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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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extra credit. >> yes. >> a lot of construction this morning, you you guys, but good thing a lot of it is moving out of your way as we move toward that 6:00 o'clock hour. that is good news i'm still laughing because just continue, i do not believe you were feared. >> my tests were tough. i always offered extra credit. >> let's talk about the the weather. we will take full credit for this forecast as well. 50 degrees, in philadelphia, upper 40's in the the suburbs especially in allentown at this hour and mount pocono. 48 degrees. mid 40's in the cold spots. quake are town 45. pottstown 49 degrees. grab a jacket this morning. that is so typical. cool mornings and warm afternoons. storm scan three nice and quiet no rain coming out of the clouds, again, just a few passing fair cloud through the the day-to-day. practically perfect, through the day, lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, low humidity and light wind is what you want if you have
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outdoor plans. breaking down numbers 7:00 o'clock we are still looking at 50's, some still cool. by 1:00 he clock we are in the the lower 70's. topping off in the mid 70's this afternoon, above average high of 74. upper 60's at the shore, pock necessary cool in the lower 60's. never too early to think about the the weekend, fall like conditions for weekend, it is dry though, we will clear out skies force saturday. sixty-four is the the high. sixty-eight and unbehind on sunday. jacket weather right now but it is warming up even tomorrow will be even warmer, though details in a few minutes. we will talk about those rain chances as well, as the weekend is looking g meisha, how sit looking. >> sound great. weekend looking g we always love to hear that. good morning everyone. just waking up, roads are looking pretty good, as you cane volume levels are picking up, here's the schuylkill, headlights moving in the westbound direction towards montgomery, both in the east and westbound direction, equally picking up at this point. the if you are thinking of leaving your house anytime an,
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just know we are starting to slowly heat up on the roadways, delaware county, i-95 northbound at 452. looking good in the north and southbound direction. sunny, taillights and headlights out there. i will say even more than we normallye at this hour in delaware county. 422 at oaks, back out to get a clean shot looking pretty good. we are eag glare of those taillights moving on by but everyone still traveling at posted speeds. this is where we do have some construction pennsylvania turnpike east and westbound at fort washington, right lane and off ramp is blocked, off ramps in this area to just make note of that. another place of construction new jersey route 42 freeway north ramp to 295 north, ramp is block, until 6:00 a.m. that is approaching us. i'll let you know when that does clear. one more thing to be aware of a warehouse fire last night trying to avoid the area cobbs creek parkway at 70th street, nicole, back to you. investigators will be back out on the scene of the
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massive warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia. >> that fire reached three alarms before it was placed under control. >> call came in just after 8:30 at the warehouse on 70th and cobbs creek parkway. upon arrival, fire officials a heavy fire was showing from the roof. a pastor who considered buying that warehouse, told "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt that he now has to consider other options. >> we are pretty up it mainly because the building has been empty for a long time and it is a shell. we were looking to make use of that building. now that it has been demolish we don't know what we will do at this present time. >> one fire fighter was taken to the hospital for unpress filed injuries. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. four people, including two students face charges after a gun threat prompts lock down at martin luther king high school. police arrested two students, a third juvenile and an adult. investigators say those suspects were passing around a 9-millimeter glock and were
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concerned that gun would be taken into school. there is no indication that weapon was ever in a classroom though. police plan to question the the man again today who accused a teenager of having a a gun at the community college of philadelphia this incident also prompted a will be down for hours on tuesday. now that teenager was taken into custody and now his mother is speaking inclusively to "eyewitness news". police storm the campus after reports of two opportunities getting into an altercation with the 17 year-old pulling out the a gun. but authorities haven't found a gun. the mom of the 17 year-old student says her son's life will never be the same. >> you go on you tube and you see it over and offer again. you can see, classmates, talk about him like he is a monster and they never found a gun. they never found a gun. they will never find a gun on him. >> no charges have been filed, police say both students know each other and they found inconsistencies in the accuser 's torre. volkswagen top u.s.
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executive is expect to face tough questions over company's emissions cheating canneddal. >> company is taking steps to fix that issue reportedly submitting plans to german regulators on how to had make reek also comply with emissions law. cbs news cover pond event don champion has more. >> reporter: embroiled in the emissions cheating canneddal michael-will face tough questions from lawmakers on capitol hill today. ceo of the volkswagen of america is expect to apologize for company's use of sophisticated software that help it beat u.s. pollution tests. about 11 million volkswagen diesel reek also from 2009 through 2015 model years were fitted with the so-called defeat device. on the road cars emitted ten to 40 times the amount of pollutants, legally allowed in the states. horn, who has apologized for the scandal before, will testify today that he knew about possibly missions non-compliance back in 204.
