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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i'm, todd quinones. that civil lawsuit outlines several instances of harassment, many of the situations graphic. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the exclusive details. >> i wrote a letter to the owner, and she started calling me up at work and harassing me. >> reporter: after years of silence several employees of the signature smiles dental chain say they cannot take anymore of is what described as a sexual harassment play ground. >> touch your hair, touch your butt, your boobs. >> reporter: signature smiles operates six offices in south jersey including this one in vineland. in a complaint recently filed in superior court they alleged numerous acts have of sexual harassment by milt hallick and vaughn clemens. >> closed the door and came from behind and grabbed my boobs. so i turnaround and i was like wow, what are you doing. he is like what do you mean, what am i doing? you know you like that. you know you like that. >> reporter: in one incident hallick is accused of pulling
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down a hand to see what color underwear and cell phone pictures of his genitals. >> asking him to send him in a prep eighth pictures of yourself to get the a daze off of work. >> reporter: we tried to ask him his side of the story and after initially being told he would come see us,'s parentally changed his mind. >> is he aware of the lawsuit? is he aware of the sexual harassment lawsuit? >> reporter: lawsuit alleged that the owners of signature smiles scott and ana, not only knew about the harassment, but they retaliated with baseless write ups, demotions and firing a human resource assistant who exiled a log of her absence complaints. no response to the estate the in mays landing but their attorney did supply us with a statement saying, that we intend to file an appropriate response to the complaint, the allegations of the complaint are without merit and we will look forward to presenting our response and true facts in the the appropriate forum. >> they have multiple complaints about the the same individuals and have chosen to do nothing about it. how do you defend that?
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you can't defend it. >> reporter: although there are five women name in the lawsuit they say they are not only ones subjected to sexual harassment a and retaliation at signature smiles. they hope by speaking out that others will come forward. >> it is very stressful there. it is still very stressful there, but i have to go there. >> reporter: several of these women are singles moms doing what they can to support families. cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two men are now behind bars, after a montgomery county home invasion that left a father of three, dead. prosecutors say that the family was targeted. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon has disturbing details from lower moreland. >> reporter: prosecutors say that the three month relationship was possessive, obsessive, and violent. but they say it took an even more tragic turn in late september. >> she told her he wanted another chance. she refused. he told her if we can't be together, someone has got to go. >> reporter: prosecutors say that september 27th, abdul ali
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and his close friend kevin smith broke in the home shooting and killing him. ali is former boyfriend of the brown's 18 year-old daughter. chilling text messages earlier that day, hinted at the alleged violent relationship. >> you would have killed me so only option i had was to leave the the way i did. >> reporter: relationship also reportedly included an incident of sexual assault by both ali and smith, in august. >> she was told by mr. abdul ali if she told anyone about that event, that he would send des, desmond smith, to shoot her and her family. >> reporter: and prosecutors say that smith was in fact, the gun man in brown's death. neighbors found the news of the past alleged violence and possible motive shocking. >> we had no idea of any circumstances and they all seemed like quiet people, kept to themselves, good folks. >> this 18 year-old who tried to get out of a relationship that was violent, that was dangerous, that she knew she did not want to be in, very
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tragically lost her father in the process. >> reporter: and prosecutors say that smith was arrested last week at his parent's philadelphia home after ali, surrendered wednesday night here at lower moreland police department n montgomery county, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest in connection with the the sexual assault and robbery of a temple student last week. investigators say a man seen in surveillance video from a septa train has been taken into custody for a probation violation. so far, he has not been charged in that sexual assault. the the crime happened september 28th in the 1400 block of carlisle street. another gorgeous day to day but wet weather is on the way. meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 sky deck tracking the return of showers, say it ain't so, kate. >> it is so, todd. but good news showers and storms will the not be here very long. they will slice through your friday afternoon right around this time tomorrow and then they are out of here leaving behind a pretty great fall weekend.
