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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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trucks but no accidents to report, this time, so that is good, just continue and our roadways are nice and dry and it is nice outside. >> it will stay like this. we are chilly right now, you may need jacket, 40's and 50's out there but skies are mostly clear. a few patchy clouds but this will set up to be a nice afternoon. temperature right now at the airport warm spot at 60 degrees right now but outer suburbs in the 50's and even some 40's showing up. wilmington delaware. you guys have 55 degrees, now low 50's in out jersey and they are the suburbs, cooling down to 46, quakertown, pottstown. 49 degrees, this hour. quiet on storm can three. that will be the trend still high pressure over us so that blocks any major storm systems from moving in and find a few clouds around, especially during the morning but overall lots of sun behind will be the story for the afternoon. the here's that cool day forecast 8:00 o'clock temperature of 59 degrees. cool at the bus top by 3:00 it is warm at 73. you guys no, i don't get and give many a's but today i'm
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giving an a plus. if i'm doing that you know it is a is in day. take rang if you can. forecast high around 74 in the sunshine for philadelphia. near 70 the at the shore and 63 for the the high in the poconos. overall good day. you will cool down for weekend. those details in a few minutes. meisha, what is the are latest on the road. >> if you give an a the plus we are only going down from there. >> that is true. >> that is true. >> way to go. >> way to mess it up. thanks, justin. an a plus. we will take it. it looks beautiful outside except on the roadways we are still dealing with construction, okay. it will be that trade off. beautiful weather but you construction. this is a fuzzy camera but this is route 309 northbound at welsh road otherwise known as route 63. you can see flashing lights this camera looks stuck. you can see this moving but cars are not moving. there is construction there. ninety-five south at cottman looking good around that s curve, looking good, many of you just waking up, grabbing your first cup of coffee with
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us. happy thursday to you. another place of construction, woodhaven road westbound between academy road and boulevard. what we're seeing is far left lane is open. we are still seeing travelers driving in that way. center lane, far right lane were closed for some time. that might be opening up. we will keep an eye on that for you. route 42 freeway ramp to 295 north, the the ramp is blocked until 6:00 a.m. make note of that. i will let you know when that careers. another point of construction pennsylvania turnpike east and westbound at fort washington the right lane and off ramps are block, in that area. so again just a a lot of construction on the roadways this morning. nicole, over to you. >> it was a stubborn fire that burned for hours at a vacant reouthwe philadelphia search is on for how this all began. "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch joins us at that scene with the very latest, just continue, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole as fire fighters continued to search for a cause of this fire, they are also here on the scene working to put that fire out, as you can see a
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single fire engine is here hook up to hoses and till soak ago this wear house to prevent flare-ups. chopper three was overhead as flames across the two story warehouse which was first reported as of 8:30 last night. warehouse stand on the 2,000 block of out seventh first street east of the cobbs creek parkway and train tracks. the the fire eventually grew to three alarm, with crews hoisting ladders to douse flames on high and also hoses were on the ground soaking the the fire as well. now, from above the fire almost seems to have gutted the building and a appears have to have compromised a water tower too. from public records we know the warehouse was likely abandoned and that it measures more than 66,000 square feet. a massive amount of land for fire fighters to survey as they try to put this fire out. we also spoke to the pastor who said he had plans to rehab that warehouse and for him this fire is a lot, and a
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disappointment. >> we have to be upset mainly because the fact that the building has been empty for a long time and was a shell. we are looking to make use of that building. now that it is demolish we don't know what we will do at this present time. >> reporter: back out here live we have learned one fire fighter was taken to hahnemann with what we are told are minor injuries. as you can see fire crews remain on the scene soaking the the walls of that building. an older building. abandon for some time. under daylight conditions they will come out and resume their search for a cause. we are live from southwest philadelphia, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now new this morning a police chase in york county, a pennsylvania, send three officers to the hospital. our sister station w hp tells us officers were chasing a suspect when their cruisers crash. one of the vehicles flipped completely over as you can see right there. whp reports that someone is in custody. we will bring you latest as we learn more on this developing
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story. employees of the mercer county drug company are dealing with the health scare after finding out that syringes for flu shots were reused. those shots were given to 67 employees at otsuka pharmaceutical in west windsor. nursery used syringes, not the needles, officials say, the cdc is recommending those who received a flu hot there get tested for hepatitis b, c and hiv. nurse who administered the hots was an independent contractor, we're told from total wellness n a statement total wellness president said in part we take full responsibility for this incident and they are working diligently with the new jersey department of health to resolve this matter as swift thely as possible. the murder case of jimmy super fly snuka is heading to trial. why ruled the case can bypass the preliminary hearing. snuka is charge in the death of his girlfriend nancy argentino more than 30 years ago. argentino died from head yours at a while hall township hotel. as part of that agreement his defense attorney will be
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granted a access to grand jury testimony. >> it was a decision made by the defense team that we would be more, more beneficial for to us get the traps scripts now of all of the witnesses prior to the trial in order to prepare a liable defense for mr. snuka. >> authorities decided to take a new look at the cold case after the publication of snuka's autobiography. sows guard search for cargo ship that sank last week during hurricane joaquin has been a banded. thirty-three crew members were on board the el faro which sank off the the bohamas. searchers found a body in the survival suit in the life both but no signs of survivors. the focus has been turn to the data recorder believed to be 3 f the sea. crew members say even though the search ace abandoned, they still need closure. >> i just want him back. even if it is just his body. i want him back.
