a anything to pay the fees, obviously. >> reporter: experts expect, the fees will continue to rise. now bank report found overdraft fees, also set the a new record. national average is over $33 but in our area they are even higher coming in at $34.20. the sixth highest in the nation. so keep an eye on your account. >> it is your money after all. >> exactly. kate bilo is joining us now and i can't believe you came back in here it is so nice outside. >> i had to physically drag myself down the hall way.
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it is so beautiful this afternoon. i wish we had more days like this on the way but one stumbling block in the forecast and that comes on friday. lets get right into it. we were looking at cloud cover this morning. it started out glummy but right around 11:00 or noon everything started to break up. now we have sunshine and it is sticking around through tomorrow. lets take a look outside and see how day is shaping up. much nicer weather down the shore then we have had the past few days. the you can sea water receding there in rehoboth beach. yesterday it was almost all the way up toward the boardwalk. now still, way higher then normal, but getting better and we are seeing sunshine down there, beautiful day in rehoboth beach at 65 degrees. the kutztown is how we started off the day, and now here we go, look at difference, clouds cleared out. now we have full blue skies. wall to wall carpeting of blue skies. 69 degrees outside there right now feeling fantastic. look at what is going on, storm scan 3a whole lot of nothing. we have clouds drifting southward and cooler air will advance in the area, overnight tonight and into tomorrow, that could cause a few instability clouds to pop up during the day tomorrow with
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cooler air aloft, otherwise, it is a quiet pattern at least until we get into friday afternoon. that is when a cold front comes through. the not a big deal, in and out quickly but will bring changes for the weekend. temperatures right now, look at how warm 75 in philadelphia keeping in mind it was just a a few days ago with highs in the 50's, this feels fantastic. seventy-two in trenton. seventy-one in millville. we will drop to the 50's, great night for sleeping, keep those windows cracked and we are seeing 70's down the shore finally. zero seven in stone harbor, an off shore wind trying to push that water back out to sea where it belongs. 66 degrees at the moment in ocean city and 72 in rehoboth beach. so warm for now but changes on the way, back to the 07's tomorrow, high pressure overhead. as we head into friday that is when a front comes through in the afternoon and evening, bringing a few showers, it may even clear out in time to have friday night plans outside in the city but saturday we will start with some clouds and we will have moisture that will sit down over carolinas a place that does not need any rain.
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that will bring cloud cover in the morning. highs only in the 60's, future weather again shows clear conditions just a few pop up cloud tomorrow afternoon but late friday afternoon that front approaches and notice right around three or 4:00 o'clock we have got showers, rumble of thunder as temperatures will approach 80 before the front arrives. scattered showers, slow afternoon drive, just a tenth of an inch to quarter of an inch of rain and possible thunder on friday. as far as tonight is concerned, 56 degrees. a few clouds, cool. another nice day tomorrow with the mix of sun and cloud on your thursday. you're witness weather three day forecast here showers friday afternoon, saturday look at how much cooler it is. sixty-four. i'll have your full seven day and look at something cool in the sky tonight, lauren casey will have more in the next half an hour, jim and jessica, back to you. thanks, kate. emotional tribute to fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson. he was killed in march when he and his partner interrupted a robbery at a video game store. >> kyw news radio reporter cherri greg has more on a remembrance unveiled today.
5:20 pm
>> ♪ taps >> hero is someone who sacrifices, without regard, it is that simple. >> reporter: scores of officers, friend, family, paid tribute to robert wilson the third, remembering the monumental sacrifice that he willingly made for others. >> although it hurts and he was the the one there at that moment, he was there. >> reporter: that moment was on march 5th when wilson stopped at this video game store to buy a gift for his son but ended up saving lives and taking six bullets when allege robbers carlton hipps and ramone williams opened fire. >> it was one of the greates, in fact, the greatest act of bravery and heroism i have ever personally witnessed. >> reporter: his heroism was followed by posthumous promotion, award for his valor and now a plaque in his district. >> it has been more than seven months since officer robert will on was gun down but raw
5:21 pm
pain and grief of his death is still visible. in the faces, in the hugs, and even in the the silence. >> good moments, bad moments. >> reporter: but there is also pride. >> i'll make sure no one forgets his name. >> reporter: in knowing they are not only ones who will not forget in, north philadelphia, cherri greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight dalai lama canceled his appearance in philadelphia and we have just learned a major hollywood star is coming in his place, we will have details for you next. vice-president joe biden is getting pressure to run for president, new commercial, and when we can expect a decision, next. don? jim, why can't eagles play better in the first half? we have all been asking that question? up next in sports we will go to practice, looking for answers. sports coming up.
