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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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lets check with just continue and meisha back keeping an eye on the roads, good morning. >> good morning. you guys. no accident to talk about which is a nice thing moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour. just some construction. but just continue how is it feeling outside. >> it is feeling nice out there, great early fall weather, it is cool. we will need to grab the jacket but a lot of sun behind this afternoon, just like yesterday, we are talking about high temperature, above average. lets break down the numbers right now, suburbs, those are cool spots, that is typical. 50 degrees in the lehigh valley and allentown lower 50's and south jersey and atlantic city airport, milder in philadelphia as well as dover delaware but we are eag 40's. forty-five in quakertown at this hour. upper 40's pottstown, doylestown, and mount holly, new jersey but once we get sun up, it will quickly go to work and warm us up. the wind are calm, so not a bad morning to go out for that morning walk, jog, and don't to have really deal with that chilly breeze. storm scan three nice and
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quiet compliments of the high pressure parked over us, enjoy it today as that high will give way to the cold front tomorrow which will bring on is rain. the here's that school day forecast, i'm giving it an a plus doesn't happen too often. 59 degrees at the bus stop coming home from school. warm at 73, in the sunshine. so we will break down temperatures across the region. seventy-four for the high for philadelphia, and along the jersey shore sunshine 69 degrees, lower 60's in the poconos, never too early to think about the weekend. waiting for fall-like temperatures wait until saturday and unday, comfortable, some sunshine, in mid to upper 60's saturday and sunday. meisha, weather won't impact traffic, except maybe some sun glare and sunglasses, how sit looking out there. >> that is great news. things are looking good. till dark outside as you can see we are looking at the blue route, taillights in the northbound direction at route one. you can see it is very busy. a lot of people getting outside on the roadways. we are stuck just a little bit in your pieds but overall things are looking good. like i said earlier in
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accident to report which is always nice. our cameras going in and out. here's the schuylkill eastbound past 202 in the king of prussia area i will move right past this but you can see it was looking bus/the schuylkill this is where we have a disable reek will on the platt bridge westbound that far right lane is a disable reek will and again moving in the the westbound direction. you can see a lot of brake lights on the platt bridge. one of those things give yourself a couple extra minutes. we have warehouse fire in south philadelphia last night a void the area if you can. that is reports we are getting and right around this area cobbs creek parkway at 70th street. just make note of that, not causing too many slow downs but use your best discretion. route 42 freeway north, ram tops 295 was blocked and it is now all cleared, good news, nicole, over to you. search is on this morning for cause of this three alarm warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia. one fire fighter was hurt while battling the blaze. "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch is live at
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the keen where officials are expect to return to further investigate, justin. >> reporter: good morning. the you can hardly tell there was a major fire here hours ago but inside tells the different story. you will a's see that in just a second but later this morning fire officials will go into continue their search for a cause. birds eye view of the warehouse fire that would not go down, easily. for more than two hours, philadelphia fire fighters, kept up a campaign to cut down the three alarm fire called in around 8:30 wednesday night. twenty-nine torre warehouse was not occupied and this pastor tells "eyewitness news" he had plans to rehab the two story building. >> the fact that the building has been empty for a long time and was a hell, we were just looking to make use of that building. now that it has been demolished we don't know what we will do at this present time. >> reporter: public record show the warehouse tank on the 2,000 block of south 21st street, measures more than
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60,000 square feet and most recently house aid sign making company. and, you are looking live at this time at hose is still being routed into that wear house to stamp out remaining hot spots. again fire fighters still on the scene here looking out here to my right where you will see police cars in this area blocking traffic in and around this vacant warehouse. if your commute takes you around this a area in the morning be prepared to go a different way because the roads here in this area are still closed, as they continue their investigation into this fire this morning. we are live at southwest philadelphia, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". erika and nicole. >> thanks for that update. new you this morning three police officers in york county are hospitalized after a cruiser crashed. sister station whp says officers were chasing a suspect when help got in the serious accident. someone reportedly in custody. we are expect a press conference on the dent later this morning and we will bring you latest updates as soon as we learn them, erika. nicole a another just