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lets take a look what is happening right now. the it is a beautiful evening on the sky deck and storm scan three shows things are totally clear locally. there is a front over the great lakes right now moving through michigan with showers and storms and then it the has its sights on our area it comes through in the afternoon. much of your friday looks okay. we will start off with sunshine. temperatures mild now. warming up again tomorrow, with high of 73 at the airport. heading toward sunset those numbers dropping in the 60's in our suburbs. sixty-nine in allentown right now. sixty-eight in trenton. sixty-six in the atlantic city airport. your first forecast looks great. we have clear to partly cloudy skies, temperatures diving in the lower 60's by around 11:00 . we have got the draconid meteor shower happening tonight, so good night for star gazing. future weather shows showers moving in, here's 10:00 a.m. we have clouds and some sunshine but it is in the afternoon right around 5:00 o'clock tomorrow, showers and storms will erupt across the area bringing the risk for rain and even some strong gusty wind. we have scattered showers,
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slow afternoon drive on your friday, tenth to a third of an inch of rain and thunderstorm cannot be ruled out even a strong wind gust is possible in a few spots tomorrow, so things go downhill but then we will rebound. i'll have news on a great fall weekend coming up when i join you inside. >> thanks very much. the pennsylvania budget battle has spawned a different cut, some philadelphia students walk out of class today to stand in solidarity with their teachers over funding cuts. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in spring guard when details on this story, alex. >> reporter: good evening. yesterday governor wolf's tax plan was shot down in harrisburg, and that is just a take 100 without a state budget and funding for states programs have been frozen since that time. now even with loans, philadelphia schools are expected to run out of money by the end of the month. >> i got a text last night where we are protesting tomorrow, in questions bit. i said okay. >> reporter: caylee kelly is
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ninth grader at capa performing arts school, she joined dozens of new friend from schools around the city standing up for classroom funding. >> i have a seven year-old little brother. i don't want him to grow up, you know, not have what he should have. >> reporter: senator vincent hughes showed his support for those students after speaking inside of the philadelphia will school district headquarters where he commended efforts by governor tom wolf. >> he is not compromising on that commitment to restore funding and we applaud him and support him in that. >> reporter: problem is each day that passes without a signed budget agreement from the governor schools and vital state programs move further in the red. >> i'm really sorry for all of the pains that this budget impasse has caused. >> reporter: after endorsing councilman jim kenney for mayor governor wolf said in fund in the short term means preserving dollars in the long run. >> if that is the choice, pay me late or pay me never, i think that is choice we're looking at and i'm standing up for principal that we need to get our funding on a solid
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basis. >> i tried to go to school, work with the students in front of me, make the changes that i can help make, and make the positive impact that i can make, despite the problem. >> reporter: public schools are not the only ones affect, yesterday i spoke with the catholic school who was unable to afford a new work books because of this budget issue going on right now. reporting live from spring garden contacted my,al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, alexandria. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a checkup from the neck up. mental health advocates are raise ago wearness with the 25th annual national depression screening day. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how it was marked in our area. >> reporter: instead of suffering loan in sadness, todd hopkins is trying to reach out to others, struggling with mental health issues. >> it feels sad every day. >> reporter: todd battles depression for 18 months before he finally got help. now he is in recovery advocate the for department of
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behavioral health which set up a at love park for national depression screening day. >> unfortunately, so many people, just don't reach out for help because they are embarrassed, they are ashamed, and the reality is people shouldn't be anymore ashamed then they would be if they had diabetes or heart attack or cancer. >> reporter: understanding that not all pain is physical advocates are working to break stigma linked to mental health issues offering a checkup from the neck up. people could get information or be screened and then referred for help if necessary. >> he was at school and they called me and said he was threatening to kill himself. >> reporter: beverly may essays her son's depression started in school and bullying. he is better now. >> but it is hard. you never know, when, and you always have to watch out for what is going on. >> reporter: 80 percent of people treating with depression feel better in four to six weeks. with more information, on this including where you can get help, cbs click on