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don bell joins us. is it the that experience that you have when you over sleep, your alarm goes off. >> oh, the work. >> you know anxiety that you feel? then feel like the eagles at this point. you snooze, you lose, eagles seem to sleep walk into most games. they have in the even scored a first quarter touchdown this season. what is up with the slow start. pat gallon has latest on the sluggish offense. >> through four games eagles have have suffered through slow starts in three, last week and he begins washington redskins eagles held on for dear life before they found a rhythm after half time. chip kelly placed the blame on himself for that. >> a lot of that is on us, coaching wise, we have to put them in better coaching and me in play calling. we have to do a better job. >> reporter: offensive coordinator pat shurmur explains the lack of early production. >> yeah, i think that has been a little bit of theme, slow
5:26 pm
start. i think what happens is, you know, we don't convert on third down. >> reporter: eagles have converted on less than 27 percent of their third downs, 31st in the nfl. so what exactly is the the issue in. >> there is a a lot of them. i don't think it is one issue. i think it is all over the place. you know, we have had, some missed assignments, missed throws, drops. >> a lot of it is first and second down. lack of success on first and second down i have to do a better job play calling put us in better situations so we have a little bit of manageable third down situation. >> reporter: whatever the problem another ugly first half could be the beginning of the end for the eagles. a one-four start will be nearly impossible to overcome. from the novacare complex, pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". pat, thank you. eagles are 31st, on third downs. i don't know a whole lot but i necessity that is not good with 32 teams in the league. >> you know enough.
5:27 pm
>> i'm clueless and i know it is not good. >> it the is not good. >> see new a while. >> coming up next, half an hour, vice-president joe biden getting pressure to throw his hat in the presidential ring. >> president obama apologizing for this, the bombing of the hospital in afghanistan. today we are hearing from the doctors who run the hospital, and they are not happy. new information about pregnant woman and vaccines, health reporter stephanie stahl has reassuring news for moms to be. new at 6:00 tonight a special surprise for a delaware county officer, just stopping in for his morning meal, but what happened inside this dunkin' donuts that is leaving a lasting impression.
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welcome back, i'm jim ton van. here are the day's top stories, a frantic search for a stolen hand gun prompts a brief lock down at philadelphia's martin luther king high school.
5:31 pm
police found the gun, took three teenagers and a an adult into custody but they say there is no indication that the weapon was ever brought into the school. today a lehigh county judge ruled murder case of jimmy super fly snuka could bypass the the preliminary hearing and go right to trial. snuka is charge in the death of his girlfriend nancy argentino more than 30 years ago. the knotted grotto was taken down, it remained on the ground of the cathedral basilica longer than expected as philadelphians continue to visited it after the the pope's return to the vatican. kate in. and jim, it turned out to be another beautiful fall day. we are setting up a nice stretch as mild pattern, temperatures above average right through the end of the week but then we will close out the workweek on a rainy note and that will lead to a cooler weekend. i will tell you how much temperatures tumble and if we rebound in the 07's coming up with the seven day forecast, jessica. >> kate, thank you. with rivers rising and fragile dams barely holding together some people in south caroline air bracing for more flooding.
5:32 pm
correspondent weijia chang has the the latest from columbia where some are asking if the state could have done more to prepare for the storms. >> reporter: national guard troops launched sandbags in the columbia canal filling a massive hole left over after the historic rainfall. at the beaver dam crews moved tons of rocks to stabilize the fragile structure. it is one of many that could fail and cause more flooding with rivers near the the companies, crest continuing. amid emergency responses and repairs, questions about the state's infrastructure are emerging. after hundreds of roads are now compromised, many buckled and washed away. even before the rains hit engineers found more than a thousand of the nearly 9300 bridges, statewide, were structurally deficient. that is about 11 percent. >> people aren't willing to pay taxes for infrastructure, and, you know, started to get what you pay for. >> reporter: south carolina's geography makes it a
5:33 pm
particularly vulnerable target. it has tens of thousands of waterways, now swollen, and carving new channels through aging infrastructure. critics say lawmakers should have done more in the past to protect the state from a disaster. >> the need for a long term infrastructure funding bill are in critical state, with the flooding that has been called, all of the damage across our tait to the roads, bridges and infrastructure system the need is now a necessity. >> reporter: state officials say top priority right now is keeping the people safe and that there will be time for analysis later. weijia chang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the coastguard will call off its search for survivors of a sunken cargo ship at sunset tonight. the el faro went down last thursday near the bohamas during hurricane joaquin. officials broke that news to relatives of the 33 missing crew members earlier today. the ship was built in chester delaware county back in the
5:34 pm
1970's. the. turning now to campaign 2016 a new tv ad is putting pressure on vice-president joe by tone jump in the presidential race. the 902nd add was released by draft biden super pack that uses audio from the may speech that the vice-president gave at yale university in which he spoke of finding redemption in the wake of tragedy. ad end with two word on the screen, joe run. cbs news reports biden could announce his candidacy within the next week. a new queen pack university poll shows donald trump leading the republican field in pennsylvania. 23 percent of registered republican voters support the businessman, followed by neurosurgeon ben carson with 17 percent and florida senator marco rubio with 12 percent. all of the other candidates are in single digits. trump also leads in florida and in ohio. meanwhile a gun violence controversy dominated the conversation on the campaign trail today.