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a year before the company informed regulators about the the issue. the scandal has taken a toll on company took and volkswagen has set aside billions of dollars for legal costs and fines. still the company's newly elect board chairman declared wednesday it will emerge stronger then ever. volkswagen over took toyota as world's auto maker by sales this year. the scandal now putting the company's positioning in jeopardy. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. our time is 5:36n business news this morning a last minute deal advoids an auto work are strike. >> money watches jill wagner joins us from the insuring stock exchange. but lets talk about this good news for 401k, chinese markets are surging this morning. >> reporter: good morning nicole and erika. china's stock market is surging, back open after a week long holiday. in the u.s. dow jones is inching backup to the 17,000 mark. jed dow jones jumped 122
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points, nasdaq gained 42. strike averted, united auto work are union and fiat chrysler reached a tentative deal on a new four year contract announce after that 11:59 strike deadline. the union reject a previous deal last week which didn't go far enough to restore benefits lost in the previous contracts. when u.s. auto makers were struggling to stay afloat. this is a a curious bit of auto engineering a lexus sedan made entirely of cardboard, inspired by orgami it took three months to make. it has electric motor and lights though. that means believe it or not, it is drivable. more people are eating alone, open table says rest racials for tables for one are up 62 percent in the past few years. it is fastest growing party size, open table says stigma of solo dining is gone. in philadelphia mess popular restaurants to eat alone, parc, nicole and erika.
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>> i can see that. you have a nice view. relaxing. >> bring your book, order some cheese. >> it is a lovely thing. >> jill, thanks very much. >> right now 5:38. we're learning more about the gunman went on a shooting rampage in oregon community college leaving nine people dead. the the wall street journal reports that christopher harper mercer was discharged from the army after attempting suicide. he had been in basic training for months when it happened back in 2008. authorities say that harper mercer killed himself last week after a police officer wounded him. president obama will meet victim families tomorrow in restberg. in the wake of the last weeks shooting rampage senate democrats are preparing to push gun control. democratic party officials say that includes broadening background check requirements to cover gun show and on line sales. similar legislation was blocked in 203 of after sandy hook elementary school shooting. new york city police officer is a accused of using excessive force in the case of mistaken identity.
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surveillance video hose officer james, tackling former tennis tar james blake outside a manhattan hotel. blake was mistaken for suspect from the sting operation. the civilian complaint review board recommended charges be filed begins the officer. detective daniel hurtzog abused his authority in authorizing that arrest. the the police commissioner will now determine where the casings next. blake released a statement saying i want to express my appreciation for civilian review board for their quick review of the incident. 's appreciates their efforts to advance the the investigation. 5:39 right now. cancer patient goes to renew her driver's license in new jersey and ends up in tears. she asked if she could use her previous picture so she won't have have a reminder of her illness but she was told, in. "eyewitness news" reporter january yan carabao right now and this has people talking. >> reporter: tough situation to be in. this new jersey cancer patient
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hopes her torre will now change, tait law and dmv's will policy but for time being as he fights, stage two breast cancer she's dealing with an emotional scar that she fears will remain years after the cancer is gone. >> i started to cry, and i'm crying in the picture. >> reporter: this isn't how joann wants to be identified as on one in the middle of a fight of her life but it is her new driver's license and the difference is striking. photo on the left shows her bright eyed, healthy, the the the right a woman diagnosed with stage two breast cancer under going chemo. >> i don't want to have a picture of myself, sick, information the next four years. >> reporter: she visited motor vehicle office in freehold machine mouth county to renew her license. they told her she had to take a new picture. >> i said clearly i have cancer and i'm doing chemotherapy, and she said, that was a policy and that was it. >> reporter: at first she said workers wouldn't even let the her wear scarf to cover her bald head. >> it will in the look like me
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for identification purposes anyway in a few months, without hair, and she said, i'm making an accommodation for you i'm letting you wear a scarif. >> reporter: is what the deal. spokesperson says dmv follows new jersey state law and that requires drivers to refresh their photos every eight years. she wants to change that, so no one else has to go through what she and her ten year-old daughter experienced that day. >> usually in my mom tarts to cry i'll tart to cry. it was weird that day i started to get mad. >> reporter: they want dmv to make an exception for people fighting cancer. until then, she will continue her fight to survive. >> i have a little girl and defeat is not an option. >> she's a therapist, professor and single mom. she was diagnosed in april and expects to finish treatment by january. she fears it is likely going to haunt her for years to come. >> under tannably the dmv needs to identify people, she looks different in the picture.
