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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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documents suggest incident was just latest in a short but violent relationship. >> the relationship can best be described as, possessive, obsessive, violent, and his conduct was completely controlling. >> reporter: montgomery county district attorney risa furhman, announced at rest of the 20 year-old naadir abdul ali and desmond smith for murder of the kevin brown. ali is said to be former boyfriend of the brown's daughter, smith a close friend of the ali. they were saying the family was quiet but friendly. >> he seemed like a hard working man. he kept to himself. i saw him outside. they seemed like fine people. >> reporter: d.a. furhman pointed to an august incident at smith's philadelphia apartment as likely motive for brown's daughter reportedly being sexually assaulted by both ali and smith. >> she was told by mr. abdul ali if she told anyone about that event that he would send, dez, desmond smith, to shoot her and her family. >> reporter: prosecutors say
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that it is was, in fact, smith who pulled the trigger, ending what they called a troubling three month relationship, and the life of a father of three. now prosecutors say that the day of the murder the suspects ali, reportedly tried to flee with brown's daughter to give them another chance. those text in messagees were released, some very chilling but that part of the story coming up at 6:00. reporting live, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. philadelphia police aren't questioning a person of interest in the connection with the sexual assault and robbery of the temple student last week. investigators say that the man seen in this surveillance video from a septa train has been taken into custody for probation violations. so far, he has not been charged in that sexual assault. the crime happened on september 28th, in the 1400 block of carlisle street. one of the three american heroes who helped tackle a gunman on the french train in august is seriously wounded in an attack in his hometown.
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spencer stone was stabbed multiple times outside a sacramento bar earlier this morning. air men first class was hurt during a night out with friend and police say the incident was the not a random attack. >> this incident is a very unfortunate, altercation, between two groups of folks who were enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. this incident is not related to terrorism in anyway. >> stone suffered significant injuries but he is expected to pull through. police are looking for two suspects who fled in a car. will school students take to the streets of philadelphia to make a statement about he had case. >> students walk out of the class this morning, calling for more resources and fewer school closings. funding is essentially frozen as pennsylvania enters now its 100 day without a budget. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff will have more on today's protest in a live report coming up a at 6:00. chopper three is over a smokey scene in philadelphia's
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hunting park neighborhood, that fire broke out around 11:30 this morning on the front porch of a home on the 4100 block of north seventh street. the fire spread to other porches next door but it was placed under control within minutes and no one was hurt. the cause though is under investigation. a stunning turn off events on capitol hill, house majority leader kevin mccarthey withdraws his candidacy for speaker of the the house to replace the retiring john boehner. as cbs news reporter craig boswell says no one saw the move coming ape republicans are now looking for the leader. >> reporter: congressman kevin mccarthey, leading favorite to be the next speaker of the house has taken himself out of the race. >> if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> reporter: his fellow republicans were stunned. >> we's all in shock. the room was in totallal silence. >> he would have gotten would i say probably 90 percent of the vote of the republicans. >> reporter: speaker john boehner who had thrown his
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support behind mccarthey had postponed the vote to replace him for now. boehner recently announced his resignation under pressure from party conservatives and he is scheduled to leave congress amid looming fiscal deadlines. mccarthey says his comments linking benghazi select committee to hillary clinton's poll numbers helped lead his decision that wasn't helpful. i could have said it much better. >> reporter: his decision up end a race with no clear front runner. florida's daniel webster and jason chaffitz remains in the race. >> our conference will to have do soul searching. >> reporter: mccarthey's endorsement will be closely watched. >> he will be the most influential voice, as to who we can get to get to 218. >> reporter: mccarthey is expect to stay on as house majority leader. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in weather, enjoy this gorgeous october day because changes are on the way. meteorologist kate bilo joins us live from the cbs-3 sky deck with what to expect,
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kate. >> thanks, todd. beautiful evening. this is the third one in a row that will be tough to come in off the sky deck. it is sunny, mild, not too hot, not too cool but just a perfect evening outside but this time tomorrow, good chance it will be raining here in philadelphia the cold front comes through. it will put an end to the above average temperatures but good news it should clear out for the weekend. first we have to get through this day. we have to look at is what happening on storm scan three which is clear, locally but as we zoom out we will show you this frontal boundary that is moving through the the great lakes states at the moment. it does than the have a lot with it. we have some showers and thunderstorms over northern lower peninsula of michigan and that is what will be diving through our area during the day tomorrow. in the meantime temperatures have listen again, quite a bit today. we have a few big puffy cloud out here and that is it. 75 degrees in philadelphia 72 in millville. 69 degrees, at the atlantic city airport. your first forecast looks fine with some sun, cloud, once sun goes down, temperatures drop in the 60's and we are sitting at 62 at is 11:00 tonight.