5:35 pm
cbs news correspondent craig boswell has the the the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: oregon school shooting has spark a new rift between republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail. it began with doctor ben carson suggested victims could have rushed the gun man. >> the idea is to overwhelmed them so not everybody gets killed. >> i don't think that is road to go down in terms of questioning people who have lost their lives because you have no idea what you would do. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted his support saying criticism was unfair. jeb bush, sidestepped a question about carson's comment and shared his thoughts on gun control. >> i don't think you can say taking the right is a way from 99.99 percent of law abiding citizens would have changed the outcome of those results. >> reporter: carson also called for every teach are to have a gun in his or her classroom, in iowa, where democratic front runner hillary clinton says more guns is not the answer. >> the idea that you need more
5:36 pm
guns to stop people who are committing mass shootings is not only illogical but offensive. >> reporter: new quinnipiac poll shows clinton taking a strong lead over rival bernie saunders in three key states, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today president obama apologized to the head of the doctors without borders for the u.s. air strike that destroyed a medical compound in afghanistan. the organization said it informed the u.s. military of its pop locations just three days before it was destroyed. twenty-two civilians were killed when a ac 130 gun ship unleashed its arsenal for an hour on saturday. medical charity is calling for an independent investigation. >> the attack on the hospital in kundoz was the the loss of the biggest organization in the air strike. the tens of thousands of people there can in longer receive medical care, now when they need it most. today we say enough.
5:37 pm
even war has rules. >> president obama a also phoned the afghan president to express his condolences over the loss of life. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new study is helping to reassure expecting moms about the safety of getting vaccines. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins us with new research. >> reporter: big sigh of relief for them. the timing of the research is important because it is flu season and there are confirmed cases, already in our area. whooping cough is increasinges specially in delaware county. new this new study says pregnant woman can be safely vaccinated against both at the very same time. three two-year old emily whitehead is expecting a baby in seven weeks and plans to get both, the flu, and whooping cough, dtap shots. >> we definitely have a mine set about like vaccinations. i have heard that the whooping cough is like a very good one to get. >> reporter: doctors previously recommended two vaccines be given weeks apart but now a new six year study
5:38 pm
in the journal object stick tricks and gynecology find giving shots at the same time is just as safe as spacing them out. >> there was no difference in early birth, in low birth weight, and in any of the babies outcomes. >> reporter: research also showed no significant increased risk of fever or other adverse effects to the mother or baby. when moms to be get vaccinated they pass on immunity to their new borns when they received the shot late in their pregnancies. >> we need to tell pregnant ladies this so that they understand it is extremely safe and it protects both them, and the baby. >> reporter: whitehead who is having a girl it eases her mind even more now that flu season has arrived. and the dtap shot not only guards against per tuesday is which is whooping cough but prevents tetanus and diphtheria. flu shots are recommended for everyone over the age of six monthses specially important for pregnant woman. >> you know me, i didn't get
5:39 pm
one for years unless you convinced me and i d i followed your order. >> thank you very much. >> stephanie says you do it, you do it. >> thanks, stephanie. philly's own richard gear will be on hand for a special ceremony honoring the dalai lama later this month. >> gear will participate in the national constitution center's liberty medal presentation on october 26th. two representatives of the dalai lama will accept the award on his behalf, the dalai lama canceled his u.s. trip last month due to medical reasons. still to come a treat for gazers on thee east coast. never lose your remet control ever again, how new streaming technology find it for you. ♪ >> so maybe the best kay to tackle child birth is this deep breezing it is nae, nae, do in the miss this, kate. >> my favorite video today good we have a beautiful evening underway, and just slightly cooler tomorrow but nice warm end to week and then
5:40 pm
big changes by the weekend, i'll have your full seven day eyewitness weather forecast when we come right back.