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health scare in mercer county after a nurse uses the the same syringe to give flu shots to multiple people. the vaccines were offered to employees at a west windsor drug company. and as our natasha brown tells us those workers are being tested for hepatitis and hir. >> reporter: frightening health breach at a flu reaction seen clinic held at ot suka pharmaceuticals in west windsor, new jersey. on september 30th the company held a routine free flu shot clinic for its employees only to discover later that the nurse administered the hots followed anything but routine protocol, allegedly reusing a syringe while giving the flu shots. >> that is unacceptable. they are supposed to use, fresh needles, and try to help, you know, the public in the put them in danger. >> reporter: otsuka issued the following statement saying in part we were upset, alarmed, when we learned that a nurse affiliated with total wellness, the the company we retained to provide free flu shots for our employees, had breached vaccination protocols. the the new jersey department of health is investigating and
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says quote the that the risk of infection is low but out of an abundance of caution the new jersey department of health west windsor township and cdc are recommending testing for hepatitis b, hepatitis c and hiv. >> i get a flu shot every year. i figured it can't hurt. fit prevents me from getting ill and it usually has, then i'll do it. >> reporter: total wellness has offered to take care of any necessary careenings and issued a statementing a in part we take full responsibility for this incident, and we are working with the new jersey department of health, to resolve this matter, as quickly as possible. still nerves are rattled and confidence shaken for those looking to get flu shots this season. >> our company always hires a nurse to come in and give flu shots to everybody so we can do it on company time so everybody is healthy, to know that somebody has sort of under mind that and it is really concerning. >> reporter: new jersey department of health has referred the name of the nurse
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involved to the state board of nursing, which regulates and takes disciplinary actions. in west windsor town hip new jersey natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a judge ruled the case can bypass a preliminary hearing. snuka is charge this is dealt of nancy argentino, more than 30 years ago. argentino died from head injuries at white hall township hotel. as part of the agreement, nook's defense attorney, will be granted access to testimony. >> it was a decision made by defense team that we would be more, more beneficial for to us get the transcripts now of all of the witnesses, prior to trial and in order to prepare a liable defense for mr. snuka. >> authorities took a new look at cold case after the publication of snuka's autobiography. one hundred days in the pennsylvania budget stalemate continues. governor tom wolf remains firm even after his tax proposals
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were defeat by republican lawmakers. meanwhile non-profits and some schools who depend on skate fund are making due. at saint james regional catholic schoolteachers have had to start their school year with left over work books and seven company is of pages. >> i think that we fund so many other things in the government that the education of our children in the state of the pennsylvania should be paramount. >> easter seals of southeastern pennsylvania says it had to take out millions in loans and cut staff pay to keep promises to the the disabled community. your time right now 6:08. >> coming up, do you feel cramped, sitting next to you. >> wait until you see new plan to start stacking passengers on a plane. more terrible news in south caroline, death toll continues to rise as more dams breach. the find out why residents are bracing for to it get even worse. and why officials say mattresses are to blame for a fiery truck accident on the new jersey turnpike. >> ♪
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yes, 70 degrees, sunny, are you kidding me. the just a lovely day ahead. we're happy to report. we will enjoy it while it lasts. >> because is there always a but in the forecast. >> rain, is coming. >> justin will clue you in coming up.
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filling in a huge hole from the state flood. crews moved tons of rocks on dams to stabilize structures which many predict will break. number of south carolina dam failures increase todd 13. first wave of flooding behind and residents around south carolina begin a massive clean up there. for those who returned home, is there plenty to do. many people have lost everything, while others are struggling with power outages and shortages of food and water. organizations are offering physical and a emotional support for those in need. >> just love your neighbors. this could be us, for the the grace of god, this could be happening to me, to you, for people in the audience but what happens now is we have to get out there, and put our boots on and provide what we have. people from north carolina and south caroline after died as a result of the flooding. officials are saying many are still missing. such an unfortunate situation.
