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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, overnight violence, two teens shot in stenton. more on what investigators now about what happened, and the conditions of the victims. and it has been fairly nice week. get ready for some rain. more on when we could see some thunderstorms, and what the rest of the week end looks like. >> new jersey governor chris christie faces off against one shore town in jersey. more on the governor's beach battle with margate. all of this is over protective dunes. >> good morning, it is friday, october 8th, i i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. getting your day started when traffic and weather together. we have kyla and meisha. >> can you believe it? i know this is shorter week for you, but i blinked and it became friday. i know you can sing and dance, so i would love to see that a
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little later. friday dance. >> oh, looking great. how is it feeling outside? >> we'll have nice start to the day. unfortunately, we have some showers, potentially thunderstorms our way as we head into the afternoon. so a lot to talk about today. let's talk about the temperatures first. very warm friday afternoon. wet friday evening. then we are going to see a cool down for the weekend. live look at the neighborhood network, current temperatures in the 50's, pottstown, hamilton, cinnaminson, coming in at 54 degrees. good morning to you. and good morning to you in center city where we're little warmer, 06 degrees, notice the winds is nice and calm out of the southwest. here's our problem, live look at storm scan3, see stormy weather ahead of cold front that will be tracking across the country. that's going to make for potentially messy rush hour for us this afternoon. so, while we will see warm temperatures, high of 79 in philadelphia, 74 down the shore, and at the poconos, little cooler there, 66, we've all got to look out for little bit of the wet stuff as we head into the afternoon.
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so scattered showers, that means slow p.m. drive. not incredible amount of rain. see tenth to .3 of an inch. thunderstorms are part of the picture, everybody, so i'll time it out for awe little in specifically when i come back in a moment. also talking the seven day forecast, of course weekend weather. meisha, how is it doing on the roads today? >> roads looking great, kai l real nice for friday morning. this is one of the lesser volume travel days, if you will, a lot of people take off friday or will have later start. things looking pretty good. still dealing with some construction out there, no doubt p it. ninety-five north and south between girard and the vine, rate lane blocked, each way, because that far construction, but, taking a look, you can already see some early risers out there, no doubt, you can see the construction truck pulled over rocking the right lane there. overall not causing any slow downs. just too early, still dark out. this is hazy camera, i'll let you know where this is. this is construction in bucks county route one southbound between route 413 and neshaminy, two lanes, are blocked, now take a look, see
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the swirling lights, not going cause you any hang upsment looking at the schuylkill, 76 at girard, looking good there, as well. everyone traveling at posted speeds just as they should. another area of construction, talking about this yesterday, as well, on the boulevard. the inner drive is closed between rhawn and woodward. and this is until 6:00 a.m. so as soon as this clears, i'll let you know recalling but make note it is in place again today, ladies, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. overnight gun violence lands pair of teens in the hospital. one of them was shot in the stolen car, and all of this happened in the stenton section of the city. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at northwest detective with the details on this investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police tell us those two teen victims now in critical condition. one shot in his chest and torso area, the other shot in his back. the shooting scene is on the 7900 block of temple road, in the city's stenton section, where at 11:00 last night police say the shots were fired. investigators found 11 shell casings, what's known, so far,
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is that one male victim, 19 years old, ran to his mother's house where he collapsed suffering from shots to his chest and stomach. the second male, also age 19, inside running car presumably to head for help, but only got few blocks. cheltenham and east fill mean a street where police found him lying in a rear driveway next to the car. onlookers say they saw him get out and then later collapse. police also note that the vehicle here, 2014 honda, had at least ten bullet holes, mostly on the driver side, authorities say the driver was likely shot, while behind the wheel over on temple road. police also uncovered that that honda has a back story of it own. >> it was stolen in the month of august of this year in the area of chestnut hill, not too far from where this shooting took place on temple road. so that second, 19 year old victim, although he is shot,
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and he is in critical condition, he's also being held as a prisoner for operating a stolen car. >> so as you heard, that teen could face charges for driving a stolen car. now, both were taken to einstein medical center and are expected to recover. at this point, police say, they've no motive. how much, they say, they do have a description of two suspect, both males, seen wearing dark clothing and running south on temple road. we are live outside northwest detectives, i'm justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. happening today, president obama is set to meet with survivors and relatives of those killed in last week's oregon community college shooting. this private meeting will take place in roseburg, oregon, where many disagree with president obama's call for tighter gun regulations. gun rights activists plan to protest the president's visit. >> we have an update now to story we first brought you last week. authority are questioning a person of interest in connection with the sexual assault and robbery after temple student. a man seen in this