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cloud do increase throughout date tomorrow. we will start off with some sun, and clouds up by 11:00 a.m. and then by the of afternoon, 4:00 p.m. we will see some showers and storms off to the north, right around 5:00 is when it looks like that line will come through the city of philadelphia and heading down the shore by seven or 8:00 and then it will have move on out but you can expect possibly, a tenth to a quarter inch of rain and strong gusty wind, that will come through right around the time of the evening rush. so that can certainly slow you down the road. we will have more on the line of storms that could come through including risk for potentially severe weather and your weekend forecast all coming up when i join you inside. we will send it back to you. >> kate, thanks very much. a breast cancer patient is reduced to tears when trying to renew her driver's license in new jersey. >> she wanted to use her old photo on file instead of being reminded of her illness every time she pulled out her new driver's license. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has details on why the dmv said no. >> joe and jodri is in the the
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fight of her life, her head scarf a sign of chemotherapy at work. she expects to put this tough time behind her in january and she does not want a reminder of what once was. >> you don't want to become that be your identity. the that is my id. that is my id. it is my id is that cancer? >> reporter: that is how she feels, the difference is striking. photo on the left shows jodri bright eyed and healthy, the right a woman diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, under going chemo. >> i don't want to have a picture of myself, sick for the next four years record record jodri recently visited motor vehicle office in freehold monmouth county to renew her ran: they told her she had to take a picture. >> this license will last a couple years. can't you just use the old picture that will look more like me? she said that is in the our policy. >> reporter: at first workers wouldn't even let her wear a scarf to cover her bald head. is what the deal? a spokesperson says the dmv follows new jersey state law, and that requires drivers to
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refresh photos every eight years. jodri wants to change that so no one else has to go through what she and her ten year-old daughter experience that had day. >> i understand that like they want to be extra cautious these days for all of this stuff but for cancer patients, it is just kind of, yeah, it is a small exception. >> reporter: until then jodri will continue her fight to survive. >> i have a little girl and, so defeat is not an option. >> reporter: jodri does have have another option once her hair grows back she can always go back to the dmv to take another picture that will cost her $11. in the sat center, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tens of thousands of high chairs are being recalled because children are getting hurt, up next what you need to know. an accident ends, well, like this, with a car standing on its bumper. what police say happened here. then some guys and girls showed no matter what your age you can be young at heart, why these seniors are hitting the the road on harleys, coming up
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but first, lauren? >> reporter: i'll tell but a cool celestial sight happening tonight thaw don't need to be a night owl to see, that is coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00. ♪
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here's something you don't see every day a car, standing tall on its bumper. police believe the car's brakes failed sending the suv sailing into a tree and then into the the air. this happened in charlotte north carolina this morning. somehow the driver of that car, only suffered minor injuries. and an important recall tonight involving 35,000 safety first high chairs. >> health officials say children are able to remove tray and fall off, causing cuts and bruises. high chairs were sold at toys-r-us and babies are us between may 2013 a and may of 2015. they are also sold on, and for more information on how to receive a free repair kit, you can go to our web site, of course, at cbs getting ready for prime time star gazing tonight, you will have a chance to see as many as two dozen shooting stars per hour. >> meteorologist lauren casey is live at belmont plateau in
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philadelphia with what makes this meteor shower so different, lauren. >> yes, thanks jessica. this is a great location, a spot just like this on the plateau to check out the peak, and tonight and tomorrow night, the best viewing will be just at darkness. sunset right around 6:33. 7:00 o'clock would be good time to start looking. meteor shower is created by debris from the comet, with the collision of the earth's atmosphere. we can see 20 meteors an hour. but dr theaconid could produce hundreds an hour. last one was in 2011 which produced 600 meteor an hour over europe. an outburst is unlikely tonight but never know, fingers crossed. lay down and sit back in a reclining chair, look up with your feet pointed toward north or northwest, and we will have, nearly perfect viewing conditions tonight, and partly cloudy skies, moon rise won't be until, earlier tomorrow morning so that is not going
