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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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intense flame burn for hours destroying a warehouse from southwest philadelphia. coming up we are live with more on the three alarm fire that kept fire fighters busy well into the the night. an alarming health scare in new jersey a nurse a a accused of using the same syringe for dozens of patients getting their flu shot. we will tell you where it happened. it is thursday october 8th i'm quarter ron tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. we will get your day started with weather and traffic. just continue and meisha standing by. >> where did the the week go? it is thursday already. >> i love it. what i don't love is construction still all over the roadways. i will have that all over, coming up. it is warm in the studio as well. >> it is, maybe step outside ape cool off out there but we
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will love the weather today. that shouldn't impact the traffic a whole lot. you will battle sun glare once the the sunnies up. more sunshine on tap. we are starting off cooler then yesterday, 60 at the the airport. fifty-five in wilmington. fifty already down to a allentown. suburbs are seeing 40's. 46 degrees in quakertown this morning. upper 40's doylestown, mount holly. we will drop a few more degrees approaching the sunrise. calm wind pretty much across most reporting stations. we will get a comfortable start. we don't have a a chilly breeze this morning. passing clouds depend where you are. partly cloudy skies. we will go mostly sun think afternoon. practically perfect kay if you like sunshine, warm temperatures, low humidity and light wind, great early october weather breaking down temperatures this morning, wye noon time getting close to 70. the great lunch hour to escape the office. walk around outside. a lot of unshine throughout the region. mid 70's in philadelphia near 70 at the the shore.
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lower 60's in the poconos. we will talk about rain coming up in the next 24 hours but first we will get a a check of the road conditions with meisha. >> yes, justin good morning. good morning to all of you at home. it is still so early, it is very dark outside but when i say that that means cop trucks is coming up and we have that. the here's a look at bucks county at the route one southbound near route 413, that left lane is block, flashing lights will not cause slow downs at this hour. we have construction woodhaven road westbound between academy road and boulevard. right lane there is block. you can see a lot of action there. not going to be able to maneuver around woodhaven road. we have more construction route 100 both directions north and south, between worthington and swedesford that left lane is blocked in this area. always a good thing to make note the where these construction projects are happening because it is certainly causing le downs as we progress throughout the morning. another point of construction roosevelt boulevard north and southbound between rhawn and woodward the inner drive is
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closed and thinks in effect until 6:00a m this morning. make note of that for those driving in and around. that mass transit patco speed line running a special schedule all day due to some track work, nicole, over to you. it it was seen for miles and burned for hours and now search is on for what sparked a fire for a vacant warehouse in south philadelphia. fire broke out at warehouse on haven't yet street ape cobbs creek parkway in southwest philadelphia that is where we will find "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the the cause of this fire remains under investigation. meantime, is there a inning will fire engineer on scene with hose hook up to this warehouse which has burn for hours last night. now reports that this fire came in at 8:30 last night. chopper three was overhead as those flames, fan add cross this two story warehouse, which stand on the the 2,000 block of south seventh first street. the fire eventually moved to three alarms with ladders on high, soaking this fire from
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above. we know that this fire from the looks of it seems to have gutted the inside of the building and compromised the water tower inside and for public record, we know that this building sits on a 4-acre lot, and measures about 66,000 square feet. as you mentioned fire officials are set to return to this area to help sort out a cause. if you are living or working in this area you may experience some road closures. we did see larry street here is closed temporarily as they continue to stamp out hot spots here and again, look for a cause. we do know that one fire fighter was taken to hahnemann hospital with what we are told are minor injuries. we are live this morning in southwest philadelphia, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". erika and nicole. mattresses falling off the new jersey turnpike are blamed for the death of the the truck driver. this all happened in carney, hudson county. police say mattresses fell off a van causing a tanker truck
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full of fuel to flip over. fire burn for more than an hour before crews put it under control. truck driver was killed, at least one other reek will was involved in that accident. a big scare in mercer county after many people who got their routine flu shot found out that the same syringe was being reused over and over again. those shots were offered to employees at a farm out california company in west windsor. the the nurse, administered 67 shots, who was an independent contractor from total wellness. the nursery used syringes, not needles. cdc is recommending those who received the flu shot get tested for hepatitis b and c as well as hiv n a statement for wellness president said in part, we take full upon the for this incident and we are working diligently with the new jersey department of health to resolve this matter as swiftly as possible. a frantic search for a stolen handgun prompted lock down of philadelphia's martin luther king high school. police arrested two students a
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third juvenile and an adult who are all facing charges. they say us pecks were passing around the 9-millimeter glock and there were concerns that the gun would be taken in the school. lock down was lifted after after one of the opportunities was arrested at the fernrock train station. >> he decided to take a firearm in the school in the had hand of the juvenile who it doesn't belong in anyway is potential for disaster there used to be a time kid would fist fight and then they would be done. now kid are getting weapons, guns, knives, so forth. >> there is no indication that the weapon was ever taken into the school. no charges have been filed after a lock down at the community college of philadelphia police planned to question the man again today who accused the teenager of having a gun inside that school. the teenager was taken into custody but his mother is speaking exclusively with "eyewitness news". on tuesday police were acting on a report that two students got in an altercation with the 17 year-old pulling out a gun but authorities haven't found that gun. the mom of the 17 year he will opportunity said her son's life will never be the same.