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health and i'll put it on my facebook and twitter feed. i'm's stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" a pen win pep rally, not those penguins where you can see these adorable animals and keep them safe from the we will. vittoria. i will adorn myself like a greek goddess here at saint thomas greek orthodox church in sharon hill. we are celebrating food, fun and great greek night, don't go anywhere lots more to come, kate? great greek night and great night in general, beautiful day lead to a lovely night the but we have got to track this cold front coming through tomorrow, we will bring showers and storms and changes for the weekend. we will have more coming up, don. how will eagles attack future hall of famer drew breeze, and flyers open the season in a house of horrors a preview of the match up with the lightening coming up later in sports
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penguins take center stage at the adventure aquarium in camden. >> the aquarium's seventh annual african penguin awareness weekend and visitors will be able to get up close to the penguins all weekend long and learn about their little quirks. there will be one of a kind
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penguin paints. >> dip their feet in paint which is washable so we can wash them afterward and they will walk across a canvas for us and we will leave their footprints behind. >> and, proceed from this weekend will benefit the a south african group to work to protect and treat the bird. oh, by the way some of the penguins will be on eye witt the necessary news this morning tomorrow. >> hey. >> well, from the music to the food, there is a lot going on in cherry hill tonight. >> our vittoria woodill is at the huge greek festival, vittoria. >> we are having a great time in cherry hill, new jersey celebrating all things greek. the it the is a greek, great night. >> it is. >> it is. i want to introduce to you bill ballas, from adelphia restaurant, co chair of the festival and bill, what is the the important thing that you want people to come away from when they experience the the festival tonight and this weekend. >> to feel our culture, most
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important thing our culture. the food, the gifts, everything that we have here. >> it is been such a welcoming environment right through the entrance, and you cane families, and that is the big, big purpose of an event like this it brings families together, celebrating the faith and church and fun and amazing food. >> yes, we do. >> and greek, pastries. >> yes, we have recota, the most important thing we have is a dessert. >> did i a say that right. >> yes. >> and what exactly is that i had a little will piece earlier. >> it is a fried dough, with honey on it. >> beautiful. >> very good. >> i notice a little bit of ceremony on top. >> yes, yes. >> you can see we have a little bit of the line forming. they have been taking a break i with say from the line because earlier the line was at least a couple feet long. >> yes. >> that is the case where all of the food counters we have been at and enjoyed my gyro
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but now that we are in the mood for something sweet, i think i like this. >> take one. >> right here. >> can i just take one out of here. >> yes, take one. >> what is that. >> it is like a licorice. >> yesy will get one for you, bill. >> i made that. >> this is for me. >> how do you say cheers. >> yeso. >> okay. opa a everyone. >> opa. >> festival runs all weekend long. starting to day it is ongoing, until sunday and it is an a nation event. you just don't have to be greek to be here to celebrate. i'm in the greek but i wore my blue and white and i can say opa. cheers. >> o pa. >> nice. >> very nice. >> delicious. >> is she okay.
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>> yes. >> take your time. >> i was adventurous on that one. >> it is okay. >> but i'm glad i did it. >> yes. >> opa. >> we will have to give her a heimlich maneuver. >> yes. >> a little bite. >> yes. >> all in. >> i love it. >> good for them, wet they are weekend will be pretty good. >> it will be great for festival tomorrow evening is one time we have to watch, once we get through that we are sitting pretty for days and days, which is the best part. we have kind of not owe great weekend last week even. it didn't rain, the whole time but it was cold, windy, gray this weekend complete opposite. mild, seasonal, sunny and beautiful. lets look outside, we are seeing what we are dealing work we are heading toward sunset and take you down to the beach, our delaware beaches, rehoboth beach, looking great, 65 there right now, no problems, looking good at kutztown as well, you can see starting to get those sunset colors in the the sky
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at 68 degrees there. look at this shot, pink sky as we look across the river from new jersey, toward city of philadelphia and palmyra cove nature park, everything looking pink. i will check that out in a bit. beach patrol in margate things looking good as well. all around the the region. it is warm for fall, we started out week at 69. that is a seasonal day. couple degrees below. but past few have been fantastic, today, it looks like temperatures will try to drop but actually temperatures rose, 75 degrees, we will get 76 today. tomorrow we may make a run for 80 in a couple spots but then that cold front will bring things to an end. at least climbing temperatures to the even. you can see showers, thunderstorms moving through portions of michigan that will head our way through the day tomorrow. so here's what we can expect, heading through your day, through the overnight hours,er with dry but tomorrow front approaches, showers will break out in central pennsylvania. those will fizzle. a at 5:00 tomorrow a line of showers and locally gusty storms move through.