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can he get a a new picture after she's in remission and have have her hair grow back. >> once he feels back to normal she can go back to the dmv and stan in the long line but she can get a new picture taken. it will cost her $11. >> it is just the ordeal, eag her so upset and the thing with the scarf, it is unfortunate. nobody wants to feel like that. >> right now 5:42. still ahead, people in south jersey lining up for pizza this morning, free pizza, would you line up for it. we have video coming up in our news room. also look at this incredible video. that is a worker dangling from a bridge 13 store ace above a water. hear from the rescuers coming up next. >> we will be right back.
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fire fighters are still on the scene of the vacant warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia putting out hot spots. that fire broke out last night on 70th street and cobbs creek parkway. it left a three alarm before fire fighters were able to get it under control. health scare when a nurse uses the same syringe to administer flu shots to dozens of employees at the otsuka in west windsor. cdc is recommending they get tested for hepp tight, b, c and as well as hir. volkswagen american ceo is in the hot seat on capitol hill to answer questions about the company's emissions cheating scandal. cot has admitted to rigging millions of its diesel cars with off the wear to be pollution tests. 5:45 right now.
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preview party for an important event in the fight against breast cancer. >> eyewitness news at the boyd's department store where third floor women's department hosted a prehe view party for painted tied ball, and that is tied with the d since it will be held october 17th. among these celebrating elaine groveman, ceo of susan komen, philadelphia. october is october breast cancer awareness month and landmarks are glowing in pink. take a look at the bellevue on south broad street. beautiful sight there it the is hallmark for lights for the the cure campaign a joint effort by cbs-3, cw philly and komen philadelphia. the pink light is a reminder to schedule a mammogram. want to check with justin and a beautiful morning, check out those lights and gorgeous day too. >> exactly. typical early october stuff here, cool start, 40's and 50's but a lot of sun behind this afternoon. take advantage if you can. get outside this afternoon and energy sunshine and comfortable conditions.
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here we are at 50's and 40's from weather watchers right now. we will check it out across the region and in clementon 53 . down in buena vista township at margot the simon's house. we are cool in south injuries any chesterfield, ed connor at 48. fifty in perkasie. milder, in cherry hill, new jersey as lynn checks in at 53 . bath, 55. chatsworth a cool spot at mark's house at 45 degrees. king of prussia jeff i timlen coming in the lower 50's. the just a few clouds, around here outside but we will warm up, and, start of the october, and obviously last weekend we had clouds and rain around. first few days of the month we are below average but last two above average once again today and tomorrow temperatures stay above average but so far for the month, early yesterday we're running two and a half degrees below average. not much happening on storm can three. high pressure over us, we will see clear skies today with lots of sun behind. rain chances increase, tomorrow, none today, we will
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bump up to 80 percent on friday. mainly late during the the day during the evening. saturday, some percent chance if that happens it will be before sunrise mostly staying dry. what to expect? friday evening watch out for scattered showers. could slow down that evening commute, rainfall amounts about a quarter inch or less so not a whole lot, maybe a rumble of thunder a as cold front passes. here's set up. enjoy today. high pressure over us. keeping skies mainly clear. that high moves off shore, during the day tomorrow, allowing this next front to come through. so early in the day we hud keep it the dry just some clouds but during the evening hours, five or 6:00 we will see line of hours rolling on through as that front passes. then watch what happens as we head in the weekend on saturday, high pressure builds from canada. we have a northerly breeze if i can get this to work right here, that dryer cooler air mass that will do. we are back to fall like conditions as we head to at day and sunday. 74 degrees today, about average in the sunshine. tonight, cool partly cloudy skies, we do drop down into
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the upper 50's and seven day forecast, again, tomorrow increasing cloud, showers late in the day, warm is 78 but then back in the 60's in the the sunshine for saturday and sunday. how are roads looking. >> roads are looking good, they are still quiet moving toward 6:00 o'clock hour. i will say construction project moving out of the way. live look at i-95 southbound at the air port for those thinking abouting around the airport looking really nice here. everybody traveling at posted speed. volleys heating up, moving east and westbound direction, awe a can see right there but overall vine still is traveling at posted speed in that stretch as well. we have a disable vehicle on the platt bridge, this is moving in the westbound direction, that far right lane, you can see, those taillights flashing there. not causing too many slow downs but it certainly will in as we move into the 6:00 o'clock hour. we will let you in he that. also mass transit, patco running a special schedule due to track work. busing, lansdale, doylestown