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>> i am pennsylvania pack by floods and more weather posing more problems. >> luck liz our forecast is terrific. >> today is a plus day it is an a plus, it doesn't happen too often. i do like the sun behind, milder temperatures you'll love this afternoon. kind of like yesterday. even eye it. little cooler then yesterday this morning. compared to 24 hours ago we are waking up a degree cooler in philadelphia 8 degrees cold are in allentown and reading. you will need the jacket this morning for the the suburbs as we see in the 40's. to the south milder, capitol city delaware good morning, dover. you guys a at 57 degrees. low 50's in south jersey and mullica and voorhees. 47 degrees up in chalfont and reading. fifty's at this hour in pottstown. forty-eight quakertown. normal cold spot at 45 degrees. the nice and quiet up and down east coast. high pressure right on top of us keeping our skies mainly clear. notice a few clouds passing by from time to time. here's our next system autopsy cross wisconsin. you can see showers, that is a cold front that will track east, bringing in some rain in here later tomorrow. the here's set up. enjoy to take in the sunshine
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with that high that high moves off shore. we will see that front moving in tomorrow. clouds thicken up. late afternoon and evening, shower chances, for around center city, and, upper 07's. we will see it, moving through the 60's for the weekend. so more typical october weather for saturday and sunday. friday evening look out for scattered showers. may slow the evening drive down a little bit. not a whole lot of rain, quarter inch or less, maybe a thunderstorm. nothing happening today. the mostly sunny conditions tonight. tonight still quiet. tomorrow morning first half of the day dry, just some clouds and as we head in the afternoon at 6:00 o'clock we will see a line of showers rolling through. forecast highs in the 74 degrees. it stays quiet tonight to partly cloudy skies. fifty's for the low temperature. here's the extended forecast, up to 78 for the high on friday, showers late in the day, we will dry out for weekend, cools down to the 50's. early next week highs in the low mid 60s i'm lucky it has been nice this week because you guys stay nice. >> it is rain tomorrow. >> bad weather, they go nut.
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>> no, no. >> you see you kicking up your feet. >> you have to take advantage of it. >> you have been busy. >> it has been a busy week. >> no accidents to report which is always nice when we can wake up on a busy thursday morning with no accidents, only thing that we're contending with is that morning construction. it is still out there, some moving out of our way. we have had disable vehicle, that has been since clear. this is platt bridge westbound direction, it was causing a couple of slow downs for you but not it has moved out of the way. thinks evidence what we are seeing. we are seeing things happening on the roadway, moving fairly quickly. the this is schuylkill westbound at city avenue where we are looking at very slow. take a look at this, a lot of brake lights. let me back out to see that. traveling less than posted speed there we also did have police activity here. you cannot see police car here. let me back out of the way. pulled out to that left lane, that schuylkill westbound at
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montgomery, again, police activity. not quite sure what we are doing. when we see flashing lights we know it will cause slow downs and also some construction like i was telling but schuylkill eastbound at university avenue is closed, tonight at 10:00p m to 5:00 a.m. weeknights until next week on wednesday. time right now 6:16. we will take a quick break stay where your. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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authorities say mattresses caused a fatal accident on a new jersey turnpike. those mattresses fell off a van causing a tanker truck full of fuel to flip over. this all happened in carney, hudson county. the smoke was from the fire was so heavy it could reportedly be seen from new york city. the truck driver, who has not been identified was killed in this crash. happening today, republicans will vote to nominate the a new house speaker and andrew spencer reports the person with the most support from the party's basis running into opposition from the far right wing. >> thinks a major decision whoever gets this spot is second in line to president of the united states. >> reporter: congressman tim hullcamp at a panel yesterday emphasized house republicans still have time to choose a new speak tore replace resigning john boehner. while house republicans second in command kevin mccarthey has most support he might not have have enough to clear the full house when it votes at the end
6:20 am
of the october. >> folks are realizing is there not the 218 for mr. mccarthey or anybody else today. >> unfortunately kevin mccarthey, as current majority leader, doesn't have enough support. he has got most support but doesn't have have most support on the floor of the house. >> reporter: representative jason got support from the influential conservative group yesterday but house freedom caucus endorsed florida congressman danielle webster for speakership. mccarthey is still the one to beat. republican caucus will vote this afternoon and mccarthey knows that vote means a majority of the republicans, saying last thursday, you don't need 218 until you get to the house floor. andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:20 right now. philly's own richard gear, whom i didn't know was from philadelphia, will be on hand for a special ceremony honoring the dalai lama this month. >> gear will take part in the national constitution center liberty medal presentation on october 26th, however, dalai lama will not be present.
