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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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it's thursday, october 8th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." rusch plunges head-long into syria's civil war. vladimir putin's military steps up on his attacks on opponents of bashar al assad, some of whom is backed by the united states. the search ends for the ship lost at sea during hurricane joaquin. the families of the 33 crewmembers on board say the coast guard gave up too soon. cubs fans are still dreaming after world series title coming to chicago. their team advances in the major league playoffs after a wildcard win.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. thanks for joining us. i'm anne-marie green. we beginning begin with a major escalation of fighting in syria. coordinated attacks by land, air and sea and launched by russia in the syrian government. overnight, russia says missiles launched from the war s&ea hit targets. the u.s. says one military plane had to be rerouted to avoid russian airplanes. this morning nato secretary-general called on fighting isis. holly williams reports from istanbul. >> reporter: russia says it launched 26 cruise missiles from its war ships over the sea. they flew over 900 miles across iran and iraq, hitting parts of northern syria, where both isis
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and al qaeda-linked fighters have a heavy presence. the u.s. says moscow's air strikes in syria are also targeting moderate american-backed rebels and that russia's real goal in syria is to prop up the regime. protected by russian air cover, regime troops began a ground hold in rebel strongholds. opposition fighters hit back in some of the most intense fighting in several months. but after four years of bloody civil war, russia's air campaign may be tipping the balance in favor of the syrian regime. holly williams, cbs news,
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istanbul. president obama called the president of the doctors without borders for the mistake on its air strike in afghanistan. 22 people were killed in saturday's attack. doctors without borders is calling for an independent investigation. the white house has pledged a transparent and thorough investigation. hillary clinton is changing her mind about the pacific trade deal negotiated by the white house. breaking with president obama, clinton now says she opposes the agreement. clinton says the deal does not meet her standards for creating jobs. >> i'm worried about currency mappin manipulation not being a part of the agreement. we have lost manipulation. i'm worried the pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits and patients and consumers fewer. >> this isn't about face for clinton. when she was secretary of state, she described the proposed
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agreement as the gold standard in trade and a deal that holds great economic opportunities. a potential clinton rival, vice president joe biden, says he supports the pacific trade deal. biden's super pac released its first ad urging him to run for president. >> things can change in a heartbeat. i know. >> the ad uses an emotional speech biden made earlier this year, recounting the 1972 car crash that killed his wife and daughter and it ends with a message reading, "joe, run." this morning, media tycoon rupert murdoch is under fire with fora tweet concerning president obama. the news corp. founder first praised presidential candidate ben carson and then questioned the ethnicity of obama. murdoch writes what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? and much else. coming up on the "morning news."
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republican presidential candidate ohio governor john kasich. today's volkswagen u.s. chief testifies on capitol hill where he will apologize for volkswagen efforts to defeat the emissions testing. >> reporter: in the cheating scandal, michael more than ehorne will face tough questions on capitol hill today. the ceo of volkswagen of american is expected to apologize for the company's use of sophisticated software to helped it beat u.s. poe lulluti tests. about 11,000 vehicles were fitted with the so-called defeat device. on the road, the cars emitted 10 to 40 times the amount of pollutant legally allowed in the state. horn, who was apologized for the scandal before, will testify today that he knew about possible emissions on compliance back in 2014, a year before the
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company informed regulators about the issue. the scandal has taken a toll on company stocks and volkswagen has already set aside billions of dollars for legal costs and fines. still, the company's newly elected board chairman declared wednesday it would emerge stronger than ever. volkswagen overtook toyota as the world's largest auto make by sales this year and the scandal now putting the company's positioning in jeopardy. is there no clear time line of when a recall will be issued here in the u.s. the epa has to sign off on a claim first. we do on know volkswagen says effected cars will than recalled in january in europe. the threat of flooding remains in south carolina as water from breaking dams makes its way downstream. at least 17 deaths are blamed on the storm in high water. dams across the state have failed 37 the drinking water supply in the capital is in
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jeopardy after part of a canal collapsed and thousands have been force fred thed from their. in eastern south carolina, 88-year-old woman was rescued. the search for the crew of the "el faro" is over. the coast guard calling off the operation last night. the cargo ship was lost at sea during hurricane joaquin last week. 33 crewmembers were on board, including 28 americans. jamie ukus reports the family of the crewmembers are trying to keep their hopes alive. >> everybody's worst nightmare just came true. >> reporter: the coast guard called off its search of survivors for "el faro" during sunset on wednesday. rlfts say the lost crewmembers are devastated. mary takes solace knowing her 50-year-old daughter died doing what she liked.
