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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 9, 2015 2:52am-4:01am EDT

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>> what could this deposition cost hi then terrance's blowout goes viral. is their "empire" in trouble? >sleena -- selena gomez on her heal crisis. >> plus, geerting dowe're gettih cool and the gang with the star on the walk of fame. >> over 70 million records sold. >> and i can only think of one way celebrate the good times. ♪ everyone around the world come on ♪ >> that's pretty good, right? >> now hollywood from the out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. janet, nba, which artist will get their spot in the 'n' roll hol of fame? >> that's a tough one. >> first, the heat is on
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cosby. from his alleged accuser speaking out if prime time to news today that he will now face attorney gloria alred in court. let'sinside cosby under oath. >> night of a big development in the bill cosby case. he'll have to answer questions under oath. >> the lawsuit is moving forward. >> bill cosby's deposition is scheduled for tomorrow in a lawsuit brought against him by a woman who says she was molested by cosby when she was just 15. >> there's no response. i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. >> after a year of cosby's code of silence, tomorrow he'll be forced to answer questions posed by attorney gloria alred, she represents 26 of 50 accusers including judy >> judy huff filed a civil suit alleging in 1974 when she was jus cosby forced her to perform a sexual act on >> our legal insider explains what is at stake for c
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>> if there is a case that still within the criminal statute o limitations, anything that said in this deposition could used against him there. >> i just 20. i was 23 years >> i wasn't going to go up againstgoliath. >> the kind of person i was dealing with would destroy me. >> tomorrow's testimony will be the first cosby faces questions stemming from this epic wave of new allegat >> i have been in this business 52 years i've never seen anything like this. reality is the situation and i can't speak. >> but did back in in recently released depositions from a different civil suit admitted to giving a woman a drug prior to having sex and having sexual relations with
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five women referring to them as rendezvouses. that's the same term he used with cbs news in 1997 during his only on camera admission infidelity after a woman accused him of fathering her child. >> we had a rendezvous one day when i called her for a second rendezvous, she came and she made at announcement. >> he'll likely not want to answer the questions posed, in the past when asked ones he didn't approve of, his reac ranged from intimidation -- >> i don't w to compromise your integrity, but i don't talk about it. >> anger as seen in 2010 when he was interrupted by a publicist. >> one more question. >> yeah, but i'm trying to answer. if you would shut up, i would -- i really would ha finished it. i swear! >> look, when it down to is cosby is going to have to face the tough questions head on. he's been letting his attorneys do the talking for him. now his turn. >> it's to be very interesting to see what happens
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if that deposition goes public. >> yes. >> all right. switching gears to what else the internet all lit uptoday? michael yo joining us at our social station now with news th will make the nation listen. >> you know i got this. debut at number one on the billboard album chart next we and today a rock 'n' rol milestone. her latest escapade tops what's trending on yahoo celebrity. ♪ jajackson. ♪ >> janet trending today burning up social media. the jackson's one of the musical nominees going head-t for induction into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. n >> nine inch nails. >> cheap trick. ♪ want you to want me ♪ mr. deejay ♪ let's go
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>> fans been rooting for janet for a a facebook page called induct janet jackson into the hall of fame launched with 75,000 followers. their dreams may just beco reality. >> hey, welcome backstage! >> this miss j surround by her dancers gave us a at rehearsals for her "unbreakable" tour. >> how are you? cameras caught her checking out her rehearsals from the audience. she just announced a e leg of her explosive tour which will kick off in the uk next march. ♪ today is the beginning a new era for the "empire." >> the lion is back a roar and the fires of the heaven have opened up. >> i'm notsorry. >> not yet, but you will be. >> "empire" trending hot. 13 million viewers tund in and a6,000 tweets back and forth during the episode making the fox hit the number one of the night.