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catches don't count, advocates a many homeless youth don't go to shelters but instead move from couch to couch in friend home to keep a roof over their heads. couch's next stop will be outside the national constitution center at noon time tomorrow. keep your eye out. we will be right
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you might picture a woman in labor in pain and screaming, at the a lot of people. >> exactly but not this atlanta mom to be, watch this. >> ♪ watch me whip, watch me nae, nae ♪ >> very impressive. the spectent mother was fund by her doctor in the hospital hallway busting out the nae, na a e to help in move things along between contractions. yes, it work. she gave birth to a baby girl just a few hours later: is this a move i have to learn, kate. >> i think, i remember having to walk the halls when i was in labor so nae, nae could move things faster. switching over to a sight in the sky tonight have have you ever seen blue, green or red cloud? after nasa's rocket launch tonight you may get your chance. for more what to look for and when lets go to the newest member of the "eyewitness
5:48 pm
news" team, meteorologist lauren casey. you may have seen lauren on air during pretty rough weather. today he joins us live from penns landing, welcome lauren. >> reporter: weather is perfect and perfect to use some serious science. nasa will send off a rocket just over an hour from now, weather permitting, of course, at the launch site but that rocket will have a serious pay off for us here in the delaware valley. >> we have lift off. >> reporter: nasa says launch a rocket that will create a interesting hoe in the sky for those along eastern seaboard from long island to north carolina. the rocket will launch from wallops island flight facility in virginia. it is a sounding rocket. we talked to derek pits all bit, chief astronomer and planet tear yum director of the franklin institute in philadelphia. what is it. >> it is type of rocket that is used to test atmospheric currents and turbulence and things of that sort. >> reporter: six minutes after launch rock he it will release
5:49 pm
chemical mixture in the atmosphere to create colorful cloud that could be visible to us here on earth. >> barium is used to check to see what currents are like at upper atmospheric levels and it is a reddish color that marks the the barium even better so it can be seen better. >> reporter: if you want to check out science in action rocket is set to launch between 7:07 and 7:12. look toward southern sky about 30 degrees above the horizon. if all goes right, you wille red, and blue green clouds. >> how long will we see included before we dissipate. >> about 20 minutes, half an hour, maybe up to an hour. >> reporter: this technology will help sciences understand wind patterns in the the upper atmosphere same level at which the northern lights forms. if you are wondering what 30 degrees above the horizon is, just take your hand and it is three fists on top of each other so three fists and looking out 30 degrees. so look towards that if you
5:50 pm
cannot heat out to see, rocket launch and cool color clouds we have a link to the live stream on our web site, head to cbs >> thanks, lauren. i need that had tip because where am i looking here. >> right, good chance. >> thanks, good stuff. >> hopefully it will be nice and clear to be able to see this. >> it looks like it. you will be able to see me outside on the sky deck at 7:00 o'clock with my weather producers, every meteorologist out there watching and looking for clouds and periscope it on twitter. hopefully we will see cool stuff. it has been a beautiful day. started off rough and then turn nice. we will see how evening is shaping up in the city. thinks our right off the sky deck facing due south, so i'm pretty stoked about this view to see cool color cloud tonight courtesy of nasa looking great as we are heading through our wednesday evening. it has been a great week after after a pretty chilly weekend. things have rebounded. eyewitness weather watchers checking in for us. let's check in on their
5:51 pm
temperatures. 72 degrees at michael irwin's house in levittown. he has sunshine. he says it is another beautiful day, much like yesterday. seventy-nine, david dutch in clementon, new jersey. nice and warm. we are eag temperatures well in the 70's around the region and what is going on, storm scan three shows high pressure in control. we are clear, ready to go, in problems out there no problems on the road this evening. dry throughout the day tomorrow. even a as we zoom out nothing to see here. so, temperatures at the moment are in the low to mid 70's across the region. another warm day. we will hit 75 again. we did yesterday as well. average is just 70 now. record high for today's date 93. we started october well below average. last day of september, first few days of wrong, below normal and new we have turn it around. it looks like we will get even further above normal by end of the week. high pressure in control across the a area throughout the day tomorrow. few pop up cloud, instability sprinkle with cool air aloft. not a big deal this front is our next weather maker. this will come through friday
5:52 pm
afternoon. friday morning a few showers push in. that first line hud fizzle but mainly friday afternoon between 3:00 and 7:00 that we will see showers and then that m to the south and we will gradually clear things out as we get in the start of the weekend. we are not talking about a lot have rain just a tenth of an inch to quarter inch, it will be quick hitting and then get out of here. are you tired of hearing about joaquin yet it is now a tropical storm. look at the track from the national hurricane center it takes it as a remnant low in portugal where it may make another form have land fall as we head in the weekend and next week. closer to home a few cloud, cool night 56 degrees for your thursday, sun and included, really nice day at 72. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, warm on try but watch out for afternoon showers and thunder and then much cooler over weekend but sun returns and stays nice into next week. take there we will be right back.