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>> i feel like a got rock that i swallowed. i suppose that's heartache. >> reporter: jackie jones' father thinks the search for survivors ended too soon. >> my son was a fighter. if he seen something pop of a cooler and think it would save his live, he get on that. >> reporter: the ship lost power and van issued last thursday near the bahamas in a category four hurricane. now the investigators search their focus to finding the ship and finding and retrieving the data recorder but a race against time. the data recorder only emits pings for 30 days. families of the lost are now seeking closure. >> i just want him back. even if it's just his body. i want him back. >> reporter: jamie yuccus, cbs news, jacksonville, florida. coming up on the "cbs morning news," a health care. a nurse is accused of reusing
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so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit 13 stories for a death. a construction worker was helpless as he dangled underneath a bridge. he slipped and fell from a catwalk and only saved from falling into the water by his safety harness. rescuers eventually lifted him to safety. on the cbs money watch now. super low fares to europe. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> good morning. united autoworkers union and fiat-chrysler deal reached a four-year deal on on a new contract. the union rejected a tentative
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deal last week because it didn't does far enough for benefits that were lost in previous contracts. union leaders vote on that deal tomorrow. wall street will be paying close attention to today's release of the minutes from the last fervel board meeting. they might look into insight whether the fed might raise interest rates. the dow climbed 122 points and s&p gained 15 and the nasdaq finished at 42 points. lumber liquidators will pay $4 million into illegal imported wood and the company will plead guilty to five violations of environmental law. the justice department says the woods from overseas. the settlement follows a "60 minutes" report that lumber
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liquidators la -- are best buy e has a new person that handling to be a robot. chloe handles requests for dvds and looks like a big jukebox. customers tell chloe what they want. the robot then uses a big yellow arm to get the items. region airlines says it hopes to offer flights from the u.s. to europe for $69 one way. they want to use smaller u.s. airports that have low fees. it hopes to begin service in edinburgh and norway in 2017. >> i guess i'll meet for you brunch in norway, jill, in 2017. >> you got it. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. coming up, nail biting landing. a plane in costa rica comes in a little too low and nearly colliding with traffic. in sports, cubs fever is in full swing as chicago advances
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rica just barely clears a line of cars. the plane passed over vehicles on sunday at the end of the runway at juan santa maria airport. no one was injured and no damage was reported. a fraternity suspended and steveo joining to jail. the indianapolis star says a fraternity at indiana university is suspended. the alpha too fraternity is suspended during hazing allegations. what appears to be a hazing ceremony showing a possible sex act with a female stripper. the times of trentor reports on a nurse at a new jersey flu clinic who used the same syringe on 67 people. the state department of health says the nurse changed needles each time but reused the
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syringe. the state says the risk of infection is low but the state recommends they be tested for hepatitis b and c and the hiv virus. contact information is being provided for all 535 members of congress. editorial director jeff cagle urges people to make their voices had you heard. >> reach out to your representatives and let them know that the routine responses they have always given us will not do it now. >> reporter: cagle says we need to know that our representatives are looking for solutions. "the new york times" reports on an investigation that says the police officer who arrested james blake used excessive force. the former tennis star was tackled on the sidewalk in a case of mistaken identity last month. the civilian complaint review board found the officer used specific force and recommended specific punishment. "usa today" reports on jail
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forecast in some cities around the country. 4 for hundreds of years cubs fans have been waiting wait until next year. this might be "next year. ." the cubs faced the puerto riitt