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i want him to continue to do everything to honor their father and make us proud no matter where he is. >> absolutely heart breaking. now of the 33 presumed dead, 28 are americans. president obama released a statement suggest god to bless the men and women of the el faro and to cover their families. 5:07. pennsylvania budget battle drags on, governor tom wolf remains defiant even after his tax proposals were defeated by republican lawmakers. the as the standoff nears 100 days non-profits and some schools who depend on state fund are making due. at the saint james regional catholic school in ridley park teachers have had to start the school year with left over work books and copies of pages. >> i think that we fund so many other things in the government that the the education of our children in the state of pennsylvania should be paramount. >> easter seals of southeastern pennsylvania, says that it had to take out millions of dollars in loans, and cut staff pay, all to keep
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promises to the disabled community. a philadelphia police sergeant has been arrested after failing to comply with the order to produce unencrypted hard drives. seventeen year veteran sergeant francis rawls was found in contempt of the court's order and taken in custody of the u.s. marshals. commissioner ramsey made the administrative decision to suspend rawls for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. it is not immediately clear what officials were seeking on his hard drive. investigators say the murder of the transgendered women does not appear to be a hate crime. instead robbery may be the motive here. 22-year old keisha jenkins was gunned down tuesday morning near 13th and wynn go hawk even. she was shot in the back. hashtag save her name has been trending on social media to draw awareness to that crime. volkswagen u.s. chief appears before congress for the first time to answer questions about the company's emissions cheating scandal n
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prepared remarks michael horn apologized for the issue. the company had admitted to rigging millions of the diesel cars with software to beat pollution tests. we will have more in a full report coming up a 59:30. also happening today republicans will vote on the new house speaker. >> closed door secret ballot election will produce nominee but it will not be the the final word. here's more from cover pond event andrew spencer. >> this is a major decision, whoever gets this spot is second in line to be president in the united states. >> reporter: congressman tim's camp emphasized house republicans still have time to choose a new peak tore remasonry signing john boehner. the house republican second in command kevin mccarthey has most support he might not have have enough to clear the full house when it votes in the end of the october. >> folks are realizing there is not time for mr. mccarthey or, anybody else today. >> unfortunately kevin mccarthey, does not have enough support. he has got the the most port
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but does not have most support on the floor of the house. >> reporter: representative cheffetz got some support from the influential conservative group but they endorsed florida congressman daniel webster for speaker ship. mccarthey is still the one to beat. republican caucus will vote this afternoon and mccarthey knows that vote only means a majority of the republicans saying last thursday you don't need 218 until you get to the house floor. andrew penser for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:10 right now. sunnies shining in south carolina after days of wet weather but flooding threat is still growing there we will update from the scene. also ahead a deadly tanker fire in new jersey, they have flames and more seen for miles. we will tell what you caused it. a close call in california where a plane land in the backyard without crashing into a house. hear from that home owner just ahead.
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the eyes of the world are just, eyes on us, that is our broadcast booth, say hi to ohio, greg, vince, lisa and mike all making it behind the scene. give us a wave. we will take a short break we will be right back.