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surveillance video from a septa train has been taken into custody for a probation violation. so far he has not been charged in that sexual assault. the crime happened on september 28th, in the 1400 block of carlisle street. >> the search is on this morning for a knife wielding suspect who stabbed and robbed an auto tag shop owner in southwest philadelphia. investigators say that the owner was stabbed about 20 times, but is expected to live. it happened at 63rd and dick street just before 6:00 last night. detective are examining video from surveillance cameras in the area for more clues. >> there is a violent struggle inside. there is blood throughout the business. there is also broken knife blade inside. we know our victims stabbed over 20 times in the head, the arms, the chest and the side. and we're hoping, because it is pretty busy intersection that time of night, someone may have seen this male. >> police say the suspect was wearing a yellow t-shirt and dark colored pants. >> we have new information this morning, about the flu
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shot scare in west windsor, mercer county. free flu shots were given to employees at the pharmaceuticals. the nurse giving the shots worked for a company called total wellness. she shared two syringes among 67 people, but did not share the needles. her license has now been suspended. officials are recommending employees who got the vaccinations be tested for both help tight b and c as well as hiv. the state of new jersey has filed an eminent domain act against margate. the move would allow do you know project to move forward. eighty-seven parcels of public property and ten privately owned beachfront homes are at issue. the christie administration says resistance from margate residents is holding back the project that will put sands back on city beaches. margate's mayor, however, says the project would change the landscape unnecessarily. >> the beaches in margate were a seaside resort. the beaches are jammed. they're priceless. >> margate people that live on the ocean for the taxes that they pay that it would
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obstruct their view of the ocean and that is the reason why they purchased their houses. >> margate says it its wooden bulkheads are enough to protect against flooding. >> sea world gets the go ahead to double the size of it habitat for killer whales. the california coastal commission approved the $100 million expansion project. but the agency added an amendment to this, banning sea world from breeding more killer whales in captivity. some animal rights activist praise the breeding ban, but are protesting to go back to the wild. >> the rain of course is over, but the problems continue, more on the flooding in south carolina. >> and we are expecting some rain ourselves today. kyla has the details on when those showers could pop up. and will it affect your weekend? details on that coming up.
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>> historic flooding in south carolina jay johnson planes to get a first-hand look at the devestation that led more than 15 people dead. his meeting with state, local, federal officials comes as the threat for more flooding remains high. fragile dams, more rainfall, threatens low-lying areas. >> stunner on capitol hill. house majority leader kevin mccarthy no long area candidate for speaker of the house. he suddenly drew yesterday, surprising his republican colleagues. mccarthy says that small block of conservatives commanded enough votes to block him from being the next speaker. the same block was instrumental in the resignation of speaker john boehner. >> philadelphia public school student are weighing in on the pennsylvania budget battle. >> some student from schools across the city walked out of class yesterday and and protested outside in spring garden. they called for an end to the budget stalemate, so state funding for schools can be
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restored. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since june 30th. >> i have a seven year old little brother. i don't want him to grow up and, you know, not have what he should have. >> pay me late or pay me never. that's the choice we're looking at. i'm standing up for the principal that we need to get our funding on a solid basis. >> some district are taking out loans to funds operating expenses during this budget stalemate. coming up on 4:43, checking in with kyla for the forecast, we've had such a stunner after week. had to come to an end at some point. >> well, and i think people are nervous, going through another weekend r last weekend wasn't so great. >> it was gloom. >> i good news it, won't and wash out for the weekend. yes, we are going to have to deal with some rain today, everybody, but then the weekends is actually looking quite fall like, quite nice. let's start with a little news this morning, if you were in and around the trenton area, see this is the visibility map. those of in you trenton down to half mile viabilities. so some localized fog this