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to interview with viewing. comfortable temperatures. you went need to bundle up, staying in the 60's through the 11:00 o'clock hour. tonight, best night to check it out because, kate will tell you weather it is not looking so good for viewing tomorrow night. >> lauren, thanks very much. really something neat to look up in the sky and check out tonight. >> as lauren talk about, kate, nothing good last forever. >> today's weather perfect but what will you do. >> things will change but good news is change isn't going to spill over in the weekend. we will have a week end that will be okay and great fall weather if you are going to the eagles game or heading to the pumpkin patch. going to kid have been asking to go to the pumpkin patch. last weekend wasn't so great. this weekend so much better. we have great stuff to tell but. lets start off with what is happening right now. it is looking good in our live neighborhood network. this is in kutztown area middle school where it is currently 71 degrees. a few puffy clouds up in the sky. just a really nice afternoon those cloud do tend to pop up this afternoon mainly thanks to the cooler air in the upper
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levels of the atmosphere but it turnout to be a nice looking day all across the region. tomorrow, unfortunately, not quite as nice as today. quick look at storm scan three we will show you where that front is. notice moving through great lakes region. it will progress to the south and east through tonight and into tomorrow, it looks like that front will get here for us tomorrow right around rush hour. first half of the day is not too bad but make sure you grab umbrella and pack extra patients when you head out the door tomorrow because by afternoon when you are heading home you may need it. temperatures right now 75 degrees in philadelphia a72 a allentown. seventy-two in millville. we have dropped to 69 in dover and in wildwood right now. future weather shows the progression of the front, notice staying away through most of the day tomorrow and a few showers develop over central pennsylvania but right around 5:00 o'clock right around this time tomorrow that these showers and storms will be moving through. i don't think we will see severe weather. we are in a marginal risk a area where one or two locally severe wind gusts could pop up with these storms or otherwise steady downpours. notice by saturday morning at
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6:00 a.m. that front is out of here and high pressure gains a foot hold through the weekend and we have clear skies, light wind and nice conditions right through the the day sunday as well as the warm front staying away through the weekend as well. high pressure overhead meaning fair weather clear skies and that is something to look forward to. tomorrow afternoon as that front comes through with scattered showers, slow p.m. commute, tenth of an inch to third of an inch of rain. not much but if that all falls quickly during a thunderstorm it could slow you down and there will be a chance for thunderstorm or two, rumble have of thunder. strong wind gust here and there. let's talk about thursday night football tonight. the colts at houston. it is 79 degrees. mostly cloudy. not the best night there but it is warm, it is very steamy, not quite as bad here with temperatures more comfortable then they will be off to the south, 58 degrees, partly cloudy through the overnight hours tonight. for your friday increasing cloud, warm, and watch for showers around in the afternoon, maybe a rumble of thunder. some spots could make a run for 80 degrees on friday but unfortunately that number
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drops. if you are looking for cooler more fall-like conditions we have got that for you over the weekend. near 80 degrees tomorrow. nice and warm. watch for those showers. again, fall football weather, pumpkin patch, hey ride kind of weather you've got it this weekend. we have got mostly sunny skies both saturday and sunday. saturday a comfortable 66 degrees. sunday at 70 degrees. sunny and nice. i'll tell what you saturday feels like a chile in the crock pot, fall candles light the whole 9-yard. >> i'll come over. >> thanks, kate very much. hate waiting around while your car gets a oil change. >> coming up we will tell you about a 902nd oil change, when was the last time at the mechanics and more time doing what you want to do don. jessica, there is no doubt the what the eagles want to do beat saints on sunday but these are the times that try men's souls. are they one-three bird giving into frustration? the answer coming up in
