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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i'm jim donovan. ukee washington is off tonight. and brief lock down of the philadelphia high cool today. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at north west detectives with the very latest on the investigation, walt? >> reporter: jim, we have done stories from here on desperate searches from suspects sought or missing people, but this is about a desperate search for a gun, a powerful weapon that for past 72 hours after it was stolen police knew it was in the hand of the juveniles and could have possibly been taken into schools. fortunately, mid afternoon, the gun was recovered, and only our cameras were here as this desperate search came to an end. inn identify this simple brown bag, held by detectives, what may be a life saving discovery. a stolen, 9-millimeter glock semiautomatic like this one, a powerful weapon, that police say, these two juvenile students whose identities we're concealing along with the another juvenile and adult
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had been passing around and hiding from police, for the past three days. >> real big relief, and we have the gun off the streets and we have the purpose traitors responsible in jail. >> reporter: concerned, this teenager might be enrolled at martin luther king high school and tried to attend class, police ordered a brief lock down, shortly after school opened, until the teenager was spotted and arrested at the fernrock station. >> we had to lock down martin luther king cool because we had a juvenile who was a alleged to have been in possession of a firearm. >> reporter: recovery of the weapon marks the successful conclusion, of a frantic 72 hour manhunt, to find, the suspects and the guns before anyone got hurt. >> you always have a potential for difficult as to to happen. >> reporter: fortunately captain jones says there is no evidence so far that the suspects used the gun to commit any crime, or took it in any schools. >> it seems to be a badge have
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of honor to be in possession of a gun. >> reporter: police say weapon was recovered at a weapon in olney not far from police headquarters here. that gun, the 9-millimeter along with the 38 caliber weapon that was also found in the home, will now be carefully analyzed police say, toe if there is any history of violence or crimes, attached to them. live from the northwest detectives division i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". walt, thank you. a lot of clouds to start the day but they may wait for another sunny afternoon and a beautiful evening. meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at your forecast, kate. >> jessica, i was just out here thinking what a difference a few hours can make, we started very gray, that thick overcast didn't look like it was going anywhere, these few breaks of blue and now you cannot find a cloud in the sky even if you wanted to. we are approaching sunset and it is a stunning evening in philadelphia and more on the way, october has made a
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turnaround after a little bit of the rough start, cool, windy, rainy start. lets look out identify, quick peak at storm scan three i say quick because not much to show you. there is a a weak front producing showers over new england and upstate insuring that will not produce anything for us but knock down temperatures just a little bit into tomorrow, not quite as warm as today and yesterday but only by a couple degrees. temperatures have fallen off daytime highs we are at 74 in philadelphia a a. already have fallen down to 69 in allentown. if the skies stay as clear as they are right now not only do we have great viewing conditions for nasa rocket launch and those colorful enclosed tonight but temperatures will drop with clear skies, temperatures like to drop faster then on a cloudy night. 67 degrees at 7:00 p.m. by 9:00 o'clock we are down to 64. by 11:00, 60 again what to expect moving forward a few cloud popping up tomorrow with cooler air aloft but it is friday that showers, advance on the region. not a lot of rain but just in time for evening commute friday, we will have wet weather, and then a big drop
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in temperature following that front for the weekend. we will have more on the seven day when i join you inside, back over to you. so far no charges have been filed in connection with yesterday's scare at the community college of philadelphia, a teenager was questioned by police and tonight his mother is speaking exclusively to "eyewitness news". our diana rocco is live in germantown with the story, diana? >> reporter: jim, just a few moments ago we spoke with that mother and her 17 year-old son, she is, upset, he says her sonnies traumatized today, from the emotional and mental damage that he suffered through all of this. yesterday he has been exonerated by police, no gun was ever found. this all started around 9:30 yesterday when community college of philadelphia was put on lock down after a report of two students in a scuffle and one with a gun. it turns out there was never a gun found by police and the story of the 21 year-old student who made the complaint could not be verified by police. his mother says that her son does not know that 21 year-old
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and he does not know why he was finger pointed. she said one minute her son was calling her to say he was in class and okay after the school was in lock down, next she says police were looking for him and calling him the suspect. she said he was treated like a criminal, pulled out of the classroom at gunpoint and humiliated on social media and on live tv. she said he was also put in the cell with adult, one who started a fight with him after all of this yesterday. she said his life has been forever changed and he doesn't, he does not wanting to back to class. tonight she believes he at least deserves an apology. >> i came home last night, and i listened to him tell me about his day, it literally broke my heart, because i was than the there for him, to be there for him. there was nothing i could do about it. you know how painful that is. painful. painful that you go on you tube and you see it over and over again.
