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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this noon, students shall parents, community members are taking their concerns to the streets. >> calling for more resources, and fewer school closings. our al, andrea hoff live at school district headquarters in spring garden with the details on this dome on strikes. good afternoon. >> afternoon, pat. student from philadelphia schools left their classroom
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today, wagging out of the same classrooms they've come out here to support. they trecked from the classrooms down here to the school district building, the focus is on regaining, dwindling education funds, money for schools, hoping to work more money into the still un signed budget. now, keep in mind, funds for schools are essentially frozen right now, pennsylvania enters into its 100 day, without a budget. senator vincent hughes came out here to support student, his top concern, how long city schools have until the little money they have dries up completely. >> we're trying to get a date certain from the philadelphia school district, when that could be, but the truth of the matter is as school children should not be held hostage by one side who chooses not to compromise. >> now we do have to say that the issue is a complicated one, too full, because each day that this adds that the budget continues to be unsigned, is another day in the red for schools.
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but, critics say tax republicans in harrisburg need to just front more money for schools here in philadelphia. i have kayla here, ninth grader, goes to cap a you have pretty good understanding of this situation. >> yes. >> you degrees seen for years and years, funding for schools, just dwindle and winds l. and you're hoping that as these budget conversations continue, that schools get thought of. >> yes. >> what way do student feel, any kind of money troubles in schools? snot just building and administration? >> he can axially, more so us, because specially being at capa, you focus on your major and the mornings, and then after school is when the teachers really help you, they stay until 6:00, 5:30, each day, just to help each student don't make sure everything's right, that you're just being the student that you could be in, with cut, there is no more like, you know? >> yes, were you telling me another thing that stands out, student, is the stress it puts on teachers. >> the teachers, yes. >> you see that? >> yes they don't get angry with us, but it is frustrating because they want more time. and with them notable able to
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stay after school any more because you don't get paid. >> tough situation. and you are feeling it, teachers feeling it, everyone across the state, 100 day without a budget. we will sign off from the school district of philadelphia headquarters, alexandria hoff. >> thanks very much. more to be said on this issue later today. two arrest haves been made in a deadly home invasion in lower moreland montgomery county. authorities are telling us that these are the suspect, nadir ali and desmond smith, police are saying that the men target add home in the 2300 block of philmont avenue last month. fifty-three year old homeowner kevin smith was shot and killed. we'll have more for you on this story later on today on "eyewitness news" beginning at five. >> no injuries in a crash that snarls morning traffic on i the -- i95 in northeast philadelphia, but what a back up. chopper three over 95 northbound, here, between academy and woodhaven road. this crash happened before 7:00 this morning and involves
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four vehicles. all lanes were block for short time. the back up stretched for miles. it was cleared by 8:00. >> several fires on the same north philadelphia block are now under control. firefighters responded within the hour to the 4100 block of north seventh street, as for number of fires broke out on porches. there are no injuries, but it is not clear how that fire started. authorities are now searching for the cause. and search for the cause also continues here, for the warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia. the two story building was destroyed and one firefighter was taken to hahnemann hospital. the extent of that firefighter's injuries are not known. the three alarm fire broke out around 8:30 last night, near 70th and cobbs creek parkway. firefighters spent about two hours getting the upper hand. >> this is real a diamond after fall day. just doesn't get much better than this. let's get our first look at the forecast, here's meteorologist, kyla grogan, live on the skydeck. i don't know, we might not be
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able to lure you inside the building, because it is so beautiful out there. >> yes, i think anyone gone outside for their lunch will have the same problem, it is stunning out here i feel the sun on my back, absolutely lovely, no doubt about it, this is one of those top ten days. i think we get to this time of year, you start to realize, they're not going to last forever, right? but it is beautiful today. looking at lot of sunshine, sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity, and light wind. boy, that is what you call perfect. and that's with a we are looking out for. but as we get into our weather today, you'll notice, temperatures are going to be in the 70s, well above average, already live look at center city shows 71 degrees, and you can see, that we're going to get little warmer than that. live look at storm scan3, skies looking terrific right now. how much, want to point out we are going to see some weather headed our way. that will could mean we'll have little bit of messy rush hour on friday, as a front tracks across it, also means, those temperatures will be changing as well. so we'll start to see
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difference as we head into our friday, but for now, boy, we are looking fantastic, weather terrific. i'll time out the stormy weather coming our way friday when come back in just a few with your full weather forecast. but for today, boy oh, boy, what more do you want, guys? we got to get outside after the show. >> sure do, thanks very much. right now in washington house republicans vote to go choose their candidate, for speaker of the house. majority leader kevin mccarthy, is a frontrunner to replace the retiring john boehner. two other conservatives are also in the race, daniel webster and jason, trying to stop mccarthy from getting the 218 vote necessary, that would be a clear majority. the full chamber will elect new leader, later on this month. >> also, on capitol hill today, volkswagon of america's ceo apologizing for his company's emissions cheating. he testified before a house committee about how much he knew, and when he found out. correspondent craig boswell has the latest. >> the head of volkswagon's