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>> you go on you tube and you see it over and over again. you see classmates, talk about him like he is a monster and they never found a gun. they never found the gun. they will never fine a gun on him. >> police say both students knew each other and they found inconsistencies in the a accuser's story. the head of the volkswagen american operation is scheduled to be in the congressional hot eat today. michael horn is expect to appear before a health panel. he will be grilled about volkswagen years long scam to rig diesel cars to cheat emissions tests. worldwide scandal involves 11 million vehicles. well, 100 days now and the pennsylvania budget stalemate continues. the republicans in the legislature easily defeated a proposal by governor wolf to raise income taxes and impose an extraction tax on natural gas. meantime non-profits and some schools which depend on state fund are making do. at the saint james regional
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catholic schools in ridley park teachers have had to start the the year with left over books and copies of pages. >> i think that we fund so many other things in the government that the education of our children in the state of pennsylvania should be paramount. >> easter seals of southeastern pennsylvania, says it had to take out millions of dollars in loans and cut staff pay, all to keep its promises to the disabled community. a lehigh county judge has rule that the murder case of jimmy super fly snuka can bypass a preliminary hearing and head straight to trial. snuka is charged in the death of his girlfriend nancy argentino more than 30 years ago. argentino died from head injuries from the white hall township hotel. a as part of the agreement snuka's defense attorney will be granted a access to grand jury testimony. >> it was a decision made by the defense team that we would be more beneficial for to us get the transcript now of all of the witnesses prior to trial, in order to prepare a liable defense for mr. snuka.
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>> authorities took a new you look at that cold case after the publication of snuka's autobiography. 1:39. still ahead this morning, crews end their search for survivors from the missing cargo ship, details ahead. also a ahead check this out a very close call when a plain comes in for a dangerously low landing. and could this be the future of flying? check it out. why your new flight could include bunk beds. >> that would be nice. >> i thought it was flying seats and then bunk bed. >> well, we will learn more about this after the break. we will be right
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a yum bow jetties landing in san jose, costa rica and nearly clips a line of cars right next to the roadway. do you see how close it comes in how about that. this was a nigeria airlines plane. windy wet he forced the pilot to change the land ago approach and that in one below was in danger. i don't know if they agree with that, wow.
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defense secretary ash carter and nato demens stinters meet to discuss russia's major affiliation in the syrian crisis. the wednesday moscow fired dozens of missiles in isis target. secretary carter remains concerned about the russian campaign and calls it a quote fundamental mistake. and the coastguard has called off a search for crew of the el faro cargo ship. officials broke the the news wednesday after peeking to the relatives of the missing. the ship sang off bohamas last week during hurricane joaquin with 33 people on board. all are presumed dead. all right. coming up a at 4:43. another nice day in store but i think there is something in the tail that we may not like. >> we have pay back coming up in the forecast. that happens. we're in a nice streak with sunshine and warm day. we will make it back in the 70's. that would be nice. we are talking about some rain chances. nothing too heavy at this point. that is good news there we have a little bit of the a
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cool pot to the north and west of the city, jacket the weather this morning but we will warm it up, completely once the the sunnies up. yesterday at this time we are running a degree to five to 6 degrees colder so we are seeing on 40's out there in the outer suburbs but down south, south jersey, delaware, lower 50's, 51 in millville. good morning, swede bureau. you are at 53. newark delaware at 55. philadelphia airport warm spot coming in at 60 at this hour but outer suburbs in new jersey, voorhees checking in at 51. we may drop a few more degrees. we are seeing widespread 40's just to the north and ambler, doylestown, quakertown all in the 40's this hour. so quiet on storm can three, high pressure over us, another great day to be out identify, no threat of any storm systems, tomorrow is our next cold front no threat of rain today. tomorrow approximately 80 percent chance. we will see some sort of shower activity.