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morning, just be aware of it, see not large area, but everybody else doing just fine, but if you're in and around trenton, be careful. temperatures in trenton, 58 degrees, 06 in philadelphia, about 54 in reading, wildwood coming in at 61 degrees. check down the shore, little warmer out there, six an ocean city right now, about 63 down in rehoboth beach. soap, we going to see relatively warm day today. this is live look at storm scan3. now, while you can see the skies looking just fine right now, here is the problem, and it is pretty easy to spot. stormy weather ahead of cold front. you can see this really extends across the country, it will slide across, bring the stormy weather to us this afternoon so if you are planning your day today, i think you will be fine until about 3:00, 4:00. that's where we see the showers come into play, that's when you will wish you had the umbrella with you, everybody. again, temperatures there 78 degrees, pretty warm. looking at future weather, this is the 5:00 time frame. see the line of storms rolling towards us, quick move mover, sets us up for pretty nice saturday. so this weekend, mostly sunny, cooler temperatures, just see
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60s, but great fall weekends on tap. so i think we have a lot to look forward to. today high of about 79 degrees, looking out for the showers, winds will pick up little bit, too, we get up to the ten to 15-mile per hour range tonight. showers and relatively early, 56 degrees, for overnight low, and if we take a look at the seven day forecast, we see the cool down, that cold front passes us by, now in the 60s saturday, but gorgeous, check out monday, columbus day, 73 and sunshine. that is perfect. nicole? >> all right, kyla, thank you n sports, the hockey season is now underway, and the flyers will fan out florida for game two tomorrow night against the panthers. now, last night in tampa, game one for the flyers, and the first nhl game for new flyers coach dave hacks tal. flyers first goal of the season scored by matt reid, ties the game at one. it went into over time in the new three on three format in the lightning strike. win it three-two, but at least the flyers come across with game one.
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>> the sixers continue their pre-season schedule tomorrow afternoon against the brooklyn net. the games in albany, new york with tip-off at 3:00. now, last night, sixers and cavaliers at the well, and squawl eel okafor looking pretty good. he had 12 points altogether. cavaliers playing with most of their big stars, include lag bron james. the game was still up in the air with 1.3 seconds left with scotty hit a three pointer in the sixers win it, how about that? first win of the pre-season, 115-114. let's go sixers, we like what we're seeing. >> eagles face big game at the linc sunday when the new orleans saints come to town. fans are pretty restless after they won their start. 94wip, well, they've been feeling all of the calls. angelo cataldi says the focus is on the head coach. >> it is all chip kelly right now. i mean, he is the gm. he is responsible for them not having an offensive line. he is also the coach. he, himself, said the play calling is not good. and feel are already speculating how long can you
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survive when you have done this and have had this kind of failure. it is such a spectacular failure. four games into the season, people are going will he make it past this year as the coach. i'm on my knees, please, eagles, win this game, all right? we need something to talk about for the next three months. thank you. >> angelo is saying his prayers. you know? whatever it takes. >> the pope was in town, we won, angelo prayed maybe? >> things could turn around. you never know. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, another price hike for netflix subscribers. how much more you'll have to pay for that service. >> first though, here's what's coming up the ton on cbs-3.
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here's a look at your headlines this morning. police are investigating overnight violence in the stenton section of philadelphia. two teens were shot in the 7900 block of temple road. both are in the hospital in critical condition. but they are expected to survive. president obama is set to
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meet today with survivors and relatives of those killed in last week's oregon community college shooting. the private meeting will take place in roseburg, oregon, where many disagree with president obama's call for tighter gun regulations. >> and the state of new jersey has filed an eminent domain action against margate, that will allow a do you know project to move forward. the christie administration says resistance from margate residents is holding back this project. they'll put sand back on city beaches. margate says it has wooden bulkheads and they're enough to protect against coastal flooding. 4:49. time for check on business news. jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, start of the earnings season, hoping for good news, how is it looking so far. >> reporter: good morning, erika, nicole, unfortunately, so far not so good. the first few companies who reported earnings have missed expectations including gap. specially banana republic, one of their brands. company's ceo says custom verse made it clear that banana republic's clothing doesn't fit well, and it is
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not flattering enough, given the prices. this so i don't know. erika, nicole? >> wait for the sale, and you can clean up. but jill, netflix stock jumping yesterday after the company announces a price hike. what is behind it? >> reporter: that's right, the company is raising the price of its most popular plan from 8.995 month to 9.995 month. that will be for new subscribers, net price increase will likely kick in, in about a year, for current subscribers. netflix says it really needs to cover the cost of its new programming, that original content in shows that they've been coming out, with also foreign crease licensing fees. house of cards it, costs money to make, erika, nicole? >> and some people are willing to pay. >> extra dollar a month, yes. >> jill, thanks so much. >> coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. >> we'll be right back.