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>> you got me twisted. i'm always going to eat, just not with you. >> the rumors bad blood between tiragi and terrance continue to swirl. but cookie is clearing the air, sort of. >> you know what? i'm of you. >> no. [ beep ] >> this of the two stars going at it went viral with over 40,000 likes. relax, everyone. it's a joke. >> don't forget it. watch"empire" tonight. i love my terrance. >> she posted the footage with caption, word on street is terrance and i don't along. like i would fight with someone i don't get along w do be silly. >> i terrance. >> i mean come on. she helped terrance get the job. calm down, people. it's c acting. >> they do give a good fight. >> i know they do. >> thank you very much. someone no drama, real
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or fake ed sheeran. >> how much do we love him? you've been with ed since the very beg >> and he's embarking on a new very exciting evolution. he's now thinking out loud and headin into his next musi chapter. >> the last time i was on the "insider," they gave m a hover board. i never tried it,actually. >> i mean come on. of course we had to give a gift to ed to celebrate the incredible year he's been having. ♪ not only has hit album sold ov million copies worldwide, he is also nominated for three grammys and in september he checked off one of his wildest dreams in front of 270,000 people. i sold out three nights at wimbley stadium. >> there was only one way for boy to show his pride. >> english emblem actually aligned, i want to get it tattooed on me. >> but that caused a social
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media uproar. >> this is the biggest thing that happened in my career. i think it's a cool of showing it. it took the specialness away from it. ♪ >> and it's another piece of ink that has ed starting the new phase of his career from star to star maker. >> i have the gingerbread man from "shrek" tattooed on my arm. >> so meet the label, first artist. ♪ >> singer/songwriter jamie lawson whose self titled album hits stores home. >> ed knows a lot of the people, millions. he seems to know nefrnt world. so the fact t he decided to go with my songs at this first step into that world is a real honor for me. definitely he was interested in the song an music. he has a complete stake in >> and if you guys love ed, you're going to love, love, love
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jamie. it is such singer/songer dlishness. one of other friends is opening her album on friday, selena gomez. she's going viral on the haters. i'll have that for you. >> she is finding her voice. thank you, keltie. >> still ahead, hollywood is swinging with cool and the gang. their song still cherished in the music game wlochbut who is new artest hopi es hoping to jo group? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ celebrate good times, come >> now it's a party, people. no bar mitzvah, no wedding, no birthday party is complete without the soundtrack of the music legends that are cool and the gang. >> how many times you have danced to that song? >> abo million. >> you don't even know.
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five decades later, the celebration continues. i got to hang out with the iconic foursome as they talked about how other artists are keeping thei music fresh. let's jungle boogie with the icons of r&b still cool 50 years in the gang. ♪ ge down, get down >> 50 years. >> 50 years. ♪ get down on it >> 23 albums, seven million records sold. how about th >> yeah. wow. >> talking with me in studio city sound studios, the original members of the gang have reason tocelebrate. ♪ oh, yes it's lady's night and the feeling is right ♪ >> what the kids there don't know is you know their music. you are the mos sampled band in the history of hip hop. from ice cub to snoop dog to mary j. blige, their hit "summer madness" has been s at least 140 times.
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that melody also provided the making of a mega hit for dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince. ♪ summer time >> the whole summer thing. it was produced verywell. >> how do you feel when an artist samples yourmusic? >> honor. >> we know they'll do a job. >> how is this for a birthday present? you're getting your star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> wonderful. >> how does that feel? >> it feels we never thought about it. they finally gave us astar. hollywood! >> i have ask, because i'm a super fan, how i do get into this gang? >> you're already in. everyone around the world come ♪ >> by the way, i'll you have know that, w totally spontaneous. i had no idea i was going to sing with cool and the gang. i didn't prep for. that there was no karaoke teleprompter.
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i neutral words. >> it was amazing. but the mofdves. >> i know. i have to workthat. >> selena gomez fighting back. she's coming clean about her break from the business and why nearly hit bottom. >> and if he list ti's tv rooup reunion and how car russell feels about her hair chop heard around the world.
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selena gomez reportedly about her ex-boyfriend justin bieber but it's not the relationships they are buzzing about. >> the 23-year- trending for health revelations in "billbmagazine." keltie is back to tell us about it. >> what a bravelady. selena admitting what her break from the busi was really about and the on line bullies
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and body shamers th continue to attack her. something she spoke to me about last month. >> brilliantly handled nasty body shamer year. and then you have this very sexy and beautiful cover for new album "revival." what is the message you're trying to send to women, to your fans? >> it's to build you up, to knock you down kind of thing. you take a good picture, they don't want they want a horrible picture of you. and i would love to have the opportunity to sit down with every single pers has ever said anything mean to me because that would behilarious. they would never say it again. ♪ i just want to look good for you good for you ♪ >> now selena shutting down online critics with a stunning revelati "billboard magazine," she confessed, i was diagnosed with lupus and jue underwendchemotherapy.