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saturday we will have a 10 percent chance before sunrise you man may get a linger shower. sunday looking dry as well. overall weekend does look dry. friday evening you can expect those showers around. it may slow evening drive down a bit, amounts to a quarter of an inch or less, maybe a thunder as well. let's time it out. we have cloud building in the afternoon. tonight partly cloudy skies, another cool night, friday, first half of the day taste dry. maybe get a shower or two to the north and west in the poconos. there is that line of showers that held through at 6:00 and we will be dry for the the weekend. forecast high today 47 degrees in the sunshine for the weekend. we will drop back down in the 60's. nicole, erika, back to you. justin, thank you. in sports flyers open up the regular season tonight on the road in tampa. lightening lost in last years stanley cup finals. flyers missed the play as you entirely. but tonight we will be coach dave hakstol's first nhl game. flyers will have jake voracek in action who had a career high 81 points last season but so-called experts think orange and black will miss playoffs again but flyers are ignoring
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those critics again. >> it is just outside noise, i think this group does a pretty good job of listening to just one another. >> it is good to have a reason to put the pads on. we didn't make the playoffs last year. we go from that, to, you know, we will do everything we can to do and prove them wrong. >> is there nfl football here tonight. afc battle tonight from houston where one-three texans host two-two colts. colts quarterback andrew luckies questionable for the game, the coverage gets underway at 7:30 tonight, on cbs-3. >> we will be right back.
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one. welcome back. an investigation is underway this to what parked a fire at a vacant warehouse in southwest philadelphia. it broke out last night on the 70th street and cobbs creek parkway. it went to three alarms before fire fighters could get it under control. a health scare for dozens of employees at ozuka pharmaceutical in west windsor after a nurse gives them a flu shot using the same syringe. cdc is recommending they get tested for hepatitis b and c as well as hiv. volkswagen u.s. chief appears before congress to answer questions about the company's emissions cheating scandal. company has admitted to rigging millions of the diesel cars with software to beat pollution tests. 4:48. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. we will take all of the good news we can get off of a
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strong start from wall street. >> reporter: this is type of news we like to report. good morning. dow jones is inching backup to that 17,000 mark. today the federal reserve will release minutes from the september meeting, investors will be looking for any insight about when the fed could raise interest rates, now they held off last month because of concern about the economy and china speaking of which, china's stock market is surging, back opened after a licensing holiday, about a week, good news there, hopefully we will see that momentum, nicole and erika. jill, european airline is considering adding flights to the u.s. and that could mean big bargains, right? >> reporter: flying to europe could be a lot more affordable. norwegian air says it plans to offer one way tickets between united states and europe for about $69. norwegian is europe's third largest budget airline so, use narrow body aircraft will be able to fly into smaller regional airports and they have less expensive landing
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fees, then newark and yfk so those flights could potentially start in 2017. nicole and quarter. >> did you say $69 each way in that is incredible. >> reporter: sixty-nine bucks. >> cheaper to go to europe then las vegas. >> exactly. >> i'll take it, more money to spend which we're over there. >> yes. more reason to travel the world. air busies at it again. >> they say aircraft manufacturer is trying to fit more passengers on the plane and this is interesting. air bus has filed for this unusual patent for a split-level air liner cabin, two tears of seats the that lie flat like bunk beds in business class. they say they hepp to provide a high level of comfort for passengers by designing some seats that cannery kline because that is always the worst part when you go back 3 inches. >> yes. >> i like the rekline but bunk bed option i don't know about this. >> put your seat belt on. coming up, after the break we will get a check of weather
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and traffic. >> we will be right back.