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good news it clears out quickly we will get a knees breeze, clearing skies, high pressure overhead on saturday and that will lead to a beautiful weekend. portions shaded here in light green color are in the marginal wrist fork severe weather. low risk but these storms coming through could bring downpours, gusty wind and few rumbles of thunder or cloud to ground lightening. the just be safe if you or you the side tomorrow afternoon. dark clouds roll n get indoors. fifty-eight tonight. feeling great for your friday. look at how warm it is, 78 degrees. normal high close to 7o we are well above average, well above average tomorrow. watch for those showers. here's good news as we head in the weekend, heading to the eagles game, it looks great. the saint are in town. 66 degrees. mostly sunny at kick off, perfect weather for tailgating, perfect weather to be outside and at lincoln financial feel. if you have other fall activities plan, heading to the pumpkin patch, outdoor decorating, hey ride, any of these great fall activities we so look forward to them, apple picking, week looks great.
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columbus day machine looks good as well if you have not had that day off and showers return by tuesday. >> very good, thanks very much. "cbs evening news" is minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi todd and jessica great to be with you here in philadelphia here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. a house divided, washington was shocked today when the leading candidate for speaker of the house dropped out right before the vote. will this division make it even harder for congress to get any work done? plus volkswagen apologizes for emissions scandal but offers no solutions to fix it. and chances are the buttons you are wearing right now came from the button capitol of the world, we will take you there. just ahead. on the the "cbs evening new
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setting aside the the eagles wows for a second. >> yes. >> it is time to talk hockey. >> yes, exactly. talking about a new season. it will be fun. tampa florida, terrible place to be at anytime if you are the flyers. or rake and black open up their season in about an hour but the problem is they have lost seven straight there. the flyers will try to win with their rookie head coach dave hakstol first to jump from college to the the nhl since 198 two. he talked about his nerves as he makes his debut. >> i will be excited, i will be excited for it. i'm looking forward to it. i don't think nervousness is an issue. any opening game, you know, there will be some nerves. you know, first regular season nhl game, maybe it will be a little of a extra feelings there but i'm just looking forward to it. i'm exited to getting. >> good news, lebron is in town. but bad news is the king is in the playing. what a buzz kill.
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the sixers helps continuing calves. jahlil okafor was impressive, tuesday night scoring 12. we will show you what the kid does tonight at 11:00. saints and eagles only five players in nfl history of 400 touchdown passes and one will be on the field sunday. drew brees reaching a milestone in the overtime win over cowboys last week. can bird attack him with the blitz. chip is in the sure but the man knows everything and he will probably be ready for it. >> he is one of the all time great quarterbacks to play in the league and so in tuned to what they are doing, and he is so sharp in what they do and you listen to his work ethic and how much he studies and how hard he works at the game, it makes it very difficult. >> thanks, chip that does not make us feel great. franklin field in university city is getting a make over, home of the penn relays has a brand new track. first time in two decade that the surface received a complete overhaul, renovations cost nearly 3 million, and took about four months, to
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complete. >> pretty good. >> yes, looking good. >> one of the all time greats. >> he is the man. >> don bell, thanks very much. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios.
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we are back at ten with our sister station the cw philly a and back here after the game. >> up next, "cbs evening news", tonight take a look at what you are wearing, ever wonder where those buttons came from. seth dome takes us to the factory that produces 60 percent of the button on earth. in new york here's scott pelley.
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>> pelley: chaos in the house. the speaker-in-waiting drops out. >> for us to unite, we probably need a fresh face. >> pelley: also tonight, a v.w. executive takes the oath and then pleads ignorance. >> to my best knowledge today the corporation in no board meeting or supervisory report meeting has authorized this. >> pelley: an american hero is stabbed and seriously wounded. and a belly laugh in the button capital. >> reporter: is this a decent button? >> that's polyester. >> reporter: is that bad? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: he left them speechless. house majority leader kevin mccarthy stunned his republican colleagues today by dropping out of the race for speaker of the


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