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>> i think it tested me. >> she was boiling when the tabloid headline hot or hefty surfaced last year along are rumors she entered rehab fo substance abuse when she was suffering from the chronic autoimmdisease. i locked myself away until i was confident and comfortable again. >> through all the hurd ldz that life is going to come get you or basically the world comes at you with its worst, you just have to come back at it with your best. >> selena joins other stars who have gone public about their battle with lupus. >> every knew i had heart issues. they didn't know it is because i have lupus. i'll do my show in and i was forced to cancel my because of my illness. all the other concerts after that. >> when toni braxton's illness side lined her career in 2008, she faced bankruptcy and body shamers. >> if you ever chunky, it's because of the steroids and shots and medication. to great day. i'm a little thinner today.
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>> like toni, selena is there is life and happiness after lupus. ♪ i'm so sick of that same old love ♪ >> now in remission and looking better ever, selena told us she is staying strong for her 58 million selena fans. >> there have been ups and downs in my life and my career. they have the one thing that has been consistent in my entire career. ♪ same old love >> it is good to see selena stepping up to silence those haters. >> yes. >> this is going to be a big year for her. >> and aspiring so many young women as well. >> su great voice for her generation. thank you so much. >> he's going to college! in new york. what about you? >> that's pretty unclear. >> well, it became crystal clear after that. she followed her crush to new
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york giving viewers the 90s college romance. >> the team triangle is together again. as we take you inside if he list ti's college reunion. >> coming. >> >> how did you know that the show was catching on? >> that means people think it's popular. >> we don't know nothing. >> oh, yeah. >> beautiful. >> felicity in bed with ben and noles? it's the sexy reun of the hit series could have only dreamed of. the year 1998 and carrie russell got foley got noles and tv unknown. ♪ >> you mad fall in love with you. >> you know what? you're acting crazy. all i did was be nice to you. >> the series that aired for four seasons and "time" magazine once called one of the 100 best
3:14 am
tv shows of all time w water cooler sensation. but the moment that got the most attention had wh show producers asked kir carrie to cut her signature curly locks. the fans cried >> it seemed like everyone had an opinion. >> about your hair cut? >> well, actually, yeah. >> it was kind o amazing that anyone cared. favorite is those that would say, you were so pretty before you cut your hair. i was thank you. thank you. >> it's been years since she said good-bye to her two star cross loves. during that time, russell and speedman dated off set and obviously remained friends by the looks of this behind the scenes footage of entertainment weekly's special reunion photo shoot. >> you look great, by the way. >> thanks. but don't think i wore this for you. >> remember you wore the red dress at party scene? that was a goodepisode.
3:15 am
>> but for foley, the pop series last episode goes down as his all favorite. >> there's a moment where you are so choked up that it chokes me up every ti it's very sweet. very sweet. >> you just want myfood. >> i was just hungry. >> i know you were hungry. i kno hungry l >> those three have not aged at all. >> no. >> i mean welcome to hollywood, right? remember at the time, eve was team ben but noles turned out good. scott foley is a babe in "scandal." >> and in a love try aiangle in that show, too. >> keanu reeves takes on a new feat. that's next.
