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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 8, 2015 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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jism nfl thursday night football sponsored by: state park just off downtown here in the city of houston. now, the texans are going to take over at the 36. hoyer with the hot hand. is replacing mallett in the second quarter. finds an open hopkins. he steps out of bounds, that drew a flag at the end. hopkins was making an appeal for a little excessive contact. >> phil: could be taunting.
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>> jim: maybe it was taunting. >> phil: really good play by texans. >> referee: unsportsmanlike conduct. offense no. 10. 15-yard penalty. will be first and ten. >> jim: did you see that mike carey. >> mike: that was -- as soon as he went out of bounds then threw the ball at the defender. really not great concentration play. >> jim: it happened right in front of the head coach. why did you do that? 13 penalties on houston tonight. trying to get it all back. got a first down. >> phil: making it look easy. only thing that stopped either offense it seems like tonight is penalties.
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that's what stops the drive. >> jim: only 125 yards worth. >> phil: is that all? >> jim: that's it. >> phil: but the protection, they're not open any more for the houston texans. they're wide open. >> jim: hoyer has 300 yard gain now. 2 of 28. 304 yards and two touchdowns. >> phil: as defense, basically against jacksonville. >> jim: underneath to mumphery. that's another gain of four. >> phil: that time that changed it up. there claim blitz. brian hoyer, it happens to a quarterback. he's got in there, he's had success. he's got rhythm. he's seeing everything perfectly. >> jim: last 00 passerby guy coming off the bench, chad
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henning for jacksonville against houston three years ago. second and five. he hit him in that first half. they are still jawing. going to be third about two. remind that you coming up after the game the mazda postgame show interviews and analysis of all of tonight's action. going -- they don't have to run a play before the two-minute warning. they're going to wait. >> phil: big play.
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kinda makes you want to jump for joy. tell all your friends and family. even throw a party. get up to $400 when you switch to verizon and trade up to the iphone 6s. and now you can upgrade to a new iphone every year without the wait. so you'll always have the best iphone on the best network. >> jim: there was negative reaction when texans did not run play before the two-minute warning that was the right thing to do. >> phil: throughout she. because of the situation it's third and two. but you have plenty of time. two minutes, three times outs make sure you get the right call
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of course you'd love to score the touchdown not give colts chance to kick game winning fieldgoal. >> jim: third and two it is. with hoyer. pressure is coming, he unloads down the field it's intercepted right in the arms of mike adams. second interception of the game. well after the pick. they have been lacking pressure all night on the quarterback. but this time eric walled eninfluenced that throw. >> phil: it was all about pass coverage. protection, jim, was out standing. the coverage there was nobody even remotely open as i was watching it. they had crossers, indianapolis colts were all over it and brian hoyer -- >> referee: no foul during return. first down. >> jim: he did have his time but
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once eventually it had the break down once there was pressure it produced the only ugly throw of the night by hoyer. >> phil: watch as crossed the field. crossers, everybody, you tell me where you can they it. that is all night long they have struggled covering receivers down the field. of course one place you'd never want to throw the football away is down the middle of the field. >> jim: this game is not over as texans has three times outs as we found out this last thursday night. time out houston. again the mazda postgame show comes up after this one. interviews and analysis of tonight's game. >> phil: i would say this to the texans defense. you still have two timeouts.
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the way this game is being called by pep hamilton and indianapolis offense. it would not surprise me to see play action pass roll out. hasselbeck will know what to do f. it's not there he's going to hold on to the football. not going to stop the clock but if it's wide open he'll take the throw. >> jim: need to do that here on second down or talking about third down? >> phil: do it now. to catch defense somewhat by surprise. third down you're not going to fool them with a play action fake. or any misdirection. >> jim: going to take away one of the houston timeouts leaving houston with one. >> phil: i was sure i was going to be right. all night play calling has just been a step ahead of the defense. kept them off guard. that's why i thought it's the time because you get defensive
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players in situations like this. they usually over pursue trying to make play to help their football team. >> jim: a third and six coming up. >> phil: no matter what you do main thing for colts offense to make sure you make houston use their last time out. >> jim: frank gore is at 98 yards rushing. might get the call here again. nope, going up top. they're going down the field. trying to ice it. hilton has it! he beats kareem jackson and that basically closes out the game. >> phil: ten things they could have done i would have never
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guessed. what a throw by hasselbeck. t.y. hilton nice stutter. and look he keeps his eye on the football and just never slows down. once again what a throw right on target. >> jim: 43-yard pass play with 1:30 to go. now colts will have chance to kneel it and run it out. >> phil: this is going to be a victory -- going to be as excited as this colts team has been in awhile to win game like this, under the circumstances, coming down here playing desperate houston texans game. >> jim: did call last time out after completion can't stop it again. colts are going to win in division for all-time nfl record 16th consecutive time. >> phil: you look going forward. i think brian hoyer will be the quarterback even after that big mistake they're going with him now. switching back this could go on all year long.