6:21 am
two representatives will accept the award on his behalf. dalai lama had tocontact he will his u.s. trip last month due to medical reasons. coming up next in the healthwatch, the vitamin, many americans are lacking. also how would you like a spot in europe for less than a hundred bucks. listen to this. >> we will tell you which airline is planning $69 fares. >> fantastic. >> also lovely, the weather, forecast, justin drabick. >> and meisha. >> yes, i will take full credit. we're talking about a lot of sun behind, warming temperatures, changes tomorrow, and some rain and cooler temperatures in the weekend.
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on the healthwatch this morning, a link between weight loss surgery and suicide. researchers in toronto looked at bariatric surgery patient three is years before and three years after their procedures. they found patient where is twice as likely to attempt sue identify before their operations. the risk went up an additional 50 percent after the surgery. study's author says mental health problems are common in the morbidly obese community and more need to identify vulnerable patients. alarming research there. one in three americans need more vitamin e. researchers a at ohio state university found people who have a cluster of health problems known as metabolic syndrome absorb less vitamin e then healthy people. estimated 35 percent of americans have metabolic syndrome which includes excess belly fat, elevated blood
6:25 am
pressure and low good cholesterol. norwegian air says it plans to offer one way tickets to europe for just $69. europe's third largest budget airline is aiming to start flying as early a as 2017 from smaller u.s. airports that have have low fees and little will international services. while someone way ticket are expected to go for $69, average round trip ticket is sill not bad at $300, to go both ways. the that is darn good. >> no kidding. >> to get to europe and back. if you think flying is cramped already bunk beds may be offered on future flights. air bus has filed for this unusual patent for a splint level air liner cabin. two seats that lie flat, in business class. aircraft manufacturer ace it hopes to provide a high level of comfort for passengers for designing eats that cannery kline. >> yes. >> reclining seats. >> would you ever, would you be interested in traveling that way.
6:26 am
>> with the seat belt on and held on tight. >> i think i'll pass the bunk bed phase. but coming up, exclusive interview with the mother of the tina accused of having a gun at the community college of philadelphia a. >> classmates talk about him like he is a monster and they never found the gun. they will never find a gun on him. >> she's standing by her son and says his life will never be the same, we will have more of the exclusive interview coming up. it could eliminate need for doctor's appointments, we will show you world's first virtual care center, meisha. we are starting to travel less than posted speeds on a lot of our roadways outside. here's the schuylkill eastbound approaching montgomery and we have police activity on the schuylkill westbound at the montgomery. i'll have update coming up. but first we will take a quick break.
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good thursday morning, to you, and check it out, just a beautiful start to our day, sunnies starting to rise there looking at center city fill and talk about a fantastic forecast, justin, we know he is a tough grader, giving today an a plus. today is the the day to have lunch, today. >> i know, i know. i's feeling in a good mood today, what the heck, i might as well give out an a plus. gorgeous sunrise shaping up in a half an hour and little bit cool but it is early october. they that jacket on. you will get rid have of it this afternoon because we will warm up. live look at rehoboth beach right now, probably the calmest i have seen the the ocean in a long time. light wind from the northwest at 3 miles an hour. few people walking on the boardwalk early this morning getting in that nice refreshing air mass, for that early morning walk or using. fifty-nine in the airport in philadelphia. fifty trenton. forty-five mount pocono. still chilly, in the north
6:31 am