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i'd love do your hair. that's tomorrow on the inside>> insider. that's tomorrow on the inside"insider." >> before we go, we the "fast and furious" franchise is all about speed but so keanu reeves >> all right. sandra bullock was saved from a bomb on the bus and his next film all about safety. >> you think you can catch me? >> i don't think. i know! >> the movie ever produced by the california highway
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. jeff glor found out what is wrecking the reefs. >> reporter: this what a healthy coral reef looks like. this is what it looks like after it's become bleached. >> when you go in on a bleached reef, the corals are stark white. >> reporter: a coral reef expert with noaa. >> the sound is amazingly quiet, eerily quiet. the fish aren't behaving normally. >> reporter: bleaching occurs when coral is exposed to warmer
3:22 am
than there mall water. the coral gets stressed and loses its protection. if the coral remains exposed for a long period of time it can die. noaa says climate changes the primary cause. >> 2014 was the warmest year on record. coming into this year, the oceans were already warm. we saw an almost el nino in 2014, 2015. >> reporter: and the other factor is the warm mass known as the blob, combined with el nino is the worst bleaching hawaii has seen. started in the south pacific, spread to the pacific and indian oceans and in the florida keys and noaa says the caribbean is next. the third time an event like this occurred in recorded history. last we're we spoked with oceanographer sylvia earl during a dive in the reef. >> when the coral reef dies you lose the creatures that occur there and nowhere else. it's thought that we have lost thousand of species that can never be recovered. because they're gone.
3:23 am
>> reporter: noaa believes 5% of the world's coral could be lost this year. scott, next year predicted to be even worse. >> remarkable. jeff glor, thank you very much, jeff. >> in a moment the chef who turned america on to cajun cooking. paul prudhomme opened ape restaurant in new orleans, the k paul's louisiana kitchen was a hit and soon the country was hungry for cajun. prudhomme enjoyed his own cooking though he slimmed down in later years. paul prudhomme died today at 75. love is patient we are told.
3:24 am
but little karis could not wait a second longer to hug her dad at fort carson, colorado. lieutenant is just back from eight months in kuwait. >> she is excited. she spotted me from a couple rows back. and she couldn't contain her self. i wasn't going to tell her no. happy to see her. >> and today is karis' third birthday. no one in china was in a hurry which just celebrated a week-long holiday. half the population hit the road and apparently they all drove home on tuesday. they had to squeeze through a security checkpoint. 50 lanes, no movement. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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finally tonight, seth doane brought us an answer to a question nobody asked -- where do buttons come from. >> reporter: the humble button may not seem so significant, unless of course you are in qiaotou, china, here hundreds of fam factories produce more than 60% of all buttons on earth. sun yongliang told us we manufacture 2 million to 3 million buttons a day. 2 million to 3 million buttons a day? >> yes. >> reporter: that's just his company malifa. small buttons big market he told us. and sun says china's recent economic slowdown has not really hurt button town.
3:28 am
>> translator: as long as there is human civilization, sun told us, and as long as there are clothes, there will be buttons. if qiaotou is the world's button capital, then this is the center of it all. a mall with more than 550 shops dedicated entirely to buttons. that's where we met sun son's sean and daughter-in-law yning. >> if it is a cheap button. don't buy it. it isn't worth money. >> bamboo. what are some of these here? if you are keeping track, shell, horn, coconut buttons are in. but mine? is this a decent button? >> that's polyester. [ laughter ] >> reporter: is that bad? >> the material is much lower than the other materials. >> reporter: when you look at me do you look at my buttons. >> yeah, first time. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: oh, no. another thing to think about. the couple went to university in austin, texas. but came back so they could help the family business. >> our labor is increasing.
3:29 am
if we don't change ourselves, there is no place for us to live in this world. >> reporter: you are trying to work smarter here? >> yeah. >> reporter: he is introducing computer systems to modernize how this old business is run. this family wants to put this place on the button map. if italy is famous for its pizza, and napa for its wine, doesn't qiaotou deserve a little recognition too? seth doane, cbs news in the world's button capital. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this friday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us just a little later for "the morning news" and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley.
3:30 am
this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "cbs overnight news," republican leaders in washington are scrambling to contain the fallout after majority leader kevin mccarthy dropped a political bombshell. mccarthy, the hand picked successor to outgoing john boehner shocked his colleagues by announcing he doesn't want the job. the gop is in apparent disarray with no replacement and no date nancy cordes reports from capitol hill. chaos was the word house republicans used to describe their own conference today after mccarthy's surprise announcement. >> we were all in shock. >> all members of the delegation of the conference were shocked. >> reporter: they had gone into the closed door meeting to elect their next speaker when the front-runner told them he was
3:31 am
pulling out. mccarthy who is currently second in command said he sensed the party was too divided over his bid. >> for us to unite we probably need a fresh face. >> reporter: he had been weakened in part by his own words an apparent admission that the house benghazi investigation had a political game. >> everybody thought that hillary clinton was unbeatable but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee what are her numbers today. >> the comment handed clinton a powerful talking point. >> look at the situation they chose to exploit to go after me for political reasons the death of four americans in benghazi. >> reporter: then last night, roughly 40 hard line conservatives who called themselves the house freedom caucus endorsed florida congressman daniel webster for speaker. a sign they might buck mccarthy's leadership as they had speaker john boehner's.