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i think you got to look at it this way. on defensive side for houston texans it's j.j. watt not making the plays, da dave john clowney, just not making plays to get opponent off the field. >> jim: texans have dug themselves in deep hole coming off 9-7 going to drop to 1-4 they have lost at home. to the team that has ruled this division for so long. meanwhile colts are going to improve to 3-2 all three of their wins have come against division opponents including two of those on the road. one more snap, colts without andrew luck led by matt hasselbeck and his older brigade. they get road victory here in houston. >> phil: there you go. >> jim: what a sweet night for
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andre johnson. two touchdowns on the night for johnson. got to think shoulder injury if he was close to playing this week, that given 11 days from now will be ready to go against new england. >> phil: i would think so. what a job by matt hasselbeck coming in, two games, 3-0 in division now for indianapolis colts. they win tonight even though the texans put up 444 yards of offense. don't see that every day. hoyer throws for 312 but gets picked in the last couple of minutes. hasselbeck under the weather, but what a performance by matt tonight. hasselbeck, 21 yards two, touchdowns, no interceptions. though did not turn the football over once.
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fighting a virus, hasselbeck, basically no practice on short week he could still play at very high level. no question. >> phil: i'm telling you i talked to him personally, there is no way he going to make it through this game because the way he felt, you know when you get out there, the adrenaline, heat, everything that gets going i would thought that would sap his energy he was magnificent all night long. >> jim: for his 40th birthday he wanted to raise $40,000 to build a water well for impoverished in a region of africa. that was his goal. owe went online, estimate raising money for that, trying to do something good to celebrate his birthday.
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the colts they go to quarterback, they go to the well, if you will, the last two games. since 2012 he's 2-0. >> phil: having quality back up protects your football team give colts credit. go over to tracy. >> tracy: you told me before the game just feeling so miserable, how difficult was it playing through this illness tonight? >> you know, it wasn't as hard as i thought before the game i honestly thought i didn't know if i could make it through. some unknown reason, i was able to finish, i can't explain it. it was amazing. >> tracy: where do the tears come from? >> i got nothing left, probably. i don't know. been emotional day. >> tracy: you come in hold down the fort in these two games,
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huge division games how much confidence does it give you and this team going forward now heading into the patriots a week from sunday? >> we were just -- is always tough game for us, this is a good team, we're just trying to find a rhythm as team as offense, chuck said it before the game going to take all you got, one play at a time. don't judge at any point in this game. they got some momentum before half with the hail mary. our team came out answered just really fun playing with these guys. great group of guys. >> tracy: one heck of pregame speech. congratulations, feel good. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> jim: so glad that tracy asked him that question, too. isn't it special to see, guy that has been in this league for almost, what, 35,000 plus yards, took team to the nfc total still means this much to come on the road and put up a performance like this. well under 100%. how many times did see we see
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athletes win their under the weather able to focus and turn in these kind of performance? matt hasselbeck did it. >> jim: high character guy. ms. da postgame show we'll be back with more in just a moment.