western suburbs, 48 pottstown. forty-five, in quakertown this hour. calm winds. no chilly breeze. good for that morning bike ride or run this morning. storm scan three is quiet, patchy cloud are rolling on through but otherwise, mostly sunny conditions throughout the day to take. 9:00 o'clock temperature around 60. good lunch hour, sun behind near 70 and then wye 3:00 o'clock warming autopsy above average in the lower 07's. after afternoon high of 74 for philadelphia, upper 60's at the shore. lower 60's in the poconos and sunshine and if you have weekend plans, out identify, good news, it will be dry but little bit cooler. little bit more typical will for fall, mid 60's on at day and more sun on sunday. we will be in the upper 60's. we will talk about rain chances tomorrow in the full forecast in a few minutes but we have a check of the morning commute with meisha, good morning. >> good morning, justin a lot of people now up, starting to hit the roadways, we are certainly starting to see things heat up on the roadways, if you will, speed sensors are kind of moving up,
6:32 am
everybody is traveling less than posted speeds at this point. this is the roosevelt boulevard in the southbound direction as you head toward the schuylkill. i can tell you right now once you get on to the schuylkill at city avenue moving from the westbound direction it is very slow there a as well. owe again roosevelt boulevard looking slow. this is where we have an accident blocking i-95 northbound before woodhaven, two right lanes, are blocked, you can see that, now look at the flashing lights, in fact, it doesn't look like much of anything is moving around this area. this is i-95 northbound before woodhaven, and avoid this area if you can, that is obviously going to cause considerable slow down. schuylkill, westbound, you can see that the police vehicle kind of pulled off, penndot moving that camera around not causing too many slow downs that per se but it is very busy here. also, in audubon a vehicle struck a pole, the pole is down. so you are block here at pine
6:33 am
town road closed, at brenda lane. use an alternate, would i suggest egypt road. ladies, back over to you. meisha, thank you. fire was intense, it is out now but fire fighters remain at the warehouse in southwest philadelphia watching out for flare-ups. fire broke out just after 8:30 at the warehouse on 70th and cobbs creek parkway. upon arrival fire officials a say heavy fire was shown from that roof. fire quickly spread to three alarms and pastor who considered buying the warehouse told "eyewitness news" he now has to consider other options. >> because the fact that the building had been empty for a long time and is a shell and we were looking to make use of that building, now that it is being demolished we don't know if we will do it at this present time. >> one fire fighter was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, the cause of the fire is under investigation. the desperate search for stolen handgun prompts will be down of philadelphia's martin luther king high school. police arrested two students,
6:34 am
a third juvenile and an adult, they are all facing charges. investigators say suspects were passing around a 9-millimeter glock and were concerned that gun would be taken in the school. the lock down was lifted after one of the student was arrested at fernrock train station. >> decided to take a firearm in the cool in the hand of the juvenile who doesn't belong to anyway is potential for disaster. there used to be time when kid would fist fight and now kids are getting weapons, you know, guns, knives, so forth. >> there is no indication that the weapon was ever taken inside of the school. so far no charmes have been filed in the lock down at community college of philadelphia, on tuesday. police planned to question the man again today who accused teenager of having a gun inside the school. teen was taken in custody and now his mother is speaking inclusively with eye bitterness news reporter diana rock owe. >> do you know how painful that is, painful. >> reporter: mom of the 17 year-old community college of philadelphia student,
6:35 am
questioned in tuesday's gun scare, says her son's life will never be the same. >> when he came home last night and i just listened to him tell me about his day, it literally broke my heart because i was than the there for him to be there for him. >> reporter: image of perfect son in handcuffs in police custody was live, on tv and social media. he was never charged and gun was never found. >> his own peers blamed him and called him names on social media, a weirdo, suspect gunman, criminal, terrorist. >> reporter: police were acting on a report from the 21 year-old student that there was a confrontation and gun was pull. just before 10:00 swat teams formed the college and put it on lock down. >> when they accused him in the classroom he willingly put his hand up and gave himself n you can check me. they checked my son from head to toe. they checked his book bags. they checked his cars. only thing they found was his church cd's in his glove compartment.