3:32 am
that dynamic made the job distinctly unappealing. utah's jason chaffetz is one of two people who say they want it. >> i think we have a lot of internal fracture, fracturing that's happened we need to figure out a way to unite the party. several party elders are trying to convince wisconsin's paul ryan to run for speaker. he has strong conservative credentials. but so did house speaker john boehner and the right still accused him of caving every time compromised. paul ryan's office says he is still a firm no. the president of volkswagen was raked over the coals by a congressional committee investigating the vw scandal. kris van cleave reports. >> vw betrayed a nation. time to clean it up or get off the road. >> i apologize on behalf of everyone at volkswagen. >> reporter: v.w.'s u.s. ceo michael horn told a house
3:33 am
committee he learned of his company's deception in september. days before the environmental protection agency revealed some of volkswagen's diesel cars used software designed to cheat on emissions tests. >> the investigations are ongoing, but this was not a corporate decision from mypoint of view. this was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reasons. >> reporter: horn testified three engineers have been suspended. new york congressman chris collins wasn't buying it. >> v.w. is trying to get the united states of america to believe these are a couple rogue engineers, i categorically reject that. >> reporter: epa officials were criticized. the epa's christopher grundler defended the agency. >> once we learned of excessive emissions we focused on it. didn't ignore it. >> i think the american people should ask we fire you. >> epa officials wonder rule out criminal charges after german police raided volkswagen's corporate headquarters. the car maker announced they
3:34 am
would not seek certification for the 2016 diesel models in the u.s. which means they can't be sold here. kris van cleave, cbs news. governor nikki haley warning residents who live along the coast to head to higher ground. the heavy rain that sparked devastating flooding may be over the water is heading downstream and carrying more misery. david begnaud was there. >> reporter: sunday morning an elderly woman was heading to church. she got stuck here. before the road failed and water was moving across. her vehicle stuck in the middle was pushed off the side and down 20 yard into a ditch where she picked up her phone and dialed 911. on sunday morning in columbia, rescue teams were overwhelmed with calls for help. >> i have a person in the vehicle just about to be submerged. >> one pickup truck with a 73-year-old man inside.
3:35 am
>> reporter: 71-year-old clara gantt was one of those who needed help and she need it desperately. she was on her way to church when she got caught in floodwater. when did you realize you were in trouble? >> i realized it when my car stalled on the bridge. >> reporter: she called her family as rushing water pushed her car into the front yard of a church. >> i am afraid. i want to get out of this. >> reporter: all of a sudden she saw her grandson, travis catchings he secured himself to a rope and floated her way. >> i was so glad to see him. i've was afraid for him too. >> i said, hey, mema. i smiled at her. she smiled back. she said, hey, trav. i said we'll get you out of here. >> reporter: he pulled gantt out of the car and to keep her from being swept away grabbed on to a large red cross that was in the churchyard. together grandmother and grandson held on for four hours. while waiting, catching s recorded the moment on a cell phone. >> it was like being in the midst of a raging river. >> i cling to the cross every day.
3:36 am
>> if you are wondering what happened to the red cross, it disappeared. last seen floating away. south carolina's governor told residents thursday they could expect to see flooding along the coast as early as friday. as the the high water head east. david begnaud, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. scientists are sounding the alarm over a worldwide threat to the ocean's coral. blaming it on higher water temperature and part of the trouble may be man made. jeff glor reports. coral reef looks like. >> reporter: this what a healthy coral reef looks like. this is what it looks like after it's become bleached. >> when you go in on a bleached reef, the corals are stark white. >> reporter: a coral reef expert with noaa. >> the sound is amazingly quiet, eerily quiet. the fish aren't behaving normally. >> reporter: bleaching occurs when coral is exposed to warmer than normal water. the coral gets stressed and loses its protection.