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flyers season starts tonight on the road in tampa. >> team wants fans to be flyered up so they pulled prank on unsuspecting people. flyers legend bernie parent surprised patrons at dunkin' donuts drive through in voorhees, new jersey. he gave away coffee, special flyers orange and black doughnuts, and fans got autograph, prizes and by the way, flyers play their first home game machine night against the florida panthers. yeah, a lot of people so excited about that. nice to have a fresh start on season. >> especially eagles fans, yes. >> i noticed you are flyered upright now. >> i like to theme dress sometimes. >> well done. we are talk about the eagles. i remember covering phillies years ago and charlie manual used the term frustrated. i don't think he said it on purpose but it is a combination of frustrated and flustered and you have to wonder if the eagles are feeling that right now. offense ranks 28th out of 32 team, 29th in rushing. got news is they are facing a leaking saints defense that is
5:22 pm
27th in the league. demarco murray was asked if he is frustrated, after their one-three start. >> i wouldn't use the word frustration. obviously, you know, we would not like to be one behind three. would you like to have the ball bounce your way a couple more times but i don't think i'm frustrated but we have to just play hard and eventually, you know, ultimately the ball will roll your way. >> it is time for thursday night football. tonight's game is match up of two afc south teams, indianapolis colts and houston texans and in addition to the big game, both teams are going pink in support of the breast cancer awareness month. cbs reporter megan alexander joins us from energy field with all of the details. >> thanks, don. energy stadium behind me here in houston texans taking on the colts. one of those people who pay attention to preseason chatter you know many experts predicted that the indianapolis colts would be the team to watch this year.
5:23 pm
they are getting off to a slow start with a record of two-two. some feel this colts offense is still finding its identity, are they a passing team? are they a running people team. now colts quarterback andrew luckies out with a shoulder injury and in his place matt hasslebeck. did he play and beat jaguars over the weekend and tonight he will go up against one of the best defense have players in the league, the texans jj what the. he i spoke to thursday night football analyst phil simms about the power of watts. >> when we see the game again, thursday night we will highlight and show people how extraordinary, he is but every time i watch him, and watch him, houston texans, and even if i'm watching the other team, and they are playing i end up watching jj watts because every play is an unbelievable effort play. and he is limber, fast, ferocious, can income down passes and there is nothing he
5:24 pm
cannot do. to me without question, best defensive player in football. >> jj watts has sacked andrew luck eight times. matt hasslebeck has his work cut out tonight but in the past three years the colts have beaten the texans they are hoping to break that winning streak tonight. in houston, for thursday night football i'm megan alexander back to you, don. all right, megan, thank you. thursday night football catch andrew luck and a aforementioned incredible hulk known as jj watts, colts and texans from houston. coverage starts at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. both teams desperate for a win there. >> kind of like our team here in philadelphia. >> very desperate. >> very relatable. >> don bell thanks very much. >> nominees for this years rock and role hall of fame are out and we will that list coming up, plus this. a massive fire close sod shops here in the columbus farmers market i'm greg argos here in new jersey with how one business managed to reopen. and, traveling with pets
5:25 pm
could get easier, especially if you are traveling by train, we have got details when "eyewitness news" at 5:00 comes back. recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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i'm todd quinones here are the day's top stories, authorities arrest two men in the death of the lower moreland man during a home invasion, today we have learned that one of the suspects has recently dated a victim's daughter. when she tried to break it off he would not accept no as an answer. and, spencer stone was attacked outside i bar in sacramento, police say stone and his friend got in the fight with another group. no arrests have been made. a new jersey man battling breast cancer, wants dmv to change its policy. she wanted to renew driver's license with the photo on file with how she looked before she
5:29 pm
got sick. dmv, says no and state law requires a new picture, every eight years. kate? and todd, it turned out to be another great day, temperatures in the mid 70's, above average today, staying clear and comfortable, tonight but we have changes on the way. the front will bring wet weather for your friday evening and behind that, it does turn cooler for weekend but cool air doesn't stay for that long, i'll have your full seven day forecast in a few minutes, jessica. >> new at 5:30, months after fire destroyed part of the columbus market in burlington county shoppers are returning. one of the stores inside popular destination held its grand reopening and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was there. >> reporter: it had has been one year since a four alarm fire tore through a huge section of the columbus farmers market and although construction is still underway for a big portion of it, there is one business that reopened and the owner says it could not have come a minute sooner.