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line, lansdale doylestown line busing until december, media, elwyn every weekend until weekend of november 22nd. also, some construction on the inner drive, inner drive is closed until 6:00 a.m., the boulevard, north and southbound directions between rhawn and woodward, all right, erika, back over to you. a new pizza restaurant is opening up in cherry hill and some will folks cannot wait to get a slice. >> they are lining up outside, thousand degrees pizza in the garden state plaza first zero people through that door get free pizza for a year. one pizza a week. that is legitimate. all guest whose like thousand degrees on either facebook, instagram or twit are will be given a free 10-inch pie of their choice. >> how about that. >> pizza for a year sound phenomenal until your pants don't fit. >> you are a few weeks in. >> not i great idea. >> but still great idea. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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a dramatic rescue captured on camera in houston texas. >> something you might think of out of the movie here. subcontract worker for texas department of transportation, he was doing maintenance work under a bridge, when he fell. he dangled 13 store ace above the the water, for more than an hour. >> my goodness. >> fire fighters dropped through a manhole and harness to that worker and pulled him
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to safety. >> to remain calm, to wiggle his feet, keep the blood flowing through his legs and to reza assured that we were going to get him out of that situation. >> terrifying. >> can you even imagine. >> that worker was taken to the hospital as a precaution but he is okay this morning but my gosh. >> an hour. >> an hour just dangling that way. >> wiggle your feet. >> sure, let maine try to do that. >> hang on for dear life. 5:54. investigators believe they found a big pile of cash stolen last year in a truck heist. fbi dug up about 600 you this dollars, from one of the suspects backyards in santana a a, will california. three people were a arrested for taking more than a million-dollar from an armored truck that means about 300,000 is still missing right now but a all that in your backyard. >> how about that. we love this story right here, can't wait to see this wetter. history repeating itself in indiana a elementary school. >> it had has to do with seven
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year-old brady gomes in the middle of the picture there is wearing same sweater on picture day that his dad wore 33 years ago for picture day as well. tradition goes back even further. >> who owned that sweater before you. >> my dad. >> who owned it before your dad. >> my grand pop. >> it is sort of known as the the sweater. it was a sweater which went in first grady learned bit back in 1982. and at that time i learned that bet my father and his two brothers all wore the same wetter, for their first group picture. >> how adorable is that. >> it is still in style, it is a classic looking sweater. >> very nice. >> local paper did the story back in 1982, actually, where he wore the same sweater, his dad and uncle wore and brady says he necessary his son will also wear that sweater too. but just a adorable look at those school pictures. >> clearly a quality garment
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too. >> we have figure out hot maker was on that. >> yes, usually a sweater. >> unfortunate for you. >> it is like sister hood of traveling hood pants but for guys. >> sure. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", hey do you want to fly to europe but don't want to pay big bucks to travel. one airline has great news. we will tell but fares for less than a hundred dollars. >> that ace macing. >> selena gomez drops a bomb shell about why she took a break from music and how her friendship with take already swift has helped her through coming up next.
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good morning. happening right now, fire fighters are watching for hot spots, after a massive warehouse fire, in southwest philadelphia. they have been on the keen all night long, we are live with an update. a flu shot scare in new jersey, after a nurse uses the the same syringe, on dozens of patients. and today is what the cbs-3 weather team calls a top zero day, justin is giving it an a plus. really tough to top this forecast. it is a last perfect day we have for a while. >> justin gives an a plus you know it is darn perfect. the it is thursday, october 8th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. lets check with just continue
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and meisha back keeping an eye on the roads, good morning. >> good morning. you guys. no accident to talk about which is a nice thing moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour. just some construction. but just continue how is it feeling outside. >> it is feeling nice out there, great early fall weather, it is cool. we will need to grab the jacket but a lot of sun behind this afternoon, just like yesterday, we are talking about high temperature, above average. lets break down the numbers right now, suburbs, those are cool spots, that is typical. 50 degrees in the lehigh valley and allentown lower 50's and south jersey and atlantic city airport, milder in philadelphia as well as dover delaware but we are eag 40's. forty-five in quakertown at this hour. upper 40's pottstown, doylestown, and mount holly, new jersey but once we get sun up, it will quickly go to work and warm us up. the wind are calm, so not a bad morning to go out for that morning walk, jog, and don't to have really deal with that chilly breeze. storm scan three nice


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