6:36 am
>> reporter: she said her son was in custody for ten hours, put in an adult cell and publicly hugh million eighthed. he does not want to return to school. he believes the 21 year-old accuser fabricated the story and she wants to see charges filed and an apology from police. >> you go on you tube and see it over and over again. you see classmates, talk about him like he is a monster and they never found a gun. >> reporter: police say there was a preexisting relationship between these two men, they have found inconsistencies in the 21 year-old's story. he had has been called back down to central detectives thursday for more questioning. outside police headquarters i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the search appears to be over for missing cargo ship that got caught in hurricane joaquin. thirty-three crew members were off the coast of the bohamas in el faro when engine failed leaving it una able to avoid the storm. searchers found a body in the survival suit and damaged life boat but no signs of survivors. the coastguard will try to
6:37 am
find vessel's data recorder believed to be 3 miles deep at the bottom of the sea. family of the crew members say even though the the search is abandoned, they need closure. >> i just want him back up if it is just his body. i want him back. i just want him to continue to do everything to honor their father and make them even prouder in matter where he is. >> absolutely heart breaking. >> of the 33 presumed dead, 28 are americans. president obama released a a statement asking god to bless men and women of el faro and comfort their families. happening today, the head of the volkswagen american operations will appear before congress. michael horn will be grilled about volkswagen years long scam to rig diesel cars to cheat emissions test. in prepared remarks horn apologized for the issue. worldwide scandal involves
6:38 am
11 million vehicles. 6:37. coming up next world's first virtual hospital, jan. erika, a new jersey mom thought she had a simple request instead she left dmv in tears and new she wants to change state law because of what happens, her torre, trait ahead. and it looks like etanard class picture, right, nothing unusual here but take a closer look at the boy in the center, of that photo, we will tell you yes is making headlines for a photo decade in the making, that is coming up next. >> ♪ >> word is selena gomez was doing what is good for her when she took a break from music, bomb shell she dropped about her health coming up after the break. we will be right back.
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cubs win the world series, against miami. >> who would have thought, 100 to one shotty wish i could go back to the beginning of the season and put some money on the cubs. >> what did you just say. >> i wish i could go back to the beginning of the season and put some money on the cubs. >> that was back to the future two. >> it took place in the year 2015. >> so good maybe, just maybe, the cubs year, who knows. >> could have been predicted who knows. >> off to a great start, cubs rookie kyle took a long home run in the third inning last night against pirates in pittsburgh. had three rbi's in the game, 20 game winner jay marietta threw a complete game shut out and cubs beat the pirate four to nothing. great tart, guys. 460 miles northwest of pittsburgh check out the the scene, cubs fans swarmed
6:43 am
around wrigley field cheering. cubs fans, without a world series championship since 1908. >> wow. >> cubs play the arch rival cardinals tomorrow night in st. louis in division series game number one. >> good for them. >> and hey there is football on cbs-3 tonight. afc battle between indianapolis colts and texas hughes tons. andrew luckies a question mark but the coverage kicks off at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. 6:43. russian president vladamire putin is celebrating his birthday by playing hockey. >> that is what you do in russia. >> opponents are giving the president some gifts. question will he wear a shirt? yes. putin took to the ice in the game last night, in so shy site of the lasso limb picks. putin scored seven goals in the game. his kremlin team beat former russian hockey tars, 15-ten. anyone surprise that
6:44 am
putin's team won there. it is his birthday. >> i'm glad he had jersey on. >> like wide. >> he has been known to take his shirt off. >> yes. >> just a little cold in there. >> warm out identify to take. right. >> not hockey weather today, outside talking about sunshine, high temperatures back above average in the mid 70's but a cool start this morning. we will check with our weather watchers we are looking at 40's outside the city to the low to upper 50's at this hour. the lets a's head to the north and find a colder spot. kyle higgins house in hatboro he has 47 degrees, clear skies, no winds. so it is comfortable even though temperatures are on the cool side. closer to home here in philadelphia, at phil chapline's house 52 degrees with the clear skies. he send in a cool picture this morning. we have got a couple planets lining up with the moon. so we have the moon, then you've got venous, and then, sorry that is mars, had hard to sianni venous right there cool shot this morning with the clear skies. and then you were able to see that earlier this morning.