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> james:back up quarterback finished a game did he not start and brian hoyer despite 00 yards passing round up throwing the game stealing pick in game that was won by a 40-year-old back up
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quarterback who became first 40-year-old to win back to back starts since brett favre did it for vikings back in 2010 that is matthew hasselbeck, i am rich on thursday night football postgame show with marshal, steve, michael. what a performance by matt hasselbeck. >> wow. what made it open more interesting spectacular was the fact that he didn't practice this week. he was sick, he was on ivs didn't even know if he could last the entear game. he played very well, couple hundred yards passing again. no interceptions for the second game in a row. when you take over for franchise quarterback, they hope that you play well enough to win games and won two close games in the division. what a performance by matthew tonight. >> offensive line did great job at protecting him. basically eliminated j.j. watt. >> what are you trying to say? >> i said it. >> they eliminated j.j. watt. two tackles, one quarterback hit. that was let 'much it. most of the time they double teamed him when they singled him
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they threw the ball deep. j.j. watt. this game was going to be won. j.j. watt this defensive line they need make statement get to matthew hasselbeck they did not do that. matt had good day. >> you say team played together. first team we asked everybody, why did you pick the colts and playing so badly. it was collection of talent. but not collaboration of talent. tonight it was collaboration of talent. they blocked well and came together i thought on purpose like we're going to get andre johnson the ball at home, coming together as one. he had a big day. hasselbeck found him, scored two touchdowns. >> amazing subtract their best player, everybody rises up. >> joe gilbert did heck of a job. clowney didn't get much action. j.j. wad -- >> let it go only only picked -- >> make sure. >> you don't know that -- >> you need to know that --
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>> only one -- >> right. >> there are three is in michael and irvin. one in game. jay pick. two in phil and sims take it away. >> jim: michael two is in phil simms. >> jim: 11 days ago this colts team was on the road in nashville down double digits in the fourth quarter on the brink of going 0-3. we saw clip of pagano after the game talking about that who was biggest win of his career. now tonight here they are 11 days later three wins all in division. going to get andrew luck back, got to think next game against new england and frank gore now into the system. andre johnson, part of the game plan. things are can looking better. >> phil: they integrated everybody. you talk about coach pagano, he's -- always beliefs. he's inspirational. he talked to us, you thought they were 4-0 coming into this
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game the way he talks makes highways players get behind everything. talking about steve there, matt hasselbeck, he coached the system he's played in many years i used to take highlights show young quarterbacks, if you want to do it talked about it, everything, that's why he can still perform so well at 40. because he technically does so many things well. tonight that was a masterful performance by him. >> jim: next week thursday night football will be down in new orleans. atlanta falcons hosting washington this sunday. this sun defeated team at the moment going against the saints. that's great rivalry game. the saints finally got on board with win against dallas sunday night. should be some scene. >> phil: going to be great to watch both quarterbacks. they can always perform. no matter what the circumstances. under pressure, whatever is going on. matt ryan, drew brees they can get it done. >> jim: indianapolis wins here in houston.
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27-20 coming up next on cbs. your local news except on the west coast. don't miss late show with steven colbert followed by late late show. tonight only cbs. more football mazda postgame show continues on nfl network. for phil, tracy, mike carey all the crew, jim nantz saying so long from houston thanks for watching the mazda postgame show.
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♪ right now on "eyewitness news" beach battle governor chris christie tiking one jersey shore town to court all over protected dunes. tonight we're also tracking october thunderstorms. storm scan3 shows the system over the great lakes region and it could bring us a soggy end to the week. good evening, thanks for staying up late with us. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm todd quinones. ukee is off name we've been enjoying great weather but changes unfortunately or way. >> let's get out to meteorologist kate bilo she has more on had we might see those october thunderstorms. kate? >> well, todd and jess cash the wind is already starting to pick up here on the sky deck. breezy conditions as the southwest flow starts out ahead
11:44 pm
of our advancing cold front and that front is set to move through here tomorrow afternoon just in time for the friday afternoon rush which is not great on its best day, but certainly snarled by thunderstorms could be a problem tomorrow. let's take look at storm scan3 and you can see what's happening right now. showers and storms breaking out across portions of michigan. as we head into the overnight hours the sun goes down. cooler outside these showers and storms are starting to fizzle as that front comes here tomorrow it's doing arrive at the warmest part of the day. late afternoon into early evening tomorrow is unseasonably warm day and that provide enough fuel for that line to produce a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. temperatures right now, cooling down quite considerably. 63 degrees at the airport. in the 50's in allentown, reading, lancaster, millville at 53 degrees. the clouds start to increase. tomorrow clouds and breaks of sunshine. very very skinny line of showers and storms that come through here between about 3:00 and 6:00 o'clock tomorrow evening. then heads down the shore. this is not a washout of a day. this is an hour maybe two hours