3:37 am
if the coral remains exposed for a long period of time it can die. noaa says climate changes the primary cause. >> 2014 was the warmest year on record. coming into this year, the oceans were already warm. we saw an almost el nino in 2014, 2015. >> reporter: and the other factor is the warm mass known as the blob, combined with el nino has caused the worst bleaching hawaii has seen. started in the south pacific, spread to the pacific and indian oceans and in the florida keys and noaa says the caribbean is next. this 'tis -- this is only the third time an event like this occurred in recorded history. last year we spoke with renown ed oceanographer sylvia earl during a dive in the keys. >> when the coral reef dies you lose the creatures that occur there and nowhere else. it's thought that we have lost
3:38 am
thousands of species that can never be recovered. >> the "cbs overnight news" will
3:39 am
3:40 am
ohio governor john kasich is struggling to stay in the race for the gop presidential nomination. he trails front-runner donald trump by a mile. but says he expects to resuscitate his campaign in the early voting states. kasich sat down with charlie, nora and gayle on cbs this morning. >> pleased to welcome governor kasich to studio 57. welcome. >> always great to be here. >> glad to have you here, governor. >> this is really good. >> we thank you for that. let's first talk trade. as the the governor you supported trade as long as workers are protected. do you support this bill? >> i think so, charlie. i haven't seen all the details. the senate is going to look at it.
3:41 am
look, we want to have a strengthened group of people in asia to interface against the chinese. and trade can help do that. my concern about trade is when countries dump material into our country we wait for a year, two years before we get a resolution as to whether they cheated or not. so by the time we find out they dumped, people are out of work. i think we need an expedited process, somebody to stick up for the american worker. so free trade but no looking the other way. no bureaucratic slowdown. >> inclined to support. >> yeah, i think it is good for u.s. not only in terms of economics also in terms of foreign policy. trade can make a difference in strengthening us around the world. >> let's talk the 2016 presidential race. you have taken a risk, differing on issues. whether immigration, on gay marriage. on obama care. do you think the party's platform need to evolve on those issues? >> first of all, i am not for obamacare. i don't flavor it.
3:42 am
i have a plan to replace obamacare. not just against it. i have a program that drives toward quality health care rather than quantity health care. would take time to explain. actually a legitimate alternative to keep prices down and make sure people have access. on gay marriage. look i believe in traditional marriage. but the court has ruled. when the court rules, you know. >> does your party need to evolve on that issue? >> i don't know if they don't have my position. they don't say much about it. that's my position. the first one you raised was immigration. >> you don't believe in a wall. >> i believe in a wall. what i believe is we should have a guest worker program. and the people who were here who have abided by the law should be able to have a path to legalization. it know it practical to think we are going to go take, 10 million, 11 million, 12 million people. how are we going to get them? ship them to the border and yell get out of our country it is not
3:43 am
practical. by the way the folks who are here, many of them are creating a wonderful, stronger america. so, i think -- i think this can pass. see in this campaign we should stop talking about pie in the sky. and start talking about real solutions. i have been a reformer my entire lifetime. but i know huh to land a plane and get it done >> the question is has your party moved to the right so far that as a conservative, a long time conservative, it's too far right for you and you're too far center for them? >> i think i have a right to define what the party is, charlie. look, we have risen. i was up in second place in new hampshire. we have come down. the polls are volatile. we have the best organization in new hampshire. we are building out in iowa, south carolina. look if i win, i have a right to define what the party is. along the way i am defining what it is. a party of economic growth. and economic growth. not an end unto itself. but also can help people who live in the shadows, mentally ill, drug addicted tell you who else.