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heavy smoke could be seen for miles after a fatal tanker accident on the new jersey turnpike. this all happened in carney, hudson county. police say mattresses fell off a van causing a tanker truck full of fuel to flip over the guardrail. the fire burned for more than an hour before crews put it under control. the truck driver, who has yet to be identified, was killed. there were no other yours. a mall plane crash lands in the california backyard injuring a pilot. we have a picture of the pilot right here just moments after the crash. authorities andment company ton say pilot had just taken off from a nearby airport when his engine failed. neighbor awe that crash rushed to help the victim.
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unaudible. >> the pilot suffered a deep cut over his eye, in one else was injured incredible he missed the house. even with sunny weather in south caroline at state is bracing for more floods as river rise and dams break. >> with the death toll at 19 many are asking if the state should have done more to prepare for the storms. correspondent we use chang reports. >> reporter: coastguard crew in andrew south carolina came to the rescue of the 88 year-old woman running low on medical supplies. her family was worried water levels from the historic flooding might rise high enough to put her in danger. some homes in low lying counties are still on dry land but completely surrounded by water. the others are submerged national guard troops lowered heavy sandbags to fill a massive hole in the columbia canal. crews also stabilized the fragile beaver dam, one of the several that could fail and cause more flooding when
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rivers near the coast, crest. hundreds of roads are compromised and questions are emerging about the state's aging infrastructure, even before the rains hit, engineers found more than a thousand of the nearly 9300 bridges statewide were structurally deficient, that is about 11 percent. >> people are not willing to pay taxes or infrastructure and, you know, you sort of get what you pay for. >> reporter: critics say lawmakers should have done more in the past to protect the state from the disaster. >> the need is new a necessity. >> reporter: state officials say the top priority now is keeping people safe, and that there will be time for analysis, later. weijia chang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now nasa successfully launched the the black brandt rocket from wallops island, virginia. it was designed to test new technology but nasa says only space missions less costly and less risky.
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rocket ejected a vapor made from a barium mix that turns into blue, green and red clouds and we were told we could see these on the east coast if it was clear enough? did you see anything yesterday. >> i was a sleep. but no, it was president clear to make the launch just after 7:00 o'clock owe that was successful as you saw. hopefully were you able to get a chance to get outside ande probably that rocket in the air. but lets take you outside now ande what is happening. not much. glassy conditions on the delaware river looking across the river at the city sky line. the nice visibility, no fog, going on in parts of the region right now. here are headlines, a top ten day to day as we are's in the sunshine and comfortable conditions. temperatures still above average. we will talk about wet conditions returning for friday evening, and no worries, we will dry out for weekend and cool things down. waiting for more fall like conditions wait a couple more days it will get here. fifty-two in millville. fifty-seven in delaware at this hour.
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as we get closer, we are milder at the airport at 60 but still outer suburbs still chilly this morning. palmyra 51. forty-eight in mount holly and chalfont and cold spots again to the north and west, quakertown, doylestown, ambler all coming in mid to upper 40's this hour. nothing happening on storm scan three, that is compliments of high pressure large and in charge. that keeps our skies mainly clear. sun behind on tap. there is that high. it starts to move off shore today this allows our next cold front to approach tomorrow. it will bring in more cloud. still warm ahead of the front. watch out the late in the afternoon and evening around five or 6:00 we will see line of showers rolling in. maybe a rumble of thunder with the actual frontal passage and once the front moves by you can see those clouds break up during the day saturday. we are back to sunny conditions. nice north wind incomes temperatures back down. today another warm one, low to mid 70's, depend ing how much sun behind we will see for warm spots. tonight will cool, we are in the mid 50's in the suburbs
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but look at tomorrow's high temperatures. upper 70's. maybe some area do hit 80 degrees if those clouds hold off long enough. today very comfortable and nice, sunny 74 degrees. the wind on the light site. tonight partly cloudy, cool, 58 for center city. cooler for suburbs. of course, sunday football here at the link, saints coming into town, kick off at 1:00, 66 degrees, great football weather with the sunshine, here's that extended forecast, don't like warmth, wait until the weekend mid to upper 60's, next week columbus day back in the letter 70's. we're all over the place with these temperatures. >> if you don't like the warmth, who are you talking about. >> good morning, everybody. happy thursday. here's a live look at the roosevelt boulevard heading in the southbound direction toward schuylkill. looking good but volume levels are heating up, starting toe more headlights out there nothing north bound direction all coming south toward us. schuylkill looking good. ben franklin bridge a beautiful shot with the lights out there across that dark