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youe classmates, talk about him like he is a monster and they never found a gun. >> his mother asked to us leave her son's name out of this. he is still dealing with all this. she said he is traumatized. she would also like toe the 21 year-old student she believes made up this story, charged, she says that this is fabricated and police should charge her son, the way -- charged the 21 year-old the way that her son was treated yesterday, of course, we will have have much more on this exclusive story coming up on "eyewitness news", tonight at 11:00 o'clock and on the cw, at 10:00. we are on lincoln drive tonight i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. today a lehigh county judge agreed to allow murder case of jimmy super fly snuka to bypass a preliminary hearing and go right to trial. snuka is charged in the death of his girlfriend nancy argentino more than 30 years ago. argentino died from head
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injuries in the whitehall township hotel. as part of the today's agreement, snuka's defense attorney will be granted access to grand jury testimony. >> it was a decision made by the defense team that we would be more, more beneficial for us to get the transcripts of all of the witnesses prior to trial in order to prepare a defense for mr. snuka. >> authorities took a new you look at the cold case after publication of snuka's autobiography. two suspects pleaded guilty in a botched robbery and kidnapping that involved a jewelry store employee. police say back in april, the two suspects targeted a work in a parking garage near jewelers road and forced her in the van. sentencing for two suspects is scheduled for january. a third suspect in this case, khiry gay, already pleaded guilty. a north philadelphia man is facing charges for sexually assaulting a mentally disable woman at an adult day care program where he worked. this is the suspect 58
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year-old william clay born of north franklin street, authorities say he sexually assaulted the woman at friends of cyrus adult day care program in delanco last month. funeral arrangements are set the for philadelphia civil rights leaders jerry mondesire. a viewing will be held tuesday at the viewing home for four to 8:00 p.m. his funeral will be held next wednesday at bright hope baptist church at 11:00 a.m. mondesire died this weekend after reportedly suffering a brain aneurysm while under going kidney dialysis. he led philadelphia's naacp chapter for more than two decades until his suspension last year over questions about finances. the mondesire was also known for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. pennsylvania's state budget battle continues tonight after republicans in the legislator easily defeat aid proposal by governor wolf to raise income taxes. house voted down an extraction tax on shall natural gas. tonight alex hoff show us how some are coping with the
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state's budget troubles. >> reporter: another day, another dollar, another way of making do, without. >> i know you have wonderful creative resource full teachers. so, they just go into their bag of tricks and use other resources. >> reporter: act 195 provides non-public schools, with some equipment and learning supplies with state fund on pause, educators at saint james regional catholic school in ridley park have had to start their cool year with just a handful of left over work books and copies of pages. >> education of our children in the state of pennsylvania should be par mound. >> reporter: governor tom wolf says his latest tax plan earned promising expert despite nay sayers voting it down 127-73. >> these guys did a phenomenal job of bringing democrats together in a very short time for a very tough vote that i don't care if you are a republican or a democrat we have had a tough time making. >> to be frank half million-dollar a month would typically be wire transferred into our account, on the last
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thursday of every month. that stopped in june. >> reporter: when it comes to non-profits no budget means no funding. for easter seals of southeastern pennsylvania that means they have had to cut staff salaries, take out millions in loans, all to keep the promises already made to the local disable community. >> either side is going to end up with everything that they want, we've got to have something done. we cannot just stay in limbo. >> reporter: whether it be the cost of paper, ink or interest on million-dollar loans, all impacted agreed that the uncertainty has weighed heaviest at all. hall sandra hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come tonight, one of the most popular spots during pope francis's visit is taken down. woman behind the knotted grotto talks about its huge impact. kate in. and what a gorgeous evening it is, the the sun just beginning to set right now we will be 20 minutes from sunset, we have a cool sight in the skies thanks to nasa tonight and pretty nice weather for rest of the week.