3:44 am
the people in their 50s who faced job loss because their company left america or company shut down. they have become depressed. alienated. lonely. these are people that have to get opportunity to be trained so they can get work and support their family. i think this is a conservative message. >> let's talk about the poll numbers for a second. in your own state you are down. donald trump is beating you. people say you are one of the most experienced, most qualified. what do you need to do to break through. what's your strategy? is it frustrating for you, governor? >> my approval rating is well over 60% in ohio. i got like, very little negative. and very high positive. nationally, my positive ratings are very high as opposed to my negatives. i have a big ceiling because people don't know yet. look, you are all experienced. you know that places like ohio, like, iowa, and new hampshire, are launching pads. if i do well in new hampshire, you are going to have me back every day. so, that's. >> that's what we do. here's what i wanted to say. you can build a campaign where
3:45 am
you rise real fast, but you have no underpinnings we have seen this with a candidate who ran and dropped out. building the base to be sustaining. >> let's get you on foreign policy. the big headline in syria. what russia is doing. there are reports that moscow is deliberately targeting u.s.-backed rebel groups. >> sure they are now. >> you're sure they are now. >> reading the press reports that they are. >> what would you do to stop president putin from doing that? >> i called for a no-fly zone, a week, two weeks ago, whatever it was. sanctuary for people. any body violates the no-fly zone. i didn't have red lines that i dent stand by. you come into the no-fly zone. you will suffer the consequences. >> you would shoot down a russian airplane? >> if anybody violates the no-fly zone. i don't believe in painting a red line. >> what is a severe consequence? >> you know what it is. when you are commander in chief, you got to be steady and you got to be calm. i served on the defense
3:46 am
committee 18 years. everybody would understand what i am saying without having to use fiery rhetoric to get a headline the don't violate the no-fly zone. we should have been supporting the rebels we must suppot the opposition to assad, it is an iran, assad, russian deal. the russians are there. they're there because there was a void. but on top of it in the long haul, russia doesn't have the influence there that they are seeking in the middle east weft have to reassert ourselves in many ways, establishing a no-fly zone, helping the rebels. training people. creating a relationship with the kurds, with the sunni. we can make a big difference there. send multiple messages about the strength of the united states reasserting our leadership. >> who are you picking for your runningmate? >> are you available? you are looking -- you are smart, you look great, you're articulate. would you think about it? >> i will give it some thought. >> you have to get married first. >> no, we'll take her.
3:47 am
we'll take her. >> that would be a winning ticket. >> thank you. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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we've been changing things up witoh it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like...
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dare to feel more with new k-y love. doctors are hopeful an experimental gene therapy can be the cure for a devastating disease called gan. dr. john lapook explains. >> reporter: 11-year-old hannah sanes has a can-do attitude and
3:50 am
remarkable determination. at 4 years old she was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic defect called gan, the disease causes nerves to die and muscles to stop work. hannah can no longer walk on her own. children with gan don't survive past teens or 20s. laurie is hannah's mother. >> this is a fatal disorder. so we picked ourselves literally off the ground and decided to fight. we knew we needed to raise a lot of money fast. >> reporter: was there anything out there? >> there was nothing. >> reporter: out of nothing, sans has conjured hope, hannah's hope, a grassroots charity dedicated to finding a cure for gan. what has the it taken from her already? >> she can't dress, her fine motor skills are impaired, has trouble balancing food on her fork, it's really taken her independence. >> it's hard. >> reporter: how do you deal with it? >> i just keep a smile on my
3:51 am
nice and i try to keep my head up. >> 10-year-old chrissy grubie and her sister amanda were both born with gan. so far, 5-year-old amanda has hardly any symptoms while chrissy now has trouble walking and problems breathing. their father steve grubie. >> it is a sense of powerlessness. nothing i could do for my little girls to save their lives. >> reporter: now there may be something. hannah's hope raised millions for gene therapy research at university of north carolina's gray lab. seven years after sans began her crusade for a cure, a human trial is under way at national institutes of health. chrissy grube is patient number one. >> she was excited but very nervous. she understood that it might not work. >> can you feel that there? >> she understood it might make her worse. she also understood it was a chance to walk again. >> hold it. hold it. hold it. great. >> they are pioneers and courageous pioneers.
3:52 am
>> reporter: the doctor is directing the trial. the principle of gene therapy is to replace the gene with an artificial copy of the gene. >> reporter: hannah could be patient three. >> hannah has been asking why this has been taking so long. and we have told her that we need to really make certain that it is safe. >> you're my best friend. >> your's my best friend too. i love you. >> the families of three florida high school students who died after their principal hypnotized them reached a financial settlement with the school. each family is getting $200,000, but the parents of one student said money isn't the issue. the report for cbs this morning. >> reporter: the settlement marks the end of a lengthy legal battle that began after the north port high school principal george kenny admitted hypnotizing a student the day before the teen committed suicide. the principal was not a licensed hypnotist, they found kenny had hypnotized dozens of kids including two others who died that same year.