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>> everybody's better on a friday, right? >> it really is, absolutely, good morning, to all of you at home. yes, friday's are a good travel day for us, most of the time. certainly is right now. now, this is a place that is now open. the schuylkill eastbound, past university, do have construction, but night construction, week night from ten p.m. to 5:00 a.m. again now open there is camera showing you the schuylkill eastbound past university ave. the construction, is the schuylkill eastbound at university ave. >> route 413 and neshaminy, two lanes every construction, looked like it was closed right now looking pretty good. everyone traveling by, no problems there.
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also, this is an area we've been talking about for couple every days, make note of this, the construction, roosevelt boulevard, inner driver closed between rhawn and woodward, again, until 6:00 a.m. ill of course let you know as soon as it opens. make note of that, that's again in effect today, and then also, 42 freeway northbound, the ramp to 295 closed until 6:00 a.m. i'll let you know that opens. 295 north at 42 freeway, one lane block, until 6:00 a.m. so, kyla, roads looking pretty good. just part of normal construction. both the weather and roads looking goodment one little thing to talk about this morning, going to cause some problems in northern or central new jersey, that is, dense fog around, so let's take a look at the visibility map. you can see, down to half mile there, in trenton, and see on the map looking little north and also to the west of trenton, what we are seeing dense fog. this is our other problem. this is why this afternoon could get messy. storm scan3 shows skies are
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fine now, but off to the north and west, we have some stormy weather ahead of cold front that's headed our way. 60 degrees currently in philadelphia, 54 mount pocono, about 61 in atlantic city, as we get our day started, this is future weather. so see this as 5:00 p.m. storms just off to the north and west, and tracking right through into the evening, then gone, set us up for lovely weekends. so this afternoon, scattered showers, slow afternoon drive, talking .10 to .3 of inches every rain, possible thunderstorm along with, that so just be prepared for it, everybody, as today we go up to high of 79 degrees. so warm but the trade off is we certainly have showers to deal with, ladies, back to you. >> all right, thanks, kyla. >> stories our sister station "kyw news radio 1060" is following. silver street between 11th and 12th street closed tomorrow for new project to try and make some entrances at reading
4:56 am
terminal market more inviting. also, failed plan to redevelop norristown property, will leave a county footing the bill. and a camden county township established its own aoun at this time address domestic violence incidents, including prosecutors offender and helping victims and their families. check on "kyw news radio" 1060. always on your a.m. dial. >> coming up on the next hour, just minutes away from learning who the nobel peace prize winner will be. we have a long list pope francis, he's on the list of possible contenders, john kerry, as women. we will take you live to norway for that big announcement. >> also ahead, take a look at this video here. man get his finger stuck in his gas tank? what was in there in the first place? yikes. how firefighters finally got him freed. boy. >> also, new details about this deadly stampede in saudi arabia last month. we have some new numbers, apparently they really under estimated the number of people who were killed in
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, two teenagers are critically injured in a double shooting. we have more on the overnight violence and what police say about the car the victims were driving. >> also, this morning, the nobel peace prize recipient will be announce in the just a few minute, so you are looking live here. we'll have the announcement live from norway. >> kyla is tracking some showers, just in time for your friday night plans. we have a live look here at storm scan3, showing that system, but there is some good news. >> yes. >> she has that for you coming up in a just a moment. good morning, it is friday, october 9th. i'm nicole brewer. >> and good morning, ladies? good morning. tgif. roads are looking pretty good. i know you can see flashing light behind me, that's construction, i'll have the update coming up in a little
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bit. kai last how is it feeling outside? >> little chill in the air this morning. ooh ', 60s, pretty nice walking out the door, problems will come this afternoon. looking at the current temperatures, you can see in philadelphia, 61 degrees, 55 up in mount pocono, about 64 down in wildwood, see the temperatures get pretty warm as we head into the afternoon. wind is nice and calm as well this morning, you can see, if i where between five to 10 miles per hour. this is the problem we've got. storm scan3, and we head back it the anchors, i believe an announcement about the peace prize. >> we do. happening right now, want to go out to norway. >> yes, awaiting the announcement of who will win the know best peace prize, norwegian committee no clues about who the winner might be, so very much a surprise. and among those speculated to nab the prestigious award, pope francis. let's listen in and hear what they have zero to say. >> was formed in summer of 2013.


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