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i'll have more on that coming up, don. chip kelly has taken responsibility for eagles offensive troubles, even beginning to sound like andy reid, and the flyers, head south foresees on opener, dave hakstol makes his pro debut against one of the best teams in the nhl, spo
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it has a really impress idea gree of authenticity. >> tonight, meet the young doctor behind the cbs show code black from an early age he was a film maker until his life took an unimaginable turn. the personal story behind code black and its creator's connection to you guessed it, pennsylvania tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. delaware county police chief gets more than he bargain for when he walked into a dunkin' donuts. >> two customers there surprised the collindale chief with hugs and kind words. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us live with this amazing story, rahel? >> reporter: jim, good evening. the collindale police chief tells me he comes to this dunkin' donuts all the time every morning. he says he normally gets a large coffee, pumpkin spice with splenda. when he got here yesterday, he got quite the surprise. >> hoping for a coffee, and
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maybe a breakfast and witch, collindale police chief bob adams walk into dunkin' donuts on tuesday like every other day, but this day, would prove to be different. >> the gentlemen next to me said chief, let me get that. >> reporter: then the employee sonny chimed in. >> i said don't worry bit, we got it. >> reporter: before he could make it out of the parking lot. >> would man said chief, can i give you a hug. i said sure. >> pretty cool. >> reporter: collindale gesture comes the heels of two controversial incidents at the chain, one in connecticut where a employee reportedly told an officer we don't serve cops here. the other in rhode island where an employee wrote black lives matter on a officer's cup. adam says here at home he experiences the animosity too. >> you'll get disrespect, don't talk to me like that, i pay your salary. >> reporter: but he says the the backlash has also created an up tic in support for police. several hundred of these yard
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signs can now be seen, all over delaware county. >> my job is different from yours. i don't deserve extra pay or food because i'm a police officer. it is my job. it is career i chose. it is nice once in a while to hear the the word thank you. >> reporter: chief adams was so moved by the gesture here at dunkin' donuts that he went to the collindale police department facebook page, posted about it there and has since received hundreds of likes. reporting live from collindale, rahel solomon cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right rahel, thanks much. one of the spots visited by pope francis during his trip to philadelphia is now history. >> the the knotted grotto was taken down today and it remained on the ground of the cathedral basilica longer than expect as people continued to visit. after the pope's return to the vatican. grotto contains fabric strips with prayers written on them, it was master mind of sister mary skullion of project home a organization dedicated to ending home lessness. >> not only did we not
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anticipate immense response that this grotto would have, but thousands of people visited this grotto, and tied their knots and they also took other peoples knots, read them, and prayed for them. >> the the strips full of prayers will be used as insulation, and homes, built for the the homeless. the the grotto was inspired by 18th century german painting our lady of undoer of knots which is especially beloved by the pope. that was something, that sunday when he was there and he got the to hug sister mary skullion a beautiful moment, neat to have that here. >> what a cool use for those knots, to pay it forward in the future. >> perfect. >> all right. kind of of perfect like the weather out identify. >> yes. >> it is gorgeous out there. would i recommend if you have in the been outside to get outside, sunnies setting now, beautiful outside and we have more nice weather on the way. great night to take a stroll, look to the sky and see cool cloud courtesy of our friends at nasa more in just a moment.