5:30 pm
>> 2246. >> reporter: the sweet sound of the cash register. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: hasn't been heard by marci straws and her family since november of 2014. >> a week, two days before thanksgiving, you are entering your busiest season of the year and it all went up in flames. >> reporter: that is when a massive fire ripped through columbus farmers market days before the thanksgiving. >> cold weather, wind were a big issue on this. >> reporter: destroying her store the the wicker emporium. >> thank you, we're glad to be back. >> reporter: thursday straws shop is opened, the the first to welcome happy customers in the section being rebuilt. >> oh, gosh we love it. we love this place. never walk out of here without something. >> and the signs. >> we were glad they reopened because we come here for all of the decorations and everything. we love it. >> reporter: although business isn't necessarily booming. >> we're okay. it is a lot of people still don't necessity we are opened. >> reporter: strauss is glad that there is business at all. >> we have been here almost 37 years. it just feels right.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: there is still work to be done workers tell me they hope to have everything reopened, all of these additional stores back in business, by this thanksgiving. reporting here from columbus, new jersey i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search continues cause of the warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia a and, in cobbs creek parkway. at 8:30 last night. two story building was destroyed and one fire fighter was taken to hahnemann hospital. the extent of the fire fighters injury isn't known. fire fighters spent two hours getting the up are hand. volkswagen owners and dealers want to know what happened next after the cheat on emission tests. auto makers american leader is called before congress to testify. cbs correspondent craig boswell has more on its apology from washington. >> reporter: lawmakers are shock volkswagen cheated auto emissions test. >> vw is the lance armstrong of the industry. >> reporter: since 2009, vw has used sophisticated software called defeat
5:32 pm
devices, emissions test into showing acceptable levels of pollution. but on the road, car's mission levels were actually ten to 40 times above epa limits. >> to my understanding this was not a corporate decision, this was something individuals did. >> i cannot accept vw's port trail have of this as something by a couple of rogue software engineers. >> reporter: jack fitzgerald is dealing with concerned customers at his two maryland volkswagen dealership. >> they want a explanation and i will tell them we will get one as soon as we can. >> reporter: he war is some customers will never come back. >> even your oldest loyal customers will where bye well, can i trust them any more. >> reporter: volkswagen's american ceo says the the company is still trying to figure out how to help their customers and lawmakers weren't shy about offering some suggestions. >> for example, allowing customers to actually return the car for what they paid for. >> this is one of the areas that we're looking into right
5:33 pm
now in terms of how to compensate our customers. >> reporter: the schedule impact a half million cars on u.s. road. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". u.s. officials say government troops in syria are getting support from russia, which continues to flex its military muscle. u.s. officials are also criticizing the russians saying the the bombings are not targeting isis militants but the rather rebels, want to bring down the syria president assad. what's more, u.s. defense officials say four of the long range cruise missiles launched by russia landed in iran and not syria. army veteran injured while saving lives during the umpqua community college shooter in oregon is now out of the hospital. chris mints was shot seven times trying to stop the shooter. nine people died in the attack last week. shooter killed himself after police shot him. authorities credit a quick response, by law enforcement for keeping the death toll from climbing higher.
5:34 pm
south carolina is bracing for more effects from devastating flood ago this has gripped much of the state there governor nicki haley issued a warning to people living in low lying area near the companies. they were told to evacuate before, they are flooded by a massive water rumble toward the ocean. haley said standing water in those areas could last for as long as two weeks. the search for missing cargo ship el faro shifts toward recovering voyage data recorder. authorities say the device is similar to the airplane's black box and could reveal why the ship lost power and sank in the bohamas last thursday. there were 33 crew members on board, the coastguard spent it in search for survivors, just yesterday. still to come on "eyewitness news" a health scare for pop singer selena gomez why she underwent recently chemotherapy. like button on facebook business to get some company, find out all of the emotions you'll be able to express when we come right back.