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american group says the company is sorry for cheating on government emissions tests. >> i would like to offer the sincere apology, sincere apology, for volkswagon use of the program served to defeat the regular emissions testing regime. >> up to 11 million vw diesel cars had sophisticated software installed which would reduce toxic emissions during testing, the software would then shut off allowing emission levels to climb, ten to 40 time above epa levels. the american people, the epa, and their counterparts, around the world, have been defrauded by volkswagon. the company's word is not worth a dime. >> vokes weighing on first became aware of a problem with emissions standards after a west virginia university study was published in the spring of 2014. but vw's american ceo claims he didn't know the full extent of the problem. >> at that time were you aware or informed that these vehicles contained defeat
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devices? >> no. >> us regulators aren't the only ones going after vw. german prosecutors raided the company's german headquarters today to secure documents, and data storage devices. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, it is a busy day in the world of sports, there are two baseball playoff games today. the texas rangers play the blue jays in toronto this afternoon, and the houston astros play the royals in kansas city tonight. >> now, last night the cubs took step closer to their first world series tight until more than a century. cubs rookie kyle supplied the fire power here, he drove in three runs against the pirate including a long two run homerun in the third inning. twenty-two game winner jake, he tossed complete game shut out with 11 strikeout, cubs win this one, four-nothing. >> and it did not take cubs fans very long to spill into the streets around wrigley field. even though the game was played in pit burying, some 460 miles a way. the cubs last won the world
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series in 1908. the cubs now play their archrival, cardinals, in st. louis tomorrow night. >> and there is football on cbs-3 tonight, it is an afc battle between the indianapolis colt and the texans in houston. colts quarterback andrew luck is questionable to the game. the coverage kicks off 7:30, right here on cbs-3. >> and hockey season is here, the flyers open it on the road tonight in tampa. the lightning lost in the cubs finals last season, the flyers missed the playoffsment check out flyers legend, bernie parent, at the dunkin' donuts drive in in voorhees. bernie surprised customers with free coffee and also special flyers orange and black donuts. so fans also got autographs and prizes you might expect. he's such a kinds man. the flyers home opener is monday night against the florida panthers. >> can you imagine pulling up to get your coffee and donut, oh, bernie parante? >> still ahead this noon, all hands on deck, early morning fire, flashes through marina
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full of boats. >> new jersey mother thought she had simple request, when it came time to have her drivers license photo updated, instead, she left the dmv in tears. we'll have her story straight ahead.
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>> breaking news just into our news room. philadelphia police say the man seen right there in this surveillance video from septa train, he's been taken into
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custody for a probation violation. he's also being investigated as a person of interest, in the sexual assault and robbery of a temple student last week. so far he has not been charged in that sexual assault. >> several boats go up in flames at marina near boston. the fire broke out just before 8:00 this morning, at captain's cove in quincy, massachusetts. authorities are saying that at least a dozen boats were involved and three, four of them sang. our sister station, wbz, reports a man lived on one of those damaged boats and lost everything. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. authority blame mattresses on the roadway for a deadly accident, that happened on the jersey turnpike, in hudson county. cars and tractor-trailer tried to avoid the mattresses and then a tanker truck flipped over a guardrail, and then caught fire. the driver was killed. the fire burned for several hours. eyewitnesses say that dark smoke could be seen from new york city. a breast cancer patient is reduced to tears when just
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trying to renew her drivers license in new jersey. >> well, she wanted to use her old photograph that was on file instead of being reminded of her illness every time she pulled out her new license. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo has the details on why the dmv said no. >> joanne is in a fight of her life. her head scarf, sign of chemotherapy at work. but, she fully expects to put this tough time in her life behind her, come january, and she don't want a constant reminder of what once was. >> you don't want to become that be your identity, that's my id. that's my id. is my id canner? >> that's how she feels looking at her new drivers license, the difference is striking. photo on the left shows bright ian healthy, the right, woman diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, undergoing chemo. >> i don't want to have a picture of myself sick, for the next four years. >> she recently visited the motor vehicle office in freehold, monmouth county to renew her license.
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they told hershey had to take a new pictures. >> this is for couple of years, will not look like me in a couple of months. can you look the old picture that looks more like me in she said no that's not her policy. >> at first wouldn't let her wear a scarf to cover her bald deal. what's the person? the spokesperson said dmv follows the law, that requires drivers to refresh their photos every eight years. she want to change that, so no one else has to go through what she and her ten year old daughter experienced that day. >> i understand that like they want to be extra cautious these days, for all of this stuff. but for cancer patients, just kind of small exception. >> until then, will continue her fight to survive. >> avenue little girl, and so defeat is not an option. >> she does have another option, once her hair grows back, can go back to the dmv to take another picture. that will will cost her $11. in the sat center, "eyewitness news". >> such wisdom coming from her
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little caughter. >> and tough situation all around. you want the id to look like the person, but going through such a battle with cancer, you can see -- >> hopefully the $11 will do the trick. still ahead on "eyewitness news", picture with much kinder store. >> i this recent class photo is part of family luncheon, ultimate hand me down sorely we come back. kyla. >> i want to hear that one. if you are get -- getting ready to make your weekend plans, i have to check in with you first, your weather coming up. stay with us everybody, "eyewitn
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>> picture day took on extra special meaning, at indianna elementary school recently. >> terrific story, has all to do with one little boy's swelter. seven year old brady goes in the middle in the gray.