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skies, just, gorgeous burks it is looking nice and clear so for those coming from new jersey, hopping on that bridge, now is a good time to do so. you are in good company. this is penndot moving around the cameras. i won't stay here too long. we have had construction on route 309, that has been instant cleared. we are looking good in that area. new we have a warehouse fire last night in southwest philadelphia they are letting us necessity we should avoid this area cobbs creek parkway at 70th street. in and around that area just know that went into effect last night and they are still telling us to a roid that area this morning. we have some more construction, this is rose wealth boulevard northbound and southbound between rhawn and woodward, inner drive is till closed, until 6:00 a.m. keeping my eye on that and i'll let you know when that does get out of your way and then also some construction on route 42 freeway north bound ramp to 295 is blocked until 6:00 a a.m., erika, back over to you. october baseball heating up and so are tempers last
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night. >> here come the pirates. >> piling on there. the benches clear in last night nl wild card playoff game but when dust settled there was some really good baseball, we will have have highlight, coming up next in sports. in the power of we. believer we can tackle the tough challenges we face and build community through service and volunteering. it's time for you to raise your hand, go to and get involved in something you believe in. are you with me?
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there is thursday night football tonight on cbs-3 when houston to texans host the colt. the colts may be without tarting quarterback andrew you luck for the game. coverage gets underway at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. now eagles play saints this sunday at the link looking to improve in several areas. one problem is converting third downs. they are next to last in the league at that. quarterback sam bradford says he is doing better in the earlier downs and it doesn't really make a big difference. well, tonight is a big night for coach dave hakstol and flyers as hakstol first
5:25 am
ever nhl regular season game and flyers season opener. they will play lightening in tampa. tampa bay made it to the stanley cup finals last season but lost to the black hawks. flyers failed to make the playoffs last season. they can do it this year though. 5:25. cubs are taking first step toward their first championship in american 100 years. rookie kyle, drove in three runs for cubs including a home run in the third inning last night in pitberg. twenty game winner, jay marriotta, held pirates to four hits and beat bucks four to nothing. cubs play the card next round starting tomorrow night. and cubs fans filled the streets around rigali field after the game even though the game was filled in pittsburgh. the cubs haven't been in the playoffs since 2008 and have not won a post sees than game in 15 years. they have a reese ton to celebrate. playoff baseball continues today at texas/toronto this afternoon and houston at kansas city tonight. >> all right. happy group of people right there.
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>> understandably. coming up next on "eyewitness news" new report released following last months mistaken identity arrest, remember this the pro tennis player a arrested in new york city. more on that. also controversy over a driver's license photo what happened when a new jersey mother battling breast cancer went to get a new id. then congress holds hearings on the volkswagen emissions cheating scandal, we will have a full report ahead. we have a quiet, cool start to the day but sunshine this afternoon warms us up in the 70es a a. i'll let you know how long in the full forecast. and meisha will have latest on your morning commute when we come right back stay with us.
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good morning, to you, today it is thursday, october 8th i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. >> i want to tell but the story mother of the philadelphia teenager is speaking only to "eyewitness news". her sonnies center of the tuesday's campus scare at philadelphia community college. we're hearing from her coming up. in weather we are in for another beautiful day. i'm sure justin drabick has given it an a plus. >> unprecedented. >> it is unheard of, yeah. >> i taught a class before, yes, i was fair and all for
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extra credit. >> yes. >> a lot of construction this morning, you you guys, but good thing a lot of it is moving out of your way as we move toward that 6:00 o'clock hour. that is good news i'm still laughing because just continue, i do not believe you were feared. >> my tests were tough. i always offered extra credit. >> let's talk about the the weather. we will take full credit for this forecast as well. 50 degrees, in philadelphia, upper 40's in the the suburbs especially in allentown at this hour and mount pocono. 48 degrees. mid 40's in the cold spots. quake are town 45. pottstown 49 degrees. grab a jacket this morning. that is so typical. cool mornings and warm afternoons. storm scan three nice and quiet no rain coming out of the clouds, again, just a few passing fair cloud through the the day-to-day. practically perfect, through the day, lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, low humidity and light wind is


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