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all aboard, and that includes your pets on select amtrak trains, amtrak now says that passengers, can now travel, with their small pets from boston to virginia on a north east regional service. the reservations are now available for travel beginning october 12th, the new service allowed for one cat or one small dog, in an enclosed carrier on trips up to seven hours. both pet and the the carrier though must be a combined weight of 20-pound or less. no ride for my 60-pound dog, she won't make it. amazon is taking on etsy, on line retailer launched a new sight called hand made at a amazon. it will feature 5,000 sell hours have a factory free policy. etsy went public earlier this year and has more than 20 million customers.
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so, imagine getting your cars oil changed in just 90 seconds. castoil, a division of bp announced a break through today. motor oil maker says new design lowers carbon emissions. the new system called nextel must be integrated in the vehicle and used at design phase, so that means it won't hit main stream cars for another five years. >> will it be worth wait? we will find out. >> time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has that for you. >> reporter: a new report is naming top 25 up and coming job fields for millennials, advocacy group examined government data a on pay, projected growth, and share of young people working in each job. not surprisingly about half of the positions are in the areas of science, math, engineering or technology but for those who are not numbers oriented, one area worth exploring is public relations. pr specialist promote, maybe
5:40 pm
tane a favorable public image for the organization that they represent. they design media releases, plan and direct public relations programs, in order to raise awareness for their client's work and goals. they also help their clients communicate effectively with the public including drafting speeches and arranging interviews for executives. in the philadelphia area, the mean wage for pr specialist is american $65,500. and this career path could lead to becoming a manager, who earns more than $100,000. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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picture day took on an extra special meaning for an indiana a elementary school recently. >> it had to do with one little boy's sweater, brady gomes, is wearing same sweat per if first grade pictures that his dad wore 33 years ago for picture day. isn't that nice? it is a tradition that goes back further then that. >> who owned that sweater before you. >> my dad. >> who owned it before your dad. >> my grand pop. >> it has been 33 years since i wore the sweater, it was 57 years when my dad wore the
5:44 pm
sweater last so with my son, you know, we don't know when that next time will be. >> that is a a neat tradition. >> very cute. >> local paper did the story back in 1982 when brady's dad wore that same sweater. his dad and uncles wore on picture day. brady knows his son will also wear that sweater one day too. well, it is not a button but facebook is expressing new ways to express emotions. >> facebook is rolling out reactionness spain and ireland. they are new buttons that facebook says express broader range of emotion. they include love, wow, and yah. as well as happy and sad faces. >> very deep. >> yes, very deep. the facebook officials say new buttons could be available to u.s. users in a couple weeks, todd, we cannot wait to use them. >> yah. >> yah. >> they are celebrating all things greek culture food music and more in cherry hill. >> that is where vittoria woodill is live at the forty-fourth annual saint thomas greek orthodox church
5:45 pm
festival, vittoria. >> ♪ >> yes, everyone we are live here in cherry hill at the saint thomas greek orthodox church celebrating all things greek. it is going to be a great, great night. we have amazing music, take a look here, the players are here out and about to entertain you here all night long, violin players as well, and they have everything from entertainment, to jewelry, to pastries. beautiful, amazing pastries. we will dig into them later. but we want to talk about the food we have here at the festival. but first and foremost i want to introduce you to the co-chairman of the festival here at saint thomas, this is alex. >> hello, our pleasure to have you. >> thank you so much. >> it will be a great, great night, alex. >> yes. >> and i want you to tell everyone here the proceeds from the festivities that go throughout the weekend where do they go. >> we're funding the church but we will have many donations in the orthodox
5:46 pm
community including the archdiocese, saint basil's academy. >> fabulous. >> and many other charities. >> you don't have to be greek to come here and be greek you become a greek once you come here. >> that is right. we were talking earlier here when you come to the festival it is a great way to celebrate community not just greek community but every where. >> that is true and main advantage of having a great community like this, young, old, men women, they all work together and we let bygones and bygones and forget all of the fighting. >> just rally for a good cause. >> rally for a good cause. >> let's talk about good food. >> i will teach you how to make a gyro. >> all right. what do we start with. let me get my gloves. >> put your gloves on. >> what do we start with here. >> we start with a slice of pizza bread. >> yes. >> you will make it yourself. >> i'm pretty good in the kitchen. >> you are. >> but i'm in the greek.