6:45 am
as far as conditions go, we are talking about warm, and then cooler for the weekend. the here's set up as far as temperatures go. average high 69 degrees. to daze well above that, even tomorrow, warmer in the upper 70es a. looking for fall-like conditions saturday and sunday we will will cool it down below average. looking at that fall chill get back in the region. storm scan three quiet, high pressure over us right now maybe a few passing clouds, not much happening this afternoon, lots of sunshine into tonight, some cloud build in. there is a warm front moving in. that warmer air will start to produce some clouds and then we will go mostly cloudy for friday afternoon. first half of the afternoon should stay dry, maybe a sprinkle, late in the afternoon and evening hours. we will see line of heavier showers building in. this is 5:00 o'clock. watch out for evening commute. there could be a rumble of thunder a cold front that passes. the jet stream to the north we are still mild today and tomorrow but the jet takes a dive into the weekend allowing that colder air, to spill right back down in the delaware valley. we will go below average. up in the mountains, chilly,
6:46 am
check out fall color up there, 50's to lower 07's saturday and sunday. today warm at 74 degrees. meisha, how are road looking. >> things are certainly heating up at this point. we have an accident. busier stretches. this is i-95 north past academy, all lanes were blocked. it looks like vehicles are getting by in the far right lane. but when i show you another camera you will see significant backups, take a look at this. thinks at academy, you are simply not moving. when i give you a good overview hot this is i-95 moving in the southbound direction. this is northbound direction. we never see it like this moving in the rush hour. because most of the traffic is moving in the out bound direction. so you are getting is i-95 looking okay, i-95 north you are slow, certainly give yourself couple that minutes, more than a couple in minutes. give yourself 20 minutes or avoid it at all possible this morning. the the schuylkill eastbound at university avenue we have some construction, it is closing down tonight at 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
6:47 am
weeknights, until wednesday. erika, back over to you. >> thank you. breast cancer patient is reduced to tears when trying to renew you her driver's license in new jersey. >> she wanted to use her old photo on file instead of the being reminded of her illness every time she pulled out her license. "eyewitness news" reporter jan care bay owe has details on why she said no. >> this is a tough situation. new jersey cancer patient, for the her request was simple, she wanted to use her old picture, in problem, right. well, she ran into a lot of problems. she left in tears and she had her ten user old daughter with her very upset as well. new she's hoping her story changes state law and dmv policy. joann ups in the fight of perfect life, head head scarves a sign of chemotherapy at work but he expects to put this time behind her come january. she doesn't want a constant remind are of what once was. >> you don't want to become and that be your identity. that is my id. that is my id, is my id
6:48 am
cancer. >> that is how she feels looking at her new driver's license. difference is striking. photo on the left shows her bright eyed and healthy, the right a woman diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, undergoing chemo. >> i don't want to have a picture of myself sick for the next four years. >> reporter: yodry visited dmv in monmouth, to take a picture this license is for a couple years. it will not look like me in a couple months. can't eye the old picture looking more like me. that is not your policy. >> reporter: at first she said workers wouldn't even let her wear scarves to cover her bald head. so is what the deal? a spokesperson says dmv follows new jersey state law and that requires drivers to refresh their photos every eight years. jodri wants to change that so no one has to go through what she and her ten year-old daughter experience that had day. >> i understand that like they want to be extra cautious, these days, follow this stuff, but for cancer patients, it is
6:49 am
just kind of, yeah, small exception. >> reporter: until then jodri will continue her fight to survive. >> i had a little girl and so, defeat is not an option. >> the dmv simply says that the law is the law and they are following the rules. now jodri does have an option once her hair grows back and she feels better, she can kobak and get another picture and that will cost her $11. >> tough situation on both side. you need to have the id look like you but you see the emotions running high. >> exactly. >> and to be in the middle of everyone at dmv which is never fun situation. >> it is an unfortunate circumstance, jan, thank you. you're looking at the world's first virtual hospital. it is in chesterfield, missouri and there are 300 physicians, nurses, researchers but no patients. the idea is for staff to connect with patient his who don't have immediate access to a hospital like people living in remote areas or under
6:50 am
served inner cities. hospital officials hope to serve three in million virtual customers within the next five years. 6:50. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rest has a preview from new york, good morning, charlie. >> hey, good morning erika and nicole. new attacks by russia in syria. rebels may be using american weapons to fire back. the plus republican presidential candidate john kassig is in studio 57 with us. did donald trump name lead investors to lose thousands, our investigation into who controlled real estate that carries his name. writer aaron sorkin and director danny boyle talk about their new movie steve jobs. a all that and more, news is back in the morning, see new ten minutes. >> charlie, thanks for that preview. we knew you you were a stand up guy but now we have picture to prove it. you may remember one of our producer jen connor is a big fan, really admires your work and so sweet of you to send