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let's get the latest on the roads, good morning, meisha. >> good morning, meisha. good morning to everybody at home. guess what is on the agenda? a lot of morning construction. here's your first look at the woodhaven road westbound between academy road and the boulevard, center right lanes are blocked but right the now when i peak at this camera i am seeing the far left lane getting by, just know that is in place. we are not sure fit is just center lane and right lane, just know that it is there but not causing any slow downs, you can see not much movement and still very early as we are moving in closer to the 5:00 o'clock hour. this is bucks county, this is
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where we have construction route one southbound near route 413, left lane is blocked in that area and another place of construction make note of this one the the roosevelt boulevard north and southbound between rhawn and woodward that inner drive is closed until around 6:00 a.m. this morning. make note of that. that is a busy stretch. also, pennsylvania turnpike east and westbound at fort washington right lane and off ramps are blocked, make note of that as well. a lot of construction this morning but overall, things are still really nice and easy on the roadways and just continue, the good news as always for our morning commute is it is dry roadways. sound like a beautiful day. >> not much going on. i got nothing. it is practically perfect if you want to call it that. waking up, it is cool but early october but there are some 40's out in the suburbs. maybe want to grab a jacket the airport hanging out at 60 degrees in philadelphia a. low 50's in the south jersey, 57 in the capitol city of delaware. the there is storm can three just nothing happening. you will notice a few clouds
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passing by this morning and overall just a mostly sunny day, forecast high does get up to 74 degrees. that is above average for this time the of the year. near 70 at the shore in the sunshine. cooler then yesterday in the mountains, lower 60's but that is great conditions. here's that extended forecast, more cloud return for tomorrow. late in the day most likely during early evening hours we will see some showers for friday. cold front that moves through. we will clear out for the weekend. sunshine returns at day and sun take, fall-like temperatures mid to upper 60's but early next week columbus day we will warm it right backup above average. so we have something for everybody back in the seven day forecast. nicole, back over to you. now lets get a check of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following a adopting a healthy lifestyle in college can help women prevent breast cancer decade later. also in the wake of the pope's visit philadelphia's archbishop find himself back in the the vatican taking part in the synod on family. a movie review of the
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drama 99, check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060. actor richard gear ace monk big names to honor dalai lama in a special ceremony. gear will take part in the presentation at the national constitution center for liberty medal award on october . dalai lama was chosen to receive the honor but had to cancel last month because of health reasons. two representatives will accept the a award on his behalf. >> how about that first the the pope and now dalai lama. >> good company. >> he cannot make it. >> yeah, that is true. coming up next on "eyewitness news", controversy over a driver's license, we will explain, coming up. we are hearing from family members react to go news that the coastguard has given up efforts to find a missing cargo ship. >> new details surrounding the gun man in last weeks oregon shooting rampage. we are back at the top of the hour, stay with us.
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good morning. hours after an intense three alarm fire in southwest philadelphia, fire fighters are still on the scene. we have been following this overnight. our justin finch is live at that scene with the very latest. new this morning three york county police officers rushed to the hospital following a car crash during a pursuit. what we necessity about the chase and the suspects. a flu shot scare in new jersey after a nurse allegedly used the same syringe for dozens of parents. details on where that happened. good morning it is thursday october 8th i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. justin and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. happy thursday you guys. roads are looking g we are dealing with a lot of road cop
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trucks but no accidents to report, this time, so that is good, just continue and our roadways are nice and dry and it is nice outside. >> it will stay like this. we are chilly right now, you may need jacket, 40's and 50's out there but skies are mostly clear. a few patchy clouds but this will set up to be a nice afternoon. temperature right now at the airport warm spot at 60 degrees right now but outer suburbs in the 50's and even some 40's showing up. wilmington delaware. you guys have 55 degrees, now low 50's in out jersey and they are the suburbs, cooling down to 46, quakertown, pottstown. 49 degrees, this hour. quiet on storm can three. that will be the trend still high pressure over us so that blocks any major storm systems from moving in and find a few clouds around, especially during the morning but overall lots of sun behind will be the story for the afternoon. the here's that cool day forecast 8:00 o'clock temperature of 59 degrees. cool at the bus top by 3:00 it is warm at 73. you guys no, i don't get and give many


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