5:47 pm
>> you are italian, that is close enough. >> we are neighboring countries. >> okay, beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> well we start with that. >> oh, hot. >> this islam and beef, a combination. >> lamb and beef. >> it is smelling amazing. >> you can make it as thick as you want. >> i like how you are not shy with that. >> great place to eat. >> you put some taziki sauce. >> yogurt, cucumber. >> beautiful. >> some people like a lot, some people like a little. >> i like a lot. >> onions. >> i will go a little bit of both. >> a little bit of corn. >> and tomatoes. >> tomatoes. >> and hold it over like this. >> like this. >> like that. >> you got it. >> here's another one. >> you know what alex, i will
5:48 pm
take a bite. >> very messy, go ahead. >> opa, you got it. >> that is a amazing. >> i'm glad you enjoyed it. >> we're going greek, right now, we're talking food, and i'm talking with my mouth fill but we will dig in the pastries. i'm telling you, you guys, this is fantastic. how do you say great in greek. >> fantastic. >> that is greek. >> thanks, alex. >> stay tuned you guys. >> i love it. >> gyro, whatever you want to call it, it is tasty. >> i'm so jealous right now. >> we're all mouth watering. >> she is at greek festival i could go for a yito. >> it is nice to be out there, beautiful fall day. >> yes, i love this weather. >> perfect . >> great to be sit out by a bond fire, fire pit over weekend, lots of festivals like the the greek festival, things to do this weekend. definitely get outside, it
5:49 pm
looks great. tomorrow evening is one little problem. lets look at is what going on outside. we will show you a few cloud billowing up this afternoon, not a big deal, cool air in the upper a atmosphere causing cloud cover out there. beautiful evening, great included formation, just nice look and great feel to the air tonight. not too hot or cold but it is perfect out there. temperatures in the mid 70's at the moment and dropping once we head toward sunset in 45 minutes or so. let go to the eyewitness weather watchers a and see what they have to say. we will think they are enjoying this day as well, nice warm temperatures at ed connor's house. ed says what a perfect day. work out sigh all day. great day, he is excited. lets look at this federal owe and showing us a few light clouds today with that bright blue skies, thanks, ed. lets head down to 07 degrees here and check with todd todd bennet, in brookhaven. we will see him enjoying his day. we have nothing to complain
5:50 pm
about here and maybe into delaware down toward dover delaware. seventy-one, degrees with andy. seventy-one in dover. in problem. he says nice day. keeping it very concise. nice day. in exclamation points but you can feel excitement. lets look at is what going on outside on storm scan 36789 everything clear, quiet. a few cloud popping up this afternoon. no issues outside, just to speak of but our next weather maker is lurking off the edge of the map. over great lakes it is producing a few showers and storms in michigan this afternoon and will continue to dive south and east as we head through tonight and tomorrow. it will get here by this time tomorrow. rush hour tomorrow could ab affected by scattered showers and storms. does not look like a wash out. this has been trending dryer and dryer. at one point it looked like it would be steady rain. now it looks like scattered showers and storms which is good news. we are at 75 at the a airport. sixty the atlantic city airport. seventy-two allentown. we are tracking showers, moving through tomorrow
5:51 pm
afternoon. out ahead of the front it will be a warm day. temperatures in the 70's. we could make a run for 80 in a few spots tomorrow until front comes through. once it does it is in and out quickly. tomorrow even by ten or 11:00, skies may clear as that front moves off the coast. turning sunny on saturday. cooler. the highs in the mid 60's. heading into sunday temperatures rebound right back to around 70 degrees. you can see showers and storms mainly in the afternoon. there they go. four or 5:00 o'clock. note that is effect you see on showers and storms. we have a marginal risk in the area tomorrow for downpours and gust toty wind. low to moderate foliage, our new foliage report, maryland rate foliage heading down toward lehigh valley. nice weekend to maybe take a drive and look at beautiful fall color. increasing cloud, warm with some showers. sunday kick off forecast looks great, 66 and mostly sunny. whole seven day forecast not looking bad at all, a afternoon showers friday. next chance for showers tuesday in the middle, it is a
5:52 pm
great fall stretch. jessica and todd, back over to you. kate, thanks very much. big surprise for inmates at an ohio women's prison. >> singer medical less a a it ridge dropped by for a concert that was part music, part pep talk. ♪ just to reach you, just to reach you ♪ >> for a half an hour she played five songs, and spoke word of encourage. to the inmates. rocker said she decided to do the the show after women inspired her, she saw video of them performing one of her songs. >> my hope was to inspire hope and to show that yah you might be here but is there always tomorrow. >> at the end of the show she invited some on the stage so they could all perform together. selena gomez makes a startling revelation about her health, she has been under going chemotherapy for treatment have of lupus, an auto immune disease where the bod a tax its own tissue. the 23 year-old pop star says that is why she has been out of sight. gomez made the revelation in
5:53 pm
an interview with billboard magazine. many familiar names are on this list of nominees for rock and roll hall of fame. >> janet jackson is nominated for the first time. other first time many in minute knees including chaka can, steve miller, cheap trick and nw a a. the class of 2016 will be announced in december. a normally quiet senior center roar toss life. >> why dozens of local seniors are riding harley davidson's, that is coming up next. tit's amazing.. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful! it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined.