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he he's wearing the same sweater for hirst grade picture that his dad wore, 33 years ago, for his picture day, there it is. and this tradition goes back even further. >> who owned that sweater before? >> my dad. >> who owned it before your dad have. >> my grandpop. >> thirty-three years since i wore the sweater, 57 years when my dad wore the sweater last. so with my son, we don't know when that next time will be. >> how about that? >> isn't that great? >> local paper did the story back in 82 when brady's dad did the same story as his fate, and his uncles. now brady said he knows if he has a son one day he will absolutely bewaring that picture in his picture. >> almost the same face, also. >> yes. >> copied one after another. >> and what a quality sweater! >> i was going to say, where do you buy a sweater like that that lasts for that long? that's pretty good. you don't need a sweater. >> your back is warm from standing in the sun. >> could you sunbathe right now, the wind nice and calm. but we are going to see some
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changes, do have stormy weather coming our way, these warm temperatures, will not last forever, so let's get to it. let's take a live look outside first look at center city. what a beautiful day this s i mean, just stunning, got mostly blue skies, few clouds out, there but, if you want to go for a walk today, erika was just saying, like great day to go for a walk, i have to agree, just beautiful. you will enjoy it, we are going to see 70s today, already, seeing pretty warm temperatures, 71, in philadelphia, 71 in wildwood, mount pocono little cooler there, at 64 degrees, as we zoom in on the shore, plenty of 70s from rehoboth beach right on up to stone harbor. make sure the 74, 75 degrees mark, how much there is will not last for couple of reasons. one, little cold front tracking through, so you notice when we head to the weekends, temperatures dropping down into the 60s, the average high there 69. but also notice by the time we get to monday warming up again too. part of the reason for this the jet stream will move little further south. that opens the door to let the cooler air in, but then again, as we move toward monday, start to seat warmer air
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filtering in, start the week next week little mild. neighborhood network, 69 degrees in kutztown, where it is gorgeous, i see some birds out there, i see lot of blue skies, and soccer field that seems to be inviting people to come play, right? beautiful out there. right now storm scan3 confirms we are just got very few clouds in the sky, nice and clear, it is gorgeous. however, we have a little bit of business lurking off to the north and our west. that is some stormy weather, ahead of cold front. that will catch up with us eventually. but will not be until friday, later in the afternoon, so today gorgeous, but friday about 80% chance of showers, could you see it lingers little into saturday, by sunday we are looking good. so sets us up for pretty good looking weekend. future weather, getting into friday morning, 9:00 a.m., start to see few blips on the radar mount pocono, this is what really concerns me though, but at 5:00 o'clock, 6:00 time frame in time for rush hour on a friday, here comes some stormy weather ahead of the cold front. you can see some of this looks like it could be pretty nasty thunderstorms, so just a heads up friday afternoon, not looking great. but then we start to clear out
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and we will be looking just fine. so today, warm, pleasant, beautiful friday, afternoon showers, but high of 78 degrees. so warm out there. so that leaves us for the weekends cooler, but nice. so your weekend weather very fall like. should be lovely. have few clouds to start off our saturday. work our way to up 64 degrees, get the sunshine back in there in the afternoon, by sunday, 68, and sunny, and i think that's a perfect fall weekends of after last weekends a lot of people are happy to see we will have some dry skies this weekend, it also means if you're headed out for the football game this sunday as the eagles take on the saint, perfect, 66 degrees and sunshine for our 1:00 o'clock kick off. enjoy it everybody. nice weekends on tap. today looking out for high of about 74 degrees, nice and sunny out there, winds nice and light. tonight we cool down to low of 58. should be pretty comfortable. start to see the clouds increase as we get into the day tomorrow, again, looking out for the stormy weather, a we get into friday afternoon, and you notice, once the cold front passes us by, part of what happens is that it definitely lowers the
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temperatures. so you start to see the 60s for the weekends, warming up again as we head into monday. not bad at all. >> can't beat today, though. lovely out. >> thank you. we'll be back with more after this.
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so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. >> franklin field getting a make over. the home of the penn re lables, now has a brand new track. squeaky clean there. it is the first time in more than two decades, that service received complete overhaul.
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the renovations cost nearly $3 million, and talk about -- took about four months to complete. indoor outdoor, go for run, go for jog or walk, perfect day to do it. >> that's a great, great, great field to do anything on, i've been there so many times for the races, really is just so exciting, real great centerpiece. so, in terms of the weather, and looking toward the holiday on monday, for a lot of people, the federal holiday of columbus day, so what do you think? >> tell you what, a lot like today. sunshine, beautiful, warm, low 70s, will look nice for monday. i think the whole weekends looking good. see the warm up. >> all right, and that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at >> the young and the restless is next! >> ♪ >> ♪
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