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of showers and thunderstorms. but it's going hit at pretty inn tune times. scatter showers, tenth an inch third of an inch of rain could be locally higher and thunderstorms but these storms could produce gusty winds as well down tours of pours that make it tough to see the roadways. i'll have more of a possible risk for severe weather in our area and change force the weekend. what does this mean for your walk weekend plans. i'll having up when i join you inside. >> margate properties under siege. the state of new jersey goes to court to see certain publicly owned beach plots to be used of used for protective dune system. it's the latest development feign the beach battle and the atlantic county town. diana rocco has the details. >> in the latest move new jersey governor chris christie is see seeking to take margate beaches i eminent domain. >> towns like margate -- you know, you are amongst the most selfish people in the state of
11:46 pm
new jersey. i hope it's worth the vanity act you're all engaging in. because we're going to win eventually. >> fighting words from the governor last week after a two-year battle with margate residents over a dune project to put sand back on city beaches. in the wake of erosion from hurricane sandy up and down the jersey coastline. >> i think they need to find another solution. >> 87 parcels of public property and 10 privately owned beach front homes are at issue. the state needs to easements to start statewide replenishment project paid for by the federal government. the governor says the resistance of margate residents is holding the project hostage. >> the beaches in margate we're a seaside resort. the beaches are jammed. they're priceless. >> margatess mayor says the state has offered them $29,000 for a project that would change the landscape unnecessarily. the island's end to end bulk headers have provided protection from flooding. >> it's not a question of money. it's not a question of people losing their view. it's a question that we just don't think it's the right thing
11:47 pm
for us. >> reporter: long-time residents charlene natale says during sandy the flooding was bay side. like others it was the beaches that first a tracked her to margate. >> for the people that live on the ocean, for the taxes that they pay, that it would obstruct their view of the ocean and that is the reason why they purchased their houses. >> margate residents have voted down the beche men initiate many project twice and a federal judge sided with them twice. now faced with the threat of eminent domain, they say they will once again have their day in court. a process which could take months. in margate, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". the search is on tonight for a knife wielding suspect who stabbed and robbed an auto tag shop employee in southwest philadelphia. investigators say the employee was stabbed multiple times just before 6:00 o'clock and is now in critical condition. "eyewitness news" at 63rd and dick streets. detectives are examining video from surveillance cameras in the area for more clues.
11:48 pm
>> there's a violent struggle inside. there's blood throughout the business. there's also broken 95 blade and side. we know our victim stabbed over 20 times in the head, the arms, the chest and the side. and we're hoping because this is a pretty busy intersection at that time of night somebody may have seen this mail. >> police say the suspect was wearing a yellow t-shirt and dark colored pants. authorities are questioning a person of interest in connection with the sexual assault and robbery of a temple student last week. a man seen on this surveillance video from a septa train has been taken into custody for a probation violation. so far he has not been charged in that sexual assault. the crime happened on septembe september 28th in the 1400 block of carlisle street. new developments surrounding a dead body found in a mercer county park. police in hamilton township are now looking for a black 1992 ford f150 extended cab like this one. it has a new jersey tag l44eru.
11:49 pm
the body of 38-year-old jessica prusik was found in some weeds tuesday morning in roebling park. no word yet on a cause of death but it is being investigated as a homicide. authorities arrest two men in the death of a man during a home invasion in lower more land montgomery county. prosecutors say that nadir abdul ali and his friend desmond smith broke into kevin brown's home and shot him to death on september 27th. ali is the former boyfriend of brown's 18-year-old daughter. prosecutors say the daughter had been trying to escape their abusive relationship. there was report of a sexual assault by both ali and smith in august that may have been played a part in the motive. >> she was told by mr. abdul ali if she told anyone about that event that he would send desmond smith to shoot her and her family. >> prosecutors say smith is the one who shot brown to death. new information to about the flu shot scare in west windsor mercer county. free flu shots were given to
11:50 pm
employees. the nurse giving the shots who worked for company called total wellness shared two syringes among 67 people. her license has now been suspended and officials are recommending employees who got those shots be tested for hepatitis b and c as well as hiv. the philadelphia public school students are weighing in on the pennsylvania budget battle. >> some students from schools across the city walked out of class today. protested outside school district headquarters in spring garden they called for an end to the budget stalemate so state fundinfunding for schools can be restored. pennsylvania now has been operating without a budget since june 30th. >> i have a seven-year-old little brother. i don't want him to grow up in, you know, not have what he should have. >> pay me late or pay me never. that's the choice we're looking at and i'm standing up for the principal we need to get our funding on a solid basis. >> in districts are taking out


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