3:53 am
>> that's all she thought about. >> she gave up her weekend to give up time with her friend to study. >> this couple says their daughter britney was driven off to succeed. in her senior year at north port high school she went to her principal for guidance. >> george kenny at that time told her he believed she had test anxiety. >> a few months later the teen took her own life. >> what i believe happened. is that my daughter went into her room that night and blinked her eyes, rapidly. and she entered a calm and relaxed state that allowed her to go through what she went through. >> reporter: one of three students who died in 2011 after they were hypnotized. by kenny. marcus freeman was killed after he drove his car off the highway after he hypnotized himself. 16-year-old wesley mckinley committed suicide a month later. an investigation found despite warnings from school board officials, kenny hypnotize ed 70 students and staff members from 2006 to 2011.
3:54 am
one basketball player reported he was hypnotized 40 times. to improve his concentration. while no finding for any direct connection between the hypnotism and the deaths, kenny was placed on administrative leave in may 2011. he resigned the following year and pleaded no contest to two counts of practicing without a license. he received no jail time and served one year on probation. >> the school board is as negligent as dr. kenny is o. mr. kenny. they failed us as parents. >> reporter: the sarasota county school board said tuesday's settlement was in the best interest of all parties involved. >> we wanted something more. this wasn't about any type of money situation. >> i need the other families to know that i am trying to help their kids and their families so they don't end up like my daughter and my family. >> george kenny gave up his teaching license in 2013 and was banned from reapplying. he did not return our calls or e-mails for comments.
3:55 am
the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
3:56 am
3:57 am
a lot of people use yelp to get the low yun on carpenters or mechanics. now people will let you give one to five stars to an one you meet. people has three categories. personal, professional and dating. some fear it could foster online bullying. developers are moving forward. michelle miller reports for "cbs this morning." good morning. well the two women behind the app have been close friends for nearly 15 years. they say they know online reviews can be cruel and mean spirited. they built in safe guard to ensure that doesn't happen. >> we want you to get the rock star comments by all the people that love you. >> reporter: julia and her friend nicole created people, because they wanted a way to research strangers. >> i came up with an idea of one star. what's your idea. >> reporter: like when
3:58 am
purchasing a car or house. >> you are going to be able to really find out who somebody is before you invite them into your life around your greatest assets around your children around your family around your house. >> reporter: users can create a profile for themselves. anyone else-up have a cell number for. that person would receive a text that a profile has been made for them. if they agree, anyone can post a rating or comment to that profile, positive or negative. if they don't agree, only positive ratings could be posted. but no one can opt out and delete their profile. bridgette carrey things definition and libel are a real possibility. >> someone can go on line and say what they want about you and you are stuck with it. a nightmare. if you are looking for a job. >> reporter: she says profanity, racism and sexism are banned in the app. posts containing sexual reor disabilities will be rejected.
3:59 am
low star ratings are held for 4 hours so app users can dispute them. >> the biggest thing we don't tolerate is anonymous. and that is something that social media suffers from today. >> reporter: after articles about people were published this week the app ironically became the subject of a slew of bad online reviews. all the negative attention even caused people's website to crash thursday. >> i think the people who are most motivated to write a rating abut you is someone who doesn't like you. that could be trouble. >> reporter: cordre is kidding changes to the app in response to critics including ability to opt out of the service. she add all the bad publicity led to calls from venture capitalists and private equity firms interested in investing in the app. >> that's "cbs overnight news" for this friday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for the "morning news" and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new york city.
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it's friday, october 9th, 2015. it's friday, october 9th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." payoff in congress. one thought to be a shoo-in to be the next speak of the house kevin mccarthy abruptly recalls from consideration just before his colleagues were about to vote. the search is on this morning for two suspects believed to have stabbed the airman who foiled a terror attack on a paris-bound train. facebook plots out new ways to express feelings to others in life. good morning from ud


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