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volunteers across philadelphia are teaching girls to run. they hope it will help them become capable, and confident. >> "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington caught up with the girls, it is this weeks story of brotherly love. >> reporter: cool is out and sneakers are on, inside masterman cool in spring garden. this is girls on the run, a national non-profit dedicated to making girls stronger in mind and body through running. but before running, there is talking. >> so that you can go through life and be empowered to do anything that you want to to. >> reporter: fifth grade science teacher mimi romeo helps these kid, ways to support each other. >> be kind to others, it gets them to just feel not so isolated especially sixth graders because they work with the sixth graders. >> ready, go. >> reporter: outside girls have their first run of the
5:57 pm
season four laps around the block, each lap they get a wrist band from rita dusick. >> it makes me smile and hear somebody encouraging you you. >> reporter: rita comes here twice a week to coach the girls. she's a long time marathoner so you have to move fast to talk to her. do you get some complaint every now and then, that is too long. >> absolutely. we teach these girls our main role, you have to keep moving. >> reporter: as they persevere twice a week over 12 weeks, running longer distances each time they feel increasingly competent. >> they have lots of tests, and it feels good to be able to be in fresh air. >> reporter: and they are thinking about their futures. >> when you grow up, and you want to get that job, you can just, ace the application. >> reporter: one more benefit when weather isn't this nice, the girls get to run inside the school. >> who wouldn't want to run through the hallways. >> you don't even need a pass. >> exactly. >> reporter: big goal for the girls toys run a 5k in
5:58 pm
december, girls on the run, is a national non-profit and coached more than 160,000 girls across the country last year to find out how you can help go to cbs i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good for those young ladies. now an update on last weeks brotherly love. >> this is great. viewer saw our story about a medical clinic built inside a shipping contain inner bucks county. it cost $10,000 to ship to it africa and they needed $4,000 more. well, viewers donated, one gave more than $3,000 and it was all enough to put them over the top, the medical clinic hud head out to africa, within the next month. so thank you to you who donated. good news, good news. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 another school security scare in philadelphia, two teenagers in custody and police a they were part of the group charged with passing around a gun. our walt hunter is live with the very latest.
5:59 pm
legendary wrestler in the philadelphia courtroom accused of a decade old murder why jimmy super fly snuka's lawyer is saying about the allegations against his client, kate? and jim, what a beautiful evening it is, in philadelphia a, nothing but blue skies, sun just beginning to sink toward the horizon. we have a few more warm days on the way and then it will cool down by the weekend. i'll have more on the changes ahead coming up at 6:00. collindale police officer walks into dunkin' donuts hoping for his morning meal. walks out, however with so much more. i'm rahel ol monday -- solomon and coming up the gesture and his reaction to it. and we begin at 6:00 with exclusive video of a stolen gun, now off the streets. police say weapon in this brown paper bag was being passed around, in the wrong hands. good evening i'm jessica dean.
6:00 pm
i'm jim donovan. ukee washington is off tonight. and brief lock down of the philadelphia high cool today. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at north west detectives with the very latest on the investigation, walt? >> reporter: jim, we have done stories from here on desperate searches from suspects sought or missing people, but this is about a desperate search for a gun, a powerful weapon that for past 72 hours after it was stolen police knew it was in the hand of the juveniles and could have possibly been taken into schools. fortunately, mid afternoon, the gun was recovered, and only our cameras were here as this desperate search came to an end. inn identify this simple brown bag, held by detectives, what may be a life saving discovery. a stolen, 9-millimeter glock semiautomatic like this one, a powerful weapon, that police say, these two juvenile students whose identities we're concealing along with


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