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spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. a motorcycle rally brought roar of engines to pennsauken new jersey. >> ride didn't go far in distance but they pulled up years, worth of memories. pat ciarrocchi has the story.
5:57 pm
>> bikes and a sweet sound. this is when you are of a certain age, a motorcycle can get your blood pull pink. >> beautiful. >> it has been like 25 or 30 years since i have been on a motorcycle and i love it. it feels like i was 40 years old again. >> reporter: when you feel 20, even for a moment, you feel better about life, and that is the the point. >> i have a lot of harley riders and harley lovers. i decided why not have a harley event. >> reporter: rose and a, rallied the seniors. she has come to know them through life and lord a program that provides all inclusive care for the the elderly so they can stay independent in their own homes. but some day you just to have roll out of the senior center, put on your sunglasses, strap on a helmet and ride. >> my son used to drive me around on the back of it. now i love to ride. it was lovely. >> reporter: for virginia, pennsauken wasn't nearly far
5:58 pm
enough. >> i just thought it was going go to wildwood. >> reporter: but you have to dance a little first, the rally on three wheel bikes known as secondikes came to the help of the volunteers. >> my one friend is handicap. so they can relate to him because he is missing a leg. >> reporter: here, it is not about what you can't do, it is about what you can do. >> oh, wild, wild, wild. even have bars to hold on to. >> reporter: or even better. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". great story, always great to see that spirit. >> isn't it great. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive, employees of the south jersey dental practice come forward with serious allegations of sexual harassment in the work place, our cleve bryan sits down with the women about the accident, to talk about the accusations, plus.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: a young woman, tries to break off a relationship. he ended up, ended in tragedy for her family. i'm rahel solomon with the disturbing details coming up. plus, showing the love in love park, free screenings for a disease that often goes overlooked, health reporter stephanie stahl explains. kate? and, sunnies about to set on another gorgeous fall day in philadelphia, we have a few more, in the the forecast but we have to get through showers and thunderstorms first. i'll have your full outlook friday and into the weekend all coming up as "eyewitness news" a at 6:00 starts right now. now the at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive, employees of the south jersey dental practice was serious allegations of sexual harassment, and tonight, only "eyewitness news" is hearing from the woman's filing the complaint, good evening i'm
6:00 pm
jessica dean. >> i'm, todd quinones. that civil lawsuit outlines several instances of harassment, many of the situations graphic. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the exclusive details. >> i wrote a letter to the owner, and she started calling me up at work and harassing me. >> reporter: after years of silence several employees of the signature smiles dental chain say they cannot take anymore of is what described as a sexual harassment play ground. >> touch your hair, touch your butt, your boobs. >> reporter: signature smiles operates six offices in south jersey including this one in vineland. in a complaint recently filed in superior court they alleged numerous acts have of sexual harassment by milt hallick and vaughn clemens. >> closed the door and came from behind and grabbed my boobs. so i turnaround and i was like wow, what are you doing. he is like what do you mean, what am i doing? you know you like that. you know you like that. >> reporter: in one incident hallick is a


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