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lauren casey told us bit a half an hour or so ago. lets look at is what happening right now. we will take you through time lapse because what a difference a few hours makes this starts at 8:00 a.m., zero hours ago at kutztown area middle school in kutztown. this is is how morning started for most of us. it was are gray. watch as we set this up into motion. gray sticks around, overcast and then bam, clouds are gone, sunnies back, and now it is nothing but blue skies, as the sun begins to turn, and these beautiful sunsets colors in kutztown turned out to be a gorgeous day. we had to give it time, little extra coffee, needed to wake up this morning. storm scan three looking good, in problems. clear skies for that rocket launch in virginia. weather is a okay. we are a weak boundary coming through. we see showers in new england and upstate new york. that may knock down temperatures as we head into tomorrow but tomorrow is still above average, much like today and much like yesterday. right now 74 degrees at the airport. twenty-seven in millville. feels great. in the too cool. certainly not the too warm
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either. zero seven in trenton. more if you missed it earlier on the rocket launch. look toward southern sky from philadelphia this is 30 degrees above the horizon and as lauren casey that is three fists on top of one another. red and blue green clouds may be visible just after 7:00 o'clock tonight. warm for tonight back in the 70's on thursday. seventy's on friday. maybe near 80. ahead of the front. that will bring us a few showers in the afternoon. we will clear it out, get sunshine back on at day. it will be cooler. rain chances for next few days, 5 percent chance for tomorrow, just a few of our models showing instability showers with that cooler air aloft. not a big deal. we are mostly dry. friday 80 percent chance. saturday maybe a shower in the morning, in the a big deal. 0 percent chance. sunday a whole take of sunshine what to expect through the next 24 to 48 hours, tomorrow just on cloud, just instability sprinkles, just that cool air aloft that could cause that tomorrow afternoon but friday afternoon here's 5:00 he clock. between three and 5:00 that line moves through the city and then head down the shore.
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we are not expecting too much. watch for a slow commute in the afternoon on friday and even some rumbles of thunder as that line comes through. overnight the tonight we will drop down into the 50's again, mainly clear, cool, pleasant and for tomorrow again sun, clouds, nice day. 27 degrees your thursday high. eyewitness weather seven day forecast we are looking at 78 on friday before showers come in over weekend much cooler. sixty-four on saturday and we will rebound by columbus day machine right back to the 07's. stay right the there we will
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don was telling me that vegas likes the eagles on sunday. >> and please explain. >> you almost fell off the chair. >> i almost had to keep her there. >> that is right. >> i need to know more. >> right now. >> a game of desperation
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sunday between eagles and saints, both teams have one and three record but believe it or not, in vegas the bird have the second best odds of winning the nfc east behind the giants. that is why all is not lost. it is also why injured right tackle lane beyond son may fight through a knee sprain and play sunday. he may have to switch to the left side of jayson peters being a no go. the the offense is one of the worst in the league and chip kelly is taking responsibility for it. >> coaching wise we have to put them in the better situation and plays. we have to do a better job. >> a lot of it comes from first and second down. lack of success on first and second down i have to do a better job to put us in a better situation. >> rapper t payne kicking with 74 year-old patriots owner bob kraft singing all i do is win. nhl not so much. puck drops with the rangers, visiting black hawks. flyers will open up their season tomorrow night in tampa
6:25 pm
bay. lightening your predict by most to win the the atlantic division, tough has income front of the dave hack toll. >> they are a team that plays with a lot of speed, quick on transition, they push the game, and that is a challenge. >> they are one of the best teams, in the east and i think, you know, we have to have bounces go our way. they are a heck of a team. huge measuring stick for us. >> tonight, cubs/pirates square off in the national league wild card game. it is cubs first playoff appearance in seven years. they have not won world series since 1908. since cubs last won radio and television was invented, haley's comet passed earth not earth but twice. mankind landed on the moon. titanic was built, and sank. the ottoman empire collapsed. so eagles fans, you have not won since 1960, championship but it could be worse. we will be right
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breaking news chopper three live over an accident in upper byrne township berks county this accident happened in the westbound lanes have of i78 near route 29, and ten people have been injured, we're also told that this accident involves two tractor trailers and five cars, i78 west is closed in the area, traffic backed up for miles, it will take a while to clear all that out and avoid that area if at all possible, we will bring you updates on cbs thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly and then again here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" from new york. here now is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: it's their last hope. can sandbags do what dams could not-- hold back the deluge in the carolinas? also tonight, russia launches missilemissiles and send in grod troops against u.s.-supported syrian rebels. gun violence becoming the hot issue in the presidential campaign. >> and the idea that you need more guns to stop people who are committing mass shootings is not only illogical but offensive. >> pelley: and high above the earth, a singing star. ♪ this is major tom to ground control ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, two more bodies were founded in the carolinas, bringing the death toll from the worst flooding


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