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pirates in the national league wildcard run. all pitcher jake arrieta needs. he pitches a complete game as the cubs win 4-0. there was a bit of a dust-up late in the game after arrieta was hit by a pitch. the benches cleared but no one was ejected. back in chicago, the cubs were soaking in the cubs first playoff win in 1 2 years and thy face st. louis cardinals in the division series. the chicago blackhawks raising a banner for their latest stanley cup championship before last night's opening game. chicago falls to the new york rangers 3-2. vladimir putin celebrating his 63rd birthday on the ice with some former nhl stars. but the russian president outshines them all, of course. putin scored seven goals in the exhibition game. if only he had been on the olympic team, maybe they could
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have gotten gold. roger goodell says he has no regrets about trying to suspend tom brady in his role in the deflategate controversy. speaking at the end of the nfl's fall meeting, goodell says while he respects and admires brady, the league's rules must apply to everyone. a federal judge overturned the nfl's four-game ban of brady. the nfl is appealing. week five of the nfl starts tonight. the indianapolis colts take on the houston texans. that's right here on cbs. derek fisher is known for running the triangle offense but he's in the headlines for being involved in a love triangle. fisher was involved in a fight with his former teammate matt barnes over the weekend. barnes reportedly drove nearly a hundred miles to confront fisher who is now dating barnes' estranged wife. no one was charged but the nba is investigating the incident. sounds like reality tv. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning,"
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protesters got past security and laid down on the red carpet at last night's premiere of the movie in london. the demonstrators were from an anti-violence group. smoke bombs were also released. the movie about the women who fought for the invite to vote. the group says it was continuing the struggle for women's equality. last week a 911 dispatcher in ohio got a distress call from a young man who had smoked marijuana.
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when the cop showed up, they found the 22-year-old man on the floor in the fetal position. he was surrounded by doritos, prepperidge goldfish and well stocked. marijuana residue was found. the man declined medical treatment and as of monday, he has been not been charged with anything. the movie about steve jobs opens tomorrow. >> reporter: michael stars as apple cofounder steve jobs. >> i just think he was an extraordinary person and changed the way we all live life. >> reporter: steve jobs takes place back stage at apple product launches. >> fix it. >> fix it? >> yeah. >> you're irk contradictory
4:27 am
instructions and. >> clashed with jobs as the tech giant. >> as difficult as he was, you stayed with him because of that genius. even if you've got to take verbal abuse from this guy. >> i'm begging you to manage expectations out there. >> it took me 30 seconds to realize it was you on screen. >> great. that was part of the plan. >> reporter: kate winslet plays mcintosh head of marketing and joanna hoffman who wants him to take more in the life. >> joanna in the film made him realize he was a father and that he had feeling. >> she's not my daughter! >> reporter: steve jobs widow and apple colleagues are reportedly unhappy with how the new film depicts the late ceo. the screen writer said he took artistic license in portraying one of the silicon valley most
4:28 am
iconic figures. lucy mcdonald, cbs news, london. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we talk with steve jobs screen writer and director danny boyle and they both join us in the studio. and new york attorney general's eric snyderman we look at the fantasy sports. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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intense flame burn for hours destroying a warehouse from southwest philadelphia. coming up we are live with more on the three alarm fire that kept fire fighters busy well into the the night. an alarming health scare in new jersey a nurse a a accused of using the same syringe for dozens of patients getting their flu shot. we will tell you where it happened. it is thursday october 8th i'm quarter ron tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. we will get your day started with weather and traffic. just continue and meisha standing by. >> where did the the week go? it is thursday already. >> i love it. what i don't love is construction still all over the roadways. i will have that all over, coming up. it is warm in the studio as well. >> it is, maybe step out


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