6:51 am
her a head shot, and it is signed -- it is a fine head shot. we wanted to thank you for that. >> jen will appreciate that. >> there she is, jen in the background, she's waving. she's excited. >> charlie, thank you again. >> you're welcome. >> super nice guy. >> see you in a few. >> talking selena gemes now. apparently selena gomez fans have noticed her an sense over the past few months. >> it is because she's under going chemotherapy have after she was diagnosed with lupus. she shared that news after a interview with billboard magazine. she said her friendship with taylor swift has been important in her journey and she is one person in the industry that she can trust. daniel craig says he is ready to leave double 07 behind. he cannot fathom doing another james bond movie. he said if he did another one it would only be for the money yikes. craig is promoting spector
6:52 am
the 24th film in the james bond franchise so a lot of them not all by him but anchor's fourth term as the secret agent, in nine years. that is a lot. picture day takes on an extra special meaning at an indiana elementary school. >> it has to do with the boy's sweater. brady goes right in the middle there he is wearing the same sweater for first grade pictures that his dad wore, 33 years ago for picture day and tradition goes back even further. >> owned that sweater before you. >> my dad. >> who owned it before your dad. >> my grand pop. >> it has been 33 years since i wore the swelter, 57 years when my dad wore the sweater last. owe with my son, we don't necessity when that next time will be. >> see black and white photo? local paper did a story in 82 when brady's dad wore the same sweater, that is his father and uncle wore. grandfather, uncle, the father, son. brady necessary already within day his son will also wear that wetter on picture day in
6:53 am
first grade. >> one of our writers aid wonder what detergent they use because that sweater still looks good. >> all those years later. >> this is neat, new you this degree pizza opened in cherry hill and some folks cannot wait to get a slice. >> for good reason. >> they are lining up outside in the garden state plaza because first ten people in the door get free pizza for a year. that is one pizza every week. >> i think that is very convenient. i can do pizza once a week. i usually look but it is nice to have a break. why not come out and get a free pizza. >> we used to have pizza fridayness my house. she has been waiting outside since 1:30 yesterday afternoon all for free pizza. also, all guest his who like thousand degrees on facebook or follow them on instagram or twitter will be given a free 10-inch pizza have of their choice. >> not up for waiting overnight. >> yes. >> easy click. >> that would be my option. >> yes. >> easier there. >> week right back. >> but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:54 am
this flu season... your immuthe way it didn't work when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the
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injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine.
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6:57 am
hot spots remain hours after this three alarm warehouse fire was placed under control in southwest philadelphia last night. >> check with justin finch at that scene where investigators are expected to return to look for a cause, justin? >> reporter: that is right, good morning, crews have disassembled those hoses and
6:58 am
packing up and traffic in this area is beginning to reopen. we also saw fire marshals vehicle arrive to the scene as they begin their investigation into what trying third three alarm fire last night on the 2,000 block of south seventh first street. we also saw that one fire fighter last night was transported to hahnemann hospital with injuries that we are told are minor at this time. the search for what caused this fire resumes in daylight. fire burning so intensely last night crews could not get inside to get a good look at a possible cause but this morning, search for a cause will resume here, roads are now opening in that area in southwest philadelphia a, erika and nicole. >> justin, thanks for that update. one quick check of traffic and weather. >> looking good today and tonight on cbs thursday night football 8:25 kick off down in houston colts/texans. 79 degrees. warm night for football in south texas but back home 74 today in the sunshine, tomorrow late in the the day we will spread into some showers and warm day 78 and
6:59 am
weekend dries out we are back with sunshine cooler highs in the 60's. >> well, we've got an accident, very busy stretch, this is a live shot from chopper three accident i-95 northbound past academy involving two tractor trailers and a vehicle causing major slow downs. i have one shot of the backup camera if i can pull that up i-95 southbound moving in the northbound direction that is on the left side of your screen. you just don't see that moving in the north bound direction usually traffic is moving in the southbound direction. so very slow moving, avoid that area if you can. >> hopefully they have their coffee. >> yes, ma'am. next up on cbs this morning latest on air strikes in seer why join us bright and early each weekday morning right here on cbs-3. we will get you started at 4:30. that is it for us, enjoy your morning, we will see you here tomorrow.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good many, it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." russia missiles and bombs with a wide ranging offensive. t they may be using american weapons. what north carolina did to shore up this dam. >> cbs investigates while some investors lost big money betting on donald trump's brand. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. 14 dams have collapsed since the weekend and 62 others on the verge of being pushed to their limits. the death toll continues to rise in south carolina.


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